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- Alleged Rape Victim Admits Making Up Story [View All] ECH1969 Wed May-03-06 10:24 PM98
- Where are you in Oregon? [View All] Modem Butterf... Wed Jan-26-05 12:36 PM97
- Apartment residents told to take down U.S. flags [View All] walnutpie Wed Oct-14-09 02:48 PM76
- who are we going to get to run against gordo in '08? [View All] wakemeupwheni... Sun Dec-10-06 10:10 PM66
- First [View All] ChompySnack Sun May-02-04 11:57 AM49
- Liberal / Funky Neighborhoods In Portland? [View All] siliconefreak Tue Mar-08-05 01:22 AM45
- I'm moving to Portland next month [View All] Elad Admin Tue Jun-28-05 03:20 AM41
- Has anyone seen any polling on measures 66 and 67? [View All] potone Thu Jan-28-10 08:52 AM39
- Dear Portland drivers: [View All] laconicsax Wed Jun-30-10 02:13 PM38
- Possibly relocating to Oregon - Any advice? [View All] mochajava666 Sat Nov-01-08 09:23 PM35
- Obama effigy found hanging on Ore. campus [View All] sabra Fri Oct-03-08 08:19 PM34
- I'm getting married on the beach in March. [View All] Kilroy003 Fri Mar-18-05 02:48 AM33
- Could someone tell me what Oregon is like? [View All] coloradodem20... Wed Aug-03-05 11:21 PM30
- This Saturday is the first of the month. [View All] Reader Rabbit Sun Feb-10-08 03:37 PM30
- I am opening the bidding for 'Next DU Meet-Up Location' ... [View All] Trajan Tue Jan-31-06 04:35 PM28
- DU MeetUp for April.... Venue thread [View All] Viva_La_Revol... Mon Apr-03-06 12:33 AM28
- Suggestion for dealing with Measure 37 (land-use laws) [View All] Lydia Leftcoa... Tue Jan-04-05 01:45 AM27
- Isn' t there a get together coming up in Ptown [View All] FreedRadical Sun Mar-05-06 02:55 PM27
- YEAR END Portland DU MEETUP ! [View All] Trajan Fri Dec-29-06 05:34 AM26
- I'm worried about you Oregon DUers [View All] FreedRadical Wed Aug-29-07 12:48 AM26
- Toxics surprise: "Pollution in People" -- What we have inside us, a study of volunteers [View All] Audio_Al Mon Dec-03-07 02:21 AM25
- Damn ! All Kerry signs stolen in my neighborhood [View All] doubleplusgoo... Sun Oct-10-04 11:21 PM24
- Medical marijuana -- So much for state's rights. [View All] kaitykaity Tue Jun-28-05 11:27 AM24
- Do people like the Oregon quarter design? (Poll) [View All] yurbud Tue Aug-09-05 10:31 PM24
- Ok: Yet another "Im moving to Portland" thread .... [View All] Trajan Wed Jun-22-05 01:24 PM24
- Goddamnit!!! What the fuck is the matter with the police in this state??? [View All] funflower Sat Oct-22-05 11:14 PM24
- Thinking about Oregon: Potential migrants want opinions [View All] politicat Thu Oct-27-05 10:30 PM24
- Election Results [View All] sandnsea Sun May-21-06 07:24 PM24
- results for the 2010 gen. Oregon elections [View All] 0rganism Thu Nov-04-10 10:21 PM24
- Portland Du'rs...... Meet-up Lucky Lab Aug. 6 [View All] Viva_La_Revol... Sun Aug-07-05 01:52 PM23
- Portland DU Meet-Up for January Anyone ? .... [View All] Trajan Fri Jan-27-06 10:58 PM23
- Oregon ballot measures [View All] Uncle Siniste... Tue Oct-21-08 01:31 PM23
- 26 outlaw bikers crash on Oregon freeway [View All] underpants Tue Dec-15-09 12:05 AM23
- Oregon: How do you like your voting system? (nt) [View All] Eric J in MN Thu Dec-16-04 05:46 PM22
- Ashland or Corvallis? [View All] Kerrytraveler... Tue Oct-24-06 09:55 PM22
- Merkley or Novick? What say the DU? (Poll) [View All] funflower Wed May-21-08 03:32 PM22
- Is this typical Portland-area winter weather? [View All] housewolf Mon Jan-12-09 01:56 AM22
