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Let us seek victory for the victims of the machine by committing ourselves to a living Justice.

'two wrongs don't make a right'

I wasn't born when Troy was convicted in 1989

A little humor on a sad night

Because we need a little inspiration tonight: Readers' Racist Bloodlust For Troy Davis Execution

if a state is a person and it kills another person, isn't that murder?

Whatever happened to: It is better that ten guilty go free than

When was the last time a well to do murderer was executed....

MacPhail's mother reacts...

3 Black men appointed by GOP'ers led the way in allowing execution of Troy Davis

...and so many say that it's for the victims...

SF:Chinatown nonprofit scrutinized over ties to mayor

Tacoma teachers, school district reach tentative agreement

All the hope... All the despair.... This is for Troy. And ourselves.

Anyone know what happened to Sabra?

Anyone know what happened to Sabra?

There is only one response this party can make to Troy Davis' murder that would honor his life

Energy solution link: Bloom Energy

Hypothetical: If someone came forward and claimed responsibility for the killing that Troy Davis...

CNN has shifted its coverage to CNN-I

nm nt

If it happened to Troy, it could happen to any one of us.

Solyndra Told Congress It Was 'On Track' For Success


SCOTUS says 'Let 'em die' and the gopers cheer.

"What kind of monsters have unconditional love in their families?"

Death is uncorrectable...

the fuckers are at it again..Disaster aid bill fails in Republican-led House

Photo of the Day (Japan)

Obama Tells Palestinians to Stay in Back of the Bus (Atlantic)

It should not be overlooked. President Obama's address at the United Nations.

Savannah Morning News editorial supported prosecution of Troy Davis

Russian Nationalist Urges Support for Putin

Officer McPhals mom speaks to the media

The Influence Industry: Lobbyist’s clients, Perry donors overlap by $5.5 million

Ed's coverage is as sickening as the execution.

Ed's coverage is as sickening as the execution.

Devastated? take action... Here is Amnesty International's Email

Despicable thread!--- Good morning Mods. After your coffee you might want to napalm this one..

TEPCO employees banned from Sapporo sex shop

American Corporatocracy consoles itself on Morning Jerk.

On bringing knives to gun fights..

Egypgtian protestors following Occupy Wall Street protests closely

Maybe it's time to drop the last line of the Pledge of Allegiance

86 percent of all crimes in Japan end with a full confession by the accused

New ad targets GOP candidates over healthcare

New ad targets GOP candidates over healthcare


Troy Davis profile: Supporters sought to 'create doubt' not 'prove innocence'

I hit a blue screen

Obama nominee wrote the opinion allowing challenge to warrantless wiretaping

Between 1972 and 1991, approximately 135 African-American men and women were arrested and tortured

Dayton (OH) reaches out to immigrants; intends to brand city as immigrant-friendly.

Do those who supported executing Troy Davis care about justice?

Fat rich white guy is on MSNBC saying American Dream is now a lousy job

China’s Economy Catches Up with the World’s

Robert Scheer: Murder Is Good Politics, Bad Justice

It was just easier

maybe there is hope

Mika Mouse just called President Clinton a "low-talker"

MAP: Which Countries Enlist Gay Soldiers?

Parents of Teen Suicide Victim Speak Out on Bullying

"We are the only civilized country

I have little or no sympathy for criminals but this Troy Davis case

Ugly day shaping up at the casino, err, markets......

Is it time to enact

Is it time to enact

The difference is right here in black and white

"Occupy Wall Street" Protest Has International Support; Setting Up for Long Haul

pretty good for an "unemployed" "job creator".

Stinky prison camp standoff over (Gitmo)

Newt Gingrich: small businessman?

Above The Law - USA (22 Sep 11)

Pam Geller responds to the SPLC listing her organization as a hate group. "Uh... COMMUNISTS!"

Pam Geller responds to the SPLC listing her organization as a hate group. "Uh... COMMUNISTS!"

Welcome to the United States of Barbarians

Anyone curious as to why the GOP wants to turn Social Security over to the states?

Jimmy Kimmel: Only you can save our buffets! - Obama's Buffet Tax!

Had an interesting thought on the....

"After 1945, as liberal Europeans worked together to create a new, and peaceful, supranational

Johnson WH tapes: LBJ with Atty Gen Ramsey Clark on Thurgood Marshall & J. Edgar Hoover

Car bomb in Michigan - WTF?????

You're the first to know

Saginaw physician says partial-birth abortion ban will have little impact

Here's the latest Teabaggers "Joke" being passed around on Facebook

Jobless claims drop to 423,000 from 432,000

EVERYONE...It's Time For The Revolution To Start...Time To..

Articles of Confereration... ask a republican about it and...

Federal Prosecutors in Manhattan Tap a New No. 2

Davis' death reminds me of Iraq

An Equitable Tax System

China hits out at US deal on Taiwan F-16 fighters

Justice is an accidental byproduct.

