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OK I give up. I'm doomed and I know it.

Daily Mail photos of NY prep and Irene's destruction as well as sidebar about Beck

Roof collapse in Georgetown


Can't vouch for this Tweet photo... Times Square Station

DC Fire/EMS is no longer reporting tree falls due to volume

MSNBC reports right now that power in VA might be off

Obama apologizes to Tea Party Voters

Irene vs Katrina: why electing people who hate government leads to bad government

Atlantic City Electric officials say flooding could force them to shut off power to barrier islands

Atlantic City Electric officials say flooding could force them to shut off power to barrier islands

Hurricane hunter program could face budget cuts; Fla. congresswoman says Irene shows need

I keep trying to fall asleep, only to hear about another Tornado Warning on the TV

New York City Evacuation Zones

There is No Longer a Shred of Doubt. Jonathan Kay Outright Lied.

Current and PREDICTED path

Greece may export solar energy to Germany

CO Dems See Proprosed Redistricting to Unseat Coffman

CO Dems See Proprosed Redistricting to Unseat Coffman

Uh oh... St. Mary's Lake, Md... CODE RED... Dam may break...

The GLOP party.

Size matters

Hurricane Irene knocked a nuclear reactor offline at Calvert Cliffs Read more: http://www.abc2news.

Can Anyone Here Explain why Jonathan Kay Outright Lied?

Tornado Warning For Parts of NYC

Have the cast of Jersey Shore been moved to safety?

Good running text commentary on Irene on BBC World News

Holy mother of all that is holy. Photo of Irene converging on North Carolina.

CNN: Irene makes second landfall near Little Egg Inlet, New Jersey, at around 5:30 a.m.

Watching Seven Days in May...

Every TV station has someone standing in the rain telling us it's raining

Live Times Square Cam ......

Anybody here from Bound Brook (NJ) or environs?

Does America need a renaissance now that it is over 200 years old? You know a culture can

Every Puke that asks for disaster relief is a hypocrite.

Well, I just lost electricity (SE Conn.)

REPUBLICAN SENATOR Roberto Arango busted Rep Wiener style.

Is this what Republicans want for health care????

Pak court orders confiscation of Musharraf's assets

Boaters Rescued Trying to Outrun Irene. And they have a cat. Even if you

Hurricane Irene silences the noisiest bar in New York

So all the other main weather people in the media are out in full force and

I was on the phone with my sister in Binghamton

Ruling may broaden insurance plans' coverage for mental illness

Usain Bolt false starts in the 100m at the World Champs at Korea

Glittering Rage

Families in modern Ireland skip food to pay the mortgage - 70pc support debt forgiveness

If you are in the path of the hurricane and still online reading this....

a quote from darth cheney on the killing of osama bin laden...p.s...fuck you cheney

Made it through the night

CNN: Hudson River overflows banks into lower Manhattan's meatpacking district

MLK sculpture's China link a ‘sign of the times’ for New Hampshire granite

State Dept. Aggressively Pushed Genetically-Modified Crops to Help Agribusiness Giants

What should be done about the new inlet north of Rodanthe?

Official 5 AM EDT National Hurricane Center forecast discussion

Why I don't think Perry will be President.

Why Does the U.S. Refuse to Ratify the Hazardous Waste Treaty?

Port Authority, Weather Channel: North tube of the Holland Tunnel has been closed

The real measure of interventionist policy is the long-term result and the big picture.

WI DUer need help

Madoff whistleblower: Here's the next big fraud

Independent UK: 'Sentencing frenzy' will fill prisons within weeks

Could anyone who calls Social Security "A monstrous lie" and a "Ponzi Scheme" become Prez?

Maryland warns of dam spillover as Irene hits

Maryland warns of dam spillover as Irene hits

Soledad O'Brien just had to surf her Stand-up w/Anderson on CNN

Thunder Storm Irene failed to impress.....

Irene's death toll is now 9. Be carefull out there everyone.

The best issue the President has going for him is still George W Bush...

Hurricane Irene from space

We've got some difficult days ahead...

We've got some difficult days ahead...

Just to say: best wishes to all DU-ers in areas affected by Irene!

Why did NATO target Gaddafi for elimination?

9/11 Agnostic

A test case on deportation shift (Luis Cervantes, who is autistic)

So Perry lectured Iowans on the number of recipients of food stamps in this state.

