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- Rules for Starting Threads in the LBN Forum (updated 1/25/05) Skinner Admin Thu Aug-28-03 11:10 AM0
- Occupy Wall Street protesters shut down 'Law & Order: SVU' set depicting OWS [View All] RamboLiberal Sat Dec-10-11 02:08 AM192
- Postal cuts to slow delivery of first-class mail v [View All] dipsydoodle Wed Dec-07-11 07:18 PM186
- Paper Ballot Election Results Flip in UT After 'Recount' Finds Original Tally 'Extremely' Wrong [View All] BradBlog Mon Nov-28-11 10:56 PM184
- Elizabeth Warren Heckled By Tea Party Supporter [View All] meegbear Fri Dec-02-11 05:21 PM174
- Police body slam leaves grandpa bloody, unconscious at Wal-Mart [View All] Judi Lynn Sat Dec-03-11 10:02 AM169
- Unemployment rate falls to lowest since March 2009 [View All] dipsydoodle Mon Dec-05-11 04:03 PM154
- Occupy Wall Street Favor Fading [View All] Freddie Stubb... Mon Nov-28-11 01:41 PM150
- Police 'killed deaf cyclist with stun gun after he failed to obey instructions to stop' [View All] kpete Sun Nov-27-11 06:34 AM146
- Nancy Pelosi provides Newt Gingrich ethics report (1280 pages of the Ethics Committee report) [View All] kpete Tue Dec-20-11 04:06 PM144
- Bill would end overtime pay requirement for many more IT workers [View All] jayfish Mon Dec-05-11 12:18 PM135
- Obama decries inequality in speech previewing 2012 [View All] Playinghardba... Thu Dec-08-11 11:58 AM134
- Bradley Manning treatment in custody concerns MEPs [View All] alp227 Wed Nov-30-11 09:57 PM130
- STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday, November 30, 2011 [View All] Pale Blue Dot Thu Dec-01-11 08:34 AM125
- Paul Says No to Trump Debate [View All] Judi Lynn Sun Dec-04-11 10:49 PM124
- Kansas teen won't apologize to governor's office for Twitter post [View All] NeoConsSuck Tue Nov-29-11 05:27 PM123
- Police Stop Occupy Construction in Capital [View All] alp227 Tue Dec-06-11 03:00 PM123
- 4 children dead in Texas mass shooting [View All] Dennis Donova... Sat Dec-03-11 12:18 PM122
- D.E.A. Launders Mexican Profits of Drug Cartels [View All] alp227 Mon Dec-12-11 08:29 AM122
- Foreclosure fraud whistleblower found dead [View All] Newsjock Fri Dec-02-11 04:58 PM118
- STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday, December 1, 2011 [View All] Pale Blue Dot Thu Dec-01-11 05:47 PM111
- Ron Paul: Flawed policies helped lead to 9/11 [View All] alp227 Thu Nov-24-11 09:57 PM109
- Bernie Sanders Proposes A Constitutional Amendment To Overturn Citizens United [View All] Galraedia Sat Dec-10-11 09:31 AM106
- Obama agrees with Sebelius on decision to limit morning-after pill [View All] Freddie Stubb... Mon Dec-12-11 10:36 PM106
- BREAKING: Cain says he has been accused of having an affair [View All] brooklynite Wed Nov-30-11 09:35 AM105
- Report: Shoppers unfazed as man dies at Target [View All] IDemo Sun Nov-27-11 02:04 PM104
- [View All] brooklynite Wed Nov-30-11 05:23 PM104
- Obama lawyers: Citizens targeted if at war with US [View All] Synicus Maxim... Fri Dec-02-11 05:19 PM103
- 257 bears killed on first day of NJ hunt [View All] villager Thu Dec-08-11 12:44 AM101
- [View All] slipslidingaw... Sun Dec-04-11 08:28 AM101
- Dominique Strauss-Kahn may have been victim of a plot, writer claims [View All] alp227 Tue Nov-29-11 06:48 PM100
- STOCK MARKET WATCH, Monday, November 28, 2011 [View All] Pale Blue Dot Tue Nov-29-11 09:09 AM100
- Bachmann: Fallon song choice shows sexism, bias [View All] alp227 Sat Nov-26-11 06:58 PM97
- STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday, December 8, 2011 [View All] Pale Blue Dot Fri Dec-09-11 10:21 AM97
- Obama's Job Approval Drops Below Carter's [View All] Freddie Stubb... Thu Dec-01-11 12:48 AM94
- State: Mom who shot kids, self denied food stamps [View All] James48 Thu Dec-08-11 09:13 AM94
- STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday, November 25, 2011 [View All] Pale Blue Dot Fri Nov-25-11 05:45 PM92
- Islamic cleric bans women from touching bananas [View All] cosmicone Wed Dec-07-11 04:01 PM91
- Recall Walker Drive Surpassed Halfway Petition Signature Total [View All] James48 Mon Nov-28-11 11:47 AM91
- Clear Channel San Francisco Shuffles Talk Station Lineups (Green 960 shifts to Fox News) [View All] Newsjock Fri Dec-16-11 11:17 AM89
- STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday, November 29, 2011 [View All] Pale Blue Dot Tue Nov-29-11 05:09 PM88
- Payroll Tax Cuts Seen by Some Obama Allies as Undermining Social Security [View All] NeoConsSuck Mon Dec-05-11 08:10 PM86
- 85-year-old says she was strip searched at JFK [View All] Judi Lynn Tue Dec-06-11 03:07 AM85
- STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday, December 2, 2011 [View All] Pale Blue Dot Fri Dec-02-11 06:52 PM83
- Newt Gingrich Doubles Down, Says We Should Replace Janitors With Five Year Olds [View All] Galraedia Mon Dec-12-11 06:21 PM83
- [View All] Freddie Stubb... Thu Dec-08-11 08:26 PM82
- STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday, December 6, 2011 [View All] Pale Blue Dot Wed Dec-07-11 10:24 AM81
- STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday, November 23, 2011 [View All] Pale Blue Dot Thu Nov-24-11 09:56 AM80
- Firefighters let home burn over $75 fee -- again [View All] Lars77 Fri Dec-09-11 03:46 PM80
- Wis. GOP blasts plans for recall work near malls [View All] James48 Mon Nov-28-11 01:11 PM79
- [View All] krispos42 Wed Nov-30-11 05:41 PM79
- Gingrich calls Palestinians an "invented" people [View All] Bosonic Thu Dec-15-11 04:43 AM78
- Reuters: Herman Cain says "I am suspending my presidential campaign" [View All] Hissyspit Sun Dec-04-11 10:48 PM77
- San Jose's $100,000 pension club is rapidly growing [View All] alp227 Mon Dec-05-11 06:01 PM77
- STOCK MARKET WATCH, Monday, December 5, 2011 [View All] Pale Blue Dot Tue Dec-06-11 08:59 AM75
- Former President George W. Bush's library in Texas will feature steel from World Trade Center terror [View All] BlueStater Mon Nov-28-11 12:00 PM72
- Occupy SF to Open People's Reserve Credit Union [View All] Newsjock Sun Dec-04-11 08:33 AM70
- U.S. Rep. Justin Amash opposes defense authorization bill, calling it "anti-liberty" [View All] harvey007 Wed Nov-30-11 02:48 AM70
- Carrier IQ: Researcher Trevor Eckhart Outs Creepy, Hidden App Installed On Smartphones [View All] onehandle Thu Dec-01-11 02:16 PM67
- Apartheid row at Norwegian school after it segregates ethnic pupils [View All] Judi Lynn Tue Nov-29-11 05:00 AM67
- Ex-Countrywide Exec Blows The Lid Off The Systemic Fraud At The Company [View All] FarCenter Wed Dec-07-11 12:47 PM66
- STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday, December 9, 2011 [View All] Pale Blue Dot Fri Dec-09-11 10:59 PM64
- Rep. Barney Frank won't seek re-election [View All] villager Wed Nov-30-11 06:25 AM64
- Most Americans Say $150,000 Annual Income Makes You Rich (also, Walmart heirs $= Bottom 30%) [View All] onehandle Sun Dec-11-11 03:27 AM63
- Chavez says gold being flown back to Venezuela [View All] Judi Lynn Sun Nov-27-11 07:53 PM62
- STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday, December 7, 2011 [View All] Pale Blue Dot Wed Dec-07-11 02:38 PM60
- Iran military shoots down U.S. drone: state TV [View All] Bosonic Fri Dec-09-11 07:10 PM58
- Norway mass murder suspect insane, police say [View All] Eugene Thu Dec-01-11 05:45 PM57
- Newt Gingrich Pledges To Build Double Fence Along Entire Mexico Border [View All] Judi Lynn Sat Dec-03-11 10:15 PM57
- U.S. ban on horse slaughter lifted [View All] Freddie Stubb... Tue Nov-29-11 10:31 PM56
- Alabama red-faced as second foreign car boss held under immigration law [View All] Newsjock Sun Dec-04-11 02:17 AM55
- Teen Won't Be Punished for Anti-Brownback Tweet [View All] _eh Tue Nov-29-11 07:17 PM55
- IMPORTANT: If you don't know your DU password, UPDATE IT NOW [View All] EarlG Admin Sat Dec-10-11 10:44 PM54
- Kepler-22b: Earth-like planet confirmed [View All] Akoto Tue Dec-06-11 06:40 PM54
- Fed lent banks nearly $8 trillion during crisis, report shows [View All] Playinghardba... Thu Dec-01-11 01:59 PM54
- Inconsistencies found in protestor 'miscarriage' [View All] uppityperson Thu Nov-24-11 12:08 PM52
- Gillibrand backs bill to battle illegal gun sales [View All] SecularMotion Mon Dec-05-11 02:30 PM52
- Gas-Fracking Chemicals Detected in Wyoming Aquifer, EPA Says [View All] LiberalEsto Mon Dec-12-11 10:49 PM50
- Occupy Wall Street Hunger Strikes Begin as Occupy Portland Camp Shut Down by Police [View All] Hissyspit Wed Dec-07-11 06:42 PM49
- Farmers Contest Child-Labor Rules [View All] alp227 Mon Dec-05-11 10:15 PM49
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