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"Moments after the last drop of oil is pumped from the ground..."

Palin sees room for more White House candidates

There's something freaky going on at the Parliment building in Kabul.

You See... Social Security Has ALWAYS Been With Us...

You See... Social Security Has ALWAYS Been With Us...

Above The Law - USA (3 Sep 11)

Federal HIV/AIDS Money Spent On Opening Strip Club

Conservatives Claim Al Sharpton’s New MSNBC Show Is Racist

CraigsList Is Going More Corporate........

Deficit plans and jobs plans are opposite agendas and are conflicting directions.

Shark fin ban in California clears key Senate vote

Putting Corporate Tax Dodging on the Table

Internet can destroy Communist control over China, party supporters fear

Great LTE in Oklahoma paper: Tea Party carries water for the super rich

My Rant Of Yesterday In Response To My Friend That's Reading A Book About 9/11 & Considering Voting.

ProgressOhio Statement on Private Prisons Lawsuit TRO Decision

Disappearance of glacial river stuns B.C. hikers

Fukushima Blows Lid Off Exploited Labour

Quick Things To Bring Manufacturing Jobs Home

Germany Lifts DOOM Ban After 17 Years

Germany Lifts DOOM Ban After 17 Years

Inside the Fukushima exclusion zone - photography project

19.40 - 4th fastest time in history

Cryptic FB status

Executive Pay and the Great Tax Dodge

Three CPS schools break from union, OK longer school day

Angela Merkel's CDU Faces Another Election Setback

MI Dem resigning from office to join Michelle Rhee's organization

Robert Fisk: For 10 years, we've lied to ourselves to avoid asking the one real question

Keystone XL/tar sands pipline has it's own url at us dept of state - with lots of info:

Jobs: A grand bargain

Tell me it isn't true. Weiner is about to be replaced by a tea partier??

National Resources Defense Council: White House sides with polluters over the American people

All I can say is that I hope that Obama surprises and goes bold on a jobs plan

All Work and No Pay: The Great Speedup

All Work and No Pay: The Great Speedup

Wasteful, Big Brother, Lot of Pork, Socialistic, Job Killing, Welfare, Hasn’t Worked Stimulus Monies

The Black Budget: Do we really know where our money goes or how much?

Government payments were 18.3% of total income in 2010. You think any Republican would have allowed

Question on safety deposit box (in bank)

U.S. Awash in Oil and Lies, Report Charges

If you're not qualified to gain employment in rail/mass transit - don't apply (govt is watching)

tropical storm report from new orleans 8 am cdt

The Vermont Guard's helicopters are ALL in Iraq

Mary Matalin Praises Glenn Beck Says He's the 'Furthest Thing From a Racist

Batmobile on Sale for $620,000 on eBay (Video)

Do you know people who are not using lawyers because of the cost?

Appeals court asked to vacate "Don't Ask" judgment

Schools Districts Call Their In House Counsels Almost Daily

Toon- Introducing Zip Homes

Transgender in Maine: One family’s effort to educate the public and help their daughter

Has "money" replaced "brains" was what is to be most admired and coveted in the USA?

In Gifford's district, republicans raffle off a glock

Guardian UK: CIA worked with Libya in terror suspect renditions, documents show

What the teabaggers are saying about my book

"The Business Plot". It makes me nervous that I never heard of this:

Editorial: The New Resentment of the Poor

Is “Free Trade” Obama's Jobs Plan?

Campaign for America's Future: Unemployment Report Requires Bold Jobs Plan from President Obama

Voter fraud is just a dark GOP fantasy: Connie Schultz

Publicity Hag Sarah Palin: 'There's room for more candidates in GOP race'

Black Unemployment Is The Highest It’s Been In 27 Years

For Obama's coming job speech at the first mention of bi-partisan cooperation I turn it off.

How to create an artificial hamburger

The Real Victims of Real Class Warfare

Labor Day Officially Moved to China

Battle over public employees rocks Orange County

Holy shit...could we see a 'Perfect Storm' over the Mid-Atlantic,New England?

10 happiest careers in America

Exclusion Zones: Policing public space—with deadly results—in Portland, Ore.

Libya rebel commander contends was tortured, rendered by CIA

Poor starving Africa. If only you had oil or lighter skin.

self delete nt

Has anyone received a notice from their bank about ID Theft coverage?

86% of blacks approve of President Obama compared to 39% for whites

U.S. Natural Disasters: 2011 An Extreme And Exhausting Year

Employment status by educational attainment

Cheap alloy could produce zero-carbon hydrogen from sunlight

What ever happened to the Peak Oil issue?

