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I still miss Forkboy. Please come back, if you're reading this.

I still miss Forkboy. Please come back, if you're reading this.

Why are all these damn Exxon Mobile (pro tar sands) commercials running on MSNBC?


Dear Eric Cantor:

I just watched some of Hannity's interview with Cheney. I had no idea Cheney was so heroic and

So disappointed in a bumper sticker (and where I saw it)

BREAKING: Leaked Rove email singles out Daily Kos

Obama's "Bratty, tantrum-prone child strategy"

Obama's "Bratty, tantrum-prone child strategy"

20 homes destroyed in Possum Kingdom Lake wildfire

If you support the troops

SF Giants payroll manager accused of embezzlement

What'cha doin'?

What's Joe Scum's issue with Perry?

The Atlantic - "'Harvard' Is Now Code for 'Effeminate' - GOP Suggests Obama Is Girlie

California Ignores Its Own Scientists on Dangerous Pesticide

Fighting Wildfire With Tax Breaks (satire)

John Sinclair: Is this 'high-level crime'?

An interesting thought I just came across about Dick Cheney..

Medicinal pot ruling rocks dispensary community; mass meeting in Lansing planned

Vermont Governor praises federal hurricane response

Republicans Using "Baseball Bat" To Attack Workers Rights

Cheney's self-criticism sent to an undisclosed location

Ex-Bush Official Col. Lawrence Wilkerson: "I am Willing to Testify" if Dick Cheney is Put on Trial

Obama's three big mistakes

Hateful preacher rants on gays, says "God hates Barack Obama".

UN vote on Palestine statehood?

Cheney's Epitaph?-what a loser

"Crush your enemy": The 48 laws of power a hit with businessmen, prison inmates

So Texas is burning while Governor Goodhair is galavanting around

CEOs being Paid (VASTLY) More than their Companies paid in Taxes | WashPost

The coming weather

GOP Smear Machine Targets Elizabeth Warren

Big Dick Toons

This house moved from one side of the underpass to the other

Budget cuts - now killing NOAA's satellite capabilities (excellent NPR report)

Bomber kills 11 outside mosque in Quetta, Pakistan

Do repubicans **really** wanna fight about FEMA?

Nevada AG Catherine Cortez Masto Destroys BofA in New Lawsuit

Energy and Power: Non OPEC peak oil

Take the RN out of KATRINA...

Take the RN out of KATRINA...

Dick Cheney is a compulsive liar. Melissa Harris-Perry on Rachel's "Debunction Junction"

Why Is This Boeing Corporate CEO Smiling?

Toon: If Hurricanes were more precise...

The politics of disaster aid bootstraps.

Minn. dad who abandoned son arrested in California

Tougher Questions for the Candidates

Bahrain unrest: Teenager dies after protest

Just look at those "job creators"!!!!

Robert Reich: Perry-it turns out-is a closet liberal-Secret Plan to Save Blue States from Red States

New South Florida politicians go to 'Good Government' boot camp

Republican Congressman Caught With His Pants Down, Literally

Christine O’Donnell Starts Speaking in Tongues on Twitter

For the future good of this country, some people will need to feel the pain.

Rick Perry's secret plan to save blue states from red states:

Lawrence O’Donnell: Nothing more fraudulent than Giuliani as ‘hero of 9/11'

BP calls search of Moscow office an illegal raid

Report from the Frontline of the floods at Paterson, NJ.

Does the President finally understand?


Villaraigosa lobbies Washington with jobs plan

Religious Right Complaints About 9/11 Commemoration Ring Hollow

Brevik: "Don't let multiculturalists define what racism is or isn't.

Stephanie MIller just discussed this: The GOP War on Voting,,,,Scary stuff

My political wake-up came in the fall election here in Ohio in 1998

Self delete - 1776Forever has a better OP on this

fracking bribery

Another type of Prejudice

Bunnies and stewardesses: Fall TV's racy slant

Hurricane Irene to go down as one of the ten costliest storms in history

Hurricane Irene to go down as one of the ten costliest storms in history

Please Help Stamp Out Campaign-aholism in Our Lifetime

The government won't let Bank of America go down, I bet.

School Vouchers Inflict More Harm Than Good

House Republican Bill Cuts Hurricane Monitoring Funds That Help Save Millions of Dollars

Perry remains GOP front-runner, Quinnipiac poll shows

Tying Health Problems to Rise in Home Foreclosures

Executive Excess 2011: The Massive CEO Rewards for Tax Dodging

Fischer: "It's Not A Problem When A Christian Says That"

Rep. Carson (D-Ind): Tea Party would be happy with blacks 'hanging from a tree'

Broken Line Sending Raw Sewage Into Patapsco River

WikiLeaks cable leak 'irresponsible', says Australia

Breaking: Government moves to block merger between AT&T and T-mobile

WSJ - Princess Palin cancels Sep 3 Tea Party speaking event

They are trying to turn our country upside down

The Rude Pundit: Eric Cantor Used to Love Him Some FEMA Money

Sex Tax Machine Introduced for Bonn Prostitutes

Radioactive waste swamps Japan sewage plants

N.J. judge dismisses tea party lawsuit challenging new legislative map

Will Obama cave to Cantor on the FEMA threats?

