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- I don't understand, since Catholics don't use birth control.... YewNork Started: Feb-18 01:09 PM1
- Attention George Soros: Offer Ron Paul $20M to run as 3rd Party BanTheGOP Started: Jan-16 06:22 PM3
- Rick Santorum must be DESTROYED! BanTheGOP Started: Jan-06 05:31 PM4
- A Hopeless Legion of Loons Sheila Sample... Started: Dec-06 03:42 PM5
- Herman Cain's political moment Owlet Started: Dec-05 02:45 PM2
- LET THEM EAT HORSE! CarmanK Started: Dec-02 12:07 PM6
- Occupy Movement: Next Step Convergence status quo bu... Started: Dec-01 01:23 PM1
- Mr. Obama Vs GOP Armin-A Started: Nov-30 11:47 PM7
- AR-03 Race: Pass the popcorn! Horseman Started: Nov-30 08:06 AM6
- Remember the 90s, when allegations of Clinton's infidelity hit the "liberally-biased media" zbdent Started: Nov-28 05:54 PM4
- Whom does Rick Perry look like? pangaia Started: Nov-26 09:12 AM9
- New Low: Cain Uses His Cancer Survival for Political Gains Jay Raskin Started: Nov-24 11:49 AM5
- Cain Says He Will Take Dramatic 5-Minute Pause Before Making Any Decisions TheRepublican... Started: Nov-23 03:14 PM6
- Gingrich: Socialism on the brain Owlet Started: Nov-22 07:58 AM1
- Attention High Schoolers ... This Is Your Job On Newt (Tiffany) zbdent Started: Nov-21 11:46 AM0
- Let's just refer to Newt Gingrich as "Tiffany" zbdent Started: Nov-21 08:02 AM5
- The Case for Obama Stepping Down [View All] Owlet Started: Nov-21 07:56 AM20
- What is going to happen when the Tea Party returns next year? razorman Started: Nov-17 12:58 PM7
- Iowa Governor Blasts Romney Owlet Started: Nov-17 07:00 AM2
- Newt: "I pity the fool" Owlet Started: Nov-16 10:17 AM1
- Perry vows real change if elected FedUp_Queer Started: Nov-14 11:47 PM4
- Don't think twice, it's all right. (Regarding Herman Cain) vixengrl Started: Nov-13 10:17 PM0
- I can't wait for the next Republican "debate" when... Viva_Daddy Started: Nov-13 04:44 PM1
- News Flash ... Rick Perry tells the truth! zbdent Started: Nov-10 03:07 PM2
- I agree with Romney on one thing ... zbdent Started: Nov-10 10:04 AM0
- Remember, re Cain's "inappropriateness" ... zbdent Started: Nov-09 11:19 AM7
- NO SEX IN OLE MISSISSIPPI THIS WEEK END!! CarmanK Started: Nov-04 08:14 AM4
- OWS WINTER: greenhouse tents (clear plastic) for warmth? sam11111 Started: Nov-01 11:50 AM12
- OWS - Pizza is so pricey - better to have canned food delivrd from NYC grocer? sam11111 Started: Oct-29 03:40 PM6
- FL to succumb to the lure of big bucks, CHINESE BUCKS!! CarmanK Started: Oct-29 03:40 PM4
- Santorum's Contrary View of Contraception a Tea Party Ploy drakonyx Started: Oct-20 02:17 PM4
- Cain Just the Latest in a Long Line of American Demagogues drakonyx Started: Oct-17 03:23 PM4
- New Hampshire Threatens December Primary Owlet Started: Oct-12 05:17 PM4
- 10 Reasons Not To Vote For Ron Paul [View All] Galraedia Started: Oct-09 11:18 PM23
- Mormonism Isn't the Issue; It's All About Money and Power drakonyx Started: Oct-09 04:28 AM2
- Straw Polls About as Sturdy as the First Little Pig's House drakonyx Started: Oct-09 12:22 AM0
- A $50 voucher + $100 in cash. Scuba Started: Oct-08 07:36 AM1
- Should politicians wear NASCAR-type uniforms? Owlet Started: Oct-08 07:14 AM5
- First Christie's out, Now Palin: What Are They Afraid of? drakonyx Started: Oct-06 12:34 AM5
- Koch Industries Iran Scandal - group calls for Congressional investigation kgrandia Started: Oct-05 09:53 AM5
