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Archives: August 15, 2011

Peter Werbe from the late is on the air right now - live stream

"An' Zhengfei-ie, yer doin' a heck of a job. You remind me of a straight-talkin' Texan, Stretch."

William Broyles, Newsweek: Oval Office Appeaser

Donald Kaul: In swerving to avoid the Tea Party, Obama has driven his administration into a ditch

Donald Kaul: In swerving to avoid the Tea Party, Obama has driven his administration into a ditch

Oh........That's Cantinflas up there!

What a wonderful holiday gift idea - books for soldiers to tape their voices

Hackers protest BART decision to block cellphones

My confidence is shaken, I don't see how we move forward.

My confidence is shaken, I don't see how we move forward.

Apparently, anybody who eats a hot dog, pickle, ear of corn, corn dog, ice cream cone,

2 workers rescued from drowning in elevator

2 workers rescued from drowning in elevator

not nice, still funny...

Aug 14, 1935: FDR signs Social Security Act - 76 years ago yesterday -76 as in trombones -as in 1776

Wisconsin Recall Challenger Steitz Under Police Investigation for Renting to Sex Offender

Repuberty - from the Urban Dictionary

Toon - You Can't put Me In Jail!

The Left Coast Sports Babe on Bachmann tax comment

GREAT catch by Media Matters! Planet Earth - Sponsored By ExxonMobil

Tune in here for a great discussion with Professors Richard Wolff and

Oh Dear it's Peggy 'I love the sound of my own voice' Noonan

Yes! We have no bananas... We have no bananas today...

You couldn't have a pony when you were a kid, but you can pony up now

A Businessman in Congress Helps His District and Himself

A Businessman in Congress Helps His District and Himself

A Businessman in Congress Helps His District and Himself

A Businessman in Congress Helps His District and Himself

Capitalism Is The Crisis (2011) (Full Documentary)

Specialty grocery stores invade Silicon Valley: Non-union jobs, second-tier wages

Remember TALK LIKE A PIRATE Day? Let's have TALK LIKE A PALIN Day also, too

The Fundamental Problem Is Republicans Don't Think Any Democratic President Is Legitimate

David Cameron on riots: broken society is top of my political agenda

FBI widens its US inquiry into News Corp beyond 9/11 hacking

DJIA Sees a Sharp UP Spike at Open

been there, done that...

A couple of zingers by Danziger!

A couple of zingers by Danziger!

Don't let 'em fool ya: It's not that corporations can't get rich by manufacturing in the US,

Meanwhile, in Iraq......

Meanwhile, in Iraq......

Another waterfall accident!

Old text, new wrinkles: Did Butch Cassidy survive?

Michele Bachmann is worried about the Renaissance

Toon: Somali Pieta

A Perry Presidency - Been there... ( Picture)

Obama underwater in NY

Palin family's new reality TV show: "IQ of 16 and Pregnant"

IL Attorney General calls for ban on gel fuel products

Bush/Cheney - The Gift That Keeps On...

Pat Buchanan has decided that the riots and looting in England

Okay, there has been this nagging question all day in my head

Ecuador: four months to save the world's last great wilderness from 'oil curse'

If Michelle downs a corn dog...Then this tops that

Spanish bull kills third victim

ANY1 watch Squawk Box this A.M.? ANOTHER BILLIONAIRE agreed with Warren.

DMN Photo of Rick Perry tells it all

Imagine and world where Bachmann/Perry/Romeny are POTUS.

Nazis, ‘patriots’ and the Moral Majority take refuge in Montana

Vandana Shiva, on fighting Monsanto and other corporate behemoths

U.S. refuses Taiwan request for new jets: report

david gregory goes from meet the press to cooking on the today show

'Gush' hour nightmare - Burst water main floods Harlem streets

The Fundamentalists have upgraded from prediction to action plan

Manufacturing in the New York region unexpectedly contracts for a third straight month

California Utility Puts First Ever Company Outsider At the Helm

California Utility Puts First Ever Company Outsider At the Helm

NYT: Divining New York’s Fate Should a Double-Dip Recession Hit

Smokey Bear Fired At State Fair (after making a joke about gray hair to U.S. Sen. Rob Portman)

Smokey Bear Fired At State Fair (after making a joke about gray hair to U.S. Sen. Rob Portman)

Oh GAWD Quitter and Beck teaming up for another Save UhMurka Show

So, if you click on the "DickHead" stickie on DU's front page

AlterNet: Is Bank of America Headed Toward Collapse?

I just realized something listening to Eddie Izzard on the YouTubes...

WikiLeaks Tweet This Morning

Low Rates May Do Little to Entice Nervous Consumers

New York Times OP ED - Warren Buffet says Stop Coddling the Super-Rich

whoever the dick is that put the dick on the stickers is a dick. nt

Sen. Schumer Calls for Legislation to Secure Utility, Power Plants -FBI background checks on workers

Political activism needed to protect the Internet

Airlines Risk Deeper Seat Cuts on Economy

Nice link on Grovelbot's Big Board that I hadn't seen before. Thanks for posting, whoever put it up.

Download Free PDF, Kindle, Word Doc of Full Report: ‘Analysis of Financial Terrorism in America’

Coburn’s cuts: Taking on Medicare and Medicaid

who backs perry

Mortgage Settlement Collapsing?

Hats off to csziggy.

If you don't like one of the stickies, adblock can block any of them if you install it.

Just a note about Grovelbot's Big Board messages.

Look Out, Here Comes the ‘Feral Underclass’

Newt Gingrich's unfortunately decorated apron

What a Falling Star looks like..... From Space!

