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Senate Appropriators Spare James Webb Space Telescope From The Chopping Block, For Now

'I was ... preparing to die,' witness at Nevada air race crash says

Michelle Bachman on Leno in a few minutes (12:13am)

$3.92 Gal South King County......Seattle WTF!!!

$3.92 Gal South King County......Seattle WTF!!!

Compelling witness testimony from Reno

Reno Air Crash: Warning graphic @35:00

In Medal of Honor battle, senior officers failed

Answers to the Friday Afternoon Challenge!

Lost 5 Years, a Colorado Cat Finds Her Way to Manhattan

Sorry to interrupt

Sorry to interrupt

Tea Party: People on unemployment benefits are lazy / Study: People on unemployment find work faster

NPR debates American journalism and abortion

I Saw It for the First Time Today..A Liquor Ad, as I signed in at Yahoo Mail

Brazil catches Irish man with gut full of cocaine

Jeb Bush to lead for-profit disaster response company

On my 10-year DU anniversary

Wikileaks memorabilia auction on eBay to raise funds

Reality check checklist.

This is just funny...

And I love what you do, don't you know that you're toxic?

Toon: Executions as entertainment

Toon: Executions as entertainment

Toon: Executions as entertainment

U.S. to announce F-16 upgrade for Taiwan: lobby group

Companies ejected from London arms fair for 'promoting cluster bombs'

Any word / photos on Occupy Wall Street USDOR?

China to spend $46.89 billion for development of Tibet

I think we'd feel a bit better if we met up with other liberals on a somewhat-regular basis.

The No-Name Companies Selling More Phones Than Samsung, LG, and Apple Combined

One question I'd like to ask the 'let him die' crowd:

BIG GAG time.

AZ foreclosure crisis becomes reality show fodder

Luckovich Toon on Troy Davis

Wall Street's Secret Oil Games By Bernie Sanders Sept. 16, 2011

AP Exclusive: Officials slam corn syrup rebranding

Chris Hayes first show is first rate

Studying love, sex now must in China

Above The Law - USA (17 Sep 11)

"Conspiracy to destroy American liberties forever"

"Conspiracy to destroy American liberties forever"

What needs reform isn't Medicare.

Too obvious for 'Baggers to get: Funding cuts mean going on Unemployment

Subtle acts reshape military society amid repeal

Kentucky voices: Weather disasters warn us human existence at stake

Michigan House bans domestic partnership benefits

Middle Class Death Watch roundup:

I'm a "HEROE$"

I'm a "HEROE$"

Middle Class Death Watch: 28% of Americans Who Were Part of the Middle Class Have Fallen Out

Europe puts brakes on Greek bailout

Lady Gaga designs Polaroid printer

From occupy wall street photos

From occupy wall street photos

Iowa in danger. Terry Branstad has bought off a Democratic Senator

Cervical Cancer Survivor: Planned Parenthood Saved My Life

Reno Air Crash-- how bad it could have been...

Obama debt-cut plan seen topping $1.5 trillion


Cataloupe recall, listeriosis danger, for following states:

States struggle for financing to meet road needs

In China, what you eat tells who you are

(MI) House passes bill barring districts from deducting teachers' union dues

Fuck Anthony Weiner. Stop apologizing for him. Stop rationalizing his actions as normal.

You should pass this bill...

Eleanor Mondale, daughter of Walter Mondale, dies at 51

Constitutional change would protect initiatives

'Being a Progressive means your intellect has evolved to a higher plane than the average teabagger'

Enigma Code machine to be auctioned

Encourage strong, vocal support of federal infrastructure investments -

Pakistani Taliban vow to attack weddings and funerals of their enemies

Tacoma judge wants names of teachers who defied order to end strike

Death Toll Rises from Reno Air Show Crash

More and more my reactions to stories posted on DU are falling into two general categories..

