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This quote sounds like it came from Fox, but can you guess it's real source?

I am a hypocrite-

US calls for UN sanctions against Syria

CALL FLOOD on behalf of Occupy Wall Street

In contrast to Santorum the homophobe, Barry Goldwater would've repealed DADT

Is it just me...

What do think of this quote?

Tavis and Dr West will be used on the circuit this week trashing the context of the President's

Two housing markets, two directions - Nation mirrors bipolar real-estate trends in Metro Detroit

The first time I saw the NYPD's jack-booted thuggery . . .

Sex Strike-Make Love not War

Juan Cole: Greater Middle East Turns More Dangerous for US (Yemen, Syria, Pakistan and Bahrain)

Press Conference: Stay Home Dick Cheney (video)

Religion is like....

NYT: Douthat outdoes himself in specious logic


Omg. Anonymous has hacked every major city in Syria.

For a 10,000 post, a few of my toons

Having difficulties with the inter-tubes and such

The President Needs To Say The Repugs Killed Hope......

Watch Global Revolution live stream video link coverage of Wall Street Protests

Above The Law - USA (25 Sep 11)

Police Commissioner Calls on NYPD to Stop Improper Marijuana Arrests

Bloomberg in on Meet the Press. David Gregory is interviewing him on NBC's

Offenders in Ala. town can choose jail or church

Four blasts kill 17 in Iraq's Kerbala

Why Do Employers Want to Know on Your Application...

A Slice Of The Vig And Small Things

Worldwide Anonymous website - Streaming video of Wall Street Protests & Info to Send Supplies

Morgan Freeman Calls Out Tea Party as

Michael Moore Encourages Expansion Of Anti-’Kleptomaniac’ ‘Occupy Wall Street’ Protests

Pax Americana is over - Haaretz/Israel

War is...

some words about TRUTH

JPMorgan’s Kasman Sees Greek Depression Coming That Will Damage All Europe

Pakistan army shelling Afghan border areas: officials

Video Captures Ugly Moment at Protest - So Surprised to see this on AOL top stories.

The GOP Debates: Ass Warfare

Troubled nuke plant refocuses (Fort Calhoun emergency shut down switch was not functional)

Want to see a great movie about current economic times? See "The Company Men" TODAY

AQ Khan on Pakistan: Bastards first used us and now playing dirty games with us

Syrian govt secret police beheaded, skinned and mutilated 18 yr old girl

A forgotten piece of history

People have no fucking clue what's coming down the mountainside.

Ever get the feeling you're playing an ever less important role in a grand charade?

Will Tiger Woods or his wife be charged with murder?

Oil pipeline opponents pin hopes on Nebraska

Reep POTUS wannabe lineup = Weapons of Crass Destruction

Can someone explain the subscriber option on Facebook?

Concerning the discussion about who is "middle class"....

Concerning the discussion about who is "middle class"....

Need a suggestion to a gas problem (not at all a joke)

Need a suggestion to a gas problem (not at all a joke)

Today's Doonesbury "A Special Treat - An Honest Man"

Meltdown fears for euro as G20 makes plans for Athens to default on debt

The conservative /Washington Times/ is spreading the canard that the left is turning on Obama.

what is occupy wall street demanding

Happy Sunday. Sunday paper - blah blah blah. Sunday Times crossword - good times!

florida teabaggers: 'see, we ain't racist, we got ourselves a colored guy also'

Delete duplicate

Xpost EE: Markey: GOP Picks Risky Nukes Instead Of Clean Renewables (Solyndra)

Tell No Sweatshop Warehouse


Sick Gulf residents continue to blame BP

It is the willful, deliberate taking of a life

"(Perry) has has electile dysfunction.”

Krugman: A Quick Note On Inflation

Warner: Shutdown talk embarrassing

The wall street occupation could use some help.

David Plouffe: House Republicans Putting Needs Of 30 Tea Party Members Over Needs Of Americans

Da Boss

dupe - read topic on late breaking news

Ye gods.

Because Killing Prisoners Isn't Enough, Texas Does Away With Special-Request Last Meals

In Detroit, special education teachers, students thrown into regular classrooms

The Night They Killed Troy Davis

New GOP conspiracy theory: "liberal hecklers" responsible for booing soldier

"Save 120,000 Jobs"

The best movie scene ever. Sadly.

What if Hermain Cain wins the GOP nomination?

If President Obama is re-elected and the House stays Republican...?

Pew: 75% of Americans say journalists can’t get their facts straight

NYC restaurant owners complain about "frivolous lawsuits" re paying their employees

Progressive Websites apparently being hacked!

