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Hey JVS...let me repay you in kind

If the votes scheduled Wednesday are so important that they must delay the president's speech...

New Report Finds Growing Support For Gay And Lesbian Equality Among Religious Millennials

You idiots!

Was just watching Steven and he called Anderson Pooper Anderson Pooper.

So, I'm guessing there is no such thing as "crooked" or embarrassed anymore?

If Obama really thought the pukes

Greenpeace blocks Brazil oil company office to protest exploration in whale breeding territory

Recovery plan for troubled Pennsylvania capital rejected

Recovery plan for troubled Pennsylvania capital rejected

Bad news for Kris Kobach

Sad thing is, a lot of greedy people will probably fall for this:

Oklahoma City on fire.

Ron Paul's federal disaster relief plan: Kill FEMA

Have you noticed how little press on "bad" voucher news?

Ohio license plate - SB5NO

Iraq War Marks First Month With No U.S. Military Deaths

Religious Right Lipstick on a Reaganomics Pig

Fracking the IRS-A term to describe what the super-moochers like Koch do....

Virginia Anti-Abortion Lobbyist Married To Top State Health Official Who Helped Draft Regulations

AFL-CIO shifts strategy, emphasizes appeals to nonunion workers

Cycling for dollars: Strange but true – boosting biking is a city cost-saver

August JOBS Report???????

Weather Service Warns of High Surf on California Coast:

An example of what the repukes want to return to...

Barnacle learned that Cheney has a sense of humor

U.S. newborn death rate tied with Qatar. South Korea, Cuba, Malaysia Poland and Israel, Lithuania

MoveOn wants you to tell Tim Geithner "No sweetheart deals for Wall Street"

American Jennifer Simpson just won the 1500m at the World Champs for the first time

Almost 40 years since the unnecessary tragedy of Attica.

Religious Right dominates Presidential nominating process

boehners office raised no objections to wed. night when contacted yesterday morning.

People, it's called the separation of powers

Crossing the 20 Percent Mark: Green Energy Use Jumps in Germany

Rick Perry: Too big to fail? pic of guns


The notion of Britain as a property-owning democracy is in tatters

The notion of Britain as a property-owning democracy is in tatters

The President will speak before the football game.

AT&T Dealt Defeat on T-Mobile After $12M in Lobbying

Army and Air Force Approve Sales on Bases of Gay Magazine

Crash-Prone Hybrid Copter’s New Mission: Hauling the President???

Perry to Conservatives: My Past Will Not "Embarrass" You

Why Do Conservatives Get a Pass?

Cheney on Joe Scab.

Scientist 'speechless' at scale of ice melt on Greenland glacier

Cameraman Arrested by Suffolk County Police

Moammar and Dick - By Mike Luckovich

Hmmm. Interesting. Wall Street execs have been added into the mix of end time evil speculation

Official: 140 Acapulco schools close over threats

Saugus River pipe span damaged by Irene

Did Stimulus Dollars Hire the Unemployed?

So much for The Hague

Perry Donor Enabled to Leach Radioactive Waste Into 1.9 Million People's Water

We the people. Good idea by the prez.

A $2M headache: Farrell Avenue collapse costly to repair

How AT&T Got to a Standoff With the Government

US officials quit over Mexico gun flow probe

The Antitrust Battle Ahead

Sigh! Money entices Dean to take a walk on the dark side

Sigh! Money entices Dean to take a walk on the dark side

London Loses as Banks Book Trades Overseas

Minorities are majority in 8 large cities

Report: Muslim Americans Are Incredibly...... Normal

Has the Tea Party Set a Trap for Rick Perry in South Carolina?

How Dutch are you? TV gameshow for failed asylum-seekers

She really said that? Drill for oil in the Everglades? OMG.

Solyndra, Solar-Panel Company Visited by Obama in 2010, Suspends Operation

Californians, how to help in " Redwoods vs Red Wine" incident:

Help me outsell Christine O'Donnell.

T-Mobile Chief Says He Was Surprised by Justice’s Lawsuit

Pima County Repubs Raffle Glock As Fundraiser; Same Gun Type Used in Tucson Shooting

Schultz: Republicans ‘don’t give a damn about you’

Anyone want to try to tackle this teaparty tripe?:

Disabuse yourself of the notion that there is any such thing as the "Tea Party"

AZ GOP raffles Glock; same gun type used to shoot Rep. Gabrielle Giffords

Just picture this:

Uncensored - A Survivor's Tale of Survival - I Survived

GOP raffles gun in Rep. Giffords' district

US Uncut

US Uncut

US Uncut

Haley Barbour relative defrauded FEMA after Katrina, judge rules

Goodwin Liu confirmed to Calif. Supreme Court

The speech "brouhaha."

Cheney Is Living Proof-If We're NOT Brave Enough To Enforce Our Laws-We LOSE

Bush official advised Gaddafi on how to stay in power as late as August

New term: "Chameleon Republicans"

Perry Toon-"I Am Not Gay"

Federal Judge Invites Lawyers To 'Kindergarten Party' To Teach Them Not To Waste His Time

Mike Thompson toon nails the Darth Vader book signing event

"The $43 Million Islamophobia Machine"

Food for thought

Food for thought

Has anyone here ever used Bascom Palmer Eye Institute?

Dutch deputy PM blasts far-right's anti-EU, anti-Euro stand.

