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Anybody watching Bill Clinton on CSpan now?

"Austerity measures" = criminal banks, it's that simple

Put a face on it.

John Dean says Murdoch's Hackergate=Watergate (and he would know)

So, I cannot mention the R/W site that has so offended me per DU Admin.

What put us in this hole...

Who, with any sense of shame, would use SSI benefits as a bargaining chip?

If Obama doesn't fight for we the people's ENTITLEMENTS, he doesn't deserve to win.

If a democrat and a republican fought an old-fashioned duel.....

End the fucking wars. Tax the hell out of the multi-millionaires, billionaires

Probe of Arpaio's (Rpiehole) top aides costs taxpayers $102K

Probe of Arpaio's (Rpiehole) top aides costs taxpayers $102K

Flaccid one-liner posts bore the shit out of me.

Realigning elections in United States history

Drug Company Illegally Experimented on Wounded Soldiers in Iraq, Lawsuit Says

Public Policy Polling survey shows Bachmann surging in New Hampshire

So...DH is no longer a police officer.

Administration sources cautioned AGAINST a Washington Post report Wed. Night.

Fuck all the haters who vote third-party.

Rep. Xavier Becerra supports Social Security

History Channel airing wonderful Kennedy family home movies

Daily Beast: Murdoch Scandal’s Appalling Turn

Daily Beast: Murdoch Scandal’s Appalling Turn

Our nuclear tragedy (UK 2009)

Facebook, Google Battle To Be Video-Calling Home Base: Worth keeping on your watch list

So Goldman Sachs, after raping the economy, moves thousands of

Is Something going on right now on the London Underground (subway)?

"How WikiLeaks Rocked Tunisia"

Dawood Ibrahim, LeT in Russia's list of terror financiers

Ugandan school used live bomb as bell

A Tour Guide To Collaborative Consumption

Marriage licences in NYC now read: "Bride/Groom/Spouse A" and "Bride/Groom/Spouse B."

“Vanishing of the Bees” Reveals an Ongoing Struggle for Pollinator Populations

So it's 1:45 am

Boeing Overcharges Taxpayers By Up To 177,000 Percent For Army Helicopter Parts

Boeing Overcharges Taxpayers By Up To 177,000 Percent For Army Helicopter Parts

There should have never been a sale in the first place.

From Alternet: "The 10 Scariest GOP Governors:...."

The Tea Party vs. The 'Freeloader' (The central tension for the Tea Party...“workers” vs. “people

I had no idea that the Debt Limit increase has always been a partisan vote.

Michele Bachmann’s White-Washed America

Michele Bachmann: Drill Baby Drill, Mine Baby Mine

Nuclear cleanup company exec: Crisis will slow nuclear growth

here's a legal case you SHOULD follow- Courtroom Battle Begins on Abortion Sonogram Law

The Republicans are becoming political geniuses.

Does repuke hypocrisy know any limits? Repukes investigating Kagan's role in Health Care Reform

Can we have a New Distraction now, please?

Toon: Negotiations

Pak nuclear stockpile to touch 200 in a decade: Experts

Al Qaeda possibly creating killer robots that look, act just like humans

The only way we teach Obama how to draw a line is by drawing one for him.

The Nation: Government in Afghanistan Nears Collapse

We are all chumps

Baseball players must not lie to Congress

Oh this just gets better and better,

Eric Cantor wants to "offset tax cuts somewhere else." Where might that somewhere else be, dipshit?

Toon: Tossed over the side

Where is Nancy Pelosi?

The Atlantic and Caribbean are warming up

Wednesday, August 3, 2011, the day the US doesn't pay its debts

Life After the Death of Collective Bargaining

Who will announce the Debt Limit Deal?

Yesterday I heard on the radio news that young latinos outnumber young white

The average monthly Social Security benefit for a retired worker is about $1,177

Pelosi to headline fundraiser for Wisconsin recall

Toons on 'the trial'

So they sentenced her to four years in jail

Drift: How This Ship Became a Floating Gitmo

Can someone do the math for me?

White House official pushes back that it won’t be making a “grand offer” on Social Security.

