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- Australian DUers, where are you? [View All] gemini_libera... Sun Apr-29-07 07:27 AM42
- Husband offered a job in Australia!! [View All] OnionPatch Mon May-02-05 02:08 PM38
- Boy, 7, breaks into zoo, feeds animals to croc [View All] meegbear Fri Oct-03-08 10:48 AM32
- Man ignores teen's rape in flowerbed [View All] Cereal Kyller Wed Jul-13-11 08:20 PM32
- Doctor told to get out because of son with Down syndrome [View All] AlphaCentauri Fri Nov-28-08 08:57 PM31
- Baby on the run worries doctors (Hep B positive parent refuses to vaccinate) [View All] depakid Tue Aug-26-08 06:49 PM30
- The Sydney race riots. What happened? [View All] Cascadian Tue Dec-20-05 07:49 PM28
- Att anyone in the ACT. Re: Civ il Unions Bill. [View All] foreigncorres... Thu Jun-15-06 06:30 AM28
- There Is No Way John Howard Stands A Chance In Australia [View All] fightindonkey Thu Nov-22-07 08:41 PM27
- How far are we from being a fascist state? [View All] Matilda Tue Nov-01-05 03:03 AM26
- Does anyone know what New Zealand is like as a place to live? [View All] Anarcho-Socia... Thu Sep-22-05 05:04 AM24
- So, it's Black Friday already .... [View All] Matilda Wed Jul-06-05 01:17 AM22
- "We Have Our Country Back". [View All] Matilda Thu Nov-29-07 08:09 PM22
- Are there any monarchists here? [View All] Violet_Crumbl... Sat Feb-12-05 05:07 AM21
- Dr John Holt Cancer research. PLEASE READ [View All] foreigncorres... Wed Sep-14-05 02:22 AM21
- Abortions in Oz! [View All] foreigncorres... Wed Feb-02-05 07:18 AM20
- Julia Gillard Australia's new PM gemini_libera... Thu Jun-24-10 09:19 PM19
- Beazley Calls Leadership Ballot. Matilda Sun Dec-03-06 07:22 PM18
- Howard's Hubris. Matilda Wed Feb-14-07 10:50 PM18
- Where do we go from here? Matilda Sat Aug-28-10 03:52 AM18
- Serious question, my fellow Aussies!!!!! foreigncorres... Fri Jan-28-05 11:51 PM17
- Execution 'carried out' foreigncorres... Mon Dec-12-05 10:06 PM17
- VSU laws through the Senate. Matilda Wed Dec-21-05 07:51 AM17
- Australian Wokers Agreements! foreigncorres... Wed Aug-24-05 11:08 AM16
- John Howard is already scared... gemini_libera... Tue Jan-23-07 08:15 PM16
- Coalition Smear Campaign is Backfiring. Matilda Sat Mar-24-07 02:21 AM16
- I'm so happy at the moment Kaotac Thu Nov-29-07 08:49 AM16
- Fraser damns 'inhumane' PM foreigncorres... Sat May-26-07 10:03 PM16
- Mark Latham to quit? Matilda Mon Jan-17-05 10:39 PM15
- So it's happened, what we've all been expecting. Matilda Wed Jan-26-05 06:43 AM15
- Can we win the next federal election? gemini_libera... Fri Sep-22-06 02:21 AM15
- Australia's Howard 'loses seat' Nutmegger Wed Dec-12-07 01:43 AM15
- Has anybody dared to venture over to the wild side lately? Aussie leftie Sat May-24-08 11:50 PM15
- Have the Libs gone mad? Matilda Thu Dec-03-09 01:02 AM15
- Second post! And I am here under protest! CiCi the Psyc... Wed Dec-22-04 06:07 AM14
- Let's argue about John Kerr... Violet_Crumbl... Wed Jul-06-05 06:55 AM14
- Why all the hysteria over Schapelle Corby? Violet_Crumbl... Tue Jan-24-06 08:23 AM14
- An Australian Political Leanings Test gemini_libera... Tue Jun-27-06 07:12 AM14
- What I like about Kevin Rudd Matilda Sun Jan-14-07 09:55 PM14
- So, what's the feeling? Are we daring to believe that the voting Esra Star Sat Aug-11-07 10:45 PM14
- Convoy of No Confidence - they're the Australian version of the Tea Party... Violet_Crumbl... Wed Sep-14-11 03:08 AM14
