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- Man charged after making coffee naked [View All] rvablue Mon Nov-02-09 01:56 PM105
- VA DU'ers! Who is up for a meetup? [View All] Midlodemocrat Sun May-07-06 10:12 AM54
- I See A Lot Of Promise In Virginia [View All] BamaLefty Thu Jul-28-05 03:05 AM40
- **** VIRGINIA ELECTION NUMBERS**** [View All] underpants Wed Nov-09-05 12:43 AM37
- any interest in an impromptu VA DU gathering in June? [View All] arcane1 Mon Oct-18-04 08:53 PM35
- Undecided voter: Make your case for/against Miller and Webb.. [View All] damkira Sun Jun-11-06 11:51 AM34
- Post your voting experience here! [View All] shawn703 Wed Nov-09-05 01:31 AM32
- So, how do we feel VA DUers? Are we hopeful? [View All] Midlodemocrat Wed Nov-08-06 07:16 AM31
- Zogby says VA is now a swing state [View All] msanger Sun Oct-17-04 10:45 PM30
- booyah I got the first post [View All] JohnKleeb Tue Apr-27-04 10:10 AM29
- RSVP THREAD FOR HAMPTON ROADS/PENINSULA DU MEET UP! [View All] pepperbear Wed Aug-16-06 01:34 AM29
- I'm nervous. [View All] SCRUBDASHRUB Tue Nov-08-05 07:17 PM28
- To my fellow Virgins: [View All] OldLeftieLawy... Wed Nov-09-05 10:53 PM27
- Jim Webb's "Woman Problem" [View All] demnan Mon Oct-30-06 03:24 PM27
- If Kaine Doesn't Get These... He Loses [View All] BamaLefty Tue Nov-08-05 07:50 AM25
- Where Are the Majority of Rednecks? [View All] abluelady Tue Nov-06-07 08:25 PM25
- I don't get it? [View All] FSogol Fri Jun-17-05 08:15 AM24
- Allen for president?? [View All] kegler14 Sat Dec-04-04 02:39 PM23
- Time to dump the Kerry sticker! [View All] dsewell Wed Sep-28-05 06:17 AM23
- Is it true that Ben Afflack may run for Senate in VA? [View All] Dying Eagle Fri Oct-14-05 11:36 PM23
- No Trader Joe's in Richmond due to "politics"? [View All] vademocrat Tue May-02-06 05:44 AM23
- Thank you Virginia!! [View All] chookie Tue Nov-21-06 02:07 AM23
- Virginian DUers: what should Gov. Warner do? (Poll) [View All] NoodleBoy Sun Jul-17-05 12:11 PM22
- How's it going at your VA polling place? [View All] dsewell Mon Nov-15-04 11:14 AM21
- Leslie Byrne is a liar [View All] secretdj Fri Jun-10-05 12:34 PM21
- Va. 6-Year-Old Takes Family Car After Missing Bus [View All] FSogol Tue Jan-06-09 06:26 PM21
- PA DUers request URGENT HELP from VA DUers in northern VA..... [View All] corporatemedi... Thu Feb-10-05 04:01 PM20
- Precincts are starting to report... [View All] WMliberal Mon Nov-14-05 01:16 PM20
- When will VA turn blue? Hokie Sat Dec-04-04 08:48 PM19
- I am not from Va. but is George Allen a major embarrassment? rurallib Sun May-22-05 05:04 PM19
- Break out the bubbly!!!! The Witch Thu Nov-10-05 08:18 AM19
- Voted today at 7:30 am. I was the 29th voter. C'mon get out the vote. FSogol Thu Jun-15-06 05:21 PM19
- Who can beat Virgil Goode in 2008 ? Bombtrack Fri Jan-05-07 01:12 PM19
- 4 congressional repukes in VA have no opposition Poor Richard Sat Jun-12-04 07:27 PM18
- Who will run against Allen? VADem11 Sun Sep-11-05 10:59 PM18
- George Allen represents the Bush Admin, not the people of VA. Virginian Thu Jan-19-06 12:16 PM18
- DeLay announcing he's moving to Virginia. VaYallaDawg Thu Apr-13-06 05:48 PM18
- Who's up for a Richmond area meet-up? Midlodemocrat Mon Apr-19-10 05:54 PM18
- Underwear bill may spark racism liberal N pro... Sat Feb-12-05 12:25 PM17