"The Undefeated" is on my Dish PPV line up on channel 538 right between

Gaddafi's latest defiant message from hiding: 'We are not women. We will not surrender'

Nurses plan tax rallies at offices of lawmakers

The Known Unknowns of a public book signing

Kiva: 'Intercontinental Ballistic Microfinance': A Wonderful Visualization

From the mouth of babes, if you truly want to be enlightened

Highest-Paid CEOs Often Earn More Than Company Pays In Income Taxes, Study Finds

Obama vs. Boehner - Remember: Correlation does not imply causation

Congress Passes Socialized Medicine and Mandates Health Insurance -In 1798

New York reaches $53 million agreement with Goldman Sachs on robo-foreclosure compensation

Fuckie Todd wants to know what the markets and corporate America

Obama speech apparently won’t conflict with Saints-Packers kickoff

Robert Reich: Obama's Jobs Plan: Will He Offer Policy Miniatures or Give 'em Hell?

I think this year, more than any other, is the opportunity for an Indy to run and do well.

From another perspective. Obama retains almost ALL his political capital.

Rick Perry King of Porn? Say it aint so!

What is Congress?

How Much Can Change In One Day?

Obama approval swings 7 points to the positive in one day (Gallup)

Obama approval swings 7 points to the positive in one day (Gallup)

Obama approval swings 7 points to the positive in one day (Gallup)

Any reason for most of the State National Guards Adjuntant Generals to have same rank?

Any reason for most of the State National Guards Adjuntant Generals to have same rank?

I think we have a new Possum Queen

GD Hurricane Hype Saved my Meat!

New Cheney Memoir Reveals He's Going To Live Full, Satisfied Life Without Ever Feeling Remorse ...

How soon until Chris Christie leaves the repub party and becomes a Dem?

Too bad it took this hurricane tragedy for some Republicans to learn the lesson

Why Are The Repugs So Intent On Sabotaging Obama?......

What I did on summer vacation: UCLA math major joins Libya rebels on 'vacation'

The Seduction of Howard Dean (Salon)

Four-year-old girl found home alone

Q: How many Americans will be planted in front of their teevees September 8?

Why does Tom Hartman has Seaton every week?

Isn't there anyone out there in the world willing to offer Gaddafi a yacht and some boat drinks?

Christie Sued by Unions Over Pension, Cuts

Photos From Around the World of Families and Their Possessions (1990's)

Population Up, Resources Lost in America’s Vegetable Bowl: Rural California

Buyers, Beware Of Irene-Damaged Used Cars Flooding Dealer Lots

Could we please stop calling him "Darth Cheney"? It's offensive.

AT&T Buys 700 copies of Rick Perry's book

On the ground in upstate NY, Republican praises Gov. Cuomo, federal gov't

GOP in Giffords’ district holds raffle for Glock

Who is this asshole defending the ATT-Mobile GSM monopoly on Thom?

Santorum hides behind Catholic Church when Piers calls him a Bigot

QUAKE in So Cal

Disaster relief in the form of low interest loans is not spending and reduces the deficit.

Courtesy of The Texas Democratic party-

Stand with me...

Get Dick Cheney's book ! (cartoon)

Ohio selling state prison to private company for $72 million

Lady, how are you not a hypocrite?

Tim Russert's kid says both sides look bad in speech schedule fight.

GOP in Giffords’ district holds raffle for Glock

GOP in Giffords' District Raffles Off Glock Handgun

Ex-NYC Deputy Mayor Stephen Goldsmith arrested on domestic violence charge

The US has played a key role in the battle to end Muammar Gaddafi's rule over Libya.

Republicans have made a complete mockery of government. How can we recover? If they ever

No matter how far Obama tries to appease Republicans, voters will judge him according to the results

People, the GOP will permanently block John Bryson - Commerce Sec and GREEN Energy advocate

'Sextortion': 6 years for O.C. hacker who victimized women, girls

Illinois Sends 100 National Guard Troops to Vermont to Help with Irene

INFOGRAPHIC: Record Judicial Diversity, Record Judicial Delays

Alan Grayson letter worth reading -- Iraq: I Did My Part

Oil price differentials, not emissions, the key to Keystone

I think Joe Scab and Mika just laid out what the President should have done.

Idea - new monetary system based on electricity

Handy GOP Candidate Flow Chart

Oklahoma Supreme Court tosses redistricting challenge

Murdoch Empire Was Poised to Pocket 27M of Obama's RTTP $$.

Georgia State University bars undocumented student

Chant of 'tax the rich' growing louder in nation

With apologies to Paul Simon, I present "The Congressman:"

Georgia redistricting battle will move to the courts

Say what you want about Obama, the guy is raising money from small contributors.

the right is going through something the left has already faced

Man on his first plane ride spots his home being burglarized

people living off the grid

So yesterday my local shit stirrers covered yet another anti stim story

Allow me to introduce you to Gov. Rick Perry's newest policy initiative.

Voting Rights, Property Rights and Original Intent

UC Berkeley prof. sworn in to Calif. Supreme Court (on deck for SCOTUS)

If the President wants to "go big"...

WikiLeaks: Iraqi children in U.S. raid shot in head, U.N. says

Documents Reveal New Details About DHS Development of Mobile Body Scanners

(MI) Republicans plan to privatize teaching

Above The Law - USA

To those that think giving the speech an hour before the game will attract more viewers...

Red Wings sign multi-year deal with Amway as its presenting sponsor - Amway? Fucking Amway?

What the H has happened to this country since 2001?

Boehner rehearses for next time

How many of you DUer's have applied for that BLACK VISA advertised on DU Front Page?

I Have The Answer... What Was The Question You Say ???