Why we're losing the message, in part

Edmonton salon ad irks family violence groups

Now that we know that the Wikileaks Bank Of America documents were destroyed,

How Attacks on Reproductive Health Care Force Poor Women Into More Unwanted Pregnancies

Re: Hurricane Irene. Are hurricanes supposed to go that far North?

'Tea party' group to boycott Mitt Romney speech

Lies, War, and Empire: NATO’s “Humanitarian Imperialism” in Libya (Video + Article)

Unemployed and Taking on Debt to Stay Afloat? Don’t Expect to get a Job

Obama's uncle is called a fugitive from deportation since 1992

anyone know where Tweety is?

It's Cute to Kill: Wal-Mart Is Selling Military Camo Diapers by Huggies

Lack of Deep Sleep Tied to Hypertension

Which Would You Prefer? (Regarding Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway rescue of Bank of America)


Hmmmmm. Seems Japan can function without most of its nukes!

The point is unlikely lost on seniors that changes rejected during GWB's terms are being considered

Do you really want to help create jobs in America?

This is the United (UNITED States of America) Americans come

So now the Police are judges of the aesthetic value of photographs?

Mind and Mood: Open Your Eyes

Astronauts to grow own food in Mars?

The Weird Photo On The Cover Of Cheney's Book

Are the teabaggers/gops TRYING to make this into "Obama's Katrina" by limiting FEMA

#41 In World - U.S. newborn death rate tied with Qatar

Ex-Pa. House speaker pleads guilty to corruption

Frank Zappa was right! The United States is a Nation of Laws!

Bird flu could be returning, U.N. warns

How about I put this here ;)

The Obama Variety Hour.

A Modest Proposal For Stimulus II

Olbermann-THIS is the Obama I like-Jobs Address to Joint Session of Congress-same hour as GOP Debate

Despite White Supremacist Ties, Nativist Minutemen Project's Gilchrist Stumped For GOP Candidates

If America fails to rebuild...

Tripoli blast kills Libyan fighters

The rich in America have been decimated

The rich in America have been decimated

Most U.S. and foreign corporations doing business in the United States avoid paying any federal TAX

Katia is now a TS... but they think it will take a more

Do you thin Obama should be primaried, with who?

NATO Rebel: “sometimes to avoid bloodshed you must shed blood”

Ever lost a job that you never would have had the nerve to quit and ended up with a better one?

Results of Texas Education System under Rick Perry?

Aljazeera: Libyan files: US official (ex-Bush assistant secretary of state) aided Gaddafi.

Aljazeera: Libyan files: US official (ex-Bush assistant secretary of state) aided Gaddafi.

License plate I saw on a Beemer driving into DC this morning

Obama's speech will be at same time as GOP debate? Awesome

Let's start our own grassroots movemnet...

NTC rejects foreign military presence, says UN envoy

From FactCheck-re: R. Perry

First the governor of Nebraska...

Rep. Andre Carson: Tea Party wants blacks 'hanging on a tree'

The Uninvited:Christine O'Donnell booted from event with Sarah Palin...

End the global economy!

Panel tallies massive waste and fraud in wartime U.S. contracts

GOP Debate scheduled to run AFTER Obama speech.

Will Boehner agree to the President's request for a joint session address?

BEHOLD Cheney & His "Deceit of Shakespearean Proportions" - By Robert Scheer

OK how dumb is this?

25 Corporations Paid Their CEOs More Than Uncle Sam

the rebels are capable of preserving the security of his country and don’t need any foreign,.......

Palin/O’Donnell Event Descends Into Total Chaos

Biden's diabolical laugh

"Captain CEO's Fate" from Ruben Bolling's Tom the Dancing Bug

Cantor against offsetting disaster funds before he was for it

Words To Share...

I need help. How can I post photos from my mail box to here?

Dad accused of tossing son overboard: 'We were having fun'

Well, that wasn't very nice......

Which is best wrt the highway bill?

Juanita Jean & friends light into Ron Paul about hurricanes & the government response.

Just got a NRA robocall from (Wayne La Pierre) claiming

Family Values

Andre Carson takes heat for tea party criticism

The perfect Perry bumper stickers

Virginia Anti-Abortion Lobbyist Married To Top State Health Official Who Helped Draft Clinic

Two questions regarding "corporate personhood."

Soaring home payment delinquency

Christine O'Donnell out - again

German city introduces parking meter for prostitutes

Rick Perry: 'There's Not Going To Be A Social Security And Medicare Program'

Christine O'Donnell's Iowa speech is off again, tea party leader says

Will the UN and NATO intervene to prevent a bloodbath in Libya?

O'Donnell Bounced Again to Get Palin Back

O'Donnell Bounced Again to Get Palin Back

Another first for Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant


God plans pestilence in hope of making Michele Bachmann shut the hell up

The tides are turning, are our leaders going to step up to the plate

Eric Cantor's office(s) phone number:

MSNBC host: 'Rick Perry wants to get all up in your uterus and take a picture'

O'Donnell dropped, re-invited to rally. (Like father like daughter - both just part-time Bozo's)

Notes For The Underground, from Senior_Iconoclast

Federal subsidy for health-care coverage expires

'I'm too pretty to do homework so my brother has to do it for me'

John Boehner is the drum major for assholery.