On breast cancer and health insurance

Beaten Giants Fan, Bryan Stow speaks, asks for kids

Austerity-weary Greeks walk off the job

FBI raids San Bernardino airport over corruption probe

Twenty five years ago

A person is on MSNBC saying the American Dream is dead.

I saw an interesting piece on IPTV last night

The voice in the wilderness

Swedish daycare centers use GPS to track children

Troy Davis and constitutional virtues

San Francisco: Natural-gas leak closes downtown streets

We had a Democratic governor sign a ban on the death penalty this year

Bill Clinton: How to create jobs now - video

'EU opposes the use of capital punishment in all circumstances and calls for a universal moratorium'

Spot the difference

Brown vetoes pot shop bill

Meg Whitman poised to run HP further into the ground

From death row to hero

America 1776-2011

Silent thread for all who are murdered, world wide

There will be a special election in Linn Co, IA, that will determine the balance of the state

I was an eyewitness to a crime and would never vote to convict someone

Carter: ‘The Death Penalty System In Our Country is unjust and outdated’

Thursday Toon roundup- State Sanctioned Murder

Sucko CEO Magnet HP to Hire Meg Whitman . . .

U.S. Pays 62% of Afghanistan’s Government Expenses

Thursday Toon roundup- DADT and the rest

Medical marijuana laws linked to higher overall usage

The End of Economics: Down Reagan's Rabbit Hole

Facebook and Medicare D

Rand study finds less crime near pot dispensaries

Internal State Department Emails Reveal Cozy Relationship with TransCanada and Provide Evidence of B

Thursday Toon roundup- More taxing toons

**TYPHOON ROKE/Japan Update**

No excuse,

Troy Davis Executed, While CEO Responsible for Deaths of 29 Miners Sails Free

Scalia would, with his own hands, nail Jesus to a cross. He's not interested in actual innocence.

'Dear God, Let's Get it Over With'

Thursday Toon roundup- The Buffett Tax

Albert Camus about capital punishment being premeditated murder

WHEEEE!!! Euthanasia by roller coaster!!!

Thursday Toon roundup- Election 2012

Brown vetoes pot shop bill

I'm pro-DP, but against its application.

I'm pro-DP, but against its application.

Investigate Justice Clarence Thomas for conflict of Interest

Nouriel Roubini: New great depression — that is what we risk now

Nouriel Roubini: New great depression — that is what we risk now

Meg Whitman to save HP

Gamers discover protein structure that could help in war on HIV

Troy Davis execution: other controversial death row cases

Troy Davis execution: other controversial death row cases

Class warfare (e-mail from US Senator Claire McCaskill)

Class warfare (e-mail from US Senator Claire McCaskill)

Pelosi doubles down on opposition to GOP disaster-aid bill (The Hill)

State Dept Emails Reveal Cozy Relationship w/TransCanada & Provide Evidence of Bias in KeystoneXL...

AngelFood Ministries is now OUT of BUSINESS

Male Fans Banned From Turkish Soccer Match

I really want to go there - Was Troy Davis executed so it would overshadow Russell Brewer Execution

Romney Uses Twitter to Show He's a Regular Guy

Die, Die, Die

Speculative headline that should caution the GOP now.

Speculative headline that should caution the GOP now.

So ReTHUGS threaten to shut down the government

Yahoo! apologizes for blocking Wall Street protest emails

Debt Collectors Lobby to Block Tougher Rules

DJIA Heading Towards -600 points 3:40pm EST

The DNC needs to start saying nice things about Sarah Palin

The DNC needs to start saying nice things about Sarah Palin

Getting Rich Off The Poor: How The Koch Brothers Wealth Grew 43% Since 2010

Day laborer ban struck down

Use of Military, Police Drones a Supreme Court Case "waiting to happen."

How You Will Be Effected By The New U.S. Fed $400 Billion Stimulus

Christian doctor faces watchdog for talking about faith with patient

(Troy Davis) my speech that the president didn't deliver but would have were i his writer

Olberman calls out media hipocracy on "Occupy Wallstreet" Protest

It wasn't just GA that executed a man last night. TX did too.

(CO) Academy School District 20 proposes 50-cent-a-ride bus fees, choice students 60 cents

40% Of Texas Job Growth Since 2007 Went To Illegal Immigrants

Step into the wayback machine. A little tidbit about cement head perry from the past...

Looks like naming your economic policy Operation Twist

Soros: US Is Already in Double-Dip Recession - CNBC

Prison bans pastor from visiting Troy Davis before execution

There are not just 5 or 7 countries that have the death penalty

Pakistan 'backed Haqqani attack on Kabul' - Mike Mullen

BBC: (World) Shares fall sharply on economy fears

How do people who profess Christianity defend the death penalty?

