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If you believe in the President's Super Duper Debt Committee,


DNC chair was on Wait Wait Don't Tell Me last week

NASA Spacecraft Data Suggest Water Flowing on Mars

puke alert: Democrats doubt Barack Obama's reelection chances

Juan Cole: Iraq Declines to Cut Syria Off

Chicago Teachers upset enough to ask for strike vote, union chief says

Cast your vote in the Iowa straw poll... for only $30

5 Iraqis killed in bombings, shooting

American man abducted in eastern Pakistan

American man abducted in eastern Pakistan

Agent Orange buried on Okinawa, vet says

Chief Justice John Marshall quote on "corporate personhood"

Chief Justice John Marshall quote on "corporate personhood"

A tidbit about how corporations became persons

Anti-Gay State Representative of Indiana, Phillip Hinkle, Rendezvous with 18-year-old boy

CATO Institute Hangs GOP Job Creation Meme...

US diplomat in row over 'skin dirty & dark like Tamilians' remark

Knock it off

Police revolt against David Cameron's reform agenda

Mushrooms Join Growing List of Radioactive Threats to Japan’s Food Chain

It is very interesting to note WHICH Democrats are more interested in a challenge to Obama

Why do I suddenly have to log into DU every time I visit this site?

Subsidize Textile Production--Jobs

I know this sounds nuts...but that hasn't stopped me before...

For your tea bagging friends

Magical Unrealism

Wash. State has first case of shellfish poisoning

Going from 5-on/2-off to 13-on/1-off for remainder of fire season (PIC HEAVY)

I am trying to imagine this country in March of 2014

Congress does the late-night drunk-dialing, but we’re the ones stuck with the hangover.


Got a reply to my letter to Sean Duffy

The Power of Words

Genuflecting to the Tea Party

Highly scientific poll conducted at the Iowa State Fair

Cellphones blocked in SF to hinder transit protest

Props to the mods

Props to the mods

Rick Perry's Christian Message Packaged by an Atheist

Intriguing: "Boycott Campaign Donations!"

John Dean: "Only Murdoch is suggesting scandal will remain in UK & he's not most reliable source"

Burning Britain: Riot Fever as a Symptom of Systemic Failure

Perry/Rubio- one hell of a scary and potentially winning ticket

I feel dirty.

Birth Control Coverage for Everyone? Not So Fast.

50 years ago today, the Berlin Wall went up. For those who remember: "Ich bin ein Berliner."

Rick Perry to delight climate sceptics by running for president

Everyone must "sacrifice" in this economy.

Test your memory...


Court releases tapes of Jeffs instructing girls he took as wives

I need HELP finding the Illinois Civil Union Bill and a list of how the Senators voted.

Baby Boomers now the Baby Bulgers?

Marcus CAPTIONus

Proof Positive that Bachmann is not 100% Human.

Grassley Calls Downgrade A ‘Wake-Up Call’ To ‘Reduce Deficit Spending,’hasn't read report

PG&E reduces pressure on Santa Rosa pipeline after "anomalies" found

Guardian/ICM Poll on public thinking about the Riots

Cameron wants to grab as much as he can right now

LOL- Toon- 'Living the Dream'

Regulations are "heavy burden" preventing job creation.

The Tea Party isn't just one thing, nor does it follow a single

POLL: Dems surge into 7 point lead

How the Head of Fox News Is Making Americans More Right-Wing, More Ignorant and Ever More Terrified

Uncertainty, Uncertainty---This is Wall St and Chamber of Commerce

Uncertainty, Uncertainty---This is Wall St and Chamber of Commerce

It's a Presidential election campaign and we should know lies dominate now

Someone posted a very nice homage to the Border's staff in their town...

Ron Paul just might steal the thunder from Rick Perry

Three words that will save the economy

Gov. Rick Scott (R-Florida) pays 99 cents a day for health-care insurance.