At Vacant Homes, Foraging for Fruit

Local Man Arrested for Merchandise Tampering at Area Walmart


So, if the mandates in Obama's health care are struck down,

Rick Perry Is Big Oil’s $11 Million Man

California, 2012 Pot plans shaping up

California, 2012 Pot plans shaping up

RNC attack on Obama’s bus tour ignores Bush’s political travel costs

Seniors Advocacy Group to Host Live Chat on Social Security/Medicare/Super Committee

Five Questions for Rick Perry

Bernie Sanders Talks Up Primary Challenge to Obama...

Flow of oil from the worst spill in UK waters in the past decade not yet stopped completely

Thank you, Iowa Freak Show for comic relief from 15 mos of Rick Perry & Mitromney!

SEC Said to Scrutinize S&P’s Math, Possible Leak of U.S. Rating Downgrade

Krugman: 'The Texas miracle is a myth'

How Many Dead Children for Profit?

New York breaks city's rainfall record with nearly eight inches soaking city

A call to...

A call to...

Bill would require fitted sheets at hotels to protect housekeepers

Iowa fairgoer to Todd Palin: Your wife ‘sold out’

Credit Downgrading Signals the U.S. Needs a More Democratic Economy

Which GOP candidate comes to mind when I say Greg Stillson?

Greg Valliere: Thank You, Tea Party Know-Nothings

Top Tax Rates that are $350,000 for a family as well as MULTIMILLIONAIRES&BILLIONAIRES are

Let Them Eat Megabytes

Terrror, American-Style

aw yes, this is the MAN I want for president

Chuck Todd is giving some interesting behind the scene tidbits on the

WaPo: Blame for financial mess starts with the corporate lobby

Not Even Michele Bachmann Understands What Michele Bachmann Is Saying

Jim Hightower: Illegal Foreclosure Epidemic

Warren Buffett: "Stop coddling the super-rich."

El Machete toon - Why We Have Debt

Shell Oil Spill: North sea oil spill 'worst for a decade'

Is Paul Krugman DU's PCintern?

My Medicaid story

New drug could cure nearly any viral infection

New drug could cure nearly any viral infection

Great. The "citizen" exit polls don't match in WI. The same "reluctant responder" thing

The only way POTUS wins for sure in 2012 is a change in VP

Toon on Wisconsin Recall

Louisiana man admits beheading 7-year-old special needs son

Warren Buffett: "Raise our taxes" (on the top 1%)

Warren Buffett: "Raise our taxes" (on the top 1%)

John Nichols: Can We Have Health Reform W/O an Individual Mandate? Yes, It's Called Medicare for All

Delete Please

Delete Please

Potential Looms for First New York City-Wide Construction Strike in 80 Years

Dean Baker: President Obama's re-election economic policy

The Social Security Cut Washington Does Not Want You to Understand

Democrats Must Push Back

“We have no idea how he would perform when he has to make calls for the entire country.”

Since I announced that I might run against Bernie Sanders, he has given up the primary idea.

The Economic Maginot Line

Potential Perry Presidency - Been there, done that

(The Onion) If I See A Shirt I Like, I'll Usually Just Buy It By Warren Buffett

I know DUers are all excited! Tomorrow is the release of Christine O'Donnell's memiors

a friend of mine in MI sent me a E-mail that stated

Who's Trying To Take Your American Dream?

Tom Tomorrow: The Story Of Teaparty Tim And Plutocrat Pete!

Chronic homelessness and cost studies

I wonder if the reason some states, such as SC, go Republican is because

QUESTION: Was there ever a "trans-formative" president who didn't have "trans-formative" congress?

A-levels 2011: Students' futures have been stolen from them {great britain}

So, HuffPo is having an icon design competition...

So how long until someone "accidentally" refers to Governor Perry as "Governor Bush"?

Philly mayor chides black parents over teen mobs

Here is a qustion: Why is it that Americans

Publicopoly Exposed - How ALEC, the Koch brothers and their corporate allies plan to privatize gover

Bill Clinton: Rick Perry is a ‘Good-Looking Rascal,’ But His Platform ‘Is Crazy’

This time last year, all anyone was talking about in this country was...

Veteran for Peace Convention 3-7 August Portland, OR

"Saddling our grandchildren with debt"

Medicare Spending Slows Sharply

Iceland's founding fathers, mothers, sisters and brothers.

Michele Bachmann: The audacity of nope

The Reep kooks are pretending to run so Jeb looks like a winner when he announces.

Gundersen: Rainout of hot particles from radioactive clouds to continue for another year

split screen / the President is speaking as chuck todd and andrea mitchelll discuss bachmann & perry

Liberal group raises $100,000 for Warren

Perry: ‘I didn’t do my research’ on mandate for HPV vaccine

President Obama Joins the Cult of Economics Deniers

Is a Scorched Earth Strategy a Solution?

Long Beach police confirm policy: Detain photographers for pics 'with no apparent esthetic value'

Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin made a campaign swing through Iowa today..

Vampires on the loose in Galveston, Texas

IF Americans Really PAID ATTENTION, Republicans Would NEVER WIN Elections

Worst governor named Rick?

Real wealth in New York City alone. Imagine what it is around the rest of the country.

Is America ready for Bush's Lt Governor?

If you're a Medicare beneficiary and you can't afford your prescriptions,

If you're a Medicare beneficiary and you can't afford your prescriptions,

Police: La. man decapitated disabled son, 7

Pawlenty Finished Third and Quit; Santorum Finished Fourth and ...

Ten Things Regarding Corn Dogs and Bachmanns (the Rude Pundit)

High Corn

Joan Walsh: Rick Perry's got some nerve

DU this poll!

