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General Discussion
Dry eye surgery being heavily pushed by my local NEWS programs.
Discussion started Thu Nov-14-13 09:01 AM by No Elephants
General Discussion
Two interesting graphs
Discussion started Tue Nov-12-13 03:00 PM by Speck Tater
General Discussion
Why you want only unbleached, unbromated flour.
Discussion started Fri Nov-08-13 07:00 AM by No Elephants
General Discussion
Plagiarism, Biden, Obama and Paul.
Discussion started Fri Nov-08-13 01:50 AM by No Elephants
General Discussion
Lots of sharp differences between Republicans and Democrats.
Discussion started Fri Nov-08-13 01:19 AM by No Elephants
General Discussion
MSNBC ads promote fracking with "native" (aka stealth) ads.
Discussion started Fri Nov-08-13 12:29 AM by No Elephants
General Discussion
Boston Mayor just called for Walsh
Discussion started Tue Nov-05-13 09:17 PM by No Elephants
General Discussion
Self-Centered humans...
Discussion started Mon Nov-04-13 11:19 PM by Speck Tater
General Discussion
Oh, and by the way, the human race is doomed anyway.
Discussion started Sun Nov-03-13 12:03 PM by Speck Tater
General Discussion
Lawyers to earn higher legal aid fees for early guilty pleas
Discussion started Fri Nov-01-13 09:53 AM by rpannier
General Discussion
Major cuts to food stamps going effective today, All Saints Day.
Discussion started Fri Nov-01-13 08:30 AM by No Elephants
General Discussion
Today's Meditation
Discussion started Fri Nov-01-13 03:59 AM by No Elephants
General Discussion
Debbie Wasserman Schultz, head of the DNC, on Daily Show Wednesday
Discussion started Thu Oct-31-13 06:08 AM by No Elephants
General Discussion
Scary Jack O'Lantern
Discussion started Wed Oct-30-13 09:49 AM by No Elephants
General Discussion
What Joan Walsh actually wrote in Salon.
Discussion started Sat Oct-26-13 01:27 AM by No Elephants
General Discussion
Hurray! It's Friday.
Discussion started Fri Oct-25-13 04:49 AM by No Elephants
General Discussion
Write a letter for Private Manning.
Discussion started Wed Oct-23-13 12:24 PM by No Elephants
General Discussion
Connolly 41, Walsh 39. (Boston Mayor)
Discussion started Wed Oct-23-13 08:22 AM by No Elephants
General Discussion
Approval of congress at 40 year low.
Discussion started Wed Oct-23-13 07:42 AM by No Elephants
General Discussion
Half siblings separated 30 years ago in childhood reunited.
Discussion started Wed Oct-23-13 07:24 AM by No Elephants
General Discussion
More good news: Pope expels Bishop of Bling from diocese
Discussion started Wed Oct-23-13 07:21 AM by No Elephants
General Discussion
Capitol building dome to undergo $60 million, two year repair,
Discussion started Wed Oct-23-13 06:55 AM by No Elephants
General Discussion
The first rule of Fight Club is never talk about Fight Club.
Discussion started Wed Oct-23-13 06:35 AM by No Elephants
General Discussion
This is now the pinnacle of network journalism in the United States
Discussion started Wed Oct-23-13 06:23 AM by No Elephants
General Discussion
Public education privatizers join fight to cut Social Security
Discussion started Tue Oct-22-13 01:10 PM by No Elephants
General Discussion
Whistleblower Drake delivers award to Whistleblower Snowden.
Discussion started Tue Oct-22-13 08:57 AM by No Elephants
General Discussion
State Department Insider's first hand report.
Discussion started Tue Oct-22-13 08:50 AM by No Elephants
General Discussion
Video of Ted Cruz' daddy....also of Ted being anointed.
Discussion started Wed Oct-16-13 08:46 PM by madfloridian
General Discussion
"FISA Court not a rubber stamp," judge says
Discussion started Wed Oct-16-13 03:09 AM by No Elephants
General Discussion
Glenn Greenwald is leaving the Guardian for new media venture
Discussion started Wed Oct-16-13 02:42 AM by No Elephants
General Discussion
Let's see what's happened during this manufactured budget crisis
Discussion started Mon Oct-14-13 10:37 PM by No Elephants
General Discussion
For the children
Discussion started Mon Oct-14-13 02:59 AM by No Elephants
General Discussion
In case you were wondering (debt limit)
Discussion started Fri Oct-11-13 04:51 AM by No Elephants
General Discussion
I decided to ask DU3 for moral support
Discussion started Thu Oct-10-13 02:40 AM by Leopolds Ghost
General Discussion
Pete Seeger shall not be moved.
Discussion started Wed Oct-09-13 02:15 PM by No Elephants
General Discussion
Whatever you think of the woman who was shot in Washington DC,
Discussion started Wed Oct-09-13 07:08 AM by No Elephants
General Discussion
We heart liars and plutocrats. (Pardon the redundancy.)
Discussion started Wed Oct-09-13 04:59 AM by No Elephants

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Latest Breaking News

Page 5

Sat Dec-31-11 04:00 AM
US says Egypt agrees to stop raids on democracy groups

Sat Dec-31-11 03:57 AM
Iran denies test-firing long-range missiles in Gulf

Fri Dec-30-11 05:31 AM
NBC poll: Mitt Romney, Ron Paul neck-and-neck in Iowa; Newt Gingrich in 5th

Fri Dec-30-11 05:23 AM
Lawsuit seeks to get Gingrich on Va. ballot

Fri Dec-30-11 05:19 AM
Muslim leaders plan to boycott Bloomberg interfaith breakfast

