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Youth doing Good.. There is Hope!

Siskiyou County man convicted of kidnapping and trying to kill 3-year-old

Netroots Radio: The Campfire with Steve and Fripp is on now:

simple question

Another aftershock in Mineral VA.

Jack Layton's LegacyWon't End Here - from the Globe & Mail

Markopolos' Book About Madoff is Documentary Opening Aug. 26

Quake raises safety concerns as nuclear plant shut

Should the Obama haters have their own Sub-Forum?

Deleted thread

Sheriff booed after finding Israeli flag insult student guilty of racism

Chavez: Venezuela recognizes only Gadhafi gov't

20 Stunning Photos Of The Damage Caused By The East Coast Earthquake

Anyone else in the Bay Area just feel an earthquake?

AddictingInfo: You Know You're a Liberal If...

AddictingInfo: You Know You're a Liberal If...

DU suffers from a failure

Good article from an Obama supporter

Daily Kos: Was The August 23rd Earthquake Man-made?

Two BART Stations Closed, 10 Protesters Arrested (PHOTOS)

Midwestern states stumble with foreclosures and job losses

Qaddafi Vows ‘Martyrdom’ as Opposition Intensifies Hunt

Just had another aftershock. Could actually feel this one. n/t

Amazon ups the ante in Internet sales tax fight

I wanna see Rick Perry's birth certificate

GOP using redistricting to shore up House majority

My brother lived in the USA for 4 years. Here is his take on the current political situation:

Kasich Tries to Calm Ohio Unions Pushing Vote on Bargaining Law

There will be massive attempts at whitewashing the situation in Libya.

Luckovich: Candidates and their slogans. Good one!

Luckovich: Candidates and their slogans. Good one!

Earthquake coverage

Drought-Baked Fields Curb 2012 U.S. Wheat Outlook as Prices Gain

10 years after 9/11, al-Qaeda is down but not out

Leave our kids alone, Koch Brothers!

Too: The debate over the Earthquake

OMFG SF Hit by earthquake at 11:40 PM! Ahh the world is ending!!

Guardian UK: Bank of America's share nosedive fuels fears of a second credit crunch

A snippet of wisdom from Mr. Magundi

Irene Intensifying Rapidly: on Track for New York & Billion $$ Damages

So are you watching the video of Jeb Bush on

One of the late night comics said that they traced the

Is Mississippi on the verge of electing its first black governor?

Is Mississippi on the verge of electing its first black governor?

How Much Money Could the Department of Defense Save if it Stopped Trying to Save Souls?

History Channel playing "Prophets of Doom"

Homeowner Groups Sue to Force Foreclosures

The Fed's "Public Representative" Shills For The Banks: Resignation In Order?

Albany Times-Union Editors Urge Eric Schneiderman To Defy WH Pressure And Stand Up To Wall Street

Texas board of education wants to change books to affect nation, but can't even afford the books

Homeowner Groups Sue to Force Foreclosures

Those damn Republicans.

After the fall, US concerned about Libyan weapons

Slowpoke TOON- The Shopaholic Government

Glen Beck is holding one of his insane shows in Israel? wtf?

"We will know when the general is in when we hear the jets roar overhead."

The end of Gaddafi is welcome. But it does not justify the means

Tax cuts for the wealthy are sacrosanct; tax cuts for everyone else don’t really matter.

How to Make Sarah Palin Disappear

A headline you're unlikely to see again soon......

Big-Spending Bureaucrats

CNN Gaddifi's whereabouts unknown .

Toon - Senators barely making ends meet!

France's National Front " imagines a great wall to protect white France from immigrants, Europe,

I was up on the roof all night

50% don't pay taxes. Hmmm, you give Republicans exactly what they want and they don't want it.

Mineral, Va. had extensive damage from quake

Hey Skinner! "Those people out in California deserve to have their mac-mansions burn

Facebook to revamp privacy controls

Reporters without Borders: 35 foreign journalists held in Tripoli hotel by Qaddafi forces

Republicans don't want whatever Obama wants, even if they wanted it...

Toon: Altered States

Wikieaks- Gaddifi's letter to Obama congratulating him on his election

An Exclusive Look at the National Cathedral's Quake Damage

Any state whose governor is against government

India’s Next Outsourcing Wave Is IPhone Apps

Monty Python Fans...John Howard Davies has passed...

After Fukushima: nuclear dirty tricks

Marijuana growers find cover on tribal lands

It's Official..Rev. Al Sharpton officially tapped as MSNBC host

IF - There Had Been An Actual Disaster & Obama Sat Around Reading A Children's Book While...

D.C. Protests That Make Big Oil Quake, by Amy Goodman

N.Y. bumped from 50-state foreclosure committee

Wash. Monument closed - cracks found at the top

I make sure to blame someone else (Boehner)

Cartoon for August 24th, 2011: Rich Like You

Party Ends at For-Profit Colleges

Juan Cole: So how can Libyans and the world avoid the Iraqization of Libya?

'They will get away with it, at least in this life'

YOUR choice. Power or Principle?

When will the jobs comeback ?


Home Prices Decline 5.9% in Second Quarter

The Less Government, The Better?

GREAT FB status

ACLU Blog - Told You So: Florida's New Drug Testing Policy Already Costing Taxpayers More

This Tuna Wants To Tell You Something

Quake sensors removed around Virginia nuke plant due to budget cuts

What Happens To Your Income When Democrats Run The Show?

The first question we need to ask ourselves is why are we so deep in debt in the first place?

How to eat a dead terrorist, By Mark Morford

Strikes in Yemen this morning kill 30

Would you say Republicans or Democrats were more principled?

