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- I hope you're happy, Hillary!!!! :-( [View All] Cathryn Thu Aug-07-08 06:37 PM65
- Country Founded on God [View All] Angry Dragon Sat Feb-13-10 04:47 PM41
- Would you vote for Obama again? [View All] javelin Tue May-19-09 02:33 PM39
- Obama is vulnerable on gun rights. [View All] SteveM Fri Oct-24-08 12:05 PM36
- Your Obama wants to raise the price of gas to $7/gallon [View All] YewNork Tue Aug-09-11 03:32 AM34
- This push poll calls Obama a PEDOPHILE who wants to KILL NEWBORNS. We can do something about it. [View All] MidwestTransp... Mon Sep-29-08 12:00 AM33
- Clinton Rejects Latest Michigan Delegate Compromise [View All] babylonsister Fri May-09-08 05:16 PM32
- Clinton Camp: It'll Be Better For Obama If She's Not Pressured Out [View All] babylonsister Tue May-20-08 06:01 PM28
- Obama takes break for bike ride (photo) [View All] DeepModem Mom Wed Jun-11-08 04:55 AM28
- "If the general election were held today, Obama would lose to McCain, McCain would lose to Clinton." [View All] DeepModem Mom Wed Jun-11-08 12:31 PM28
- Just heard from an ardent Republican from Long Island that Palin [View All] katmondoo Fri Jul-24-09 07:40 AM28
- "The people they are insulting today are the same people Obama needs in November." [View All] DeepModem Mom Mon Apr-07-08 04:35 PM27
- Men wanting their wives to wear Sarah Palin glasses!!! [View All] FLyellowdog Sun Sep-14-08 12:50 PM27
- WP op-ed: Disloyalty That Merits An Insult, by James Carville [View All] DeepModem Mom Wed Apr-02-08 05:18 PM25
- DU Females are you Torn between Obama and Clinton? Do you feel Dems have thrown us Under Bush/Bus? [View All] KoKo01 Sat May-31-08 01:01 AM25
- WOW! Will Clinton buy influence in PA? Obama refuses to pay street money [View All] babylonsister Sat Apr-12-08 12:03 PM25
- Penalty for not having insurance is too low [View All] YewNork Sun Apr-18-10 07:38 PM25
- Obama Campaign Calls For 50-50 Split Of Michigan Delegates [View All] babylonsister Fri Apr-04-08 11:22 PM24
- Its Started! DON'T LET THIS HAPPEN! [View All] raystorm7 Thu Jun-05-08 05:32 PM24
- Is Cindy Sheehan still running for Pelosi's seat? [View All] colorado thin... Thu Jul-17-08 11:28 PM24
- Are you happy with your representative and senators in Congress? [View All] JDPriestly Mon Aug-22-11 01:19 AM23
- How does One Change their Party Affiliation? [View All] RJ Connors Sun Nov-16-08 05:28 PM23
- 10 Reasons Not To Vote For Ron Paul [View All] Galraedia Sat Nov-19-11 11:13 AM23
- Who I am, why I'm here, stuff I hate, etc.: [View All] renegade2011 Wed Jul-27-11 04:17 PM23
- Can Clinton muscle to a VP nod? [View All] DeepModem Mom Sun May-25-08 10:50 PM23
- Ban divorce? Ballot effort gets OK to gather signatures (in California) [View All] question ever... Fri Nov-06-09 03:34 PM23
- If Trump got the GOP nomination, do you think that his fame would cause him to win? [View All] YewNork Sun Apr-10-11 11:24 PM23
- Thought Experiment: Who is the best REPUBLICAN candidate? [View All] Pterodactyl Sun Oct-02-11 09:57 AM22
- Losing your bearings; am I the only one who thinks that means [View All] babylonsister Fri May-09-08 06:24 PM21
- WP, E.J. Dionne: 'Look What They've Done to Her' [View All] DeepModem Mom Fri Jun-06-08 11:15 AM21
- [View All] DeepModem Mom Sat May-31-08 07:45 PM21
- [View All] babylonsister Sun Apr-06-08 11:19 PM20
- Liar, Liar, Panties on fire! Michele Bachmann Is Not a Doctor [View All] Lunabelle Mon Aug-22-11 03:39 PM20
- The Case for Obama Stepping Down [View All] Owlet Mon Nov-21-11 01:27 PM20
- Obama and Guns [View All] GDAEx2 Sat Jun-07-08 09:55 PM20
- That Outrageous, Delusional Clinton Speech [View All] babylonsister Wed Jun-04-08 10:40 PM20
- In This Forgotten Pennsylvania Town, Obama Can Forget About It DeepModem Mom Tue Apr-22-08 07:37 PM19
- Obama Takes a Victory Lap babylonsister Thu May-08-08 05:29 PM19