Cheney Formula: Rearranging tangled sheets of his nighttime fevers into semblance of well-made bed

If the President really does "go big"

AAAAAUGGGGHHH!!!! Just saw on TV an ad to promote tourism for the Gulf

Sue Lowden would have approved!

The travesty of storing vast Domestic corporate profit hoards in their overseas subsidiaries

Bachmann believes people should pay their employers to work.

must see short videos from the Council on Renewal about the monetary systemic troubles & what to do

Kucinich trying to help Gaddafi stay in power?

Concerns About the Religious Right Are Not Overblown

Huntsman proposes new tax on seniors and vets to pay for tax cuts for the rich

Santorum Says Criticism Of His Views On Homosexuality Is ‘AN ACT Of BIGOTRY’

BUSH On Cheney Book: "...I also follow baseball."

IN Rep. Andre Carson feuding with the Tea Party.

Appalachian "Mountain Dew Mouth"


Waiting for the Worms

Waiting for the Worms

Surfing USA, something to put a smile on your faces

Move On. org Petition to Obama: Stop the Keystone Pipeline:

Alaskan woman punches bear in the face to save dog snatched from backyard

Sad News for Election Integrity: Demodonkey's Mother

Al Jazeera uncovers evidence influential Americans have been trying to help Gaddafi cling to power

Well shit. More flash flooding today in Vermont

Spanish town painted red in annual tomato fight

Horseback Rider Delivers Medicine After Flooding Closed Road in VT (video)

Five GOP Presidential Candidates Have Proposed Eliminating Capital Gains Tax, A $1 Trillion

Tonight on Countdown

Justices say McKenna can challenge Obama health care law

Hurricane Irene, Fukushima, Deep water Horizon. What do they all have in common?

Feds: Abramoff Associate Kevin Ring 'Not Entitled' To Leniency

Port of Long Beach Sees Another Down Month as ‘Consumer Skepticism’ Sticks

Let it rain: Dutch drivers scoop up swirling cash

Rush: "We don't respect him because he doesn't respect the country."

Wingnuts Have New Book Proving Jefferson Never Sexed Black Lady

The WHAT Cheer Brigade

Pima Co. Pukes defend "right to keep bear and prefer bad taste in fund-raising raffle of a Glock"

KFC: First US chain in E.Africa's untapped market

KFC: First US chain in E.Africa's untapped market

Slapshot Twin gets no Bux

The Press Oils The Machinery of Class Warfare

Rachel's decade since 9/11 documentary


Customer Service Tricks: How to Escape Voicemail

Customer Service Tricks: How to Escape Voicemail

1st Grader Handcuffed For Misbehaving In Class - What next, tasers, waterboarding?

Dear America

Wanna fix the economy? Look to Martin Luther King.

Obama’s Approval Numbers on the Economy Are Dismal: Only 34% approve

Obama’s Approval Numbers on the Economy Are Dismal: Only 34% approve

Actor Steven Seagal Sued for Driving Tank into Arizona Home, Killing Puppy

Capitalism Is The Crisis (2011) (Full Documentary)

Vermont Flood Devastation with a little Dylan thrown in

GUlf of Mexico DUers -prepare for 12-15 inches of water

Scary video--but all too true!

Playing with fire

House Republican Joe Walsh of Illinois is thumbing his nose at President Obama’s speech on jobs

SF: Weekly random thoughts on the mayor's race.

I predict that a HUGE number, if not ALL of the GOP 'thugs...

OBAMA ON JOBS: 'There’s work to be done-workers ready to do it-I expect Congress to act IMMEDIATELY'

OBAMA ON JOBS: 'There’s work to be done-workers ready to do it-I expect Congress to act IMMEDIATELY'

FDR: "Let Me Warn You . . ."

Laurence O"Donnell is pushing Obama hard with FDR audio

Laurence O"Donnell is pushing Obama hard with FDR audio

And banks wonder why they have a bad reputation?

the debate debacle

Tea Party Rep. Walsh Skipping Obama Jobs Speech ...this asshole needs to go

Bystanders grab pot that spills from truck in SJ

Study: 1 in 7 NY'ers underemployed or jobless


The feed of el Rushbo that Eddie showed

Thank you Rachel and Richard... for showing

RE: POTUS Address... Chris Van Hollen Says "We've Now Moved On."

In a Pickle!

I'll be the first to criticize Barack Obama for being conflict averse and unwilling to fight

if only...............

U.S. Future Still Grim: WH Announcement Downgrades Jobs Forecast, Expect 9% Unemployment in FY '12

God I Love San Francisco !!! (Wish I Could Afford To Live There... Like IN The City)

Apparently it snowed in Eritrea 10 days ago. The climate has gone to h***!

Why Obama didn't cave on his speech (and why it doesn't really matter).

Jeezus.....Simulation Map of Cesium-137 Deposition Shows High Contamination Levels on West Coast

Book Van der Sloot, Danno...murder one (officially charged by Peruvian authorities)

Book Van der Sloot, Danno...murder one (officially charged by Peruvian authorities)

I won't argue with you. I just want to know: Why do you defend Luke Russert?

19% increase in the risk of cancer for WTC firefighters - Lancet

The Federal Housing Finance Agency Will Be Suing a Dozen Big Banks Over Misrepresenting Mortgages

Frank Rich Takes a Look at the Fleecing of America Over the Last Ten Years Since the 9/11 Attacks

make every government service pay per use

US: Man hides 7 snakes, 3 tortoises in pants

Lawmaker pushes to repeal Florida law that makes cohabitation a crime

New Stem Cell Treatment Helps Save Injured Dog

Tiny parks on a roll in San Francisco

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

QOTD: "You see, if you're playing rope-a-dope, at some point you have to actually swing."