BREAKING: Boehner says re-schedule..

Several House Freshmen vowed to change Washington's ways, but their voting records say otherwise.

Coal Mines, Blacklists and Grandpa, -a Labor Day lesson-

Here is the problem with letting the Super Committee put Social Security on the table.

Move On pushing to punish bankers

Move On pushing to punish bankers

Dick: "In My Time"

Secret files: US officials aided Gaddafi

Pat Buchanan Admits That, "Bush Broke The U.S. As A Superpower."

You smell like the devil's gumdrops, By Mark Morford

ProgressOhio, Sen. Skindell, and Rep. Murray Re-file Constitutional Challenge to JobsOhio

Anyone of you are in Speaker Boner's district

WH To TPM: Boehner Was Consulted Before Date Of Jobs Speech Was Announced

Global Land Grab

Nice irony: every time you wear a V for Vendetta mask to a protest, TimeWarner makes a buck

Tea Party In Civil War Over Romney....Deeeeliciousioso....

If Repubs were smart, they would want someone to interrupt their "debate"...

Vermont's Unsung Hurricane Hero (local radio)

List of evidence Rep. Kucinich was supposedly presented with to HELP the Gaddafi Regime

s&p at it again

Missouri River begins to reveal what it has been doing this summer.

25 firms paid more in CEO pay than taxes

Wilkerson: We talked about Cheney’s people like the ‘Nazis’

"Leave the matter of religion to the family altar

The New Resentment of the Poor

Jamaican Drug Lord Christopher 'Dudus' Coke Pleads Guilty

Jonathan Chait - "The Democratic Jobs Debate As Mass Denial"

The Return Of The Giant Jesus

She's still a quitter.

Want to revisit the FAA shut down?

I think Boehner just brought a knife.

Glenn Greenwald comments on the speech scheduling controversy

Reality ain't running in the primary

Palin/O'Donnel Event Descends Into Total Chaos...TPM

Skip the speech. Meet them at the Republican Retreat again.

Babysitting bill in Calif. Legislature

The Great Dismal Swamp is still on fire.

AL GORE: Tar Sands - The Dirtiest Fuel on the Planet

Re: those posts on animal cruelty we see so often here and elsewhere -

iPad scammers swindle $180 from South Carolina woman

Huron County Dog Warden says two men beat dog to death with shovel (OH)

We complain about corporations, and then buy their Chinese crap.

WikiLeaks: Guardian Journalist Negligently Disclosed Cablegate Passwords

Dear network schedulers

Dear network schedulers

MORE Shenanigans from Madison Wisconsin, GAB, and DOA

Super easy fix to the Boehner/Obama scheduling thing

NJ Floods Keeps 10,000 Residents From Homes

Bullying Law Puts New Jersey Schools on Spot

Lawrence O'Donnell: "How far below zero should corporate taxes go?"

Financial Times article: Mr Obama wishes to be president of a country that does not exist.

Tonight on Countdown

Tonight on Countdown

“Childish!” Dems, GOP Snipe Publicly Over The Timing Of President’s Job Speech

Melissa Harris Perry in for Rachel Maddow tonight.

Woman who gave birth on jail floor goes to trial against county

Nevada Attorney General Joins Schneiderman in Fighting Bank of America's Foreclosure Fraud

Yikes. Just, yikes.

It’s Now or Never - Tell Congressman Boehner to “Get Serious” About Jobs!

Boehner is upset because he knows Wed. will be just the first time viewers choose the real

Maya Angelou criticizes inscription at MLK Memorial

you know what? if Obama stands up to Cantor, then have his back

Anybody remember the Rupert Murdoch/News Corp. story? Wonder why it disappeared?

Government Study Proves THC from Cannabis DESTROYS CANCER CELLS

Can Boehner prevent Obama's...

Pentagon Pays $720 Million for Storage Containers…in Late Fees

Record Breaking Poverty in America: 52.8 Million and Growing; 46 Million on Food Stamps; 34 Million

Boner wants Obamas speech moved?

Did Dick Cheney look back from the dead to anyone?


Hmm. Boner gets Obama to push his address to Thursday evening....

Will NBC break away from NFL Week 1 for Obama's speech?

WHY did Obama choose September 7th in the first damned place?

Mr President, please hold your JOBS speech

dreaming about the housing market

Thank you Illinois.

Obama says jobs speech will "lay out bipartisan proposals .... and find bipartisan solutions ...."

Vote on Should Obama have to change the date for speech to Congress?

Only solution, focus on Boner having already agreed to Wednesday

I long for the old days of the media

Do you think evangelical voters have an anti-Catholic bias?

Sue to get your Social Security Money Back …..

Will Obama reschedule his Jobs speech?

for NNN0LHI...student uniforms

Did Perry say the administration wants to pursue plans similar to those from the 30s?

Randi Rhodes wrong on the President's authority to convene a joint session of Congress.

I don't get the drama behind changing a date of a speech.

Why some people don't get the flu

After years of voting with Republicans, McCaskill upset FEMA may reduce help to Joplin.

politics - deadlock lies from rethugs and a pres who bends to their every wish - upbringing

Why Are Finland’s Schools The World’s Best?