Former Congressman Detained in Libya Was on Vigilante Peace Mission

I live in a cesspool of repukes.

I live in a cesspool of repukes.

Even amid global economic distress, people just can't say "non" to Paris

Helping Out the Family, Especially in Good Times

Republicans: The Most Outrageously Uncivilized Pack of Jackals

White-Hot GOP Race Down To Two Mentally Ill People, Person Who Lost Nomination Last Time

Long live socialism! The great right-wing swindle has hoodwinked too many

Long live socialism! The great right-wing swindle has hoodwinked too many

Toon: Job Creators!

Wikileaks: Our Californian DNS Hoster, Dynadot, Has Received A PATRIOT Act Production Order

Nurses Say: Come Join Us on September 1 on Main Street, Don't Return to DC

Woman allegedly raped in Iraq sued by defense contractor KBR

Locally, are you a climate change winner of loser thus far?

National Zoo Animals React to the Earthquake

Mad Men

John Stossel: Maybe child labor, blackmail and price gouging aren't bad

Illinois To Catholic Charities: Bigots Need Not Apply (For Government Funds)

Philly update: Joey Vento died suddenly of a heart attack.

Seriously The Best Ode To Michele We've Seen This Week

N.H. GOP chair says Republican Governor's Association offers money to quit

The Fed Could Buy All The Debt And Then Burn It

Cows, like Rick Perry, are boring and stupid.

Does anyone under 30 remember Raygun?

Forecasters urge Mainers to brace for Irene

Showdown ahead on U.S. overseas profit tax holiday

Big deficit for 2011, but some improvement on tap

To prepare for hurricanes, Florida turns to former Walmart executive (Another Rick Scott decision)

To prepare for hurricanes, Florida turns to former Walmart executive (Another Rick Scott decision)

Powerful Hurricane Irene menaces Bahamas

Earthquake spawns "laughtershocks", mocking of eastcoasters

Small businesses benefit from tax breaks for the rich? "You're joking, right?"

GA 50th in Job Creation for July, 2011

so what's up with the capital - any cracks?

Quakin' in the WuJo

Time: Perry Compared Homosexuality to Alcoholism in 2008 Book

Tweet from an Angelino - Why they should stop mocking those on the east coast.

Just to keep it in perspective.

2008's 'Joe the Plumber' urged to run for Congress

2008's 'Joe the Plumber' urged to run for Congress

Patriot Act Order For Info On Assange/Wikileaks

Sloshing Listerine and other funny stuff from yesterday...

My First Presidential Election Vote

Why the east coast earthquake was felt across so wide a region

Meet the man who will lead S&P

Ouch... DC Public Schools closed because of damage that turns out to predate earthquake

I blame Rick Perry

The Value of Government (A Letter to the Editor NY Times)

The struggle between NY AG Schneiderman, the administration and

11 AM update for Hurricane Irene: Mid-Atlantic and Northeast, beware

WikiLeaks admits insider deleted loads of its data

Ghost People

Lapd Probe Threatening Letter To Craig Ferguson

The War in Hipstamatic, Afghanistan, through an iPhone.

Michigan Appeals Court Says Marijuana Dispensaries Illegal

Americans curtail saving for retirement

Real unemployment is more than 15%, and rising - everything else is

the latest BS making its rounds on Facebook...

"Why is the house shaking?" my husband yells to me in the next room.

"hot sauce mom" convicted. GOOD! Dr. Phil should go with her.

Lieberman McCain Graham Meet With Gadaffi To Discuss Terrorist Release, BP Oil, And Weapons

In West Coast America, earth quakes people....

"Year in jail possible for mom guilty of abuse by hot sauce"

Could Blankfein Face Prison? - Nomi Prins

Has Rush Limbaugh finally been suspended?

Who reads the huffpost here ?

Deleted. Sorry to have upset all of you. n/t

Scott Brown Spox Apparently Outs His Dem-Mocking Twitter Feed

U.S. Sees Array of New Threats at Japan’s Nuclear Plant

Topless Protesters Stroll Along Venice Beach (Video)

Losing on the Facts, AT&T Turns to Smears

Losing on the Facts, AT&T Turns to Smears

Damn frightening - a school bus caught fire and exploded in Iowa - all safe.

National Cathedral.The Dark side rules... The Darth Vader gargoyle was not damaged

What happened to Ben Stein? he rips O'Reilly on taxes for millionaires

Strong earthquake hits northern Peru near Brazil

White-Hot GOP Race Down To Two Mentally Ill People, Person Who Lost Nomination Last Time

Glenn Beck's Jerusalem "rally"......

This stoty reminded me of the 'Up In Smoke' movie

This stoty reminded me of the 'Up In Smoke' movie

This stoty reminded me of the 'Up In Smoke' movie

White House to Curb Federal Business Regulations to Placate Industry and Save Them Billions

Redistricting key to future of Weiner's House seat

What Are Grits? FYI

Carnahan may challenge redistricting map

Interesting ethical dilemma on racial identity

£1m for Gaddafi 'dead or alive'

The vilification of modern religion drove the left from the church, and/or the church from the left.

The vilification of modern religion drove the left from the church, and/or the church from the left.

National Zoo Animals React to the Earthquake

Pentagon Quake Nightmare: Fukushima on the Mississippi

Pentagon Quake Nightmare: Fukushima on the Mississippi

Earthquake monitor around the world..

Someone has posted Weiner-type photos of BART spokesman to the net.