Normal people don't give a shit about the fucking speech date

Adult Industry Prepares For 2012 GOP Convention

Adult Industry Prepares For 2012 GOP Convention

White House: Unemployment rate won't fall below 6% until 2017. USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA!

Which Party, Democratic or Republican, has the strongest values and principles?

So does CNN run John King's show twice an evening? At 7:00 PM and again at 11:00?

So does CNN run John King's show twice an evening? At 7:00 PM and again at 11:00?

Will President Obama get more independent votes by

Can we safely say that Democrats like Ben Nelson & Joe Lieberman were bad for the Party?

Bored UCLA student joins Libyan rebels on "vacation"

Did anyone see the FDR clips on Lawrence's show?

If you were asked to help craft the Democratic Platform...?

Oops! US court case reveals CIA rendition details

Damn good thing Cantor wasn't in charge for Hurricane Katrina

Fifteen Differences Between Democrats And Republicans

What will Apple think of next? Five ridiculous predictions

My Turn: Vermont climate scientist sees Irene as turning point

Where do Whoopie Pies Come From?

Rep. Jean Schmidt found guilty of accepting $500,000 in ‘indirect’ Turkish lobby payment

Petition AT&T to bring back 5000 call center jobs from Asia regardless if they get to buy T-Mobile!

Day of Destruction - Decade of War, Part 1 - MSNBC, Rachel

Industry docs reveal Keystone XL is being built for OVERSEAS export markets-NOT US Energy Security!

Do you know someone in need of a doctor?

Where were all the bean counting republican deficit hawks when...

Is Obama going to go big in his speech? That's all I care about.

INFOGRAPHIC: U.S. Hospitals Are Hazardous, Germ-Infested Places

"Exposed: Keystone XL Pipeline Will Export Energy Security Overseas"

Danziger toon: The Republican Response to the Hurricane

New York Republican threatens to withhold hurricane relief from her own district

toon: If it wasn't for Obama

I'm trying to imagine Speaker of House McCormick telling LBJ to schedule his speech on another day

If I stood on your lawn every day in protest, would you notice?

Are Rush Limbaugh listeners capable of independent thought?

Ed is eating Rubio and spitting him out

Endgame: When Debt Is Fraud, Debt Forgiveness Is The Last And Only Remedy

Unmarried? Living together? You're breaking the law in Florida

My son's public school teacher is so "greedy".....

More fucking up of AZ and your food supply.

Somebody Here Asked A Valuable Question... My Response...

Jon Stewart: 'F_ck The Poor'

AT&T Bought 700 Copies Of Perry's Book

What If the GOP Was the Climate Change Party?

Toon: Irene Overhyped?

Eric Cantor can go fuck himself, John Boehner can go fuck himself,

Fuckers at work in AZ! Who approved a $300K taxpayer-funded salary?

Flood plains and flood insurance: Can someone give us info on this?

Generation Limbo: Young 20-something graduates waiting for real careers to begin

Greens Gain in Germany, and the World Takes Notice

The Stimulus WORKED... we need to do more of it

Another Oil Spill.

Wyoming center tells story of Japanese-American internees

Wyoming center tells story of Japanese-American internees

OBAMA...We Loved You...We Loved You ...We Voted for YOU! Do You Hear?

We are the proud parents of a Glenn Greenwald puppy...she was born early this morning

Tea party Republican Joe Walsh plans to boycott President Obama's jobs speech

Student activist to fight discipline by Fresno State

Keith Olbermann’s ‘Countdown’ Gets Highest Ratings Since Current TV Debut

If the OMB Is Right About Unemployment in 2012, the Obama Re-election Campaign Is Doomed

Can Coffee Prevent Military Suicides?

Romney: SHARIA Will Create ‘Jobs Mecca’ in U.S.

I don't really care about this scheduling thing.

The Audacity Of Weakness - Cenk Uygur/Salon

Downing Street forces U-turn on Nadine Dorries abortion proposals

Iowa Democrats ‘embarrassed’ by progressive group

The race is on for Libya's oil, with Britain and France both staking a claim

Job insecurity is a rising fear among the employed

Former FL GOP chair speaks out. GOP right wing told him "we eat what we kill, chairman."

The most effective tools the GOP uses to hurt Obama...

Do People in DU Hate

"Greetings" (terrifying cartoon)

Should Hatteras residents be compensated if the government decides not to repair the NC 12 breaches?

Rush Limbaugh is training wheels for the mind

CIA lawyer: Obama ‘endorsed’ nearly all Bush-era programs

Who is NOT looking forward to 9/11?

May want to watch the responses to this GOP columnist breaking the news global warming is real?

wiki leaks releases b of a cables

Thurs. SEP 8, 2011 "Ladies and gentleman, the President of the United States"

MUST SEE TV: I Would Post This In "Political Videos", But I'm Not Sure It Meets The Criteria, So...

I just hate asking this, but I really want to know...

Wow... Look This Over... It Says Many, Many Things...

So called "moderate" Rethugs are now openly discussing abolishing the vote for the poor.

If you don't think this relentless assault on our individual rights

Focus On The Family Warns Of The Dangers Of "Emo-Porn"

Why is hosting a petition for Michelle Rhee's group, Students First?

