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- The National Media List Has Moved Skinner Admin Started: Sep-15 02:56 PM0
- MinM Started: Jun-09 11:00 AM6
- MinM Started: May-03 02:42 PM1
- Is An ESPN Columnist Scamming People On The Internet? [UPDATE] MinM Started: May-01 09:13 PM2
- Victory! Mark Levin kicked off live radio in LA!! BanTheGOP Started: Jan-05 09:35 PM1
- jakeXT Started: Dec-08 08:18 AM1
- alp227 Started: Dec-06 08:18 PM4
- KGO revamp means Progressive Talk Weekends! alp227 Started: Dec-06 01:55 PM0
- Top 25 Censored 2012: Stories of 2010-2011 BridgeTheGap Started: Dec-01 01:41 PM3
- British Inquiry Is Told Hacking Is Worthy Tool groovedaddy Started: Nov-30 12:17 PM0
- Newspaper thief arrested harvey007 Started: Nov-29 05:49 PM0
- I just discovered Stacy Taylor on KGO, if you're wondering where he went. alp227 Started: Nov-27 10:13 PM4
- If one TEA Party member were pepper sprayed (and it wouldn't have been zbdent Started: Nov-21 12:25 PM5
- OWS - America's "WTP Moment" ... zbdent Started: Nov-21 08:24 AM0
- The corporate media spin goes on: "Michelle Obama Gets Unfriendly Welcome at NASCAR Race" zbdent Started: Nov-20 07:28 PM2
- Fox News Does it again! PurgedVoter Started: Nov-16 09:36 AM3
- groovedaddy Started: Nov-15 04:15 PM9
- Bachmann doesn't get as much air time as anybody else ... LIBERAL MEDIA BIAS zbdent Started: Nov-14 02:17 PM3
- Have you ever noticed how big brother like CNN is? Mosaic Started: Nov-14 09:00 AM2
- Adam Curtis - Medium And The Message BoredNow Started: Nov-10 08:50 PM0
- CNN mischaracterizes referendum DemocratAholi... Started: Nov-09 07:54 PM6
- Political Ad Spending Spurs Local TV Mergers groovedaddy Started: Nov-09 12:30 PM0
- Regarding Cain's "brother from another mother" comment ... wasn't there a bit of flak recently when zbdent Started: Nov-05 05:24 PM3
- So, Mr. Limbaugh ... what grade would you give zbdent Started: Nov-04 10:07 AM1
- Al Sharpton exchanged Comcast NBC merger support for TV show DemocratAholi... Started: Nov-03 06:54 PM17
- Jake Tapper grovels for GOP approval accusing Obama of "playing the victim" of GOP obstruction. Bill USA Started: Oct-31 05:14 PM5
- The "Jewish" Media: The Lie That Won't Die F. Baehr Started: Oct-30 07:06 AM6
- A Final Farewell to the Fairness Doctrine? Thaddeus Started: Oct-29 09:50 PM4
- What to do with a cell phone and unused minutes? Randypiper Started: Oct-29 12:53 PM5
- a "theme" I've noticed in the media interviews with some of the people zbdent Started: Oct-27 07:54 PM5
- "WAAAAAUGH! Fox News!!!" sakabatou Started: Oct-26 07:08 PM2
- Is South Park still funny? redqueen Started: Oct-24 11:41 AM16
- Even Fox "News" can get overly ridiculous in their news scrolls sakabatou Started: Oct-20 02:05 PM11
- Of course the MSM will ridicule OWS SHRED Started: Oct-17 07:52 AM0
- Clinton concert link bluedave Started: Oct-16 09:15 AM1
- Killer caption joker goes around Globe struggle4prog... Started: Oct-13 01:27 PM0
- Why is Rachel Maddow giving so little attention to Occupy Wall Street? Syrinx Started: Oct-13 04:41 AM2
- Washington Week's Ifill accuses Dems of engaging in "class warfare" with Obama jobs bill. JohnWxy Started: Oct-12 05:36 PM3
- Fuck the Huffington Post 12AngryBorneo... Started: Oct-11 09:04 AM13
- Thom Hartmann to be on Real Time with Bill Maher this Friday - so no WCPT live hour alp227 Started: Oct-11 01:53 AM0
- groovedaddy Started: Oct-10 11:42 AM0