Texas, please keep Rick Perry to yourselves

Should DU3 have an option for the poster to hide disturbing images?

Koch Brothers Candidate

The competing arguments used to explain the [London] riots

Perry......Frivolous Lawsuits Prevent Employer From Creating Jobs

If we had one Dem for every Freepbagger at town halls hollering for a public option ...

Former Queens of the Stone Age bassist faces 15 years in prison after S.W.A.T. standoff

Shared sacrifice: for the RICH

Should Democrats offer the "Rush Limbaugh Drug Legalization Bill" in Congress?

Welcome to World War III; The Economic Elite Vs. The People

Who cares about the U.S. credit rating, anyway?

Under Investigation, School Urges Support For Conway's GOP Challenger - KentuckyHeraldLeader

What a dumbass!

Creator of Obama “Hope” poster beaten up in Denmark misunderstanding

50th anniv. of the Berlin Wall. Anyone else miss the good old days?

Newt Gingrich: I Screwed Around On My Wives Because I Love This Country So Much

Texas raids fund for poor to keep taxes low

If I Keep Watching MSNBC or CNN All Day

Pawlenty, Santorum, Huntsman and Newtie just booked vacations for the Fall...

And now ... a Texas Tea'bagger's Perspective

Liberals don't need a movement. America does!

Though not proud to post this - but since it's bad press for Virginia Foxx I'll try to handle it

if you think that paying attention accomplishes anything, you have not been paying attention.

Are Republicans at war with reality?

Who said this?

Rick Perry even pronounces "americans" just like George W. Bush

Toronto Star: Greed, not Osama bin Laden, took down the economy

Toronto Star: Greed, not Osama bin Laden, took down the economy

OMG! Perry is even more stupid than bush...

Rick Perry: About as inspiring as a bag of dirt

Out of the shadows and into the light: Emergence

What kind of jobs did Perry bring to Texas? I know the info is

'Job Creators' Who Won't Hire The Unemployed

Chinese workers could replace Mexican immigrants

Russell Brand on the UK riots: Surprisingly good essay.

John Dean: Rupert Murdoch's Watergate

Who at Alex Station knew what in August-September 2001?

Daily Kos: Going On Strike

Daily Kos: Going On Strike

Damn, I wish we had Harry Truman around...

Marcus Bachmann Shoves Don Lemon at Campaign Event

Maybe he knows something we don't....

Perry's closet must be free of skeletons

Transit ridership surges throughout Bay Area

I can sum up the Perry campaign in four letters: WWJS

Republicans claim the Stimulus was a failure

Oh... my... god. It's Bush 3.0.

Guardian UK: Police revolt against David Cameron's reform agenda

All Signs Are That Deficit Reduction Committee Will Accomplish Nothing

Perry lured jobs from out of states by lowering taxes, how does he lure jobs from other countries?

Bring on the Perryisms

Ex-cop’s thefts from disabled ‘an act of extreme hypocrisy’

The TRANSPARTISAN Imperative In Public Policy

remind you of anyone?

12 Unions Tell Dems They'll Boycott Convention in North Carolina

Tweet from Chuck Todd: Biggest change in #strawpoll...

Are we really SO FUCKING STUPID as a nation that we'd re-elect Bush...AKA 2012?

8 Union Victories Progressives Should Be Watching--And Learning From

Colbert, Romney 2012 - "Corporations Are People"

"The IMF on trial"

Whats this about "Rick Perry's Less then Minimum Wage Jobs Program"

9/11 Coloring Book Seeks To Tell Kids 'Truth' About Terrorism

McDonald's runs stores in France and Denmark

Germany marks construction of the Berlin Wall

Palin: I can't wait to eat my deep fried butter.

It is still Obama's race to lose,

KRUGMAN: Fed "using evidence the way a drunk uses a lamppost: for support, not illumination"

Hey Texans - what can you tell us about Perry's tenant farm home?