Obama NLRB Overturns Bush-era Decisions Re: Union Rights & Organizing

Toxicologist: Oil spill far more toxic than admitted

It is very clear to me. The rethugs campaigned in 2010 on being able to create jobs. That was what

Libyan Revolution Week 28 part 3

Modern cars have so many computer-controlled components, what are we going to do in 10 years?

I just realized that I am much happier and enjoy the GD at DU again now that I utilize

Interesting reverse racial slur situation.

We're about to get clobbered by this monster in Japan

"We can do this without you": Obama Rolls Out a Jobs Plan That Doesn't Need Congress

It is treason to buy and sell new foreign made goods?

Does Cheney’s book now make it clear that he was running the presidency?

The Ballet of Purgatory

California bill to fund college for illegal immigrants advances

Ugly Americans Who Think that Sickness is a Moral Failing

How Global Investors Make Money Out of Hunger

The Tar Sands project is sheer insanity

NY Times Editorial: "Oh, Grow Up"

GOP blocked Dem economic policy for 3yrs, forcing us to stay the course we were on in 2008.

TNC-NATO siege of Sirte is a war crime.

Crash witnesses make off with spilled marijuana

Here is just a small taste of what violence against the LGBT community looks like:

Krugman Blog- Iceland Leads The Way Out

I can't believe fucking Florida

I can't believe fucking Florida


Perry Revives Social Security ‘Ponzi Scheme’ Rhetoric

Perry Revives Social Security ‘Ponzi Scheme’ Rhetoric

Joe Trippi doing P.R. for Bahrain

Joe Trippi doing P.R. for Bahrain

Joe Trippi doing P.R. for Bahrain

Alligator jumps out, eats 90 year old's leg.

Juan Cole: NATO Refuses Ground Troops for Libya as “Friends” Conference Opens

12 McDonald's Menu Items That Failed Spectacularly

Obama just might have played this rescheduling thing perfectly

Obama just might have played this rescheduling thing perfectly

The Beetles!

Stiglitz: Even if Bush could be forgiven for taking America & the world to war on false pretenses...

Richard Dawkins: Evolution should be taught to all children, starting at age 5.

Chant of 'tax the rich' growing louder in nation

Paul Krugman warned early on that Obama's "stimulus" was too small and would be seen as a failure.

There is a thread you should check out in the Lounge.

Florida ticketed more than 10K drivers for warning others of speed trap by flashing high beams

FRONTLINE: Top CIA Official: Obama Changed Virtually None of Bush’s Controversial Programs

What did Dick Cheney say when asked to pose for the photo for his book?

Remember this?

it's September! time for a September song

Help wanted: professional spellchecker

Fellow Du'ers who live where the soil is red clay, such as in the Atlanta area or upstate SC, I need

Daily Show or Colbert Report?

Any Hunger Games fans out there?

White Fang, jr.

Library Cat

What is this for $1000 ....(or less)

There is a whole world out there . . .

Germany lifts Doom sales ban after 17 years

Good morning. I have electricity!

Question about growing and canning tomatoes.

I don't want to work; I just want to bang on the drum all day.

Red State, now available on Video On Demand


Fox on the run

Damn how many times do I need to tell them... NO

Star Trek: The Inner Light

My kitties have been busy

Quick question for North Carolina residents, please...

If you hear someone in RL using outdated slang, do you figure that person

Generally a superior athlete, Katia was bored with the balance beam

This guy is nuts.

NYC DUers - need some directions from the Major Deegan

My new favorite math teacher of all time....

Waiting for the Worms

Nice family

two faced

A dog question

Movies that get better with repeated viewing?

Funny ad for "cloud computing"

My dog is guilt tripping me.

Back by popular demand

Going Bananas

Cool bridge

Tree House

Some days it doesn't pay to get out of bed...

House Hunters International

Had a strange encounter with a woman today & don't know what to think


Somebody rolled one of my patients.

Green, Green - it's green they say - on the far side of the hill

Does anybody know where this is? Cool!

I have a brand new doorstop. (pic)

Lido Missed the Boat That Day He Left The Shack

Bestsellers at the University of Virginia Bookstore (!)

Post a quick cooking tip. If you put cheddar cheese on a piece of bread, sprinkle it with a tiny

Ever been out in nature and discovered something cool? I went

Hey! New Star Trek Series, Post TNG/Voyager timeline - original canon, unrelated to new ST movies.

can someone help me with a powerpoint question

Scariest movie scene?

Post your dream vacation here. Who cares if it will ever happen!

A little bit of good news.

Duers want to know: Does she breast feed?

A Cure For Ladies With Smelly Poop

What is the deal with the Universe?

What is the deal with the Universe?

So, this morning I find a sign in my yard saying that my house is for sale, it isn't.

it is too fucking hot outside!

My dog ate 40 or 50 Herbalife thermo bond Fiber Tablets.

Cartography Fail

Lafayette: "Oh shit! Marnie just puked a bitch out!"

Your go-to album when your brain is a little too busy?

No college football thread?

What is your favourite late night talk show comedy sketch?

Big Brother: What Kalia should do . . .

Anyone know how the wild horses of Rodanthe fared during Irene?

Be careful out there! Got hit by a car/pinned between two cars in Houston today

***NEW FOOD PORN*** 9 BRAND-NEW PICS from today's photo shoot @ the Mexican Restaurant

Patrick Stewart has it all

*&*&*Official Xemasab Appreciation THread #$$#

After 8 months of unemployment I have a job offer!

Has Anyone Ever Negotiated A Major Hospital Down To Almost NADA..