Bomb squad called over briefcases with signs outside Boehner’s Ohio office

People who threaten to vote third-party and/or cut off support for Democrats are not tea baggers but

The Dow calmed down today and ended up.

Zeitgeist is changing RE the wars

The Tuna Industry’s Got a Dirty Little Secret

NY Times Editorial: The Widening Dragnet .....The Admin's Discredited Immigration Program

Angry Birds maker Rovio could be valued at $1.2bn

Special prosecutor named in Prosser/Bradley altercation

Broken Britian: Miliband links looting to bankers,phone hacking and MP expense scandals

Ron Paul rebukes Romney: Corporations are not people

Ron Paul rebukes Romney: Corporations are not people

surge update: Wave of Attacks in Iraq Leaves at Least 68 Dead

SNL can bring back Will Ferrell for the 2012 election season...

Topix: Did last night's debate provide a candidate you would choose over Obama?

Starbucks CEO calls for boycott of all campaign donations

PACs give nearly $65M to deficit 'super committee'

In 2006 and 2008 Republicans were hammered in the polls

"Post-traumatic Bush Disorder". -- Chris Matthews says of Perry.

Have any of you ever been HOT?

Small paper supports Verizon workers on strike: Union workers, stand strong!

rick perry or michele bachmann

The Poor House

Wisconsin recalls: Democrats hold double-digit leads in final two races

Murdoch Dow Jones balloon reinflated 214 points!

Darrell Issa Using Govt Funded Projects To Enhance His Private Investments

Darrell Issa Using Govt Funded Projects To Enhance His Private Investments

A question about the Koch brothers and Social Security

A Circle of Protection: protecting programs for the poor

Dean Baker: The S&P Downgrade Market Plunge Myth

Ah yes, I am facing yet another Solomon like decision when it comes to my health care….

Hire of US 'SuperCop' by Cameron is an indictment on British Police

What kind of scam is this?-re health insurance and hospital bill

Iowa Straw Poll Damages Republican Prospects: Margaret Carlson

Kuttner: Talk to elected Democrats on the subject of Obama off the record & you get unprintable rage

NPR: Can the euro and the EU survive?

A not very modest proposal.

Former wrestler, 63, takes down robber in Boynton Beach

It’s Time for a Pro-Quality-of-Life Movement

What the fuck is wrong with these Republicans?

Will presidential elections be like Survivor from now on?

Just realized what the donation tracker at the top was.

Icelandic digital activist praises 'surprisingly good' online constitutional convention

FCC reviewing SF subway cell shut down

How the Koch Brothers Funded Public-School Segregation

Temporarily Embarrassed Millionaires

Do Americans Love War?

Just over 50,000 words were spoken at the repuke debate. None of them were "middle class".

President Obama, please, give up the folly you are on thinking republicans

Yes, Aggies are mostly Conservatives....

UPDATE on Rep. Hinkle GOP gay sex scandal - where is the national media?

This is the essential disagreement among the right and the left

I'm advocating a new law...

I'm gonna post when Rick Santorum's picture comes up

St Louis blogger Adam Shriver confronts Andrew Breitbart

Seriously, what do Obama and the Democrats have to run on besides fear?

An End-Timer, A Secessionist and a Mormon (all of them Xian wackos)

A Public Service Announcement for all candidates

Warren Buffett for the hour on his NYT op-ed, 'Stop Coddling the Super-Rich' - Charlie Rose tonight

New law lets schools treat allergic reactions

Whoever put up the "reef cam" stickie

Did anyone else notice that in the picture of Bachmann eating the corndog she no longer has that...

Need anyone say anthing else about Rick Perry?

Ack... who posted the eyes?!

'Stop Coddling the Super-Rich,' by Warren E. Buffett

end the endless campaigning!

What's an insurance company to do after that hockey shot?

The truth about protein in your diet

Rick Perry doesn't have any qualms about having innocent people executed

Who would you prefer and why? I'd prefer Mittens to Perry.

When the dust settles...the republicans won't end up with a "mainstream" candidate

Perry 'I hope I'm President Obama's worst nightmare' (Such a uncompromiser, w/ballz)

Is it possible? Could Perry of Bachmann actually win?

Decision by Sugarland Tour Manager to keep them backstage probably saved their lives

Anti-tax group is top donor to super committee members

Corn dog eater needs to get back to TX and fix our water problems!

My daughter has a JOB! isn't much just part time at a

Two New York men nearly drown -- in an elevator

Tonight on Countdown

An Inconvenient Truth is on Current TV right now. 9:00 n/t

Anyone able to pick up Keith O on the web tonite?

"I'm not a politician, I'm a real person..."

The Dumbest Night On Television

WATCH LIVE: Protesters shut down BART station

Huffington Post: Target Comes Under Fire Around the World

Paul Krugman: Fake Alien Invasion Would End Economic Slump (VIDEO)

No Protesting At NEOCON Doug Lamborn's Office

U.S. cities prepare to adapt to climate change

Howie Dean coming up on Rachel to discuss Perry rubbish

MULTIMILLIONAIRES wanting to step up to the plate will be GOOD for U.S.Credit Rating if CONS let

MULTIMILLIONAIRES wanting to step up to the plate will be GOOD for U.S.Credit Rating if CONS let

Y'know how republicans are always in trouble for songs ? Here are some Michele might be able to use

Tea-Bagger Mentality

John Wayne wannabe, Perry, is running for President, 2016...

Jihad Against Islam

Rachel Maddow Show -- Howard Dean interview on Perry, jobs and health care

Shariah foes seize on Perry's ties to Muslims

Perry is just a Cartoon Character he just looks smarter than Dubya, still just a Puppet for the Rich

Officials disconnected cellular antenna nodes in SF to thwart demonstrators

SEC reviewing S&P handling on downgrade

Neo-Nazis ready to 'step on gas'

The Eyes of Batshit are upon you...

