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Top ten signs you are a DU'er

Homeless seeking aid from shelters, state says

Punching the Hippy love ya Rachel... thanks for bringing

Punching the Hippy love ya Rachel... thanks for bringing

Were you a member of the Kerry/Edwards forum back in 2004?

Robert Sheer --The Tea Party and Goldman Sachs: A Love Story

Robert Sheer --The Tea Party and Goldman Sachs: A Love Story

NY Times - "Taxes and Billionaires" - Exposes Secret Tax Breaks for The Rich

NY Times - "Taxes and Billionaires" - Exposes Secret Tax Breaks for The Rich

This simple test that can help you decide who to vote for....

Midnight...a new day dawns

Come Home America


Belief in a Just World

What Obama Wants (Krugman)

Tell EVERY1 to tell the President to tell boehner&cantor that CONgressional pay WILL BE the FIRST

Rank-and-file Tea Party members are brain dead fucktards

House Repubs have shot themselves in the foot

So, again the question needs to be asked. How does Obama's cuts affect the HCR 2014 deadline?

Understanding President Obama's Choices,,..Interesting opinion. What say you?

NY-09: Democrats tap David Weprin for Weiner's seat

Retirement (Pension) Fund Plunder Update: $206 Billion So Far, $62 Billion Left

Suspect in U.S. shootings commits suicide

Karachi's ethnic, political violence kills 70 in three days

So, we have met the Rockefeller Republicans and they are us.

AT&T Joins Verizon Fighting Web Piracy of Movies,Music (as if you needed more reasons to hate them)

Breaking on BBC - Andy Coulson arrested

QUESTION: Do you think we'd be talking about SS cuts if congress was 83% progressive dems?

If you're wondering where your job has gone...

Oh my, up at Oh dark hundred, and have Morning Joe on

More Omahans get flood warnings

One of the biggest scandals in the history of journalism. Murdoch suffers a mere "reputation hit."

"Sellout" Howard Dean: "I'm Actually Pleased With What the President Is Doing"

QUIZ: When SS & Medicare BENEFITS are NOT cut by Obama will people say they were wrong?

My email to all my reps this morning.

"Administration Offers Health Care Cuts as Part of Budget Negotiations"

You can whine about it or you can DO SOMETHING !

The next time someone brings up the idiotic "balance a budget like a family does" argument

You know "Morning Joe" is full of shit when George Pataki can say....

At 98, Gay Concentration Camp Survivor Shares Story

Jamaica earned a first in track and field yesterday

No Contract, No Cookies: Is This the Way a Country Crumbles?

What happens if they don't raise the debt ceiling?

And RIGHT ON CUE - Michelle Bachmann on CNBC!!!

The Felonious Five Strike Again

The Felonious Five Strike Again

NATO Says Airstrike in Afghan Province Killed Women (Two) and Children (Eight)

So Boehner you got your tax breaks extended

Luckovich toon: The Whining of the Bulls

The Amygdala Strain: Right-Wing Teabaggery as Psychological Pandemic

My Social Security Email to The White House, my Senators & Congressman

Who's the Artist of this portrait?

Patty Murray asking Koch brothers for campaign cash!? Huh?

For the record- I lived off Social Security/Disability for 18 months

Does the public really need to see a photo of a man who collapsed on the street...

Space program, Social Security, Depression

This frightens me

Every job created is a tax cut for business

Every job created is a tax cut for business

My Democrat choices all have huge flaws. John Edwards guided by his penis. Obama turning GOP

Mullen Confirms: US, Iraq Negotiating Possible Post-2011 US Force

storm shuts down Russian nuke power plant - not good

Sex and the Supremes

Today's job report -- it's the MATH stupid!

Oh My! Crime boss Rupert Murdoch 's Australian media holdings could face government investigations

Manufacturing Growth: An Illusion of Monetary Stimulus

Monsanto under investigation by SEC

Stupidity of Republican Voters

Jindal Signs Anti-Choice Bill, Likens Women Who Receive Abortions To Criminals

"Naomi Klein's Shock Doctrine is not a GOP-exclusive dynamic."

Coulson threw himself on the sword so that Murdoch might conduct his crimewave in America

Toon: News of the World

Mark Warner and Crepo -

If Democrats governed like Republicans, Democrats would die.

Ofcom to rule on News Corp's 'fitness' to own BSkyB

Ofcom to rule on News Corp's 'fitness' to own BSkyB

Freeloaders: U.S. Corporate Tax Rates Are Among the Lowest in the World

Can't wait to see Santorum's response to this article.

How the bubble destroyed the middle class

Murdoch journalists stunned by paper's closure

Tax the Rich. Problem Solved

Watching the final launch of Space Shuttle Atlantis

two minutes nt

Fukushima: Residents in radiation hotspots anxious about evacuating as deadline for decision looms

Recall fundraiser to feature Pelosi, other Dems (Wis)

Senate Republicans Block Benefits to Homeless Women Veterans

'Magic Mushrooms' Can Improve Psychological Health Long Term

Nation Failed to Predict Terrorist Attack by Michael Bay

So...18,000 new jobs. Gee, the gloomists were right. Maybe will be right about SS and Medicare.

The Revolution will Not be Televised

Too many people were at home watching the slut who killed her daughter, nobody had time for jobs!!!

Can someone please tell me where republicans have "compromised"

Top Obama adviser says unemployment won't be key in 2012

Let's start the SEA Party

New Guidance Allows Nations to Label Genetically Engineered Foods

Dean Baker On The Chained CPI - MonthlyReview

Five minutes to launch

Big pickups clog dealer lots, concern analysts

Last December seems so long ago huh

Jobless have fallen though the safety net while politicians debate cutting federal benefits for them

Aww shuttle ground crew just said goodbye

What is the local analog of the Fourier Transform ?

Where is the COMMON SENSE??? Ignoring History and Keep on

Price breaks kick in for 'pre-existing condition' insurance

One again the 'unexpected' employment numbers

In the big chess game of life

Minnesota Government Shutdown 2011 Costing State Millions Of Dollars

The Rude Pundit: Everything You Need to Know About Your American Media in Three Stories

2 US Soldiers Killed in Iraq

When Republicans (and Republican Governors) lay off people the Unemployment rate goes up.

