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- Agency: Nuclear plants secure enough if attacked by air struggle4prog... Tue Jan-30-07 12:45 AM3
- Armed attack in Ingushetia kills three Russian soldiers bemildred Sat Aug-26-06 02:26 PM0
- AT&T Whistleblower Blows Whistle on L.A. Times IanDB1 Wed Mar-07-07 01:13 PM1
- Aviation Security Conference Closed to Undesirables (such as the media) IanDB1 Tue Feb-13-07 11:43 AM0
- Balasingham`s funeral to be held next week bemildred Fri Dec-15-06 10:46 AM0
- Beijing secretly fires lasers to disable US satellites bemildred Tue Sep-26-06 09:08 AM2
- Caliphate, Bush's timeline, and the 500 year war. [View All] CarbonDate Thu Dec-21-06 11:41 AM21
- Chinese Spies "Eating our Lunch" IanDB1 Wed Mar-07-07 12:01 PM1
- Defections hit Afghan forces bemildred Thu Oct-16-08 10:04 AM0
- DHS Mobile Lab To Test Terrorist Sensors on Citizens IanDB1 Thu Mar-08-07 05:56 PM7
- Egypt Renews Diplomatic Relations With el-Salvador bemildred Wed Sep-20-06 10:35 PM0
- Germany warns US on missile shield plan nodular Sun Apr-01-07 10:45 PM0
- NATO: THE BATHTUB OF UNREADINESS bemildred Wed Sep-20-06 10:46 PM0
- New enemy gains on the Pentagon bemildred Sun Aug-08-10 05:48 AM8
- NSA Employee Steered Cyberdefense Funds To Self struggle4prog... Sat Feb-10-07 02:29 PM0
- Russia Overtakes S. Arabia In Crude Production bemildred Sat Aug-26-06 03:31 PM5
- Spy court rejects no requests in 2006 bemildred Wed May-02-07 08:24 AM4
- Study: Synthetic energy can fuel military bemildred Tue Apr-24-07 09:46 AM1
- U.S. could help Egypt with nuclear program, ambassador says bemildred Thu Sep-21-06 07:05 PM0
- US trains Gulf air forces for war with Iran CGowen Tue Oct-02-07 02:11 PM0
- Yes! We must wait until after BushCo attacks Iran to impeach (Sorry, posted in wrong forum) solara Thu Mar-01-07 03:46 PM5
- "al-Qaeda in Iraq" or "al-Qaeda in Afghanistan" equals "al-Qaeda", right? zbdent Sat Jan-08-11 01:38 PM2
- "Cancel the bomb squad. The congressman has received a glass elephant in the mail." IanDB1 Sat Jun-30-07 12:48 PM0
- "Chemically Reactive" Suspicious device has been found at Tewksbury, Mass. High School IanDB1 Sat Apr-28-07 07:48 PM3
- "Dud" Grenade prompts evacuation of Marlboro, Mass. hotel IanDB1 Mon May-07-07 11:45 AM2
- "Expert" advice on how to survive multiple-city terror attacks: deploy psychic abilities Squigglenob Thu Aug-02-07 07:20 PM2
- "Freedom dies, just a little bit" (with passage/signing of HCR) zbdent Wed Mar-24-10 07:46 AM2
- "Hoax Devices" Found in mail box in south Jackson, Mississippi IanDB1 Thu Mar-15-07 08:56 AM3
- midnight Wed Dec-03-08 02:26 PM6
- "Low-pathogenic strain" of Bird Flu detected in turkeys at West Virginia farm IanDB1 Tue Apr-10-07 10:45 AM6
- "Maw and Paw BAD!" Navy May Deploy Anti-Terrorism Dolphins IanDB1 Tue Feb-13-07 05:47 PM6
- "not more than 50, 60, I think" underpants Wed Oct-04-06 11:18 AM1
- "The intelligence says that in 2005 bin Laden planned to use Iraq as a base from which to launch zbdent Wed May-23-07 12:06 PM0
- "The Rise of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization" nodular Mon Feb-12-07 07:29 PM0
- "U.S. can send a representative to accompany President Zelaya back to Honduras on Thursday" Better Believ... Wed Jul-01-09 12:13 PM0
- "Web site" baffles Internet terrorism trial judge (UK) Eugene Wed May-16-07 02:53 PM2
- "White Powder" scare at Boston, Mass. Federal Courthouse IanDB1 Wed Jul-18-07 07:57 PM3
- 'Angel is next': The terrifying message pilot of Air Force One got as he flew President Bush on 9/11 jakeXT Tue Sep-13-11 01:33 PM19
- 'Bribes' free top Taleban leader Eugene Fri Jan-11-08 09:34 PM2
- 'Curse of oil' sees corruption soar in Nigeria muriel_volest... Wed Jan-31-07 07:02 AM0
