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General Discussion
Flu season--a time when friction is healthy.
Discussion started Sat Jan-12-13 12:13 AM by No Elephants
General Discussion
Obama, Karzai agree: It's time to wind down war
Discussion started Fri Jan-11-13 11:21 PM by No Elephants
General Discussion
FAA to review of Boeing 787, but calls plane safe
Discussion started Fri Jan-11-13 10:54 PM by No Elephants
General Discussion
French forces take action against Mali Islamists
Discussion started Fri Jan-11-13 10:47 PM by No Elephants
General Discussion
Government tells all computer users to disable Java.
Discussion started Fri Jan-11-13 09:51 PM by No Elephants
General Discussion
Elementary Social Security.
Discussion started Fri Jan-11-13 03:26 PM by kentuck
General Discussion
Trail of Cheetos Leads to Store Robber
Discussion started Thu Jan-10-13 09:46 AM by formercia
Political Videos
TX woman having property taken by foreign company, eminent domain. (Video)
Discussion started Thu Jan-10-13 12:31 AM by madfloridian
General Discussion
Dean Baker: Paul Krugman for Treasury Secretary
Discussion started Wed Jan-09-13 12:26 PM by seafan
General Discussion
When did political parties become cult-like?
Discussion started Wed Jan-09-13 05:24 AM by No Elephants
General Discussion
Esquire writes about Michelle Rhee and the empire she built.
Discussion started Tue Jan-08-13 09:10 PM by madfloridian
General Discussion
I got a personal email from Hillary Clinton today!
Discussion started Tue Jan-08-13 03:19 PM by Contrary1
General Discussion
Dunning-Kruger effect
Discussion started Tue Jan-08-13 11:06 AM by formercia
General Discussion
Dishonest Chuck Toad
Discussion started Tue Jan-08-13 09:24 AM by No Elephants
General Discussion
Fed settles mortgage abuse with 10 banks
Discussion started Tue Jan-08-13 04:51 AM by No Elephants
General Discussion
Bird feeder sparks hope for future of U.S. economy
Discussion started Mon Jan-07-13 06:58 PM by formercia
General Discussion
If I post on a forum where nobody goes
Discussion started Mon Jan-07-13 11:34 AM by snooper2
General Discussion
Can haz prizon brake?
Discussion started Mon Jan-07-13 11:23 AM by No Elephants
General Discussion
Sharia law to require women to ride motorcyles "side saddle"
Discussion started Mon Jan-07-13 11:10 AM by No Elephants
General Discussion
Just so you know, I cannot bring myself to post on some of the
Discussion started Mon Jan-07-13 10:32 AM by No Elephants
General Discussion
Obama taps Hagel for Pentagon, Brennan for CIA
Discussion started Mon Jan-07-13 10:25 AM by No Elephants
General Discussion
Typical media propaganda bullshit
Discussion started Mon Jan-07-13 10:15 AM by No Elephants
General Discussion
Bank of America in $10B-plus mortgage settlement
Discussion started Mon Jan-07-13 10:06 AM by No Elephants
General Discussion
Massachusetts, meet your new Secretary of Education.
Discussion started Sun Jan-06-13 04:42 PM by madfloridian
General Discussion
Syrian president to give speech
Discussion started Sun Jan-06-13 05:25 AM by No Elephants
General Discussion
Spying on Americans, phase 2
Discussion started Sun Jan-06-13 05:10 AM by No Elephants
General Discussion
Obamas face protestors while vacationing in Hawaii
Discussion started Sun Jan-06-13 05:00 AM by No Elephants
General Discussion
Current's Distributors dropping Al Jazeera
Discussion started Sun Jan-06-13 04:13 AM by No Elephants
General Discussion
Republican Party seems as divided, angry as ever
Discussion started Sun Jan-06-13 03:50 AM by No Elephants
General Discussion
HAPPY New Year, emphasis on happy
Discussion started Sun Jan-06-13 03:30 AM by No Elephants
General Discussion
Emerging from the shadows: US covert drone strikes in 2012
Discussion started Sun Jan-06-13 02:34 AM by No Elephants
General Discussion
Obama Warns Debt Ceiling Fight Could Be ‘Catastrophic’
Discussion started Sun Jan-06-13 02:20 AM by No Elephants
General Discussion
Largest FEC fine ever, $375K, imposed on 2008 Obama campaign
Discussion started Sun Jan-06-13 12:21 AM by No Elephants
General Discussion
S&P 500 finishes at five-year high on economic data`
Discussion started Sat Jan-05-13 01:36 PM by No Elephants
General Discussion
Nebraska report favors new Keystone XL route
Discussion started Sat Jan-05-13 01:24 PM by No Elephants
General Discussion
Study shows hot chocolate tastes better in orange mugs.
Discussion started Sat Jan-05-13 01:11 PM by No Elephants
General Discussion
Israel's Netanyahu rival moots center-left alliance for
Discussion started Sat Jan-05-13 01:03 PM by No Elephants
General Discussion
Sweden honors WWII hero with commemoration day
Discussion started Sat Jan-05-13 10:35 AM by formercia
General Discussion
Current TV. How Gore had a chance for a revolution and failed.
Discussion started Sat Jan-05-13 12:13 AM by madfloridian
General Discussion
Barney Frank wants to fill upcoming Kerry vacancy
Discussion started Fri Jan-04-13 04:05 PM by No Elephants
General Discussion
Obama Golfing in Hawaii With Pal Arrested in Prostitution Sting
Discussion started Fri Jan-04-13 02:53 PM by No Elephants

