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LOL - Palm Beach Post: Texas governor Rick Perry uncovers scam of the century

Question regarding Fahrenheit 9/11...

On global change and history

On this 10th anniversary of 9/11, wtmusic will not be observing anything.

WaPo - "Mitt Romney finds his (corporate) voice" - Romney Doubling Down On Corporations Are People

BART officials defend police tactics at protest

Think Progress - "Romney: I’d Like To Repeal Wall Street Reform" - Romney A Moderate? Really?

He was a fortune teller....

You know, I kinda think everything will be ok.

Ok, this is Weird. Why does FaceBook 'selectively' make user accounts 'unavailable'?

A Day to Mourn, But Also a Day to Rejoice

Kinde Durkee 'Nearly Wiped Out' Loretta Sanchez's Campaign Fund

I see the NATO involvement in Libya as only very superficially different from Iraq.

Death tolls spur pro-war stance, study finds

It is 1:34am and there is a helecopter hovering over my house.

“Everyone Is Entitled To His Own Opinion . . .

What I mark on this day 10 years later is that we are so less free

Juan Cole: Ten Years after 9/11, Do the Arabs value Democracy more than We do?

Lol - Remember that Daryl Worley song "Have You Forgotten?" about 9/11?

This is the 9/11 tribute that broke my heart

REMEMBER SEPTEMBER 12th - The Hamsters

The response to 9/11 was like sending the entire country to hunt with Cheney.

During a campaign many promises are made. Some politicians honestly believe that they can make

Six months on, few signs of recovery {japan}

The Guardian is tweeting the events as they occurred in real time

The sky was so blue...

Iraq cleric to followers: Stop attacking US troops

Florida Forces Towns to Pull Local Laws Limiting Guns

Mr. Fish- Rewind

My one and only 911 post

My one and only 911 post

Can't wait to see all the former "Draft Dodgers" waving flags for 911

So we have just a couple planes with no ammo guarding the whole eastern seaboard

Nice piece on Jimmy Carter:

What are the memoralizing today??

Above The Law - USA (11 Sep 11)

Sunday's Doonesbury

Sunday's Doonesbury

Great quote about our response to 9/11:

Bush After 9/11 Says He Has No Regrets

Let’s Cancel 9/11, Bury the War State's Blank Check at Sea

TX Senator Demands That Air Force Answer to Him for Pulling "Jesus Loves Nukes" Training

Union seeks national resistance to austerity cuts {uk}

Russia's embassy in UK says hackers hit website

German Finance Minister Prepares for Possible Greek Bankruptcy

SpongeBob and football for me today thanks.

SpongeBob and football for me today thanks.

Did you know that the firefighter that stood next to bush when he visited ground zero

Noisy rebellion by Senate Democrats ?

Eleanor Roosevelt on Democracy

They killed the president and we didn't do anything about it.

Terror Threat Spurs NYC Frozen Zones, Inspections

Terror Threat Spurs NYC Frozen Zones, Inspections

My response to Kathleen Parker's absurd WaPo Piece of Dec. 9

Polls open for Guatemalans to choose new president

August 6, 2001 ~~DPB

"We'll never laugh again."

Has Anyone here had any experience with a "Flex" Credit Card?

Has Anyone here had any experience with a "Flex" Credit Card?

What are you For?

Effect of contaminated soil on food chain sparks fears, Cesium absorption through roots may have


I have never seen a more disgraceful pile of dogsqueeze in my life

Well isn't this something...Paul Ryan paid for a big share of his

G8 pledges $38bn to Arab states as IMF recognises Libya

Oscar Winner Cliff Robertson Dies in N.Y. at 88

“The Republicans … will try to make people believe that everything the Government has done ...

The war on terror is over, by Juliette Kayyem, Boston Globe Columnist

"Never Forget" vs. "Always Remember"....the propaganda of phrases..

The Years of Shame, by Paul Krugman

Bankster Civil War

Who owns the towers that are being rebuilt? Is it government owned or is there private industry

6 months later, progress mixed with uncertainty, frustration among tsunami survivors

And Rudy G Brought His......

Self-deleted by member

Miss. High Court jumped into the vat of the 'unborn'

Miss. High Court jumped into the vat of the 'unborn'

For those that believe that the payroll tax cut will undermine the popularity of Social Security

I can't believe this...No firefighters invited to 9/11 ceremonies in New York?