- News update on local channel regarding Jerry Falwell (if you care . . . frankly_fedup... Wed Mar-30-05 03:42 PM17
- I have several repug friends who say they won't support Kilgore ernstbass Fri Sep-23-05 02:46 PM17
- Natl College Rethug Convention in Arlington June 24-26 Bouncy Ball Fri Jun-24-05 12:06 PM17
- Please tell me that Tim Kaine is ...of J.Tempe... Mon Nov-14-05 01:14 PM17
- Campaign Underground 2006 - Virginia AlecBGreen Sun Aug-20-06 10:00 PM17
- VA Senate Race Poll (Poll) FSogol Tue Jun-13-06 07:45 PM17
- Virginians: Who are you voting for tomorrow: Webb or Miller? (Poll) SCRUBDASHRUB Tue Jun-13-06 03:46 PM17
- HI! I would like to get a Peninsula / Hampton Roads meet up happening.... pepperbear Sat Jul-15-06 04:16 PM17
- Merck speaker muddies decision mhatrw Sat Mar-03-07 08:26 PM17
- Is anyone running against Frank Wolf? JohnKleeb Wed Jul-14-04 11:57 AM16
- Will Dems run anyone in the 1st? Scottie72 Wed Apr-28-04 12:13 PM16
- bush is sooo toast here in VA msanger Tue Nov-02-04 11:07 AM16
- I have two words to say about the 2008 election.... liberalitch Wed Dec-01-04 05:15 PM16
- Charlottesville, anyone? smbolisnch Wed Jun-08-05 11:37 AM16
- Virginia 1, 4, 5, 6, 7, 10 =check in :) Catchawave Thu Dec-22-05 08:22 PM16
- VA DU'ers Check In Here! AlecBGreen Wed Apr-26-06 08:44 PM16
- Hey Virginians - I'm so sorry MonkeyFunk Tue Apr-17-07 12:50 PM16
- (Virginia) State police chaplains resign over prayer restrictions Blue_Tires Fri Oct-10-08 02:03 PM16
- IScreamSunday... Tue Jan-11-11 02:41 PM16
- Should Gov. Warner seek a position vadem0557 Tue May-04-04 09:14 AM15
- What's the polls showing in VA Kerry vs Bush? rmpalmer Mon Sep-13-04 01:45 PM15
- Congratulations to all of you in Virginia. David Zephyr Thu Nov-10-05 04:28 PM15
- More George Allen Stupidity beachmom Tue Apr-11-06 06:48 AM15
- Would this mean Warner's endorsing Webb now ? Catchawave Mon May-08-06 09:17 AM15
- I'm moving to Virginia. Can't wait. GA Democrat Mon Jun-26-06 06:51 PM15
- Please - let's everybody get out and back Webb for Senate! VaYallaDawg Fri Aug-04-06 09:50 AM15
- Anyone want to discuss the Virginia Dem Governor primary? Phoebe Loosin... Tue Jun-09-09 06:55 AM15
- Just got this from my cousin, David Ashe. He's gonna run again in 2006! SCRUBDASHRUB Fri Jul-22-05 11:35 PM14
- Virginia Districts....Check-in Here Catchawave Mon Aug-08-05 04:05 PM14
- Shit. Two key endorsements go to Kilgore. nickshepDEM Sun Oct-23-05 03:45 PM14
- Kaine vs. Kilgore swimboy Wed Oct-26-05 10:22 AM14
- Richmond area DUers, if you would please spare a good vibe or prayer. Midlodemocrat Thu Mar-09-06 11:18 AM14
- Joker-Inspired Teens Charged With Conspiracy to Commit Terror RamboLiberal Tue Aug-19-08 08:58 AM14
- George Allen has got to go. vadem0557 Sun May-02-04 06:22 PM13
- Dear good people of VA....I have a request dolo amber Sat Jun-05-04 09:47 AM13
- Ok y'all, DNC rally at Robinson High Sunday from 1-5 JohnKleeb Mon Sep-13-04 02:24 PM13
- Virginia Beach Catchawave Thu Dec-16-04 09:24 PM13
- Everyone knows Tim Kaine is going to be our nominee for Governor Progressive42... Thu May-12-05 10:43 AM13
- Could someone tell me the latest polls on Kaine vs Kilgore? Thanks ...of J.Tempe... Wed Oct-19-05 06:12 PM13
- KAINE, Barack Obama, and Bobby Scott Sunday @ 2:30 VCU underpants Fri Nov-04-05 04:49 PM13
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