Has MSM totally avoided covering Occupy Wallstreet?

Sorry, Deleted dupe.


(Prescription) Drugs Now Cause More Deaths than Car Crashes

Occupy Wall Street: NYPD gets thuggish

CA Hells Angel boss dead in Nev. casino shootout

MSNBC's Thomas Roberts: GOP Candidates Want To Return To Time When 'Slavery Was Cool' (VIDEO)

Eric Bolling: Fox's Conspiracy Man

Meltdown fears for euro as G20 makes plans for Athens to default on debt


VIDEO - SNL Premiere: The 7th Or 8th Longest GOP Debate With Host ‘Shepard Smith’ - Full VIDEO

Tell ABC News fix its headline about the Wall Street Protests

Welcome to the Police State: NYC Cops Mace Peaceful Protestors Against Wall Street

During campaign, Perry takes a time out...

October 6, 2011, thousands of concerned Americans will assemble in Freedom Plaza, in Washington DC

The number ONE concern in the 2012 election? Here's my SECOND MOST

Mr. Shraby got an email from a right wing friend of his. It had

Gay Soliders:

About their victim-based, absolutist slogans/jingoism

Senator: Consider military action against Pakistan

Preventing Obama from doing his job, for fun and profit

French left seizes Senate majority, hurts Sarkozy

Trade, commerce and the cloud = less violence, more innovation, more cooperation

Sarah Palin Impersonator, Fake George W. Bush Crash Conservative Gathering (VIDEO)



Woman twice deported from US got a reprieve under new deportation guidelines

Breaking News - Jamaican Prime Minister throws in the towel-Bruce Golding stepping down

Giants beat Tigers 4-2 in Japanese Pacific League :(

Greece is a poor country with rich citizens

What Abbas, President of the Palestinian Authority and Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel said.

Gay US Soldiers: Thank you for your service

"Hey NYPD, If you want to arrest people, just wait a bit. The criminals who cost us 15 million jobs

I think the elites are hoping one of the protestors kills a police officer.


Government, not the market, is all that can save our economy.

Gay Soldiers...

The Boehner has no power as House leader, and yet the President negotiated with him.....

Wall Street Journal - Social Media March on Wall Street - Twitter alone does not make a revolution.

US tax authorities target bank deals

Fox Blasts Senate For Doing ‘Nothing’ On Disaster Aid, 10 Days After It Passes $7 Billion Bill

ADAPT reports success

Would it help the US to nationalize the banking system?

Oh no! Is another war on the way?

An interesting article on China. "Modern-day Maoists worry Chinese authorities"

Yacht world seduces China, Brazil's super-rich

Let's have a pool to guess what Obama's approval rating among liberal Democrats will be this time.

Long line sat. am at the post office. Really long. Anyone else?

Statement from National Security Council Spokesman Tommy Vietor on Saudi Arabia's Announced Reforms

Google loves teabaggers!

It has been a while since I watched it , but why is Zietgiest considered right wing

Should the Bush tax cuts for high-income people be allowed to expire next year as part of the next s

There are times I can't believe this is 2011.

‘Occupy Wall Street’ Protests Turn Violent; Video Shows Police Macing Women - ABCNews

Didn't Arafat or Palestine recognize Israel in Oslo in 1992?

What The Media is Doing to the Wall St. Protest is What They are Paid to Do!

What no-drama Obama could learn from no-hysterics Eric - Salon

Tax fraud among gas station operators is 'pervasive'

The Breakfast Burglar

The power of subtle and sometimes blatant corruption in politics is so overwhelming

Don't talk to cops!

Is Scott Walker John Doe? - - The Center for Media and Democracy

"Get Ready For A Riot": Mayor Warns of 'Cairo' like mayhem in Big Apple

What can we do to peacefully aid the Wall Street protests?

Walkergate: Tea Parties, Emails and Cronies! Oh My!

Typical republican these days, says "war experience" caused his problems...

*A New Contract*

The 10 Most Outrageous Luxury Purchases In August

Dying Army veteran (survivor of 60 Vietnam combat missions) races against time to adopt baby girl

Picture of a 1,000 words:

Flammable gas detected in Fukushima pipe

The £3,000 Hobbit house

Radiation Therapy Studio Diary Track 5: Identity Issues

“Perry really did throw up on himself in the debate at a time when he needed to raise his game,”

NYT: Whatever happened to the American left?

Herman Cain's straw poll win in Florida only highlights rethug racism

New Poverty Means Lines Grow at Food Banks

Delete DU weirdness.