FBI widens its US inquiry into News Corp beyond 9/11 hacking

Ok... It's Just TV... But What A Beautiful Dream, Eh ???

LOL. Do a Google image search on Bachmann + eyes

Just 14 Months Away!!

Air Force Wife Gets 'Traumatic' Surprise

The Big Picture RT - Thom Hartmann tonite - interview Prof. Richard Wilkinson

PERRY:"I'll work every day to make Washington, D.C., as inconsequential in your life as I can"

PERRY:"I'll work every day to make Washington, D.C., as inconsequential in your life as I can"

Rick Perry sounds just like George W! Except Texasier and not as grammarful, ya know?

self delete...

Bachmann's Migraines - FOD video

I am not buying the "I will vote for other Democrats" but not the President

Frontline special on Bradley Manning and Wikileaks

Perry suggests Obama doesn't love America.

Rick Perry's College Transcript... many Cs And Ds

Libya shows signs of slipping from Muammar Gaddafi's grasp

Afghan widows form community on Kabul hill

"Six Flags over Jesus"...just now on Ed

ooo ooo CNN just showed a pic of Perry with a corndog

Damn, can't watch Keith!

Repost of what the CWA (union) meant to a DU Verizon working family!

Eugene Robinson: The straw poll winner: Barack Obama

Looks like the party switching Dems in Ga. aren't winning anything!

Help! Time Warner is buying our local cable provider. Should

Planet of Slums, Age of Riots

Planet of Slums, Age of Riots

Planet of Slums, Age of Riots

Anyone else watching the Daily Show?

More than Half a Million Americans shared Warren Buffett's article on facebook

Matt Lauer makes $17 million, topping annual TV news salaries

Dan Choi Needs Your Support - Jane Hamsher/FDL

This just in from Alan Grayson. I'm grateful he is on a roll for US.

Progressive angst and President Obama: Its not him, its you

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! & a new Kitty gif

Rachel just outlined the GOP strategy.

"...Huge Percentage of Financial Fraud Against US Gov. Comes from Healthcare Industry"

Molly Ivins can't say that about Rick Perry, can she?

Is There A Possibility That Liberal/Progressives Will Just Go Right Past The President ???

It Looks To Me Like The MSM Is Making Perry The One To Beat.......

It Looks To Me Like The MSM Is Making Perry The One To Beat.......

So, is there any truth to this?

So, is there any truth to this?

These are my students; this is my school

The Moonshine Fire (no pics)

Perry on Bernanke: ‘I dunno what y’all would do to him in Iowa but we would treat him pretty ugly

Frank Schaeffer sounds off!

Everyone says Mitt Romney...

Speaking of Repukes eating odd things...

How Perry will get me Tombstoned, and a (partial) concession to the President's Cheerleaders

Warren Buffett discusses his New York Times Op-Ed piece 'Stop Coddling the Super-Rich'(Charlie Rose)

United Nations Affirms the Human Right to Blaspheme

Why Obama is often bewildering

Need some good vibes for my son tomorrow.


Rove vs Perry.... teehee

Despite Perry’s Tough Budget Talk, Texas’ Debt Growing Faster Than The Nation’s

Perry's remarks border on anti-semitism.

BART closes, reopens stations to thwart demonstrators

Radical overhaul of military retirement eyed

DOJ getting busy with something besides busting pot smokers

NYT: Weddings & Celebrations ~ Jacques Beaumont (86) and Richard Townsend (77)

NYT: Weddings & Celebrations ~ Jacques Beaumont (86) and Richard Townsend (77)

"Bankers 'R Us" The Democratic Party Then and Now (from The American Prospect)

Does Perry have a muffin top?

Ron Paul gets snubbed 'cause he doesn't support GOP $$$-Maker wars

Dear Mr. President,

Perry hands Uncle Sam his resume

I sure like this guy who is speaking in Decorah, Iowa. I hope he runs for President.

Bachmann thought Kathy Griffin was Kathy Lee Gifford...

An "individual mandate" to private insurance co's won't pool health risks. Medicare For All will.

Rachel and the neo nazi shirts

90 Days Past Due Date, Ohio Senate Candidate Fails To File Personal Financial

90 Days Past Due Date, Ohio Senate Candidate Fails To File Personal Financial

Oldest survivor of Bataan Death March dies at 105

The corporatists claim they need lower tax rates in the US to be competitive

Perry Proposes Economically Impossible State Takeover Of Social Security

Have you ever been COLD, Mr. President?

Daily Beast: Bachmann & Perry Both Have Deep Ties To Fringe Fundamentalist Movement Dominionism

I'd pay a dollar or two for a dedicated DU forums app for iPhone/Android.

Michele Bachmann eyes.

And Here We Go Again... Panama Trade Deal/Panama Tax Haven...

The phrase "homeless veteran" should not exist in an advanced democracy

Time to send John Boehner packing.

College students: now and then

270,000 Organic Farmers Sue Monsanto

starved dog ate rocks and dirt to survive (he's healthy now). Owner charged with misdemeanor

Anonymous Targets Fullerton Police Over Homeless Man’s Death

One party has absorbed nearly 100% of the greedhead, religious wacko, and racist vote.

Privatization Of US National Infrastructure Cannot Succeed

London’s Rioters Are Thatcher’s Grandchildren: Pankaj Mishra

Two great words that sound great together:

The Big Money Behind Congress' New Super Committee

Texas' voter ID law won't permit VA card, with photo,

“RAZA AGAINST WAR” EVENTS 8/25- 8/27. Fresno, CA Gold Star Father Jesus Suarez speaker

"The butter cow represents humankind's tyranny over defenseless animals."