"The most important document in American history"

We're all in a tizzy because Obama is going to slash SS and Medicare --

Toons: The republicans portrayed as childish, terrorists, etc.-Why Give in?


Has You Tube somehow changed - or does it have problems today?

Both the NYT and Wash Post have front page articles on Obama's betrayal

With rumors of surgically implanted bombs, what's the TSA gonna put us through at airports now?

Le Freak, C’est Chic

Mr President: "Your base" has nothing to lose by staying home.

Take Action Now!

Is there anyone here who thinks that Murdoch Inc. ISN'T doing

The bare-faced truth about big fat liars

Don't blame me, I voted for....

"Crazy for God" author Frank Schaeffer: Bachmann's Christianity Radical Even for Evangelicals

I'm just going to come out and say it-- Obama is a bad Democratic president

Why doesn't the Justice Department do something about all the right wing efforts to prevent

TOM THE DANCING BUG: Super-Fun-Pak Comix

Toons on money, with a special "modest proposal"

Why are DUers promoting ReTHUG spin since last night

Obama's modest proposal: Old people, would you kindly die already? nt

Gay Marriage Gains Ground Among Insiders. 84% of Dems say support it. 56% of GOP say avoid it.

Sad truth matter what happens to me and mine or you and yours

Medicaid Could Improve One's Overall Health, Financial Security: Study

South Korea to digitize all textbooks by 2015, provide tablets for school kids

There are some changes to Social Security I support

We've Attacked Libya With $368 Million Worth of Bombs

The good old days

Is Obama studying to be a Master speleologist?

Let them eat Republican (s)

It's Obama's Way

Wall Street boosted by two upbeat employment reports

Rethuglican House plans to kill the Webb Space Telescope-Hubble's successor

Fifteen Silliest Uses Of Taxpayer Money

Jan Brewer AZ gov. retains a slave laborer kid after clemency board votes to release.

Technically the WH is correct, and SS is *OK*, Medicare and Medicaid are ......

We'll likely know the outcome sometime after 11:00 AM EST

We'll likely know the outcome sometime after 11:00 AM EST

Remember when Al Gore said he would put Social Security in a lock box? /nt

How have ReTHUGS convinced people that the Bush tax cuts

Tea party Democrats do exist (polls show about 5-10% are Dems)

This historical reminder brought to you by a Social Security recipient.

Ariz. Sheriff to Run Chain Gang at All Star Game

What’s Wrong with the Obama Administration’s Cuts to Medicaid (New Deal 2.0)

Unnamed Source: Billions Found in White House Walls


Calif. moves to control health insurance rates

Hmm, maybe the Prosecution was INCOMPETENT?

Some left-wingers were gloating about the reduced Democratic presence in Congress in 2010.

Some left-wingers were gloating about the reduced Democratic presence in Congress in 2010.

Sometimes it is better to let the Wolf be the Wolf... sooner rather than later....

warning, Ariz. dust storm carried illness for humans and pets

US Army spent $2.7 billion on a battlefield computer that doesn’t work

Government as a household? Let's look at the rest of the family dynamic.

Majority Want No Changes in Benefits( Changes in Entitlements, Not Benefits)

Bar complaint filed against Anthony's attorney for rude gesture

MSNBC Shoots Down Proposed Chris Matthews Cameo(with Breitbart) in Aaron Sorkin’s HBO Pilot

Now you know: YOU will be paying for the aristocrat's wars and corporate welfare.

Father spoke of having Obama adopted

Progressives Were Right: Obama's Health Plan Not Solving Crisis

Grassroots group campaigns against school vouchers, unchecked expansion of charters

Why Do Working Class People Vote Against Their Economic Interests?

All that bullshit and all that money and another day in court and...

To put Obama on notice re: SS and Medicare cuts....

To put Obama on notice re: SS and Medicare cuts....

Going Big: Obama Reportedly Seeking $4T Deal, Major Entitlement Cuts, Tax Changes - FDL

people upset about jellyfish, toxic leaks at UK nuke plant

Meryl Streep As Margaret Thatcher : MHO: The best actress ever.