The debt ceiling is a matter of National Security.

Am I biased, or does it seem like in debt ceiling talks, Dems are winning the ground game?

Obama Ignores 99ers During Twitter Town Hall - Examiner

Mom accused of using child as weapon now charged

Comparing Recessions and Recoveries: Job Changes

Worst jobs report imaginable: +18,000 jobs, unemployment ticks up to 9.2%, May revised lower

Nuclear plant union rejects contract, strike looms

Anyone watching Democracy Now! ?

Taiwanese animators tell the story of Phone Hacking and Murdoch. (I think he's the shark) BRILLIANT

The United States needs a new table...

I KNEW there was something familiar about the SS debate--

Why Does Diane Ravitch Hate Children?

Jay Carney: You Won't "Slash" Social Security, But will you Cut it? That's what I thought.

Any peep from Pelosi after her meeting w/Obama this morning?

Remember when Republicans were afraid of uncertainty in the business world?

I remember my folks talking about how some democrats were wanting to primary Jimmy Carter.

Why Do the (US) Police Have Tanks?

Cut the crap and create jobs

Bad Blood: Joyner Blames Smiley for Halperin’s Obama ‘Dick’ Diss

I cannot believe they can get 60 votes in the Senate to cut Social Security.

For all of the bullies that are trying to assert their opinions by threatening republican rule if we

OK, Explain this to me Like I’m a Complete Idiot, Part VII:

Cutting and Running on Education Again

From the Guardian's live blog - interesting fall out per NoTW closure:

Okay... Fine.... I was wrong.

The GOP’s Fallacy That Tax Increases...

Cutbacks at State and Local governments have cost us 1 million jobs

Capitalism Is Broke

Obama's top priorities

Devastating cuts to state Medicaid programs

Dumbass (R-WI) rips Senate inaction

Sanders Says Hands Off Social Security: "The American people expect the president to keep his word"

Saw Hoyer on C-Span saying Buffett says we've got to do debt,

Talks: Inflation change could cut Social Security (cmon folks--DEFEND this!)

Unemployment by industry

The only real solution

Need help: I'm to testify against e-voting in Pennsylvania.

Obama to speak on Jobs Report any minute.

The Founding Fathers Warned about the Two-Party System:

Final shuttle launch on schedule -- liftoff!

Tax loopholes and billionaires

PETA seeks to investigate elephant death at Little Rock (AR) Zoo

Remember this? EU, Canada encouraged by weakened Buy American plan

Work sharing supports jobs: economists

We Are Heading Towards a Double Dip Recession

The Real Jobs Number for June is 220,000

BIG: First Advertiser Pulls Ads From ALL Rupert Murdoch/News International Newspaper Outlets

BIG: First Advertiser Pulls Ads From ALL Rupert Murdoch/News International Newspaper Outlets

Consider your state's Senators. Would either or both vote to change Social Security or Medicare

Moran, others in Congress seek study to create new Museum of American People on immigration

Follow the space shuttle via Google Earth

Hello Kansas. A telemarketer told me it's below freezing there today.

2 million construction jobs may be lost for good

Top Murdoch employee quits after major disaster

don't get sucked into the "only 14 cents a month cut" calculations

As Unemployment Spikes, Obama's Got a Bigger Problem Than the Debt Ceiling - Jon Nichols/TheNation

[MURDOCH] Rebekah Brooks: 'More Revelations To Come'

Bleak Jobs Report Reinforces Need to Protect Safety Net - HuffPo

Congress Tries To Hide Massive Data Retention Law By Pretending It's An Anti-Child Porn Law

If the election were tomorrow, who would you vote for?

If you think there is no such thing as White Privlege, I have two words for you: Hurricane Katrina

Pelosi just had a brief presser -- MSNBC cut away! WTF????

Remember this? Reagan insider: 'GOP destroyed U.S. economy'

UN: Texas execution broke international law

Marijuana Legalization Question Again Tops Obama Twitter Townhall

Banned from the Barn

All You Nobama people should just find another site to post on!

DCCC petition: social security (I normally don't sign these but right now maybe it's necessary)

More Crazy Shit from Bachmann

J.P. Morgan won't face criminal antitrust prosecution in return for cooperation

F as in Fat: How Obesity Threatens America's Future 2010

NoTW and News International... 'internal cleanup' activities now moved to... NY based Joel Kline.

Why doesn't Obama talk about

Hugh Grant stands up to Rupert Murdoch.

Georgia ties California for worst teen jobless rates

U.S. needs to ditch free-market approach

Anyone who thinks "negotiations" are happening is a fool.

Chimp With A Gun AK -47 - Must Watch

Want to know the question to ask baggers when they suggest cutting social programs?

Want to know the question to ask baggers when they suggest cutting social programs?

Christian Right leader: We need to stop the teachers and their anti-bullying gaystapo

"President Obama is suggesting benefit cuts, exactly the opposite of what the American people want"

Not all celebrities are shallow, crashing bores: Case in point - Rosario Dawson

In other economic news: Spending on pet funerals increases in Sacramento and beyond

Top Obama Adviser (Plouffe): Unemployment WON'T matter in 2012 election


Dear GOP: Please budget like an American Family

BP wants to end future loss claims from Gulf oil spill

Anti-choice group sues to stop U of WI Hospital from teaching "abortion" (actually D&C)

Economic Homeopathy

Hey! You're not Gene! You guys aren't KISS!

The Untransformational President - DailyBeast

Mayor of NYC to marry gay couple. I hadn't seen this posted today so if its a dupe, my bad.

Who is the most influential person in Washington, DC?

Thank You Nancy Grace. While the governmental coup occurs,

And It Happens... AGAIN...

How to turn a 200+ House tsunami into a deficit.

And Just Like Clockwork...

Ted Strickland's final budget ended around a week ago. It left Ohio with nearly a BILLION $ surplus.

Mr. Fish: Dying of Thirst

Read this thread on a Cal football board. Political.

Read this thread on a Cal football board. Political.

