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Latest Breaking News
DU 2 Still Exists
Discussion started Tue Aug-04-15 07:02 PM by NRaleighLiberal
General Discussion: Presidency
Hillary Clinton's Glass-Steagall
Discussion started Wed Jul-15-15 12:13 AM by rpannier
General Discussion: Presidency
Who should Sanders choose for VP? (Poll)
Discussion started Sat Jun-06-15 10:54 AM by No Elephants
General Discussion: Presidency
Donated to Sanders
Discussion started Fri Jun-05-15 05:44 AM by rpannier
General Discussion: Presidency
President Bernie Fucking Sanders, Baby!!!
Discussion started Sun May-03-15 09:04 PM by NYC_SKP
Political Videos
Leonard Nimoy Tribute (1931 - 2015) (Video)
Discussion started Sat Feb-28-15 05:30 PM by Divine Discontent
Latest Breaking News
DU2 Death Greatly Exaggerated
Discussion started Sat Feb-28-15 05:21 PM by Divine Discontent
General Discussion
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all.
Discussion started Fri Dec-26-14 02:50 AM by rpannier
General Discussion
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, DU 2!
Discussion started Thu Dec-25-14 11:42 PM by NRaleighLiberal
General Discussion
Getting kinda lonely in these here parts.....
Discussion started Fri Dec-12-14 02:57 AM by AverageJoe90
General Discussion
is An error occurred during processing.
Discussion started Mon Dec-08-14 03:56 AM by rpannier
General Discussion
Would answer your posts but all I get
Discussion started Mon Dec-08-14 03:56 AM by rpannier
General Discussion
I'm not seeing any way to reply to posts. WTF Skinner?
Discussion started Mon Dec-08-14 12:11 AM by NYC_SKP
General Discussion
Check-in thread
Discussion started Sat Nov-29-14 02:10 AM by Leopolds Ghost
General Discussion
Can't find half the threads on DU2 :P
Discussion started Sat Nov-29-14 01:47 AM by Leopolds Ghost
General Discussion
Hi, anypony here at the moment? Also, where are the archives?
Discussion started Sat Nov-29-14 01:39 AM by Leopolds Ghost
General Discussion
To Quarantine Or Not
Discussion started Mon Oct-27-14 04:41 PM by Me.
General Discussion
Thoughtg on the Christian Identity Movement
Discussion started Mon Sep-29-14 08:34 PM by rpannier
General Discussion
Confront the voters with the truth.
Discussion started Mon Sep-29-14 03:47 PM by kentuck
General Discussion
DU3 Epic thread. "Restaurant Pet Peeves"
Discussion started Sun Sep-14-14 04:43 PM by NYC_SKP
General Discussion
Modern wage slavery
Discussion started Wed Sep-03-14 05:31 PM by kentuck
General Discussion
Once more we are slow walking towards war
Discussion started Wed Sep-03-14 12:26 PM by MadHound
General Discussion
Sean Hannity speaks lies and it's so obvious
Discussion started Fri Aug-29-14 02:52 AM by rpannier
General Discussion
Hello again old friend
Discussion started Thu Aug-28-14 12:19 PM by MadHound
General Discussion
Hello! hello? Anyone home?
Discussion started Thu Aug-21-14 12:55 AM by NRaleighLiberal
General Discussion
All heart and no cattle...
Discussion started Tue Jun-10-14 05:43 PM by kentuck
General Discussion
Snowden journalist set to make "biggest" disclosure yet
Discussion started Fri Jun-06-14 07:10 PM by Leopolds Ghost
General Discussion
Hi, No Elephants
Discussion started Fri Apr-25-14 01:06 AM by Leopolds Ghost
General Discussion
Sorry I've been Out Of Touch Lately.
Discussion started Fri Apr-25-14 01:01 AM by Leopolds Ghost
General Discussion
Impeachment is the only cure for the Supreme Court
Discussion started Thu Apr-17-14 08:42 PM by PurgedVoter
General Discussion
Mulayam Singh Yadav: Boys err at times, wrong to hang rapists
Discussion started Sat Apr-12-14 06:16 AM by rpannier
General Discussion
Did "NoElephants" pass away??
Discussion started Sun Mar-23-14 09:45 AM by kentuck
General Discussion
Could the next British election be the Lib Dems swan song?
Discussion started Sat Mar-08-14 07:11 PM by rpannier
General Discussion
A Giant Union Is Planning to Protest the Oscars
Discussion started Sun Mar-02-14 09:44 PM by rpannier
General Discussion
Happy Valentines Day, old friends!
Discussion started Fri Feb-14-14 05:13 PM by Zorra
General Discussion
A short-lived icon of Virginia Politics passed away
Discussion started Fri Feb-14-14 07:57 AM by rpannier
General Discussion
Former MLB Manager Jim Fregosi removed from life support
Discussion started Fri Feb-14-14 01:45 AM by rpannier
General Discussion
NEVER trust government. nt
Discussion started Tue Feb-11-14 09:21 AM by No Elephants
General Discussion
Shirley Temple-talented phenom and more, gone at 86
Discussion started Tue Feb-11-14 07:54 AM by No Elephants
General Discussion
Another kind of Cold War
Discussion started Mon Feb-10-14 05:30 AM by No Elephants
General Discussion
I'm Gay (Michael Sam)
Discussion started Sun Feb-09-14 08:29 PM by rpannier
General Discussion
Federal government will recognize same gender marriage.
Discussion started Sun Feb-09-14 06:20 AM by No Elephants
General Discussion
Forbes' World's Most Powerful Man-Putin
Discussion started Sat Feb-08-14 01:52 AM by No Elephants
General Discussion
Watching the National Prayer Breakfast.
Discussion started Fri Feb-07-14 12:25 AM by No Elephants
General Discussion
What I have heard of the Congressional hearings so far is depressing
Discussion started Thu Feb-06-14 09:50 PM by No Elephants
General Discussion
Discussion started Thu Feb-06-14 05:38 AM by No Elephants
General Discussion
Remember Senator Blanche Lincoln (Ark-D)?
Discussion started Thu Feb-06-14 04:53 AM by No Elephants