Sweet memories from Mittens version.08.. Soon he'll be making more

Vote Ham Sandwich !!! - very clever website

According to this guy, Newt isn't the only one cheating on his wife (Perry)

Rick Perry looks, sounds, and acts like Lyle from Blazing Saddles

Marcus Bachmann and CNN Don Lemon's 'Unusual' Moment of Violence

' A Stone of Hope'

Pregnant woman killed by family pit bull

According to wing nuts , the UK riots are caused by "socialism" and single mothers

John Dean: For all you need to know about Rupert Murdoch, look at his lawyers

Ok, DU... Who ARE these guys?

"Meet Rick Perry" by The Texas Democratic Party

"The Road Warrior" is on AMC.

What would YOU do under these circumstances? College bound son...

Obama's 'selling America off to foreign creditors' ? (Perry quote)

GOP Supports Obama For 2012: 'We Need More Time To Completely Ruin His Life'

Rick Perry is the only Republican Candidate that I will vote against.

If you have EVER advocated for secession, you should be disqualified from federal office

The Equal Money System

Stray pit bull saves woman and her small child from a knife wielding attacker

Approaching record drought, Texas water districts consider oil and gas industry use

Like who does Perry pronounce his words? (You've heard this character before.)

Debt Ceiling Chaos Is a Born-Again Religion Problem

Internet war of words breaks out in Miss. killing

People of Color beware! Nazi Barbies are comin' for ya.

I've got it! Rick Perry is Doug Neidemeyer!

My impression on Rick Perry

Thank You ACLU

If Bachman was so upset about that Newsweek cover...

If Bachman was so upset about that Newsweek cover...

ALEC balks after experts say it should register as Minnesota lobbyist

Just got back from the straw poll

Palin-Bachmann Rancor Heats Up Below the Surface

Money No Obstacle for Rick Perry

The union/Boathouse fight gets personal

Felonius Munk on the debt crisis..this is great

Simon Johnson: Should We Expect Another Round Of Bailouts?

Friend gave me this pic, and I HAD to share

Bachmann has 'respect' for corn dogs.

Distribution of stock market wealth by wealth class, 1962 - 2007

Life in an Age of Looting: "Some Will Rob You with a Sixgun and Some with a Fountain Pen"

Thorium powered cars in our future?

A picture is worth a million words: Gov Rick Perry

Question bout Rick Perry and South Carolina

Question bout Rick Perry and South Carolina

CNN to broadcast Blair Mountain documentary Sunday August 14th at 8 PM EDT

Romney says corporations are people, so why aren't HMO hoodlums going to jail?

The most rare thing on Earth?

A Parasite On The World

20 Years Of GOP Strategy In One Little Cartoon

Riots and the Underclass

Poetic justice in Arizona

Republicans WANT a corporate-controlled government/country. They want fascism.

The Bully Pulpit.

The Bully Pulpit.

The Bully Pulpit.

Can't image gonig on camera voting for Bachman or any of the other crazies n/t

delete please

Bachmann wins straw.

How did Rick PArry do? nt

Feral Capitalism Hits the Streets

and the winner is...

Amid Rise of Multiculturalism, Dutch Confront Questions of Identity

Can a President introduce legislation to Congress?

Can a President introduce legislation to Congress?

If anybody seriously wants to understand

CNN Political Contributor Erickson Introduces Rick Perry

Famed asshole Phil "nation of whiners" Gramm endorses Perry's camapign

*** Bachmann wins Ames straw poll ***

Perry got more (write-in) votes than the Mittster

Rick Perry NOT Eligible to be President!!

Rick Perry NOT Eligible to be President!!

Is there going to be EVEN ONE left leaning commentator on MSNBC tonight?

Something from Workers Power about Britian

The Ames Straw poll, an historical view.

The Ames Straw poll, an historical view.

I have only one question for M$Greedia

Newtster....385 votes...

