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Lobbyists Bribing the Super Congress

Dumbass Teabag jihadist email propaganda and response

Dumbass Teabag jihadist email propaganda and response

When does fiscal stimulus work?

People pushed to limit on utility bills find help is scarce

4 dead, 40+ hurt at indiana state fair. (Stage collapse. Sugarland Concert)

Danger! Danger! High Voltage!

Danger! Danger! High Voltage!

Iowa's straw poll doesn't deserve mega attention

The report card on Gov. Rick Perry

It happened. Again.

Don't Ask, Don't Tell Repeal: Gay Military Members Have Tough Time Returning To Service

anti-obama demonstrators in Cannon Falls?

For more background on Perry, check out Back to Basics PAC and Rick's Dirty Deals

China unrest over toxic chemical plant in Dalian

Tribal Rifts Threaten to Undermine Libya Uprising

Norway attacks: Breivik taken back to shooting island

Ron Paul did pretty good in that straw poll

Advisory Group on Fracking Has Big Ties to Energy Industry

Danziger toon - Just who do you think you are?

UK: Cameron's plan to import US adviser angers police chiefs

Alice Waters and Nikki Henderson: Slow Food Isn't Just for Yuppies

My letter to the CA Dem Chair: No more donations if you kill the progressive caucus

Hysterical Michele Bachmann flees teenage gay activist

"Just what the country needs"

Pawlenty out

California spending billions to build new prisons

I feel some hope.

Los Angeles says VA 'dumped' patient at shelter

Indianapolis stage collapse: Death toll could rise

Looks like the media has gone totally NUTS

Should Third Way Democrats have to run on their ideas and convictions?

CEOs and tea partiers: Shut up and pay taxes

California spending billions to build new prisons

What's really going on when they "card" you nowadays?

Juan Cole: Rick Perry and the Hucksterism of the Rich

David Gregory isn't kissing Bachmann's ass (yet)

Wisconsin: Justice Prosser has big-time conflict of interest problems. Will not recuse himself.

Getting a Beer in Iowa Is Tougher Than You Think

In this depressing & aggravating political season I refound a Costello song that captures my mood

Thousands riot in southwest China: Xinhua

So 17,000 of 3 million Iowans voted in the

George Soros suggests Greece, Portugal quit euro-zone

Michele Bachmann Pic: Now THIS is Awkward!

Losing my religion...and history, too

Losing my religion...and history, too

Just when I thought the world couldn't get any fucking SICKER, we get the Jesse Osmun saga.

I had this nightmare last night........

Boff Whalley: 'In defence of anarchy'

High costs ($412 million) , malfunctions plague F-22 Raptor fighter jets

Ritholtz" How the Feds screwed things up. From the WP

Want to see a picture of some sweet cheeks?

I just got Koched up on YouTube...

Jenny Odell - Satellite collections

SCHIEFFER's substitute host keeps gushing over "Governor Rick (GOODHAIR)" - who IS she?!1

Anonymous threatens cyber war against BART

Who does Pawlenty's exit help?

Michele Bachmann would consider an atheist to the Judiciary so long

BREAKING ....MSNBC Count Rises To 5 Dead In Indiana Fair.

More Room in The Clown Car - Step Right Up!

What's the story with Iowa republicans?

Palin Is "So Proud" Of Gingrich For Calling Out Palin's Fox News Colleagues

Michele Bachman equates "submission" with respect and it's mutual in the Bachmann household.

Addicted to Fear and Hate

Why does the MSM pay attention to totally corrupt Iowa straw poll?

That Indiana state fair stage collapse - decision to evacuate was overruled by sponsor

Don't end Medicare & kill grandma just don't double-charge every medical procedure, OK

At Fox News, Planet Earth Is Sponsored By ExxonMobil

Ron Paul took a little detour from the "liberty" subject to tell a gory abortion story...

My two favorite Republican presidential candidates

Florida halts benefits and demands repayment from some unemployed

Heat may be killing fish

Snowbank Snooki has a new Alaska documentary

Has anyone else checked into n/t

Protests across Israel against high cost of living

Chuck Schumer represents more farmers than Baucus or Crapo

Even FOX News poll puts Obama 11 points ahead of Bachmann

How is HC Mandate substantially different from SS, wrt the constitution?