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Latest Breaking News

Page 11

Wed Dec-07-11 06:38 AM
State: Mom who shot kids, self denied food stamps

Wed Dec-07-11 05:14 AM
Frozen Planet: controversial BBC climate change episode to air in America

Wed Dec-07-11 04:15 AM
Belgium swears in new government headed by Elio Di Rupo

Wed Dec-07-11 01:54 AM
Elian Gonzalez, Cuban Raft Survivor, Turns 18

Wed Dec-07-11 01:34 AM
Being President Is Tough but Usually Not Fatal, a Study Concludes

Wed Dec-07-11 12:24 AM
Decrease Increase Honduran journalist shot, killed outside her home

Wed Dec-07-11 12:16 AM
Take Back the Capitol protests at lawmakers' offices

Tue Dec-06-11 11:46 PM
With Florida Capitol no longer asking gun owners to secure firearms, Senate installs panic buttons

Tue Dec-06-11 10:58 PM
11th Circuit: Transgender Discrimination Is Sex-Based Discrimination

Tue Dec-06-11 10:53 PM
Woman immigrant in same-sex marriage won't be deported

Tue Dec-06-11 10:27 PM
Newt Gingrich surge prompts Mitt Romney reboot

Tue Dec-06-11 10:23 PM
Massachusetts to Allow Access to Romney Files

Tue Dec-06-11 09:43 PM
Singer-Songwriter Dobie Gray dies at 71

Tue Dec-06-11 09:18 PM
Republicans split on Democratic plan to extend payroll tax cut

Tue Dec-06-11 09:18 PM
House panel debates bill that would limit lawmakers’ stock trades

Tue Dec-06-11 08:29 PM
Woman told IRS she had 20 kids on same day

Tue Dec-06-11 08:14 PM
David Cameron threatens veto if EU treaty fails to protect City of London

Tue Dec-06-11 08:12 PM
Senate Republicans block Obama appeals court nominee

Tue Dec-06-11 07:16 PM
Japanese whalers get $28m in earthquake cash

Tue Dec-06-11 07:11 PM
Japanese Tests Find Radiation in Infant Food

Tue Dec-06-11 07:00 PM
U.S. Says Mexico Tortured American Suspect

Tue Dec-06-11 06:51 PM
Exile plan for liberty show near Havana worries U.S., Cuba