Second 3.6 quake shakes Bay Area

So No One Died or Was Injured Enough For....QuakeMockGate

Federal Asset Seizures Rise, Netting Innocent With Guilty ( Fifth Amendment what Fifth Amendment?)

no need to read the papers - this toon explains it all...

The Great Big Huge Ginormous

Gary teen charged in rape of woman, 68, at South Shore train shelter

Psychiatrists protest criticism from well-known physician

WWL's Garland Robinette's rant re: drug shortages in the US. Good rant!

Interesting ethical dilemma on racial identity

WaPo Animals at D.C. zoo sensed quake before it hit

Ed just used the GD word on the radio.

Should Creole replace French in Haiti's schools? (BBC)

The Trivium method: (pertains to mind) – the elementary three.

History? Whose story? Texas gives lesson in revision

Issa rehires controversial aide he’d previously fired for leaking reporter emails

Hey America, Wake Up Already! Sincerely, Dennis Kucinich

Just one note for the East Coast and those making light of this

It's ironic in light of GWB's numerous vacations that the Obamas are being criticized

It's ironic in light of GWB's numerous vacations that the Obamas are being criticized

Forget global warming, I'm concerned about global cracking

YIKES! - (NPR): The Evangelicals Engaged In Spiritual Warfare

'Let The Euro Die,' Says The Woman Who Could Be The Next French President

Kids age 4,8,11,12,13,16 pepper sprayed by father

A few Tacos short of a combination plate: Rick Perry's college transcript

Gonad-chomping parasite may block transmission of Dengue fever (NOT via the Onion)

Time for some Super Fun Pak Comics!

New Jersey MS Patient Sent to Prison over Medical Marijuana

So, why would my mortgage company agree to a loan mod?

Who is this woman on MSNBC with Martin Bashear who sounds like the Geico Gecko?

Caterpillar expands operations in China

NY GOP candidate: 9/11 volunteers shouldn’t be covered by health bill

Criminally Incompetent:CBO Cuts Forecast Of 2012-21 Deficit By 50%,Admits Its Probably Dead Wrong

Ron Christie on MSNBC Hardball With Reagan Jr...

Rude Pundit:Things None of Us Need to Give a Shit About (Republican Presidential Nomination Edition)

I looked up the last earthquake in Illinois and found something funny.

Ron Reagan hosting for Tweety again

Scathing Rolling Stone article on Murdoch: " Eff you and eff your m

NOM Speaker Blames East Coast Earthquake on Gays

New CBO report forecasts 2011 deficit of $1.3 trillion (Bush levels) and DECLINING

Cheney's "heads exploding" line is 100% marketing bullshit.

McAfee: Android malware surges 76%, iPhone untouched

Perry, Kasich Deny Jobless Workers $731 Million in Jobless Help

CHEENEE: "My book (due out 8-30) will have heads exploding all over D.C."

Imagine finding out you will never be able to return to your home in a foreign newspaper?

Separated at birth?

An important tech question

Krugman Blog- Coalmines and Aliens

Would YOU read a book that had a ....soundtrack? Soon to be available.

A sad day here today

Case That Righthaven Had 'Won' By Default Now Dismissed For Lack Of Standing

Is Obama’s Pragmatism a Losing Bet for 2012?

The State and Local Budget Crisis -- Michael Hudson

The State and Local Budget Crisis -- Michael Hudson

More Cameron and Coulsen-Andy Coulson 'broke' Commons pass rules by failing to declare NI payments

Libya: NATO’s Gateway to the Arab Revolts

How can a Perry/Romney, etc republican candidate..

Guess which way Obama will jump on the biggest threat


Tonight on Countdown

Political scientists doubt Obama's pitch to independents is working

Confidence Fairies and Attorneys General

Confidence Fairies and Attorneys General

Killing in Our Name

Killing in Our Name

The rich are different from you and me. Trump's B-757:

"Means Testing", a GOP Talking Point

A little background reading on the Xtian Reconstructionists

In Case You Missed This... NYT's Defense Of AG Schneiderman - 'It’s a Flawed Settlement'

Starbucks CEO: Pledge to Halt Campaign Donations Gains Steam

Is Samsung aiming to snap up HP's PC business?

Town Hall Crowd Jeers Rep. Chabot For Voting To Strip Planned Parenthood Funding

Just seen on FB

Just seen on FB

Mount Vernon Mayor Doesn't Like Latinos???? Glen Becks Hometown

Fox News' Freed Libya Journo: We Rigged a Laptop to Watch 'Point Break'

Cheney Kept Letter of Resignation in Safe

Hospital in China fends off angry mob

Iowa Community Group Blasts Miller for Removal of Schneiderman from Foreclosure Committee - FDL

MLK Statue makes King Family $800K - Anybody see this?

New Oil Leaking from Deepwater Horizon Macondo Well - BP Hires Fleet of 40 Shrimp Boats to Lay Boom

Why Liberals Are More Intelligent Than Conservatives

In seeking trade partners, E.U. seizes an approach disregarded by the U.S.

"Revealed: Former Goldman Sachs VP Turned Issa Staffer Supervised Scheduling Of Elizabeth Warren

Please send money - the perils of Republican governors facing hurricanes

Robert Scheer: Amnesty for the Indefensible

Why we are not like Greece

Toon - No Fame, No Gain

What "smart cuts" are you for in cutting Medicare?

Romney stands firm in refusal to sign pro-life pledge

NOAA administrator discusses Inlet oil, gas industry, belugas

Pax Obama

Another Day, Another Crisis.

Hypocritical Indiana Republican State Representive (SEX SCANDAL)

It's not just the South who are's New Jersey!

