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- Cancer drugs fail to win NHS funding [View All] acsmith Thu Aug-27-09 11:50 AM72
- Schoolgirl, 13, arrested after sub-machine gun found in her wardrobe [View All] onehandle Wed Aug-05-09 05:50 AM72
- Scottish Parliament & Local Government elections on 3rd May [View All] Thankfully_in... Fri Jul-10-09 03:13 AM68
- Independent Voices (Love these) [View All] MichaelMcGuir... Mon Dec-05-11 07:17 AM54
- John McDonnell just wrote himself out of the race. [View All] EmilyKent Tue Jun-15-10 12:00 AM45
- The truth about MP's expenses [View All] T_i_B Fri Dec-11-09 07:30 AM42
- Speedos Banned from Water Park for being 'inappropriate in a family resort' [View All] Liberal_in_LA Wed Aug-12-09 06:10 PM42
- White Britons to become minority by 2066 [View All] cowcommander Fri Nov-19-10 08:04 AM40
- County Council and European Parliament elections [View All] T_i_B Sat Jun-06-09 01:32 PM37
- Who's your MP? [View All] T_i_B Fri May-07-10 06:21 PM36
- Prime Minister David Cameron. [View All] EmilyKent Wed May-12-10 11:00 AM35
- Can the Daily Hate get any lower [View All] TheBigotBashe... Fri Oct-07-11 12:27 PM35
- Dave chases the pink vote [View All] non sociopath... Sun Jul-12-09 11:25 AM33
- Rapist's unhappy that he has to share cell with Christian [View All] The Straight ... Wed Jan-06-10 05:01 AM33
- Who are you voting for in the European Elections? (Great Britain only) (Poll) [View All] Anarcho-Socia... Sat Jun-06-09 03:12 AM30
- Gordon Brown on course to win election [View All] Hopeless Roma... Fri Mar-05-10 09:19 AM30
- If the election were tomorrow, how would people vote? (Poll) [View All] LeftishBrit Sun Apr-05-09 12:38 PM29
- Post-debate thoughts? [View All] Anarcho-Socia... Sat Apr-24-10 12:04 AM29
- Clegg is evil! Lock up the children... [View All] Anarcho-Socia... Wed Apr-28-10 08:08 AM28
- Can you pass the British citizenship test? [View All] muriel_volest... Sat Aug-29-09 04:11 PM27
- News International papers targeted Gordon Brown [View All] oldironside Fri Jul-15-11 05:24 AM27
- Looking from this side of the pond... [View All] oldironside Sat Aug-06-11 03:44 PM27
- Local Government, Scottish Parliament & Welsh Assembly elections on 5 May [View All] T_i_B Sat May-07-11 06:47 AM27
- holy shit, lib dems are on 35% in a post debate poll [View All] miscsoc Mon Apr-19-10 05:23 AM26
- UK General Election: Poll Watch [View All] Anarcho-Socia... Wed Apr-28-10 07:23 PM26
- Nick Clegg backs tax on university graduates [View All] Francesca9 Mon Aug-23-10 06:55 AM26
- Ok. So what are you going to do in the Great Referendum? (Poll) [View All] non sociopath... Sat May-07-11 06:37 AM26
- UK has lowest quality of life in Europe [View All] tocqueville Tue Oct-13-09 01:31 AM25
- If Clegg unites with the Tories without PR.... [View All] Vicar In A Tu... Sun May-09-10 08:44 AM25
- Bit of an own goal, Mr. Laws, what? [View All] non sociopath... Wed Jun-02-10 02:03 AM25
- any brits here? [View All] historian Wed Mar-25-09 01:32 AM25
- Here's our Caring Conservative, Albus/ Bulldog on Education ... [View All] non sociopath... Thu Apr-16-09 01:56 PM25
- Council bans parents from play areas [View All] Posteritatis Fri Oct-30-09 06:16 PM24
- "Tory madrasa" preaches radical message to would-be MPs [View All] non sociopath... Sun Mar-07-10 01:55 PM24
- Writers demand return of Latin to curriculum? [View All] EmilyKent Wed Jun-16-10 02:48 PM24
- Anti-abortion group drafted in as sexual health adviser to government [View All] oldironside Tue Jun-07-11 06:49 AM24
- We could be getting a rainbow coalition after all [View All] Anarcho-Socia... Tue May-11-10 10:13 AM23
- Official Exit Poll: Tory Largest Party [View All] Vicar In A Tu... Fri May-07-10 12:40 AM23
- Murdoch: NOTW to close after Sunday [View All] oldironside Sat Jul-09-11 09:29 AM23
- The credit bubble just burst. Prepare for a bumpy ride. [View All] Taxloss Wed Sep-16-09 06:41 AM23
