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- Guidelines for discussion of Israeli/Palestinian affairs Skinner Admin Thu Oct-16-03 11:37 AM0
- The Liberal Case for Israel [View All] oberliner Wed Dec-14-11 02:55 AM311
- PLO silent on gay rights [View All] King_David Tue Oct-11-11 11:10 AM293
- Palestinians disappointed by Obama's UN speech [View All] Jefferson23 Fri Sep-30-11 11:09 AM256
- Prominent Australians fight anti-Semitism with hot chocolate [View All] shira Wed Sep-07-11 03:18 PM256
- The humanitarian show [View All] shira Sat Dec-03-11 06:39 PM230
- Palestinian ambassador reiterates call for a Jew-free Palestinian state [View All] hack89 Tue Sep-20-11 12:38 AM199
- The Problem Is Palestinian Rejectionism [View All] vminfla Fri Dec-02-11 06:57 PM194
- UN report: Gaza blockade legal, Israel used excessive force [View All] oberliner Thu Sep-08-11 08:35 AM176
- Norway lays down Palestine state approval terms amongst money worries [View All] Lars77 Mon Oct-31-11 10:15 AM176
- Abbas: Arab world was wrong to reject 1947 Partition Plan [View All] shira Thu Nov-17-11 03:15 PM174
- [View All] Scurrilous Tue Nov-29-11 10:55 PM171
- 6 in 10 Palestinians reject 2-state solution, survey finds [View All] shira Wed Sep-07-11 03:25 PM145
- UK academic union rejects EU definition of anti-Semitism [View All] shira Sun Sep-04-11 08:50 PM133
- Greek coast guard seizes Canadian ship bound for Gaza [View All] tootrueleft Thu Jul-07-11 04:53 PM133
- Fatah official in Gaza holds unity talks with independents [View All] pelsar Thu Aug-11-11 02:43 PM131
- The myth of Zionist racism [View All] shira Thu Jun-23-11 03:54 AM130
- Accosted on Kingsway (Benny Morris) [View All] oberliner Fri Jul-08-11 07:06 PM125
- Greece bars boats leaving Greek ports for Gaza [View All] oberliner Mon Jul-11-11 10:49 AM125
- No Democracy for Palestine [View All] shira Wed Sep-14-11 07:00 PM124
- The Third Intifada Is Here [View All] vminfla Fri Dec-09-11 05:43 PM121
- US to Oppose Palestine's UN Bid [View All] Fearless Wed Aug-24-11 05:56 AM121
- Israel: 'Delegitimization' is just a distraction [View All] Violet_Crumbl... Wed Sep-07-11 03:32 PM116
- Why Palestinians can't recognize a 'Jewish state' [View All] Violet_Crumbl... Wed Sep-07-11 02:27 AM115
- Israel and the Apartheid Slander (by Richard Goldstone) [View All] shira Tue Nov-08-11 03:01 AM111
- Orthodox rabbi marries gay couple in historic wedding in DC [View All] King_David Fri Nov-18-11 10:49 PM107
- Hate Speech Finds a Mainstream Platform [View All] Jefferson23 Fri Oct-21-11 05:20 PM106
- US told: support Palestinian UN bid or risk 'toxic' reputation in Arab world [View All] G_j Fri Sep-16-11 04:57 AM101
- [View All] King_David Tue Nov-15-11 08:31 PM96
- Haaretz exclusive: Secret cables show Israel's battle plan over Palestinian UN bid [View All] bemildred Thu Jun-16-11 09:41 PM96
- The Oslo Syndrome (another wacko piece from JPost, by Barry Rubin) [View All] shaayecanaan Sun Aug-07-11 11:50 PM95
- [View All] meegbear Sat Sep-10-11 12:49 PM95
- Goldstone and the futility of repentance [View All] bemildred Thu Nov-17-11 05:03 AM93
- Erdogan: Turkish navy to protect Gaza aid [View All] formercia Sun Sep-11-11 03:05 PM92
- Israel approves 1,100 settler homes in Gilo, Jerusalem [View All] xchrom Sun Oct-02-11 06:31 PM92
- Can somebody explain Palestine's UN status request? [View All] philly_bob Tue Sep-20-11 08:54 AM90
- Israel honors civil rights [View All] King_David Mon Dec-05-11 07:38 PM89
- check out Tel Aviv right now..... [View All] Bennyboy Sat Oct-08-11 04:48 PM88
- Turkey commences massive operation against Kurdish rebels in Iraq [View All] King_David Sun Oct-23-11 06:12 PM87
- What Do Totalitarians Do When They Gain Power Democratically? [View All] shira Sun Dec-04-11 09:52 PM87
- Syria's Choice: Murderous Secular Regime or Islamic [View All] pelsar Sat Dec-03-11 11:19 PM85