Why Are Finland’s Schools The World’s Best?

Email from President Barack Obama

Quessing there isn't any 'there' in the jobs speech

For America to prosper, we must create more Jobs..

I'll be watching football on September 8th. At least there will be

132,000,000 citizens voted in 2008. Optimistically, 1,000,000 pay close attention to politics

ThinkProgress tweet: Pro-Bachmann PAC running anti-Perry ad in South Carolina (video at link)

So we've turned a scheduling conflict into the latest drama?

Obama caved. Speech will be on Thursday the 8th! as per MSNBC

Have you ever asked someone in real life who makes +$100,000 per year about raising the FICA cap?

Burnt Orange Report: Rick Perry on the issues

What, exactly, would be the benefit of trying to stick with the 7th for the speech?

PLEASE President Obama, PLEASE tell us your staff accidentally picked the 7th date!

you petty ass mother fuckers - Go to Daily Kos

Dodged Ball!

So... "I don't want to hear another speech!" has turned into "Why was the speech moved?!"

Apple hires fake Viagra expert to stop counterfeit iDevices

How Soon After The President Speaks On Jobs On Thursday Night Will The Repugs Reject All His Ideas?.

I Stepped In A Bag Of Tea Today At Job Club

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers Check In!!

DWTS fans will just have to get over their bigotry

Seattle Gas Prices Up 15+ Cents in The Past Three Days

ABC Attacked by 'DWTS' Fans Over Chaz Bono Casting

Thank you, President Obama. I can now watch the circle jerk next Wednesday on MSNBC at 8:00pm!!

God I hope "Heidi" isn't scheduled for Thursday night too.

boehner looks like the small man in date moving...

President Obama moving speech to Congress to Thurs, Sept 8. n/t

I don't know about you, but I want a f*ing macho dictator that will just whateverthefuck *I* want

Quite Telling - Cheney EVADES full reality of what HE sanctioned in order for it to sound defensible

IMHO, The 30's and 40's mostly mimics where we are today.

Hurricane Irene: It’s the rain


A fundamental problem is that one party is trying to make policy while the other is just assholes

I have a suggestion for the super committee:

In response to Republicans and others who question the government's

Another severed foot found in B.C. waters

Remind me *who* owns CNN & puts Piers/ SANTORUM obscenity on the air?!1

BREAKING NEWS CNN: Pres. sends letter to Boehner & Reid.

Wow... Col. Wilkerson not pulling any punches on Cheney - He's a Nazi.

Wednesday Evening Sanity Break: Bobby Gentry - Ode to Billy Joe.

What are America's priorities?

Banana Republic USA: Meet the 25 CEOs Who Make More Than Their Companies Pay In Taxes

Lawsuit Accuses Kellogg of Faking “All Natural” Products

OCCUPY WALL STREET: A shift in revolutionary tactics

This is surreal. The outrage is not matching the situation.

Perry Fires Up the Left

The Tea Party is a Perversion of America's Heritage.

The Tea Party is a Perversion of America's Heritage.

For profit hospice centers fuck over Medicare budget

Study: Number of women working in TV falls

The GOP disrespect of Obama: Racism or just politics?

If corporations are people, can we drug test Wall Street!?

God...The Headline On HuffPo Is Just So Sad

It's a good idea for political activists to read the constitution of their country.

I love my state and I've never been prouder of it.

Obama didn't cave - Boner has to let Obama have the joint session.

While I have reliable Internet access...a resounding "bite me"

Toon: Power is restored

Aid Workers Reach Vermont Towns Cut Off by Floodwaters.

Cop caught on camera having sex awaits fate

Obama finesses small-souled RepubliCon Plutocrats

After 80+ hours without power.........

Ed Schultz said AT&T T-Mobile Merger SHOULD go thru - He is pissed at Sen. Al Franken - Whose right?

Is this the face of Jack the Ripper?

If I ruled the world, I would have two wars only


I don't think there's a single politician in whom I have more trust than mistrust.

Cry me a bloody river...

If Obama changes to September 8th, I think it will look horrible!

NASA says space station may have to be evacuated

Bullshit, he didn't cave, he played them...

Bullshit, he didn't cave, he played them...

Us or the War Machine

Us or the War Machine

Pregnancy and sonograms

Obama bowing to Boner AGAIN pains me

Obama bowing to Boner AGAIN pains me

Local school board member will keep office 6500 miles away?? WTF?


GOLDMAN: The World's Going To Hell In A Handbasket -- Here's How To Cash In!

GOLDMAN: The World's Going To Hell In A Handbasket -- Here's How To Cash In!

U.S. newborn death rate tied with Qatar

U.S. newborn death rate tied with Qatar

DeMint vows to block Obama's speech...

Drift smoke last night, beautiful fog this morning! (DIAL-UP WARNING)

Burnt Orange Report: a survival & research tool for MoFo GOODHAIR's run

Where's Rachel Maddow?

WikiLeaks Says U.S. Obtained Order for Web Host's Records

“I think that’s arrogant. There are smart people in charge; they wouldn’t let bad things happen.”

Becoming Human: 2 anthropology shows now on PBS

If you think the Obama team didn't know what time the GOP debate was next wednesday...

I believe Obama's speech date was an actual coincidence..

