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- Why the left was wrong [View All] Violet_Crumbl... Sun Nov-14-10 07:38 AM464
- Should we support the surge? [View All] Xerxes Sun Mar-11-07 11:15 PM171
- Terrorist Sleeper Cells and Illegal Immigration [View All] Boojatta Wed May-02-07 03:57 PM38
- Top Secret: We're Wiretapping You. Attorney accidentally given TOPSECRET file obtained w/out warrant [View All] IanDB1 Tue Mar-06-07 12:48 PM33
- The Holy Nuclear Crusades [View All] Jim Warren Fri Oct-06-06 09:10 AM24
- Caught with the Guard down [View All] struggle4prog... Mon May-14-07 07:38 PM22
- Caliphate, Bush's timeline, and the 500 year war. [View All] CarbonDate Thu Dec-21-06 11:41 AM21
- Joe Biden on Iran: I'd Impeach Bush Wayward Episc... Thu Mar-01-07 04:38 PM19
- 'Angel is next': The terrifying message pilot of Air Force One got as he flew President Bush on 9/11 jakeXT Tue Sep-13-11 01:33 PM19
- Does anyone here know anything about security clearances? Sanity Claws Sun Oct-31-10 12:52 AM18
- Hand grenade explodes inside car in Salem, Massachusetts (one person injured) IanDB1 Fri Mar-02-07 10:21 AM16
- Rushdie title 'may spark attacks' - Pakistani gov't minister Eugene Tue Jun-19-07 03:09 PM14
- Does this scare anyone else? GoogleTheTrut... Mon Oct-30-06 12:02 AM14
- Pentagon: 61 ex-Guantanamo inmates return to terrorism GSPowner Wed Jan-14-09 10:50 AM14
- Bush's secret army: Blackwater fights outside the law, takes direction from radical christian right IanDB1 Fri Mar-23-07 08:07 AM13
- Congressman on Homeland Security Committee Denied Access to Documents (COG) CGowen Sat Jul-21-07 08:14 AM13
- First F-35 flight may be Monday davepc Sun Dec-10-06 09:13 PM13
- Pentagon Prepares For Prospective War With China jakeXT Thu Sep-01-11 09:51 AM13
- Valerie Plame: What is the damage? TomClash Mon Mar-19-07 12:53 PM12
- Have a question on Passport Identification - Bobbieo Tue Mar-11-08 01:10 PM12
- Report: al-Qaida No. 2 in Algeria Killed Eugene Thu Apr-26-07 05:40 PM11
- Odd job for adventurous people eridani Thu May-20-10 11:13 AM11
- Didn't we just recently gain the ability to take tweezers on a plane? zbdent Fri Aug-11-06 01:23 AM11
- North Korea Threatens Missle Attack On Guam and Hawaii taquinas101 Fri Oct-20-06 08:48 PM11
- Bush wants to have missles in Poland to protect us? mac2 Tue Nov-25-08 11:41 PM11
- no jobs, war, voluntary army? whattheidonot Sun Feb-28-10 07:25 AM11
- (#1 Bears. #2... Squirrels?) 3 children injured in squirrel attack near San Jose, CA IanDB1 Sun May-13-07 10:14 PM10
- SA submarine outwits Nato force bemildred Sat Sep-08-07 07:56 AM10
- Disabled spy satellite threatens Earth CGowen Wed Feb-13-08 12:42 PM10
- Violent Radicalization Act: Concern v. Hysteria boloboffin Thu Dec-20-07 12:22 AM10
- Deprogramming Jihadists groovedaddy Mon Dec-01-08 12:44 AM10
- Pakistan offers cease-fire to Taliban; agrees to impose Islamic law. Occam Bandage Sun Feb-22-09 04:44 PM10
- Cindy Sheehan will protest Iraq War at Martha's Vineyard next week Imperfect Wor... Wed Aug-19-09 06:55 PM10
- Russian military chief warns U.S. against striking Iran Kshasty Wed Apr-21-10 01:48 PM10
- Yet Another "DU this poll" Thread. Biden vs Cheney: The Smack Down. meowomon Mon Feb-15-10 01:19 PM10
- Maybe this is the straw that "broke the camel's back" and zbdent Tue Mar-30-10 11:14 AM10
- My brush with DHSs "Behavior Recognition Program" BobbyBoring Thu Sep-16-10 09:03 AM10
- Baluch rioting spreads in Pakistan bemildred Sun Sep-03-06 09:07 AM10
- Warning Against Wars Like Iraq and Afghanistan groovedaddy Tue Jul-19-11 02:11 AM10