Failed marriage? Tories and Lib Dems in row over riot response

Right about now, the President should be watching his Campaign '08 footage and...

Happy Place.

Paul close second.

The Iowa straw poll is the biggest waste of time in American history. You too, MSNBC.

The Iowa straw poll is the biggest waste of time in American history. You too, MSNBC.

Where will unemployment be November 2012?

Where will unemployment be November 2012?

Holy Bleeping Bleep: Can somebody please talk Chuck Grassley into retirement?

Ames Straw poll results: Grover Norquist, Koch Brothers tied at 100%

Reich: Why Obama Doesn't Present A Bold Jobs Plan

360 degree panoramas of the destruction at Hiroshima

Caption this! (Caution - Not for those with weak stomachs)

The unlikely hero of the Hackney Riots..Grandmother Pauline Pierce

Pomeranian Kills 6-Week-Old Girl

We need to encourage Sarah Palin !

Coiff, Eat, Pray, Coiff, the movie

Lets put this stupid story to rest! The Rumor about Rick Perry being Gay.

Who’s REALLY Responsible For U.S. DEBT DOWNGRADE?

Vital Information Everyone Needs to Know about Rick Parry!

DNC chair Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz interview on MSNBC on Iowa straw poll at 4:30 ET

DNC chair Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz interview on MSNBC on Iowa straw poll at 4:30 ET

Bears--the horrible things that happen to them by humans

Bachmann wins Iowa straw poll, keeps momentum

Where is the President of the US?

Sarah Palin must be fuming right now that not enough folks wrote her in. Not on the list! LOL

I wonder how Rick Parry did...

The Late Great Lou Gordon (Detroit's Own) get Mitten's pappy to own himself

People of Food Stamps

WTF ??? - More On The "Just Us" System !!! (The System Only Protects Itself)

In Case You Missed This... 'Three Cheers for Decline' - ForeignPolicy

The GOP's New Ten Commandments

wtf is wrong with the republican party...god help us all

The Nostrum of "Shared Sacrifice"

Dear God, Perry really does sound like "w"! I never paid any attention to him

What GOP passion?

SF Cell Shutdown: Safety Issue, Or Hint Of Orwell?

Isn't she just a nasty looking broad?

In a bad economy, no president comes off well

We live in a society that encourages consumption

TPaw: "Take back your country from Obama...

We are doomed.

The Actual Numbers for Each Candidate from the Ames Straw Poll

45,062 engineering seats vacant (in Tamil Nadu, India)

Borowitz: S & P Downgrades Iowa’s IQ

(R) nomination process could last into the summer

Bachmann won the Straw Poll, so we know she's not gonna be president. (Warning: Corn Dog Devouring)

What the hell is happening in Chile?

bachmann on meet the press

Has any of the TV networks mentioned that Sarah Palin did NOT get any write-in votes in Ames poll?

To defuse 'flash' protest, BART cuts riders' cell service. Is that legal?

Did they talk about how they were going to create jobs?

Grover Norquist's Plan is really a TAX INCREASE for the majority

Fact-checking the GOP debate in Iowa

The Rams are kicking some colt ass right now

EXCLUSIVE: Analysis of Financial Terrorism in America

Executives see bright spots, no reason to panic

Crackdown on gladiator impersonators in Rome!!

Saturday Night Music... Politics Of Greed...

Last Real Time (podcast)

Companies Weigh New Coalition to Push for Lower Tax Rates.

You know, small government was fine when your neighbor lived

Now that the Iowa Straw Poll is over, when will the Repuke candidates start bashing each other

For how long have student loans been non-dischargeable in bankruptcy?

I just asked a good friend of mine from Tx. what she thought of Ricky.

Top ten things Perry dosen't want you to know

WaPo: Perry offers perks to donors who raise generous funds

Chris Matthews on Perry: ‘He looks like a clown’

Myanmar's Suu Kyi tests freedom, meets supporters

Letter from the U.K.: If We’re Turning Off Social Media, I Want News Channels Shut Down, Too

Name two things....