- congressional 5th district [View All] Robert Oak Thu May-13-04 03:14 PM21
- I'm looking forward to moving to Oregon [View All] Peak_Oil Thu Jan-13-05 11:31 PM21
- May 6th is the next MeetUp... we need to find a new venue... [View All] Viva_La_Revol... Sun May-07-06 02:11 PM21
- Portland or Salem?? [View All] marlakay Thu Aug-17-06 10:13 PM21
- Red State refugees considering Portland or Eugene, any advice? [View All] greyhound1966 Tue Oct-10-06 06:07 PM21
- Second Saturday this month? What say you... n/t [View All] greyhound1966 Mon Mar-10-08 03:31 AM21
- A question for my fellow Oregonians [View All] quakerboy Mon Oct-27-08 05:17 PM21
- Cheeseheads invading Oregon [View All] mochajava666 Sun Sep-19-10 04:40 PM21
- Dean/Perle Debate [View All] kaitykaity Fri Feb-18-05 05:48 PM20
- Pumping your own gas? [View All] newportdadde Fri Jul-29-05 10:23 AM20
- Portland's "Infill" Housing [View All] siliconefreak Thu Jun-09-05 03:19 AM20
- OK, so would someone please clue me in on the Gorge casino fight. [View All] funflower Tue Jun-28-05 03:40 AM20
- Killer gets life sentence plus pizza in plea deal [View All] WriteDown Thu Aug-07-08 07:14 PM20
- Is Portland a good city to live in? rockydem Fri Jan-28-05 12:05 AM19
- A friend is interested in visiting Oregon in early may. Swede Tue Feb-15-05 09:55 AM19
- Considering moving to your state Ayesha Mon Jul-18-05 03:31 PM19
- Outlawing Sudafed? sandnsea Fri Jul-22-05 11:38 PM19
- Portland DU'rs....MeetUp? Viva_La_Revol... Tue Aug-02-05 03:39 PM19
- Tell me about Portland... Lindsey Fri Jun-29-07 01:19 PM19
- Meet Up! June 2nd... Viva_La_Revol... Sun Jun-03-07 01:35 AM19
- DU MeetUp July 7... With Special Guests! Viva_La_Revol... Fri Jul-13-07 01:23 PM19
- Hello Oregonians. Tafiti Sun Jan-27-08 02:09 PM19
- Portland Meetup: A Threefold Thread .... Trajan Sat Nov-10-07 06:14 PM19
- By the pricking of my thumbs, another first weekend this way comes 0rganism Thu Dec-06-07 09:13 AM19
- Hello Portland DUers! I LOVE YOU ALL! Cascadian Thu Jul-24-08 09:48 AM19
- Kerry in Oregon sandnsea Fri Aug-13-04 05:41 AM18
- Man Deliberately Runs Over Dog AmyDeLune Mon Nov-29-04 04:01 AM18
- On my way to Oregon cosmik debris Mon Apr-04-05 01:03 AM18
- Would Kitzhaber make a good presidential candidate? stubtoe Wed Dec-21-05 07:19 PM18
- Democratic State Rep Kelly Wirth charged with meth possession Blue Topaz Sun Nov-20-05 12:51 AM18
- Time to decide! June MeetUp! Viva_La_Revol... Sat Jun-03-06 04:10 PM18
- Anyone have info an any Oregon (Portland) ballot measures or candidates Flabbergasted Mon Nov-06-06 11:10 PM18
- YEAR END Portland DU MEETUP - Vote HERE Trajan Thu Feb-01-07 06:20 PM18
- 2 inches in Tigard at 7:50 am Viva_La_Revol... Wed Jan-17-07 08:23 PM18
- Got my ballot....anyone else? Flabbergasted Wed Oct-31-07 08:32 PM18
- Portland DUer meetup, anyone? 0rganism Fri Jun-24-11 04:09 PM18
- How to we get rid of Greg Walden? OregonBlue Thu Sep-07-06 08:54 PM17
- HAS TO BE DONE ! ..... Next DU Meetup ? ... Trajan Sat Nov-05-05 11:48 AM17
- Non-political PDX question sandnsea Sat Dec-10-05 04:02 AM17
- The Oregonian endorses Saxton Reader Rabbit Tue Oct-17-06 07:13 PM17
- Still moving & need more advice. Portland or Vancouver? greyhound1966 Thu Feb-01-07 04:32 PM17
- January 2007 Meet up... if you've recovered sufficiently from last week... Viva_La_Revol... Sat Jan-06-07 08:11 PM17
- Okay, it's gonna be raining on Saturday... where shall we meet? Viva_La_Revol... Fri Oct-19-07 05:55 PM17
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