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General Discussion
My Little Pony Fans Discuss the Impending War in Syria
Discussion started Fri Aug-30-13 06:57 PM by Leopolds Ghost
General Discussion
Matt Damon and Ben Affleck hosting fundraiser for Cory Booker
Discussion started Thu Aug-29-13 02:03 AM by No Elephants
General Discussion
You can't go home again.
Discussion started Wed Aug-28-13 03:22 PM by No Elephants
General Discussion
Was there ever any doubt?
Discussion started Wed Aug-28-13 03:13 PM by No Elephants
General Discussion
I am not an economist. I have never even played one on TV.
Discussion started Wed Aug-28-13 05:35 AM by No Elephants
General Discussion
Secretary of War, Secretary of (snort) Defense, Secretary of Peace.
Discussion started Tue Aug-27-13 11:06 PM by No Elephants
General Discussion
Wow. One of our candidates for Mayor said that he does not
Discussion started Mon Aug-26-13 12:15 AM by No Elephants
General Discussion
Help the Hungry. (Reprinted with permission.)
Discussion started Fri Aug-23-13 01:48 PM by No Elephants
General Discussion
Republicans: Crazy talk and more crazy talk
Discussion started Fri Aug-23-13 11:10 AM by No Elephants
General Discussion
Hey, DIA, where have you been all my life?
Discussion started Fri Aug-23-13 08:19 AM by No Elephants
General Discussion
Quote from barry Goldwater
Discussion started Fri Aug-23-13 01:43 AM by rpannier
General Discussion
Lord, I hope not!
Discussion started Thu Aug-22-13 06:08 PM by No Elephants
General Discussion
Center for Constitutional Rights speaks out about Manning.
Discussion started Wed Aug-21-13 04:01 PM by No Elephants
General Discussion
Discussion started Wed Aug-21-13 02:52 PM by Divine Discontent
General Discussion
Birth and the Presidency
Discussion started Mon Aug-19-13 07:22 PM by No Elephants
General Discussion
We've reached beyond the levels of stupidity
Discussion started Sat Aug-17-13 09:17 AM by rpannier
General Discussion
Obama admin, like Bush admin, refuses to prosecute banksters
Discussion started Fri Aug-16-13 09:26 AM by No Elephants
General Discussion
My laptop seems to be getting warmer than usual.
Discussion started Fri Aug-16-13 08:38 AM by No Elephants
General Discussion
A few posts back, I posted about economists.
Discussion started Thu Aug-15-13 05:33 AM by No Elephants
General Discussion
MSNBC seems to have hired Bob Shrum as a commentator.
Discussion started Mon Aug-12-13 04:30 PM by No Elephants
General Discussion
Snowden and the ACLU
Discussion started Sun Aug-11-13 03:22 AM by No Elephants
General Discussion
So, I've been watching C-Span.
Discussion started Sun Aug-11-13 02:52 AM by No Elephants
General Discussion
Raising the minimum wage is a very temporary bandaid.
Discussion started Sun Aug-11-13 01:59 AM by No Elephants
General Discussion
Unions, OSHA and Taft Hartley.
Discussion started Sat Aug-10-13 03:54 AM by No Elephants
General Discussion
Potato, potahto?
Discussion started Thu Aug-08-13 05:34 AM by No Elephants
General Discussion
Are you now, or have you ever been, a member of the Communist Party?
Discussion started Wed Aug-07-13 04:32 PM by No Elephants
General Discussion
I Would love to see the Whale Haters petitions.
Discussion started Wed Aug-07-13 10:01 AM by PurgedVoter
General Discussion
Udalls in government for 100 years
Discussion started Wed Aug-07-13 07:27 AM by No Elephants
General Discussion
ALEC turns 40 this week, Sadly, ALEC will never die of old age.
Discussion started Wed Aug-07-13 07:18 AM by No Elephants
General Discussion
Interview with Dr. Jill Stein re: Bradley Manning
Discussion started Wed Aug-07-13 07:16 AM by No Elephants
General Discussion
I did not even know about the first Russian revolution.
Discussion started Tue Aug-06-13 04:29 AM by No Elephants
General Discussion
If it's Christie v. Hillary in 2016, who do you think would win?
Discussion started Mon Aug-05-13 03:49 PM by No Elephants
General Discussion
Question I heard in my sleep.
Discussion started Mon Aug-05-13 11:19 AM by No Elephants
General Discussion
A random web search: Goddesses with a scale
Discussion started Mon Aug-05-13 03:14 AM by No Elephants
General Discussion
Everything that I had saved to Favorites vanished.
Discussion started Mon Aug-05-13 01:41 AM by No Elephants
General Discussion
free online courses, supposedly from some of the best universities
Discussion started Sat Aug-03-13 01:32 AM by No Elephants
General Discussion
Quick! Name Schumer's most recent act of courage.
Discussion started Fri Aug-02-13 09:36 AM by No Elephants
General Discussion
Do we really need our consciousness raised any more?
Discussion started Fri Aug-02-13 07:52 AM by No Elephants
General Discussion
Q. How can you tell a journalist apart from a media presence?
Discussion started Fri Aug-02-13 05:24 AM by No Elephants
General Discussion
Sweden's 'Hannibal Lecter' cleared of all charges
Discussion started Wed Jul-31-13 08:34 PM by rpannier
General Discussion
Eugene Robinson: We should thank Edward Snowden
Discussion started Wed Jul-31-13 10:34 AM by No Elephants
General Discussion
Breakdown of the Manning verdict
Discussion started Tue Jul-30-13 02:24 PM by No Elephants