- It's a Commonwealth Take Over yvr girl Sat Jan-22-05 02:15 AM13
- Attention Tasmanian timber workers ozscott Thu Dec-16-04 08:56 PM13
- 'Strine' declines as Aussies lose twang Thankfully_in... Mon Mar-28-05 11:15 PM13
- Senate Passes I.R. Laws Matilda Tue Dec-06-05 03:36 AM13
- HOLY BULLSHIT- PATH TO 9/11 BROADCAST WORLD-WIDE BLITZ (Australian Promo) kpete Wed Sep-13-06 02:15 AM13
- They really are terrified of him. Kaotac Mon Mar-05-07 07:14 PM13
- Australian plea for 'ugly' women Demeter Tue Dec-30-08 01:57 PM13
- We need more hung parliaments in the future. gemini_libera... Wed Sep-15-10 09:42 PM13
- Warning: boring question about whether the Aus/NZ relationship is *unique* Violet_Crumbl... Tue Jan-25-05 01:01 AM12
- Another nail in the coffin of the ABC anakie Sat Mar-05-05 06:11 AM12
- Bjelke Petersen is dead eom Esra Star Sun May-15-05 09:42 PM12
- Guys... foreigncorres... Mon Dec-12-05 04:17 AM12
- OK, this pisses me off! gemini_libera... Wed Mar-08-06 01:04 AM12
- The strange affair of Peter Costello and the leadership challenge Matilda Thu Jul-20-06 03:36 AM12
- Brown Sees Red Over Garrett's Green Credentials. Matilda Sun Jan-14-07 09:59 PM12
- Citizenship Test - What a Load of Crap. Matilda Thu Feb-08-07 10:25 PM12
- The Question Mark Hanging Over Peter Garrett. Matilda Mon Feb-19-07 03:50 AM12
- Good Luck to our Australian friends ...of J.Tempe... Sun Nov-25-07 12:37 AM12
- Bushfires 'caused by abortion laws', Pastor claims panzerfaust Mon Apr-06-09 03:26 AM12
- Woman pleads guilty to defacing murder victim's tribute page depakid Fri Sep-10-10 12:02 AM12
- Ha! I get the first post on a brand spanking new forum! Violet_Crumbl... Wed Oct-20-04 04:10 PM11
- Australian users barred from Neopets games... Violet_Crumbl... Sun Oct-17-04 06:06 PM11
- *runs into forum, plants NZ flag, flees* CiCi the Psyc... Wed Jan-12-05 08:56 PM11
- Looking for a good Australian history book flamingyouth Fri Mar-11-05 10:13 AM11
- Plan to bring back National Service (conscription) in Australia! foreigncorres... Thu Jan-12-06 07:07 AM11
- Need some Industrial Relations changes information! foreigncorres... Wed Mar-15-06 07:18 PM11
- So, Howard tells us that eucation is bieng overrun with "progressive" curriculum? Random_Austra... Mon Feb-19-07 08:18 PM11
- What a master stroke to vindicate Bush and Howard Aussie leftie Tue Apr-03-07 01:53 AM11
- Sydney split by fence to keep protesters away from world leaders at APEC Squigglenob Fri Aug-24-07 03:40 AM11
- Will Gillard replace Stephen Conroy with Kate Lundy? depakid Fri Jul-09-10 03:08 AM11
- NZ Du'ers! Please check in ... I 'm working on my EoI! NewHampshireD... Sat Nov-27-04 11:32 PM10
- Chaps, need some information RogueTrooper Mon Aug-01-05 10:20 PM10
- Labor Out To Prove Latham Wrong. Matilda Wed Sep-07-05 05:00 AM10
- What is the best time of year to visit Australia? Beaverhausen Mon Sep-05-05 07:34 AM10
- "Specific Terror Threat" Against Australia: PM Matilda Thu Nov-03-05 07:33 PM10
- Beazley in trouble. Matilda Fri Mar-10-06 01:33 AM10
- Turkey's rising nationalism over Gallipoli battlefields Violet_Crumbl... Mon Dec-18-06 09:56 PM10
- "He Ain't Pretty, He's John Howard". Matilda Sat Sep-09-06 11:00 PM10
- What would you have done if you'd found the Jake Kovco disc? Violet_Crumbl... Sun May-28-06 08:57 AM10
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