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- 1Hippiechick Sat Jul-19-08 10:14 AM0
- First Saturday of the month protest in Tulsa... 5X Fri Sep-30-05 07:18 PM0
- This pic says it all about our red state..... 5X Fri Apr-21-06 05:15 PM5
- Oklahoma Man Charged in Gay Man's Death 94114_San_Fra... Tue Dec-25-07 09:23 PM2
- Norman Music Festival a la izquierd... Sat Apr-25-09 05:10 PM0
- Cleveland County Dem Offices Vandalized a la izquierd... Fri Oct-30-09 07:01 AM0
- Bill to kill domestic violence as pre-existing condition being killed [View All] a la izquierd... Fri Apr-23-10 12:42 AM28
- Hey Oklahoma ... want to win in 2006? AlecBGreen Thu Feb-02-06 10:24 PM2
- Al Gore coming to OU March 1st Thu Mar-01-07 11:30 PM2
- OK JAN-16-2005 Sheriff: Searchs span may spread AmyStrange Mon Jan-17-05 10:21 PM0
- Any Tulsans out there? Who's the next Mayor? (Poll) AndyA Wed Apr-05-06 12:42 PM5
- About Senator Inhofe AndyA Fri Jul-14-06 07:03 PM7
- Why are people such pigs? AndyA Tue Jul-11-06 10:17 AM3
- Ernest Istook on Channel 2 in Tulsa this morning. AndyA Fri Aug-04-06 09:56 AM0
- Lack of vehicle safety inspections creates more junkers on the road. AndyA Mon Nov-01-10 09:27 PM6
- Anyone following the Michael DelGiornio story regarding gambling? AndyA Tue Sep-12-06 01:29 AM4
- Tulsa blogger offering reward for photos of illegal workers... AndyA Wed Aug-23-06 02:28 PM0
- In which part of Oklahoma do DUers live? (Poll) AndyA Sat Sep-01-07 10:29 PM12
- WOW - Muskogee County, Oklahoma Grand Jury Impanelment Petition AndyA Tue Sep-19-06 08:50 PM2
- I guess there's no doubt how Inhoff and Coburn are going to vote AndyA Thu Oct-05-06 08:47 PM4
- DU check: How is everyone doing with all the ice? AndyA Sat Dec-15-07 07:30 PM17
- Tulsa to dig up car buried in June 1957 as part of Centennial AndyA Tue Jan-23-07 02:01 PM0
- Cross posted: An open letter to Senator Tom Coburn (R-OK) AndyA Thu Feb-08-07 03:06 PM1
- Does everyone know that Obama is opening a Tulsa office on Saturday? AndyA Thu Sep-11-08 11:26 AM1
- Cross posted from GD: Massive effort underway to assist stranded Arrow Trucking drivers AndyA Thu Dec-24-09 10:18 AM1
- So.. how's the "Zoo Flap" playing out there annabanana Fri Jul-15-05 09:25 PM6
- The Idiocy of Tom Coburn AnnInLa Tue Feb-22-05 03:36 PM2
- 75% of Oklahoma High School Students Can't Name 1st US President avebury Sat Oct-24-09 05:19 PM2
- Oklahoma State Senate Votes to Name Bridge After War Criminal avebury Thu Mar-24-11 01:28 PM1
- Congrats To Miss Oklahoma-- Miss America 2006 BamaLefty Sun Jan-22-06 12:27 AM2
- Last Comic Standing in OKC!! Beartracks Wed Oct-27-04 08:20 AM3
- Pollution brings end to Oklahoma mining town Beartracks Tue May-13-08 06:50 PM1
- Welcome to OklObama! Beartracks Thu Jun-05-08 08:12 PM0
- Appliance re-coloring in Tulsa?? Beartracks Sun Jun-29-08 03:44 AM0
- Wow, KRMG listeners sure don't respect the Constitution. Beartracks Wed Aug-18-10 11:48 PM2
- Hey - Hannity Freedom Concert tonight! Beartracks Fri Aug-20-10 06:46 PM0
- Anyone have pics or news from Occupy Tulsa? Beartracks Mon Oct-31-11 10:16 PM0
- OccupyTulsa: Power shut off due to taxpayer complaints Beartracks Sat Dec-24-11 03:04 AM3
- Early voting in Oklahoma! Behind the Ag... Tue Nov-02-04 09:40 AM4
- a friend in OK does not want to lose her adopted children Bertha Venati... Fri Apr-30-04 09:10 PM2