Time bomb

Kara Kennedy dies at age 51 (Ted's daughter)

Conversation with a Stranger by Jean Carnahan

The $hiti never sleeps......because it needs every waking hour to f**k over its customers

Alan Grayson Olbermann on Tea Party Death Panel Party

Rep Steve King (Idiot-IA) Unemployment in America caused by 'a nation of slackers'

Booted frequent flier takes on airline

Why is America threatening the Palestinians for attempting UN recognition?

The Lehman Lesson UBS’s Rogue Trader Missed--- Make sure your losses are authorized.

So what are we bashing Obama about today?

The GOPers are so envious, jealous of Pres Obama their undies are in a wad

Assassinated: Brazilian Judge Who Stood Up, Is Shot Down

Hitch over bail for US hikers held in Iran

Protesters Begin Effort to ‘Occupy Wall Street’ (with link to live feed)

NBC News: The only daughter of the late Senator Edward Kennedy, Kara Kennedy Allen, passed away sudd

What is a September 14th action?

It's some weird stuff going on in front of wall street and no media outlet is covering it.

Talk about egging the wrong house .........

White House wary of Solyndra re-election effects - MSM holding back the story??

A wedding and all that we bring to it (Peter St. Onge)

FB is saying Occupy Wall Street has been censored on Twitter. Anyone know about this?

California and six other state attorneys general join suit to block AT&T

Man Walks Out of Bank, Sets Himself on Fire

Mitch McChinless is having 33 million bites of watermelon 2day...

Mitch McChinless is having 33 million bites of watermelon 2day...

ALEC exposed

Breaking on M$NBComcast - another Kennedy loss

Control of the media...

War is not Liberation. Period.

Supporter Of Ohio Union Law Shields Donors

Censorious Georgia Mayor Shuts Down "Rocky Horror" Production

Boeing 747-8 Hits ‘Horrendous’ Setback

"In China, what you eat tells who you are"..."Chinese government officials have exclusive suppliers"

"In China, what you eat tells who you are"..."Chinese government officials have exclusive suppliers"

Putin's vanity photos: is he actually an American mole who has infiltrated the Kremlin?

The Phony Solyndra Solar Scandal

Why I oppose Obama's Jobs Bill? SCA is why!

US defends right to pursue threats, no matter the country

Clean The Beach 2011

The Attack of the Killer Capitalists

I gotta ask: What's the point of holding this Wall Street Protest on a Saturday?

Michele Bachmann gets no laughs from Jay Leno

'A wonderful pilot, not a risk taker'

Twitter: 500,000 now in protest. ( can any one find another source for this #?)

Foo Fighters dressed like Hillbillies for Phelp's nutwits.

Mirror mirror on the wall....will the Arab Spring morph into the American Fall?

Mirror mirror on the wall....will the Arab Spring morph into the American Fall?

You Just Know When You Have a Tea Bagger On The.....

Brad Pitt Blames Marriage Inequality on "Blatant, Ugly Bigotry"

Brad Pitt Blames Marriage Inequality on "Blatant, Ugly Bigotry"

Five Women Who Made WAVES

This is a political strategy? Don't vote for Elizabeth Warren. She's *too* smart . . .

Calling All New York DUers! Thousands Protest On Wall Street?

web site to Feed Wall St. Protesters.

Why Do Some Think There Are Half-Way Choices?

Some nutwinger on KPHO, photographer, who was in Reno to shoot race said the crash was "an

Some nutwinger on KPHO, photographer, who was in Reno to shoot race said the crash was "an

Archie Comics' gay wedding: Too political?

Toon: Republican Science Fair

Republicans play to young voters' discontent

Former senator Charles Percy died


Tea Party Activist to Challenge Boehner in Next Primary

To anyone involved in collecting monies for Democratic representatives

FBI Raid Involving Walker Campaign Records May Foretell Bigger Threat

Georgia Mayor Shuts Down Rocky Horror As Too Risqué

$54K reward being offered for hitter and runner in Scottsdale.

Omaha Steve & Marta election update 9-17-11

Extra inspectors recruited to target wealthy tax avoiders (UK)

Salon -- Exciting new talking point: Jobs bill is "blue state bailout"

Just Another History Nugget Of How It Was...