BREAKING: Leaked Rove email singles out Daily Kos (it's more interesting than that, though)

Just lost a tree and some tree limbs.

Cesium in incinerator dust across East Japan

Irene was downgraded because

$75 billion a year on Homeland Security

Lots of fire engines near Radio City Hall for some reason

Mr. Roosevelt's Social Insurance

In other news, the live TV station for Cablevision is taking calls from viewers

From Twitter/WaPo: FEMA to temporarily stop paying for Joplin & other disasters for Irene

From Twitter/WaPo: FEMA to temporarily stop paying for Joplin & other disasters for Irene

For Marines in Afghanistan: be careful where you fart

Releigh Observer : Gallery Hurricane Irene lashes NC coast | 08.27.11

A caller just charged C-Span with sustaining "institutional racism"

DES MOINES REG: No candidate worries about rising poverty

Navy poised to help in Hurricane Irene's wake

reinfect the party from the bottom up

U.S. Employment Probably Slowed in August

Irene may send fiscal conservatives running to feds for money

Tx. - car crashes into nuke plant barriers - cops investigating

Tx. - car crashes into nuke plant barriers - cops investigating

Mother will not have to show her vagina to anyone to prove the 5-month-old infant is hers

It's heeeeeere!

Nonprofit hospitals don't scrimp on CEOs' pay

Irene Ain't Quite Done Yet...

An accurate description of repubs, borrowed/stolen from a friend..

Three's a crowd..

Can anyone tell me what the hell the Republicans are actually 'for'?

Would you leave the Democratic Party for an American Labor Party, were one to be formed?

Good Night Irene

Power outage - why not put the power lines underground?

Powell Says Cheney Taking 'Cheap Shots' in Book

The cable news hype of the storm.

John K. Wilson (author of new book on Limbaugh) talks with McChesney LIVE 2pm ET

Kudos to the governors and Mayors all along the Eastern Seaboard

About that storm hype - I'm 275 miles from NYC, 325 from Boston

Democrats didn’t make the FEMA’s budget big enough.

Democrats didn’t make the FEMA’s budget big enough.

More lightning and fires today (DIAL-UP WARNING)

More lightning and fires today (DIAL-UP WARNING)

The Other Koch Brother

The Other Koch Brother

Gimme your money-Amen!

Cheney to Bush: "Whoever is leaking info like this to press is doing a real disservice, Mr President

Who has a better record on progressive issues like human rights and economic justice?

There is No Moral Case for Tax Havens

A Tradition Ends as Bars Shut Their Doors to Dogs

I'm watching Chris Christie on M$NBComcast

Wausau Labor Day parade bans Republican lawmakers

What dam is breached?

A Few Pix For Ya... (Dial-Up Warning)

Official Program from the March on Washington for Jobs & Freedom, held 48 years ago today

K&R if you disapprove of how NATO handled the Libya crisis.

I just have to say good job to President Obama and all the governors of the NE USA

Apocalypse When? why the U.S. always seems to need a doomsday. .

Wow, they are probably here.

Are your knees sore yet?

There appear to be some Creationist on DU

Great Article on Facing Realities

Amen To THAT !!! - 'The Rescue That Missed Main Street' - NYT

Republicans Praise Nixon Administration For Allowing Qaddafi To Rule Libya

WMTW-8 (MAINE) streaming live Irene coverage - link

Notting Hill Carnival gets under way..despite robust Police presence..

51 NY City Fire Fighters saved 60 + people according to Bloomberg.

What That Exposé of the Fed's Secret Bailout Told Us... And What It Didn't - RJ Eskow/HuffPo

The march for jobs and freedom -- the Martin Luther King, Jr. "I Have A Dream" speech march Aug 28

I just had a run in with a conservative

9/11: Ten Years Later, Americans Still Stupid and Vulnerable

New Yorkers post about the "hurricane"

Police seeks Hurricane Homicides shooter...

MSNBC First Read - First Thoughts: Calendar chaos?

The GOP field is a great gift to President Obama

Okay, so we have the whole " paid troll" issue lately

Look At My Rick Perry Bumper Sticker I Made For My Truck

Al Gore compares climate change skeptics to racists

Irene: checking in from Boston

3 things we learned during the Hurricane that we always knew.