I believe Obama's speech date was an actual coincidence..

Who decided to get the MLK statue made in China?

I think the Boner owed one to Obama...

Docs: Bush Official, Kucinich Offered To Help Qaddafi Regime On Ending U.S. Involvement In Libya

Chris Christie: Send aid now; cut later

worst president ever!

Hi, Michael Vick here. I would like to thank all the little people...

Some of you think several generations living in the same house is a great thing,

Does anyone know who funds Michelle Rhee's "Student's First" organization?

Judge finds prima facie evidence that US government may have "vindictively prosecuted" Dan Choi

A shout out to all our Vermont DUers

Stay classy, Richard Yanoski...

Warning: Your Life is About to be “Eminent Domained”

Man faces 75 years for recording police

Solar-Cell company touted last year by Obama closes down, can't compete with China's cheap stuff

Amy Goodman: Cheney, Rumsfeld and the Dark Art of Propaganda

Mr President you stopped looking reasonable 6 months ago

Sugary Drink Habit Is Widespread in U.S.

Ok, I am PLENTY Disappointed with Obama, but I'd *still* rather pick on THEM

PHOTO of the DAY (JAPAN) Dial up warning

After exactly 68 hours, the power is back on in my little section of Connecticut

Do Headscarves bother you?

Obama just wanted to be sure everyone watched the GOP debate 9/7

Obama just wanted to be sure everyone watched the GOP debate 9/7

Once again, Obama shows himself to be a weak politician

The Scheduling Kerfuffle: Let's Play Role Reversal

The scheduling of the jobs speech is not a big deal, but it is a microcosm of Obama's Presidency

Cantor Strikes Deal on Cuts to Allow Emergency Spending

Indiana vouchers prompt thousands to change schools

Who would be better than Obama as Pres.?

Obamacation meets reality: NYC school system.

Chomsky: "Students should be Anarchists"

Ford unveils new design direction

Markos Moulitsas: I hope Boehner doesn't ask Obama for his lunch money. The president would go

Plea goes to get Portable Toilets for the Homeless in Fresno, Ca cause the City won't help

For those of you who said Hurricane Irene was overhyped-SHAME ON YOU!

Old Dick Cheney was heard to lament,

Unemployed man finds $150,000 in his garden in McHenry County

Unemployed man finds $150,000 in his garden in McHenry County

POWER!! ELECTRICITY!!!! after 4 1/2 days

The President has decided not to "go big".

Half of Americans sip sugary drinks daily

Condoleezza Rice fires back at cheney memoir

Guilty until proven innocent....

Dick Cheney, The Ultimate American Terrorist

Dick Cheney, The Ultimate American Terrorist

Super Committee Dem says he has to say Social Security MUST be on the table.

My Number One Fear

Pretty funny: a writer's poem to losing the internet during Irene.

Don't draw attention away from your opponent when they are

New Record: 51% of Americans Age 16-24 Are Unemployed – Leading Indicator for Civil Unrest


It's become very apparent...

Hundreds of red-shirted anti-gay Christians converge on Charlotte NC Pride

"Employers must act now to prepare their workplace for increased union activity!"

Katrina In Vermont

Katrina In Vermont

Is it really MY fault?

The U.S. Constitution gives the SPEAKER, NOT the President the power to schedule addresses!

Is it proper to excoriate an entire group

A few comments on Allan Lichtman's never wrong Keys to the White House model

"we’re going to experience far more global warming than our current models predict"

Airlift of Evil 2.0 ? ( CIA recruits 1,500 from Mazar-e-Sharif to fight in Libya)

Airlift of Evil 2.0 ? ( CIA recruits 1,500 from Mazar-e-Sharif to fight in Libya)

I've got mold under carpet in basement from the storm...anyone ever cleaned this before?

I'm confused. So the CWA union supports the T-Mobile/AT&T merger?

(storm tip) Many of you are smarter than me and probably thought of this already

(storm tip) Many of you are smarter than me and probably thought of this already


I'm single again.

So, after reading the books, I watched "The Girl Who kicked the Hornet's Nest"...

Caught on Video! Money Grab on highway in the Netherlands

100 years of East London style in 100 seconds

"An 80 yr old lady was marrying for the 4th time..

Billy the Exterminator had his shirt off, Billy looked good.

The credits to Lord of the Rings are as long as the movie.

Anyone Use a Alphasmart NEO?

12 Girls Band - Liu San Jie.... peaceful, innovative, contemplative and relaxing.....

Werther's Original

Unintentionally vulgar sticker placements

I'd like an argument, please.

Is there a Wells Fargo phone scam?

How about I put this here ;)


I've got your fifty cents right here:

the bee gee's at their best

Anthony Kiedis, what a fuckin' TOOL.

For your Hump Day reading pleasure, The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows.

Reliable Online Criminal Background Check....

What Would Don Draper Do?

Does anyone else get those sales phone calls, the ones with the ship horn sounding off and telling

need a computer question answered. Can't find another forum for it

So I met these people...

so....anyone else addicted to masturbating?

Not a diet question, nor a food pyramid question.

Cyndi Lauper, ow my God!!!!!!

I'm drinking my own variation of an Old Fashioned

Anybody here on Yahoo: Linked In?