Understaffed Agency Regulating Pipelines Depends on Oil Industry to Regulate Itself

In Remembrance

Why is it that Jimmy Carter is seldom at these events? nt

For everyone mistakenly thinking otherwise - or just forgetting

77 US troops wounded in attack on Afghan base

Who’s Building the Do-It-Ourselves Economy?

Porn domain .xxx bans Angelina Jolie and other celebrity/politician names from sites

Chronicling America's 9/11 Descent

In acknowlegment of the day, here is an anniversary observation.

Happy Patriot Day everybody!

What is the difference between SS and every other item in the general revenue fund?

If you want to remember those who died,

Remember to act blue!

The Republicans are right about allowing industries to regulate themselves.

Thanks, mods, for your fast action in several cases today.

My 9/11 poems -- not exactly the official version

GOP state legislator: Homosexuality worse than terrorism

Tropical Storm Nate weakens as it heads toward Mexico's Gulf coast; light rain, winds reported

Actually watching the absolute hatred for Obama on the faces of

I think I'll go down to the country club down the street with a $5,000 check for membership

Some much needed good news on this day

Employers Say Jobs Plan Won’t Lead to Hiring Spur

Any other West Coasters a bit itchy about the earthquake activity everywhere else?

Unusual sighting: not that this means anything but,

2 dead, 22 wounded in Palmetto shooting

Don't call it "Freedom Tower" - its correct name is 1 WTC

This is Big!

9/11 coverage, the Media, Politicians and the great disconnect.

I got over 9/11 a long time ago

I got over 9/11 a long time ago

And Hate Begat Hate

"Sometimes I dream I can bring people back to life,then I wake up"

Center for American Progress

What question would you ask the rethugs in their upcoming debate?

Which One Of These Is Not Like The Others?

On the 10th anniversary of 9/11, one of Jon Stewart's finest moments:

Would Obama’s payroll tax cut hurt Social Security?

I was drifting off to sleep after taking my evening vicadin in order to stop the incessant pain in..

I was drifting off to sleep after taking my evening vicadin in order to stop the incessant pain in..

The Legacy of 9/11: An Institutionalization of Terror at Home and Abroad

On 9/11

On 9/11

You could see the guilt all over shrub's face today....

Why don't we commemorate Pearl Harbor like we do 9/11?

If America sees its shadow, does that mean the terrorists win?

After 10 years, can we finally get our Heartland back?

I thought I could avoid most of the 9/11 spin by watching some football today.

High Paid Jobs at Risk (Central Florida)

9-11 World Trade Center Memorial - Jeff Buckley - Hallelujah (VIDEO)

Female Fighter pilot recalls mission to stop 9/11 plane

I find it so offensive that the people who deliberately allowed 9/11 to happen

Why doesn't Brian Williams shut his effing mouth

4-7pm Eastern: Special Thom Hartmann show dedicated to 9/11

America the Amnesiac: On Remembering to Forget on September 11

Today is a day of gratitude

How will this round of "Let's all unify" be exploited?

Bush on 9/11

Major Media: Whistling Past the Wreckage of Civil Liberties

Paul Simon. The Sounds of Silence

When I see this image from August 6, 2001, I cannot blame anyone else for 9/11 except the pResident

Please, someone explain this clip "Bush Caught Lying About September 11th "

can a small state tell an $11.2 billion corporation to pack up its nuclear plant and go home?

For Americans, today is a day of remembrance for the lives lost and the humanity -and inhumanity,

Nancy Pelosi backs Obama’s Social Security tax-cut plan despite strong opposition in her caucus

I have no problem with the 9/11 memorials.

Police investigating suspicious package in Brooklyn

Flood of 2011

World War II: Women at War (Atlantic In Focus photo gallery)

World War II: Women at War (Atlantic In Focus photo gallery)

Boehner on Jill Biden: 'Cutest one in the row'

"Talk to Paul Ryan? It'll cost you": "It will cost $15 to ask Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) a question

My wish on this anniversary.

9/11: MEMORIALIZING and IMMORTALIZING the CULT of DEATH (for the tenth time now)

An activity I highly recommend on 9/11:

Ten Years Ago Today in New York City

'Corrupt' Indian official's house turned into school

9-11 Day..The perfect DVR Holiday

I would be more likely to buy shares of companies who are hiring.