Rachel is doing a great job with that NYT report on Teabaggers and

Rachel is doing a great job with that NYT report on Teabaggers and

Glen Beck................He's back....... (video)

"Year in jail possible for mom guilty of abuse by hot sauce"

Fox Business ad on MSNBC

Anyone see Susan Rice on the Colbert Report

edited for duplicate post

edited for duplicate post

Big Government?

ABC airing “Hunger at Home: Crisis in America,” reports on hunger all day today

What Goes Into Your Hershey's Chocolate Bar?

Scott Brown Adviser Admits He’s Behind Dem-Mocking Twitter Feed, Refuses To Apologize

In the Race to Succeed Weiner, a Surprising Anger at Obama

In the Race to Succeed Weiner, a Surprising Anger at Obama

"Wasilla councilman sanctioned after trashing hotel room"

Is Exxon-Mobil setting the stage for us to invade Canada?

Unequal Protection From Risk

Use a classic literary line to caption a political pic!

We will rise from this tragedy...TOGETHER!!!

Peeking at George Pataki’s Presidential Campaign Site

8 Formerly Awesome Web Sites That Are Dying or Dead

Kind of weird as a South Floridian to be calling my NY friends

Andrea Mitchell just declared the the rethugs need a WHITE KNIGHT candidate. nt

Anthony Breibart Answers My Phone Call

A Right Wing Guide to the Value(s) of Life:

Anonymous Stikes Again! LOL, Circulates NSFW Photos Of BART Spokesman Linton Johnson

(Over 100) CEOs Pledge Not to Donate to Politicians

“Friends,” social networks and politics

Steve Jobs resigned as CEO from Apple

'The Incredible Shrinking Tea Party'

Republicans for Tax Hikes Republicans have finally found a group they want to tax: poor people.

Martin Sheen & Emilio Estevez are going to be at a local church this weekend...

Well, At Least Headline Writers Will Have An Easier Time - 'WITHOUT JOBS, APPLE FACES CHALLENGES'

23 Achievments Of The Democratic Party

Jeb Bush--Are the Repubs Trying to Get the Lunatics Snuffed???

Jeb Bush--Are the Repubs Trying to Get the Lunatics Snuffed???

Obama team scouts for anti-Perry Texans

Obama team scouts for anti-Perry Texans

FYI...for those with Dish, Current TV is moving from Channel 196 to 294 eff. Sept. 7th.

Co-worker today - had NO idea that Jessica Lynch and Pat Tillman stories were completely made up

On August 30th, Dick Cheney will take yet another opportunity to tell America to go fuck itself

Federal Reserve could launch 'Operation Twist' instead of QE3

Results of drug testing welfare recipients in Florida? It's an expensive mistake.


This is what it is all about (and yeah, it is video)

With CIA help, NYPD moves covertly in Muslim areas

Radiation Will Plague Chernobyl for Hundreds of Years

The Evangelicals Engaged In Spiritual Warfare

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers Check In!!

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers Check In!!

What's Big And Red And Didn't Create Any Jobs?

Maine, Vermont growing wheat again

Hurricane Irene tracking -- (looks bad)

Anyone else having persistent logout issues with the new Yahoo! mail?

John O'Brien MA Registry of Deeds: AG Tom Miller Should Step Down

Camden Pays Students $100 Each to Not Skip School

Are these real police or hired thugs with guns taking cameras from people at this Ohio town hall?

Your best guess. Where is Qadaffi? I say he is in a tripoli sewage or water plant.

The Power of Bank of America

The Tea Party moves to ban books

The Tea Party moves to ban books

goddamn him.....cheney Says He Urged Bush to Bomb Syria in ’07

Do we really have a country or is it nothing more than a hybrid market place,

What do you do if you're into Apple bigtime?

Conservative governments SUCK: Witness Stephen Harper in Canada

Perry equates homosexuality with alcoholism

Semi-truck crashes into Ohio adult store to steal $800 vagina

Goldman Sachs Evacuates After Earthquake.... picture

Gold technicals, no indication of bubble.

National Zoo Animals React to the Earthquake

Matt Taibbi On The Explosive Investigation Revealing The SEC's Cover-Up Of Wall Street's Crimes

AT&T’s New Text Plan Overcharges You by 10,000,000 Percent. Literally.

Rumor regarding Bank of America

I hope this school closes because it can't find teachers.

I noticed you boys were kinda late today.

Utah DUers what's thedirt on Chaffetz?

The Red Cross is playing catch up in Tripoli Hospitals - help if you can, plz.

Right-Wing Rabbi Blames Earthquake On Gays

Big Ed is hammering the crap out of Rick Perry and Texas education!

Second-largest U.S. Indian tribe expels slave descendants

Libyan rebel wears Gaddafi’s hat during TV interview (BRAWHAHAHAHAAAA)

Stop Public Unions NOW

Hurricane Preparedness

Hurricane Preparedness

Glenn beck is going to Africa ..

Open the iPod Bay doors, Steve. Ahem... you make it in China for $22 even tho your profit's Galactic

Perino: Jeb Bush being urged to run for president by father, brother

Perino: Jeb Bush being urged to run for president by father, brother

So BOA took in, oh, let's just say a hundred billion or two to "even out" their balance

Tea Party Mourns Death of Philly Cheesesteak Legend

There's been a nasty undertone to the mocking posts about the east coast earthquake

So AG Schneiderman was kicked off the government group leading foreclosure probe, eh?

"Matt Taibbi Exposes How SEC Shredded Thousands of Investigations" Have you watched this?? You MUST!