I have an idea for a new Law.

Sanders and Whitehouse Say They Will Oppose Social Security Cuts in a Debt Deal

Krugman- Falling Wages

Raising Medicare Eligibility Age In Debt Ceiling Negotiations

In Debt Talks, Obama offers Social Security Cuts (WaPo)

Mods... Please Delete... Got A Bug When Creating The Poll... Will Try Again...

Mods... Please Delete... Got A Bug When Creating The Poll... Will Try Again...

What do YOU think we have the right to expect from a Democratic administration

What do YOU think we have the right to expect from a Democratic administration

Why you’ve heard of Caylee, but not Brisenia or Marchella

Did all of Obama's political advisors quit?

I was in the fifth grade....

Let Me Say Four Words That Will Give Everyone Here REAL Hope

Portrait of a Patriot

Health insurance premiums going up because of health reform???

A comment that just has to be shared

(Ind.) Schools no longer required to teach cursive beginning this fall

Ex-police officer charged in two murders, rape

Ex-police officer charged in two murders, rape

Krugman: What Obama Wants

GOP allies hatching sleazy dirty tricks in Wisconsin recall wars

Which is more morally objectionable to you?

Which is more morally objectionable to you?

What Is The REAL Immediate Threat/Crisis... The Debt... Or Unemployment...

Secret agents raid Apple store webcam 'artist'

In the words of Oscar Wilde

let me restate it

James Murdoch could face criminal charges on both sides of the Atlantic

Hopeless... this country is hopeless.

With Dismal Hiring, Can The U.S. Economy Recover?

This put a BIG SMILE on my face...How it will all go down over the next few days...

Of Hope and Promises and Trust.....

Obama Administration Word Games: What's a 'slash' versus a 'cut' in Social Security?

Do You Think Republicans Will Actually Push The USA Into Debt Default? I Do.

I think we can all agree with Obama on this..

To Keep Unions Out, Charter Argues It's Not a Public School

Pelosi holding news conference now.

Does anybody here REALLY believe the SS cuts are no biggie?


Lol, Michael Steele always having to say what the Republican 'meant' to say

Lol, Michael Steele always having to say what the Republican 'meant' to say

Six in 10 Workers Hold No Hope of Receiving Social Security

Question: If SS and Medicare benefits were cut for the rich, would DU agree or disagree?

Net 18,000

Digby: Beltway Pundits Excited by the Prospect of Causing Main Street More Economic Pain

NY councilman calls for "perp walk" ban after DSK

Dear Chris, Rachel and Ed: For the last time . . .

Phone Hacking: Police Probe Suspected Deletion Of Emails By NI Executive - UKGuardian

Pilots Refuse to Fly Atheist Banners

.Bachmann Believes Black People Were Better Off During Slavery?

Police probe suspected deletion of emails by NI executive • 'Massive quantities' of archive alleged

Police probe suspected deletion of emails by NI executive • 'Massive quantities' of archive alleged

I now consider Harry Reid to be the leader of the Democratic Party.

Two tools we have to fight the assault on Social Security: Our voices and our votes

Two tools we have to fight the assault on Social Security: Our voices and our votes


30 years from now. I will be a senior.

The next, worse financial crisis: Ten reasons we are doomed to repeat 2008

How has Fox News covered Murdoch scandal?

Since when does someone that is prosecuted forced to pay costs of a trial??

Everyone, say "Hi" to the world's newest country, South Sudan

MMA: Right-Wing Media Still Baselessly Fearmongering Over "One-World Government"

The Democrats do not want the government to default on its debt.

4 yo Boy killed for gay 'behavior,' woman for leaving group marriage

Scary monsters

Noted African-American History scholar Michelle Bachmann on slave parenting VS. Obama-era parenting

Our politicians have put human progress on hold until further notice

Our politicians have put human progress on hold until further notice

From an E-mail - Chart comparing US/Canada employment.

Wisconsin Republicans release redistricting maps that redraw political boundaries

David Horsey Toon: Where will I get...

Is it me, or this an example of dumb legislators making for dumber laws?


Yo, Boner - your Holy Moran Job Creators aren't creating any fucking jobs

What’s In A Name? Dems Support Social Security Benefit Cut — By Calling It Something Else

hey rupert murdoch, you remember david kernell? he hacked ONE of your employees.

Tony Blair (yep that poodle) in bed with Murdoch

Well Maybe We Can Agree On This... It Won't Be A Slow News Weekend

Some governments already recognise access to the Internet as a fundamental human right

Jeb Hensarling R-Moran of Texas. "But he (Obama) has made it worse" - really?

Toon: Guess who Hatch wants to squeeze?

Ya want to stimulate the economy?

Ron Paul claims U.S. officials ‘set the stage for 9/11

News of the World Editor Arrested...ALSO worked for current PM Cameron...

First woman to head SUNY Maritime College

Why do rank and file conservatives think giving and giving and giving

A Date on the Beach

Fire Rick Snyder---Recall signatures needed this Saturday at County offices

Whitehouse, Sanders: “Disconnect Between Administration and the Senate” - FDL

What was your "WTF, Obama?" moment?

''Psycho'' is a shortening of what exactly? ''Psychotic'' or ''Psychopath''?

Ambitious Democrats will line up to challenge President Obama.

Reuters Analysis: Draconian Cost-Cutting Could Be Worst Thing We Could Do Right Now

NY Archbishop says same-sex marriage has opened the door to polygamy in the Empire State

Josh Hamilton throws souvenir ball into stands at Rangers game falls 20 ft trying to

The President needs to do some simple political math

A Veteran gives his views of the wars in the Middle East.

4 Year Old Boy Killed For "Gay Behavior"

Prez made a new friend today

Prez made a new friend today

so I care about the poor, working class, veterans,elderly,kids and the sick.

so I care about the poor, working class, veterans,elderly,kids and the sick.

KO is back on Ready TV!!!