The following was posted by a person on a listserv to which I belong.

193,000 Jobs: The True Cost of the Wasted $60 Billion in Iraq and Afghanistan

Solyndra says it did not have to warn its workers

This Labor Day must be more than a holiday

On a lighter note...

major Atlanta hospital ends dialysis for uninsured immigrants - cites budget issues

Katia and Lee - cause for worry

No that heifer, Sarah, didn't talk about people coming with modest means and then finding

Just like SOME of us on the board come in and add post that refute many of the lies that are

Overpraising Children

OK, everybody, let's hold hands and sing Kumbaya...

Can anyone find out how much she is being paid for her tea party speech today?

Hey NOLA area people, how you doing? Rain, storm surge, tornadoes.

The Great Bank Robbery

Wanted: Patriotic CEOs to stop corporate moochers

Center for Biological Diversity: Obama Hits New Low by Abandoning Smog-reduction Plan

Government INTERNET SURVEILLANCE Starts With Eyes Built in the WEST

Share We Are Ohio's First Ad Watch We Are Ohio's first television ad then share it with all of your

Pics of pollution in China

Happy Labor Day USA

Attention turn on C-Span Sarah Palin is going to speak

Sister Sarah's speech in a nutshell: Laws restricting corporations=bad; (pollution is ok)

Earth from the ISS, photos by Astronaut Ron Garan [35 pics]

Buyer's remorse

BP sued by Halliburton over Gulf oil disaster

The witch is spinning the rights thinking on social security and blaming the president for saying

Sarah should be encouraged to run.

My Dad says Joe Scarborough is all upset; he still doesn't have power

Tropical Storm Lee spawns multiple tornadoes, flooding in New Orleans area; Jean Lafitte area evacua

FDR and the Democratic Platform of 1932

No one ever asks the Republicans to be specific.

The End of WikiLeaks

Laugh of the day: Sarah Palin said she is not for sale. ROFLMAO

When I vote in 2012 -

All the Republican Candidates make this president look good

POTUS notes

Perry's fiery 'Fed Up!' may come back to haunt him!

Is Your State Stealthily Privatizing Medicaid and Putting Patients at Risk?

“Somehow we need to get back the president we thought we elected in 2008

Fellow GenXers: What was the Vietnam War to you?

BREAKING: Regulations Have Nothing to Do With Job Creation - FDL



A personal observation...America a history of us

David Swanson: Insider Tells Why Obama Chose Not to Prosecute Torture

Republican Candidates Turn Attacks on One Another

Olbermann Excoriates Obama's Reversal On Smog Regulation (VIDEO)

Regulations, taxes aren't killing small business, owners say

The latest company I need to boycott...

We will need to add 380,000 jobs per month for 3 years...

Caligula's Orgy

Rick Perry’s Execution Record Includes The Deaths Of Juveniles And The Mentally Disabled

LIBYA-We helped Ghaddafi stay in power as long as he was useful-For torture & PR. And the oil flowed

Mistrial clouds fate of teen accused in slaying of gay student

The complete list of achievements and failures of President Obama

Coaches/players attack referee

Email advice: SO I just now checked my "sent" folder...

The GOP War on Voting

american politics today...

Mr. Fish interviews Lewis Lapham

Why is CNN covering a half-governors speech as if what she says is important to hear?

Why is CNN covering a half-governors speech as if what she says is important to hear?

Awesome protest pic..

Let's all sing together

Democrats Distancing Themselves From Obama - NationalJournal

Japan could halt all nuclear reactors... and still function!

Space junk littering orbit; might need cleaning up

Drivers scramble for free weed after drug smuggler wrecks truck

Toon: If you change your mind....

Space-junk expert on why NASA should clean up space -- and how

When President's get together...

The History Channel...What A Shame.

Palin: ‘Polls are for strippers and cross-country skiers’

'This is not something you can fight. It's going to happen.'

Are You Ready To Be Heartbroken?

The CIA's International Torture Club

Insider Tells Why Obama Chose Not to Prosecute Torture

After 145 Hours without electricity, I am finally back on (SE Conn.)

How will tar sands pipeline affect electric companies? Example from Montana

279 Seconds Of Serious Civil Disobedience

For those of you who like your tropical weather in pictures

Sunday Talk Shows

Sunday Talk Shows

Kathy Griffin: Marcus Bachmann is ‘one of my new favorite targets’

Why do we even need the left at all?