Why Extending Payroll Tax Cuts Makes Social Security's Future More Uncertain

Frank Luntz: “9/11 allows us to appreciate George Bush and Dick Cheney for keeping us safe”

September 11: There is much to grieve today. 10 Years of wars, and lies, and numbing.

Angry crowd turns on journalists reporting embassy attack in Egypt

Just shovel the money out of airplanes

Dad ROMNEY vs legacy kid Mittens: "My dad was the real deal."

Conservatives join liberals in opposing Obama's payroll tax cut extension

Woman Crying About Father's Heart Attack Removed From Southwest Flight

Rick Perry stumbles and mumbles as he tries to defend abstinence education

My LTTE to the letter in response to "Barney Frank caused the financial crisis"

When I first heard this song I started to cry so hard I had to pull off the road...

When I heard the choked voice of loss turned to sound byte...

Tritt Pulls Out Of Joplin Concert After Uproar

I would sell shares to any company

Perry skips press conference about Texas fires without notice - facing mounting criticism

unusual tornados in S. Calif.

"Let’s Cancel 9/11"

Shocker: Power demand from US homes is falling

Trusts: A Uniquely Commons Form of Ownership

For all those accusing Obama of continuing the Bush "Terra! Terra! Terra!"

For all those accusing Obama of continuing the Bush "Terra! Terra! Terra!"

If you didn't hear the speech President Clinton gave in Shanksville,

Having the 10 year anniversary on NFL opening day seems to have amped up the Leni Riefenstahl

I did not know anyone who died in the 9/11 attack.

Anyone see the video last night of Bush going into the bunker at Offutt Air Force Base on 911?

NZ naked rugby team exposed by Spanish women

I'm rewatching the August 18 edition of The Daily Show...

Let us Mourn ALL the victims of 9/11...

Kennedy Center Memorial on cspan. Obama speaking now

Where I was ten years ago...

Windows On The World.

Some thoughts about 9/11 - Instant reply

From Madison to Longview:

The teabag reaction to Krugman is amazing.

Never Forget THIS on 9/11

"Having been poor is no shame, but being ashamed of it is."

When a republican wins in 2012, the gang will be all back together. Don't worry.

More Repressive at Home, More Lawless Overseas | America 10 Years After 9/11

banks could not be placed in “double jeopardy” & needed an appropriate release from legal liability

Housing crash Down Under?

On this anniversary, remembering my top 10 breaking events as they happened. Yours?

Did they pose for this photo, or is it an actual live-action shot?

NEVER FORGET: Senate GOP blocks 9/11 first responders health plan bill

Never Forget THIS on 9/11

Anybody watching Dana Priest on CSpan2 (BookTV)?

Chinese banking troubles?

Ten Years

Maybe you DUers can help me out a little bit, b/c I'm not too bright:

On Dec. 7, 1951, media barely mentioned Pearl Harbor.

Brace for a Long Recovery From Global Credit Glut

I would sell shares of any company who is stupid enough to increase labor cost right now

Sleeping Tiger Awakened? (Unions, Seniors, Unemployed, Teachers, etc)

Why was Hillary Clinton booed at VH1's Concert for New York?

Ten years ago this day, the world's most dangerous terrorist organization was unleashed

Ten years ago this day, the world's most dangerous terrorist organization was unleashed

Will there be all-day wall-to wall media coverage of the tenth anniversary of

9/11: Al Qaeda's Project for Ending the American Century Succeeded

Newby with question about private messaging.

The Story Of The Ill-Informed Pastor

For 10 Long Years, the Sons of Bitches Have Made a Killing Off of War!!!!

Curiosity tonight - What's Beneath America?

Conservatives and 9/11... questions I wonder about...

On this 9/11, let us not forget the real tragedy in all this - the US National Debt.

On Choosing Whether Or Not To Comment On 9/11 On DU...

"How Much Is My Website Worth?" (fun distraction)

NPR/First listen: Steve Reich's "WTC 9-11"

As Effective Social Tools, Terrorism and War are Useless.

The constitution should be changed - it makes the US ungovernable

It's time for President Obama to make an official apology for all we've done to Latin America

Germany May be Ready to Surrender Over Greece

Anonymous has the FBI's hackles up

Anonymous has the FBI's hackles up

Friend on FB sent me this:

Did the bin Laden founded AlQaeda lose today?