- Analysis: In West Virginia, Clinton crushes Obama across the board DeepModem Mom Wed May-14-08 01:59 PM19
- BREAKING: Edwards Endorses Obama, on msnbc now. nt babylonsister Thu May-15-08 09:10 AM19
- Dem Leader: No Obama-Clinton ticket babylonsister Mon Apr-21-08 06:45 PM18
- Hillary Doesn't Crack Double Digits After All babylonsister Wed Apr-23-08 03:47 PM18
- Clinton Puts Up A New Fight: Confronts Sexism On the Trail and Vows to Battle On DeepModem Mom Tue May-20-08 03:46 PM18
- Clinton Campaign Statement On RBC babylonsister Sun Jun-01-08 10:36 PM18
- Michelle Obama: She Dresses to Win DeepModem Mom Sun Jun-08-08 01:11 PM18
- Why Hillary won't fold (now): She and her campaign think Obama is doomed against McCain DeepModem Mom Mon Mar-31-08 10:15 PM17
- Obama will play 3-on-3 basketball to register Indiana voters DeepModem Mom Mon Mar-31-08 02:24 PM17
- Obama May Not Have Fully Contained Damage From Ex-Pastor DeepModem Mom Mon Apr-07-08 11:19 AM17
- For Obama, Another Blue-Collar Challenge DeepModem Mom Thu Jun-19-08 03:57 PM17
- "Obama campaigns for the dork vote" ...or... CNN & AP crop on Obama krkaufman Tue Jun-10-08 03:24 PM17
- World's Smallest Political Quiz - Bobbieo Mon Oct-26-09 11:41 PM17
- WP, pg1: Obama Overstates Kennedys' Role in Helping His Father DeepModem Mom Mon Mar-31-08 02:53 AM16
- Obama: Maybe I Don't Know Wright "As Well As I Thought" babylonsister Tue Apr-29-08 02:14 PM16
- Obama is Wounded, But Clinton Needs to Prove He Can't Win susankh4 Thu Apr-24-08 04:48 PM16
- Grumbling Clinton supporters make Democrats nervous DeepModem Mom Sun Jun-29-08 08:40 AM16
- Not shi**ing you ... an actual handmade McCain sign said "McCain Palan" zbdent Mon Oct-13-08 07:52 PM16
- One Million Tea Bag Faxes! Spread The Word! -- Was asked to post this - It is long Bobbieo Mon Jul-06-09 03:34 AM16
- Obama is shown saying the Lord's Prayer at Sen. Kennedy's funeral while Dubya keeps his mouth shut YewNork Mon Feb-01-10 07:34 AM16
- My staunch Republican neighbor tells me that one of the reasons he further dislikes health reform is YewNork Mon Jul-26-10 12:32 PM16
- If Mike Bloomberg runs in 2012 he will win nradisic Sat Mar-19-11 06:29 PM15
- Misogyny I Won't Miss DeepModem Mom Sat May-17-08 06:37 PM15
- Hillary is the ultimate hypocrite. bhal123 Fri May-09-08 09:56 AM15
- Hillary's New Strategy: Telling Local Media In Late-Voting States Obama Wants Race To End babylonsister Tue Apr-01-08 09:42 PM15
- ARGH! Clinton camp willing to go beyond June 3 babylonsister Fri May-09-08 03:14 PM15
- Another 'unfortunate coincidence' in WV (WVWV)??? babylonsister Sun May-11-08 08:41 PM15
- Four Florida Congress Members Who Backed Hillary Endorse Obama babylonsister Thu Jun-05-08 09:58 PM15
- Obama's path to presidency is far from clear: "Struggling to gain real ground against McCain" DeepModem Mom Sat Aug-09-08 12:56 AM15
- Michael Savage MLG Pro Sat Oct-11-08 02:32 AM15
- McCain cares about average people as much as any Republican does --- JohnWxy Wed Nov-12-08 11:51 AM15
- Split both GOP and Dem parties? Beavker Sat Apr-17-10 07:21 PM15
- dfgrbac Sat Feb-20-10 10:50 PM15
- So, here's the Republican strategy to repeal and (probably not) replace YewNork Thu Aug-12-10 10:47 AM15
- OKIsItJustMe Tue Jul-19-11 03:27 PM15
- The week the Public option died and how progressives still haven't learned their lesson. NodQuestion Sun Mar-13-11 09:16 PM15
- Richardson: I never promised Clintons (big dawg and carville lied?) babylonsister Fri Apr-04-08 08:09 AM14
- Ryan says it's not a "voucher" because the government would send the payment directly to the insurer YewNork Wed May-04-11 01:26 PM14
- Obama's handwriting on liberal questionnaire aides say he "never saw or approved" DeepModem Mom Mon Mar-31-08 06:34 PM14
- Clinton Likens Herself to 'Rocky' DeepModem Mom Wed Apr-02-08 07:40 PM14
- In multiracial Hawaii, Obama faced discrimination babylonsister Fri May-30-08 07:14 PM14
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