Michigan State bans bags in Spartan Stadium (like diaper bags, purses, etc)

How can Fright-Wingers say Govt spending is out of control?

Old Soviet movie posters

Oh my lord....Matalin on CNN just now cites Glenn Beck as a reliable source

NYT/Bruni: Pass, Fail and Politics

Early On, Obama Endorsed the Fallacy of Zero-Sum Competition Between Jobs & the Environment

Sarah "NOT FOR SALE" Palin's documentary "The Undefeated" available on Pay-Per-View!

Brandon McInerney walks (mistrial). He'll probably go to college and be a typical fraternity asshole

Call in and crash a tea party. NM Limbaugh station promoting teabagger protest at NM capitol Tues.

Call in and crash a tea party. NM Limbaugh station promoting teabagger protest at NM capitol Tues.

I give up discussing Obama here

Gov. Mark Sanford ("Mr. Dear Argentine friend") tells Piers that Warren Buffett doesn't know...

For Labor Day Weekend: "My Hometown" by you know who.

For Labor Day Weekend: "My Hometown" by you know who.

Key constituencies' support for Obama dropping

David Cameron is such a hypocrite.

David Cameron is such a hypocrite.


Virginia city limits Confederate flag-flying

Tropical Storm Lee leaves some shelves empty of D batteries and sand

So let's all write off 2012, and concentrate on the 2020 elections.

It's labor day weekend, and I love this song.

Goodbye to All That: Reflections of a GOP Operative Who Left the Cult

Goodbye to All That: Reflections of a GOP Operative Who Left the Cult

I almost feel mean laughing at the pix from Quitter's big EVENT...

Microsoft Atlanta staff conference descended into "wild and drunken" debauchery.

Ferrari: Tax The Rich, We Can’t Do It All Ourselves!

Paul Krugman Blog- The Austerity Economy is Already Here

Can we vette presidential candidates for daddy issues?

Comedian Speaking Before Palin In Iowa Calls Liberals ‘Special Needs Children’

Help, DU?

Just drove through Joplin, MO

Why the hell is the media paying so much attention to Sarah Palin?

Why the hell is the media paying so much attention to Sarah Palin?

I just came on this topical site: The New Deal Network

Apple weighing where to "lose" another iPhone prototype.

Question for frustrated, disillusioned DU'ers

Part 2 of Barefoot Accountant’s Interview of Susan Bysiewicz, Connecticut Candidate for US Senate

Part 2 of Barefoot Accountant’s Interview of Susan Bysiewicz, Connecticut Candidate for US Senate

Obama’s jobs plan: Go work for free!

every major media outlet is infatuated by sarah palin

"The Debt" is a pretty good movie...with some very good performances.

Anyone who has a problem with Chaz Bono needs to get a fucking life

So That Ignorance Won't Be The Reason Why "Progressives" Are Throwing The President Under The Bus

Stung by the President on Air Quality, Environmentalists Weigh Their Options

NYT Editorial: The House Republicans are never going to give Mr. Obama anything

Labor types: debunk this!

Lifetime prevalence rates of mental illness in the U.S. were around 50 percent

Sarah Palin is wrong but she kinda sounded coherent. Like she could put

K-Y To Air Its First Commercial Featuring Lesbian Couple

Caption this Rick Perry pic

Toon: Economic Stimulus Proposals

If I was this team's coach I'd cut this assclown from the team immediately

From Jeff Masters for Louisiana folks

THIS... Is Why I'd Rather Elizabeth Warren Be A Consumer Protector Than A U.S. Senator !!!

The Right to Do as You Please...

take this short test to find out where your Political Compass lies, & post your results, if you want

I contacted the 4 NASCAR racers and NASCAR about not going to the WH because

In defense of the NASCAR drivers who declined the invitation.

Wisconsinites I 've been noticing a lot more

A feared mass killer, Irene got victims one by one

That little fucking smarmy bastard Alberto Gonzales is coming to my school next week.

I'm wearing my 'Yes We Can' T-shirt today and loving it

Say Something Nice

Libyan Revolution Week 29

No sympathy for the town paper: Dismantling of growth management was thirty years in the making.

The UNSPOKEN reason the NASCAR drivers won't come to see President Obama!!

Tea Party in Iowa - pics

The puzzle of Barack Obama.

Why is Nurse Ratchett giving a screech on CSPAN?