Well now the hype (sarcasm) continues from the WH

Best sign for family planning office:

Newt Gingrich: Glitter bombing is clearly assault

Why this is the moment Libya's Islamic extremists have prayed for By John R Bradley

Interview with Benjamin Harff, upcoming Tolkien illustrator and creator of the Edel-Silmarillion


? Recovery

The Lesser Of 2 Evils

CA State legislature under pressure over secrecy

For MOST people, a corndog is a MEAL. For Lady Batshit of Crazytown, it was an EPIPHANY.

It's dawning on me that perhaps the parallels to Vietnam are even stronger in Libya than

President Obama does have a sense of humor

Drunk Airplane Passenger Performs In-Flight Erotic Dance

Colin Powell compares Cheney’s book to ‘supermarket tabloids’

“Maggie Goes on A Diet”

Does a conspiracy impress you merely because it is international?

Link to many media sources in the US & around the world. FYI

Reporter Gives Update Covered In Toxic Sea Foam - "It doesn't taste great"

Reporter Gives Update Covered In Toxic Sea Foam - "It doesn't taste great"

Libyan rebels says won’t deport Lockerbie bomber

New report maps the roots of Islamophobia By Justin Elliott in

Man electrocuted trying to save NY child

Guardian: Images from Irene (dial up warning)

Irene Recovery Map: Everything you wanted to know....

Electric-Car Makers’ Quest: One Plug to Charge Them All

How Does Global Warming Make Hurricanes Like Irene More Destructive?

Ken Loach: 'the ruling class are cracking the whip'

GOTTCHA DICK...The Chapter That Went Missing From Dick Cheney's Book

PG&E's $2.2 billion pipeline plan triggers outrage (want customers to pick up 90% of tab)

BBC: Rise of strict Islam exposes tensions in Malaysia

Response to any ReTHUG who tries to play down

The Triple Crisis... Maybe It's Time For A "Human Spring" ???

NSNBC reporting Irene is now a Tropical Storm.

On MSNBC they are covering how this storm behaved in

Stoller: "Obama mocks the idea that he is an honest politician"

New York Times Smacks Down Rep. Darrell Issa’s Demand For A Retraction

Powell: cheney "overshot the runway" in book

The birth of Hurricane Katia?

The birth of Hurricane Katia?

How hurricanes are named (and why)

AL State Rep Alvin Holmes Calls for Drug Testing Legislators

Relief for those tired of the Ron Paul online propaganda campaign now on Reddit.. EnoughPaulSpam!

Cheney is the Undead

Cheney is the Undead

Watching CNN now - Showing some terrible flooding in New England

For the deficit hawks - the US has negative real interest rates. Your solutions are therefore crazy.

Tonight on National Geographic Channel

Eye-reen Sports Report of dueling Weathermen on MSNBC

Similarities between the dying Roman Republic and the US.

Cesium in Incinerator Dust Across East Japan

NJ governor on TV talking about hurricane response.

It's time for a Worker's Syndicate or Party

Karl Rove Exposed.!


I just saw a commercial for "Remembering 9-11" with dubya

Rep. Todd Akin Refuses to Meet With Constituents and Defend Vote to Eliminate Medicare

Nevermind, we should probably just declare old people to be SuperCitizens

Tonight 9/11 stuff; National Geographic Channel

Rep. Todd Akin Refuses to Meet With Constituents and Defend Vote to Eliminate Medicare

Story Update: Cow that escaped slaughterhouse in truck crash now living high life

Hey, Mr. President, what happened to these promises?

Curiosity tonight - what sank Titanic?

So, I finally watched Capitalism: A Love Story

I don't understand: What's so great about having a moron as president?

Typhoon shuts down southern Taiwan

Lockerbie bomber comatose, near death...

Et tu Britain? Et tu?

Kids - they are kind of like cars really....

Kids - they are kind of like cars really....

Who is the nut out there running

Stealth U.S. Industrial Policy: Lithium Ion Batteries

Army Ranger's widow expelled from Rumsfeld book signing

MANY dams in danger of failure in New England, New York

BEST news of the day (maybe week/month/year) - Bill Moyers returning to weekly TV in January

"Hancock" fire now up to 33,000 acres (Fossil, Oregon)

Guardian/Observer UK: Sorry, Richard Branson – we didn't care about your blaze

George Will Slams Dick Cheney For Not Apologizing For Iraq's "Costly War-Under False Pretenses"

unreliable source. Image may be fake. Please delete.