Wall Street protesters inspired by Arab Spring movement

It is my firm belief that many disenchanted repubicans have, over the last 10 years, become Dems

"My Job Is To Watch Dreams Die"

"My Job Is To Watch Dreams Die"

Latest Texas figures shows net jobs loss in August

Ever see the Barney Frank vs. the LaRouchie debate video? LOL

The lack of a good socialist movement is hurting America

Countdown: DADT gone in 3 days

Michael Moore on C-Span 2: First night of book tour

1297 Magna Carta goes on display

"It's comin' right for us!": Idaho's current method of grizzly management

Patriotic American freeper "FlingWingFlyer" takes exception to "hate" in Joe McGinniss Palin bio

Obama tax plan to demand more of millionaires

Wall Street Occupation would have some legs if the news showed up

Eleanor Mondale, daughter of Walter Mondale, dies

Latest Texas jobs figures shows net jobs loss, unemployment highest in 24 years

Survey IDs challenges facing homeless

Danes end far-right’s influence

Next time a RW'er whines about the Solyndra scandal, send them this

How we appear to incoming aliens

Rick Perry’s Texas Hits Highest Unemployment Percentage In 24 Years

We Could All Be Next

It will be Huntsman v. Obama

FDA: It’s corn syrup, now shut up and own it

Teddy Roosevelt speech, 1906

Teddy Roosevelt speech, 1906

How does your state handle voter registration issues like this one?

Egyptian Revolution, Month 7: "Down, down, military rule."

Comment is free The ailing euro is part of a wider crisis. Our capitalist system is near meltdown

Moving beyond 'blame the teacher'

You All Should Take a Look Here....

Evidence grows of Tony Blair's links with Gaddafi

Europe to Geithner: Don't you have a plane to catch?

The most harrowing images I've seen from Reno (no gore)

Foo Fighters vs the Westboro Baptist Church

Calif. GOP looks to Hispanic voters for revival

Sessions: (Former FBI Director) Should Davis be Executed? No.

Republicans play to young voters' discontent

Palestine statehood vote a predicament for Obama

Salon - The theft of the American pension

The liberal disaffection myth

Justice is Coming

Does anyone have any links to reports from other countries on the Wall Street Occupation?

Tablet Computers Replacing Servers at Some Restaurants

Chinese villagers protest pollution from solar panel factory.

Are the plutocrats looking to turn economies into a new kind of apartheid?

Voters living on ramen (and less) need to note politicians who piss & moan over "The Buffet Rule."

White House brewing it's own beer

The people who have been hurt the worst by the Bush recession support President Obama the most

Antibiotics losing the fight against deadly bacteria

Sunday Talk Shows

Americans scrimp while Congress travels, gives staff bonuses

did anyone see the bachmann campaign ad wherein she advocated choice?

It's 2011, why don't we have a fleet of hydrofoils in Pamlico Sound?

It's 2011, why don't we have a fleet of hydrofoils in Pamlico Sound?

Blogger looking for New Orleans whistleblower about charter school problems.

I need help with a response to an e-mail.."Why repub men are happiest."

97 had a 10% chance of strengthening last night

I shook hands with Rick Perry last night.

Had a talk with a Republican friend tonight. Yes I know sounds a little Oxymoronic.

Nobel Peace Prize Winners Urge Obama to Reject Tar Sands Pipeline - Care2 Causes NRDC

Is NYC really starting to turn deep red?

Wall St demo pic of a 1,000 words:

Vladimir Putin - MAN Of ACTION- 34 photos of.... AWESOME

Now hear this you silly Gandhi-loving, peace train, tea hugger, revolting revolutionaries

Note to SoCal Du'ers

Obama to propose ‘Buffett tax’ on millionaires

" we're going to make our own Tahrir square here" ( BIG Pic)

When did repairing bridges & interstate highways become SOCIALISM? Wish the LAMEstreamCORPORATEmedia

Foo Fighters Respond in Song to Westboro Baptist Protesters

I am excitedly waiting for the next round of Gallup presidential approval rating numbers.