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Latest Breaking News

Page 7

Sun Dec-18-11 05:39 AM
Russia oil rig capsizes off Sakhalin, dozens missing

Sun Dec-18-11 05:36 AM
Last US troops withdraw from Iraq

Sat Dec-17-11 06:22 AM
Philippines storm triggers deadly flash floods

Sat Dec-17-11 06:05 AM
Clashes continue on streets of Cairo

Sat Dec-17-11 05:58 AM
Health care law will let states tailor benefits

Sat Dec-17-11 05:51 AM
Fannie, Freddie Ex-Officials Are Accused of Fraud

Sat Dec-17-11 05:31 AM
3 dead, 2 wounded in Calif. office shooting

Sat Dec-17-11 05:25 AM
Senate reaches tentative payroll tax deal

Sat Dec-17-11 02:53 AM
Mississippi mayorís gay shop receipts force him to come out

Sat Dec-17-11 12:39 AM
Judge declines to give 'Barefoot Bandit' maximum sentence

Fri Dec-16-11 02:52 PM
State troopers clear Occupy tents from Olympia park

Fri Dec-16-11 01:51 PM
Traditional lightbulbs not going away ... yet

Fri Dec-16-11 01:46 PM
Source: Hurd provided drugs to other NFL players

Fri Dec-16-11 01:41 PM
McQueary: "Act was over" so I didn't go to cops

Fri Dec-16-11 08:26 AM
Tea party's Mark Meckler arrested on gun charge

Fri Dec-16-11 08:23 AM
Russia seizes radioactive sodium headed for Iran

Fri Dec-16-11 08:17 AM
Gunman opens fire outside Chinese Consulate in LA

Fri Dec-16-11 08:11 AM
Fitch downgrades world's top banks

Fri Dec-16-11 07:37 AM
Japan marks nuclear reactors milestone

Fri Dec-16-11 07:31 AM
Republican debate: Romney, Gingrich save fire for Obama

Fri Dec-16-11 07:23 AM
Democrats' tough choice: shut down government or swallow GOP's bills

Fri Dec-16-11 07:18 AM
Exclusive: Iran hijacked US drone, says Iranian engineer

Fri Dec-16-11 02:39 AM
Christopher Hitchens dies; Vanity Fair writer was a religious skeptic, master of contrarian essay