82% of Obama Voters Will Vote To Reelect Him If He Raises Taxes On The Rich

Broken Windows, Ozone, and Jobs

A copy of the LETTER that President Obama asked Sunstein to send to the EPA

29,000 Dead Children, but Nobody's Talking About It

They're calling it the New New Inlet

Comedian Speaking Before Palin In Iowa Calls Liberals ‘Special Needs Children’

Why do so many politicians put forth the myth

Omaha Steve is ramping up slowly, but ramping up just the same

One of the greatest figures of all-times...

CIA and MI6 helped Gaddafi and now they turned against him

Author Naomi Klein arrested in oilsands protest

Pot brownies give office workers unexpected high

Green Day Singer: "Just got kicked off a southwest flight because my pants sagged too low! WTF?"

US Gov Sues The Art Institutes for $11 Billion Fraud

this country scares the living daylights out of me

Scary Math: Privatizing Medicare Will Save Us No Money and Make Health Insurers a Bundle

WHY it is so important to give Obama a Democratic Congress.

Simple Message for the Day: Corporations sitting on cash? Not Hiring?

Miracle or mirage – what's the truth about Rick Perry's Texas?

To all Duers who have trouble affording dental care:

A View of "Privilege" from a Straight White Guy

Juan Cole: Qaddafi was a CIA Asset

Juan Cole: Qaddafi was a CIA Asset

"Jewel of a School"; a PUBLIC school that encourages debate, freethinking & creativity

If you need a day of HOPE come to Madison WI Sept 17 for Fighting Bobfest!

I do not think there has even been a worse "hold your nose and vote" election than we face in 2012!

PHOTO of the DAY (JAPAN) Dial up warning

Juan Cole: Qaddafi was a CIA Asset (Bush sent "detainees" to Libya for "questioning".)

Did Eisenhower do anything to curb the "military-industrial complex"?

Bamming Bam: Oh, The Pain Of The Believer And The Decline Of The Obama Illusion

"Corrupt Obama administration pressuring... to support mortgage whitewash"

Republicans: Obama should back balanced budget amendment

Right-wing commentator: Poor people voting is ‘un-American’

Full-Blown Civil War Erupts On Wall Street: As Reality Finally Hits The Financial Elite, They Start

Police allow Apple investigators to search private home for iPhone prototype

I know what my values are

For everyone here saying "I judge by what someone does, and not by what they say"

Question: How Come The Left/Liberals/Progressives (Pro Or Not) Don't Get To Have Any Leverage ???

Bernie Sanders Has Had Enough Of This 'Cut Social Security' Crap

Bernie Sanders Has Had Enough Of This 'Cut Social Security' Crap

Answers to the Friday Afternoon Challenge: September Sensations!

Londoners hit back as Cleese says city is 'no longer English'

Londoners hit back as Cleese says city is 'no longer English'

The answer to this simple question will probably determine who the voters elect President in 2012

Another look at what people are calling Obama "failures"

Our jobs problem...we haven't been good at creating jobs for the last 20 years.

It is painful to face the reality that we have a center-right President with only a far right altern

Why Gibson? Why Armed Swat Teams? Why shut down this small, but vital company?

MUST-READ: Goodbye to All That: Reflections of a GOP Operative Who Left the Cult (Truthout)

"Unions are Evil..." Outside of local target

what is this I keep seeing an ad for it on

Caudle dies of cancer; husband joined Army to get health coverage

Union of Concerned Scientists: President Obama Undercuts Science with Smog Standard Delay

WI Rep. Mark Pocan (D-Madison): The Secret Society Known as ALEC

This Transportation Alternative is where our resources should be concentrated:

Man Dies Of Toothache

American Lung Association: "President Obama’s Failure to Update Ozone Standard Outrageous"

"the Obama Administration is allowing ozone standards that are worse than George Bush's"

Stuff that works

Sinead O'Connor Seeks Sex Over Internet; Singer Looks For Mate, Pro Anal Sex

Ft Worth Blues

Come from the heart

Immigrant eyes

Where do poll aggregators get their data?

This says it all

I know where love lives

Just put on my "Acorn" faux chinchilla slippers.....

Sure Love

You'll never find another love like mine......

Wow, my cousin sang a song for an episode of HBO's True Blood, NPR interviewed her (LINK)

Anyone seen "The Conspirator" by Robert Redford? Is it any good?

Saw the new movie "The Debt." Boy, do NOT miss it!

have you ever been to a Non-American wedding?

It is getting bad out there.

gotta go to a family re-union on my wife's side

interesting take on 'The Wall'

i can feel fall in the air

What's the worst thing that ever happened to the Star Wars franchise?