Top 20 "Occupy Wall Street" Posters Here:

So.. The Constitution is 224 years old today. ., other liberals grapple with idea of supporting Obama’s reelection campaign

A few observations and questions this Saturday Morning...

Another Air Show Crash...WWII-era plane pilot dies at W.Va. air show

Another Air Show Crash...WWII-era plane pilot dies at W.Va. air show

General welfare and Unemployment

LIBYA: RESISTANCE IS FUTILE. Yet they resist --despite overwhelming odds against Nato-backed forces.

You can sum up Obama's fitness for the job by this one failure.

You can sum up Obama's fitness for the job by this one failure.

It looks like a trim tab fell off the elevator (tail) of the Reno crash plane..

Toon: Fall Trends Forcast

On TV - Dems wish that Hillary had won....not nt

Remember the KS doctor Rachel Maddow interviewed on her show?

Petition: High school kicks out gay teen

Ron Paul wins California GOP straw poll


Obama says 'Pass this jobs bill.' But what's actually in the bill?

Too many of us watch morosely from the sidelines

Can you save 2 million dollars in forty-fifty years?

omission-my ass

I just saw some of the ugliest of the Tea Party's ugly -- from a "friend" on Facebook

What took you so long MSNBC: Protesters invade NYC Financial District

ABC News: Protesters Begin Effort to ‘Occupy Wall Street’


Occupy Wall St. All Day, All Week! livestream and photos (pic heavy)

This is the beginning people!!!!

Will the NFL and the media give as much concern to this woman as they did Vick's dogs?

I'm braced for the inevitable flames, but the fact is, Bill Maher is a total asshole.

WOW! Essay from 1884 absolutely NAILS IT!!! - "Useful Work versus Useless Toil"

I donated $50 to Elizabeth Warren's campaign

Time to Stop the Real Reefer Madness

Names fail.

The Fukushima Crisis Demonstrates how Lowly the Global Elites Hold the Common People

If we don't adopt some socialist ideas now, America will wind up looking like ("communist") China.

The Dont Blink Cat

i think i got a hernia.

i think i got a hernia.

Day 4 of insomnia... ask me gespacho!

Dogs attacking sprinklers

I have a sad boy. No soccer today because of the pneumonia and I think no

Sorry to interrupt

List techno-cultural innovations/changes in just your lifetime

Amazing juggling to Paul McCartney

Ryan and Tatum trainwreck, wheels keep turning and turning

admiring the sunset

What big ears you have

Kali DOES play favorites on her ranch. Take, for instance, her favorite and BFF cow...

MiddleFingerMom has FINALLY figured out why women always go to public restrooms together.

have you ever been experienced? well, I have....

There's this strange wet stuff falling out of the sky at my house.

No caption necessary

The Fountain of Youth:

MiddleFingerMom is PRETTY sure he's had a LOT of fun in his lifetime,

When it came to relationships, MiddleFingerMom was a strong believer in "just being himself".

Once again, one of those WEIRD Lounge blips... not a SINGLE post for 8 minutes...


Jumper on the Roof with IBS

How can I be one of their best customers?


Something's going on...

Photo found of the elusive American Job Creator:

We had a whale of a good time.

Fiddler on the Roof on PBS


If you could transport yourself to some other culture to live out your life which culture would it

New show on A&E this fall, American Hoggers.

Today's College Football and Tailgate Thread

First 1K House prototype from MIT competition

World Series predictions: Which teams & how many games & who wins?

Go Longhorns!

Anyone seen the movie "Trust" with Clive Owen and Catherine Keener?

I sometimes feel sorry for my Dog.

If there's one thing I've learned and would like to pass along (at least right now), it's this:

Breakdown of Internet Arguments

A bottle of wine sounds really good right now,

Saturday, September 17. The Weekend Edition of William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day

Which Filmmaker Has Displayed the Most Repugnant Offscreen Behavior?

This dog loves bacon,maple smoked bacon

MiddleFingerMom drinks coffee for medicinal effects. He's not appreciative of ALL of those effects.