Marco Rubio: Medicare, Social Security ‘Weakened Us As People’, Made Us Lazy

Big Ed is tearing Rick Perry and TX education a new one tonight.

Almost seems like Bachmann has dropped out of the GOP primary doesn't it?

Gold has been absorbed into the new Congressional goldbricks and is receding (pic)

If Corporations are people, they are Sociopaths

Fuck you Gov. Prick Error

Great site: "Makes Me Think" (and it will)

Gold has fallen from $1910 to $1763 in less than 48 hours

From 2007

Yellow cake uranium, massive WMD stockpiles...where have we heard this before?

"Hunger at Home" - coming up on ABC Nightline

Would you damage your car to block a Wal_mart shoplifter?

From Roll Call: The 50 Richest Members of Congress (2011)

Iowa Farmers Organizing Haylift for Texas

Project Armageddon:Tullett Prebon(major UK investment firm)Thinks The Unthinkable(systemic collapse)

Tea Partier Tells Rep. Lujan, Life-Long American, To ‘Get Out Of Politics,Make Room

(Oh never mind I thought it was newsworthy)

Hurricane Irene headed to New York City as a Cat 2?

5 things the media isn’t telling you about human activity and earthquakes

5 things the media isn’t telling you about human activity and earthquakes

Baker -- Why Is President Obama So Anxious to Cut Social Security?

Woman arrested on child sex charge.

Robert Scheer (The Nation): Obama's Deal for the Bankers: Amnesty for the Indefensible

Perry flies past Romney to become frontrunner for GOP nomination: poll

GOP lawmaker has Democrats’ cameras seized at town hall

AUTHOR UNKNOWN, but it is all over the web

"The Mouse That Roared": How Disney Instills Greed and Consumerism - Starting at Three Months

This Ron Reagan guy has a lot to learn about hosting Hardball...

As NATO bombs began falling NKorea asked Libya "Hows that giving up your nukes working out for you?"

Heat and power costs

Tentacles of quake shake up Ohioans

God makes press statement; blames earthquakes and disasters upon "that bastard" Pat Robertson

Best Obit Ever. RIP Dandelion B. Treecraft. We'll take it from here.

What kind of country has a presidential candidate who executed an innocent man

What kind of country has a presidential candidate who executed an innocent man

Anderson Cooper just announced that it is $2 1/2 million being offered for the capture or

Why Amazon Can't Make A Kindle In the USA

Our federal government is corrupted from top to bottom...

Ironic... That Norman Rockwell Is Associated With Americana...

Inconvenient Americans

NYAG Eric Schneiderman Pushes Back After Being Kicked Off Mortgage Abuse Investigation - NYDailyNews

Feds' Secret Disbursements to Bankers: $19.9 Trillion & Counting

Norman Rockwell painting sends rare White House message on race

SEC allowed Wall Street bankers who created the global economic crisis get away with it all.

WRT the East Coast EARTHQUAKE and aftershocks--is anyone using the "F" word yet?

Survey: Employers consider ending health coverage

Just to be clear: "robo-signing" is technically called "lying under oath"

It's time for Long Islanders and others in the Northeast to buckle up

Harold FORD, Jr, is a putz!1 Caused me to click Scabro off this A.M.

Picture at fallen Navy SEAL's funeral.

'You lie' congressman Wilson in hospital for fever

Libyan Revolution Week 27 part 6

Idea for cutting the defense budget...

"Evangelicals Engaged in Spiritual Warfare" on NPR - some SCARY crap. These people are nuts

In Case You Missed This... Matt Taibbi, On The Guy That Fired Schneiderman

Did you run outside during the Earthquake? You should have stayed put.

There goes Apple, bye Steve, and I am sure your shareholders appreciate the loss....

Oh Wow... Latest From Matt Taibbi: 'Obama Goes All Out For Dirty Banker Deal'

Joe the Plumber considering running against Marcy Kaptur for Congress.


Message from a Clan Mother

Signing Employment Contract and negotiating with current employer.

Leaked cable: Vatican sees Latino socialist leaders as ‘dangerous’

Ocracoke is already being evacuated

"It's Not Healthy For Rich People To Feel Maligned"

Why great teachers aren’t enough to make schools work

Now THAT's how you respond to the right wing

Reminder to all DUers

oh no, not this shit again....

Is it time to use the F word (fascism) or not yet?





Cheney, if only....

3,000 Hours of Video News Coverage of 2001 Attacks Posted Online

American Terrorists: 'Violence May be Needed to Save ‘White America’

Where 30 Years of Real Class Warfare Has Left America

Vlad and Joe discussing the "good ole days"

Hey Gov. Walker! ... oh you wouldn't understand


Band of Brothers

Too obvious (cheap joke inside)?

PHOTO: "I watched your pizza, just like I promised. No, don't bother thanking me. My pleasure."

"Food for the Poor" - a worthy charity, but their President should *really* use an alias...

Yaay! 9 yrs I've been here on DU and I just got my first post into the Greatest!


Found another Republican Presidential Candidate in Iowa

But the door was open


School fundraisers. Ugh.

Tit for Tat: My earthquakes are bigger than your earthquakes.

Harry Pothead and the Sexy Hallows (must-see TV)

He paid at least $62,500 for the car.

Has anybody used the product "cedarcide?" (natural insecticide)

Personally, I like mold. The older, the better.

The rapture ... the rest get left behind

Chinese high


I've taken up a new hobby...

Ariz. street sign prank warns of 'rogue panda'

Had to take one of the dogs to the vet - thankfully they didn't find anything....