Tue Dec-06-11 06:26 PM
Cities With the Highest and Lowest Unemployment

Tue Dec-06-11 06:18 PM
Gasoline Gains on Speculation EU May Ban Iranian Crude Imports

Tue Dec-06-11 05:56 PM
Hispanic Caucus urges Senate to confirm Obama’s pick for El Salvador ambassador

Tue Dec-06-11 05:51 PM
Obama calls for tougher financial fraud penalties

Tue Dec-06-11 05:50 PM
Protesters sit in at Congressional offices

Tue Dec-06-11 05:13 PM
Woman filmed allegedly shouting racial abuse on tram will spend Christmas in prison

Tue Dec-06-11 04:40 PM
Obama decries inequality in speech previewing 2012

Tue Dec-06-11 04:37 PM
Mitt Romney turns down The Donald

Tue Dec-06-11 04:29 PM
Gingrich fighting massive debt racked up in campaign’s extravagant early days

Tue Dec-06-11 03:56 PM
U.S. to Use Foreign Aid to Promote Gay Rights Abroad

Tue Dec-06-11 03:15 PM
Real cost of gas at Afghan bases: $400/gal.

Tue Dec-06-11 03:02 PM
22 DPS schools to be open over holiday break

Tue Dec-06-11 02:31 PM
Wall Street protesters to occupy foreclosed homes

Tue Dec-06-11 02:13 PM
Gingrich 37%, Romney 22% Among GOP Voters Nationwide

Tue Dec-06-11 02:01 PM
'Take Back the Capitol' protesters at National Mall

Tue Dec-06-11 01:16 PM
Many Workers in Public Sector Retiring Sooner

Tue Dec-06-11 01:15 PM
Large-Scale Killings Reported in Restive Syria City

Tue Dec-06-11 01:14 PM
(CA) High-speed rail would fail in new vote, poll finds

Tue Dec-06-11 01:13 PM
(CA) Gov. Brown presents tax hike proposal to voters

Tue Dec-06-11 12:44 PM
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Tue Dec-06-11 12:38 PM
3rd accuser of Syracuse coach admits to abusing teen

Tue Dec-06-11 12:37 PM
Ex-Players Suing N.F.L Over Use of Painkiller

Tue Dec-06-11 12:10 PM
Schurick guilty of election fraud in robocall case (Md)

Tue Dec-06-11 11:56 AM
Leveson inquiry: Guardian journalist justifies hacking if in the public interest

Tue Dec-06-11 11:53 AM
Radical eurozone shakeup could see countries stripped of voting rights

Tue Dec-06-11 11:51 AM
Bank of America settles mortgage suit for $315 million

Tue Dec-06-11 11:51 AM
Tiny Tax on Financial Trades Gains Advocates

Tue Dec-06-11 11:50 AM
S&P says EFSF could be downgraded

Tue Dec-06-11 11:47 AM
White House threatens to veto GOP bill requiring Congressional approval of certain regulations

Tue Dec-06-11 11:34 AM
Obama Issues Memorandum Directing Government Action on International LGBT Issues

Tue Dec-06-11 11:31 AM
$210 million settlement in Upper Big Branch mine explosion

Tue Dec-06-11 11:29 AM
Gingrich courts K Street (Politico)

Tue Dec-06-11 11:27 AM
Amanda Knox seeks book deal to tell murder trial story

Tue Dec-06-11 11:26 AM
Montco Commissioner Lied About Stake in Company: DA

Tue Dec-06-11 11:11 AM
Chicago attorney accused of sexually inappropriate behavior in workplace faces state sanctions

Tue Dec-06-11 11:02 AM
Lady Gaga to Discuss Anti-Bullying at White House

Tue Dec-06-11 09:44 AM
257 bears killed on first day of NJ hunt

Tue Dec-06-11 09:26 AM
Dan Quayle to endorse Romney for nomination

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