I Thought I'd Share A Photo Today...

Thank you GWB, Cheney and Condi

I have a pre 9/11 mindset. I'm still sane and in spite of a decade of annual reminders.

9-11 Never forget - Bush lied us into Iraq *935 LIES*

Is Dana Priest really Kathleen Madigan?

Should DU'ers observe remeberance of 8/6/45 - /8/9/45...

One of the few country artists to release a personal, thoughtful and eloquent hit about 9/11

10th anniversary: focus on the overwhelming goodness of man

10th anniversary: focus on the overwhelming goodness of man

Holy cow, it's Sept. 11th

Military jets escort American Airlines flight into New York

A Message in my inbox from Michael Moore called: 9/11

Does anyone have data on how much Cheney made while vice president? nm

December 7th, 1951

I lived through the Bush Administration and survived

Michael Moore is awesome. Check out what he sent in his email today:

Angelo Carusone: A Real Progressive Hero!

America WAS Attacked on the Anniversary - Cover-Up?

Opinions of the 9/11 memorial

Opinions of the 9/11 memorial

Does the Jobs Bill Do Enough to Ease Mortgage Debt?

Time to leave 9/11 behind

California to enforce foie gras ban in July 2012

Just curious. Why is there a big emphasis on Irish at the ceremony? i.e. bagpiper My

Noam Chomsky in Iceland: Compares Nixon and Kissinger to bin Laden

Remember: Ani DeFranco 9/11...

9/11/01 was also a day people of faith and humanity took ACTION for Peace nonviolently

That is one horrible performance Patti Labelle is giving at the Kennedy Center. I am shocked.

Cuba Laucnes World's First Vaccine Against Lung Cancer."

As Their States’ Bridges And Roads Crumble, GOP Leaders Remain Opposed To Infrastructure Investment

As Their States’ Bridges And Roads Crumble, GOP Leaders Remain Opposed To Infrastructure Investment

Has anyone even noticed that the 70th anniversary of Pearl Harbor is coming soon?

9/11/01 - Today's Sermon

9/11/01 - Today's Sermon

I figured this was the ONLY place I could say these things without getting flamed too bad

In Case You Missed This... When A Public School System Has Had Enough...

On September 11, 2001, the question on everyone's mind was

Sitting here in Asheville, NC

Does anyone else still cry when they think about the victims?

Is a $15 hamburger too expensive?

I need help, DU...

I touched a piece of the twin towers, a bagpipe, newest US citizens, reverence, tears, and more

A Vision I encountered driving to the Store in my Southern Home Town today

Republicans still shopping for a presidential nominee

Did anyone have the stomach to pay a visit to FR?

Well done America! We have won. Bin Laden has failed.

Design student creates coat for homeless people (coat turns into a sleeping bag at night)

Happy Birthday, Commander Bunnypants!

And Hate Begat Hate

BTW Just want to wish Skinner and Mrs Skinner a happy 10th anniversary

9-11 through the eyes of an 8-year old

Good podcasts?

How the Feds Downplayed Ground Zero Health Risks

To the Duer who is paying to fly Cynatnite's daughter home to her:

KS teacher steps on flag while discussing free speech rights

Five Things You Need to Know: Our Microwaveable Depression

Sound of Silence? Apparently, Paul Simon was scheduled to

Can someone explain to me how cutting payroll taxes is supposed to create jobs?

The Children of Aftermath

(cringe) "How much pressure was there for you to win this game because of 9/11 anniversary"

(cringe) "How much pressure was there for you to win this game because of 9/11 anniversary"

I think the Ground Zero memorial waterfalls are beautiful....

Army Base on the Brink ~ 'soldiers are committing suicide, murdering their families'

"Pesticides in food linked to ADHD in kids "

Is anyone gonna watch the last episode of True Blood tonight?

The Outrage Begins: Wall Street - September 17th

Can anyone answer this question?

I am confused why this money needs to be spent

Who is going to watch the GOP debate tomorrow night? Did you watch the one last Wednesday? Was it

We’re Rich! (In Nature.) But Few Give A Crap! Ugh.

I blame THESE creeps for 9/11!