So if Michelle panics when she is heckled by "teh geyz", then derailing her campaign becomes simple

'Paragraph 175'...The Bachman Presidency

Michele Bachmann just said that she could have stabilized the Markets by saying

Has anyone else looked int n/t

Has anyone else looked int n/t

Why are the 'job creators' denying responsibility for the "You must be currently employed" ads?

DNC chair:Texas economy no credit to Perry

DNC chair:Texas economy no credit to Perry

TPers-Anarchists, Corporatists or recycled Birchers?

M$NBComcast has a special on education

Republican candidate toon roundup

Bachmann Would Reduce Social Security, Medicare Pay for Future Recipients

Even The DoD Is Questioning (ANOTHER !!!1!) $40 Billion Dollar Aircraft Carrier

"Are politics as usual working for you?" - IMHO, these people are dangerous

How bad is the drought in Texas?

Tohoku Tsunami Created Icebergs In Antarctica

Can we finally agree that when a Republican is "anti-gay" it means "I AM GAY?"

Addicted to Fear and Hate

Is Rick Perry a Person? - FDL - (Plus Bonus Video)

Italian Unions Threaten General Strike Over New Austerity

Won't hear this on cable news: Texas Was The #1 Stimulus Moocher

South Africa unveils universal health care scheme

If The Market Crashes, Who Owns Enough Stock To Even Care?


In $32 Million Contract, State Lays Out Some Rules for Its Standardized Tests

The ticket I would like to see:

The most important video that you will ever see

Just Got This Email & Thought I Would Share... Heavy On 4 Letter Words, But

So, the Tea Party laughs at him...

NY gov Cuomo. flew home in state aircraft

Approaching record drought, Texas water districts consider oil and gas industry use

This TParty/RW meme needs to be soundly rebutted. Raising the debt limit isn't a "blank check"

Bachmann on Gays: "I Don’t Judge Them." They have a sad life with Satan, but she doesn't judge them.

Bachmann on Gays: "I Don’t Judge Them." They have a sad life with Satan, but she doesn't judge them.

Did Barack Obama run as a "progressive" or as a "moderate"?

Oxnard school's handling of gay student's behavior comes under scrutiny

Conventional Fed Wisdom, Defied

If Washington DC is "inconsequential" in our lives...

If Washington DC is "inconsequential" in our lives...

Great win by Serena

Pushing Corporate Tax Cuts, Bachmann Rejects Extending Jobless Benefits

Funny Washington, D.C. story on a rainy Sunday:

What if corporations were made of metal?

Krugman misses Pawlenty already

"Prosser outraises Kloppenburg 2-to-1 for recount ":

"Prosser outraises Kloppenburg 2-to-1 for recount ":

Hey Michelle Here is the Biblical Definition of Submission..

Ex-Enron Trader Bankrolls Calif. Pension Change

It's bullshit to blame the "Dump Johnson" movement for Nixon's election

It's bullshit to blame the "Dump Johnson" movement for Nixon's election

U.K. police upset over U.S. 'supercop' consultant

Can the Iowa straw poll be defined as the Republicans trying

Bachmann: I would probably reinstate DADT...

Paul Krugman Blog- The debate over Little vs. Nothing

The UP-SIDE to Conservative Economics:

another spooky bachmann pic

Bachmann: "Submissive" doesn't mean subservient.

Bachmann: "Submissive" doesn't mean subservient.

Why does the President keep gong RIGHT as his polls



Are You Kidding Me - Breaking News On CNN Is A Rerun........


Issue of radiation-tainted food in Japan escalates

GOP consultant: "Romney better strap it on"

Cannot believe the number of threads about...

Pro-government or anti-government ?


This Daily Show clip is so awesome, it needs to be reposted.

My Sarah Palin prediction...


Homeowners Association President, Mr. Obama

Watching Bachmann on MTP; she truly is a clueless dolt.

What does "Liberal" mean to you?

George McGovern, 89, Races For Hungry Kids On His Birthday!!

Does anyone recall the name of this early MSNBC host....

Bomb squad called to John Boehner’s office

Bomb squad called to John Boehner’s office

Where did the Tea Party go?

Fair expectations for Democrats and Democratic voters

Is Anybody Else Out There Sickened By The Thought Of Michelle.......

Clyburn Hopes To Use Supercommittee Post To Tackle Growing Wealth Gap

Finance minister calls for European solidarity to tackle debt crisis

The United States Modus Operandi is going to Kill the United States.

"It's kind of scary, but it wasn't anything too much to worry about".