July 8, 2011...World Disclosure Day

Dear Repugs: Quick economics lesson for ya --

Atlanta Could Have Averted Its Cheating Scandal If It Had Listened To Its Local Teachers Union

GOP allies hatching sleazy dirty tricks in Wisconsin recall wars

Renault stops advertising in ALL news international papers

Monica Shay, Pratt professor, dies after being shot in Pennsylvania massacre

On the occasion of the final Shuttle mission:

Bernie Sanders

Tainted Election at OLR

Despite medical marijuana, pot use slips among Montana teens

St. Boehner Day

St. Boehner Day

What's the deal with the flurry of duplicate posts about Chained CPI?

So will Michelle Bachmann attack Betty Ford now


Rachel Maddow: group behind Rick Perry's "prayer meeting" according to

The coordinated right-wing attacks on Planned Parenthood move to Florida

How's this for Family Values.....

Threat of destructive coding on foreign-manufactured technology is real

Yeah - what this person said:

Yeah - what this person said:

Yeah - what this person said:

REason for optimism.

I can't get Olbermann online anymore! HELP

About Senate Bill know, that new copyright bill?

Craig Crawford On Keith..

AFL/CIO Pres. Trumka goes on the record opposing Social Security cuts!

Clinics Owned by Michele Bachmann’s Husband Practice Ex-Gay Therapy

Humans become 'pets' in rise of the machines: Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak

Humans become 'pets' in rise of the machines: Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak

Everyone ready for Bill Maher tonight, with panelist

I remember it all very well. Very clearly. From the time JFK laid out his bold plans

Former First Lady Betty Ford has passed away

Former First Lady Betty Ford has passed away

Republicans acting as if they took out Credit Default Swaps on the US Government.

in response to 'ongoing retlentless persecution', building owner will change color

Undercover Investigation Confirms Bachmann Clinic Provides Discredited, Damaging “Ex-Gay” Therapy

Pelosi says rumored chained CPI change isn't happening, per Barney Frank.

The problem with the Obama-Boehner meetings

Does writing letters to politicians do any good?

The GOP’s 2012 Secrete Weapon – Voter Suppression

Rep. Ryan Tastes The Grapes Of Wrath

Connecticut State Workers Brace for Layoffs, as Democrats Tighten Screws on Public-Sector Unions

WOW! Judging by the overall mood on DU today, we can easily have President Bachmann :)

State employee union in Illinois sues over raises

Betty Ford, Pro-Choice, Pro-Equal Rights Ammendment

Negotiating with the GOP is like negotiating with cannibals

Dim bulbs

Dim bulbs

Hey, Betty, I hated you *less* than several other Rethugs. But that's just me. n/t

Toms Shoes Founder Might Have Different Political Views Than Many People Wearing His Shoes

Betty Ford Has Passed, Rest in Peace Dear Lady.

Betty Ford Has Passed, Rest in Peace Dear Lady.

Do you like Eliot Spitzer or Anthony Weiner?

The cats of war:

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF!

Best Analysis Of The Soc Sec Feeding Frenzy Yet !!!

10/14/1961 7/7/2005 RIP

30 Reasons To Get Out Of Real Estate And Into REAL Assets

Obama's Dangerous Cure for the Federal Deficit: A Deeper "double-dip" Recession

Freeper Free for all on DU!!!!

What is the reason given for stopping launches of space shuttle?

Chaz Bono looks great on Bill Maher. n/t

If Obama goes after SS, Medicare or Medicaid, I sure as hell hope he has a challenger because

Haha! It was nice to see Bill Maher making fun of Coulter :)

Flag draped casket of US military's 1st post-DADT Gay soldier fatality being carried at Dover AFB

So where would you put your money if the debt ceiling talks are going to fail?

Final shuttle launch

"The Centrist Brain Caste" -"The Powerful Dead-Enders Of A Dying American Empire"

Obama Calls On Congress To Act To Boost Job Growth

Automobile insurance is a Ponzi/Madoff scheme!

And The "Real" Unemployment Rate Explodes To 16.2%

"I'd rather be a really good one-term president than a mediocre two-term president,"

"I'd rather be a really good one-term president than a mediocre two-term president,"

Run Howard, Run. Howard Dean for President 2012

The Economy has TANKED.... Since the republicans took over congress

How bad could Obama's Social Security compromise be if Howard Dean supports it?

How bad could Obama's Social Security compromise be if Howard Dean supports it?

Murdoch faces huge US fines for London police bribery

Murdoch faces huge US fines for London police bribery

Toon: Can't afford to Hire!

"Entitlements" are just that----What you are entitled to.

Bachmann signs vow that claims blacks were better off in slavery because there was no gay marriage

Shame on Obama, the Democrats and Republicans: Cut the Crap and Create Jobs!

Bizzaro World: Why Are Limbaugh and Hannity Ranting ABout Republicans Caving Again

Arctic sea ice in record retreat.

Just a reminder

Montana forms own oil spill command team after ExxonMobil refuses to give straight answers

Can Any Incumbent,,,Dem or Repug...Count on Re-Election After...

Look up the word class in the dictionary and see this pic.

You know who I'd like to see run for Weiner's vacant seat?

You can't expect to have it both ways

Does anybody here think anything positive could happen in a second Obama term?

Jobless rate rises to 9.2% (this is a recovery?) and Obama/GOP want to CUT SPENDING

Jared Bernstein: The TWO things hurting the economy -- The

18,000 jobs. Christ. Corporate America is Sabotaging American Progress.

Buy American Mention of the Week, 7-8-11

Habitual horsef**ker

Habitual horsef**ker

Nancy has to go. She is incompetent.

Don't read this if you're Easily Nauseated

Don't read this if you're Easily Nauseated

Time to Panic (II)

Should the Third Way continue to be allowed to call itself

Gack. The drug companies aren't making it easy for us to get drugs for lethal injection

Voters Won't Allow Congress to Cut Social Security

I Would Just Like To Say That... The Mods Are Definitely Earning Their Keep Today

Unemployed? Don't count on the military - year long wait to get into boot camp

What could be so wrong that this is what you'll do ...........

Is there any computer system that is impossible to hack?

Has Marco Rubio sold out? One candidate repubs hoped would help with Hispanics.

Been here since '04 and I'm seeing people with 1000+ posts I've never heard of.