After the airports have reopened, how long will the media talk about Irene?

I Got Into a DU Boxing Match Yesterday About Irene/Media

As Irene Devastates, Ron Paul Says We Need To ‘Come To Our Senses’ And Abolish

I finally figured out who Rick Perry reminds me of ...

Fox News: Do we really need a national weather service?

Living in a nightmare world

Will Tripoli turn into another Bagdad?

Will Tripoli turn into another Bagdad?

Will Tripoli turn into another Bagdad?

I have a problem

Dear Hippy-Punching fanboys, this is BULLSH!T, if you want me to work to re-elect Dems, knock it off

NOM NOM NOM...Rick Perry joins soulmates Lady Batshit & Ricky Man-On-Dog in stomping out TEH GAY.

Breaking nooz out of upper state NY... 26 folks

One of the Jailed ‘Tar Sands 52' Tells His Story

The Great Hurricane of 1938, Hmmm.....

As I was getting into my truck in the parking lot, this woman comes up to me laughing

A must see ..... Fox Reporter covered in shit.

A must see ..... Fox Reporter covered in shit.

University of Texas Adopts Plan to Publish Performance Data on Professors & Campuses

Coach Admits Having Sex With Players, faces life in prison

A REPUBLICAN talking point emerging

WikiLeaks cables expose Washington’s close ties to Gaddafi

Just a post to tell everyone here - especially veterans - about the

Time: The 10 Greatest Books of All Time

The 9/11 decade is now over. The terrorists lost. But who won?- By Frank Rich

Losing My Insurance..... Again

This is how a real President should act during a disaster...

A voice from Texas--prepare for Perry NOW!!

Understand the Right's Attack on Social Security

Hype vs Reality and the culture of Storm fear mongering.

Glenn Beck: Hurricane Irene is a 'blessing'

Pathetic freepers plan long journeys to Quitter's next dumb speech call it "PalinStock"

Three Charts To Email To Your Right-Wing Brother-In-Law

Yes, Kadaffy deserves the worst - CNN video

Has anyone ever seen or heard of Ron Paul's wife?

Did you know Caucus is an Algonquin word? It means advisor in that language.

Flood worries rise with water in New England (Montpellier to be evacuated)

The Crimes of Col. Qaddafi - By Christopher Hitchens

On the media hype tm, and people listening to warnings

DU discussions

If You Missed The CNN Piece About The Flooding In Brattleboro Vermont... Video Here:

Norway/Utoya: Nearly identical scenario trained by police only hours before attack

Michael Mukasey pushes to alter bribery law

Toon: Educating The Obvious

Another no-no- Don't paint banks on fire or you will be called a terrorist

When Obama Reveals His Plan For Job Creation after Labor Day

Poll: Why did the US join in the invasion of Libya

Poll: Why did the US join in the invasion of Libya


MSNBC just lamenting on those "poor" people who had to have their quarter million dollar yachts ...

Democrats Good. Republicans Bad.

Eric Schmidt: If You Don’t Want To Use Your Real Name, Don’t Use Google+

Flooding conditions 'awful' in Vermont due to Irene's rains

Hurricane Irene and American Self-Centeredness

I know we can disagree, and in fact I expect we will.

Ouch! Matt Stoller: Power Politics – What Eric Schneiderman Reveals About Obama

We lost power and my apartment flooded

Gloat over my stupidity


How many No. 2s does Al-Qaida have?

Did Wikileaks just reveal US blueprint for Libya?

The wonders of nature. New York's remarkable post hurricane sunset

The double-standards of storm coverage

Inside Col Gaddafi's Airbus 340..

Now That The Hurricaine Is Over..........

Buffett Rescues Bank of America

First Federal Reserve Audit Reveals 16 Trillion in Secret Bank Bailouts!

Why the Fukushima disaster is worse than Chernobyl

Fukushima: Health Canada complicit in radiation cover-up says Liberal MP

Howard Kurtz' Hurricane of Haplessness

Number without power @ 3pm Sunday: 5 million

FOX weather reporter covered in plankton, er, RAW SEWAGE!