- 'Enemy combatant' will be early test for Obama Eugene Thu Jan-08-09 08:54 AM1
- 'Greater West Asia' leans heavily on India bemildred Fri Sep-01-06 09:01 AM0
- 'Heavy fighting' in Somali town (BBC) Eugene Fri Dec-08-06 11:53 AM1
- 'Military build-up' in Yangon bemildred Fri Aug-24-07 08:28 AM0
- 'No reward' for non-nuclear Libya (BBC) Eugene Sat Mar-03-07 06:56 AM1
- 'Suspect' package at Royal Air Force Base, Mildenhall, England IanDB1 Thu Mar-08-07 11:39 AM0
- 'Suspicious package' outside North Broward Medical Center, Fla. just a remote control for vehicle IanDB1 Fri Jun-22-07 12:24 PM1
- 'Threat' to EU-Burma embargo Eugene Mon Jul-16-07 03:08 AM0
- 'Torture Taxi' by Trevor Paglen and A.C. Thompson struggle4prog... Sun Feb-11-07 12:52 AM0
- (#1 Bears. #2... Squirrels?) 3 children injured in squirrel attack near San Jose, CA IanDB1 Sun May-13-07 10:14 PM10
- (Afghanistan bound) German troops 'had Nazi symbol' (BBC) Eugene Thu Nov-02-06 09:25 PM1
- (Aug 29) Osprey to show its wings Friday; Marines unveil controversial transport aircraft CGowen Mon Sep-10-07 11:54 AM3
- (Boston subway) T's searches turn up only false alarms - Boston Globe Eugene Wed Jan-31-07 06:59 AM1
- (F-14) Jets shredded, kept away from 'bad guys' Eugene Thu Jul-05-07 02:36 PM3
- (Georgia) Government Halts Next WTO Talks With Russia bemildred Fri Oct-13-06 09:49 AM2
- (India) Missile test forces jet to turn back Eugene Fri Apr-13-07 11:01 AM0
- (midwest) Expert: 2 Bombs May Be From 'The Bishop' (AP) Eugene Sun Feb-11-07 09:46 AM6
- (Pakistan) Bomb kills polio health official - BBC Eugene Fri Feb-16-07 11:07 AM0
- (San Diego) Courthouse Bombing Has MO of Serial Bomber Eugene Sun May-04-08 11:54 PM1
- (SD) National Guard low on equipment struggle4prog... Sat Jun-16-07 04:08 PM1
- (Somali) Pirates 'seize German cargo ship' Eugene Wed Apr-08-09 05:49 PM2
- (Sudan) China says hostages died during failed rescue Eugene Tue Oct-28-08 04:18 AM0
- (Swiss) Government rejects Guantanamo criticism struggle4prog... Thu Feb-01-07 01:36 PM0
- (UK) Army interpreter guilty of spying (for Iran) Eugene Wed Nov-05-08 11:27 AM0
- (UK) Navy shoots dead (two Somali) pirate suspects Eugene Thu Nov-13-08 12:57 AM0
- (UK) Serviceman killed in Afghanistan Eugene Tue May-27-08 06:01 AM0
- (UK) Terror suspect's jet bomb plot link Eugene Sun Jul-08-07 10:01 AM1
- (UK) Troop reduction in Iraq delayed after pressure from US struggle4prog... Sun Feb-18-07 01:11 AM0
- (video) senate committee on natl security implications of financial crisis lxlxlxl Fri Feb-13-09 09:23 PM0
- .... America's Grunts Go To The Killing Fields Wearing Inferior Body Armor wakeme2008 Fri Nov-10-06 05:29 AM0
- 1 killed, 3 injured in roof collapse at assisted living facility in Pinellas Park, Fla IanDB1 Tue Jun-16-09 05:15 PM6
- 1 person dead in explosion American Elastomer Products Co., Houston, TX IanDB1 Sat Mar-10-07 06:57 AM0
- 1,000 cats and dogs destroyed after disese outbreaks at Las Vegas Humane Society Shelter IanDB1 Sat Feb-17-07 03:07 PM2
- 11-year-old girl killed during flu outbreak in San Antonio, Texas IanDB1 Thu Mar-01-07 07:48 AM0
- 11/8/1983 AP: 'Yes' by Bush (GHWB) breaks Senate nerve-gas tie zbdent Wed Jul-19-06 06:25 PM1
- 115 dead birds in Alberta, Canada thought to be natural phenomenon IanDB1 Thu Feb-22-07 10:51 AM0
- 12 people sickened after chlorine/sulfuric acid spill at commercial laundry in Vista, CA IanDB1 Sun May-13-07 04:25 PM0
- 15 Year-Old Student to be charged in bomb threat that closed Beverly, Mass. High Chool IanDB1 Thu Oct-25-07 10:26 AM1
- 2 1/2 months of random bag searches: 16 body searches, 2 dozen false alarms, no weapons, no arrests IanDB1 Wed Jan-31-07 09:00 AM3
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