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- How many Okies do we have here at DU? [View All] GTRMAN Sat Mar-25-06 03:59 PM158
- It's not easy being a Liberal in Oklahoma [View All] Joey Liberal Sat Oct-08-11 11:31 AM94
- OKLAHOMA GOVERNOR HENRY ENDORSES OBAMA [View All] Hope And Chan... Thu Apr-24-08 08:14 PM42
- What I Will and Won't Miss about Oklahoma [View All] fishwax Mon Apr-03-06 01:23 PM35
- Can anyone tell me about Dan Boren? (OK-Dist 1) [View All] Catch22Dem Sun Jul-25-04 04:41 PM32
- Bill to kill domestic violence as pre-existing condition being killed [View All] a la izquierd... Fri Apr-23-10 12:42 AM28
- Something is wrong at the Oklahoma Democratic Party [View All] yelladawg Tue Oct-12-04 12:11 PM26
- I'm kinda pissed ... [View All] RoyGBiv Wed Jun-13-07 09:17 AM26
- Gym Tells Woman She's Too Fat for Workout Equipment [View All] The Straight ... Fri Jun-04-10 10:34 AM24
- Do you think Carson has a chance for the senate???? [View All] bobbieinok Tue May-11-04 01:26 PM23
- Residents Report Mysterious 'Boom,' 'Shaking' In Metro Area [View All] TalkingDog Fri Jan-28-11 01:39 PM23
- Not very pleased with Brad's new TV ad...sounds exactly like a Repug [View All] karlrschneide... Sun Sep-12-04 12:44 PM22
- Court Drops Case of 'Peeping Tom' in Target; Says Victim Was Not in Private Place [View All] underpants Tue Mar-25-08 10:07 AM22
- Isn't Tom Coburn...... [View All] RummyTheDummy Thu May-06-04 03:39 AM21
- fellow Oklahomans - what is your response to Inhofe???? [View All] bobbieinok Sat May-22-04 07:30 PM21
- MoveOn endorses Free [View All] OKNancy Sun Jul-25-04 06:10 PM21
- What does everyone think of Brad Henry? [View All] RummyTheDummy Fri Apr-30-04 12:01 PM20
- Questions about Okla. congressional races [View All] Catch22Dem Sat May-01-04 06:28 PM20
- Oklahoma DU get-together - Thursday August 5th [View All] OKNancy Thu Aug-05-04 05:07 PM20
- I'm not ready to give up on the Sooners. [View All] NaturalHigh Mon Oct-31-05 01:50 PM20
- Man Armed With Cookie Attempts Tulsa Bank Robbery [View All] Liberal_in_LA Thu Sep-03-09 09:13 PM20
- I will be in Tulsa after July 23 clyrc Mon Jul-26-04 02:34 PM19
- Can I vote in the Repuke senate primary? RummyTheDummy Sat Jul-24-04 09:37 AM18
- Ten Commandments Monument Added To Haskell County Courthouse sazemisery Thu Nov-11-04 10:07 PM18
- Voting Machines Count Backwards in Okla. chomskysright Fri Dec-03-04 09:19 PM18
- Tourism to OK by Seattleites plummets 100% maxsolomon Sun Aug-06-06 11:23 PM18
- Since when is Oklahoma landlocked? Nicole Fri May-19-06 12:39 PM17
- DU check: How is everyone doing with all the ice? AndyA Sat Dec-15-07 07:30 PM17
- I'm so ready for OU football... SoonerShankle Sun Sep-11-05 12:09 AM16
- Looks like we're moving the Oklahoma. cornermouse Tue Nov-27-07 07:30 AM16
- Inhofe is a MORON Joey Liberal Mon Jan-26-09 07:09 PM16
- Mission FUBAR Demo this Saturday in Tulsa hippywife Mon May-03-04 02:46 PM15
- What do you guys think of your Governor? President in 08? usregimechang... Sun Jan-15-06 07:26 PM15
- Tulsa radio prick Michael DelGiorno is being sued for lying on air. Catch22Dem Wed Apr-05-06 11:48 AM15
- Okla. Senate Republicans outline 06 agenda (tax cuts + intelligent design) Thom Little Tue Dec-06-05 02:58 PM14
- How many Okies have DU bumper stickers on their cars/trucks? Joey Liberal Tue Oct-10-06 02:42 PM14
- Vacation in Oklahoma.....Advice anyone? OnionPatch Mon Feb-04-08 03:47 PM14
- Oklahoma state questions - information OKNancy Mon Nov-01-04 11:23 PM13