Should Ginsburg Resign?

Should Ginsburg Resign?

Oh SUPRISE! Repig Dan Coats talking on Senate floor about how to fuck SS!

The Rude Pundit: Chris Christie Is Your Fat Fucking Future

It is Social Security and Medicare that deserve applause and appreciation

Average Monthly SS check: $1177.00-- proposed cut: 22%

About "Breaking News" what good is it???

You have two hours to call the White House and tell them

I got some First World Problems

Killing Old People Is Fiscally Responsible

Durbin is on Bloomberg talking about Social Security and Medicare, out of two sides of his mouth.

Overrule the Supreme Court on campaign finance reform

Study: Ohio tax breaks not creating jobs in Cleveland area

Study: Ohio tax breaks not creating jobs in Cleveland area

Murdoch gets some just desserts. Forced to close major UK newspaper

Murdoch gets some just desserts. Forced to close major UK newspaper

Recall fundraiser to feature Pelosi, other Dems

Old joke that reminds me of today

Is The Sun, a UK newspaper, owned by Murdoch.

The OMNI-Present Eric Cantor: House Leader hits five AM talkers to set the debt limit table.

Sorry to interrupt, but I have Fukushima updates for July 7

Morbidity and Mortality numbers will go thru the roof:


Meanwhile...8 children and 3 women die in NATO Afghanistan strike

Whose Recovery? 88% of Post-Recovery Income Growth Has Gone to Corporations, Just 1% to Workers

Whose Recovery? 88% of Post-Recovery Income Growth Has Gone to Corporations, Just 1% to Workers

Jindal Signs Anti-Choice Bill, Likens Women Who Receive Abortions To Criminals - ThinkProgress

Jindal Signs Anti-Choice Bill, Likens Women Who Receive Abortions To Criminals - ThinkProgress

Is preventing a credit default worth possible cuts to SSI, Medicare, and other social programs?

Anyone remember the Booshies said our debt wasn't important because it was such a small % of GDP

Not one goddamned word is being spoken in negotiations about WAR SPENDING.

"The President's position is, today, what it was in January"

Eight Federal Agencies Have FOIA Requests a Decade Old, According to Knight Open Government Survey

Van Jones on Thom Hartmann

Rep. Allen West commends President Obama

French right-wing populist Le Pen attracting voters by railing against immigration and globalization

Gov. Christie vetoes are designed to cut down on 'red tape' (power grab)

Gov. Christie vetoes are designed to cut down on 'red tape' (power grab)

Progressives (CPC) Won't Criticize Obama For Proposed Social Security Cuts

Immigrant rights, labor try to forge tighter bond

Here's One Reason To Have A Primary Opponent For Obama...

Today we're called foolish for believing Obama may cut SS ...

Apple users complain over MobileMe 'censorware'

clarification by vote of DU policy

Sen. Franken speaking on Debt Crisis on Senate floor, LIVE (LINK)

GOP Senator Kirk is cranking up the GOP outrage machine now

Jesus... 'Obama Seeks Broad Deal On Entitlements, Tax Code In Debt Talks' - LATimes

Jesus... 'Obama Seeks Broad Deal On Entitlements, Tax Code In Debt Talks' - LATimes

Can we impeach Obambi for false advertising/campaigning?

Because President Obama doesn't play dirty with GOP

Because President Obama doesn't play dirty with GOP

I give up...

U.S. judge unimpressed with Apple ‘App Store’ trademark claim

Ok I have been thinking about this, end the wars

Forget Health care "reform"; cutting SS would be the work of a *true* death panel.

Potential Cuts in SS -- It's time to draw our line

This is our Harriet Miers moment.

"Where Else Are They Going To Go?"

An Atlanta Resident confronts John Lewis over Libya

Cantor could rake in windfall if debt ceiling isn’t raised

Texas Supreme Court: no e-voting paper trail required

Forgot financial insolvency...

Your SS benefits aren't going to be cut.... stop with the drama

Franken: "Repubs seek Top drop from 35% to 25%." OMG. THIS is Why the Attack on SS/Medicare.