Yakimova Sharapova

Looks like you CAN do Julius Caeser with an Aldis lamp

Does this look legitimate to you?

Drum Sulu week on Letterman.

Hey JVS...let me repay you in kind

Secret Crush

I'm very bummed

I am so tired of this heat, this triple digit crap is terrible.

G F. E-G D.

Why do they call Wednesday "Hump Day" when most people get laid on the weekend?

What did you have for lunch today DU? I had a chocolate milk, a skim milk,

I congratulate our President on tonight's bold victory.

House in my town has Egyptian hieroglyphics. Looking for the bird/horseshoe

40 Worst DIY Car Repairs

Absolute worst Internet browser

Question for vegetarians - and maybe meat eaters as well

I need grease to exist

What is your favourite breakfast?

Woman Charged For Masturbating, Watching Porn While Driving

90,000 plus

HOLY CRAP! Have you looked at the top right corner of the "Latest" page lately?

Need a little splaining about the movie "No Country for Old Men."

Songs in which someone whistles. Post 'em here!

Should I feel bad if I don't want to "be the best" at what I do?

I Just Watched Three Seconds of Toddlers and Tiaras

A dog question. Help!

What song on your iPod has the most plays?

I was in Bella Italia for two weeks in August *PIC HEAVY*


2011 - Bummer Summer.

Countries of the world FAIL:

What to do in Vegas if you are not a gambler...

Philippine foreign chief calls ex-US envoy ‘a dismal failure’ over WikiLeaks comments

Republican Congressman Caught With His Pants Down, Literally

Phone hacking: News Corp loses £17 million contract with New York education department

Wildfire near Yosemite now 80 percent contained

Irene floods in North Carolina and New York 'disaster'

Frankfurt airport 'Islamist' shootings trial begins

U.S. Companies Add Fewer-Than-Estimated 91,000 Workers in August, ADP Says

Documents show NYPD’s spy unit pushing officers to eavesdrop in minority communities

New flood dangers as East Coast reels from Irene

Good News Finally Out of the Justice Department

Nervous Romney Decides to Show at Tea Party Event After All

Prosecutors Want to Keep ID of Man with Clementi a Secret

Edmonton salon ad irks family violence groups

White House blasts GOP over FEMA funding

RAF flies £130m unfrozen cash assets to Libya

Obama Requests A Joint Session Of Congress For Major Jobs Speech

Cop caught on camera having sex awaits fate

Docs: Bush Official, Kucinich Offered To Help Qaddafi Regime On Ending U.S. Involvement In Libya

SEAL's dog, (Iowa) Hawkeyes team up

WikiLeaks cable leak 'irresponsible', says Australia

Appalachian Coalfield Leaders Join Tar Sands Pipeline White House Protest

Oil hovers near $89 amid surprise US supply jump

Christine O'Donnell out - again

Fight Erupts Over Head Scarves at Playland Park in Rye

CEOs Earned More Than Companies’ Tax Bills

Shots fired at Texas congressman's (Rep Gene Green’s (D-TX) office

Choi Trial Put on Hold After Judge Allows "Vindictive Prosecution" Defense

Officials: Mom got daughter abortion to hide rape

Some companies pay their CEOs more than Uncle Sam, study says

Nevada Says Bank (of America) Broke Mortgage Settlement

Planned Parenthood funds in Kansas restored by federal judge

Unions reverse decision to ban GOP from parade

Prominent columnist quits over paramilitary claims

U.S. Infant Mortality Rate Worse Than in 40 Other Countries

Libyan teen says Gadhafi's troops forced her to execute rebels

Minorities Lead Growth in Biggest Cities

US Files to Block T-Mobile Merger of AT&T

SEC proposal would disclose political donations by public companies

Bush-Era Warrantless Wiretapping Program on Trial Tomorrow in Seattle

Idaho Abortion Lawsuit: Jennie Linn McCormack Challenges State Fetal Pain Law

Greenpeace blocks oil company's office in Brazil

WikiLeaks Releases (An) Encrypted Mystery File

(Gov. R-Ne) Heineman: Deny (Keystone) pipeline permit

Court case lifts lid on secret post 9/11 flights

Petraeus leaving Army after 37 years to head CIA

Petraeus leaving Army after 37 years to head CIA

Repub Revolt: Virgina’s GOP Gov Splits With Cantor, Rejects Conditioning Disaster Aid On Budget Cuts

Boehner Fires Back at Obama Over Scheduling of Jobs Speech

GOP governor urges Obama to reject proposed Keystone oil pipeline

Germany to probe how rifles wound up in Libya

Second part of DREAM Act passes Senate vote

Second part of DREAM Act passes Senate vote

U.S. Newborn Death Rate Trails Behind 40 Other Nations

Women executives could wait 98 years for equal pay, says report

Computer Files Deleted in Fairfield Election Case

Boehner Asks Obama To Move Jobs Joint Address To Thursday

Obama Requests A Joint Session Of Congress For Major Jobs Speech

Secret files: US officials aided Gaddafi

Jon Huntsman unveils jobs plan in New Hampshire

Iran Concerned West Will Benefit From Arab Uprisings

Exclusive: Condoleezza Rice fires back at Cheney memoir

Two police officers who took down Fort Hood shooter Maj. Nidal Hasan, lose their jobs

Former Qaddafi Mercenaries Describe Fighting in Libyan War

Court orders arrest of politician suspected of ordering Galan murder

Youngest London rioter – boy aged 11 – given youth rehabilitation order

Pulitzer-winning photojournalist resigns rather than lay off staff

President Obama Agrees to Address Congress on Sept. 8 (instead of Sept. 7)

Panel confirms (Goodwin) Liu to state Supreme Court

Haley Barbour relative defrauded FEMA after Katrina, judge rules

Panel tallies massive waste and fraud in wartime U.S. contracts ($12 million a day)

How US firms profited from torture flights ("war on terror" became just another charter opportunity

S&P Just Rated A Bundle Of Subprime Mortgages Higher Than The U.S.