"Facebook Fan Fran" offers Palin words of encouragement for 2012.

Brazil prison uses geese as alarm system

Marcus contemplates a foot long

No room for more white crosses (Lafayette, CA)

Once again: Why Obama won't--and can't--be Roosevelt

Electrically altered gene expression, old genes are new again

The Icebergs Cometh: Retaking USA Titanic Before the 2012 Elections

Much of building remains after planned implosion at Loring Air Force Base

Newt _ super committee is about as dumb an idea as Washington

Newt _ super committee is about as dumb an idea as Washington

CSM - "Obama casts Congress as the problem, tells Americans to 'let them know'"

I have to say , the way the Syrian Revolution is playing out : We are seeing History

Texas raids fund for poor to keep taxes low

Ordinary Americans Continue to Deliver Progressive Messages at Republican Town Hall Meetings - FDL

Mother Fuckers!

English Historian Blames Black Culture for Riots

Debbie Wasserman Schultz's Statement on Ames Straw Poll Results

Are you watching Sat. Night Live? They're doing a spoof of Bachmann!

America Is In Decline Because Of The Institutionalization of Stupidity

In Case You Missed It -- NASA Finds Traces of DNA in Space

"America’s debt is not its biggest problem" by Bill Gross of All People

Moms rally to defend raw food club after federal raid

Torture in the US Prison System: The Endless Punishment of Leonard Peltier

US drone strike kills 21 in northwest Pakistan, biggest in weeks

God caught backing multiple GOP candidates.

Where Will You Focus Your Energy in 2012?

Wherein a Freeper starts to figure it out...

GOP wants to cut back Agent Orange settlements.

Rick Perry: Aggie

What has happened to Britain?

This is why the US can't have nice things #2

One More Time, On Governor Perry

Hey Margaret Thatcher - how's that 'There is no such thing as society’.

The Empathy Ceiling: The Rich Are Different — And Not In a Good Way, Studies Suggest

A friend of mine is losing her house on Monday.

Everybody's got Michelle & the corndog. Here's Marcus & corndog & smushing a NON-Michelle!1

Local Man Arrested for Merchandise Tampering at Area Walmart

Obama's Passive Conservatism Is Making a Lot of People Angry

Obama's Passive Conservatism Is Making a Lot of People Angry

5 Reasons Why National Deficit is the Republicans' Fault

5 Reasons Why National Deficit is the Republicans' Fault

Arrested for Merchandise Tampering at Walmart......

Yes, there is a worse picture of Michele Bachmann out there.

Yes, there is a worse picture of Michele Bachmann out there.

Sunday Talk Shows


Say It...President Bachmann...

Democrats' economic message in 6 words.

Ron Paul just told a big fat lie

The Tipping Point: When Do Americans Hit the Streets?

The BEST thing that could happen for the Political Future of the Democratic Party...

Holy Cow! What's happened to air fares????????

Enrollment Plunge for DeVry Sends Stock Lower

Michelle's Ducockis moment.

PHOTO of the DAY (JAPAN) Dial up warning

I take it Pawlenty is done.

Obama is a shoo in for reelection.

It's Not The Economy, Sillies... It's The 'Plutonomy' Now...

If one has 'thought about' secession from the Union, how does one run for President of said Union?

Police and Thieves: Making Sense of the English Riots

Remember when Minnesota was known for Hubert Humphrey and Walter Mondale?

A note from my son on the Verizon picket line in NJ....

Boos when Hannity asks Iowa audience if Palin should run. Applause when Luntz asks if they like her.

Iowa hosts a gathering of the insane

You need to read this: from Matt Stoller

WE said YES!

I am happy with the latest court decision on Mandated Health Insurance.

Caption time!

Why does Obama support trade agreements that will cost thousands of Americans their jobs?