W(H)ole-y Shit! I killed the lounge!


Eek.. My summa cum laude son has started watching Jersey Shore


I'm keeping an eye on you


it's 4:19 here. Anyone got a minute to spare? n/t

Go Blue! nt

3-Shot Martini

So I'm sitting here watching Avatar again

Today's College Football Thread

Dennis Wilson's "Pacific Ocean Blue' is one of the greatest Rock and Roll albums. Period.



How long before someone posts "shopped!" (this is a rhetorical question - not a poll) :)

Blast from the past

Bad idea or worst idea ever?-

Anyone here been through the new-fangled robot-assisted heart surgery?

This 4 year old drives better than most people in Pittsburgh!

I love saturday rodeo......

This might just make you smile. Puppies

General Confessional

Dancing Barefoot

Need a small bit of gift-buying advice. Attn: home bartenders.

I love satellite radio.......


The IEEE fails math

You Are My Starship

Saturday night. Bored and lonely.

Vergiss Mich, Wenn Du Kannst

The Man Don't Give a Fuck

School Boy Crush

Four hour erection: Serious warning or brilliant marketing ploy?

Favourite Self Help Book. "The Soul's Code" by James Hillman. Talks about

Initials BB


Song for my Father

House of the Rising Sun

Hello, It's Me

Wanna watch a Truly GREAT BAND?

I'll Play the Blues for You

Are you ready for some football?

Happy Endings: Gene Simmons & Shannon Tweed to wed. List your

All Day Music

Summer Breeze

Today is Bacon Day!

Chilling on a saturday morning , enjoying some herb , with Gotterdamerung playing at high volume

Chilling on a saturday morning , enjoying some herb , with Gotterdamerung playing at high volume

Help, DU?

Anyone seen the movie "Arthur". Is it any good?

I need some help to maintain my minimal knowledge of popular culture:

Oh, ugh, my new-driver daughter had her first fender bender


The Burns & Allen Show's First Commercial

Happy Birthday, PaddyBlueEyes!!!

Edison Factor-has anyone tried it?

My club's newset video

Senior Economy Fix

*****MORE NEW FOOD PORN!***** 10 pics from today's photo shoot at my other Mexican Restaurant.

Been around the world and I can't find my baby.....

What's the temp where you are? San Francisco 62 degrees!

what is the meaning of this dream I had

Voices of Star Wars

What was your favourite comedy show of all times. I have to say Carole Burnett. Tim Conway was

why do I try to joke in GD

Anyone have experience with windshield repairs? Got a quarter sized chip on the way to Dodge City.

will you decide which is the lesser of two

Saturday, September 3rd. The Weekend Edition of William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day.

Post some "animal" songs

KISS, James Gang, and Rush. All together for ONE night.

ROAD TRIP! Post a pic of a roadside attraction.

Lost iPhone 5: Bernal Heights Man Says Visitors Impersonating Police Searched His Home

CIA recruits 1,500 from Mazar-e-Sharif to fight in Libya (AFGHANS)

Space junk littering orbit; might need cleaning up

Documents Show Links Between CIA, Libya Spy Unit (Rendition Despite Torture Reputation)

Ft. Calhoun reactor gets go-ahead

Peacekeepers in Somalia Fire on Car, Leaving a Journalist Dead

Pakistani Taliban claim kidnapping up to 25 boys

Republicans: Obama should back balanced budget amendment

Fears in Miami That Port Expansion Will Destroy Reefs

Julio Casas, Cuban defense minister and longtime revolutionary, dies of heart failure

Iraq-based Kurdish rebels to unite against Iran

Did Perry contributor earmark contribution?

WikiLeaks: Polish CIA Prison - US & Poland Had Been Trying to "Put Story to Rest"

Sarah Palin, in Iowa, attacks President Obama and ‘crony capitalism’

Charity president says aid groups are misleading the public on Somalia

Julian Assange faces arrest in Australia over unredacted WikiLeaks cables

President Obama Says Jobs at Risk in 'Gamesmanship' Over Transportation

California Professor Leads a Methamphetamine Ring, the Police Say

Arizona Redistricting Panel Is Under Attack, Even Before Its Work Is Done

Congressmen Skip Out On Town Halls After Facing Voter Opposition

Strauss-Kahn arrives at New York's Kennedy airport

Barney Frank Blasts Senate Republicans For Blocking Richard Cordray, Other Obama Nominees

Columbia's Statehouse showing all its colors to recognize South Carolina Pride 2011

This IS a hit and run...