Recession changes how America lives: marrying later, less kids, less cars, crowded homes

FDA bans CFCs in some (Primatene Mist) inhalers from next year

Blast From Paul Krugman's Past: "Social Security Is A Ponzi Scheme And Will Soon Be Over"

Satellite to Fall in Biggest Space Crash Since ’79

Bank of America Filing-Fee Case May Open ‘New Front’ in Mortgage Lawsuits

Apple’s silence on iPod speaks volumes

Troy Davis question about his statements last night

Stock Market Down 462 Points !!!

Census: Recession Turning Young Adults Into Lost Generation

Stumbling Stock Market & Hurtling Space Bus Trump Republicon FAIL Fest

Angel Food Ministries closes its doors...

And as hard as everyone tried, justice didn't prevail

The Fonz Blasts Bachmann, Loves Gays and Gaga

More doubt on virus, chronic fatigue connection

More doubt on virus, chronic fatigue connection

More Than 9,000 Ohio Seniors in Six Counties Join Sen. Sherrod Brown for Tele-Town Hall

all politicians who campaign on death penalty should be liable for murder charges for an innocent

LGBT Civil Rights Org. Condemns Ga. Execution

Tea Party Express's Amy Kremer is going to be mad.

Tea Party Express's Amy Kremer is going to be mad.

Why do I love Rachel, but can't get into Ed?

A third of military suicides told of plans to die

Some 50 years ago the USA did join the other advanced nations of the world, and

In case anyone cares, McCotter drops out of presidential race.

"You can't fight murder with murder"-Ross Byrd (son of James Byrd Jr.)

Occupy Wall Street

Troy Davis' Sister Recounts Last Moments With Executed Brother

I don't know what to expect from the GOP debate tonight. But ...

So, you will love this?

So, you will love this?

TROY DAVIS..........Oliphant gets right to the point.

This just IRKS ME to no end...

When Will Wall Street Call for More Federal Spending?

Most independent voters would prefer Palin as president over Obama

Libya military site yields possible radioactive material

The most succinct explanation of American politics I've ever heard..

Dow down over 525. Looks to close very hard on back of European market swan

Did anyone see any reporter besides Amy in Jackson yesterday?

GOP debate preview: the so-called ‘facts’ that keep getting repeated

Countrywide protected fraudsters by silencing whistleblowers (Michael Hudson)

Labor Department proposes new laws for children working in agriculture

Pat Oliphant

US net neutrality rules finalized, in effect November 20

U.S. Is Korea's Biggest Arms Client

A couple things about the execution and STATE vs FED power

Bernie Sanders email: "Why do Republicans hate Social Security?" PLEASE SIGN ON to SS PROMISES ACT!

Anonymous Plans 'Day of Vengeance' to Protest Execution, Arrests

Bill would create ID card for all veterans (to keep cards free would allow advertising on card)

Cigarette makers, FDA clash over new graphic ads

Young boys cage-fighting in UK prompts outcry But organizers of sold-out event will face no charges,

A Survivor's Story: Resolute Bay plane crash

23 Chicago union leaders get $56 million in pensions

We are fast becoming a "Mad Max" society.

Taiwan to receive US arms package

Read Michael Moore's new book "Here Comes Trouble."

If you stare at Boehner and squint your eyes.. his close set eyes almost turn into one,

Roger Altman: America and Europe are on the verge of disastrous recession

Rachel Maddow interviews Allen Ault, former warden at prison where Troy Davis was executed

Could No Child Left Behind be history?

I guess HP wasn't messed up enough by Carly Fiorina, bringing in Meg Whitman as CEO

Perry's Middle East stance both religious and political

She Should Run:. website designed to help women into politics

The Supreme Court SUCKS!

Everyone did the legal procedures right!

Everyone did the legal procedures right!

Important question about #occupywallstreet

Tonight on Countdown

Why not BOYCOTT the United States (Troy Davis)?

Giant Anaconda caugh on the banks of the Rewa River in Guyana - magnificent.

Debt Deal Comes Back to Haunt Boehner in Disaster Aid Fight

GA Judge Ousted For Smoking Pot, Pulling A Gun In The Courthouse

Warnings mount on euro crisis, credit crunch

So, at the first debate the audience applauded execution of convicts,

Should a family's feelings even enter into it?


Napolitano: Disaster aid fund 'running on fumes'

God Bless all those that speak truth to power

Who Paid The Ransom For The Hikers....

Who Paid The Ransom For The Hikers....

Holy facting shite!!! Is it all out racism yet????

Pakistan spy agency accused of directing attacks against US targets

We are Troy Davis

Day two of coverage of occupy wall street

Al Sharpton is sharp tonight!

Alleged Sony Entertainment Computer Hacker From LulzSec Arrested by FBI

Forbes 400: A Banner Year For The Richest In America

I really do love this guy.

Troy Davis/Samuel Crowe - Can you spot the difference?

Truth, beauty and wisdom in an age that has placed it’s faith in mere information….

Recession's second act would be worse than the first

PHOTO of the DAY (JAPAN) Typhoon Roke exclusives (Dial up warning)

electoral-vote is back, and could use some love

Video: Don’t You Dare! Project

Tea bag Blues...

