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- Fewer People Moving Into Tennessee Since GOP Takeover doeriver Started: Dec-25 11:27 AM0
- New Tennessee discussion group URL doeriver Started: Dec-14 01:34 PM0
- GOPer, Fascist Bully Boy Rep. Casada Wants Local Government to Meet in Secret Sessions doeriver Started: Dec-08 12:11 PM1
- TN State put off portable toilet request for Occupy Nashville doeriver Started: Nov-23 10:01 AM0
- Buying local ---ideas for 11/26 and beyond Tanuki Started: Nov-20 08:13 AM0
- Talk about flat-out bigotry! Archae Started: Nov-20 12:35 AM0
- TNGA Rep. Tony Shipley Protecting Pill Mills: TBI Investigation 'Means To Intimidate a Legislator' doeriver Started: Nov-18 03:53 PM0
- TNReportTV: Tennessee Firearms Association Exec. Dir. John Harris on TNGA Rep. Curry Todd DUI Arrest doeriver Started: Nov-14 03:29 PM1
- TN Lt. Gov. Ramsey: Constitutional Rights for Occupy Nashville Only Apply During Business Hours doeriver Started: Nov-12 12:33 PM0
- Woman allegedly stabs cousin during fight over 'booty call' d_r Started: Nov-11 12:19 PM10
- Critics line up against U.S. Rep. Jim Cooper's bill backed by Gibson Guitars doeriver Started: Nov-03 08:11 AM0
- Republicans Tout New 'Job Creation' Proposal Galraedia Started: Nov-02 02:37 PM0
- Any Chattanooga folks recognize this woman who protested the Boehner fundraiser? mahina Started: Oct-30 06:34 PM0
- Have you Facebook "Like" (liked) Occupy Nashville yet? doeriver Started: Oct-29 08:13 AM0
- Voter ID debate hits TN college campuses: Students can't use school IDs at polls doeriver Started: Oct-27 08:20 AM0
- "Peacefully Assembled" Occupy Nashville protesters may be ousted from TN Legislative Plaza doeriver Started: Oct-27 08:04 AM0
- Memphis Fox News poll question: "Is Ron Ramsey doing a good jo doeriver Started: Oct-27 07:19 AM0
- Police video footage of State Rep. Todd after his arrest on a DUI charge doeriver Started: Oct-25 10:56 AM0
- A Chiquita On The Side?: Rep. Curry Todd's Divorce Day Arrest doeriver Started: Oct-19 01:41 PM1
- POLL POLL: GOPer Rep.Curry Todd's political future doeriver Started: Oct-14 06:38 AM0
- TN Guns-in-Bars GOPer Sponsor, Rep. Curry Todd, Caught Drunk with Loaded Gun, Police Say doeriver Started: Oct-12 11:04 PM0
- Protestors Occupy Legislative Plaza struggle4prog... Started: Oct-10 11:31 AM1
- Pseudo-"American Indian/Alaskan Native" Elected as Tennessee Regulatory Authority "Chief" doeriver Started: Sep-27 11:21 PM0
- Conservatives On The Move Kingsport Teabaters WIther Away; Stuck With $$$ GOP Prez Dinner Tab doeriver Started: Sep-26 03:42 PM0
- 48 Hour Gambit: TN Voter Photo I.D. Law Will Not Accept College Photo I.D. Cards Issued To Students doeriver Started: Sep-19 08:51 AM1
- Michael Moore at Vanderbilt Oct.4 Tanuki Started: Sep-18 01:28 PM1
- AltNet: How 'Small Government' Conservatives Raise Your Taxes Through Stealthy Back-Door Fees doeriver Started: Sep-10 07:58 AM0
- The Obama administration has many praiseworthy accomplishments. BUT ... (x-p) Fly by night Started: Sep-08 08:19 AM1
- Commercially owned "roll-your-own" cigarette machines not paying state & federal cigarette taxes doeriver Started: Sep-06 07:55 AM0
- Lt. Governor Ron Ramsey's Base: Mountain City Prisoners' Voting Block doeriver Started: Sep-06 07:28 AM0
- TNGA Public Hearing: Outlawing All Now Legal Abortions Via 2014 State Ballot Question (DU Video) doeriver Started: Sep-01 12:23 PM0
- Religion of Peace: Assualt with Christian cross at Knoxville abortion clinic ends in arrests doeriver Started: Aug-28 08:50 AM2
- The harvest giftf I've received this summer, by the grace of my Garden (x-p) Fly by night Started: Aug-25 12:56 PM1
- Tennessean on DNA Testing: TN high court to set limits for paternity fraud suits doeriver Started: Aug-21 09:32 AM0
- Great Recession Misery Profiteer: Governor Haslam Failed to Disclose Pawn Shop Chain Investment doeriver Started: Aug-15 08:33 AM0
- TNGA Rep. Tony Shipley On House Floor Ranting Against State Nursing Board (DU video) doeriver Started: Jul-26 09:12 AM2
- TNGA Reps. Dale Ford, Matthew Hill Speaking On House Floor Against Nursing Board (DU Video) doeriver Started: Jul-25 10:15 PM0
- TBI investigates GOPer Rep. Tony "Health Dept. Rascal" Shipley, other TNGA members (video) doeriver Started: Jul-19 08:38 AM0
- Republican election official charged in cyclist death LunaSea Started: Jul-14 01:28 AM0
- Glenn Beck visit sponsored by Titanic Museum LunaSea Started: Jul-13 05:44 PM2
- GOPer Rep. Vandalizes Desk On TNGA House Floor doeriver Started: Jul-13 06:26 AM1