Congratulations to Pete Peterson, the Bankers, and Third Way "Democrats"

Beware Democratic politicians that say:"Republicans have good ideas too"

How about - we pool everything we KNOW?

Latest Pew Poll: "Majority Don't Want Entitlement Cuts to Reduce Deficit"/ TPM

Well... For What It's Worth...

Well... For What It's Worth...

Yes they will cut entitlements, and no we cannot afford them

Should we pass a Constitutional Amendment outlawing the use

Those willing to cut 'entitlements' are not entitled to my vote. n/t

Murdoch's company has become the gift that keeps on giving to all his enemies.

Interesting comments on News Of The World shutdown from the BBC website.

I wish every American would listen to these 2 minutes with Bernie Sanders on social security

PLEASE Contact Your Congress Members/White House To Voice Your Opinion

Sector Update: Energy Shares Climb as Crude Futures Surge to Top $98 a Barrel

Obama Says Debt Talks ‘Constructive,’ but Big Gaps Remain

Judge to decide if reporter must testify at trial

How many have contacted Obama / Lawmakers over Social Security Cuts

Chinese Firms Developing Armed Drones; Eyes Pakistan for Sales

"Why don't we all wait until the details of his plan are given?"

EPA to test air in homes near Montana oil spill

Senator Sheldon Whitehouse puts Obama on notice: DON'T BET ON IT

Work = Products = jobs = money = products = work = jobs

The Third Way: A Definition

Obama IS a child of the Reagan election

I Survived Surgery And Im Back....Well Sorta????

Murdoch stuns critics, shuts down scandal-hit paper

This Video Shows the White House is Open to Social Security Cuts

This Video Shows the White House is Open to Social Security Cuts

Hmmmmm. How's everyone doing?

Apple Sics Secret Service on Spy Cam Artist

Nurses Organization Urges National Protests Against Cuts in Medicare, Social Security, Medicaid

Eliot Spitzer canceled by CNN

Apple is invisibly filtering outgoing messages sent with its popular MobileMe webmail app

Does President Obama Want Bachman/Palin/Romney in the WH?

Wingnuts / 'Baggers have contempt for working stiffs (BecKKK's substitute host)

How FDR Did It

Industry ministry to check reactors cooling systems (JAPAN)

Survivors of Syria's Hama massacre (1982) watch and hope

Signs of summer absent as radiation fears grip Fukushima (JAPAN)

The writing is on the WALL.....Obama

I just wonder when Harry Reid is going to kick some republican ass?

Nuke crisis refugees form association to preserve village-in-exile's community ties (JAPAN)

Hats off to the Barnes & Noble employee

Faux declares war on Media Matters

THIS is why homeschooling fails (just sayin)

News of the World writer regrets suicide of Denholm Elliott's daughter after hit piece

Pest exterminators mobilized to help in quake-hit regions (JAPAN)

Hey! Remember when Obama caved on the Budget talks and the Pubs got everything?

If you want to escape this madness for a while and have cable TV

Restart of Genkai reactors put on hold amid distrust of gov't (JAPAN)

Can an individual buy futures on air time?

Breaking it down to simple English...

Japan nuclear restart in doubt as test plan provokes fury

I think people that are not handicapped that park in handicapped spots should go to jail

Let me make this clear: if Obama fucks with Social Security or Medicare, he will be a one term pres.

Well... It's Not Like We Weren't Warned...

Bribes to Police totaled $160,000 in hacking scandal..posted there by denem, link:

Pelosi: House Democrats will oppose Social Security, Medicare benefit cuts

Call congress! Right %###@@&& NOW!!!!!!!

Sen. Hatch is an asshole. /nt

Kos takes on Lamar Smith (R-TX & Head of House Judiciary Committee) over E-Verify



Ezra Klein: Health care doesn't keep people healthy -- even in Canada

It's a SPENDING problem, not a revenue problem!!

Well, she does have a point.