Obama Labor Boss Buys Canadian-Built Car

Former Powell Chief of Staff: Cheney "Fears Being Tried as a War Criminal"

WikiLeaks: Iraqi children in U.S. raid shot in head, U.N. says

GOP chairman says if students want to vote, they should pay taxes

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday, August 31, 2011

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Obama’s Labor Board Reverses Bush Union Rule

WikiLeaks site comes under cyberattack

I'd like an argument, please.

FreedomWorks to protest against Romney - “We have to defend our brand against poseurs"

The Republican jobs plan: stop environmental regulations

Ezra Klein: The most powerful man in housing policy

An alternate idea to a non-season of 2012 Democratic primaries.

HUFF POST: Eric Cantor Voted Against Bill To Offset Disaster Relief In 2004

TPM: Children of the Corn

BREAKING!!! President Obama to unveil his jobs package to a joint session of Congress

The Republican 2012 Nominee and The Republican Governors

The Hill: Huntsman to unveil sweeping tax reform

Anybody having trouble getting DU Discussion board?

Pataki: Obama doesn't understand the meaning of September 11th

CSpan Alert: Spkr. Boehner invites Pres. Obama to address joint session Sept. 8

Roll Call: Allen West may leave CBC over Andre Carson's remark

Boehner ask the President to have his speech on Thursday 1st night of the NFL

"From one Speaker to another...nicely done John."

WH To TPM: Boehner Was Consulted Before Date Of Jobs Speech Was Announced

Admin official says the date/time of Obama address was "cleared" with GOP before it went public.

Bachmann is Crazy: Swine Flu caused by Jimmy Carter

General Petaeus retires getting a 12,475 a month pension and then becomes CIA Director

MSNBC DICK HEADSmerconish:The progressives are nervous because they know he could win

DAMN!! Al Sharpton is on fire tonight


The plot thickens: Administration official claims Boehner APPROVED of Sept. 7 DATE. . .WTF

House Republicans (Cantor and Boehner) take jerkiness to new levels

OBAMAS JOBS SPEECH is why the campaign season.....

Bernie Sanders: We Are One Nation

Perry went to Rumsfeild for ADVICE??? OMG.....He is toast

Speaker Boehner claims September 7 is inconvenient because the House has votes scheduled

Demint (Racist-SC) will object to POTUS speech on September 7.

How should Obama respond to Boehner's assholery - dig in, Oval Office, take it on the road, other?

Bachman "Doubles Down on Everglades."

In 2004 Bush had to beat only with Democrats, in 2012 Obama has to deal with Democrats & Republicans

Allan Lichtman: The 2012 election is OVER!!!

Obama’s Labor Board Reverses Bush Union Rule

Obama to speak Thursday now instead

A stroke of pure political genius!

About Obama's escalation of the war in Afghanistan

Wow......I see what is important in the larger scheme of things!

Which is more predictable and annoying?

Say Hello to Co-President John Boehner!

Docs: Bush Official, Kucinich Offered To Help Qaddafi Regime On Ending U.S. Involvement In Libya

Article 2, Section 3, Clause 2 -- US Constitution

TPM: Tossed like a friggin' salad

Statement by the Press Secretary on the President’s Speech to a Joint Session of Congress

BREAKING: Obama agrees to Boehner's demands, will speak Thursday instead of Wednesday

Former GOP Senator Chuck Hagel: Republican Party Has ‘An Astounding Lack Of Responsible Leadership’

POTUS has requested a Joint Session of Congress for 8PM, September 7th

Do you think Obama will cave into Boehner's pressure and reschedule the jobs speech?

Megan McArdle-How Do Obama's Re-Election Chances Stack Up to Hoover's?

Is there some strategic move I'm missing with the debate scheduling?

President Obama Calls on Congress to Pass Transportation Measures to Protect Jobs

I'm looking for something positive about all this.

If Republicans stand their ground and refuse to allow the President to address a joint session

"Perhaps the most gratuitously—and joyously!—dickish move of presidency"; PLUS Limbaugh apoplectic.

Exploding Head Count

White House: Debate Organizers Can Always Reschedule Away From Our Jobs Speech

If Obama treated bin Laden the way he has Wall Street...

OBAMA CAVES........Again...

I BULLSHIT YOU NOT: Boehner follows instructions from Limbaugh asks Obama to move speech

Just Got This E-Mail Message From The President - The Subject Line Was: "Frustrated"........

This business about the speech date change is part of a really depressing pattern.