For the past two days, virtually every thinking patient of mine has come in and asked

A farewell to my Obama Avatar

Hey Michelle! Here's a parent's song from the days of the founding fathers

Historically, has cutting taxes ever helped the economy?

The Economist: Republicans are "economically illiterate and disgracefully cynical"

The sacred military sow remains at the trough.

"Necessity hath no law." Oliver Cromwell

Social Security COLA Cut: A Benefit Cut Affecting Everyone

Ann Coulter, on Bill Maher, is so full of shit

If you want to know where the source of a rumor or story starts in all the newspapers.

Resolution: The United States is Doomed!

Obama Wants to Increase Military Spending More Than House GOP, In Times of Budget Cutting????

Pssssst - can you imagine how they are fretting and sweating

We're getting our asses handed to us by group thats sole purpose is to be against whatever we're for

I am not ashamed to call Betty Ford, a GOP first lady, a true hero

Pelosi, Dems signal openness to Social Security changes

"Congress is breaking my heart!"

Simple question: do the rethugs & conservative dems really WANT to push the people over the edge?

Surprise, surprise. On Morning Joe, Howard Dean is 100% supportive of Obama

House passes $649 Billion defense spending bill

Does it bug you that...

Name The Entitlement You Would Like To Eliminate...

Homeowner faces jail time for front yard garden.

"...the capitalists have callously forced the toiling masses into starvation conditions..."

America just keeps getting fatter

Cahoots II (the sequel)

Murdoch Desperately Building Firebreaks - Honk if you think Ailes & Fox News Used Same Tactics!

Colorado day-care center proposal: Dolls must represent at least three different races

Colorado day-care center proposal: Dolls must represent at least three different races

I like taxes. There, I said it.

The Chained CPI Is Not JUST A Cut, It's Also A Regressive Tax Increase !!!

Bachmann Pledges to Ban Porn But Did She Expose 23 Minors to Pedophile?

Why we need each other..

The ‘Anointing’ of Michele Bachmann and Plastic-Jesus Policy Making

Dean Baker Rips Apart Third Way's Anti-Social Security OpEd...Enjoy!

How do you feel about jailing dads who are behind on child support in this economy?

A Report from RED STATE WISCONSIN: Republicans release official redistricting plans: the proposed

43,000 Manufacturing Plants left the country under Bush Tax Cuts

43,000 Manufacturing Plants left the country under Bush Tax Cuts

I Would Like To Bring Up A Point That I Just Saw Here... No Links, No Names...

I Would Like To Bring Up A Point That I Just Saw Here... No Links, No Names...

A President On the Verge of a Political Breakdown - R.J. Eskow

Where am I?

Job growth before and after Republicans took control of the House


Consider this concept: "Poor President. (S)he has a haaaard job."

2 choices

2 choices

My second Casey Anthony thread . . . about her not being released for another week.

Do You Support Obama Isn't The Question. The Question Is...Does He Support You?

Democrats Groovy New Plan to Cut Social Security: Don’t Call It “Cuts”

Dan Choi calls GOP'ers 'true American Heros'

Dan Choi calls GOP'ers 'true American Heros'

Dan Choi calls GOP'ers 'true American Heros'


UN: Texas execution broke international law

Simple question, where did Obama go wrong?

As we appear to be on the verge of eating ourselves (again), I'd like to talk about why I love DU.

For Those Of Formative Years When Betty Ford Was First Lady... Why We Grieve...

FRACKING FLUIDS POISON A NATIONAL FOREST — New Study Details Changes in Soil Chemistry and Devastati

Congress wants automatic wage deductions to pay down the national debt (non tax-deductible)

Thumbsup to DU's mod team once again...

K&R if you think that instead of cutting from NASA, we should be eliminating the wars.

Murdoch Empire has Lost 3 Billion Dollars in past 48 Hours (MORE REVELATIONS TO COME!)

Honest question: If SS is the proverbial third rail, what exactly is our defense budget?

Obama looking like a one-term president - Salon

Congresspeak: The Language of Impotence

How the Bubble Destroyed the Middle Class

Will there be a net loss of jobs in the following months?

This cartoon is both true as well as funny...Behold:

This cartoon is both true as well as funny...Behold:

Ron Paul Says Government Is Responsible For 9/11, Because Guns Aren’t Allowed On Airplanes (!!!)

When did disagreeing with the President on tax cuts for the rich,

Actual Post from another site: Re: Colbert's PAC

Michelle Bachmann Signs Pledge that Says Black Children Better Off During Slavery

Carlin said it all.

"Fuck her."

Google Plus – Read the Fine Print BEFORE You Sign Up. Google licenses (steals) your media.

How much did things cost years ago?

Has anybody been following the Timoshenko case in Ukraine?

Of course! We should *default* on the public debt. Here's why:

Of course! We should *default* on the public debt. Here's why:

Chase Bank FINALLY apologizes to Ikenna Njoku

CIA: USA worst economy in the world!?!

Economists ‘Stunned’ that they are clueless

Breaking: .....Papers, Please: Senate President Pearce Has Been Recalled

Al Sharpton is filling in for Cenk, and wow is he pissed!

Psss---White House, I know you're monitoring DU.... Click on my thread, I've got something to say...

"We are in the midst of the fastest period of (global) poverty reduction the world has ever seen."

There is no need for a United States any longer

There is no need for a United States any longer

A tree Reagan planted at the WH 29 years ago

La Casita - Why I'm marching to Save Our Schools on July 30

La Casita - Why I'm marching to Save Our Schools on July 30

The worst Democrat is still better than

MoJo:Wait, Did the USDA Just Deregulate All New Genetically Modified Crops?

Well, we held our breath and stomped our feet and what did we accomplish?

I think getting rid of saying "on the table" should be on the table.

If Obama Cuts Social Security... Is this the last straw? by David Sirota

A Non-Hysterical Progressive Analysis of so called Social Security Cuts on the Table

I'm Reading Jesse Ventura's "63 Documents The Government Doesn't Want You To Read"

I'm Reading Jesse Ventura's "63 Documents The Government Doesn't Want You To Read"

Extreme pessimism and negative certainty as defensive mechanisms

Today’s edition of the Friday Afternoon Challenge: “That looks familiar...”