Roll Call. Earthquake Survivors Check In Here.

The kiss

I think I figured out the earthquake thingy. It is the cell phones.

PHOTO: "I gotta say that this has been the best year EVER as far as nuts are concerned."


I'm glad to see that MFM is taking his doctor's order for more exercize so seriously!

Bourdain: Paula Deen most dangerous person in America

Lost in Translation

Food question...

Just spotted

Willow's Song

The Maypole Dance

When a woman wears leather

A waltz for a night

Meglio Stasera

The Anniversary Song

OMG I'm never going to eat at a Bacteria Buffet again.

Happy 20th anniversary to my wonderful husband!

PHOTO: If wishes were horses...

A patient broke wind while having surgery and set fire to his genitals

I Got You (I Feel Good)

Every morning my cat tries to kill me. What should I do?


Too Darn Hot

Awesome pianist plays difficult stuff

OOPS...dupe. Sorry, please delete

Department of Transportation hires Gandalf

Puttin' On the Ritz

Belleville Rendez-Vous

Seriously, there is no way that woman ate that 10+ year moldy food on "Hoarders"

Put the blame on mame

I need a list of genitals that will drive me over the edge of depression.

Moses Supposes

Special Forces

What activity would you like to try or try again, and why? Went white water canoeing.

Have you FORGIVEN Lars Ulrich for that Napster thing?

Mission Impossible Music ala Gamelan from Indonesia

Irrigate me, baby.......

even the orangutans are hot

The gods are with me. I walked right down the street and into the first shoe store I saw. They not

This is so kewl..... check this page, select get your globe at the top and wait.....

Why does David Muir have to show us so much cleavage?

I used to wake up the ocean - I used to walk on clouds


Since Taverner's thread about Scotch Eggs, I've had a Jones on for them. Just finished two with

Irish DUers: How come you guys saved the world and didn't get credit?

Posted this elsewhere but I knew the lounge would love this guy. RIP Dan.

I'll be in one of my favorite saloons next week, the Midnight Star.

Easy to be hard

PHOTO: MiddleFingerGrandmom INVENTED the "drop and give me 50" challenge...

PHOTO: MiddleFingerGrandmom INVENTED the "drop and give me 50" challenge...

PHOTO: "It was EASY to kill... didn't put up a fight at all... it but tasted TERRIBLE."

B¥tch, you don't have a future!

Please allow me to (re)introduce myself...

Weird experience with High Blood Pressure

All My Children fans - are they trying to have a "Lost" ending

This ain't Dodge City, and you ain't Bill Hickok!

Anyone else here play League of Legends

Most people don't realize that it's not all that easy to accept one's new "zombie status".

What is the difference between "barbecue" and "true southern barbecue," and more

Please delete, Mods. Thanks. NT

MiddleFingerMom "outed" one of his GF's once... but PHEW BOY, did he EVER have good reason!!!

My tribute to Google Voice:

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Am I an East Coast Guy, who somehow got born on the West Coast?

My neighbor just went from good friend to seething enemy in a matter of minutes.


Where madinmaryland gets his haircut....

Anybody able to give me advice on a super annoying co-worker?

Cops bust man for drinking beer, having sex while driving.


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What is your favourite small town and why? Post a picture/link of a small town where you'd

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Does Anyone Here Work From Home?

This is good shit. I mean... this is REALLY good shit!!!

F.B.I. Focusing on Security Over Ordinary Crime

Fate of remaining “Liberty City Seven’’ defendants now up to appeals court

Wikileaks Releases Thousands More Cables Covering China, Taiwan and Libya

Tentacles of quake shake up Ohioans

Vukovar suspect Goran Hadzic pleads not guilty

Hanabusa passes on Senate bid

Wealthy French Push for Extra Tax on Rich

Andy Coulson 'broke' Commons pass rules by failing to declare NI payments (News of the World)

Wealthy French Push for Extra Tax on Rich

Journalist flees Colombia amid death threats

Politkovskaya murder: Russian ex-policeman arrested

Pentagon Quake Nightmare: Fukushima on the Mississippi

In the Race to Succeed Weiner, a Surprising Anger at Obama

After Accidents, a Call for Regulation

The Evangelicals Engaged In Spiritual Warfare

National Science Foundation Investigation Clears Climate Change Researcher

Rick Perry campaign reportedly adding Chamber of Commerce official

Italy: 4 Italian journalists abducted in Libya

Images Show Mass Graves in Sudan, Group Says

With CIA help, NYPD moves covertly in Muslim areas

Dillard eyes run for 13th District

Peeking at George Pataki’s Presidential Campaign Site

Feds Pop Google for $500M for Canadian Pill Ads

Foreign journalists freed from Tripoli hotel

BART says closing stations keeps passengers safe

Cheney's Secret Resignation

Why Amazon Can't Make A Kindle In the USA

Breaking Journalists leave Rixos Hotel in Tripoli

CNN BReaking: Jobs resigns from Apple

Apple says Steve Jobs resigning as CEO

7.0-magnitude earthquake strikes northern Peru

Sharp rise in threats against journalists in Colombia .