- FDR set the GOALS for OCCUPY WALL STREET in 1941! CarmanK Started: Oct-01 03:34 PM5
- A Teabag-in-Cheek Look at the Republican Presidential Field drakonyx Started: Sep-30 12:26 AM1
- Which congressional districts are "in-play" 2012? (very serious question)... Rabblevox Started: Sep-29 03:40 PM1
- Republicans believe in Personal Responsibility? YewNork Started: Sep-23 08:03 PM5
- Modern School Started: Sep-22 11:56 PM2
- John Conyers & Donna Edwards push legislation to overturn Citizens United ruling canuckledragg... Started: Sep-21 03:13 PM4
- DADT is repealed this Tuesday, according to Chris Hayes! CarmanK Started: Sep-18 09:43 AM2
- Dinner with President Obama Owlet Started: Sep-16 07:57 AM4
- Activists Use Facebook to Turn Up the Heat on Tea Party drakonyx Started: Sep-16 02:24 AM1
- Rick Perry, Idiot or Greedy Idiot? Modern School Started: Sep-14 11:03 PM1
- To Sarah palin's death panels pmdsyr32 Started: Sep-13 04:19 PM2
- Bachmann Faces Hard Truth: It's Still a Man's World in GOP drakonyx Started: Sep-12 04:48 PM4
- Speeches and Action tkauf0310 Started: Sep-09 07:44 PM0
- When was the last moderate Republican ticket, 1976 or 1996? alp227 Started: Sep-08 03:38 PM13
- Happy Birthday, Bernie! connecticut y... Started: Sep-08 09:45 AM5
- Am I the only one??? disillusioned... Started: Sep-08 08:27 AM11
- NPR: Can Jon Huntsman Break Away From The Pack? OKIsItJustMe Started: Sep-01 05:46 PM7
- A Letter To My President That Politica... Started: Aug-29 10:44 AM1
- Tea Party Rage Dies OKIsItJustMe Started: Aug-27 04:30 PM10
- Huntsman 3rd party candidate? Owlet Started: Aug-25 07:10 AM3
- Handicapping the GOP Race: Romney Still the One to Beat drakonyx Started: Aug-24 01:37 PM3
- Dominionists Strike Back, But Their Denials Don't Ring True drakonyx Started: Aug-23 10:49 PM1
- Palin/Huntsman ticket? Owlet Started: Aug-23 06:55 AM6
- Study reveals cultural characteristics of the Tea Party movement OKIsItJustMe Started: Aug-22 10:55 AM13
- Huntsman a Voice Crying in the Vast Republican Wilderness drakonyx Started: Aug-22 01:07 AM4
- O'Donnell's Take on Morgan: 'Borderline Sexual Harassment' drakonyx Started: Aug-21 03:04 PM2
- Missed opportunity? Owlet Started: Aug-21 07:07 AM2
- Ride that DINO! Rick Perry's Evolution Hit Parade Continues drakonyx Started: Aug-21 04:51 AM0
- Are you happy with your representative and senators in Congress? [View All] JDPriestly Started: Aug-21 01:48 AM23
- Feingold to support Obama for president in 2012 Lunabelle Started: Aug-20 11:41 PM10
- Lunabelle Started: Aug-20 03:52 PM9
- Operation Chaos: Time to return the favor? artesman Started: Aug-19 01:11 PM6
- Liar, Liar, Panties on fire! Michele Bachmann Is Not a Doctor [View All] Lunabelle Started: Aug-18 02:24 PM20
- Are Michele Bachmann's Views About 'Christian Submission' Even More Extreme Than She's Letting On? Lunabelle Started: Aug-17 02:27 AM8
- Bachmann Won't Answer Gay Rights Question ... Pass the Hot Potatoes drakonyx Started: Aug-16 08:49 PM1
- Gays as Criminals: Perry's Skeletons Begin to Emerge drakonyx Started: Aug-15 12:33 PM2
- Dogmatic GOP Pushes Obama Right Back into his Element drakonyx Started: Aug-14 08:41 PM7
- With the addition of Rick Perry to the GOP Pres race, would it now be zbdent Started: Aug-12 08:38 PM0
- Bachmann's Loss in Latest Poll Could End Up as Perry's Gain drakonyx Started: Aug-11 03:47 PM8
- Impeach Obama? What Better Way to Cover Your Tracks drakonyx Started: Aug-09 12:23 PM6
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