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Leonard Nimoy Tribute (1931 - 2015)
05:30 PM by Divine Discontent

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Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer - 1964 Special
01:06 AM by Divine Discontent

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(Leaked Teaser) - I Am Bradley Manning
05:52 AM by Divine Discontent

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Latest Breaking News

Page 1

Tue Aug-04-15 07:02 PM
DU 2 Still Exists

Mon Mar-30-15 04:19 AM
Breaking News Divine Discontent may not be the only DUer with a sense of humor.

Sat Feb-28-15 05:21 PM
DU2 Death Greatly Exaggerated

Fri Dec-07-12 11:45 PM
Charlie Crist signs papers to become a Democrat

Sun Oct-14-12 04:23 PM
TB surge: CDC asked state to tell public (Florida)

Fri Sep-21-12 11:56 PM
Republican Party of Florida works to remove state Supreme Court justices

Wed Aug-22-12 03:31 PM
Gov. Rick Scott pressures Florida Keys elections chief on early voting

Sat Aug-11-12 12:31 AM
Mitt Romney Set To Pick Paul Ryan As Running Mate

Fri Aug-10-12 12:35 AM
U.S. Justice Department demands voter-purge information from Florida counties

Tue Jul-31-12 11:23 PM
Florida Education Commissioner Gerard Robinson resigns

Tue Jul-31-12 04:27 PM
U.S. Justice Department says Florida's voter purge violates federal law

Wed Jul-18-12 10:36 AM
Investigation Reveals Culture of Systemic Abuse and Neglect at Bain-Owned Treatment Centers

Thu Jul-12-12 09:33 AM
150 Abington physicians decry plan to stop abortions

Wed Jun-27-12 06:52 PM

Tue Jun-26-12 12:52 PM
Federal court upholds EPA’s climate change regulations

Wed Jun-06-12 10:44 PM
FL Gov Rick Scott refuses federal demand to stop hunting for potential noncitizen voters

Tue Jun-05-12 09:07 PM
Florida Gov Rick Scott looks ready for fight with DOJ over voter purge

Sun Jun-03-12 12:07 AM
Florida voter purge gets pushback from elections supervisors, U.S. Justice

Thu May-31-12 01:45 PM
Federal appeals court rules Defense of Marriage Act unconstitutional

Mon May-28-12 03:41 PM
FL Wetlands expert suspended by Rick Scott's DEP after she refuses to approve permit