Fri Dec-30-11 05:16 AM
'No chance' of 9/11 museum opening on time, New York mayor says

Fri Dec-30-11 05:13 AM
Occupy Boston activist's Twitter info subpoenaed

Fri Dec-30-11 05:10 AM
New Year's Eve security main focus for NYPD

Fri Dec-30-11 05:04 AM
Alert raised around Alaska volcano after likely 'single explosion'

Fri Dec-30-11 04:59 AM
Suu Kyi visits hundreds left homeless by Myanmar blast

Fri Dec-30-11 04:57 AM
Cyclone pummels eastern Indian coast, kills six

Fri Dec-30-11 04:55 AM
Source: Al Qaeda leader sends veteran jihadists to establish presence in Libya

Fri Dec-30-11 04:52 AM
North Korea tells world to 'expect no change'

Fri Dec-30-11 04:49 AM
Syrian activists urge mass rally amid observer visit

Fri Dec-30-11 04:46 AM
Russian nuclear submarine fire contained but not out

Fri Dec-30-11 04:44 AM
Jamaica People's National Party secures big poll win

Fri Dec-30-11 04:41 AM
Venezuela petrol tanker blaze kills 13 in Caracas

Fri Dec-30-11 04:38 AM
MSF names Somalia aid workers killed in Mogadishu

Fri Dec-30-11 04:28 AM
Hungary close to passing controversial central bank law

Thu Dec-29-11 09:39 PM
Bachmann campaign loses second key staffer

Thu Dec-29-11 05:40 PM
Strait of Hormuz: Threats exchanged, U.S. carrier tracked

Thu Dec-29-11 05:29 AM
Colorado becomes third state to ask DEA to reclassify pot

Thu Dec-29-11 05:20 AM
NJ educator videotaped boys in shower

Thu Dec-29-11 05:18 AM
Criminal charges mulled in BP rig blast: report

Thu Dec-29-11 05:14 AM
Occupy protests send GOP vote counting to secret location

Thu Dec-29-11 05:07 AM
Italy's Borrowing Rates Fall for 2nd Day Running

Thu Dec-29-11 05:05 AM
Michelle Bachmannís Iowa Chair Defects to Ron Paul

Thu Dec-29-11 04:59 AM
Demonstrators plan rally for jailed Russian opposition leader

Thu Dec-29-11 04:43 AM
North Korea hails Kim Jong-un as leader

Thu Dec-29-11 04:38 AM
Syria observers to visit Hama, Idlib and Deraa

Thu Dec-29-11 04:37 AM
Turkey air strike kills 23 near Kurdish village

Thu Dec-29-11 04:33 AM
Euro hits ten-year low versus yen on liquidity concerns

Thu Dec-29-11 04:30 AM
Wave damages anti-whaling boat in Southern Ocean

Thu Dec-29-11 04:27 AM
Seven 'kidnappers' killed in China's Xinjiang

Thu Dec-29-11 04:21 AM
Iranian Camp Ashraf exiles to begin leaving Iraq camp

Thu Dec-29-11 04:17 AM
Burma blast kills at least 17 in Rangoon

Wed Dec-28-11 04:00 AM
2 charged with filing false claims to get Indiana State Fair stage collapse money

Wed Dec-28-11 03:57 AM
Formal charges in Indiana girl's death to come Friday (GRAPHIC)

Wed Dec-28-11 03:47 AM
Gun sales at record levels, according to FBI background checks

Wed Dec-28-11 03:45 AM
U.S. decision on Yemen risks worsening violence

Wed Dec-28-11 03:40 AM
Doctors diagnose Argentinian president with thyroid cancer

Wed Dec-28-11 03:38 AM
Mourners fill snowy streets of Pyongyang for Kim Jong Il's funeral

Wed Dec-28-11 03:34 AM
Rights group accuses Syria of hiding detainees from monitors

Wed Dec-28-11 01:13 AM
Iran Threatens to Block Oil Shipments, as U.S. Prepares Sanctions

Tue Dec-27-11 07:30 AM
Sears Holding Closing 100 to 120 Stores

Tue Dec-27-11 03:55 AM
Sadrists call for new elections in Iraq

Tue Dec-27-11 03:41 AM
Syria unrest: Arab League monitors begin mission

Tue Dec-27-11 03:35 AM
Philippines flash floods death toll nears 1,500

Tue Dec-27-11 03:32 AM
Mexico rehab clinic food poisoning kills five

Tue Dec-27-11 03:29 AM
China gets approval for Afghanistan oil exploration bid

Tue Dec-27-11 03:23 AM
Japan set to ease arms export ban

Mon Dec-26-11 03:48 AM
Dozens die as Christmas Day bombings sweep Nigeria

Mon Dec-26-11 03:37 AM
'Anonymous' hackers hit US security firm Stratfor

Mon Dec-26-11 03:28 AM
Seven bodies with gunshot wounds found in Texas flat

Mon Dec-26-11 03:24 AM
China and Japan plan direct currency exchange agreement

Mon Dec-26-11 03:06 AM
Iraq interior ministry hit by suicide car bomber

Sun Dec-25-11 04:30 AM
Calif. soldier shot at his homecoming party

Sun Dec-25-11 04:24 AM
Libya marks 1st independence day in 42 years

Sun Dec-25-11 04:17 AM
Moscow protest: Thousands rally against Vladimir Putin

Sun Dec-25-11 04:11 AM
Haiti migrants found dead off Cuba's coast

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