State rep. Phillip Hinkle (R-IN) was busted looking for gay sex with a young man at a hotel.

The look if the Republicans win the Senate and Presidency in 2012

Bachman/Palin debate?

The Empty Cathedrals of Europe

Bachmann Shows Koch She Has What it Takes as she ‘wins’ Presidential Straw Poll

Standard And Poor’s (S&P) Being Investigated For Insider Trading

Ames Straw Poll 'Winner' Bachmann: Have any interviewERs today exposed her IGNORANCE?

Thanks, Scott Gessler

Pakistan lets China see US helicopter

Bomb squad called to John Boehner’s office

Keith's new boss will make Current lib but not totally Lib (BORHMAN, from CNN)

Riot fashion: new adidas PR 'disaster'

WaPo: Debt supercommittee suffers from lack of diversity

The fairy and the wish...

The fallacy of getting someone liberal to run against Obama.

Look what's driving around Des Moines! Hint - Perry-mobile

Cher goes after Bachmann candidacy, says Marcus is a hypocrite (because she says he's gay)

Nine Billion--Population 2035

Please delete

CSPAN in my area is showing the program from 7/16...called

Michelle Bachman's work as a "tax lawyer" exposed...

Does anyone know what the Repub candidates think of non-monotheistic religions?

Ok, I STILL cannot figure this out

So...How'd that Debt Ceiling Standoff Work Out For You, Boehner?

It's not the President's fault...yet.

Super Rich - The Greed Game - BBC (Movie)

World's Wongs hold massive Toronto reunion

Why do some fear the Texas candidate more than others?

Wow, one of the best posts I've ever seen just simply disappeared

$8,750 a week

No smokes, no fires .. well, not exactly. (Full moon shots - BIG PICS)

Batshitcrazy and Batshit crazier will be speaking in Iowa

Batshitcrazy and Batshit crazier will be speaking in Iowa

Tomato Season: Love it or Leave it?

Fake pterodactyl nabs surfer in statue prank


"Battle for Blair Mountain" on CNN right now.

Just keep voting Democrat

Who was the President at this time.

Faces of the lockout (‘Let Mommy work’)

I think I'm the fifth contributor to the fund drive, but no idea about this GrovelBot stuff.

Bush 2007: Economy is great!, then IMPLODE!!!!

ok stupid doner question

The Press Hasn't Grilled Obama?

JP Morgan Pushes Alabama County to Brink of Bankruptcy & Pulls In Record Profits

Tweets from tonight's event in Iowa - they're watching so we don't have to

China Pirates Aircraft Carrier

Just Google Image Batshit Crazy.

Generation Vexed: Young Americans rein in their dreams

Bachmann Is Speaking Now On... Oh Who Gives A Shit, Really ???


one of the five killed in indianapolis last night was a union worker doing his job.

Iraq’s Vice President says pullout of U.S. troops will ‘improve security’

self delete

For the families who have soldiers in the field...

INSPIRATIONAL photo! She looks just like the Statue of Liberty, but instead of holding a torch...

Austerity and Runaway Inequality Lead to Violence & Instability

Michelle Bachman rqsts lighting change from incandescent tungsten to HMI for her presentation

Just wondering

Detroit Free Press: Fannie Mae pressures banks to foreclose on homeowners in loan modifications.

Is chewing with your mouth closed becoming a lost art?

Krugman is on Fareed's show now on CNN

Dumb, fucking clueless wad of fuck Bachmann

Texas state debt, 2001 to 2010 grew 281%

Just love my state rep!

Just love my state rep!

Matt Damon for President? In US Politics, They Have Seen Crazier Scripts

American Congressman(Hoyer): US Economic Woes Won’t Affect Israel

Why do republicans go out of there way to please their base,..

If Democrats hadn't caved on PUBLIC universal insurance, would survival of MC/SS now be threatened?

J.C. Bancroft Davis - the mole in the Supreme Court who created corporate personhood (railroads)

the media has dropped the rupert murdoch crimes like a hot potato

Have no fear... Repubs do not like Perry.

O.K., my DU-mates, I'm preparing to *donate* to DU & will attempt to recruit Fanny Lu

The real problem is that modern people live too long

Mr. "I hate cancer" Perry

Watch BED PEACE staring John Lennon & Yoko Ono for free until Midnight EST.

Mairead Corrigan Maguire came here and spoke about her group, Peace People,

Question about donation procedure.

I do like one thing about Rick Perry.....