- Italy wiretap law: Wikipedia hides pages in protest struggle4prog... Started: Oct-07 06:23 PM0
- 5 Corporations control the MSM ixion Started: Oct-05 05:47 PM7
- A matter of National Security? Really? cyberpj Started: Oct-05 09:42 AM1
- Andy Rooney Signs off 60 Minutes for the last time Renew Deal Started: Oct-03 09:54 AM0
- Recruiting Randi Rhodes & Mike Malloy for Current TV MariaS Started: Oct-01 12:13 PM7
- So what were the networks covering during the Wall Street Protests? alp227 Started: Sep-30 02:04 PM4
- BBC News interviews the wrong 'Guy' Renew Deal Started: Sep-30 09:44 AM5
- Manufacturing Consent (!?!) @ The Guardian mojowork_n Started: Sep-29 04:57 PM2
- In Small Towns, Gossip Moves to the Web, and Turns Vicious groovedaddy Started: Sep-20 11:08 AM8
- The War You Dont See (2010) polly7 Started: Sep-19 03:11 AM2
- What are you currently reading? RandySF Started: Sep-16 09:35 PM15
- Big Brothers Buy... Big Media {Charles & David Koch} mojowork_n Started: Sep-12 05:10 PM1
- Best news orgs? tcaudilllg Started: Sep-11 05:06 PM5
- Assange slams Western media as 'liars' ocpagu Started: Sep-09 10:07 PM8
- Nightline plays edited tape of Jim Hoffa Jr's speech distorting meaning ala Faux News Bill USA Started: Sep-09 04:42 PM4
- Petascale Humanities: Supercomputing Global News Media (predicting human behavior from news media) OKIsItJustMe Started: Sep-06 04:07 PM1
- Another Lost iPhone Prototype Britethorn Started: Sep-05 04:53 PM1
- John Stossel Tells EPA to Pack Up Shop GoLeft TV Started: Sep-05 03:31 PM2
- Media Strive to Cover 9/11 Without Seeming to Exploit a Tragedy groovedaddy Started: Sep-05 10:39 AM1
- The aftermath of what Glenn Beck calls a "blessing" SHRED Started: Sep-03 11:03 AM4
- "Breaking News: Todd in Extreme Storm in N. Carolina" Renew Deal Started: Aug-26 11:34 PM0
- World News Trust Seeks Volunteer Website Help Tace Started: Aug-25 07:26 AM1
- Is 'live' website new coverage going too far? "Live: Steve Jobs resigns as Apple CEO" muriel_volest... Started: Aug-25 03:55 AM5
- Liberal Facebook Users Claim Site Censorship is on the Rise drakonyx Started: Aug-17 02:23 PM6
- Ed Schultz Apologizes For Rick Perry Error: 'It Was A Mistake' Renew Deal Started: Aug-17 11:47 AM6
- jakeXT Started: Aug-16 04:40 AM4
- "Illegal Means Used to Carve Up Live Humans for Human Consumption" ProfessionalL... Started: Aug-14 06:31 PM1
- reminder of the F'ing disturbing We Are The Future video stuntcat Started: Aug-12 08:23 AM0
- We are so conditioned by our media in this country... underpants Started: Aug-09 05:58 PM1
- "Fill My Lonely Pew" (from Reefer Madness) Rabblevox Started: Aug-05 03:23 AM0
- So I needed some mindless diversion..."Beyond Valley Of The Dolls" fit the need. Rabblevox Started: Aug-05 01:17 AM6
- Whose god is it anyway? drakonyx Started: Aug-03 03:23 PM11
- Fair and Balanced, Meet Blunt and Candid drakonyx Started: Aug-02 04:33 PM3
- Independent grassroots' media professional-collaboration: Shoot! Bang! Kill, the film: patrice Started: Aug-01 10:21 PM0
- groovedaddy Started: Aug-01 11:41 AM3
- Movies for the coming insurrection. Rabblevox Started: Jul-31 06:11 PM8
- CBS ran a profile of Tea Party first-term Reps from South Carolina. What about the Progressives? alp227 Started: Jul-30 02:12 AM3
- Screw CNN: "Boomers to blame for debt crisis?" CurtEastPoint Started: Jul-29 08:14 PM16
- msnbc shake up mikeburetta Started: Jul-21 12:52 AM5
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