- Progressive Pages- Need your feedback! fudge stripe ... Wed Nov-17-04 09:21 AM13
- Judge Given 4 Years In Penis Pump Case sofa king Fri Aug-18-06 09:18 PM13
- Brother and SIL moving to Tulsa-need recommendations xmas74 Tue Jul-10-07 09:19 PM13
- Just got home from F-911 OKNancy Sun Jul-25-04 08:11 PM12
- Coburn and Carson on Meet the Press OKNancy Sun Oct-03-04 06:03 PM12
- In which part of Oklahoma do DUers live? (Poll) AndyA Sat Sep-01-07 10:29 PM12
- Was the Fiesta Bowl a heartbreaker or what? NaturalHigh Mon Jan-15-07 08:55 AM12
- Vote for the Oklahoma Quarter Nicole Sun Apr-29-07 08:31 PM12
- Has anyone read Grisham's true-crime book "The Innocent Man"? Catch22Dem Sun Jan-06-08 11:57 PM12
- 26 State Legislators Endorse Dan Boren for CD2 yelladawg Tue Jul-20-04 04:41 PM11
- Okies...did you catch Chimpy's latest poll numbers here? blonndee Thu Jul-27-06 11:44 PM11
- Miles from grass, miles from water, only six inches from hell pscot Mon Aug-14-06 10:55 AM11
- Judge Gets 4 Years for Exposing Himself (pumpman) seriousstan Fri Aug-18-06 03:01 PM11
- Bond denied for 4 accused of tattooing Okla. man Judi Lynn Sat Aug-27-11 02:27 AM11
- Will the questions that are now headed to the General Election ballot hurt The Lone Libe... Wed Apr-28-04 07:09 PM10
- What is a good online Oklahoma newspaper for news on the... JayS Sat May-22-04 04:50 PM10
- A question for Oklahoma democrats.... Claire_beth Mon May-17-04 10:34 PM10
- Katrina victims arrive in Oklahoma OKNancy Wed Sep-14-05 01:17 AM10
- Winter Storm 2007 - Muskogee OK *WARNING PIC HEAVY* sazemisery Wed Jan-24-07 01:50 PM10
- Former Okla. sheriff convicted of rape, bribery UpInArms Mon Jan-19-09 05:26 PM10
- Which local boards do u guys use? mgarretson Wed Aug-17-05 09:05 AM9
- Doug Dodd running for Sullivan's seat in OK. Dist 1 Catch22Dem Sun Jul-04-04 04:20 PM9
- Fred Phelps to bring Anti-Gay Rally to Sand Springs hippywife Sun Nov-07-04 09:31 PM9
- Okie weatherpeople... blonndee Wed Sep-21-05 09:36 PM9
- Bush to speak at OSU May 6 juslikagrzly Sat Apr-22-06 12:00 AM9
- I've had enough! I'm running for Governor! Big Kahuna Mon Jun-05-06 10:02 PM9
- To you guys know your Lt. Governor is a total whack job? Daylin Byak Thu Nov-09-06 02:16 AM9
- Okla. Man: Attackers Tattooed "RAPEST" On Forehead Judi Lynn Mon May-16-11 05:42 PM9
- If we have an Occupy OKC.... YellowRubberD... Wed Oct-26-11 08:11 PM9
- Do any of you know any good camping spots here in oklahoma? YellowRubberD... Thu Apr-29-04 03:34 PM8
- I need a Kerry yard sign. Tried to buy one from but it froz karlrschneide... Thu Oct-07-04 10:50 PM8
- Tulsa World endorses Bush juslikagrzly Tue Oct-12-04 05:04 PM8
- Lesbianism will become epidemic in Okalahoma if Dem gets into the Senate kokomo Wed Oct-27-04 07:43 PM8
- Okies for Kerry Karaoke Watch Party Mortos Sat Oct-30-04 07:45 PM8
- Senator Coburn (R-OK) challenges Schiavo autopsy results paineinthears... Fri Aug-26-05 02:52 PM8
- Democrat Brad Henry has a huge lead ( governor - Oklahoma) OKNancy Tue Nov-07-06 09:52 PM8
- OK city funds 3rd attempt for public religious art inanna Wed Oct-15-08 05:32 PM8
- Oklahoman one of 18 reported killed in Iraq yelladawg Thu May-13-04 09:01 AM7
- Sam-sex marriage and Cherokee tribal law Heidi Tue Jun-15-04 11:53 PM7
- Tulsa Peace Fellowship Events for June hippywife Fri Jun-04-04 08:43 PM7
- Special Showing of Fahrenheit 9/11 in Tulsa hippywife Sun Jul-25-04 08:14 PM7
- Classic media spin from Daily Oklahoman procopia Wed Aug-04-04 09:24 PM7
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