"The butter cow represents humankind's tyranny over defenseless animals."

"The butter cow represents humankind's tyranny over defenseless animals."

This is something, this outrage about MB and the Corn Dog...

What Do Elephants Really Think About It

If you oppose Bush/Obama/Duncan-style education "reform"....

Another Corn Dog Pic

Perry holding veto pen......

know what would be awesome?

know what would be awesome?

I'm Starting To Agree... Don't Look Back... It's Too Painful...

I'd like to make a modest prediction:

I'd like to make a modest prediction:

"Medical Field" Defines Pregnancy, Makes Anti-Choicers Angry

"Had the President and the Democrats stuck to their guns during the health-care debate..."

The Elements of Journalism are:

Arizona Border Fence Causes Flood and Self-Destructs—as Predicted

A Plan to Put 100,000s of People Back to Work Now (Econ Policy Institute & Jared Bernstein)

Everything Everyone Thinks You Need To Know About Rick Perry (Burnt Orange Report)

School District Bans Sherlock Holmes Novel for Anti-Mormon Themes

School District Bans Sherlock Holmes Novel for Anti-Mormon Themes

retailer pulls photo of size zero model

We shouldn't call him "Rick Perry". We should call him "Rick W. Perry"

Is America stupid enough to elect another idiot Governor from Texas?

U.S. drone strikes killed 775 civilians since 2004: report

Perry Palin 2012

Neither do the Bachmanns nor Perry knows how to put mustard on a god damned corn dog

Censorship on Facebook?!

Lost Dr. Seuss stories to be published in September

VERDICT In Federal Bingo TRIAL Shines New Light On The Don SIEGELMAN Case

Why does history repeat itself?

Obama Turns the Tables on the GOP’s ObamaCare Slur

MSNBC Host Lawrence O'Donnell to Take Week Off Due to Mother's Death

CNN's Soledad O'Brien Misses the Mark Completely in Special About Mountaintop Removal Mining

pastor of Florida megachurch found dead in ny hotel at age 42

The Rich Are Destroying the Economy

"REPORT: Texas on the Brink" - #1 McJobs + dead last in graduation

My E-Vote Disappeared Yesterday on Hart Intercivic System at the Orange County Fair in CA

I think nothing pisses me off more than listening to these GOP dickwads calling the President "Obama...

Catholic Christian social teaching strongly opposes tea party views

Bill would require fitted sheets at hotels to protect housekeepers

For those who may not know what BART is.

David Gregory says secession=universal healthcare

In Memoriam…

One national nightmare is over - TLC cancels Kate Plus 8

Sometimes, The editor of my local paper shows his Blue streak...(Re : Perry)

Any Archaeologists here?

At the end of the day, it all comes down to that one big lie that became a catch phrase.

To: kids returning to school in the next few days

The Silent Terror Gripping America

I'm sorry President Obama...we are NOT the envy of the world

Quantitative evidence the 'Deficit' issue is PHONEY: CBO's single most important statistic!

Am I a bad person?

WARREN BUFFET: "Stop Coddling the Super-Rich"

We need a populist, progressive Democrat in the worst way...

Right wing enabled by weak Democrats and a President who barely seems aware there is a working class

The latest Rude Pundit column. It has been deemed OK to link only.

Father got tired of taking care of disabled son. Killed him.

*Hightower on Lawrence show explains how Perry won first time;

"Bill Clinton 'Tickled' To See Rick Perry Join GOP Race"

BWAHAHAHAHA! "Bachmann Corndog Overdrive!"

The Overlooked Exit Poll Question: by Mark Blumenthal

Dean - You can't "cut the daylights out of social security and expect Democrats" to support you!

Fareed Zakaria grow up liberals

84-year-old man stable after being mauled by two dogs

If Obama loses in 2012, how do you think the 15% will be viewed by the 85%?

In case you needed a photo of Rick Perry

Police Standoff

Dean Baker: "President Obama has abandoned evidence-based economics in favor of deficit cutting"

"When you go to the National Parks and those folks in the hats, that's government," Obama said.

"When you go to the National Parks and those folks in the hats, that's government," Obama said.

FDR Tackled a Jobs Crisis By Putting Americans to Work — Not Handing Out Pinkslips

NYC's $600 Million Fraud due to Subcontracting/Privatization of (unionized) Civil Service Work

Bite experts conclude pit bull 'Gunner' sole attacker of Pacifica woman

OMG! Rick Perry sounds EXACTLY like

UPDATE 1-Shell North Sea leak 'substantial' - UK

I hope Americans won't take offense at what I'm about to say.

Where the Stupid is Gathered

USA Doesn't Realize How Badly It's Getting Screwed by the Top 0.1% Hoarding the Country's Wealth

Obama dodges medical marijuana question in Minnesota

quiet orderly flash mob looters (video)

It’s Midnight in America

Women gossip for five hours a day

Obama bus catches buzz on the Web

Wow. Obama's speech today lost him more union support

Libyan Revolution Week 26 part 2

Poll: Can the President win in 2012 without progressive votes?

Supreme Court Nominees 2013-2017

With Unemployment Sky-High, Employers Having Significant Trouble Finding Workers Who Are "Punctual"

Obama: "If the Supreme Court does not follow existing law and precedent, then, you know, ..."

"Don't Buy the 'Democrats Are Powerless' Myth"

Perry tries to scare americans: “A big black cloud” hangs over the country"

Bash the GOP in style: see your new home for the 2012 election season (and beyond)...

Do you feel like you have to defend your homeschooling?

