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Some forum features are currently unavailable (Level 4) (Oct 20th 2016)
    You may have noticed that some features of Democratic Underground are currently not working. This is intentional and a result of the website experiencing an unusually high level of traffic currently.

    Democratic Underground has dozens of features that we've programmed into our software over the years that, while important, are considered extras because they are not required for DU to run smoothly. We are very proud of all these extra features we provide to our members, but when our servers get backed up with heavy traffic we have to make difficult decisions and progressively turn off certain extra features to reduce the stress on our servers. The alternative is a DU that is very difficult at best to navigate due to overwhelmed servers slowing everything down.

    These features will only remain turned off temporarily until our traffic dies back down to a normal level. Currently, we are on Level 4. The features that are turned off at Level 4 are the following:

    * Advanced search
    * Hide thread feature
    * Signature lines
    * Avatars
    * RSS/XML feed for Latest Breaking News
    * Forum hiding on the Latest page
    * Expanded threads mode
    * Ignoring new threads by author
    * Simple search
    * Icons
    * Polls
    * Ability to go to Latest page as default
    * Ignoring individual posts by author
    * Many misc. display-related features

    Again, we apologize for having to do this, but it is necessary and much better than the alternative.

    Thank you for your understanding and patience,
    The DU Administrators
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