If somebody is doing something stupid AND illegal...

Who saw "Old Yeller?" Who cried when Old Yeller got shot at the end?

What food is the most fantastic when it is fresh (as compared to how you usually get it). I

The Last of the Mohicans - Promentory

If DU were a feature film

You just can't make this shit up

A Dance with Dragons discussion/ramblings (spoiler warning)

Human Geometry

love my music but...

Finally getting my own car... I need bumper sticker suggestions!

Keep DUer Rhiannon12866 and her mom in your thoughts tonight

Palestinians Will Seek Full U.N. Status, Abbas Says

U.S. Tax-Evasion Probe Leads To Israeli Banks

Court: Ordinance restricting day laborers' speech unconstitutional

Ted Kennedy's daughter, Kara, dies at 51

Reports: Greece's prime minister cancels US trip

Tacoma judge wants names of teachers who defied order to end strike

Silicon Valley gives conservative Christians a boost

Plane crashes during air show in W. Va.

Former Senator Charles Percy, a liberal Republican, dies

Turkey Refuses U.S. Mediation In Crisis With Israel

Thousands of protesters to 'Occupy Wall Street' on Saturday, other liberals grapple with idea of supporting Obama’s reelection campaign

US says evidence ties militant group to Pakistan

Bloomberg: Jobs crisis could spark riots here

Obama's approval rating drops to all-time low; Public split on jobs plan

GM Said to Raise UAW Entry-Level Wage by $2 to $3 an Hour in New Contract

Bachmann predicts a GOP win in California in 2012

Justice Department survey confirms downward trend in violent crime

Favourite line from a funeral, wedding vows, etc. I was at a funeral

Former U.S. Sen. Charles Percy (R-IL) dies

Republican leaders oppose most of Obama's jobs plan

Merkel's junior partners face Berlin poll rebuke

Liberal Democrats vow to fight rightwing policies of 'ruthless' Tories

Reno Air Crash Death Toll Rises to 9, Authorities Announce

Justice Department boosts activity to police the police

U.A.W. Reaches Tentative Agreement With G.M.

Ohio tea party activist to challenge Speaker John Boehner in 2012 GOP primary

House GOP rejects Obama jobs proposals

Justice Department survey confirms downward trend in violent crime

President Obama's tax plan to demand more of millionaires

200 Longshore workers demand orderly arrests

Sinn Fein calls for Irish constitution change

Eleanor Mondale dies

U.S. asserts unilateral terrorist capture or kill doctrine

US protesters rally to occupy Wall Street

Kara Kennedy, oldest child of Senator Edward Kennedy is said to have died of a heart attack

Diagnosed with testicular cancer : (

Bedding store that never sells used stuff?

How do you solve a problem like the Democratic Party?

Weekly Address: Passing the American Jobs Act

Something Occurred To Me About Perry's Debacle At The Debate

Bachmann calls Arab Spring "radical," blasts Obama's Middle East policy

CBS/NYT poll: 71 percent support both tax increases and spending cuts

Obama Says U.S. Still Hurting From Wall Street Crisis of 2008

Self delete. Wrong forum.

17 Years After Violence Against Women Act, Vice President Calls on New Generation to Take Action

Repubs support temporary tax cuts for the rich but oppose temp tax cuts for the middle/working class

Poll: Unless we can turn this around in the next year 'the enthusiasm gap' will kill us next year..

Kara Kennedy, daughter of Ted, dead at age 51

Bill Daley struggles to fix Barack Obama's slump

I hope all of this anger at the President is being channeled somehow.

CBS/NYT poll shows extremely high approval for elements of the President's jobs proposal

How many new 'millionaire's taxes' will be passed before election day 2012?

The Flip Side

Jimmy Carter wants Mitt Romney to be the Republican nominee

Thousands of protesters to 'Occupy Wall Street' on Saturday

GOP candidates revive private Social Security idea

President Obama's Tax Plan Will Ask More of Millionaires, call the proposal "Buffett Rule"

Obama Tax Plan Would Ask More of Millionaires

W.H. pushes back hard at Suskind

"If you don't like the current iteration of America, you need to remember that you are America."