About Rick Perry: Cronyism, Corruption, Cracked Ideas and Cracked Foundations (links)

Great work idea you had. I once worked at a place that helped people find housing. I dealt with

Does the Huffinton Post render really slow to some here?

A new life awaits you in the off-world colonies! A chance to begin again in a golden land of opport-

DJ Kitty Kat

What's more important when you get a present?

Cow on the lam for 12 weeks becomes tabloid star

your welcome

When You Were Young and Your Heart Was An Open Book

Princess Summerfall Winterspring

Does anyone know Domestic Violence laws in NC?

Breaking Bad SPOILER Poll

Since I announced that I might run against Bernie Sanders, he has given up the primary idea.

"Banana spider" is the phrase for today. Modify a thread title to include it n/t

What is your favourite snack food. Right now I like pita bread with a little butter and peanut

Can People Please Donate Stickers So That The Penis Sticker Is Gone

Rogue quote marks

Wasp vs. Lizard: An Epic Battle In Photos

The Joe Cocker video that took 41 years to translate and subtitle

Photo: Since returning home, MiddleFingerMom has established some new boundaries with his neighbors

Check out my sticky!1 Magic meatloaf pan - Ezek 3.21



What do you see?

Is that Jesus up there linking to to Moody Blues?

bwahahahahaha, freakin awesome

What should I put on my sticker?

What a difference 10 days makes.

OH MERCY! Will anyone warn Herman Cain the bus is coming?


MiddleFingerMom ADMITS to experimenting with cocaine in his youth...


Your perfect day. We had a windsurfer at the cottage. The lake was surrounded by moutains.

Favourite frozen food. I like the breaded chicken kiev. I like my homemade lasagna

Midnight At The Oasis

I asked Middlefingermom for a hug...

My father, a WWII veteran,

For those who need to loose weight coming in the future: Metabolic supplements

If you remember fountain pens, does the point become progressively less fine with us?

Bobbo -- how quickly they forget ---

Useful Dog Tricks 2 (VERY talented Jack Russell Terrier!)

I lost my star...

How should we celebrate the peoplehood of corporations?

Man's body found stuck in bank chimney after missing for 27 years

Someone turn off the damn water faucet - We're soaked here in Delaware

I am become death. Destroyer of worlds.

Once again, I am out of work

I just had bagels and lox for breakfast - yummy yummy!

Dick Head

Fictional sports heroes. Post a pic of a fictional sports hero.

I'm worried about my cat

Time again for 10 Questions - we want to know all about you

Anyone have any idea how much this old electric piano might be worth?

It's been over 4 hours since I had my last cigerette!

It's been over 4 hours since I had my last cigerette!

Greatest Black Sabbath Album?

Sometime people behave badly. That is all.

Nepal’s Prime Minister Resigns, Citing a Stalemate

Stop Coddling the Super-Rich

2 Rescued From Water Neck-High in Elevator

State Challenges Seen as Whittling Away Federal Education Law (No Child Left Behind)

Neo-Nazis ready to 'step on gas'


SEC Said to Scrutinize S&P’s Math, Possible Leak of U.S. Rating Downgrade

34 Killed in Twin Explosions in Iraqi City

Alleged gang leader reported dead after shooting at Canada casino

New drug could cure nearly any viral infection

Boy Scout found after building tree-branch shelter

Gun crimes drop at Virginia bars and restaurants

Some Lawmakers Want to End Massive Recall Efforts

Durbin to endorse Duckworth in new Illinois district

Driver banned after caught using two mobile phones on dual-carriageway

Judge Ends Broadcast of Mubarak at Trial

UN investigates theft and sale of Somalia famine food aid

Google to buy Motorola Mobility for $12.5bn

FBI widens its US inquiry into News Corp beyond 9/11 hacking

Police: Man accused of decapitating little boy is his father

Uribe's brother confirms plot to discredit Supreme Court (Colombian ex-President)

Rembrandt 'heist' nets $250k drawing

Plaza mayhem prompts call for earlier youth curfew in Kansas City

Outrage after Palestinian camp attacked in Syria

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Monday, August 15, 2011

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Monday, August 15, 2011

Obama begins 3-day bus tour in Minnesota

Under Scrutiny, Perry Walks Back HPV Decision

Revealed: Public utility company paid $5,000 for dinner with Gov. Perry

Stocks rise for third day after acquisition flurry

President of Argentina Cristina Kirchner Easily Prevails in Primary Election

Guatemala's feared special forces

WATCH LIVE: Protesters shut down BART station

Warren Buffett Calls for Higher Taxes for US Super Rich

Cameron and Miliband blame bankers for riots

North Korea subject to more sanctions by Canada

Record Industry Braces for Artists’ Battles Over Song Rights

Airline sex scandal delays ad campaign

Libya’s Security Chief Arrives in Cairo

Missouri AG creates animal cruelty prevention website

Solar Firm Files for Bankruptcy Amid Competition From China

Australia 'collar-bomb' suspect arrested in US

FCC Probing Wireless Blocking by San Francisco Authorities

Freed for heart transplant, convict loses 2nd chance after petty theft

President Obama Joins Foursquare

Moodys lowers US economic outlook through 2012

Gaddafi Fires Scud Missile At Rebel Territory As NATO Braces Itself For Final Violent Showdown

Pfizer Plans 16,300 Layoffs Amid Health Benefit Cuts for Retirees

Turkey Issues 'Final Word' To Syria Over Civilian Deaths

Fair Stage Likely Never Officially Inspected Before Collapse

Expert: BP spill likely cause of sick Gulf fish

Illinois Governor Increases Restrictions On Military Funeral Protests

U.S. military awards contracts in Afghanistan to get money away from insurgents

Wave of Attacks in Iraq Leaves at Least 68 Dead

Lisa Murkowski, Mark Begich, Don Young Receive Suspicious Packages At Alaska Offices