Help me make it to 13,000 posts before my birthday - ask me anything

What did you have for dinner DU? We had clam chowder and ciabatta bread.

Surfing USA, something to put a smile on your faces

Pics of the house with Egypt symbols. Oh & an unrelated moth/visitor.

What in nature freaks you out. I hate Luna moths. I mean are they a leaf or a moth?

WikiLeaks Says U.S. Obtained Order for Web Host's Records

War's forgotten: Tripoli Zoo animals suffer, lacking food, water

Legislature in California Set to Pass a Dream Act

Oil firms start U.S. Gulf evacuations due to weather

Three Pakistani soldiers killed in Indian border force firing

Perry Revives Social Security ‘Ponzi Scheme’ Rhetoric

Ron Paul's federal disaster relief plan: Kill FEMA

Moscow recognizes Libyan rebel council - Foreign Ministry

Syrian city's attorney general resigns in protest at government crackdown (massacres & mass graves)

U.S. Wasted at Least $31 Billion in War Contracts

First Fatality-Free Month For U.S. Military In Iraq

N.Y. Billing Dispute Reveals Details of Secret CIA Rendition Flights

How AT&T Got to a Standoff With the Government

The Antitrust Battle Ahead

Obama Rolls Out a Jobs Plan That Doesn't Need Congress

Perry Proposed A Bi-National Health Insurance Plan With Mexico In 2001

Ministers plan emergency law to move terror suspects

Ministers plan emergency law to move terror suspects

T-Mobile Chief Says He Was Surprised by Justice’s Lawsuit

Iraq War Marks First Month With No U.S. Military Deaths

Iraq War Marks First Month With No U.S. Military Deaths

Report: Condi rejects Cheney’s ‘attack on my integrity’

Apple criticized for China supply chain pollution

Ohio voters may face anti-abortion amendment in 2012

Adult Industry Prepares For 2012 GOP Convention

Taking on a Veteran Antitrust Judge in the AT&T Fight

New York Republican threatens to withhold hurricane relief from her own district

Initial Unemployment Claims Post Above 400k For 20th Time In Last 21 Weeks (last week # revised up)

EU reaches deal at Syrian Oil Ban

Unemployment Insurance Weekly Claims Report (09/01/2011)

New ATF chief B. Todd Jones joins an agency shaken by guns scandal

Britain and European governments helped US commit 'countless’ crimes colluding with torture

Rights chief: Countless crimes in counterterrorism

Guardian denies releasing WikiLeaks passwords

Guatemala STD tests 'may have infected 2,500'

Documents Reveal Secrets of CIA Rendition Program

The US has played a key role in the battle to end Muammar Gaddafi's rule over Libya.

(MI) Republicans plan to privatize teaching

Chant of 'tax the rich' growing louder in nation

Toxicologist: Oil spill far more toxic than admitted

Tea party Republican Joe Walsh plans to boycott President Obama's jobs speech

Officials: Virginia quake shifted nuclear plant's storage casks

More Britons face questions over links to Utøya killer Anders Breivik

Iraq War Marks First Month With No U.S. Military Deaths

Man gets 40 years for false positive murders

Muammar Gaddafi urges followers to turn Libya 'into a hell'

World Trade Centre rescuers at higher risk of cancer, Lancet reveals

Libya’s Supporters Gather in Paris to Help Ease New Government’s Transition

4.2 Quake in the Newhall Area of So Cal

Infrastructure bank could be part of jobs package

Pima County GOP sparks national controversy with gun raffle (Loughner/Gabrielle Giffords)

Fox News, Google To Hold Presidential Debate In Florida On September 22

New judge to hear execution lawsuit

Rupert Murdoch's daily paper angers Australian government

Obama asks court to toss "don't ask" suit

House Republicans step up Solyndra investigation

Row between Wikileaks and Guardian over security breach

White House projects lower deficit

Perry sought to sideline nuclear waste site critic

State lawmakers head to Cuba next week on trade mission

Italian businessman arrested over Berlusconi blackmail

Rebel military chief says he was tortured by CIA

Chrysler has best August in 4 years with 31% rise in sales; GM up 18%, Ford 11%, Nissan 19%

Former MCPD officer says police may have taken Huisentruit

National Grid prez slammed over vacation

NOM's $100K Fundraiser: $98,000 Short

Alabama Student’s Pro-Gay Shirt Censored Out Of ‘Concern For Her Safety’

The US Federal Reserve has launched a probe into investment bank Goldman Sachs .

China is "seriously dealing with" hazardous waste

Parts of ravaged Vt. get flash floods; 2 rescued

Christopher 'Dudus' Coke tells US court: 'I'm pleading guilty because I am'

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday, September 1, 2011

WikiLeaks prepares to release unredacted US cables

9/11 Firefighters Have Higher Cancer Risk: Study

100-plus former Obama workers to protest tar sands pipeline at White House

Obama shifts on jobs speech, says he didn’t cave to GOP

U.S. Is Set to Sue a Dozen Big Banks Over Mortgages

Tobacco firm demands university's research on children and smoking

CIA shifts focus to killing targets

NHS plans will mean putting wealthy first, says doctors' leader

White House forecasts high unemployment through 2012

20 inches of rain? Gulf coast warned for weekend

Back-to-School Shopping Lifts Many Retailers

Federal Judge Invites Lawyers To 'Kindergarten Party' To Teach Them Not To Waste His Time

Teens convicted in street-racing crash that killed family get 90 days in jail, probation

American college kid joins Libya rebels for vacation

Newspaper editor turns himself in over Hugo Chávez slur

I congratulate our President on tonight's bold victory.

