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- In case you missed it: Why this is the last DU fund drive ever. Skinner Admin Tue Dec-06-11 08:35 PM8
- Star needed to stay for one year in the new subscription $5 would do it 2Design Mon Dec-05-11 03:02 PM0
- Star needed to stay for one year in the new subscription $5 would do it 2Design Tue Dec-06-11 08:34 PM7
- Rent check - landlord - completely ticked - 1st said it did not clear - no apology 2Design Wed Nov-30-11 10:59 AM7
- Missing my best phone friend - she has gone silent after a trip home 2Design Fri Dec-02-11 10:44 PM1
- Oh goodie, the beer is here! 47of74 Mon Nov-28-11 07:05 PM10
- The cats discover Coors Light 47of74 Mon Dec-05-11 08:32 AM16
- Santa Pissed Off After WikiLeaks Reveals Xmas List 47of74 Tue Nov-29-11 02:56 AM3
- To all the forever unanswered questions in ATA! A-Schwarzeneg... Sat Dec-10-11 10:19 PM4
- 178,296. A-Schwarzeneg... Wed Dec-14-11 05:34 AM3
- Valuable Thanksgiving meal preparation help.... from Curly abq e streete... Thu Nov-24-11 02:37 PM0
- Haven't been posting much and just noticed that some generous soul has gotten me a star abq e streete... Thu Nov-24-11 05:03 PM3
- A history lesson from The Beachboys (seriously) abq e streete... Fri Nov-25-11 04:48 AM2
- The Nobs Ahpook Tue Dec-06-11 07:51 PM0
- Teddy, talking porcupine, likes pumpkins. Akoto Thu Dec-08-11 08:11 PM3
- Gingrich the Newt alarimer Sun Dec-04-11 02:13 PM2
- Mindy McCready's son found in Arkansas alp227 Sun Dec-04-11 01:32 AM7
- alp227 Fri Dec-09-11 01:41 PM1
- Anyone in the Sav GA/HHI SC need a Thanksgiving Feast? alphafemale Thu Nov-24-11 08:35 PM3
- I'm going to have a four year old in my house Christmas morning!!!!! alphafemale Mon Nov-28-11 09:09 AM16
- Double dog dare - check out these sites and post your fav photo AmandaRuth Wed Dec-07-11 05:34 PM2
- It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood, mon..."5 signs your next door neighbor is growing weed" Amerigo Vespu... Fri Nov-25-11 02:29 PM1
- Chef Gordon Ramsay (Poll) [View All] Amerigo Vespu... Wed Nov-30-11 08:51 AM25
- PHOTO: "'s how they ROLL" UPDATE Amerigo Vespu... Mon Jul-30-12 06:16 PM5
- PHOTO: "Yes, I'd like an aisle seat, please. Non-'roo." Amerigo Vespu... Tue Nov-22-11 07:31 PM2
- Why don't Republican people get themselves spayed/neutered??? Amerigo Vespu... Fri Dec-09-11 12:17 PM3
- PHOTO: MiddleFingerMom was EXTREMELY offended by this library's STRICT, UNREASONABLE policies. Amerigo Vespu... Thu Dec-08-11 12:35 AM9
- Some motherf*ck*r at a Ventura ATM (500 miles south) took $500 out of my checking account yesterday Amerigo Vespu... Tue Dec-06-11 12:13 PM12
- PHOTO: Cubicle FLASHBACK! A former boss actually PULLED this shit on me once. Amerigo Vespu... Tue Nov-22-11 04:06 PM0
- Cardamom. What can you tell me about it? [View All] Amerigo Vespu... Wed Nov-30-11 07:42 PM26
- My FAVORITE new forum in DU3 is the "Does My Ass Look Big In These Pants Forum." Amerigo Vespu... Wed Dec-07-11 09:29 AM4
- PHOTO: MiddleFingerMom NEVER takes baloney on a date. So his dates are forced to bring their own... Amerigo Vespu... Mon Dec-05-11 12:54 AM2