- NHS attack by MEP 'unpatriotic' [View All] go west young... Thu Aug-20-09 02:03 AM23
- JK Rowling lost out on US medal over Harry Potter 'witchcraft' [View All] oldironside Tue Oct-06-09 03:59 PM23
- Budweiser become new sponsors of FA Cup [View All] oldironside Fri Jun-17-11 06:00 PM23
- Gordon Brown.... [View All] BooScout Wed Jun-17-09 08:29 AM22
- UK DUers: I will be coming to the UK for six months! [View All] WildEyedLiber... Fri Aug-07-09 08:34 AM22
- Question - Should the hate crime laws be extended to cover "class hate" [View All] Hopeless Roma... Wed Jun-23-10 02:52 PM21
- Phil Woolas immigration leaflets case: high court orders election rerun in Oldham East [View All] muriel_volest... Sun Jan-16-11 08:31 AM21
- Ian Paisley, John Prescott get peerages. [View All] EmilyKent Sat Jul-31-10 03:55 AM21
- Is the Daily Mail OK as a source for DU? (Poll) [View All] Dead_Parrot Fri Dec-17-10 02:41 PM21
- State funded porn for Jacqui Smiths fella [View All] Albus Wed Apr-01-09 04:52 AM20
- Does anyone else think... [View All] LeftishBrit Thu May-13-10 04:46 PM20
- Spot the difference [View All] fedsron2us Tue May-18-10 03:25 AM20
- No more Royal Navy [View All] Jeneral2885 Thu Oct-21-10 06:12 PM20
- Guardian gagged from reporting parliament [View All] Hopeless Roma... Sat Oct-17-09 04:13 AM20
- The BBC gave Griffin the oxygen of publicity. He choked oldironside Mon Oct-26-09 01:17 PM19
- Romford scouts investigated over anti-Jewish chants clear eye Sat Nov-21-09 05:46 AM19
- Questions on education policy for the new Con-Lib Dems LeftishBrit Wed Aug-04-10 05:22 AM19
- Who will have to face their Portillo moment tonight? TheBigotBashe... Wed May-26-10 04:54 PM19
- Well, it looks like A Tory-LibDem pact with the Tory cuts on and voting reform off the agenda. non sociopath... Mon May-10-10 11:27 PM19
- ICM poll: 48% want PR; YouGov: 62% want "more proportional" system muriel_volest... Tue Sep-28-10 05:52 PM19
- Guardian may be charged under The Official Secrets Act dipsydoodle Sun Sep-25-11 04:44 AM19
- So can we start again with suggestions for cuts for Dave 'n' George 'n' Nick 'n' Dan ? non sociopath... Mon Jun-14-10 07:19 PM19
- 'Tips as wages' loophole to close - UK dipsydoodle Fri May-08-09 05:57 AM18
- BNP leader pelted in egg protest moggie Thu Jun-11-09 11:49 PM18
- Labour Considering a Ban on BNP Teachers. TheBigotBashe... Wed Jun-24-09 05:41 PM18
- Geert Wilders and Nigel Farage test the limits of free speech Hopeless Roma... Sun Mar-07-10 04:03 PM18
- Why a Rage Against the Machine Christmas No 1 would be a great pop moment T_i_B Mon Dec-28-09 09:12 AM18
- BT to complete super-fast broadband network by 2012 go west young... Tue Dec-22-09 06:35 AM18
- OK, could somebody help me out here? non sociopath... Mon May-10-10 11:34 AM18
- Next leader of the Labour Party? Hopeless Roma... Mon May-10-10 08:01 AM18
- How long do you think it wil last? BooScout Wed May-12-10 09:45 AM18
- The Tory's new shared-grief Age of Austerity starts here ... non sociopath... Wed Jun-23-10 03:23 PM18
- Y'know, a lot of the British posters on here are pretty right wing miscsoc Tue Sep-28-10 02:19 PM18
- James Purnell Has Quit - And Does A Geoffrey Howe on Brown. TheBigotBashe... Mon Feb-22-10 09:39 AM17
- Sorry ma'am we just didn't see it coming Rosa Luxembur... Thu Jul-30-09 01:48 AM17
- Brown braced for defeat as polls open in Norwich North byelection T_i_B Sun Jul-26-09 07:18 AM17
- I gotta tell you Brits-- yours is the best rock & roll music ailsagirl Sat May-29-10 04:09 PM17
- Goodbye Geoff Hoon, You Hoon. TheBigotBashe... Thu May-06-10 10:10 PM17
- Evil clown being hired by parents to threaten, stalk, & pie kids as bday treat Liberal_in_LA Fri Apr-16-10 08:45 PM17
- Violence at Tory HQ overshadows student fees protest fedsron2us Sat Nov-27-10 07:52 AM17
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