The 1995 flame out of Jon Cowan, now the leader of Third Way..defacto Dem policy shop. Stunning.

We pay OUR MONEY into Social Security...

DSCC asking Kochs for cash---Koch's Fire Back in Press Release...No Money for You... unless...

Third Way leaders tell progressives to "wise up" and then admit to benefit cuts. Gloating?

Andy Stephenson

(Houston) CPS takes custody of 6 kids living with parents in storage shed

North Carolina Religious Leader Shoots 4 Year Old Boy To Death Because He Might Be Gay

thread of support for Obama (don't even click here if you don't support him)

Why the Rich Fear Violence in the Streets.

2008 donors: Will you be donating to Obama this campaign cycle?

A 50,000-Foot View of the Global Crisis

Well, this will make you sick...Texas woman loses rape case against KBR

Libyan Revolution Week 21

For The Moment, Visa And MasterCard Reopen Payments To WikiLeaks

Father Discussed Adoption for Obama, Records Show

Breaking: UK PM Cameron to Establish Full Public Inquiry to Get to Bottom of Hacking Scandal

Dick Williams, Hall of Fame (baseball) Manager, Dies at 82

A Smoking June for Hedge Funds

How the Bubble Destroyed the Middle Class

Prison: Threat unknown(In plot to kill Obama and Biden)

News Corp. Deal for BSkyB in Limbo (Amid the Widening Phone-Hacking Controversy )

Three Steps Toward a Grand Bargain on the Federal Budget: View

Phone hacking: Police probe suspected deletion of emails by NI executive

House nixes Rep. Kucinich proposal to tie Libya funding to declaration of war

What’s In A Name? Dems Support Social Security Benefit Cut — By Calling It Something Else

Anonymous Hacks FBI Contractors IRC Federal

Pakistan Rebukes U.S. Assessment Of Journalist’s Murder

Judge delays condemned Ohio killer's execution

GOP ties job numbers to anti-tax stance in debt talks

UK's Cameron calls for new regulation of press

APNewsBreak: Visa again blocks funds for WikiLeaks

White House Rules Out Constitutional Option On Debt Ceiling: Report

South Sudan counts down to independence

TSA employee arrested for theft at Miami airport

Obama administration boosts aid for unemployed homeowners

Toms Shoes Founder Might Have Different Political Views Than Many People Wearing His Shoes

Colorado day-care center proposal: Dolls must represent at least three different races

US House votes against aid for Libya's rebels

President Santos apologizes for paramilitary massacre .

SPLC Launches Federal Court Challenge to Alabama’s Discriminatory Anti-Immigrant Law

To Slow Piracy, Internet Providers Ready Penalties

Former UK government media chief Andy Coulson arrested: police source

Betty Ford

Secret life of Cambridge suspect accused of plot to kill Spain's king

Colombia’s president apologizes to families of victims of 2000 massacre by paramilitaries

The Atacama Desert Experiences Heavy Snowfall

House Liberals Launch Organizing Drive Against Entitlements Cuts

Syria: Thousands protest in restive city of Hama

U.S. Payrolls Rose 18,000 in June; Jobless Rate Climbed to 9.2%

OAS coup report implicates Honduras in 20 slayings

U.S. official says pre-infected computer tech entering country

Senior Chinese Diplomat (Foreign Ministry Chief for North African Affairs) Visits Libyan Rebel Base

Civil rights groups sue challenging Alabama anti-illegal immigrant law

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday, July 8, 2011

Murdoch's world in crisis

Gaddafi threatens 'martyr' attacks in Europe

Caterpillar Accused of Demoting Executive Discovering $2 Billion Tax Dodge

Betty Ford Dead at 93

Obama blames political wrangling for rise in the number of unemployed

Nancy Pelosi’s back at the negotiating table on debt ceiling ("You Guys Don't Know How To Count")

SYRIA: American envoy taunts Bashar Assad with visit to besieged Hama

Local (Rick) Snyder fundraiser email breaks law

Clean up on aisle 3 in GD.

STS-135 Launch Coverage

Why izn't the children learnin' ?


My first post from my new toy

The Table...

No wonder a bear s**** in the woods..........

Undercover Investigation Confirms Bachmann Clinic Provides Discredited, Damaging ‘Ex-Gay’ Therapy

Thank you for who ever donated for me!

I got props at work today...TWICE!

When did you discover you were full of Shots?

When did you discover you were full of Shat?

House votes to block same-sex marriages on military bases

Mmmmmm... cookies. And puppies.

Why doesn't my golden retriever retrieve gold?

Excellent Craig's List post I saw today

When did you discover that you were full of shit?

We all know that God really wouldn't need Jefferson Starship.

In honor of Atlantis, I'm working while listening to my soundtrack

I Heard a Rumor that Summer Heat Makes Cats Lazy

J.S. Bach's Unaccompanied Cello Suite No. 1 (with 8 cellos)

Appeals Court Backs (NFL) Lockout, Tosses Judge's Ruling

Two Bass Hit!


Celebration Day

For my 11,000th post, I present "O Magnum Mysterium"

Federal government says marijuana has no accepted medical use

Just in case you were wondering -- yes, Omicronians are Republicans.

After Midnight.......

This is cool - Titanic was still adding theaters 4 months after its release,

DUers who never served in the military: Do you think you could have survived it?

Post here why your sh*t doesn't stink

Penguins. Shot from my stateroom veranda 2010.

I was trying to use my cell phone as a mouse

Tonight's Lullaby - One Foot in Haven


I think I'm just going to hang out here in the lounge for a bit

Anybody know how to get typewriter ribbon ink off your fingers?

Can you stick a shift in your drive ?

Today, will Taverner collapse in a Tequila-fueled mess on the floor?

Sonny Clark Quintet - Blue Minor (1958)

Sonny Clark Quintet - Blue Minor (1958)

Is nicotine in itself, bad for you?

I just had my first Pad Thai. Wonderful. What is on the menu for tonight for you?