Do You know How Hard It Is To Be A Liberal?

Maybe we all could learn to get along. I just took this photo,

Charter school moves into public school..moves furniture around, takes over auditorium.

Charter school moves into public school..moves furniture around, takes over auditorium.

Voting record of our Super-Committee hero Senator Baucus on SOCIAL SECURITY issues:

Any hurricane experts out there?

Matt Stoller: Elizabeth Warren should be ashamed of helping set up CFPB

b*sh just said on his 9/11 interview

Framingham minister among those arrested during peaceful pipeline protest at "The People's House"

Best NY Times typo ever

It's not complicated. We are the party that MUST stand for humanitarian values.

Oh wow...the LA Times reviewed my book today. Squee!

Bullying drove Rebecca Black to enter homeschooling

Press Release: Veteran and Military Spouse Dragged from Rumsfeld Book Signing

Does anyone else get the feeling that if Obama wins in 2012

Does anyone else get the feeling that if Obama wins in 2012

Obama and/or Holder could change the nation's medical marijuana policy on Monday morning ...

This is why people hate the police

"It's not the kind of headline I would have expected from (a) vice president..."

LOL !!! - 'Three Charts To Email To Your Right-Wing Brother-In-Law' - DailyKos

George Will feels media reaction to Irene overblown

George Will feels media reaction to Irene overblown

First they came for smokers, then pets: New York City Cracking Down On Bars That Allow Pets

Batshit fundies suggest atheist registry, modeled after sex-offender registry.

Bill Moyers - The great divide today is a radical lack of empathy

Lockerbie bomber found in family's villa in Tripoli in care of son, elderly mother -

So, I've been busy for the past 48 hours -- what are we criticizing President Obama for today?


Wife with MS, two children one with Special Needs Child and soon to be out of work: HELP Please!

At my "local" Wal Mart.

PHOTO: Hurricane Irene inspires Best Buy in Howell NJ to sell 24-pack Dasani Water for $40.56

Parents Outraged Over School Pickup Process

Whatever happened to Restless Leg Syndrome?

Obama's Approval/Disapproval at -17%

Did you Know There Were No Terrorist Attacks in the U.S. during George W. Bush’s Presidency?

CaliforniaPeggy, here's a shout out to you!

My electricity was off for almost three hours yesterday. Also, the wind blew now and then, and

The Venture - Bach's Prelude

Worst (or best?) Pregnancy Pic Evah!

NYC post storm info needed in Park Slope

Had a "Game of Thrones" marathon last night. Any other fans?

My latest recording job...

HELP! My neighbor gave us about 15 lbs (not kidding) of tomatoes this week,

Have the cast of Jersey Shore been moved to safety?

Quality is like Oats...funny sign I found in a restaurant;

Couple try to outrun storm to Annapolis but can't make it. They get rescued..... along with my eye is infected.

If you could be a tree, what type of tree would it be. I would be a jackpine. Weathered


Does anyone know if you can still get Retin-A without a prescription in Mexico?

Pooped pidgeons snooze at noon after Irene

What if Pink Floyd had released "The Wall Demos" instead of "The Wall"?

Does anybody know what kind of bird this is?

Change a real movie to a porn movie. ie: Saving Ryan's Privates

DAMMIT! The Original Dick Van Dyke Show Theme Song Has LYRICS!!!!

Not having electricity sucks...HARD

I keep having this recurring dream, and how weird: The Searchers. Another You.

So I'm drinking a Mai Tai and/or a Cuban Breeze. Listening to the "Gaucho Outtakes."

DAMMIT! The Original Star Wars Theme Song Has LYRICS!!!! (Hear Bill Murray sing it)

Well, here I am, still fumbling with the son's phone...

my 1000th poast

Question for MAC Users

Revolution without Violence - Please say is possible, yes?

Who saw the Irenis on the Weather Channel?

DU discussions in GD

"Cheap, cheap, cheap, uptown, cheap, cheap, uptown garbage..."

Hands-on bookstore

I'm new again!

America is struggling because we have lost our Spirit Wind

So what kind of "Men's Quest" Should exist on the Sea of Cortez

Today I harvested about 10 lbs of tomatos. Does anyone

I *actually* watched a Tom CRUISE movie in a HappyHr: "Vallkeire"

Got my first tattoo! Dial up warning - pics

Don Hertzfeldt

So it looks like I have a hole in my gas tank.