Fri May-25-12 10:21 PM
FCAT scores at Pinellas charter school that used Scientology 'study tech' are among lowest in Tampa

Thu May-24-12 03:43 PM
Jeb Bush to arrive today on three-day visit: MOFA (Taiwan)

Wed May-23-12 10:17 PM
Patrick Fitzgerald Resigns as U. S. Attorney

Tue May-22-12 11:38 AM
Double trouble at JP Morgan: trader's losses could exceed $7bn

Tue May-22-12 11:07 AM
Florida's former governor Jeb Bush meets Singapore PM Lee Hsien Loong

Tue May-01-12 01:06 PM
Bobby Thompson, fugitive from Navy Vets charity, caught on West Coast

Fri Apr-27-12 10:07 PM
FEC fines Marco Rubio $8,000

Thu Apr-26-12 12:21 AM
Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant: Left's mission is to 'kill children in the womb'

Wed Apr-25-12 05:43 PM
Report details financial mismanagement at USF Poly

Wed Apr-25-12 04:13 AM
Federal agency, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, says transgender people protected

Mon Apr-23-12 11:27 AM
Neighborhood watch shooter released from Fla. jail (at midnight)

Fri Apr-20-12 09:17 PM
Gov Rick Scott approves bill creating Florida Polytechnic University

Fri Apr-20-12 08:55 AM
Fla. judge to decide if Zimmerman can leave jail (April 20)

Tue Apr-10-12 04:18 PM
Rick Santorum suspends presidential campaign (dropping a load edition)

Wed Mar-21-12 10:22 PM
Trayvon Martin: New details in George Zimmerman domestic-violence petitions

Fri Mar-16-12 11:54 PM
Jury Finds Spying in Rutgers Dorm Was a Hate Crime

Fri Mar-09-12 02:37 PM
Florida Senate kills parent trigger bill

Fri Mar-09-12 11:02 AM
Florida Supreme Court tosses proposed Senate (redistricting) maps

Wed Mar-07-12 03:52 PM
Judge rules Florida pension changes unconstitutional

Tue Mar-06-12 01:28 PM
Republican Purity Pledge Rejected By South Carolina GOP

Tue Mar-06-12 12:42 AM
Judge strips Righthaven of rights to 278 copyrights and its trademark

Sat Mar-03-12 12:49 PM
U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio urges Florida Ethics Commission to toss complaint against him

Wed Feb-29-12 11:16 AM
North Korea agrees to halt nuclear activities for food

Wed Feb-29-12 10:00 AM
James Murdoch Steps Down As Executive Chairman Of News International

Thu Feb-16-12 11:12 PM
Gary Carter Dead: MLB Hall Of Famer Dies At 57

Thu Feb-16-12 11:07 PM
Pat Buchanan, MSNBC Part Ways: Network Drops Conservative Commentator 4 Months After Suspending Him

Thu Feb-16-12 06:38 AM
#OccupyLA Artist Hit by Car in Beverly Hills

Mon Feb-13-12 08:51 AM
Israel accuses Iran of bombings in India, Georgia

Mon Feb-13-12 08:43 AM
Arrest after Amsterdam airport evacuated

Sat Feb-11-12 08:56 PM
Whitney Houston dead @ 48

Sat Feb-11-12 09:57 AM
Horror escalates in Syria as U.N. tries again to reach resolution

Thu Feb-09-12 11:24 PM
Rep. Bachus faces insider-trading investigation

Thu Feb-09-12 03:42 PM
Postal Service pleads for help as losses continue

Thu Feb-09-12 03:31 PM
U.S. seals mortgage settlement with top banks

Thu Feb-09-12 03:03 PM
First new nuclear reactors OK'd in over 30 years

Thu Feb-09-12 02:15 PM
Bill renames Gulf of Mexico as Gulf of America

Wed Feb-08-12 09:39 PM
Washington state legislature votes to approve same-sex marriage

Wed Feb-08-12 07:12 PM
Court Says Stanford Student On ‘No-Fly List’ Can Sue Homeland Security

Wed Feb-08-12 07:31 AM
Santorum surges with 3-state sweep

Wed Feb-08-12 07:16 AM
U.S. appeals court rules Prop. 8 unconstitutional (story)

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