Judge won’t remove Fuller from Siegelman case

Listening to Miles' 'So What'

Bernie Sanders: Senators Told Me If Obama Sends A ‘Piece Of Crap’ Debt Deal To Us-We’ll Defeat It

So, I guess everyone

Dial up warning!!

Here's some excellent new music: Taken by Trees.

I Heard a Rumor that Summer Heat Makes Cats Crazy

I now present a new source of squee

Texas governor defends Mexican's execution

Too Good Too Bad - Yoko Kanno

In the 70s, We Had Cinema

In the 70s, We Had Cinema

Funny clueless people stories. I once worked for a woman whose father

friday update

How many typewriters do you own?

This is what happens after you die...

Do you like it whenever I DJ the Lounge with YouTube vids?

The term of the day is "flabby Republican man tits". Modify any thread to include that term.

FOR REAL! Woman breastfeeds fussy baby at Olive Garden in Oklahoma City!!

The worst thing about insomnia is the late night TV ads.

Bertha checking in.

he had to go back

What was the most strenuous physical activity you've ever done? Me I cross country skied

Why? Because I love bagpipes!

Why? Because I love bagpipes!

Does the President need to burst the WH bubble?

I will actively work against the elections of any Democrat

Mike Luckovich on Wall Street

Do You Think Obama Is Using The SS Button To Entrap Boehner & The Repugs?......

Someone, tell Pataki and Bartiromo less than 1.9% of small businesses would be affected

Auto industry, seeing new life, is on hiring spree

Jared Bernstein: June Jobs, Part 2

Wake up, Washington, jobs landscape is deteriorating

So the bankers are saved, but working Americans are power fucked

playing to not lose vs playing to win - where is the fight?

Jared Bernstein: The June Jobs Report--FAR Worse Than Expected

Looking for a QUOTE from President Obama where HE said that he is NOT CUTTING SS BENEFITS?

Ezra Klein: We're Backsliding. And we don't have to be.

President Obama: Jobs report shows urgency of creating economic security

I wish the President could explain the future of NASA better

CHART: Over 500,000 Government Jobs Lost Since Obama’s Inauguration

C-Span: Hoyer and Cantor trading barbs on the House floor

can you drive a stick shift?

Dear President Obama: Do you want to be Churchill or Chamberlain? nt

Debt worries aren't holding back job creation, it's lack of demand. Boehner, where's your jobs bill?

Justin Bieber's Losing His Cuteness

Tim Pawlenty's Massive Whopper: Obama "Hasn't Accomplished Anything"

Bernie Sanders reminds Obama of his campaign promise

Mr President, Please get rid of your SS Commission now before they take you down.

Obama: Uncertainty over debt limit impacts hiring

Obama has a Pennsylvania problem with his own base

Now that Pres. Obama and Speaker Boehner are both getting kicked in the head by their base.

Talkingpointsmemo's Josh Marshall: Update on Social Security Cuts

How many JOBS and how much INCOME would a new SHUTTLE program generate?

Washington playing games with Social Security and I mean democrats and republicans

Obama was held accountable for what Rev. Wright said, then lets hold Bachmann accountable for. . .

It isn't about Obama. It isn't even about the Democratic Party.

Campaign Point: Tell the Republicans to get the hell out of the way.

Whitehouse vows to fight any SS/Medicare cuts; will also fight to keep jobs in America

After Two Days Of Trying I Finally Was Able To Get Through To The White House......

Liberal Senators Warn Obama Over Social Security Cuts In Any Debt Deal

In Compliance With Court Ruling, US Military Begins Taking Applications From Gay Recruits

I will not be voting for President Obama in November 2012

Murdoch's American Sins: Less sensational but more dangerous.

Nato strikes at Libya's oil in bid to oust Gaddafi

Felix Salmon: Does John Boehner know what paychecks are made of?

Obama Threatens Veto – Of Any Debt Limit Deal Under $2 Trillion

If Obama committing political Suicide?

Boehner: Failing To Raise The Debt Limit Puts Economy In Great Jeopardy

Randy Rhodes:We have lost 39,000 Government jobs last month

Obama Admin threatens to withold education funds to Montana unless it complies w Bush's "No Child"

State and Local Job Losses Are Largest Since 1955

White House repsonse to disastrous jobs report

Remember Y2K?

Why don't repubs let Obama raise taxes? (as a campaign strategy)

I don't think this guy liked the verdict.

Where are the jobs? Sacrificed by the Republicans to Grover Norquist!

Half of US social program recipients believe they "have not used a government social program"

Job losses by state

In 2012 Pres Obama will make history being the 1st African-American president to be RE-elected :)

The Hill: Senate Democrats Abandon Obama Promise to End Bush-Era Tax Rates

Nate Silver: Unemployment rate has "very weak correlation" w/incumbent POTUS' re-election chances

Meanwhile, Obama's job approval among liberal Democrats remains high - 86%

How will you react if Obama hands the GOP Social Security & Medicare/Medicaid?

Krugman: Falling Wages

There hasn't been a single statement by the President about cutting Social Security

Just Like the Time Obama 'Sold Us Out' on Health Care Reform.

Favourite self help book? The Soul's Code by James Hillman.

What the hell is Austin Goolsbee smoking? He's Obama's Chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers?

A First Lady who had a far greater impact on history than her husband.

South Sudan becomes an independent nation

Hell Loves Rupert Murdoch

Phone Hacking, FBI OKC CCTV, Hemingway's Hell - New World Next Week

TYT: Absurd Debt Ceiling Comments On Fox News By Cantor Responds to "Recovery Summer" Ad and Karl Rove Op-Ed

Joel Salatin | Lunatic Farmer

TDPS: Sarah Palin Not Incompetent & Clueless? Matt Lewis Claims it...

Murdoch pulls the plug on News of the World (NOTW)

Man Goes To Jail for Cashing Chase Check at Chase Bank

Michele Bachmann: 'I hope' higher unemployment helps my campaign

Hugh Grant- How I exposed hacking,

Secret Federal Reserve Location

Papantonio: The Criminal Activities of Clarence Thomas

Sharif Pawlenty don't like TEH GAY, but he rocks the Casbah with a little Gaga every now and then.