- Hate is alive and well in Tulsa bginok Tue Oct-05-04 09:58 AM6
- Question for Tulsa DU'ers Big Kahuna Fri Dec-30-05 04:30 PM3
- I've had enough! I'm running for Governor! Big Kahuna Mon Jun-05-06 10:02 PM9
- I saw a neat looking snake today Big Kahuna Mon Jul-17-06 06:39 AM2
- Speaking of snakes.. Any OK Real Estate agents/brokers out there? Big Kahuna Mon Jul-31-06 02:23 PM2
- DU Okies need to see this bigbrother05 Fri Sep-09-05 10:36 AM0
- GOP corruption additions BJW Wed Oct-26-05 12:31 PM0
- Okie weatherpeople... blonndee Wed Sep-21-05 09:36 PM9
- Anybody else close to the fires today? blonndee Wed Mar-15-06 07:19 PM0
- Dayton tire plant to close, losing 1600 jobs blonndee Fri Jul-21-06 09:49 PM4
- Okies...did you catch Chimpy's latest poll numbers here? blonndee Thu Jul-27-06 11:44 PM11
- Okie DUers, hope you're all safe and sound in these storms. blonndee Wed Feb-11-09 06:00 PM4
- Do you think Carson has a chance for the senate???? [View All] bobbieinok Tue May-11-04 01:26 PM23
- gay marrige, lottery - M Delgiorno on Tulsa KFAQ pushes religious right bobbieinok Thu May-06-04 07:40 AM5
- Tulsa - anyone know anything about this early April story on R Turner? bobbieinok Wed May-12-04 09:03 AM3
- fellow Oklahomans - what is your response to Inhofe???? [View All] bobbieinok Sat May-22-04 07:30 PM21
- is there a news conf in Tulsa 5/14 abt Inhofe and sthg tonite??? bobbieinok Fri May-14-04 09:01 PM3
- 'Outfoxed' at 7-29 at 7pm (check time) Tulsa Central Lib bobbieinok Sat Jul-31-04 04:01 PM4
- OK is a 'ezvote' state.....see discussion in campaign 2004 bobbieinok Wed Aug-18-04 12:48 PM0
- anyone plan to be in OKC on Sunday for the 'march'??? bobbieinok Mon Dec-13-04 07:15 PM2
- RW radio DelGiornao attacks Tulsa School Board and 'study circles' bobbieinok Sun Feb-06-05 06:12 PM1
- anti war signs in Tulsa on supports for overpass-- east of 31st and Yale bobbieinok Wed Aug-17-05 03:15 PM4
- anyone here have contact in OK SoBapt convention or a big church?? bobbieinok Wed Sep-07-05 07:58 PM1
- international expert on torture to speak at Univ of Tulsa 11/2 at 7:30pm bobbieinok Thu Oct-27-05 08:02 PM0
- recommendations for the dem primary for mayor in Tulsa???? bobbieinok Wed Mar-08-06 02:09 AM5
- are there any judge races, corporation commission races, etc bobbieinok Thu Nov-02-06 11:34 PM1
- is legislature democratic or republican majority??? bobbieinok Wed Nov-08-06 05:23 PM2
- RALLY FOR PEACE at State Capitol - 11 am Today! - More Events! Breeze54 Sun Mar-18-07 09:39 AM5
- Please sign the petition (linked) urging your Congressional members Bullwinkle925 Mon Jul-25-05 08:45 PM1
- Who should I/we support in the 5th? BusterD Sat Jul-08-06 11:20 AM0
- Hey OKC and Eastern OK, planning a Northwest AR meet up. Interested? Cannikin Sat Nov-10-07 10:50 AM0
- Oklahoma prisons expected to be full in early 2007 carzen Mon Oct-09-06 07:05 PM0
- Oklahomans, please don't take our Sonics! Cascadian Sat Jul-22-06 04:35 PM5
- Questions about Okla. congressional races [View All] Catch22Dem Sat May-01-04 06:28 PM20
- Tulsa area DUers Catch22Dem Sat May-08-04 12:36 AM3
- Okies, I have a question for yas Catch22Dem Fri May-14-04 05:46 PM2
- Doug Dodd running for Sullivan's seat in OK. Dist 1 Catch22Dem Sun Jul-04-04 04:20 PM9
- Can anyone tell me about Dan Boren? (OK-Dist 1) [View All] Catch22Dem Sun Jul-25-04 04:41 PM32
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