Tea bag Blues...

Need help finding origin of Bachmann stupidity...

Bachmann = A real V for Vendetta scenario

"Oh my god! Have you seen/heard of this (filthy/racist/idiotic) thing?!? No? HERE it is!"

Amazing Grace for this World we supposedly Love but Ignore in favor of MOOT MINUTIAE

Texas Abolishes Last Meal Requests For Death Row Inmates

Is electing the perfect president the answer to everything?

FNC runs COMMERCIALS during the Repub nominee debate???

Delta flight lands at JFK after bird strike

D.A. Craig Watkins takes on Wall Street with MERS lawsuit.

*** OFFICIAL Fox Noise Repuke Debate Thread ***

*** OFFICIAL Fox Noise Repuke Debate Thread ***

2 years for man in cat-sex case (throwing the cat out a seventh-floor window while on meth)

Dramatic Puppy Rescue

I had my students write telling me t

Elizabeth Warren: Liberal simplification

About Meg Whitman/HP - boycott from now on.

Ha! Ha! Please vote for Zombie Road!!!

Rachel is tearing the Kochroaches a new one

Whatever Will The Baggers Do If Their Nominee Is Huntsman?

The Democratic Party is not ideological enough to deal with an

Can someone who understands economics better than I do explain this? It looks interesting..

Death Row Inmate Game: Spot the Difference.

Herman Cain thinks regulating dust is a silly new concept from Obama the administration

Campaign T-shirt Fail; Sarah Palin Edition: Get with the Heroin.

K&R if you think this country deserves whatever it gets if Rick Perry is elected

tweety is quite the liberal today!

"Ich Bin Ein Israel Guy." (Noonan: Perry Looked Like 'Cheap Buffoon' Giving Israel Speech)

This debate is absolute proof that Faux is a GOP propaganda tool and nothing more.

Lawmakers target China for Beijing’s “economic murder” of US jobs

S. Korean sex workers protest anti-prostitution laws

Finance software bug causes $217m in investor losses

John Nichols, The Nation: Rick Perry's Attack on Democracy (& ALEC's role)

John Nichols, The Nation: Rick Perry's Attack on Democracy (& ALEC's role)

Irony: Rick Santorum is participating in a debate sponsored by Google.

Jesus on capital punishment

Who should have a piece of that satellite, uh, "reach out and touch" them?

Nation's Wealthiest One Percent Demands Minority Status

Florida Republican Debate ~ The Republican DEMOLISHING of Perry's Campaign

"Mr. Boehner, rebuild this bridge!"

Yep, they're promising to repeal "Obamacare".

Missing teen found in Colorado with Registered Sex Offender

Trying to post on Fox

Palin Wants Money to Help with Decision

An old, preferably orange, Volvo station wagon was voted "the most Berkeley car ever".

VIDEO: Audience Members At Fox News Debate Boo Gay Soldier (VIDEO)

Is this number of primary debates normal?

Andy Borowitz: "The only time I ever pray for Rapture is when I'm watching a Republican debate."

Alec Baldwin, Michelle Malkin trade Twitter barbs over Troy Davis

We are no more civilized or advanced than the most primitive of peoples on this planet.

what does this tweet mean?


So how bad is the dollar doing vs European currencies?

Watchng FAUX. Have I ever seen so many stupid, unpleasant people in one room?

How do I find out shareholder info on a Corp?

Colbert had possibly the best coverage

DoD barred from abortion coverage by Federal Statute.

How Much Are The Repugs Willing To Spend On Border Security?....

wtf?! what are those trucks doing on that bridge behind Pres. Obama?

GOP Debate Descends Into Weird Sex Fantasies

If one argument for the death penalty is to deter crime, what

Republicans sure love cheering for themselves.

Navy extends sea duty for 60,000 sailors

The death penalty is wrong...but

What I don't get is that Republicans want no chance that a bad guy gets away, even if it means an

Apple has banned a game that depicts the working conditions and suicides related to Foxconn

No Herman Cain. You survived because you are rich and could BUY your healthcare.

Loyalty to a dubious agenda

Former Lake County Indiana sheriff's officers charged for trafficking in machine guns

Georgia has ruined America's reputation worldwide (pic heavy):

Oh... Hell... MUST SEE TV: $600 Trillion Of 'Dark Market Debt'/Dylan Ratigan On Martin Bashir Today

Fullerton police officer behind bars in homeless man's death

All executions are barbaric and wrong...

$16 muffins? No, says Hilton - TOTAL cost per person, for everything, at the reception was $14.74

Who was the candidate who gained the most steam tonight?

Who was the candidate who gained the most steam tonight?

Huntsman Condemns Booing Of Gay Soldier

The Supreme Court isn't to blame for Tray Davis

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseeker Check In!

Great Recession yields a lost generation of workers

Republicans Boo Gay Soldier

Republicans Boo Gay Soldier

Silent thread in opposition to the death penalty. nt.