This is what the President should say at the end of his speech

Obama is my only voting option.

Obama Caves, or Obama Checks in 3D Chess

Is it me... or did Sarah's breasts gain 3 lbs psi? no wonder her 19%

What kind of Centrist?

The WHOLE WORLD is Watching The GOP Disrespect Our President

Mary Matlin: No I do not condone Glen Beck for his calling Obama hates white people

After seeing this weekends "Greatest" page...

Regarding President Obama and the EPA emission regulations

The President was caught completely off guard. He was not prepared for the shit storm. The reaction

Who Will Win The Republican(t) Nomination?

Palin speech getting rained out... Look at that "huge" crowd.

I just love seeing this man speak

"Desperate People Do Desperate Things."

Joe Romm says Obama's hold on smog reform worse than Bush administration

Should Sarah Palin run for President.... DU this poll

A Pledge to myself.

Beware of manipulation from GOP stealth propaganda

I think Perry will get their nomination, & I think he is VERY beatable IF Obama/Dems do their job.

"Registering Poor To Vote 'Like Handing Out Burglary Tools To Criminals'"

The education system is in shambles

Dilemma of always supporting Obama is that it requires changing positions


So That Ignorance Won't Be The Reason Why "Progressives" Are Throwing The President Under The Bus

Anyone know of a place I can go to support replacing this Obama?

I read, memorized and repeated more Obama "walk scripts" than I care to remember in 2008, and...

Summer recess: GOP feels the heat

Hannity asks Evil Dick if Obama is afraid that our enemies won't like us unless we're nice to them

Weekly Address: Time to Act on the Transportation Bill

News on Parade from alternative reality

August Recess Jobs Protests

How tough is Obama on illegal immigration?

"Turn up the Heat," A Song about the Climate Crisis by RP

The End of the American Dream?

Romney supporter touts job creation from Romney's mansion upgrade

Young Turks: GOP Disaster Relief Offset Flip-Flop

Moving Dick Cheney's Book

Billy Joel - Allentown

Which side are you on Florence Reece Original

Dick Cheney: I was honored to be compared to Darth Vader

TDPS: US Newborn Death Rate Tied 40th w/Qatar: Healthcare, Poor People, Pro-Lifers, More

Why drugs should be legalized

Keiser Report: Greed of no Boundaries

Obama Isn't Weak, He's Foolish

What explains Republican successes?

Papantonio: Marco Rubio's Money Troubles

Martin Bashir Calls Out Rep. Joe Walsh On His Disrespect To President Obama!

"We're Here To Stop The Transformation Of America & Begin Restoration Of The Country We Love!" pt.1

Dropkick Murphys - Worker's Song

The dilemmas of US internationalism

Wisconsin Republican justices continue to be found mixing up the facts...

Jake's first mission is scrubbed

Jake completes his third raid and gets a load of mail

Marijuana Is Going to Be Sold One Way or Another -- Be it Cartels or Regulated Business

Superbugs Predate Wonder Drugs

Labor Day Showdown: Can Advocates Stop ‘NAFTA of the Pacific’?

A Memoir of Machination (Cheney)

Are Wikileaks and Anonymous All There Is Left We Can Rely on, w Trust in Biz & Govt. at rock bottom?

A President Adrift

71 Percent of Republicans don't want Palin to Run...TPM

G.O.P. Stands on Health Mask Records as Governors

Giving Gay Rights a Sporting Chance

Sir David Hare:"We have a generation of leaders who don't have the faintest idea what they're doing"

CREDO Mobile, Warren Buffett, and the Limits of Progressive Business

Is President Obama a Lost Cause Environmentally — and What Should Progressives Do? -- ThinkProgress

"Given that Elena Kagan argued the Siegelman case was correctly decided, we have this obvious

Obama's Flip-Flop on EPA Rule Costs Him Credibility, Us Lives

The last resort: More and more Americans are calling long-stay motels home

English history: why we need to understand 1066 and all that

"The M & M Strategy" interesting read...Oldie but Goodie w/quote from Howard Zinn

The changing face of Andean glaciers

'Hidden' hawksbill turtles found

Fukushima leaders, residents hold Tokyo rally for full-scale nuclear compensation

13 year old finds tree inspired solar collection

"Turn up the Heat," A Song about the Climate Crisis by RP

Three US solar manufacturers declare bankruptcy in August

Life on an oil field 'man camp' — not for everyone

Solar May Produce Most of World’s Power by 2060, IEA Says

Will the Transition to Renewables Be Fast or Slow?