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I registered, but I can't login. What is the problem?
    Your browser must be set to allow cookies, otherwise our server will not recognize you when you try to login.

    Occasionally you can get a corrupted cookie set on your computer. If this happens, you will be accepted when you try and login, but nothing will change and you'll still be logged out once you try and post.

    If this happens, you must delete the bad cookie so a new one can be set by our server.

    In Netscape 6.0 and higher, Mozilla, and other Mozilla-based browsers, go to Edit->Preferences, select "Privacy and Security," Select "Cookies." On the right, there will be a button labelled "Manage Stored Cookies," click this button. Scroll through the list until you find cookies from, select these cookies, and delete them.

    For Internet Explorer, go to Tools->Internet Options, you can either then click the button labelled "Delete cookies" (on some version it may be different, such as "Delete files", or on some versions this button may not exist), or you can click on the button in the middle row that says "Settings." Once you click on the Settings button, there should be a button labelled "View Files." If you click this button, you can browse your list of cookies, and then select and delete all cookies from

    Once you delete the bad cookie, you should be able to login again.

    If you still need help, send an email to
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