I can't drive 299,792,458 m/s, but neutrinos might go even faster!

I can't drive 299,792,458 m/s, but neutrinos might go even faster!

To all the glbt people out there offended by the reaction of the debate audience tonight - it gets

Anyone notice that NONE of the GOP candidates thanked the gay army soldier for his service

Killer spared from death hours before execution

Elizabeth Warren is following me on twitter

Elizabeth Warren is following me on twitter

Somehow, Troy Davis's execution has been the last straw for me.

Perry fights back on secession claim

Live Blog for #OccupyWallStreet: Day Six, Solidarity with Troy Davis

Bachmann claims Cos. aren't hiring because of Obamacare.

Silent Thread for Mark McPhail

Poverty soars among young families in US

If you're white don't make the fatal mistake and think you could never be falsely accused for murder

Perry stumbles during the debate according to CNN. Tea Party guy says everybody

A Trip to the Social Security Office.

Teamsters met our family need (ran on 9-14-11 Omaha World Herald Public Pulse)

Using soda bottles to bring light to the Phillipine's poor

Raw Story: Professor sues Pittsburgh for using sonic device at G-20 protest

Couple Threatened With $500-Per-Meeting Fines For Home Bible Study

Jaycee Dugard sues feds over handling of abductor

Ah Privatization... Apparently They Subcontracted The Execution Of Troy Davis

New twist: GOP debate crowd boos soldier in Iraq

Oh Shit... Here's A Truly Frightening Headline...

The nickname for the Republican party should be::::>

Obama's UN Debacle - The Nation

I don't get it about Perry.

The Rude Pundit: Random Thoughts Regarding the Murder of Troy Davis

The Truth About "Class War" in America

"99 Percenters Occupy Wall Street" By Amy Goodman

"99 Percenters Occupy Wall Street" By Amy Goodman

"99 Percenters Occupy Wall Street" By Amy Goodman

OK - I went in. First time I've watched any part of any GOP debate. 15 min in - scared shitless -

Elizabeth Warren/Brian Schweitzer 2016

A closer look at the Republican voters...

Warren Buffett Gave His Tax Return To Charlie Rose Last Month

Why do our (U.S.) diplomats walk out each time Ahmadinejad speaks?

Why do our (U.S.) diplomats walk out each time Ahmadinejad speaks?

Silicon Valley Howls With Laughter At Thought of Meg Whitman Being CEO of HP

SCREENSHOT: Fox News on ''How to Encourage Job Growth''

Help me respond to a Republican relative

Last meals on death row

Okay, once again, President Obama did not have the power to commute Troy Davis' sentence.

Okay, once again, President Obama did not have the power to commute Troy Davis' sentence.

In the Texas A&M Corps of Cadets, we had a name for Rick Perry. (with pic)

Borowitz Report- Rabid Dog Briefly Mistaken for Tea Party Candidate

Killer spared from death hours before execution in Georgia

Photos of Georgia Pardons and Parole Board Member Murderers.

Marry ME, Sam!! KS NOW has a proposal.

Marry ME, Sam!! KS NOW has a proposal.

Troy Davis and Our Pro-Life Government

Can Elizabeth Warren win in Massachusetts? Maybe not—regardless of how many votes she gets….

CERN scientists 'break the speed of light'

Oprah-Backed Charter School Denying Disabled Collides With Law

Obama's legacy has already been established...

I've been away for a while and just curious why President Obama

Holy god. Finally somebody said it out loud. Ms. Warren for President

TX ends "last meal" for death row inmates

"Screwing People Over To Make A Buck:" Assange Statement On Publication Of 'Autobiography'

Lol.Palin bigotbot fail.

A wrongful execuion for murder means that the real murderer is still at large..

Guardian UK: Occupy Wall Street: the protesters speak

“Mere factual innocence is no reason not to carry out a death sentence properly reached”

“Mere factual innocence is no reason not to carry out a death sentence properly reached”

Warren Harding could teach Barack Obama a thing or two in the Troy Davis case

Our sponsor did WHAT??

What is wrong with Rick Perry's neck?

OnStar Discloses That it Will Track Customers Without a Plan

Well, I'm taking one for the team and watching the f@ckshow debate thread.

Canada to Build Twenty-foot Fence if Perry Elected Could Be Electrified, Border Officials Warn

Constitutional Convention, anyone?

Fox intentionally obscuring Google logo in Santorum shots

Murder witness ignored dying deliveryman

This Discussion about President Obama ...

Elizabeth Warren Strikes Terror Into Rush Limbaugh’s Heart

Slavery Footprint: How Many Forced Laborers Work For You?

Desmond Tutu, Jimmy Carter and the Pope didn't have the power to commute Davis' sentence either

Tacoma teacher strike over

UPDATE: Statement from GOProud regarding GOP boo'ing gay soldier at debate

"Well, that's just life!" A young Republican Christian's answer to

I Was Wrong

Rick Perry Asks Republican Voters to Quit Their State Jobs

An opposing view on the execution of Tray Davis

OBAMA: "Mr. Boehner. Mr. McConnell. Help us rebuild this bridge! Help us rebuild America!"