Medvedev holds talks with N.Korea’s Kim Jong-il

Health Insurance Benefits Ending? Employers Consider Stopping Coverage After Overhaul: Survey

Strong earthquake hits northern Peru near Brazil

Judge: AL Immigration Law Could Pave Way For Unlawful Arrest Suits

National Science Foundation Clears 'Climate-Gate' Scientist Of Any Misconduct

Russian Progress space freighter lost

Student uprising leader brings charisma to a Chilean winter

Tax deal with Swiss banks agreed by UK authorities

Dick Cheney tells NBC: My letter of resignation was ready if needed

Baltimore Journalist in Gaddhafi prison 5 months is free

NOM speaker blames East Coast earthquake on gays

Discovered in transition e-mails, advice from Jeb Bush to Gov. Rick Scott

Inhofe plans to back Rick Perry for president

Gadhafi son offers to broker Libya cease-fire

Rick Perry signs Susan B. Anthony List pledge

Attorney general to investigate NoW 9/11 phone-hacking allegations

Second-largest U.S. Indian tribe expels slave descendants

Cheney Says He Urged Bush to Bomb Syria in ’07

Steve Jobs Resigns as CEO of Apple

Libya: SAS leads hunt for Gaddafi

France introduces new tax on high incomes

New York Attorney General Kicked Off Government Group Leading Foreclosure Probe

NTC leader: 'Free elections in eight months'

Democrat Dan Maffei Says He's Raring For A NY-25 Rematch With GOP Rep. Ann Marie Buerkle

Mich. Court Bars Sale of Medical Marijuana

Investigators charge 13 doctors in pill mill crimes — and one with murder

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday, August 24, 2011

S.C. Sen. Graham: U.S. Should Spend More On Foreign Aid (“Egypt is the prize to be won”)

Two charged with starting largest ever Arizona wildfire (Sen. McCain their last name is- Malboeuf)

Gold stumbles 5.6% on worst day since March 2008

Perry Passes Romney Among Republicans in Polls

S.F. poll worker sentenced for stealing ballots

Cheney: My book will have ‘heads exploding’ in D.C.

Democrat's Cameras seized by police at Chabot Town Hall Meeting

United States - Visa and Mastercard beneficiaries of State Department lobbying effort

6.0 earthquake in Texas!

CBO: "pace of the recovery has been slow, and the economy remains in a severe slump"

Medicare payments: US encourages bundling

Hopefully Obama Will Return to DC with His Mouth Washed Out

Congress Members' Summer Trips To Israel A Headache For Obama?

Is Sarah going to run after all? Karl Rove, for one, says yes.

Leaked Cable: McCain Promised Qaddafi To Help Secure Military Equipment From U.S.

"...this is weak tea."

N.Y. bumped from 50-state foreclosure committee

Ron Paul taps adviser who drafted articles of impeachment against Obama

White-Hot GOP Race Down to Two Mentally Ill People, Person Who Lost Nomination Last Time

Basic Civics question--when did Obama's first budget start?

Perry-Gate: The Record. (Weds. 24 Aug.) Categories with links to stories.

Looks like the rethugs are going to shot themselves in the foot in 2012 by nominating the wrong guy

Marco Rubio Saved Nancy Reagan's Life

As a democrat looking at Nancy Reagan brings tears to my eyes watching this clip

Will Obama now get credit for the market going up on Fox?

100% of the people have income that is not taxed. The rich have more. nt

Layoffs and Cutbacks: Rick Perry's 2011 Education Record

The cost of raising Medicare's eligibility age to 67

**Breaking News** - It is Now OFFICIALLY Confirmed!

Karl Rove: Boehner's Surprising Success

In Campaign Events, Bachmann Controls Image

Political Cartoonist Tom Toles nails it today!

Women's Groups Launch "HER VOTES" to Mobilize Women Voters in 2012

Scott Brown Spox Apparently Outs His Dem-Mocking Twitter Feed (updated)

I'm convinced the Republican presidential candidate will be a corporation.

Public Works Program! EPA Specifically Hiring Unemployed for Great Lakes Restoration

AP - GOP using redistricting to shore up House majority

Why does Dylan Ratigan take so much time off?

POLLS: Perry Zooms to Front of Pack for 2012 GOP Nomination (+12 over Romney in Gallup, +13 in PPP)

President Obama Leads Republican Rivals By Wide Margins Among Latino Voters

Shocking Need: Millions of American Kids Go Hungry

Canvassing 2012: Knock, Knock...

Gawker sums it all up: "This is going to be the most racist election ever."

Oh Gawd....Obama down to 38% approval on Gallup

Hurricane Irene: National Resources in Case of Emergency

We could have had Hillary

Stephen King launches leftwing radio show

Marco Rubio: Medicare, Social Security ‘Weakened Us As People’, Made Us Lazy

Are you waking up? If you continue to bash and not support

THIS will make some heads explode...

AJE: Quake affects services in US

Libyan rebels ghost ride Gaddafi's golf cart to freedom.

Gaddafi's compound falls

Rebels Swipe Gaddafi's Hat And Golf Cart

Fun With Tea-bagging: Salty Crackers

Thom Hartmann: PETA Porn

Join Nurses Across the Country on September 1 to Demand a Tax on Wall Street

The March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom: Documentary Footage (1963)

Young Turks: Rick Perry Loves Bank Of America, Hates Social Security

NLE 11 DHS FEMA New Madrid Fault Earthquake

'Clearing the Smoke': The Benefits, Limits of Medical Marijuana

'Clearing the Smoke': The Benefits, Limits of Medical Marijuana

Thom Hartmann - Job Creators? Give Me A Break.

Matt Taibbi: "Is the SEC Covering Up Wall Street Crimes?"

Smedley Butler: American Hero and Patriot

Thom Hartmann: Corps getting job-creation tax breaks while outsourcing U.S. jobs?