- US reports slump in Baghdad killings nodular Sat Apr-07-07 05:17 PM9
- Radio Controlled Toys Serious Threat To Security Says NATO Official bemildred Mon May-07-07 04:01 AM9
- NASA to Search Files for UFO Incident Eugene Fri Oct-26-07 07:25 PM9
- Should there be a ban on the export of robotics technology to some countries? Boojatta Sun Nov-25-07 01:11 PM9
- Polish joke at airport leads to delays and arrest Algorem Fri Jan-11-08 09:38 PM9
- How to Handle a Chlorine Bomb (Chlorine is more hype than hurt) IanDB1 Sat Feb-24-07 03:32 PM9
- CASCADE TWP, MI. Suspicious package: Couple finds body parts shipped from China IanDB1 Sat Mar-03-07 02:06 PM9
- Clinton Fixed the VA System and Bush Broke It, Betraying Our GIs papau Sat Mar-10-07 10:17 AM9
- Chinese Sub Pops Up Undetected in U.S. Navy Exercise CGowen Sat Nov-10-07 03:10 PM9
- Osama bin Laden is like shards of glass buried in the sand. Renwiick Sat Sep-13-08 11:35 AM9
- Bush defends troop 'surge' decision nodular Sun Apr-01-07 12:49 PM9
- The Abu Graihb photos show just one side of the story. Boojatta Fri Oct-17-08 01:05 AM9
- Add Yemen to Obama's Unjust Wars kerrywins Fri Jan-08-10 08:09 AM9
- I launched lawsuit against CSIS and the RCMP... shockedcanadi... Thu Jul-14-11 06:14 AM9
- Why couldn't the US revoke Awlaki's citizenship like Saudi Arabia revoked bin Laden's? alp227 Thu Nov-03-11 09:22 PM9
- What would be the probable effect of a strike on Iran? tcaudilllg Thu Nov-03-11 08:15 PM9
- Riots as Somali minister killed Eugene Sat Jul-29-06 08:05 PM9
- Strategic-bombing backers are blind to history bemildred Tue Oct-31-06 07:48 PM9
- Bolton's Khrushchev Comment - Is Russia A Rogue Nation? taquinas101 Sun Oct-15-06 03:47 PM9
- Chile: The smoking gun, with ballistic tests and fingerprints WinterBybee Mon Dec-25-06 02:09 PM9
- Apparently, you aren't allowed to photograph on the Boston subways anymore IanDB1 Mon Jan-29-07 02:33 PM9
- Revisiting 9/11 Failures (Senators want report released) struggle4prog... Sat Feb-03-07 02:38 PM9
- Security? It is, at best, an illusion! MindandSoul Thu Jan-21-10 10:31 PM9
- Thousands of cattle quarantined in Swift Current, Saskatchewan, Canada-- ate prohibited feed IanDB1 Sun Mar-04-07 09:49 PM8
- Full list of terror plots claimed by Khalid Sheikh Mohammed struggle4prog... Thu Mar-15-07 09:41 PM8
- Has the Rate of Iraqi Deterioration Subsided for Now? nodular Sun Mar-18-07 05:15 PM8
- Why does anyone want to legalize torture? Boojatta Sun Nov-11-07 11:28 AM8
- U.S. Probes Banned Briefs Found at Gitmo Eugene Mon Nov-05-07 01:41 AM8
- Boston cops blow-up suspected "pedestrian counter" just in case IanDB1 Wed Feb-28-07 04:37 PM8
- Iraq chlorine bombs raise worries of U.S. attack (Reuters) Eugene Thu Mar-22-07 02:13 PM8
- Homeland Security office filled with feces IanDB1 Thu Mar-27-08 04:07 PM8
- Clinton, Obama, Afghanistan and YOU Goodnevil Thu May-22-08 01:43 PM8
- / OBAMA and the Military....& more..... LetsThink Mon Nov-03-08 11:39 PM8
- Bush Increased Number of Saudi Students in US Colleges to 10,000 doeriver Thu Jan-01-09 10:54 AM8
- Russian Subs Patrolling Off East Coast of U.S. groovedaddy Thu Aug-20-09 09:17 PM8
- New enemy gains on the Pentagon bemildred Sun Aug-08-10 05:48 AM8
- If you are flying in the USA's the deal: KeepItReal Tue Aug-15-06 06:28 AM8
- Why America lost the war on terror. realpolitik Sun May-17-09 11:19 AM8
- Why does Pakistan need F-16 S to fight Taliban? InfiniteThoug... Mon Oct-18-10 03:58 PM8
- DHS Mobile Lab To Test Terrorist Sensors on Citizens IanDB1 Thu Mar-08-07 05:56 PM7
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