- "Full Throttle Saloon" marathon today on TruTV... Amerigo Vespu... Fri Nov-25-11 01:49 PM0
- Source of my debit card fraud FOUND...PLEASE read this as a cautionary tale. Amerigo Vespu... Wed Dec-07-11 11:25 AM8
- PHOTO: "There's nothing like a lunchbox already packed and waiting." Amerigo Vespu... Sat Nov-26-11 11:49 AM0
- PHOTO: This shouldn't make TOO much of a mess in the oven...should it? Amerigo Vespu... Sat Nov-26-11 11:23 PM10
- Golden Corral's commercial for their Chocolate Wonderfall says "You can dip anything you want in it" Amerigo Vespu... Mon Dec-05-11 03:45 PM17
- PHOTO: What MiddleFingerMom liked MOST about his last job was the cutting-edge technology... Amerigo Vespu... Tue Nov-22-11 04:02 PM0
- VIDEO: Paul McCartney + Ronnie Wood - Get Back - o2 Arena, London, December 5, 2011 Amerigo Vespu... Wed Dec-07-11 10:16 AM0
- PHOTO: "Santa, I'd like some mice...a couple of birds..oh, and a ball of twine. Almost forgot that." Amerigo Vespu... Sat Dec-10-11 04:50 PM0
- PHOTO: I wish I had taken a look inside my computer BEFORE calling Geek Squad...could have saved $$$ Amerigo Vespu... Sun Nov-27-11 04:29 AM3
- You know, "DU3" is REALLY going to be "DU5" (how soon they forget those other two experiments) Amerigo Vespu... Sun Nov-27-11 08:03 PM1
- PHOTO: Santa's up on the chimney, but the "gifts" he's leaving were NOT on my list. Amerigo Vespu... Thu Dec-08-11 08:27 PM1
- PHOTO: Take a little branch, some snow, then add THIS little guy...and you have WINTER SQUEE! Amerigo Vespu... Tue Nov-29-11 12:54 PM7
- VID: You're FAMILIAR with the dreaded "guitar face," but howzabout "whistle face with bonus mullet?" Amerigo Vespu... Wed Dec-07-11 06:58 PM0
- PHOTO: "I don't always drink, but when I do, I prefer the toilet. Stay thirsty, my friends." Amerigo Vespu... Tue Nov-29-11 02:51 AM3
- Katy Perry's hosting SNL tonight. Might be fun, might really really really really really suck. Amerigo Vespu... Sun Dec-11-11 03:20 AM2
- PHOTO: "We're gonna need a bigger jar...OF TARTAR SAUCE!" Amerigo Vespu... Mon Nov-28-11 03:06 PM1
- Newt was RIGHT! Take a BATH, get a JOB, and YOU can buy a $277,500 Ferrari...just like Paris Hilton! Amerigo Vespu... Sat Nov-26-11 06:33 PM6
- PHOTO: MiddleFingerMom. Smooth? You betcha. And he knows that all begins with a smooth RIDE. Amerigo Vespu... Sat Dec-03-11 10:52 AM8
- PHOTO: So THAT'S how they make stuffing! Amerigo Vespu... Sat Nov-26-11 06:43 PM2
- "Jefferson Starship" on KQED with the guy who beat Mickey Thomas so badly he needed plastic surgery Amerigo Vespu... Sat Dec-10-11 10:19 PM0
- PHOTO: What should have been a pleasant Chicken McNuggets-eating experience goes horribly wrong Amerigo Vespu... Sat Dec-10-11 01:49 AM6
- PHOTO: Icon of kids everywhere "Barney" takes a moment to get toasted...nicely toasted. Amerigo Vespu... Fri Nov-25-11 11:44 AM1
- SURE, we're all under pressure these days. That's why I take time every day to go to my happy place. Amerigo Vespu... Mon Dec-05-11 11:31 AM0