CREW: 2011's Most Corrupt Congress List

Elisabetta Canalis: I'd Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur

Larry Flynt offering $1,000,000 for dirt on Rick Perry

NEVER EVER allow yourself to be interrogated by police without an attorney

So we just got an $1,800 check from American Cool Air....

Is it just me or is the economy insane?

Things That Apple Is Worth More Than.

Things That Apple Is Worth More Than.

At One Time I Was Pro Death Penalty,...

Recession taking toll on "lost generation"

Recession taking toll on "lost generation"

Visa, MasterCard to Raise Fees on Small Buys

Visa, MasterCard to Raise Fees on Small Buys

I read John Grisham's "The Confession" about two months ago.

I keep thinking the news can't get any worse:

Rob Bell, 'Love Wins' author, to leave Mars Hill church

Republican health care plans compared

What happens to those folks that were just getting ready to get their money out of the market?




Texas to stop allowing condemned to choose last meals.


Oct. 1st: 11.1% rate slash will be applied to Medicare payments to nursing home facilities.

Why Is TV Suddenly Overstuffed With Buxom Bunnies, Sexy Stewardesses, and Charlie's Angels?

A world of pain out there...

A world of pain out there...

Mount Kerkeslin Jasper National Park Alberta.

Sonny Clark Quintet - Blue Minor

Got some new stylish fall boots & I'm ready to step out on the town...

The art of satire is alive and well

Lessons learned today:

Though I'm sure "Deer in the Headlights" is an apt title

please delete. sorry. nt.

Confused by the news......

The Beatles have broken up

Keep repeating to yourself: "It's NOT my fault!" "It's NOT my fault!" "It's NOT my fault!" etc.

The Continents have broken up.

And in other news.......The Rolling Stones haven't broken up

BREAKING: Generalíssimo Francisco Franco is still dead; no word on Abe Vigoda

Cats are quite aware that WE have a misguided sense of priorities.

Anyone ever notice the most "manly" activities have homoerotic elements to them?

There's NOTHING better than snuggling up on a cold, cold day.

Did Baskin Robbins add a new flavor?

Survivor: Weasel Brandon writing his own exit ticket

This is your dog (left) - this is your dog on drugs (right)

Look at the picture, then read the comment

Flautas de pollo is my new favourite dish. What is yours?

Damn cuppies.

Oh, those clean-cut boys out o' Texas!!!

Girl with the Dragon Tattoo -- extended trailer!

Best ad I've seen in years...

Has anyone bought the Pajama Genes?

Android Phone Fans- need help!

What sorta stuff is on your walls. I have pictures of my grandmother's homes on my walls.

Seagull vs. Escalator

Wating for momma

"Oh don't KNOW how good your timing is."

How...does it feel?

Traffic jam

Is this comment thinly veiled racism?


Very cool

I wouldn't usually post this here, but I'm watching the debate and

So where does the Red Brick Road go?

If I had money, I would pay famous filmmakers to produce short films during the Super Bowl

Best Wedding Photo ever ...or is it?

Favorite Charlie's Angel?

A Question For My Fellow DUers With Cats In their Families.

Anyone seen the movie "Brides Maids"? Is it any good?

Do you really care about Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston?

Man attempting to live off breast milk

Dan Rather sings with R.E.M.

Why life is worth living today.

Has anyone gotten the "Search.Conduit" virus?

Irving, Texas blows!

Ain't that America.....

Autistic Guy Sings National Anthem. And gets some help from the crowd.

Your plane is crashing to the ground, death is certain, what's on your Death Playlist?

An old, preferably orange, Volvo station wagon was voted "the most Berkeley car ever".

Chasm between the obscenely rich and...well, everybody else

Balkan Beat Box - "War Again"

MiddleFingerMom has been adding to his job skills repertoire. (poss DIAL-UP warning)

“I'd warn anyone who's in a relationship with a dolphin. You have to plan an exit strategy,”

The Man Cave. Is there a feminine equivalent?

Ted Haggard to appear on wife swap television show

Witnessed an accident tonight on my way home...

The SWEETEST kitties in the whole darn world -- EVER!!!

Has anyone bought the Pajama Jeans?

What is your decor style. Mine would be wood and wicker. And books everywhere.

U.A.W. Shelves Chrysler Talks and Turns to Ford

Radical Cleric’s Path, Now at a Crossroads, Could Turn Iraq, Too

Federal Reserve to buy longer-term bonds to try to lower interest rates, boost economy

N.H. poll shocker: Perry falls, Romney surges as does Jon Huntsman

GOP House leaders rebuked on spending

Exclusive: Murdoch execs told of hacking evidence in 2006

Largest state unions won't seek recertification by Thursday deadline

Orlando firm gets war court contract

In addition to breaking up The Beatles, what other disasters has Yoko Ono been responsible for?