Americans Tell Washington No Social Security Cuts!

The Chicago School of Economics...the real chicago corruption

Thom Hartmann: Is Bachmann's Christianity Radical Even for Evangelicals?

Social Security On Chopping Block

Hugh Grant and panel of "Question Time" debate regulating "tabloid press."

Young Turks: GOP Voter Suppression

Christian Lady in Coffee Shop Goes NUTS!

NOFX - Franco Un-American

The Grand Rapids, Michigan Murders: Could They Have Been Prevented?

Leave us alone and you'll see how we can drag down the stage....


George Carlin: they're coming for your Social Security

Man Jailed For Cashing Chase Check At Chase Bank

Ryan Chittum Reports on the Rupert Murdoch Media Scandal in Britain 1 of 2

Glenn Greenwald: Obama Has Continued Bush Approach to Civil Liberties, War on Terror

Debt & Compromise and the Federal Reserve | THE PLAIN TRUTH by Judge Napolitano 7/7/11

Thom Hartmann: The Protect IP Act - Warning: This Bill May Cause Seizures

Thom Hartmann: If the New Deal is on the table...then is social unrest too?

Thom Hartmann: Republicans ran up the debt & now they don't want to pay the bill

Cantor: Jobs News Today Is Why I Walked Out 2 Weeks Ago

Steve Coogan tears The News Of The World a new areshole

Cash for Gold? Give Me The Gold Back!

Guy shows up to "support" the Orlando police.

Time to Chill...........

Thom Hartmann: Can Murdoch-style infotainment in America be stopped?

Socialized medicine develops worlds first artifical bodypart

TYT: Poor People Don't Pay Enough Taxes - Senator Hatch

Ban Porn! Michele Bachmann 2012 Pledge


America's judiciary: Courting disaster

French court delays decision on Lagarde inquiry


Social Insecurity

What Obama Wants (Paul Krugman)

The New Politics of One-Sided Compromise

Unemployment rose to 9.2 percent as hiring stalls

A New Way of Seeing the World: Protecting the rights of nature depends on understanding the commons

Here’s What Democracy, Economically, Looks Like

Sex and the Supremes

Conservatives, John Locke, and Climate Change

Breaking News: President Obama declares himself an Independent

Guest Lineups For The Sunday News Shows

In 95 I wrote 'the world after communism' now "the world after capitalism'?

Jobless agonistes

Public Sector Job Cuts Threaten Recovery

Wipro, Cognizant spending large sums on lobbying in the US (Indian IT)

Consumers borrowed more for 8th month in May

Universal Health Care: Can We Afford Anything Less?

to DUers: When Repubs say no "increases" in taxes - they mean no to terminating the Bush tax cuts

A list upon which it's not good to be number 1.

The Finland Education Phenomenon

Official statement by the Indignants at Syntagma

The Essential Rules Of Liberty

Friday Talking Points (172) -- Obama's Fourteenth Option

'Horrific' Jobs Report Renews Fears of Double-Dip Recession

Obama challenges Congress in $4tn budget gamble (BBC)

The Unexamined Society

Wall Street Slashing Pay—Even for Best Performers

After New Call Telecom, UK bank Santander closing its call centres in India

Have you noticed, that while food prices are

Space Shuttle Atlantis Final Launch Marks End Of Intellectual Curiosity

Weekend Economists Analyze This and That July 8-10, 2011

Major Grocer Ending Self Check out Lanes..

New EPA rule will clean the air for 240 million Americans

Will Economic Collapse Save Us from Climate Catastrophe?

Volt, Leaf both confident of winning battle for green-car drivers

Abu Dhabi hosts Africa meeting on renewable energy & India calls for cooperation with Africa

Drumbeat: July 8, 2011

Peak oil notes - July 8

Cleaning Up Our Kids’ Brains

Unique pig-nosed turtle is over-harvested in New Guinea

Schweitzer Ditches Joint MT-Exxon Spill Command Post - Exxon Wouldn't Allow State Employees To Talk

Fracking Fluids Poison a National Forest

China moving toward establishing its first law on nuclear power

NSIDC July Arctic Ice Update - Sea Ice Enters Critical Period Of Melt Season

Nanocrystal Transformers

Device Captures Ambient Electromagnetic Energy to Drive Small Electronic Devices

Air Power: New Device Captures Ambient Electromagnetic Energy to Drive Small Electronic Devices

Trash trucks fueled by 'trash gas': a growing trend

Republicans Set to Repeal Light Bulb Efficiency Standard That Would Save Consumers $12B/Year

Toon: That would be too difficult!

Reactor restart at Ikata nuclear plant postponed (public opposition too strong)

Systematic involvement suspected in Genkai scandal - (astroturf scandal)

Plutonium from Sellafield nuclear power plant in all children's teeth

Polar Bears Are . . . . Irish? Study Shows Common Ancestor W. Grizzly In NW Europe

Queensland Gov. Expels Coal Gas Driller After Company Polluted Groundwater W. Benzene, Other Toxins

Nuclear whistle-blower backed by watchdog agency; safety board rebukes Energy Secretary Steven Chu

Xpost from GD: A 50,000-Foot View of the Global Crisis

Wind-power backers say criticism keeps many quiet

France includes nuclear power exit among options (three quarters of French want full exit)

a lot of nuclear electricity and a lot of eco-electricity don't fit together as economic concepts

"a pointless conversation between a pompous fundamentalist Christian and a sneering atheist"

Pilots Refuse to Fly Atheist Banners

So do you prefer THIS type of religious music, or gospel/hymns and all that?

Pro-Gay Measure Leads to Heated Exchange

Govt. Withdraws Appeal in Bankruptcy Case

Bails set for teens charged with hate crime in harassment at train station

House: No gay weddings by military chaplains

Jamaican Lesbian Granted Asylum In UK

Presbyterians to officially allow gay clergy

Army to suspend DADT discharges, accept gay recruits

Fox News: Gays “Indoctrinating” Your Kids

Gray and Gay: Closeted Psychiatrist Comes Out After 40 Years