I just unsubscribed from Obama's mailing list. I'm tired of his whining. n/t

An ugly truth: Some DUers more interested in scoring political points than addressing jobs crisis

Nan Hayworth taking cue from Cantor want to hold back disaster funds...

I just got this off Facebook. This is what the Koch Brothers are doing, quietly........

President Obama's Thursday Jobs Speech will NOT conflict with the football game

Nicholas D. Kristof: ‘Thank You, America!’

E. J. Dionne: Obama's Paradox Problem

Anyone see any more confirmation of early stories that the White House had checked

Chuck Todd just made an interesting point: Boehner did the President a favor by moving the date

POLL: What's your view on the dust up between Speaker Boehner and President Obama?

Tell the truth: Are you more interested in addressing the jobs crisis or scoring political points?

When is the President's speech and the GOP debate

Why President Obama was smart to reschedule his jobs speech

Mr. President.... I Have To Work Thursday Night So....

Why doesn't President Obama just go on national tv Wednesday night

I could care less when the president gives his speech.

Justice Department’s suit to block AT&T’s deal w/T-Mobile = "forceful antitrust move by Pres. Obama"



Rush Limbaugh is still the leader of the Republican Party.

Why are we arguing over something that no one cares to watch anyways?

Jobless claims down; no US Troops death in August

If the President rescheduling a speech by a day to avoid an unnecessary fight inflames you.

‘The Bart Simpsons of Congress’

Obama appears to be allergic to specifically criticizing the GOP. It's absolutely ridiculous.


Obama’s fight: ‘Go big or go home’

Putting the speech off was a good idea.

GOP raffling off gun in Giffords's district

The Republicants Don't Give A Shit About The Jobless

Oh, I love it!!!

No U.S. Deaths in Iraq in August first time!!!!

It's not even POSSIBLE that Obama "caved" on giving the speech to Congress.

There is another way to frame this


Gallup daily: a 7-point swing, President's approval up 3 points, disapproval down 4 points.

Scarborough: Rick Perry isn't a real CONSERVATIVE!!!!

Another Republican Rebukes Cantor: Chris Christie Demands Hurricane Aid Without Offsetting Cuts

is obama saving his "fight" for the campaign?

No soldiers died in Iraq last month due to new strategy aimed at Iran's proxy war against U.S.

WORST HEADLINE: Obama bows to Boehner on jobs speech

I'm sick of people saying the President needs to fight more

How Obama Emerged from Aug. 31 Hullabaloo Looking Not So Shabby – No, Really!

How Much Do You Dislike John Bo(eh)ner? - new petition site

PPP: Obama keeps hitting record lows

GOP = GROUP OF PROJECTIONISTS....seems to me ...a whole lotta that going on from the Far Right..

The GOP War on Voting

No one asked me, of course. But I think it's a simple mud fight.

"Each petty slight by Boehner is one more chip away at respect for the presidency."

"This wasn’t just another partisan dispute; it was a scandal for the ages."

OH SHIT!!! Big Ed's on fire about Rubio

Great tweet: "Boehner suggests moving Obama jobs speech to when Obama is white"

An Observation On The Speech Scheduling Kerfuffle

If, as an Obama supporter, you are feeling down ...

Three really popular charts to debunk RW lies

Top CIA Official: Obama Changed Virtually None of Bush’s Controversial Programs

Obama just put the Republican response in the middle of football.

Should President Obama Have Moved His "Jobs" Speech?

"Some Fights Are Worth Fighting Even If You Lose"

The President reacts to accusations of "He caved again" > > >

One of the most important commentaries on Speechdategate. Cenk:

Why President Obama was smart to reschedule his jobs speech - Did Boehner bail out Obama?

President Obama should have checked the GOP's schedule?

And so it starts. . .Rep. Joe Walsh (R-IL) has just declared he will not attend Obama speech. . .

Democrats distancing themselves from Obama

Let me get this straight. President says, "I'd like to give a speech on jobs to a joint session of

Is Obama Gaining from Being Reasonable?

Traitor Carville - White House "out of bounds" on speech scheduling

The Hill: Gore urges President Obama to block pipeline for ‘dirtiest source of fuel on the planet’

Binary Thinking Is Stinking Thinking

More Solid Proof That Obamacare Is Working

Fineman: Dems Tell Me Campaign Will Be "Down And Dirty" Attack

Slate of multiple distinguished candidates proposed to challenge Obama from the left

U.S. Is Set to Sue a Dozen Big Banks Over Mortgages

NY-09(Anthony Weiner's) Seat is in serious jeopardy

Pew Poll: "71% of Americans think the President stands up for what he believes in"

Perry-Gate: Illustrated Holiday Weekend Edition (Includes categories of transgressions w/ links!!!)

82% Obama Voters Will Vote To Reelect Him If He Raises Taxes On The Rich

So what do you have to do to be popular around here?

Rogozin:'NATO used UN resolution as chewing gum'

Vermont Flooding and Destruction After Hurricane Irene 8/28/2011

If I Only Had a Bank--California Public Bank

Young Turks: Superintendent Volunteers For $800,000 Pay Cut To Help Students

Thom Hartmann: Police at Bill O'Reilly's beck and call - except for loofahs

Thom Hartmann: Nurses vs. Wall Street! Oh, it's on

Thom Hartmann: CEOs rewarded for tax dodging?