Rick Perry Still Blocking Reporters on Twitter

INFOGRAPHIC: Each U.S Citizen Owes $3,719 To China And $475 To Russia

Pair of earthquakes jolt Bay Area

Whatever happened to "Do No Evil"? Google donating to the Heritage Foundation

Whatever happened to "Do No Evil"? Google donating to the Heritage Foundation to reconstruct YouTube videos from a subject’s brain activity... ????

Supreme Court Term 2011-12

Throw out cheating Greece before the rot cripples rest of the world

Utah Undie Run: Thousands Strip In Salt Like CIty In Protest Of Conservative Laws

Google has decided to become bipartisan, so have I

GOP playing "curse FEMA" with disaster aid for East Coast (CBS video)--Annoying next game of chicken

Scientists Disarm AIDS Virus’ Attack on Immune System

He makes some great points

#OccupyWallStreet: "First they ignore you..."

#OccupyWallStreet: "First they ignore you..."

If a soldier gets booed at the GOP debate and no major tv outlet covers it

If a soldier gets booed at the GOP debate and no major tv outlet covers it

Need vs. Greed....

Paul Krugman Blog-What’s The Matter With Texas?

Paul Krugman Blog-What’s The Matter With Texas?

Middle class, working class, working poor, unemployed, poor, homeless--

Posted without comment

The Latest Tea Partied Triple Whammy is Mind Blowing!

From good times to bad times

Low Income Women Cant Afford Healthy Diets

ROGER EBERT: "I do not fear death"

ROGER EBERT: "I do not fear death"

#2 pic, 1,000 words.

Anyone catch 60 Minutes tonight?

Are you in favor of waging nonviolent class warfare for the 99%?

Company that received Human Rights Campaign Corporate Equality Index 100% rating hires anti-gay CEO

Sarah Palin Offered $1 Million To Take Lie Detector Test

Sarah Im-Palin', the mean girl who owns Wasilla, AK - McGinniss

Elizabeth Warren donations via Daily Kos exceed goal.

Was there ever anti-LGBT violence at the schools you attended?

Trick, or Treat? Here Comes Our 7th Billion Human

Trick, or Treat? Here Comes Our 7th Billion Human

Curiosity tonight-Atlantis Uncovered

Joe Naftel

Mark Zuckerberg gives money directly to teachers!!!!

Mark Zuckerberg gives money directly to teachers!!!!

Neighbor's sign scares off prospective buyers

The Media Will Not Cover the Wall Street Protest? Take the Protest to the Media!!

The Media Will Not Cover the Wall Street Protest? Take the Protest to the Media!!

DU IT experts - HELP

FB rumor - Burger King is refusing to serve Wall Street protesters

Wisconsin GOP's latest move to subvert Democracy

Patient dies under care of scab nurse in Oakland

Who is this guy? NYPD Supervisor Mace and Run.

Hope...has two beautiful daughters...

Teachers, Have You Noticed?

In an emergency OTC inhalers can save an asthmatic's life: EPA is going to ban it.

Tom Monaghan starting new gourmet burger delivery business ... Gyrene Hamburger

Tom Monaghan starting new gourmet burger delivery business ... Gyrene Hamburger

Occupy Wallstreet is national

Challenge Your Congress Critter - Down to your last $1000. How do you spend it?

"The young people protesting reject this vain economic order. They have come to reclaim the future"

"New York's finest". This policeman needs to be prosecuted.

NY Times - "Verdict on Kagan’s first year on Supreme Court" - Great Read On A Liberal Justice

Did everyone forget about this ...

Obama: "Shake it off-Stop complainin'-Stop grumblin'-Stop cryin'-WE HAVE WORK TO DO"

PHOTO of the DAY (JAPAN) Dial up warning

Attention CURRENT TV - Occupy Wall Street is your Casey Anthony Trial Moment !

#OccupyWallStreet blocked by Twitter, in a disturbing inversion of Arab Spring

Homeland Security Makes Appearance at Occupy Wall Street

NY Times - "Whatever Happened to the American Left?" - The Left Can't Sit Back

Dozens of students interrupt live news in Greece; demand truth about economy & protests be told

Wall St. protest descending into chaos.

The Humiliation Of Barack Obama

Philly Inquirer: "Financial games will harm elderly"...more about Medicare cuts.

I think New Jersey's 15 minutes

The point of protest is not to change things.

What did hippies accomplish?

I am not "middle class".

why occupy wall street is doomed to failure

What are the five most important things being requested by the "Occupy Wall Street" protesters?

NYPD runs amok at 12th St. and University Place: Does Bloomberg want his cops to kill somebody?