Obama has no one to blame but himself for his predicament

Eleanor Mondale RIP

CBS/NYT poll: 64 percent of Obama voters think his performance in office has been as they expected

Bachmann: Obama Just ‘Sat On His Hands’ And Let Mubarak Fall

Here comes the clowns: Nader and West

Here comes the clowns: Nader and West

Great MoveOn image:"What's A President Gotta Do Around Here To Get Haters To Stop Hating?"

Obama Hit Pieces

Rick Perry caught telling lies about TARP

We Teach Tacoma

"Keiser Report" crypto-fascist Glenn Beck gets roasted; banks get immolated

*Countdown with Keith ...: Matt Taibbi on the "Rogue Trader" banking scandal

RT News: Private Prisons - Huge Profits for Punishment even in an Economic Collapse

(Trailer) THRIVE: What On Earth Will It Take?

TDPS: CNN "Should Uninsured Die" Question Was Actually Biased Question TO START...Watch

Capitalism: More Problems = More Profit

Gerald Celente - Things Are Going to Get Much Worse

Republicans vs. Democracy in Pennsylvania

Young Turks: Michael Moore Vs Elisabeth Hasselbeck On Osama Bin Laden

Democracy in the USA?

Wall Street Gambling: Banks pour money as collapse broods

Rick Perry Tries to Get Out of Ticket - Texas State Trooper Dashcam

Bill Burr - Chatrooms

Alan Grayson Olbermann on Tea Party Death Panel Party

$3600 for Hors D'ouevres with Bush or FREE Protest!

Stop online spying

Papantonio: Bachmann’s Warped Worldview

Message To Law Enforcers (NYPD)

Young Turks: Drug Cartel Torture, Murder To Warn Social Media Users

On the Edge with Max Keiser- Obama's jobs bill- 09-16-2011

Italy Erupting - Protesters Clash With Riot Police Over Austerity Measures

Bill Maher & K.O Talk to a Typical Republican Voter

MiniVan overloaded with 66 people(kids) in China

Foo Fighters serenade Westboro Baptist Church

Westboro Baptist meets the Foo Fighters

Mayor Blocks Occupy Wall Street

Mayor Blocks Occupy Wall Street

Michele "clueless" Bachmann uses the term Perry-care ...

GOP Offers 'Rescue Plan' for The Post Office

Dick Cheney: Son of the New Deal

Super Congress in Session - More of the Cruel Charade

Fox's War On Regulations Takes On Child Labor, Workplace Safety, Civil Rights Laws

Fear incorporated

India picks a quarrel with China

Working harder and hardly hiring

Egypt and Ethiopia to review Nile river dam

Forget HPV, CDC Recommends Mandatory Foxxinations

Neo-cons warn against losing Iraq peace

Dag Hammarskjold: Was his death a crash or a conspiracy? (BBC) {Interesting history}

American out to save boat-building art {japan}

Today I Opened My Last Unemployment Check

The Roommate Revolution: Why Living Alone is Overrated

Bachmann's Dumb Excuse For "Pray the Gay Away"

Greenpeace Video Celebrates 40 Years Of Activism (xpost)

China leads world in green energy investment

Lisa Jackson Confirms EPA Will Likely Miss Deadline For Powerplant GHG Rules

Warming Planet Pushing Species Out of Habitats Quicker Than Expected

World's Dams Nowhere Near Readiness For Impacts Of Rapid Climate Breakdown

Former judges say court cases involving nuclear plants were hard to judge

China's Best-Kept Food Secret; Organic Farms Selling Only To Political, Business Elites

Elwha Dam Demolition Underway (9/17)

something to be happy about

'Porpicide': Bottlenose dolphins killing porpoises

Petermann Ice Island (5X Manhattan) Off Newfoundland Behaving Much Like Ice Sheet It Came From

Cash-strapped California schools seek savings through solar