Thu Dec-15-11 05:29 PM
Chirac Gets Suspended Jail Term

Thu Dec-15-11 11:28 AM
Travel Site Pulls Ads From TLC's 'All American Muslim'

Wed Dec-14-11 03:58 PM
Govít auctions first Gulf of Mexico offshore tracts since Deepwater Horizon oil spill disaster

Wed Dec-14-11 03:51 PM
White House says no veto of defense bill

Tue Dec-13-11 08:03 AM
Four dead, two injured when JBLM helicopters crash

Tue Dec-13-11 01:47 AM
We Can't Afford To Hire Anyone Right Now,' Says Company With Massive Saltwater Aquarium In Lobby

Mon Dec-12-11 09:03 AM

Sun Dec-11-11 10:55 AM
Direct Link to Latest Breaking News at DU3 Inside. (thanks in advance)

Sat Dec-10-11 11:20 PM
Treatment for Blood Disease Is Gene Therapy Landmark

Sat Dec-10-11 11:12 PM
Free childcare would raise millions in tax on working mums, says thinktank

Sat Dec-10-11 11:09 PM
Court Reverses Conviction of Man Jailed for 19 Years in Rape and Murder

Sat Dec-10-11 11:07 PM
Western Canada views last lunar eclipse for 3 years

Sat Dec-10-11 11:06 PM
Taliban announce peace talks with Pakistan

Sat Dec-10-11 09:47 PM
Nick Clegg attacks David Cameron over European veto

Sat Dec-10-11 09:39 PM
UN climate conference approves landmark deal

Sat Dec-10-11 09:20 PM
Hundreds gather downtown to rally against cuts to government programs (Cleveland)

Sat Dec-10-11 09:18 PM
Truth about laughing prisoner who wanted to look her best to be shot

Sat Dec-10-11 08:20 PM
David Blunkett 'secretly accepted pay-off'

Sat Dec-10-11 06:12 PM
Pakistan says U.S. drones in its air space will be shot down

Sat Dec-10-11 04:24 PM
Gunmen try to assassinate head of Libyan army

Sat Dec-10-11 03:47 PM
Officials: Calif. Parents Asked Man to Beat Child

Sat Dec-10-11 02:17 PM
12 killed in Syria on Human Rights Day

Sat Dec-10-11 12:11 PM
Ex-Rep. Doolittle, caught up in Abramoff scandal, now a lobbyist

Sat Dec-10-11 12:04 PM
NRC panel: Nuke chief damages agency

Sat Dec-10-11 10:21 AM
Gunman fires on motorists, others at Hollywood intersection (vid at link)

Sat Dec-10-11 10:11 AM
Three women receive Nobel Peace Prize

Sat Dec-10-11 09:12 AM
Police sweep through Occupy Boston camp, arresting dozens; no injuries reported

Sat Dec-10-11 08:11 AM
NLRB Acting General Counsel announces close of Boeing case

Sat Dec-10-11 07:41 AM
President Obama presses GOP on consumer watchdog delay

Sat Dec-10-11 03:08 AM
Euro crisis: US General Martin Dempsey warns of unrest

Sat Dec-10-11 01:25 AM
Man set on fire by alleged white supremacists who attacked minorities: RCMP

Sat Dec-10-11 12:24 AM
Offshoring comes under bipartisan attack in Congress

Sat Dec-10-11 12:11 AM
Longer Standardized Tests Are Planned, Displeasing Some School Leaders (NY)

Sat Dec-10-11 12:10 AM
Syria crisis: Assad regime forces issue 72-hour deadline for end to protests in Homs

Sat Dec-10-11 12:09 AM
Terror suspect charged in 5 U.S. soldiers' deaths

Fri Dec-09-11 11:53 PM
Russian election: Moscow braced for fresh protests

Fri Dec-09-11 10:59 PM
Newt Gingrich Doubles Down, Says We Should Replace Janitors With Five Year Olds

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