House GOP regroup after loss on spending bill

Voluntary pipeline move doubted (TransCanada oil sands)

Pakistan 'supported Kabul embassy attack' - Mike Mullen

Bill Clinton: How to create jobs now - video

AP IMPACT: NYPD Eyed US Citizens In Intel Effort

Schoolboy was beaten 'for being a Muslim'

Calderon: Drug consumer countries 'morally obliged' to cut demand; consider 'market alternatives'

FBI Arrests Suspected LulzSec and Anonymous Hackers

More in Michigan fall into poverty

H-P Set to Name Whitman CEO

John Boehner says ‘no threat’ of a shutdown after spending bill loss

BBC, ITN and Sky News give riot footage to police

Controversial Islamic Cultural Center Opens (near Ground Zero)

US Senate beats back Taiwan arms measure

WWI flying ace honoured 81 years after death

Neb. tops country in income growth

McCotter drops long shot bid for GOP presidential nomination

U.S. Reopens Its Embassy in Libya

Royal family member put in charge at Al Jazeera

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday, September 22, 2011

UC students protest funding cuts

Gov't opposes full severance pay for military gays

Planned Parenthood's Canadian funding renewed

Public Said to Be Misled on Use of the Patriot Act

Silicon Valley Howls With Laughter At Thought of Meg Whitman Being CEO of HP

Tony Bennett apologizes for 9/11 remark

Senior UK figures call for release of Colombian human rights activist .

Liberal senator to testify over 1995 assassination

Southwest Airlines Planes May Have Arabic Symbols, Feds Investigating

Murdoch paper hacked minister's voice mail: sources

Wall Street Joins Global Stock Plunge After Fed Move

Republicans demand Buffett’s tax returns

Unemployment Insurance Weekly Claims Report (09/22/2011)

CERN claims faster-than-light particle measured

NC men declared innocent after serve decade on murder charges

California Governor Jerry Brown Visits Marshall Elementary School in Fowler to Sign Bill to Restore

Sen. Brown’s aides bill him “underdog”

Dead federal retirees are paid $120 million annually, report says

Professor sues Pittsburgh for using sonic device at G-20 protest

Mass. GOP Urges (Harvard University President) Faust To Withhold Warren's Pay

Obama to issue No Child Left Behind waivers to states

FBI Arrests Suspected LulzSec and Anonymous Hackers

Meg Whitman Named HP CEO

(Jaycee Dugard) Kidnap victim files complaint, blasting feds' 'inexcusable' lack of oversight

Anonymous Promises Revenge Attacks For Occupy Wall Street Police Violence

Maggie Gallagher Out at NOM; Replacement No Better

Perry Leads GOP Pack, Tops Romney 1 On 1 In Florida, Quinnipiac University Poll Finds; Obama Trails

New Clinton book coming in November

U.N.: Iran's Mahmoud Ahmadinejad speaks; many diplomats walk out

Libyan rebels discover Gaddafi's chemical weapons

NYT: Taxes, the Deficit and the Economy: Higher Taxes for the Rich

Feingold Group To Press Super Committee On Buffett Rule

Sen. Kerry, Rep. Nadler Introduce Fair Housing Bill for LGBTs

If you are upset about the Troy Davis execution, DO SOMETHING

2:30 EDT Thursday - President Obama speaks at the Brent Sprent Bridge in Cincinnati

Fable #2

We are fast becoming a "Mad Max" society.

Clinton, context, and coverage — a case study

Bernie Sanders: President "talking the language that the American people...want to hear"

George Soros: The United States is already in a double dip recession

Republican Party of Florida has big week here in Florida ending with Saturday straw poll

Senate passes worker aid bill tied to trade deals

Anybody know who's carrying the Debate tonight? n/t

The GOP debate format is terrible tonight.

I have a feeling once the GOP picks one of these nuts the Dems will rally behind Obama.

Have there been any polls of Obama's LGBT approval since DADT died?

90s of Full On Loon

Barack Obama 'will veto' Palestinian UN bid

Watching these debates, and commercial between this debate! How

Who is behind the new Repuke candidate Johnson?

We had a term in the military for a gaggle of losers like what you see when you watch a 2011 GOP

Republican Debate Crowd Boos Steven Hill, Gay Soldier Serving In Iraq (VIDEO)

President Obama and Ohioans having a great ole time right now!

Another debate in Florida? I'm more convinced than ever that Rubio will be the VP candidate.

N.H. poll shocker: Perry falls, Romney surges as does Jon Huntsman

Audience Members At Fox News (Republican) Debate Boo Gay Solider

No Good Moves For Boehner After Republicans, Dems Defect On Bill To Avert Government Shutdown

Boehner, Cantor In Big Trouble After Big CR Defeat

Obama to Republicans at Boehner's bridge: What are you waiting for?