PG&E missing key documents about San Bruno (gas) line

Righthaven defendant wins second attorney’s fee award

It's Community Payback Time: (UK) Rioters Must Clean Up Their Mess (& Meet The Victims), Says Clegg

(UK) Riots: magistrates advised to 'disregard normal sentencing'

Obama's Gallup numbers show 12 states in play in 2012

BART temporarily closes all downtown SF stations (protests)

Protesters say (Sen)Toomey(R-PA) meets with fat cats but not jobless

White House: U.S. Would ‘Consider’ Staying In Iraq Past 2011

International student swept over Niagara Falls after trying to take a picture

Michigan war veteran to challenge U.S. Rep. Upton

Obama goes head-to-head with Tea Party activist

Security and trade tops for Toews, Napolitano chat

Obama Says Warren Buffett is Right About Taxes

Radical overhaul of military retirement planned

It's the aquatic version of "Go ahead... pull my finger!!!"

This is SO true... though MORE so around a campfire/bonfire.

NO ONE digs his shades a FRACTION as much as Amerigo Vespucci digs his shades.

OW!!! Someone's gonna be callin' Child Protective Services on me in 5-4-3-2-...

Oh, Jesus Ducking Christ!!!!!!!

Rick Perry - Obama's 2012 rival is into popcorn, wearing undies made by mum and executions

Current TV President: The network will be mostly progressive view points

I got one of those emails saying that Rick Perry is "man's man".

ParaNORMAL full moon?

Has anyone asked the voters in Minnesota

The Texas Unmiracle - "the glowing portrait is false" (Krugman)

When Obama's Poll Numbers Go Up, Its An Aberration, But When Its Low...


This is what we have to fear ..... Pix

Yay! Obama's finally talking tough like when he was campaigning!!1!!!!!!!!!!!

So Mr Secessionist himself has finally decided to join the presidential race

Oh no, Perry stole John McCain's

The Ten Weirdest Ideas In Rick Perry’s “Fed Up”

I'm trying to find Obama's 'radical agenda.' Is there a list somewhere?

A philosophical matter having nothing to do with Obama

Read my lips

Could you survive Andy Dufresne's punishment of two months in the hole?

How Michele Bachmann Bought the Ames Straw Poll

How to tell quickly if it's going to be Perry or Romney...

G.O.P. on Defensive as Analysts Question Party’s Fiscal Policy

Obama takes shots at GOP field - "I mean that's just not common sense."

Fun With A Mailing From Citizens Against Government Waste

Now I know this poll is BULLSHIT

Warren Buffett, NYT op-ed: Stop Coddling the Super-Rich

Karl Rove Worked on Nixon's 1972 Re-Election Campaign

President Obama.

President Obama saving Medicare

It's not him. It's you.

The President will be speaking at Seed Savers in Iowa?

Getting out of Washington DC, President Obama becomes "a road warrior" and goes after Republicans

Michell Bachmann on the Campaign Trail

This paragraph ought to scare the Hell out of anyone who wants to see a second Obama term

Robocall from Pat Boone, saying Republicans are SAVING MEDICARE

Mitt Romney Mistakes New Hampshire For Iowa

Why is this motherfucker constently messing with Debbie Wasserman-Schultz

August 14, 1935

President Obama: "Suddenly it's like they've got amnesia."

Perry on Bernake: "We would treat him pretty ugly down in Texas"

Romney Rejects Buffett’s Call To Tax The Rich, Falsely Claims It Would Hurt Small Businesses

Shit that don't make sense:

campaign spending cap...

Oh, nuthin. Just hangin' out here waiting for my favoritest favoritest person...

PPP: There's a three way race against Perry,Bachmann,Romney

Bill Clinton "Tickled" That Rick Perry Is Running for POTUS: "He's a good looking rascal."

Bob Dole's 'Mean Streak' in 1996

On mortgage rates, government should keep significant role, Obama says

A few remarkable sentences in the Eleventh Circuit’s health care decision

Perry brushes off college student: "you obviously don't know what you're talking about, brah"

Does anyone else remember the hell the Democrats had under the Bush administration?

Obama toughens up, sharpens attack: GOP would “rather see their opponents lose than see America win"

Ed Schultz: Perry is going to be the guy Romney's DONE he might as well drop out now

Chuck Todd pushing "Democrats abandoning Obama" myth on NBC.

Let me get this straight...Obama caves to the Republicans on the debt ceiling and what does he get?

President Obama on Social Security: "it’s not an entitlement; you’re paying for it"

President Obama on Social Security: "it’s not an entitlement; you’re paying for it"

Was Perry packing? - "That's why it's called concealed."

Al Franken: "The deal DOES protect Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid beneficiaries"

Rick Perry on Mitt Romney: "the Texas governor reportedly blew a kiss and said, "Give him my love."

U.S. Stocks Return to Pre-Downgrade Level

Enough already with this 'Shared Sacrfice'!

Photos: GET! ME! OUT OF HERE!!!!! (The Obama Presidency, Day 938)

'Obama Health' without the mandates

Which person do you want to be the republican candidate?

This Texas feminist wants you to know who the hell we are

Tweety and company up Rick Perry's ASS it's sickening

Bill Clinton 'Tickled' To See Rick Perry Enter Race For President

Obama to introduce specific plan to boost economy -"If Congress Doesn't Act, We'll Run Against them"

WOW....Ed Shultz was just tearing into Barack Obama

Weak presidents and third party runs - idle speculation

Gallup's daily trackinghas Obama at 41% today

Save Wild Salmon & Bristol Bay: Paul Greenberg

Bob Marley Family Releases Song to Help East Africa in "I'm Gonna Be Your Friend" Campaign JTMP.ORG

Rick Perry and God

Deadbeat Dad Joe Walsh: TAX THE RICH!