NBC’s David Gregory equates Perry’s secession talk to Obama’s push for national health care

Todd Palin gets into it with woman who calls him a 'Sellout'

Corporations aren't people - they shouldn't have the same God-given rights.

We need to raise the Income Cap on S.S. Payroll Taxes before the CONS do something REALLY stupid!

Going to the Food Bank

Begala: "Mitt Romney should be shaking in his Guccis."

As Texas Dries Out, Life Falters and Fades

Even the South (SEC) doesn't want Perry (Tex A&M).

"She is what you call collateral damage in the drug war,"

Who are these people on the stickies?

Someone please explain: $85 a barrel oil, $3.99 gasoline?

Someone please explain: $85 a barrel oil, $3.99 gasoline?

I Finally Googled Rick Santorum & I Can't Stop Laughing.....

Grovelbot won't love you any more if you don't buy my book.

Chicago Teachers Union Strike Likely

Chicago Teachers Union Strike Likely

President Obama's approval rating will never sink below 10%. n/t

Should there be a minimum grade point average to run for president of the United States?

Bachmann on Face the Nation: Companies can't create jobs because of "Obamacare" and Dodd-Frank

How to Do the Right Thing in a System That is Wrong?

Randall Terry remains Obama's only primary challenger according to the Wikipedia article.

Why do the Koch brothers want to end public education?

Rain in Texas?

Rain in Texas?

A toast on the 31st anniversary: Upstart Polish union Solidarity seizes the Lenin shipyard in Gdansk

Kos - Both Dems projected to win recall elections by large margins

Since when are republicans going under the "Hope and Change" express?

Remember the lady who shouted at the criminal 'kids for jail' judge

Marcus Bachmann really had a photo with someone wearing a gay rights T-shirt!

Please stop using the word "narrative" in political discourse

Jon Stewart Mocks Ames Straw Poll Entertainment Circus (VIDEO)


Why is Candy Crowley letting Michele Bachmann...

Why do we ignore history?

Republicans directly to blame for S&P credit downgrade

Digby: King Henry decrees sacrifice

What are the benefits for donating here?

Gary Hooser explores running for CD2, neighbor islands and rural Oahu

For the DUers with family members locked out at Crystal Sugar & on strike at Verizon

The Parable of the Water Tank by Edward Bellamy - 1897 - Just had to share this.

The Parable of the Water Tank by Edward Bellamy - 1897 - Just had to share this.

Is Obama on a political kamikaze mission?

Food pantries that help people keep their pets?

Last commercial fisherman departs Milwaukee. "The fish are gone."

Corruptt, shameless U.S. Chamber Of Commerce BATTLES Anti-Bribery Statute

Could Michele Bachmann or Rick Perry become president? You bet they could.

It's Romney's "Turn", Who Will Be Next? Bachmann? Perry?

It's Romney's "Turn", Who Will Be Next? Bachmann? Perry?

Barry the 12 year old

The Audacity of Crazy

The Audacity of Crazy

A little disappointed with the "Blair Mountain" special on CNN.

Facing 9th Deployment-Army Ranger Kills Himself. 'No Way' God Would Forgive Him For What He'd Seen

Um... On That 2010 Election Blame Game Thingy... (From October 2010)

Noam Chomsky on consumerism

Obama considering extending Social Security payroll tax cut to employers!

Larry Hagman on Psychedelic Drugs

I like that the donation meter for the fundraiser has President Obama on it.

Can We Have Health Reform Without an Individual Mandate?

2016 Presidential Primary Poll

Italian Unions Threaten General Strike Over New Austerity

Secession. Would you do it?

Watching Inside Job

List of countries by unequal wealth distribution...we're number 2 !!!!!

Is Obama's Base Strong? - An Alternative to a Primary Challenge

Is Obama's Base Strong? - An Alternative to a Primary Challenge

Withdrawals From Stock Funds Biggest Since ’08

Anyone nervous about Tuesday?

Anyone nervous about Tuesday?

Toon: Postcards from Congress' Vacation

Did Walker's budget help schools?

False Dichotomy for WH strategy: As Bill Clinton proved, job creation is the BEST deficit policy

False Dichotomy for WH strategy: As Bill Clinton proved, job creation is the BEST deficit policy

Did Democrats Actually Stay Home in 2010?

Lest we forget, the most successful anti-poverty program in U.S. history!!!