The Years of Shame-KRUGMAN: 9/11 made Bush, Giuliani etc ‘fake heroes - Who Cashed In On Horror'

Ann Coulter and the "Giant Flatulent Raccoon" theory!

Discovery Channel "Son of Guns" crew left Ryder rental truck unattended at the curb of Terminal

My Filipina wife asked a good question about 9/11

"hair shirt narcissism"

Montreal Gazette headline September 6, 2001: "Hart Predicts Terrorist Attacks on America."

Why do we do this?

Paul Krugman: The memory of 9/11 has been irrevocably poisoned; it's become an occasion for shame

Democratic/Republican Senators hold "private" meeting to push for huge government spending cuts

Giuliani Filing May Signal 2012 Presidential Bid

Drunk on 9/11

check this cartoon....

General Motors CEO calls for entitlement cuts and declares "We are not a job bank".

My Facebook friend has a valid point.

N.J. - Desperate victims of the economic slump forced to live in makeshift homes in forest

Anyone else her Ted Koppel on NPR just before 5 PM? He said what needed to be said -

Utah man caught butchering cow in driveway; neighbors reporting hearing moo sounds, gunshot-like pop

Sept. 11......1973

9/11: The day the Unions ran in to save the private sector.

Just got back from the hospital...

When are we going to forgive??

Why DID Al Qaeda start attacking the US in 1992?

Gloat over my stupidity--two points I never see mentioned

Most of Obama’s Jobs Proposals Have Drawn GOP Support in the Past

Do you believe the USA Patriot ACT was written after 9/11?

So how much of this 9/11 coverage have you watched today

The DU 180

Six Months after the Disasters in Ibaraki, Japan

This is the picture that broke me down today.

In Remembrance, The Democratic Party Honor Roll.

In Remembrance, The Democratic Party Honor Roll.

In Honor of "9/11" don't forget to check out....

School District purse ban draws parents' ire

Social Security Administration's projections on various Congressional Proposals

The faux outrage over the 9/11 tributes angers me. It happened to All of us.

A few ways to ponder our current US plight through some remarkable classical music -

I Cant Believe 10 Years Ago Today I Thought G W B U S H was....

Another 9/11 OP

Chicago schools CEO pays a school $150,000 to defy the teachers' union.

Father Mychal Judge: The Firemens' Friar

Bush went into the school knowing a plane had already hit 1 of the towers on a bright clear morning?

Jobs: unemployment EVER been zero, other than wartime?

Jobs: unemployment EVER been zero, other than wartime?

Paying the Consequences of 9/11 Overreach, by Chuck Hagel

See something, say something....

Chileans lost their freedoms on 9/11/1973

An Appeal from a Diabetic to Non-Diabetics (unless doctors or nurses)

An Appeal from a Diabetic to Non-Diabetics (unless doctors or nurses)

Who was the genius that let that CM douchebag sing a song of jingoism right before Obama spoke?

Red State America is all about fear and DEATH.

The Guardian: Can the United States move beyond the narcissism of 9/11?

Fuck all the shitheads trying to manipulate me and the rest of America using 9/11.

Found a great new website for birders!!!

Watch The Concert for New York City once again!

Ever wish you had access to a senator or congressmens entire voting record...Link for you...

7 bizarre robots in the Pentagon’s defense budget

I was one of the 90%.

This fishing spot is taken

Which mind-numbing social media operation are you addicted to?

Taking things too literally

Peaceful river

I found a comic that is just so ME!

As some acknowledge the losses ten years ago, in their own way -

Also posted in GD, but this is what I wish on this day:

metal goodness...yes, yes

Did South America steal our name?

The local sheriff was looking for a deputy,

Increasingly, it seems like some people are "taking the piss" at my expense.

My Burning Man 2011 videos I created...

I've just motored through almost two seasons of "Breaking Bad" on Netflix streaming.

Where were you? What were you doing?


Rate this video/song....

Charlie Brown Medley

Have you ever won anything? I won a fruit cake at a highland dancing competition. I remember being

Enabling Nature.........

Does anyone else on here play Minecraft?

Depeche Mode video atop the World Trade Center

A friend asked today...

What....I...believe...about Martinis

Philadelphia Eagles!!

It's 92F out in Fargo, today. On Wednesday morning we will have a low of 30F.