Libyan Revolution Week 32

Libyan Revolution Week 32

Reuters - "Warren leads Brown in Massachusetts Senate race" - SWEET!

Yay! It's Education Nation time again. NBC invited Scott Walker this year.

Another "psychic" is exposed as a fake...

I'm Going to Launch a Charter School; A Public Charter School.

Soul Music Legend Sly Stone: Homeless and Living In a Van

Why Nader, Cornel West, Jonathan Kozol, Gore Vidal Seek Primary Challenges to Obama

Blame-China Chorus Grows as Solyndra Falls


smart idea from a locksmith

If you're still awake, a little transcendental stuff from Easy Rider and Johnny Cash:

I'm pretty sure that things began going downhill in the world when the water-skiing squirrel

bees until tuesday night

MiddleFingerMom is going to answer for you the eternal question about dogs.

least calories and low carbs in any Panera breakfast item??

Despite being rejected 47 times, MFM still jumps at the chance to audition for the role of Tarzan.

Oyster and Guinness festival? Why yes! I think I will attend.

"Watery eye."

I got into a race with a Prius today. I lost. I'm so embarassed.


Dogs-pls post dog pix here . I love good dogs especially pups!

To the rescue cat:

APPLE stores:sell used stuff as if new?Genius Bar trustable to open box,do all initial startup chore

This Really Happened...

Da Bears still suck!

Has anyone read "The Boke of the Duchess" by Chaucer?

Anyone knowledgeable about bar code scanners? I want to scan all my books and put them in a

I'm bacon a cake for your birthday!!!

Are there any Buffalo Bills fans on DU? If you are, check in. They are 3-0 so far this year.

"Here in the Western World" - this song is about the expat communities in Soviet days, nyet?

On the night watch

Despite what you've always been told... butterflies are EVIL.

Sister Wives

Just show this to anyone who claims that President Obama's approval ratings are down.

Applegrove's portrait:

Stranglers - Always The Sun

Does this baby make my butt look big?


People who like trippy 60s music like Quicksilver & The Doors and DON'T know about Gabor Szabo...

She accepted me as a 'pretendiente'


Pocket dialing may have saved woman's life

Ahem....Lions 23-20. Now 3-0 Yo'.

This is how good Seattle was...

Keanu Reeves: Shakespearean Actor

DUCK, DAWG!!!!!!!

Family owl

The women in Sex and the City 2 aren’t like any I have ever known

The Night is Dark & Full of Terrors (Teaser for A Game of Thrones, season 2)

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Nomnomnomination Edition

The kiss

My plant is doing something I've never seen before...

Happy Dog

grand entrance at my daughter's wedding

Kick and recommend if you think you might have been hit by falling satellite debris

Weather: Shitty. Gloomy Sunday.

Who's more appreciated at your front door?

Is this really smart?... really?

I have decided that I am going to go to graduate school. Any advice?

anyone play with GarageBand here?

Cool house on Guerrero Street

Take a stand with me on Facebook. Fight anthropromorphic hotdog atrocities

What is the sign for you that fall has arrived? I had some corn for dinner. It was not that

Town Searching For Toe-Sucking Assailant

Steely Dan "Black Cow" - he's in HER apartment, thumbing through her shit

Blue bird

Yemen president makes election call

Libyans with no leadership quit Bani Walid front

Greek students interrupt state TV news programme: official

Libya conflict may cost UK £1.75bn

Women get the vote in Saudi Arabia

Three men charged with plotting suicide bombing campaign

French left captures Senate in setback for Sarkozy

[Keystone XL] Oil pipeline opponents pin hopes on Nebraska

Indiana tea party activists endorse Lugar challenger

Only ECB has power to 'scare' global stock markets, warns IMF

Hub premiums cost Delta fliers big-time at Metro Airport (and other hubs)

Senator: Consider military action against Pakistan

Hell's Angels motorcycle club member facing charges in deadly casino brawl

Fears Vladimir Putin will turn Russia into outright dictatorship

Marchers in S.F. push for end to fossil fuel use

Libyan government seeks Algerian answers over cross-border attack

Investors Ask if Anything Can Save Greece From Default

Suicide blast hits Indonesian church

Email: Walker Mulled State Worker Pay Cuts

Women in Saudi Arabia 'to vote and run in elections'

Patient dies under care of fill-in nurse in Oakland

French left captures Senate in setback for Sarkozy

FEMA disaster relief may be further delayed

Women to Vote in Saudi Arabia, King Says

Woman's decapitation linked to web posts about Mexican drug cartel

Controversy erupts over Campus Republicans bake sale plans

Cancer drug trial halted in UK for being too successful

China Rebuffs Hopes for Bailout

Videos Show Police Using Pepper Spray at Protest on the Financial System

Cain upsets Perry in Florida Republican straw poll

Political cartoonist Mike Luckovich: 'Surgeon General's Warning'

Talkingpointsmemo's Josh Marshall: Cain?