- Keep My TN Home fasttense Started: Jul-06 11:03 AM2
- TN New Laws ....Short LIst ...Some go into effect today 7/1 Tippy Started: Jul-01 11:49 AM2
- DU Video: TNGA Rep. Jon Lundberg Hates Deaf Kids (shorter version) doeriver Started: Jun-30 10:40 AM0
- DU Video: nFIB, TNGA Rep. John "Scrooge" Lundberg Hating Deaf Kids at Christmas doeriver Started: Jun-24 08:10 AM0
- Uhm, is everyone okay? tnlefty Started: Jun-15 05:32 PM3
- DU Video: TNGA Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey Sneaks In Senate Pocket Pool During Sectarian Prayer doeriver Started: Jun-12 11:01 PM0
- New TNGA Senate Speaker Pro Tempore Foy "Bo" Watson Leading Sectarian Prayer doeriver Started: Jun-12 01:35 PM0
- New TNGA Senate Speaker Pro Tempore Foy "Bo" Watson Leading Sectarian Prayer doeriver Started: Jun-12 01:35 PM0
- DU Video: TNGA Senate Speaker Pro Tempore Jamie Woodson Led Sectarian Inaugural Day Prayer doeriver Started: Jun-09 12:10 AM0
- DU Video: TNGA Sen. Stacey Campfield Rolling His Eyes During Introduction of Catholic Priest Before doeriver Started: Jun-08 04:20 PM0
- DU video: Fox News: U.S. Rep. Phil Roe "A Nut With Nukes"? We Report, You Decide! doeriver Started: Jun-05 03:22 PM0
- Eternal vigilance: In memorium and in preparation (x-p) Fly by night Started: May-29 07:49 AM0
- Dirty Ol' Men of the TNGA House Transportation Committee: DU video doeriver Started: May-28 12:53 AM3
- Ramsey-Casada Trout Hatchery Whammy: TN Trout supply for could shrink due to fed. budget cuts doeriver Started: May-26 07:16 PM0
- The Anti-Teacher "Statesman": TNGA Rep. Matthew Hill Heckled By Constituents From House Gallery doeriver Started: May-25 12:11 PM1
- Lt. Gov. Ramsey Thaws Out Senate Bureaucrats With Hefty Pay Raises During Freeze doeriver Started: May-25 10:59 AM0
- In honor of the real Rapture: removing the unholy Mother-frackers from our sacred temples (x-p) Fly by night Started: May-22 07:23 PM0
- If all y'all wonder why Tennessee politics are now so Reich-like, read this (long) exchange (x-p) Fly by night Started: May-20 01:38 PM1
- The Tao of planting asparagus (to deal with disappointment) x-p Fly by night Started: May-17 10:52 AM0
- Browns Ferry nuke plant hit with first 'red' level violation for TVA doeriver Started: May-11 07:41 AM1
- White County Schools ends Gideon Bible handout after ACLU complaint doeriver Started: May-11 07:21 AM0
- Health-care costs for retirees and military are a hefty price tag for Pentagon |The Tennessean doeriver Started: May-09 07:46 AM0
- ACLU accuses Sumner schools of promoting Christianity | doeriver Started: May-03 07:07 AM0
- DU Video: GOPer TN State Rep Niceley Believes That Albert Einstein Was A Christian Creationist doeriver Started: May-02 08:37 PM1
- TNGA GOPers scheme repeal of Tennessee paper ballot law doeriver Started: Apr-25 03:02 PM1
- Democrat Businessman Mike McWerter Launches "Out of the Blue" Tippy Started: Apr-25 01:54 PM0
- Video: Cutting Sales Tax Cut on TN Groceries by Taxing Bottled Sugary Beverages: HB0537 doeriver Started: Apr-21 07:18 PM0
- Tennessean - Opinion: Foes cast a smoke screen to change judicial selection doeriver Started: Apr-20 07:08 AM0
- Video: Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey creates $40k civilian TN Air Guard job for non-Vet, 2010 campaign staffer doeriver Started: Apr-19 12:22 PM1
- Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey To Appoint TNGA Senator Foy "Bo" Watson As Next Speaker Pro Tempore doeriver Started: Apr-17 02:10 PM1
- SB1316: Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey's Crooked Greenbelt Bill For Campaign Donor doeriver Started: Apr-16 01:13 AM0
- An experiment for the next election. white_wolf Started: Apr-13 08:51 PM2
- We're going to try to present a tax bill to B of A........ socialist_n_T... Started: Apr-13 02:46 PM1
- Don't forget the WeAreOne rally at Legislative Plaza socialist_n_T... Started: Mar-29 11:45 PM0
- New GOP election commission appointee voted outside precinct for 3 years SharonAnn Started: Mar-26 08:40 AM0
- DU Video: Julia Cheyanne Hurley (2010 TNGA House campaign announcement) doeriver Started: Mar-20 01:51 PM0
- DU Video: Fox Business News Gushing Over The Attractive TNGA Rep. Julia "Hooters" Hurley doeriver Started: Mar-20 01:30 PM0
- TNGA GOPer Rep. "Hooters" Hurley Bagged Allegedly BMWing 77 in a 50mph zone doeriver Started: Mar-19 09:00 AM1
- Minnesota GOPers Want to Criminalize Poor People Carrying Money doeriver Started: Mar-19 08:29 AM0
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