Remember Rusty Warren?

Dave Brubeck - Take Five - 1966 / I repeat myself.

Wow! The images in this video, the lyrics of the song - I get chills. Please tell me what you think.

UT Longhorns

Any Sunday in which a client tells me to come pick up a check is what I call a "GOOD SUNDAY."

Classics Arts Showcase. No, really.

What's the date today?

An evening with Verizon Technical Support...

I'm just a hack who finally discovered Windows Live Movie Maker...


Am going to Google/Wiki "Louis CK" - back in a flash with results!1 n/t

need another graphic design consult. and some lounge opinion.

Am going to Google/Wiki "Louis CK" - back in a flash with results!1 n/t

DVD/Blu-ray annoyances

Unfortunate sticker placement

three different women

Listening on just now....

Huge props to ashling!

How would you modify the calendar?

No weed for months and out of nowhere...

Piss off the Customer Dept. (a rant, what else?)

Finally back in Wi-Fi but due to a sad reason

Holy Fucking Shit!

A special September 11th Edition of William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day.

Cursored again!

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Snap Crackle & Pop Edition

Andy Whitfield Spartacus Blood & Sand died...

Oddest tribute of all maybe, and it was unintended -

going to the store (WTF?!?!)

Dude, get some glasses


Overweight dog, how do you ENFORCE when the spouse coddles?!21

Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Narcissists.

Favorite Led Zeppelin album

I had a vivid dream about tornadoes last night.

What is the latest movie you have seen. Was it any good? I just saw "W." by Oliver Stone. It was

cranky-pants rant: It's a small world after all--and as a 6'1" woman I'm bloody SICK of it!!!

what would cause a scuba tank to explode? in a nearby apt complex

Do you let Politics get involved in everything you do?

I wish I could run into a woman with a 1940s look and attitude...

Tree planting question.

Anyone here ever heard of (or done business with) iMingle Insurance Company?

Screw you Alan Ball and the gang at "True Blood"..... *spoilers*

This is a test:

It's FOOTBALL, God dammit, not SOCCER!

Kenya diplomat: Briton killed, wife kidnapped

Egypt security storms Al-Jazeera offices in Cairo: Al-Jazeera

Swedish security police arrest 4 terror suspects

Naval chiefs warn of rise in Somali piracy

Iowa tailgaters Bachmann's targets

Moody's May Downgrade Top French Banks

Gaddafi's son Saadi 'has arrived in Niger'

Severe weather warning as Hurricane Katia tail approaches (UK)

Republicans still shopping for a presidential nominee

Suspicious Device Shuts Terminal Down At KCI

Trial of Election Aide Could Hurt Bloomberg

77 Americans wounded in Afghan truck bombing

Names of 9/11 attack victims echo across WTC site

Report: American Airlines Flight 34 intercepted by fighter jets

Iraqi Cleric Tells Followers to Halt Attacks

Congress dueling over Pebble prospect

(R-Ne) Hagel: U.S. risks world-leader role

George Osborne given stark warning on cuts' impact (Will = 10% drop in UK family living standards)

France criticises UN over Syria violence

Leighton Buzzard 'slave' empire uncovered in major police raid

(Bill) Richardson rebuffed in effort to free Alan Gross

BREAKING NEWS: Police called to Frontier flight at Metro Airport

Kansas doctor faces hearing over abortion referrals

In Tapes, Candid Talk by Young Kennedy Widow

Joint Chiefs chairman praises 10 years of war as America’s ‘vengeance’

'12 die' in fight between rival anti-Kadhafi groups

There is a balance between two worlds - One with an arrow and a cross

Colombia is model for war against terrorism: US ambassador .

Three analyses of the President's jobs proposal

Affordable Care Act Offers Funding to Strengthen Community Health Centers

Learn history of domininism at talk2action

Medicare Patients See Millions in Savings

WaPo - "Mark Zandi: Obama plan would add 1.9 million jobs"

Thanx W for keeping us safe.

Bachmann is preparing to come out swinging on PArry on Social Security in debate

President Obama sending jobs bill to Congress Monday

In The Words of Billy Preston...."Let The Bad Guys Win Every Once in Awhile..."

Great comment on NYT's Tom Friedman's 'Grand Bargain' column today re 'entitlement' reform

The Week - "Is this the 'worst Congress ever'?" Slams the 112th Congress!