Chomsky on Employment

Thom Hartmann: Why 60% of Congress is not holding Town Halls

Papantonio: Chamber of Commerce Steps Up Their Assault on Civil Justice

Full Interview: Ron Paul on 2012, Media Blackout, Moneybomb, Income Tax, Libya & Perry

TDPS: Should overweight people have to buy 2 plane tickets?

Mark Stegeman demoted at TUSD meeting 8-24-11 (AZ)

Tea Party Leader Heckles President Obama -- Sally Kohn Comments

Ann Coulter Loves Gaddafi

Thom Hartmann brilliantly explains (again) why 'means testing' SS is the GOPs way to end it


TYT: Dominique Strauss-Kahn Charges Dropped

Glenn Beck, Will You Be a Martyr?

Threw It On The Ground

CIA behind the protests in Libya?

President Marco Rubio (2016) saves Nancy Reagan.

Christoph from NO JUSTICE NO BART speaks to BART BOARD

The Alternate Reality of the Tea Party Express

The Politics of Confirming the President's Judicial Nominees

Michelle Bachmann songs - "That beacon from the Right, that dim bulb in the night".

The Mess In Texas — Debunking Rick Perry’s ‘Texas Miracle'

Young Turks: Pope Benedict Radical Liberal?

TYT: Obama: Cut Regulations On Food Safety, Business, Fairness Doctrine

Papantonio: Rick Perry – Bush Without The “Intelligence”

Senator Sanders on Social Security

Alabama's Immigration Law: Radical or Within Reason?

TYT: Republicans: Tax The Bottom 50% More

Letter to Arne Duncan - Two Teachers and a Microphone

Earthquake possibly caused by "Coronal Hole" on the Sun and was possibly predicted the day before.

'Second colonization of Africa begun, Libya to see sectarian war'

US involvement in Libya hypocritical?

The Hypocrisy That Is Senator John McCain

GOP Rep. Hultgren Won't Explain How Bush Tax Cuts Created Jobs

Why the Sioux Are Refusing $1.3 Billion

O'Reilly Upset Stein and Trapper Kicked His Butt

Late Night with David Letterman - Rachel Maddow Guests

Libyan rebels assisted by Canadian-made drones (Mercenaries Aid Anti-Gaddafi Attacks)

Gaddafi under siege: Two CIA-backed groups, an al-Qaeda-linked LIFG on top of power stakes

Spain-based Syrians "harassed" by their embassy

NATO Partnership in Libya Serves as Model, Panetta Says

European Bank Job ‘Bloodbath’ Surpasses 40,000

Longer Weekends and Higher Wages? 5 Surprising Ways To Help Improve the Economy

Jake gets a telephone call

David Korten: A Presidential Declaration of Independence from Wall Street

Jake moves to Greenwood

U.S. Falls Behind in Race Toward Open Government: Susan Crawford

History is Not Your Therapist (James Howard Kunstler)

Self-deleted by member

Planned Parenthood vs. The States: The Legal Battles Rage

Guatemala's 'iron fist' party leads the polls

Your toaster poses a greater threat than "al Qaeda" did last year...

Amy Goodman: D.C. Protests That Make Big Oil Quake

Obama’s Got Plenty of Options to Right the Economy—He’s Just Got to Fight for Them

The jobs are coming, or are they?

Brains, heart, and guts - what else do you need?

Qaddafi's Missing Legions The Siege of Tripoli by FRANKLIN LAMB

Nation's weather extremes may be the new normal. LA Times

How High Tax Rates REALLY Create 'Uncertain­ty'

Bachmann has love-hate affair with government

40 years ago, B.B. King rocked Cook County Jail

Robert Fisk: History repeats itself, with mistakes of Iraq rehearsed afresh

Teacher Uses First Amendment Selectively in Facebook Case

The Kochs are scared, and they’ve bought the web domains to prove it

Rep. Jean Schmidt (R-OH) Found Guilty of Accepting $500,000 in ‘Indirect’ Turkish Lobby Payment

With CIA help, NYPD moves covertly in Muslim areas

"Helpless President Lit"--The Latest Trend in Political Tragedy--by RJ Escrow

Freedom. Defined by Cash Back Rewards

Robert Scheer: Amnesty for the Indefensible

Can Communities Reclaim the Right to Say “No”?

Kucinich: Libyan foray represents ‘new international gangsterism’

The One Billion Dollar Question: Who Are the Libyan Rebels?

Toyota, Ford join in hybrid autos

Drumbeat: August 24, 2011

Justice Department Launches Half-Hearted Investigation Into BP's Oil Gusher Cover Up

Univ. Sheffield - Longest-Tracked Greenland Glacier Has Record Mass Loss 2nd Year Straight

SA Foreign Minister Lowers Climate Talks Bar: Fears "Politics Cannot Deliver W. Science Demands"

Global Warming May Cause Higher Loss of Biodiversity Than Previously Thought

The world has 8.7 million species (but we've hardly met any of them)

If Texas Drought Continues Into Fall, Power Plants May Shut Down w/o Cooling Water Available

N. Texas On Track To Lose Three Straight Crops As Drought Intensifies

Methane in water wells checked in gas drilling area (Cabot same company Dimock in Gasland)

Excessive Radiation Found in Sea Organisms Near Japan's Nuke Plant

It has not loaded yet

Email to President Obama about the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline

Nunavut’s future is underground, says Harper

Climate Cycles Are Driving Wars, Says Study

U.S. Sees Array of New Threats at Japan’s Nuclear Plant

Bloomberg - Japan Triples Radiation Checkpoints As More Hotspots Turn Up

USDA Scientist - Roundup May Change Crop Root Structure, Cause Fungal Root Disease

Xpost on the Anna Nuclear plant