"Paying it forward"...What should I do??

Anybody else watch "Top Gear" on History?

I your dreams, what kind of pet would you like to own. I'd like Bouviers

Mexican Restaurant UPDATE...the owner could use some DU vibes (his refrigerator died)

Ignore this. testing photo linking

What great man (living or dead) would you consider naming a child after?

I have the best dog ever

Did I miss something or were the LOL cats not posted this week?

So, the farmer across the road has a logging crew in to select cut

I thought Tombstone pizzas were supposed to be pretty good

Amazon has a HDMI cable (6 foot) for $1.75 incl. shipping.

dilemma about a car accident

HUGH-mongous PHOTO THREAD from my photoshoot @ today's 2011 Italian American Festa in San Jose

HELP!! What to make for dinner? I got nothing good in the fridge.

PHOTO: Here is PROOF that I have the BEST job in the WORLD. The BEST.

Finger nails ... and stuff

greatest movie scene ever?

Signs of fall. What signs have you seen that summer is over? I had

Would I be remiss to suggest a trade to Mexico?: South Texas for Baja California?

Einstein's little-known SECOND theory -- The Theory of Total Self-Reliance.

MiddleFingerMom can still remember a time when taking Viagra would have been ridiculously redundant.

MiddleFingerMom doesn't believe he's EVER been this tired in his entire life.

DAMMIT! The Original Star Trek Theme Song Has LYRICS!!!!

Am I crazy or do I love '30s movies - WmPOWEL Myrna LOY, JmCAGNEY, whatever


Best pay-as-you-go phone service?

Investigative Journalism - the strange disappearance of Greek Holy men

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Letter To Gammaw Edition

Just ask any HONEST guitarist about his initial motivation to learn to play the guitar.

I am a moran, can anybody tell me if it is remotely possible for a monitor

Data transfer speeds... now THAT'S fast!!!

You can NEVER be too careful with your language when around your young children.

I you could go back and ask an ancestor a question, which ancestor would you pick? and why?

Owls - warning: the owls aren't the only birds in this picture

MFM's note to self: Tho you're TERRIFIED of flying, DON'T overmedicate yourself til AFTER boarding.


Libya: Pro-Gaddafi Forces Killed Detainees, Says Rights Group, Witness

Airlines scrap thousands of flights as Irene hits

Wausau Labor Day parade bans Republican lawmakers

Navy poised to help in Hurricane Irene's wake

Typhoon Nanmadol kills eight in the Philippines

In the food porn biz, Amerigo Vespucci's aware of the role of subliminal suggestiveness in photos...

El Salvador recognises Palestinian statehood (Reuters)

Libya: Col Gaddafi 'offers talks on power transfer'

Hurricane Irene Has Knocked Out Power to 1.8 Million Homes (10 Deaths So Far Including 3 Children)

No Favorite Emerges in Race for Japanese Premier

Slower but still powerful, Irene hits land in NJ

Slower but still powerful, Irene hits land in NJ

Damage and Flooding Scar Atlantic Seaboard

Rebels accuse Gaddafi troops of using civilians as human shields

Nuclear Plant Under 'Unusual Event' (Calvert Cliffs Nuke Plant in MD)

Gov. Rick Scott transition team knew of e-mail deletions in March, records show

Michael Mukasey pushes to alter bribery law

Va. soldier sought in 4 deaths found dead in Pa.

Mexican army, feds raid casinos after arson attack

Officials: 29 dead in suicide bomb in Iraq mosque

(UK party) Labour seeks law change to stop News Corp renewing BSkyB bid

Taiwan braced as Tropical Storm Nanmadol sweeps in

New York Stock Exchange ready for trading Monday

Flood worries rise with water in New England

Bill Moyers returning to weekly TV in January

Cesium In Incinerator Dust Across East Japan

Arab League urges Syria to end bloodshed

Turkey Says It Has ‘Lost Confidence’ in Syrian Government

Greece forced to tap emergency fund

Calls In Syria For Weapons, NATO Intervention

Hurricane Lost Steam as Experts Misjudged Structure and Next Move

Rick Perry distances himself from George W. Bush in GOP presidential race

Lockerbie bomber Abdelbaset al-Megrahi 'at death's door'

Libya council:we won't hand over Lockerbie bomber

Luxury, horror lurk in Gadhafi family compound

Vermont towns vote to arrest Bush and Cheney

I was impressed by FEMA Director, Craig Fugate's assessment

The wrong way to respond to a storm

Who lives in the land of make-believe?