- PHOTO: It's a NEW graywarrior sighting! The duck may be FREE, but the rampage CONTINUES. Amerigo Vespu... Sun Nov-27-11 03:02 PM1
- PHOTO: "Not now...BUSY! Come back later! Close door on way out." Amerigo Vespu... Sat Nov-26-11 12:58 PM2
- PHOTO: Pizza FAIL! (NO, it's not a Herman Cain thread...) Amerigo Vespu... Sat Nov-26-11 08:19 AM6
- PHOTO: Before cell phones & email, MiddleFingerMom snail mailed self-portraits to his girlfriends... Amerigo Vespu... Wed Dec-07-11 10:03 AM0
- PHOTO: Unless you can provide a LINK, I'm callin' FIRST on this "Duck Billed Platypus SQUEE" thread. Amerigo Vespu... Tue Nov-29-11 03:05 AM7
- WARNING! GRAPHIC PHOTO! The final scene of "The Shining," with a CAT in the Nicholson role. Amerigo Vespu... Sun Dec-04-11 05:55 PM4
- Here's something to be thankful for: You're NOT Hulk Hogan (financial settlement reached in divorce) Amerigo Vespu... Thu Nov-24-11 04:03 PM4
- PHOTO: A couple of years ago Karl Rove thought he had "THE math." No, CATS have "THE math." Amerigo Vespu... Thu Dec-08-11 11:46 PM1
- PHOTO: The recession continues to kick Batman's ASS as he dramatically "scales back"... Amerigo Vespu... Tue Nov-22-11 04:01 PM0
- PHOTO: "Oh, come ON, give me a BREAK...that doesn't look like me at ALL." Amerigo Vespu... Wed Nov-23-11 02:39 PM0
- Disco / Porn Star Andrea "More More More" True Dead At 68 Amerigo Vespu... Wed Nov-23-11 03:51 PM4
- Anyone else watching Spike-TV's All-Day Steven Seagal Thanksgiving Marathon? Amerigo Vespu... Thu Nov-24-11 11:24 PM3
- PHOTO: A Thanksgiving NIGHTMARE (WARNING: EXTREMELY GRAPHIC) Amerigo Vespu... Sat Nov-26-11 04:06 PM0
- OMFG! OMFG! Coming up on TruTV, an "all taser" edition of "Cops!" OMFG! OMFG! TUNE IN NOW! Amerigo Vespu... Thu Dec-08-11 08:49 PM0
- DIALUP WARNING...Pics from today's photoshoot at my client's Japanese restaurant. Anyone for SUSHI? [View All] Amerigo Vespu... Sun Nov-27-11 08:07 PM35
- PHOTO: HEY! One of the stuffed animals in this box appears to be BREATHING. Amerigo Vespu... Tue Nov-29-11 06:07 PM1
- Dear GOD, this bearded douchbag on the eHarmony commercials...women would actually DATE him? Amerigo Vespu... Wed Nov-30-11 12:52 AM7
- PHOTO: SEAL squee! (NOT the singer...actual SEALS). (and not Navy S.E.A.L.s, either). Amerigo Vespu... Tue Nov-29-11 11:58 PM2
- OK, OK, so you're "motoring." I'll GIVE you that. BUT...what's your price for flight? HUH? WHAT??? Amerigo Vespu... Sat Nov-26-11 06:58 PM3
- Guns N' Roses, Beastie Boys, Red Hot Chili Peppers chosen for R&R Hall of Fame [View All] Amerigo Vespu... Sat Dec-10-11 05:05 PM60
- PHOTO: It is probably WAY too early in the morning for THIS MUCH SQUEE. Amerigo Vespu... Wed Dec-07-11 05:04 PM4
- The sixty foot rule, and the 53 miles per hour rule. Learning a new job. amerikat Sat Dec-10-11 02:28 AM1
- Calling Graphic Artists... amyrose2712 Wed Nov-23-11 04:16 PM6
- Baby Gorn amyrose2712 Wed Nov-23-11 12:43 PM1
- I really need help with my soy candle business name.... (Poll) [View All] amyrose2712 Sat Dec-10-11 10:39 PM31
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