If Perry if the Nominee every RW lunatic will come out to vote.

Perry: ‘I promise to make Washington inconsequential in your lives’

Keeping a Curious Bush Secret

Elizabeth Warren is thinking about running for Mass Senator

Target Comes Under Fire Around the World

American Workers Falling Through the Cracks

oh dear, sorry in advance for posting this Bachman pic

Hysterical Michele Bachmann flees Teenage Gay Activist

Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. . . . . the greatest civil rights leader in our history or . . . .

Rick Perry's FIL performed his vasectomy -

The Covert Origins of World War III – US Special Operations Forces To Be Deployed In 120 Countries

It took about 40 years for conservatives to build the movement that they have today.

Rightly Disgusted at the Banks

If Goodhair ends up being the GOP candidate, here are two sites to bookmark

A simple question to those applauding the latest decision saying the mandate is unconstitutional

Rapper could face charges tied to flash mob calls

The fourteenth amendment and rick perry

Tulsa police/SWAT in 60 hour (and counting) stand off with "Tower Man"

Must see photo: Rick Perry all dressed up to look like he was ready to join Nazi storm troopers.

Do Not let Rick Perry get up a head of steam!

Must see photo: Rick Perry all dressed up to look like he was ready to join Nazi storm troopers.

Must see photo: Rick Perry all dressed up to look like he was ready to join Nazi storm troopers.

I'm so tired of seeing gay used as a slur here against republicans.

I Think "Corporations are People" Comment From Romney is

Meet the Global Financial Elites Controlling $46 Trillion In Wealth

Boy Scout found after building tree-branch shelter

6 Companies That Rigged The Game and Changed The World.

Czech President Vaclav Havel on freedom and responsibility

WTF is Obama going to run on in 2012? HOPE? CHANGE? YES WE CAN?

Rick Perry's Texas jobs boom: The whole story

Libyan Revolution Week 26

United States Drops Behind South Africa Among Civilized Nations

California Democratic Party May Dump Its Progressive Caucus for Proposing a Primary Chlnge to Obama


Three Comforting Facts About Rick Perry.....

George Carlin was a Prophet

George Carlin was a Prophet

Mainstream Economist Roubini: Marx Was Right. Capitalism May Be Destroying Itself

The Failure of Capitalism and the Fight for Socialism Today

Bob Dylan Wrote Propaganda Songs

From the "You're never too old files".

Ok, Lou Rawls and Barry White, the best......

Cannibal guinea pigs.

Uh Oh: Tin Foil Hats Actually Enable Mind Control

Heads up: Saturday is James Stewart day at Turner Classic Movies.

It's late night.. Dream Thread. Analyze and share yours.

I know this sounds nuts...but that hasn't stopped me before...

Don Chandler, Standout Kicker in N.F.L., Dies at 76

Sir Rocksalot (Rocky's Arthurian Persona)

Where do those cat videos come from?

Got my distortion and multi-FX pedals in the mail

My show just started

Cash Rules Everything Around Me

My movie club went to "The Help" today......

I have "Lassie" on in the background on Retro TV

The phrase of the day is "corn dog." Post a reply using the phrase "corn dog."

It must have been her proficiency with a corn dog that carried the day

I'm converting to Jedi


Deleted for duplication.

Mike Myers Signs For Austin Powers 4


FOOD PORN! It's the "Breakfast Banh Mi" (PHOTOS)

My shower is a teleporter to a planet called Boultog, where people pretend they are birds.

thanks warrior1 for Happy Place

Dupree's Diamond Blues

The best obnoxious responses to misspellings on Facebook.

New adoption...

Carnal knowledge with a pygmy pony...

Bulldog Reading Dylan Thomas

RosaLee McFall

PHOTOS: Things your cat does when you leave them alone in the house on a Saturday. GRAPHIC!

Top 10 Manliest Quotes by

Bubble gum pop music sucks.