Kitten Stops Train (Japan)

Quit TALKING about primarying Obama and DO IT ALREADY

I think this PPP Texas poll from June 29 is of some interest

Welcome to Election Hell

Honk if you give a fuck.

Anybody else watch the '60 minutes' propaganda show?

when a person shows you who they are; believe them. He is a republican that deserves an Oscar. nt

when a person shows you who they are; believe them. He is a republican that deserves an Oscar. nt

when a person shows you who they are; believe them. He is a republican that deserves an Oscar. nt

Tribal Rifts Threaten to Undermine Libya Uprising

I am *so* proud of my 82 year old father. Check out this email he sent me

What is your excuse America

Pregnant Pacifica woman NOT killed by pit bull but by fall off ladder

President Obama's Base Will Vote for Him.

Ron Paul attacks abortion in Ames speech: ‘All life is precious’

If your mad a Obama, will you stay home and let a republican back in the WH?

Michell Bachmann on Meet the Press starts the meme

Michell Bachmann on Meet the Press starts the meme

The howls of sexism would have been never ending!

Gallup: Obama approval rating dips to 39%

On President Obama & 2012


What happened in Wisconsin? Citizen exit polls suggest (more) GOP election fraud

Current TV president: MSNBC only ‘trots out’ liberal viewpoints at night

Whenever the President tries to close a deal the GOP will not let him. He got a form of health care

Michele Bachman's 4pm phonecall from the President

Ed Kilgore was right about the "sense of cold fury" that liberals must "bury".

Hmmm should one donate to DU? I will say this

Emergency Jobs Bill

Read It And Weep... 'White House Debates Fight on Economy' - NYT

Why didn't any of the morning hosts pull out this picture and ask Bachmann about it?

I used to build the type of stages that collapsed in Indianapolis last night.

For those who denounce the idea of a primary challenge...what do you want progressives to do?

POLL: If you favor a primary challenge to Obama in 2012 ---

Bad ideas (SMBC)

Please delete this

Telomere Ancient Uplift

PHOTO: OK, I've heard of "toad in the hole," BUT...

The cat almost mugged me for my piece of gooey butter cake!

A song of great social and political import.

I'm so glad

PHOTO: I think I'd probably feed THIS cat by placing the treat on the floor and walking away slowly

Wrote a song for everyone

Want to see a picture of some sweet cheeks?

Shows "American Pickers", and "Pawn Stars" - Anyone think they prey on the poor,

Help. How do I get more memory for my computer? My email will not work. I keep getting error

I am so tired of summer and 105 heat that I am putting out my fall decorations.

hilarious FB status

PHOTO: It's like Keith Richards has just...stopped...CARING. Just say no to drugs, kids.

Amazing coincidences, Booth shot Kennedy and fled in a Lincoln, but Lincoln shot Oswald and hid in a

For your Sunday Chuckle: Runaway Blimp Found Minutes From Airfield

A Star Wars porn movie?


I want this puppet (Portal 2's Wheatley)

Found Elegy while rummaging through the bargain movies barrel at Best Buy

When English Goes Wrong

Going to go see Glee the 3D movie monday.

Oh, nice, first Japan, then Africa, this week PBS, now DU

Do you see the angry bunny?

Anyone Here Have Any Experience with ChaCha?

LOL, OK, fess up, who did the Bachmann sticky? n/t

My new show is up

Do you have any chest pain or nausea?

Ah Garoontee! Justin Wilson shows us how to make Chicken Gumbo!

Cat People of DU- Play this video at full volume and laugh your asses off!!!

23 yr old Honda has seen better days -- looking for replacement

Windows Vista question

Ya know, Tim Burton influenced untold millions

Thank you Jeebus for scrolling the MB "money shot" off the Big Board.

Question about the movie Dazed and Confused

Air Swimmers

PHOTO: THRILLED to be home from the hospital, MiddleFingerMom spent a quiet Sunday in the park.

picture off my front porch

Four Day Police Stand-off

Revenge of the Number

Revenge of the Number

Other than the lounge, where do you spend the most time on DU. I pull up the "latest" forum

Ah, the good old days...

PHOTO: "Yeah...that's how I roll."

Happy Canada Day.... I guess...


Sunrise at Campobello on TCM now.

MFM gets really mad when the Intertubes go out.

Catch it quick...

I'm going to make a Rick Perry YouTube video

I wanna go get drunk and post in GD.