Perry's despicable lie of the week. Just how stupid is this man?

The right’s misplaced love of JFK tax cuts

CBC members react to President Obama's speech

Oh, great-Cain won a straw poll. Now he'll NEVER go away

PHOTOS: President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama at the CBC Foundation Phoenix Awards

"Tea Party Gives Romney a Second Look" because "It's not enough to be right and lose."

POTUS at fundraiser hits Perry as "a governor whose state is on fire denying climate change."

"The next election isn't a case of the lesser of two evils: It's good v. evil — pure and simple."

The Speech

DCCC et al asking for donations why?

Anyone watching Chris Hayes' show?

Gallup, Sept 12 - 18: Obama's approval climbs 6 percent among Hispanics

I Saw The President Of The United States Of America Today.

Obama passes PROGRESSIVE legislation YAWN, he introduces a jobs bill that will not pass. . .

Could the GOP be heading towards an Open Convention?

Obama's speech at the CBC was very much Obama's "Inch by Inch" speech.

Are white liberals abandoning the president?

SNL Politics Reviewed: Alec Baldwin Does Rick Perry

President Obama Speaks At The Congressional Black Caucus

A cheap plastic cone acts as a solar water desalinator and purifier

Keiser Report: Cultural Fragging (E188)

Occupy Wall St- We got sold out! Sep 24

Ry Cooder ▬ No Banker Left Behind | (Pull Up Some Dust and Sit Down /01) NEW - bytera

Wall Street vs. Main Street

The Dollar, the Euro and the Deepening Crisis

Michael Moore defends Tony Bennett on 9/11

Thom Hartmann debates Carol Swain - Abstinence or abstinence-plus in Texas.

Bill Maher - Why "Job Creators" Fear Obama - FUNNY

Thom Hartmann debates Heather Cirmo - HPV vaccination - who should give consent?

Thom Hartmann debates Tom Ruskin - Video taping police... Should it be a crime?

Occupy Wall Street assaults.

OccupyWallStreet Footage: NYPD Gets Violent w/ Protestors

Police Macing Female Protestors (Video from inside the pen)

Mendota Flotilla Protest vs. Scott Walker's Mansion

Brunch with Bernie: Thom Hartmann with US Senator Bernie Sanders (Sept 23)

For Jamey


Occupy Wall St S24 Police Riot

Michael Moore on support of Occupy Wall Street protest

Sam Greenfield Captures The Truth

DE-EVOLUTION in Ohio - Why Ohio Republican Governors Keep Getting Worse

Arrested for talking to a cop

Saturday Night Live Mocks GOP: 'Either the 7th or 8th GOP Debate'

Occupy Wall Street (FULL) Interview with Chris Hedges

My first petition for Obama: listen to educators not billionaires on education reform

Abbas Appeals to the World's Conscience

Women in Saudi Arabia to vote and run in elections

My ltr -- please critique or comment

Why (and how) to tax the super-rich

Rachel Maddow on Thrusday's Show: Koch Bros. fire 13,000 in last 4 years

Boehner pushed through disaster relief with funding cuts which even the Chamber of Commerce opposed

The Collapse of The American Criminal Justice System

Wall Street Protests: Why the Silence? Why the Violence?

Global Systemic Crisis Fourth Quarter 2011: Implosive Fusion Of Global Financial Assets (LEAP/E2020)

Ana Marie Cox: Never mind the candidates, can you believe what GOP debate audiences are telling us?

Debt deal: anger and deceit has led the US into a billionaires' coup

America’s Post-9/11 Catastrophe

The Secret to Herman Cain's Success in Florida Straw Poll

BOOKS: The Longest War: The Enduring Conflict Between America & Al-Qaeda. Peter Bergen (Jim Miles)

Sunday Funnies: Best Political Cartoons of the Week

This economic collapse is a 'crisis of bigness'

government is crazy? try the corporate world

Dangerously Addictive:Why We Are Biologically Ill-Suited to the Riches of Modern America

Yes, 47% of Households Owe No Income Taxes. But Look Closer. NYT

When did loutish, cruel, and ignorant behavior become socially appropriate?

Small Donors Are Slow to Return to the Obama Fold