LA Times - "Obama's jobs push conjures up FDR's approach of the 1930s"

It will take more than a speech to restore faith in Obama

This was an instruction to GOPers.

Elected Democrats respond to the President's jobs proposal

Elected Democrats respond to the President's jobs proposal

"Unlike Mr. Obama, Mr. Bush drew a brief cheer from the crowd before his reading."

Pery skips out on Press Conference on wildfires

Overall, do you approve of the job Barack Obama is doing as president?

Wimpy Coward W Bush...looking Worse after 10 years...esp when he tries to clean his Wimpy Act

Something must be done about Medicare? Don't we mean health care costs?

Response to Calling a strong Black Man Weak.....or why Maureen Dowd doesn't know shit!

The Threads that Bind Us

Mozart - Requiem

A hasheed defending the hijjab, by Dawud Wharnsby.

Fahrenheit 9/11 - In Its Entirety

The Legend of 9/11 — 10 Years On

Obama plan will end up pushing GOP agenda

(AFSCME) We Remember 9/11: A Decade Later

9/11: Ground Zero Students Sick 10 Years Later

Bruce Springsteen-The Rising

Victor Jara-Chile Stadium(the last song Victor wrote)read by Adrian Mitchell

Young Turks: Obama Jobs Plan - Pros & Cons

No Wisconsin here: ILWU fights unionbusting at Washington port

A Decade after 9/11


Japan - high levels of radiation found in remote areas 9-11-11

Never heard of 9/11?

Radney Foster - Everyday Angel

Protesters Interrupt First Session Of Super Congress

Thom Hartmann's 9/11 experience

Scepticism remains over bin Laden death

GOP Reps. West and Gingrey Reject Payroll Tax Holiday

President Obama's Remarks at 9/11 Memorial Concert: "Our character as a nation has not changed"

9/11 Not an "Intelligence Failure"

God Bless America: A 9-11 Tribute from Herman Cain

Missouri GOP: Raise Taxes On Elderly, Disabled & Cut Corporate Rates

Bill Maher on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno September 9, 2011

Paul Simon performs 'The Sounds of Silence' at Ground Zero for the 9/11 Anniversary

Remembering 9/11: 10 Years of War

Jingoism & Revenge: 'US Media Integrity A 9/11 Casualty'

Saint of 9/11 Trailer

This is how it works (Digby on Social Security "debate")

The Children Lose, Again

David Korten: The Path to Real Prosperity

The Legacy of 9/11: An Institutionalization of Terror at Home and Abroad

9/11 lost decade: The American dream, and the missing years

Plutocracy with a Pleasant Philanthropic Face

Snark Side Of The Buffoon? "Palin's wise words lost amid her snark" (Anchorage Daily News)

Iran, Russia Agree On More Nuclear Cooperation

Taliban remains strong ten years on

Rolling Stone: "The Word on the Street Is Run" (Jimmy Breslin's first-hand account of 9/11)

The Hill's 2011 50 Wealthiest in Congress (profiles)

Sunday Funnies: Best Political Cartoons of the Week

Tomgram: Engelhardt, Tear Down the Freedom Tower

Where I was ten years ago...

Life today in Asheville, NC

The Never-Ending 9/11

Republican’s lead in N.Y. election for Weiner’s seat shows Democrats’ vulnerability

Krugman: The Years of Shame

Does Perry Have a Prayer When it Comes to Crisis Management?

Life today in Asheville, NC

POINT OF VIEW/ Toshihiro Yamanaka in Japan: The 'elite panic' of President George W. Bush

KRUGMAN: Bush, Giuliani 'fake heroes' who cashed in 'on the horror'

The real grand bargain, coming undone

The Onion: "We Must Do More When Having Brief, Panicked Thoughts About Climate Change"

I've often pondered this.

Nuclear power: Between faith and fear

Independent UK: Coral reefs 'will be gone by end of the century'

The Antarctica Files: Whale whirls!

I bought a worm farm yesterday

"For the light bulb to be successful, wires will have to be run to every house in the country..."

Ice Extent may have reached the bottom

Global Warming: best fix? and price if you have that handy. Geoengineering especially welcome also

AFP - Arctic Ice Cover At Historic Low Since Beginning Of Satellite Coverage In 1972