What makes these movies popular/always on t.v.?!1

Is chewing with your mouth closed becoming a lost art?

Photo: MiddleFingerMom tells his cat "Welcome to MY world."

It is rude to pass out in front of dinner guests?

Am I the only one who doesn't have a clue about who the people are in the stickies?

What classic beauty icon are you?

Banana spiders (dial up warning) and how I bravely faced them

Need to replace station wagon -- not crazy about SUVs or minivans

Ok, admittedly it's an awkward photo. But Grand Prize Winner?? Hmmm....

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Ikea Cat Edition

What is your favorite ritual? I like decorating the Christmas tree. As a teen and young

Has anyone gone to church high before?

DU is evolving!

Maybe sexist, but true -- women think with their think with their heads...

Fellow DUers too broke to donate check in!

Aracnaphobes: Want nightmares tonight?

I am watching "Tombstone" for what has to be the 200th time...

brussels sprouts

What's with all the cute Asian chicks on the Big Board? LOL!

Quite by accident I found out that Pepsi Max and Red Wine taste great together.

California spending billions to build new prisons

U.K. police upset over U.S. 'supercop' consultant

U.S. Economic Woes Loom Over Biden Visit to China

Don't Ask, Don't Tell Repeal: Gay Military Members Have Tough Time Returning To Service

Tribal Rifts Threaten to Undermine Libya Uprising

Italy calls for euro bonds as UK backs fiscal union

BREAKING: Afghan Governor's Compound Hit in Attack (6 Suicide Bombers, 16 Killed, 29 Wounded)

Norway shooter Breivik taken back to shooting island

Rick Perry Super PACs Raise Issues of Coordination, Collusion

After British Riots, Conflicting Answers as to ‘Why’

White House Pushes Congress To Prioritize Passing Free Trade Deals

White House Pushes Congress To Prioritize Passing Free Trade Deals

China protest closes toxic chemical plant in Dalian

Ex-Minn. Gov. Tim Pawlenty ends White House bid

Aung San Suu Kyi greeted by thousands on trip out of Rangoon

Sales of gold up on eBay amid stock market turmoil

Starved State Budgets Inspire New Look at Web Gambling

Libya rebels claim Tripoli advance

BART external website hacked by anonymous protesters

Somali refugees abandon babies at Dadaab camp

Pakistan let China see "stealth" chopper from bin Laden raid

Governor: Wind gust that fell Ind. stage a 'fluke'

Obama administration encounters opposition to international climate agenda

SEAL to be buried at Arlington

Syria: 'Deadly Military Attack' on Latakia (Protestors; 6 Killed, Forces Storm Under Heavy Shelling)

Rebirth of a Mexican Marine Park, Big Fish Back Home

Perry welcomed Chinese firm despite security concern

As Navy Veterans charity was being exposed as fake, there was a face that was real

Bomb squad called to House Speaker John Boehner's office

Egypt prepares large-scale military operation in North Sinai

Tainted Beef Leads To Grocery Recalls

Gallup: Obama job rating sinks below 40% for first time

CNN's Don Lemon was SHOVED and PUSHED by Bachmanns staff including Marcus Bachmann

Ex-Minn. Gov. Tim Pawlenty Ends White House Bid

Bachman Tackling BIG Issues

"One-fifth of the US Congress is currently in Israel"

"I'm an advocate against the issues people care about."

Obama is a damn good president.

Perry pushes for higher taxes (on lower- and middle-income Americans)

Perry/T-Paw 2012

Qinnipiac: Obama's poll numbers take a nose dive in NY

Local party chairs weigh in on Iowa straw polls

Local party chairs weigh in on Iowa straw polls

Spend Your 2012 Energy/Money On Local Races

The concern by some that Axelrod is weak for threatening to fire anyone that calls Romney "weird"...

At Some Point Soon, Romney Will Have To Turn His Fire Onto Rick Perry

Which candidates are running on Universal healthcare?

I'm willing to bet.

This is why no one should criticize President Obama for making tons of money after leaving office

Did anyone catch this photo of Michelle Bachmann?

White House Pushes Congress To Prioritize Passing Free Trade Deals

Today is the Bachmann victory lap (hold on)

If Tim Pawlenty did not just drop out of the 2012 Presidential race...

Anyone remember Krugman's response to the President's call for $50 billion infrastructure spending

Plouffe and Daley are IDIOTS!

Todd Palin confronted by woman at the state fair, calling Palin a sellout.