Trying to Remember the name of a web site.

Getting the end-of-summer panics.

Its rough driving on the otherside of the road

Good morning, Lounge. Come caption Michele Bachmann.

What would YOU do under these circumstances? College bound son...

Top 10 lists from the website. With general categorie like "Bizarre" and "Entertainment"

Not sure if I want to get my hair cut at this place......

What song comes to your mind when thinking about republicans

My inner (and outer) nerd is saddened I didn't know about this movie coming out.

So I get home yesterday to find that our Intertubes Service Provider (Cox Communications)...

Garage chemists, check in.

Saturday, August 13th. The Weekend Edition of William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day.

Pink Floyd-One Of These Days


How do you keep a dog from nibbling on himself?

NASA Spacecraft Data Suggest Water Flowing on Mars

Rick Perry to delight climate sceptics by running for president

G.O.P. on Defensive as Analysts Question Party’s Fiscal Policy

Rick Perry's Texas jobs boom: The whole story

Emotional Rodman enshrined in hoops Hall

Despite government efforts, FBI says no let up in mortgage fraud

Texas Gov. Perry jumps into 2012 Republican race

Bachmann wins Iowa straw poll, keeps momentum

Judge asks for more information in Righthaven copyright case

Mark Duggan's uncle was crime lord : Man whose death sparked riots is linked to notorious gangland c

Suspect charged with murder in Missouri girl's disappearance

Safety doubts raised at U.S. nuclear waste cleanup project

U.S. Economic Woes Loom Over Biden Visit to China

4 dead, dozen hurt in Indiana State Fair collapse

Elephant and rhino poaching 'is driven by China's economic boom'

Killers target leaders of Colombia's dispossessed as new Victims Law takes effect

Israeli Cost Of Living Protests Spreading From City To City

San Jose cops unveil plan to cut services to businesses and residents

Bus Accident on PA Turnpike; 29 Injured

Brazil takes out clandestine airstrip with bombs

Libyan rebels poised to take Zawiya

Issa rips Gov. Perry's 'Texas Miracle'

Hacker group threatens cyberwar against BART

Stage rigging collapse kills 4 at Indiana State Fair

Former mayor arrested for murder of political opponent

White House Debates Fight on Economy

Pipe bomb thrown at police in Derry

Analysts: Pending price-control law could backfire

Foxx's Chief of Staff Charged with Drunk Driving

Anyone know when the Ames Straw results are expected tomorrow?

Here he goes again - just what we need, more republicans

Here's the solution - Obama Sits Down With Executives

Rick Perry's Crony Capitalism Problem

President Obama says political divide is hurting economy

WEEKLY ADDRESS: Putting the American People First

Rob Redding goes after Limbrain for the Sharpton comment

Rob Redding goes after Limbrain for the Sharpton comment

Texas raids funds for the poor to keep the taxes low for the rich

President under water in N.Y.

Romney campaign says "corporations are people" comment is a defining moment

The poor track record of savior candidates

Who won the Republican Debate in Iowa on Thursday..

Deleted dupe. n/t

Obama:The Musical

Politico: Rick Perry's 1PM announcement speech to be carried live on CNN, C-Span and Fox News

WH weekly wrap up

Perry will downgrade America

What Texas Miracle?

Krugman: A Short Course in Miracles

We Shouldn't Overestimate Or Underestimate Rick Perry

Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann ‘Are There to Oppose the Women’s Movement’

OMG! Perry's more "TX good-ole-boy" than Bush

Most Difficult To Least Difficult Opponents For President Obama

failed to post, sorry

To all those Dems who intend not to vote in Nov. 2012. Sit down and relax

First Read: DNC ad seizes on Romney's 'corporations are people' line

A male cheerleader from Texas - what could possibly go wrong?

A Talking Point To Use On Fuzzy-Minded Voters

TPM: Does Pawlenty Live to Fight Another Day?