Papantonio: John “Boo Hoo” Boehner – The Republican Man-Child

Thom Hartmann: D-O-J says N-O-T to A-T-&T

Police remove Eric Cantor protesters from a hotel ballroom they rented

What happens when you mix ODS with Speech-Schedule-Gate?

USA: The Best System In The World?

Ghosts With Shit Jobs

Reboot the Washington DC Universe

TNGA Public Hearing: Outlawing All Now Legal Abortions Via 2014 State Ballot Question

TYT: Tea Party Wants Blacks Lynched - Rep. Carson

War in Iraq over: US soldiers still dying

Pete Seeger, Dar Williams, David Bernz & Rivertown Kids sing SOLARTOPIA! Wind & Solar Power

Papantonio: Republicans Want Climate Science Removed From Textbooks

Boehner OWNS President Obama (AGAIN!)~ A Rant

20110830 - OWOC Gulf of Mexico flight

Writer Asks: Can the Middle Class Be Saved?

NV-03: Congressman Refuses to Meet Constituents... So They Do "Town Hall" Without Him

Ray McGovern: Cheney tortures history

If we can change Walmart, we can change America for all workers.

Obama's Visit to Minneapolis - Free Speech Zone Outside

TDPS: Nexium, Prilosec, & acid reflux meds dangerous, dependence forming & overprescribed

Lies, War, and Empire: NATO's "Humanitarian" Imperialism in Libya

Thom Hartmann: Republicans misread the 2010 election

Film Chronicles Rise and Fall of Eco-Terrorist Cell

TYT: Republican Will Lead Super Committee

Massive Tea Party Crowd Overwhelms Cedar Rapids, IA

CCR Appeals Warrantless Wiretapping Ruling

Jake arrives in England

Jake likes the food but their stove is a joke

Top 25 Corporate Tax Dodgers

Guardian UK: As Libya shows, our military shrinks but Britain's crush on war does not

Is Your State Stealthily Privatizing Medicaid and Putting Patients at Risk?

World will witness anxious times as US power declines and China's rises

American labour laws The incredible shrinking agency

6 Unexpected Places You Can Be Tracked With Facial Recognition Technology

Migration after the crash Moving out, on and back

Minister Faust: War Destroys Everyone It Touches

Less Work, More Living

Toxic dust legacy of 9/11 plagues thousands of people (BBC)

The Link between Infrastructure and Growth - ThinkProgress

House Majority Doesn’t Have a Jobs Plan—Just More Attacks on Workers

Automakers' gains lift July factory output

Margaret and Helen are back

Wis. Justice Gableman Issues Correction -- Says Bradley Hit Him In Sept. 2009, Not 2008

Robert Parry: Why Do All Hail Gen. Petraeus?

Guatemala STD tests 'may have infected 2,500'

Goebbels was a coward: former secretary spills wartime secrets

Tucson Republican Leader Slams County GOP For Giffords Gun Raffle! Just saw this on CNN

The Deadly Labor Behind Our Phones, Laptops and Consumer Gadgets

Best Cartoons Mocking the GOP Presidential Candidates

Illegal immigration is flash point for Republican White House hopefuls

Eugene Robinson: Bush and Cheney remind us how we got into this mess

MUST READ: North Dakota's Economic “Miracle”—It's Not Oil

MUST-READ Amazon review of Cheney's book by "Gen. JC Christian, patriot"

Megan's Law May Actually Encourage Sex Offenders

MI5 former chief decries 'war on terror'

Over 700 people arrested at White House

8/30 Drought Monitor; Cotton 60% Poor/Very Poor OK; 92% TX; D3 Returns To GA, AL

9/1 8:00 EDT: NHC/NOAA - 70% Chance Of TS Forming In Trough Over Central Gulf Of Mexico

Al Gore: "Congratulations Joe Romm"

Better hurricane intensity forecasts threatened by budget cuts

Forests under threat from exotic earthworm invasion

Grading the forecasts for Irene

Mental Illness Rise Linked To Climate

Organic Farming Profitable Long-Term

EPA Administrator: Telling the Truth About the Environment and Our Economy

August’s heat in Houston was a 1-in-10,000-year event

Gene sleuths trace tree-killing pathogen back to California

GE Developing New Generator Designed For 10+ MW Wind Turbine (uses superconductors))

Warming streams could be the end for (Spring-Run Chinook) salmon (in California)

Lockheed Martin radars could unlock 8 GW of wind energy

NRG Solar Begins Operations at New Mexico’s (20 MW) Roadrunner Facility

Rooftop Solar Could Power 20% of D.C. and Save Ratepayers Money

Hillary Clinton's State Department Oil Services and the Keystone XL Tar Sands Pipeline [VIDEO]

It's Time To Kill The Electric Car, Drive A Stake Through Its Heart And Burn The Corpse

Volkswagen Investing One Billion Euros in Wind Energy

Fukushima day care center hot spots

I've been looking and haven't found it yet so I have a question

Solyndra's Exit: China Not To Blame

Bill McKibben: "Tar Sands -- Gore Says What Needs Saying"

Toxicologist: Oil Spill in Kalamazoo River Far More Toxic Than Admitted

As Texas Withers, Gas Industry Guzzles

Lancaster, CA to Become One of World's First Net Zero Cities Aided by Beautiful Earth Group


9/1 NHC/NOAA -2:00 PM EDT 80% Chance Gulf Of Mexico System Will Become Tropical Cyclone w/i 48 Hours

U.S. Solar Company Bankruptcies a Boon for China