Pawlenty drops out of presidential race

When in doubt- - ask Intrade:

Who Will Be The Republicant Nominee For President In 2012?

Perry running to restore military 'respect' for presidency

New fundrive: I didn't know Obama got the Democratic nomination.

August 12, 2011 - Obama Approval In New York Crash Dive, Quinnipiac University Poll Finds

The lunatics are taking over the asylum.

Why do the most favored Republican candidates have a Stepford quality?

S & P Downgrades Iowa’s IQ


Since companies claim that it is the shareholders that require them to move

Former Sen. Phil ‘Mental Recession’ Gramm Endorses His ‘Protege’ Rick Perry


I hope Preesident Obama doesn't get all conciliatory and respectful towards Perry

How intelligent is Michele Bachmann?

Pro-China, Anti-America Secessionist Grifter Rick Perry has a bus of his own.

Hrm. WSJ: Rick Perry's Crony Capitalism Problem

Romney IS weird

Texas DUers, Give Us Your Honest Assessment of Rick Perry's Chances for the Nomination and....

Debt ceiling deal to cost 1.8 million jobs, and yesterday the President addressed a key concern

Gallup: Obama job rating sinks below 40% for first time

"Mr. Obama thought the draft speech was too soft on the Republicans& so he personally sharpened it."

Just makin' it explicit: Anyone saying "Perry Can't Win" quite clearly hasn't heard about 1980

George Will: Next President Will Be Obama, Daniels Or Pawlenty

Rank the presidents since Teddy Roosevelt.

Gov Goodhair: Pray for Rain! Reality: drink shitwater.

MiddleFingerMom compares MUCH of his early adulthood to an amusement park.

If he has the opportunity, who should President Obama appoint next to the Supreme Court?

POLL: Democratic Base Solidly Behind Obama

If Republicans won't ever compromise, then maybe we should stop suggesting to compromise with them?

How would Bush be different than Obama regarding THE WARS if he was given a 3rd term?

The Pauls Aren't Liberterians, They Are State's Righters

Another Blatantly Racist Cartoon of Obama

I'm tired of the media & a few vocal Democrats, too, who are telling liberals they need to grow up

GOP Rep. Lankford Admits The Economy Is Doomed Without Government Spending

Go down, die trying.

Materialism And Consumerism

Support Clean Coal or grandma gets it!

Theme Music for the GOP Clown Car's Entrance

TYT: Fat Kids Campaign Outrage At Michelle Obama

Lee Mercer - The Democratic Presidential Primary Challenge to Obama

FDR: I welcome their hatred.

Anonymous: Operation BART - San Francisco Protest

The Ames Straw Poll and Conservative Trolls

TYT: State rep. Phillip Hinkle (R-IN) busted looking for gay sex with a young man at a hotel

TYT: Santorum Rips Woman Over Prescription Drug Costs

NAFTA: Ross Perot and Al Gore Debate 1993

Bachmann: I 'Probably Would' Reinstate Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell


The Media Admits To Ignoring Ron Paul

Rep. Hinkle news story

Let him run for president of Texas...Flirting with secession should be an automatic disqualifier

Incarceration for Profit is Happening Nationwide! Judge Gets 28 Years for Taking Bribes from Prisons

Capitalism Is The Crisis (2011) (Full Documentary)

Why do the Koch brothers want to end public education?

Rick Perry ain't whistlin' Dixie ... or is he?!

John Dean: For all you need to know about Rupert Murdoch, look at his lawyers

28 years: Judge gets off easy (Altoona Mirror on Mark Ciavarella case)

Imran Khan is the most popular Pakistani politician: Survey

China commandos in Xinjiang worries Pak

Poll Shows Majorities Would Vote for the Wizard of Oz

Mitt Romney's 'Sickly' Explanation of Why Federalism Justifies DOMA But Not Health Care

Just like Son of Sam & his dog, "Bachmann is 'in sync' with mood of primary Republican voter"

Sunday Funnies: Best Political Cartoons of the Week

After the London riots -- WHY? - NY Times and Friedman weigh in.

The Freedom-Seekers America Ignores

Fannie Mae promises to keep families in homes, but instead pressures banks to foreclose - pt 1 of 3

Ouch: (Texan) Paul Begala takes the gloves off about Rick Perry

After British Riots, Conflicting Answers as to ‘Why’

Pushing Nuptials for Bert and Ernie is the Wrong Approach

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