Bill Clinton on Rick Perry

TDPS: Michele Bachmann Newsweek Cover Isn't SEXIST, It's ACCURATE

Verizon Workers Fight Back

TV tricks of the trade -- Quotes and cutaways

Time capsule from 1983

NATO Humanitarian Intervention To Support UK Rebels! (SATIRE)

USW The Fighting Spirit

Ron Paul: Corporations ARE NOT People

Obama Iowa Speech - Aug 15, 2011 - PART 2

Obama Town Hall In Minnesota

Lawrence O'Donnell, recently, and repeatedly: 'The Pawlenty Boomlet is officially under way.'

Sam Seder: The GOP’s Assault on the FAA

Obama Iowa Speech - Aug 15, 2011 - PART 1

San Francisco cell phone net shutdown

Mother Sent To Jail For Trying To Send Her Kids To A School In A Safer Neighborhood

Paul Krugman on CNN - Fake Alien Invasion Can Improve The Economy

An' he sez he's on a listnin' tour so am ohn tawk a him. An' herez whut amh on say tuh him.

What has Obama done?!?!

Mitt Romney Believes In Corpo-Humans

Perry on Bernanke

STFU David Cameron!

Then There Were Three Republican Candidates -- And TWO Of Them Are DOMINIONISTS

Young Turks: Cenk Rips CNN Obama Analysis By Fareed Zakaria

TYT: Russell Brand Nails UK Riots In Guardian

Insight: China's microbloggers rattle the censor's cage

These riots were political. They were looting, not shoplifting

Americans Don't Realize Just How Badly We're Getting Screwed by the Top 0.1 Percent

Pakistan Flips Off US on Copter: Losers Can't Be Choosers

The Freedom-Seekers that America Ignores

Ahmadinejad Says Iran Nuclear Plant to Start on Time, RT Reports

Sustainability should be the true measure of US creditworthiness

North Dakota, NCAA spar over mascot (Fighting Sioux)

Obama Faces his Toughest Negotiation Yet!

High Corn (James Howard Kunstler)

Stop Coddling the Super-Rich

Feral Capitalism Hits the Streets

Al-Qaeda Chief Urges Attacks On 'Criminal' America

"Lifting the Veil"

End of Days for 'Rosie the Riveter' a.k.a. The Middle Class

We HAVE to hate the government. Our beloved Oligarchs demand it.

Look Out, Here Comes the ‘Feral Underclass’

Riots: magistrates advised to 'disregard normal sentencing'

Immigration Audits Drive Illegal Workers Underground

Are the biggest barriers to global recovery 'political, not economic'?(UK)

Fixing the economy: We got it wrong

President Obama's re-election economic policy

It Looks Like the Stimulus Worked After All

I watched every Coen brothers movie

A Tale of Two Indias: Twenty Years of Liberalization

Strange Death of American Revolution

Rick Perry’s Serious Unforced Error

More Voters Oppose Obama than Support Republican Candidates

Dear Admin "Strategists": Sure you can get away with ignoring the Progressive Left...

'Doomsday' defense cuts loom large for select 12 (on super committee)

Stop Bashing Obama

S&P director cited talk by some politicians expressing "skepticism about seriousness of downgrade"

Rhino horn trade crackdown sought

Could Michele Bachmann’s Beliefs Increase Nuclear Risk?

Increased tropical forest growth could release carbon from the soil

US majors target Israeli wastewater-to-electricity technology

Drumbeat from the weekend and today...

Global PV installations to grow 16%; revenues to remain flat

Storing Wind Energy as Hydrogen

United States border fence threatens wildlife

Mumbai does a 'Bermuda Triangle'

China to double its solar capacity – N.D.R.C. report

Nuclear Calendar -- August 15, 2011 (FCNL)

How Will U.S. Army Energy Initiatives Affect Expansion of Solar Energy?

GE buys into eSolar with $40 million investment

Cutting-Edge Energy Storage In Spotlight

New York City sets an all-time 1-day rainfall record

Dole & Sri Lankan Partner Allegedly Leveling National Park Forests For Plantation

Nissan, Mitsubishi Motor Co to standardize EV-battery-to-power-home system

Big Spike In Dugong Deaths After Oz Flooding Severely Damages Seagrass Beds

Living on Earth: Mixing Oil and Water

A Solar Panel on Every Roof? In U.S., Still a Distant Dream

Through The NW Passage: As Season Lengthens, "Everything Is Going To Change"

8/9 Drought Monitor - Driest 10-Month Period On Record For TX; "Flash Drought" Hits Upper MW Corn

Supercritical-CO2 could hold the secrets for CSP

DOE releases new ‘Billion-Ton’ Study Highlighting Opportunities for Growth in Bioenergy Resources

Cesium showing up again in Bay Area milk

Toys"R"Us completes largest rooftop PV plant in United States

A $16 Electric Bill, Clean Energy, And A Comfortable Life

Wind turbines helped to keep the lights turned on (Texas)

Yosemite deaths: Americans may have lost respect for nature's risks

US NRC staff completes license review for new reactors (AP 1000)

Recommendation: The single best one-page Peak Oil resource I've ever seen

Out of Thin Air: The Quest to Capture Carbon Dioxide

Podcast interview with Arnie Gundersen - State of Fukushima 8/13

D-Day vets: Wind turbines off Normandy beaches a ‘desecration’