Mike Feder: What difference whould it make if Bachmann,Perry were President

President Obama - WEEKLY ADDRESS: Putting the American People First

Michelle Bachmann Wins Iowa Straw Poll

In the Iowa straw poll that is today does anyone know if

The Symbolism Of Starting Your Campaign In Charleston

I say to Iowa Republicans, We tried tax cuts for ten years, What else you got?.

Politico vote totals: Perry 718 votes to Romney's 567 in straw poll

The Michelle Bachmann appreciation thread

Tim Pawlenty: I'm Still In

I do not give two craps about any Ames straw poll.

1959 budget cuts held back an economic recovery - what's that say about cuts and economic growth?

I think Rick Perry is extremely dangerous

Debbie Wasserman Schultz Don't Even Entertain a Democratic Straw PolL Iowa

Who do you think the majority of Republicans hope will win the GOP nomination

The bachmanns do some hard core corn porn

Perry is a dream candidate.... for Obama

Based on today's GOP straw poll, who is likely to win the nomination

10 things you need to know about Perry as Governor

Based on what you know of the GOP candidates, who is the craziest?

Thi is the way to defeat Perry and it should be done early

Why Rick Perry Won't Win

Obama's campaign manager to fire anyone who calls Romney crazy

Obama - 51, Perry - 46; Obama - 51, Bachmann - 45

are the rumors, true, is Will Ferrell coming back to SNL

Bachmann 4823, Paul 4671, Pawlenty 2293, Santorum 1657, Cain 1456, Perry 718, Romney 567...

Rick Perry Has The Oil and Gas Industry In His State

Obama embarking on bus tour in rural America to talk jobs

SEC Opens Whistle-Blower Website as Dodd-Frank Program Begins

Michelle Bachmann and corn dogs (thanks, Maine-ah, for the inspiration).

Ass Magnets

Michele Bachmann wins Iowa straw poll

We know the donors to Colbert's Super PAC, but who's bankrolling Perry's 'Jobs for Iowa' Super PAC?

I'd like to take a moment to commend Gov. Perry on his immigration policies.

I voted for John Anderson in 1980 because I was mad that

CNN lavishing praise on Perry

Now can the MSM please stop reporting every single time Sarah Palin farts?

Hey just curious... who WAS the dummy that thought it's constitutional to force people to buy smthg?

Kill and Eat The Rich: a Precautionary Tale

Rick Perry, The View, 2010: Bush did an incredible job defending us from freedom

Rick Perry Talks Sessesion

Massive Jobs Program Only Way Out

TYT: America's Nuclear Nightmare

London Cabbie Vents About Riots (language NSFW)

DNC TV Ad: People

DNC Chair on Perry Economic Claims: All Hat, No Cattle

Weekly Address: Putting the American People First

Indiana Stage Fair Stage Collapse! Sugarland Concert 8-13-2011

Congresswoman how will you help Verizon Striking Workers

AJE: UK Riot Victims Come To Terms With Losses / BBC London: Riot Victim Returns To Burnt Out Home

"PROGRAMMING THE NATION?" Official Theatrical Trailer 2011

Police 'anger' over Supercop move (fmr LAPD chief Bill Bratton appointed by UK PM Cameron)

Dial M for Meltdown... Chernobyl, Fukushima, What Next?

An artist by design

Rick Perry, prayer and stem cells Unexpected consequences

They Got Bailed Out, We Got Sold Out: How the Banks Profit from the Lack of Jobs

Who isn’t coming for dinner

Coming Home - elizabeth warren

London Riots Were Bonfire of Consumers’ Vanities: A.A. Gill

Memo to Deficit Obsessed Fools: Cheaper Government=Single-Payer Health Care

The Future of the Japanese Labor Movement

Newsweek: Michele Bachmann Wins The Mis-Aims Eye-o-wa Poll

Guest Lineups For The Sunday Tv News Shows

Life in an Age of Looting

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