There have been been more than 130 executions in the U.S. since President Obama took office

E.J. Dionne, Jr.: When Socialism Saves Capitalism

R.E.M. vs Newt and his '94 GOP goons — "Revolution"

What should Obama's tag line be?

Obama admin opposes full severance pay for military gays dismissed under DADT

A Presidential Appointment of Note: Philip Zelikow

Fox News Promotes Brainwashing Christian Children's Book

TYT: Rick Perry Corruption Exposed

The Nation: Black President, Double Standard: Why White Liberals Are Abandoning Obama

For those insisting that President Obama should have intervened in the Troy Davis case, two words:

For the Record: Rick Perry, 9 April 2009

Thom Hartmann: Guess who's in the 250,000 mile high club?

Thom Hartmann: Did we almost have a Stet Tax?

GOPers in Battle of the Bulge unable to dislodge Pres Obama from Bastogne

Your Take/My Take - Some Intellectual Smut from Thom Hartmann...

Japanese Tsunami Viewed From A Car

Occupy Wall Street Protests

Should Obama have intervened in the Troy Davis case?

TYT: Obama Wrong About Palestinian State?

"As an editor, you develop a B.S. meter-no journalist..sets off my bullshit alarm like Ron Suskind"

MSNBC: Jobs and the Economy : Bernie Sanders

CENK is Right Again: Super Committee LOWERS Corporate Tax Rate

How many times are innocent people convicted and in some cases executed

New Poll: Perry surges in FL vs. Romney

Papantonio: The “I Hate Everything” Tea Party is Dangerous

Keiser Report: Troika Tanks & Junta Bots (E187)

Rep. Keith Ellison encourages Democrats to "be who you are and fight"

Young Turks: Cenk Loves Occupy Wall Street

Bill O'Reilly " We Never Bombed Anybody Before 911"

Anonymous - Invalid, paradoxical, dangerous and deceitful capitalistic financial system manifests

TDPS: Even if you like Buffett tax, Do We Want Corporate Bigwigs Influencing Policy?

Olberman calls out media hypocrites on Countdown (9/21/2011)

Papantonio: Trade Deals Are Killing American Jobs

This Land is Your Land by Mojo Nixon

Fox News Has Love Fest for Edited Clinton Remarks

Obama and Glee

Obama speaks at Brent Spence Bridge in Cincinatti - Sep 22, 2011

Obama denies UN bid for Palestine

Let Him Die - Ad being run in Florida

Dog Poop Highlights GOP Debate

49% now "definitely plan to vote against " President Obama in 2012, while only 36% favor reelection.

GOP Debate fans boo soldier because he is gay

Thom Hartmann: Elizabeth Warren cut right through the BS

What's with Russell Crowe's being "total buds" with Rick Perry?

Request advice re.: Alex Jones/Ron Paul and duped citizens.

How Marx Came to Discover the Alienation of Labor

Poverty an invisible issue in GOP race

Obama to Outline Plan Overriding Education Law.

Report: Border Patrol accused of abusing detainees

Suicide rates for middle-age people highest since 1998

How many times can a corporation break the law and continue to exist? The Massey Energy case....

Oxfam warns about effects of 'land rush'

Four Tax Facts for Congress Deficit Super Panel

Boehner's deficit of leadership

On the two executions Wednesday night.

John Boehner: 'No threat' of shutdown over disaster aid (after a stunning Repub defeat)

Public Said to Be Misled on Use of the Patriot Act

Robert Parry: The Dark Legacy of Reaganomics

Editorial - Georgia on my mind (Lovely County Citizen)

Can we thank George Ryan yet for sparing us from death penalty media chaos?

Death penalty for Troy Davis highlights problems with eyewitness accounts (Star-Ledger Editorial)

Great Recession yields a lost generation of workers

Soros: US Is Already in Double-Dip Recession

Massachusetts GOP Urges Harvard Not To Pay Elizabeth Warren’s Salary

Steve Bell on the execution of Troy Davis – cartoon

Will the execution of Troy Davis help to end the death penalty in the United States? - poll

A Secret Inheritance Is Being Stolen From You Right Now

Amid criticism by West, India strongly defends its tariff walls

China's healthcare more accessible

The Countrywide Fraud Machine (CJR)

Pass the Populism - A potluck dinner at the edge of the civilized world

Health Care Versus Wealth Care

As Liberals, an Open Mind is Our Biggest Asset and Achilles' Heel

$1 Trillion In Loans? How Student Debt Is Killing the Economy and Punishing an Entire Generation

Tainted Cantaloupe 55 Sickened, 8 Dead

How is This?: "Kill a Black Man" is Still a BUCKET LIST Item for Authoritarian Southern Males

Rick Perry's Florida Co-Chair: Gays Cause Tornadoes

Young Farmers: A Growing Movement

Scottish nuclear fuel leak 'will never be completely cleaned up'

The men who crashed the world

Dumbest Quotes from the GOP Presidential Candidates