President Obama did NOT cave. He was held hostage again by the GOP terrorists.


Today, I caved and I'm so ashamed

Covert Operations: The billionaire brothers who are waging a war against Obama.

1st Black President, 1st President forced to produce a birth certificate, 1st President to be. . .

Kudos to Obama's Justice Department for opposing AT&T Merger

NLRB issues three decisions, two of which overturn Bush-era decisions

So it's official: I am dying

Heckuva Job Brownie Gives Cantor's Cuts For Aid Plan The Thumbs Up

Papantonio: Republicans Playing “God Politics” With Severe Weather

Young Turks: Bill O'Reilly Asked Cops To Investigate Wife's Boyfriend

We're not racists, BUT ... (ZOMGitsCriss)

Hundreds arrested in front of the White House

Lawrence Wilkerson on Dick Cheney's Personal and Political Memoir, Part II

Hole in the Head: racist radiation experiment on child leaves lifelong severe deformity

Obama is God: My Conservative Brother #5

TEDxIslay- Keith Nolan- Deaf in the Military [Subtitled]

Rick Santorum Argues With Student Over Gay Marriage

"My Fellow Americans" - a message of tolerance.

Sen. Sanders Addresses Vermont's Need for Federal Aid After Irene

Former G.O.P Senator Alan Simpson: My Party is Full of 'Anti-Women' Homophobes

Daryl Hannah Arrested at White House

Files: Americans Aid Gaddafi In Rebel Fight

Fischer: Criminalize Homosexuality

TYT: GOP: Cut FEMA, First Responders & Hurricane Hunters

Papantonio: Cheney Should Be in Jail, Not on Book Tour

Radioactive Waste Swamps Japan Sewage Plants


over 200 peace and enviromental activists 'educate' Obama at American Legion Convention in Mpls 8/30

Bill O'Reilly's Wife Having an Affair With NYPD Detective

man facing 75 years for recording ...

Trying to reason with a (far left) non-voter

Sen Chuck Hagel: "DISGUSTED" with Republican Party: ‘An Astounding Lack Of Responsible Leadership’

Obama's Personal Space Issue

El Empleo-a short, surreal, award-winning film about working for the man.

TDPS: Should Women Flaunt it At Work? Self-Proclaimed Feminist Says Yes

Katrina in Vermont (James Howard Kunstler)

The FBI Goes Rogue

Exxon wins BP's lost Russian Arctic fields

Robert Scheer: Deceit of Shakespearean Proportions

Why Gaddafi got a red card

Krugman: Disaster Relief Economics

Tea Party Capitalists Denying Their Own Evolutionary Roots

Michelle Bachman’s Not the Problem

Tea Party cools as Keynes makes a comeback {don't miss the tea party comments}

Jewish Journal: "We must refuse to allow Dick Cheney’s moral obtuseness define us as a nation."

A Tropical Storm May Form In The Gulf Of Mexico This Weekend, But No One Knows Where It Will Go

Dumbest Republican?

States Push Mandatory Drug Testing for Welfare Applicants in New Conservative Trend

Bachmann Suggests 'Texas Tea' Party Down in the Everglades

Whatever happened to the American dream?

Obama Caves on Joint Session, But Tries a Hail Mary

Robert Parry: In Libya, a Bloodbath Looms

Rolling Stone article: The GOP War on Voting

The New Resentment of the Poor

German City Unveils "Prostitute Meter"

If Tar Sands Happens: Game Over for the Climate

Rick Perry and the Push for American Theocracy

Give Karl Marx a Chance to Save the World Economy: George Magnus

Japan Approves National Feed-in Tariff (strong move to renewable energy)

Mid-Atlantic region: vast energy potential in wind power, tidal, ocean current, and wave power

Drumbeat: August 31, 2011

California Ignores Its Own Scientists on Dangerous Pesticide

NCDC/NOAA - Irene 10th $1 Billion+ Weather Disaster Of 2011; New 1-Year Record For # of Events

1 Million Tons Of Toxic Industrial Waste Piled Up At 12 Dumps Across China; Mucho Hex. Chromium

5 Years After Omitting Any Mention Of Climate From Water Plan, TX Water Board Trying Deal W. It

From The "N For 'No Shit!'" File - Obama Tells Students They Face Tough Climate Challenges

Nuclear Astroturf from CASEnergy in the Florida Sun-Times

Berkeley Lab Researchers Develop Inexpensive Technique for Making High Quality Nanowire Solar Cells

Pretreatment, proper harvest time boost ethanol from switchgrass

Manufacturing method paves way for commercially viable quantum dot-based LEDs

Cracking cellulose: a step into the biofuels future

Tasmanian tiger's jaws were too weak to kill sheep (BBC)

Developers threaten animals in Croatia's cave network (BBC)

Iron ‘Veins’ Are Secret of Promising New Hydrogen Storage Material

Rasmussen poll on global warming

Another 1.6 billion dollars (largely public money) down the solar fantasy rabbit hole.

Solar industry responsible for lead emissions in developing countries (lead batteries)

Ranchers & Western Landowners Reconsidering "Nuisance" Status Of Beavers - WSJ

TEPCO presents plan to extract melted rods

Lessons Learned: Remember Italy's recent rejection of nuclear power?