"Why on earth would RWers pose as Obama supporters??"

Get some help.. seriously get some help

FEMA PRESS, Who says that? on TV

Perry: Social Security is a 'monstrous lie', 'Ponzi scheme', Obama created 'economic misery'

Republicans Against Science

During the 9/11 patriot fest how many times will we hear that the US

Obama speaking on Hurricane Irene RIGHT NOW

Teddy Roosevelt's "The Man In The Arena"

Torn American flag flies upside-down above the US Capitol

President Obama receives an A+ with how he handled this storm

Breaking news out of upper state NY... 23 folks

Tonight 9/11 stuff; National Geographic Channel

Bachmann: "Somebody's Got to Save This Country From Certain Doom..."

Perry / Paul 2012

Stupid ASS Ron Paul saying we don't need FEMA to respond to hurricanes

How best to describe Rubio's upbringing???

remember how hard we all worked in 2008

"How To Politicize a Hurricane" - RWNJ PowerlineBlog freaks out over "Obama takes charge"

Three charts to expose right-wing lies

WTF - President Obama 38/55 on Gallup today

How should white progressives invoke Dr. King to criticize President Obama?


Farmers Speak Out: GMOs are a Trap That Monsanto is Using to Take Over Agriculture

Gaddafi fighter recounts her nightmare war

U.S. Economic Model is a CRIMINAL Model : Catherine Austin Fitts : Keiser Report

Mike Malloy - What Should We Do With Them?

Supernatural Photos Caught on Camera

Mike Malloy - The Psycopath Boat

How Religion Is Like North Korea

Sea Foam in Ocean City,MD - Hurricane Irene

TDPS: Chemicals in your favorite brands of clothing can turn men into women

October 6: Occupy Washington DC

Hurricane Irene Meets The Dummies

Is Texas Governor Rick Perry Gay?

Colin Powell: CHENEY Takes " CHEAP SHOTS " In New Book

The Virtues of Price-Gouging

How Dangerous is This Moment?

Conservative Idiocy Over Hurricane Irene

U.S. Soldier, Home Early from Kuwait, Surprises His Mom at Work!

US Iraq war Veterans Must watch ! Soldiers Waking UP !

Historic (1870s) Covered Bridge in Bartonsville Vermont swept away by Irene flooding

Mike Malloy - President Bachmann Will Cut Minimum Wage

Young Turks: Ron Paul 'Scared' - Bill O'Reilly On Fox News

Bachman: "Who likes white people?"

If Barack Obama was a republican


We Shall Not Be Moved

Hey, hey O-B-A-M-A how many kids did you kill today?

Anna Hazare breaks fast after 288 hours, nation relieved

Why farm programs matter to Cleveland

Paul Vallely: There is no moral case for tax havens

Zimbabwean farmers grow Nigeria's green revolution

Jake travels to the Pacific Northwest

Jake is separated from some of his friends

Iran Condemns ‘Israel Spy’ To Death

The story of how bin Laden was found is fiction

Sunday Funnies: Best Political Cartoons of the Week

Capitalism's New Era - Shamus Cooke, Truthout

The U.S. Whitewashes Panama’s Fatal Flaws to Champion Their Free Trade Agreement

John Lewis on President Obama and Martin Luther King

For older workers, 'scary' economy delays retirement

The problem with Perry

New War Rationale: ‘Protect Civilians’

Will We Sacrifice Democracy Upon the Altar of Monotheism?

Why Cyrus Vance is to be commended for dropping charges against Strauss-Kahn

Commentary: Did Molly Ivins say that about Rick Perry?

MSNBC: The American working man slowly fades away

MSNBC First Read: First Thoughts: Romney's tough week

Famine threatens Australia's gentle sea cows

Hurricane Irene knocked a nuclear reactor offline at Calvert Cliffs

Seeing Irene as Harbinger of a Change in Climate

Investigation uncovers link between birth defects in India and pollution from coal