- UNESCO files complaint against Israeli delegation over Haaretz cartoon [View All] bemildred Wed Nov-16-11 11:17 AM85
- Despite swap, Gaza remains imprisoned [View All] Jefferson23 Sat Dec-10-11 11:43 PM84
- Report: 81 congressmen going to Israel on break [View All] EvilMonsanto Thu Aug-11-11 07:12 AM83
- BREAKING: All Communications Cut to 1.7 Million in Gaza, Including Mobile, Landline and Internet [View All] FourScore Wed Aug-17-11 08:33 AM83
- A friend of Israel must vote no to Palestinian state [View All] oberliner Fri Sep-23-11 06:09 PM82
- Irvine 10 found guilty [View All] Scurrilous Tue Sep-27-11 02:50 PM81
- Israeli women risk prosecution for taking Palestinian women & girls to the beach [View All] JohnyCanuck Sun Jul-31-11 12:03 AM81
- How Liberal Jews can stay progressive and love Israel, too [View All] oberliner Thu Nov-24-11 07:16 PM80
- UNRWA: Gaza blockade anniversary report [View All] tootrueleft Fri Jun-17-11 08:54 AM79
- Amnesty International is losing its way [View All] shira Sat Jun-18-11 09:58 AM78
- Abbas says no to Jewish state [View All] oberliner Tue Sep-27-11 12:07 AM73
- Iran says 150,000 missiles pointed at Israel [View All] ZombieHorde Tue Nov-29-11 06:46 PM73
- Norway massacre suspect aired anti-Muslim, pro-Israel views [View All] Scurrilous Fri Jul-29-11 09:23 AM73
- Egyptians Tear Down Israel Embassy's Security Wall [View All] Purveyor Sat Sep-10-11 07:10 PM70
- Israel passes law punishing settlement boycotters [View All] Jefferson23 Tue Jul-19-11 01:18 AM68
- [View All] King_David Sat Dec-03-11 09:57 PM64
- Don't worry, there won't be peace [View All] Violet_Crumbl... Mon Jun-27-11 02:02 AM63
- Israel refuses citizenship for gay man married to Jewish immigrant [View All] King_David Thu Jun-30-11 02:50 AM63
- Should Israel Have Agreed to Exchange Terrorists for a Kidnapped Soldier? [View All] oberliner Sun Oct-23-11 11:30 AM63
- PA Arab Terrorists Attack Motorists in Samaria [View All] vminfla Sun Nov-20-11 10:27 AM62
- Wingnuts hope the IDF shoots Americans in the new Gaza Flotilla [View All] Ignis Thu Jun-30-11 03:18 AM61
- Ruth Dudley Edwards: Gaza-bound vessel really a ship of fools [View All] shira Thu Jun-30-11 04:44 PM61
- NGO Monitor blasts Amnesty for not condemning rockets [View All] shira Fri Aug-26-11 05:38 PM61
- Sorry, Dr. King Did Not Consider You An Enlightened Anti-Zionist. Deal With It. [View All] shira Mon Nov-21-11 12:42 PM57
- Frank urges support for Israel in quest for peace [View All] King_David Mon Oct-24-11 06:08 PM57
- I got fired by the Jerusalem Post today (Larry Derfner) [View All] Violet_Crumbl... Sat Sep-03-11 09:18 AM57
- Israel fears Gaza flotilla activists may try to kill IDF soldiers [View All] Fozzledick Thu Jun-30-11 03:23 AM56
- Ahmadinejad: Iran is determined to eradicate Israel [View All] Fozzledick Tue Aug-30-11 01:48 AM55
- EU politicians oppose PA upgrade due to rights violations [View All] King_David Tue Oct-18-11 07:06 PM55
- Jewish leftists need to have the Talk [View All] shira Wed Jun-29-11 10:23 PM54
- Gaza film-makers decry Hamas censorship [View All] oberliner Mon Aug-01-11 03:30 PM53
- Several dead in series of terrorist attacks in southern Israel [View All] oberliner Mon Aug-22-11 12:12 AM53
- Left and gay in Israel [View All] King_David Sat Nov-05-11 06:29 PM52
- Officials: Mideast Quartet talks failed due to disagreement over Israel as Jewish state [View All] Jefferson23 Tue Jul-19-11 07:30 PM52
- South African ASA Ruling: Israel Can be Labelled an Apartheid State [View All] Scurrilous Mon Jul-11-11 03:58 PM52
- Scary US views [View All] shira Sat Dec-10-11 12:57 PM51
- [View All] vminfla Sat Nov-05-11 10:44 AM51
- Did the Red Cross say there's no humanitarian crisis in Gaza? [View All] Jefferson23 Fri Jul-08-11 05:55 PM50
- This is no time to consider cutting aid to Israel [View All] King_David Tue Oct-25-11 12:29 PM50
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