Sources: House Dems Stunned By White House Debt Proposal, Read Obama

A salute to the Third Way

MN: Transit Woes Loom

Hooooray! Oil is back up to 98/bbl and gas prices in our area are going

AARP Screams Bloody Murder, Warns Against Changing CPI Definition And Cuts To Social Security

Stiglitz on how tax cuts, wars, recession and health care bankrupted the country

Time lapse of the Phoenix dust storm

Time lapse of the Phoenix dust storm

Park rangers: No search for bear that mauled hiker

Re: Social Security

Fukushima today: Nuke plant equipment fails quake-resistance check

What the papers won’t say (about the News International Scandal)

I just want to say that I love my rep, my governor and one of my senators

Big Loss for Big Media and the FCC: Court Rejects Media Consolidation Push

So how do we know Murdoch's U.S. Companies aren't hacking also?

petition against Soc Sec and Medicare cuts:

Here are three numbers that tell the whole story on Social Security: $14,000; 90%; $0.

Pelosi: Medicare, Social Security Benefit Cuts Will Threaten Vote On Debt Limit Bill - TPMDC

Obama aide: Gun legislation in 'near future'

nobody cares what we (liberals/hippies) think...

So what's your plan in 2012? Staying home, or voting GOP?

H.R.1 - American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 Why the G.O.P. Cannot Compromise

I'd like to say "farewell" to all the people who are leaving...

Here's where to tell Obama you will not support his reelection if he cuts SS.

Question: If Obama had an 83% dem congress do you think he'd negotiate anything on SS and Medicare?

Take 3 secs to vote on a poll on Gay Marriage, please

We let war criminals and torturers walk free, you think your money matters?

Chase Gets Man Thrown In Jail For Fraudulent Check. Except The Check Is Legit.

Breaking: WaPo article claims SS to be cut, WH denies it, DU implodes.

Mitsui to build huge solar power plants in disaster areas (JAPAN)

My bet is that the pukes will get what they want and still crash the economy

My bet is that the pukes will get what they want and still crash the economy

The Stock Market is Perfectly Set Up For Another 2008 Crisis

An elephant called Murdoch in the room

Et Tu, Obama? Talk of Social Security Cuts Triggers Widespread Outrage - NewDeal2.0

House proposal would cut civil legal aid by $104 million

Does everyone see what just happened?

Allen West praises Obama for proposing major changes to Social Security...

From doublespeak dept White House spokesman Jay Carney says Social Security ALWAYS was on the table!

TIME TO PROTEST! Social Security, Medicare and MUST NOT be touched! Please write these ASAP:

Sen. Hatch showed some respect for Progressive budget - because the caucus had balls


My dear Skinner


Write the White House asking Medicare be left alone! Let's do it! Here are instructions!!

(Iowa) Crane operator says he was fired for not crossing picket line

What cuts to medicare and SS are being discussed

Help me write my letter to my congressman.

tying the payroll tax rate to the unemployment rate is a good idea...

Frequently Asked Questions about the Chained Consumer Price Index for All Urban Consumers (C-CPI-U)

They are playing chess?

10 Questions Bachmann's Husband Must Answer About "Christian Counseling"

Al Qaeda Republicans

The 2008 Democratic Platform Document... Retirement Security ..

"Brian Dickerson, writing for the U.S. progressive liberal website Democratic Underground..."

I don't want dollar for dollar match of "pain and sacrifice"

Patrick Leahy To Hold Hearing On DOMA Repeal

Hunger Strike by Inmates Is Latest Challenge to California’s Prison System

Hunger Strike by Inmates Is Latest Challenge to California’s Prison System

"American" companies created more jobs overseas than here in America...

Hedge Funds Bet on Wider European Debt Crisis

This is not a friendly website.

"Austerity measures" impoverish people and ruin economies

Watchdog group files FOIA request for details of Justice Thomas’ jet and yacht travel

Froomkin: House Republicans Propose Slashing Congressional Budget

What's that chucklehead Lazio talking about on Cenk's show with Rev. Al?

For goodness sakes, why not address the debt limit problem in the traditional way

Has anyone decided to challenge Barack Obama in the primary?

Has anyone decided to challenge Barack Obama in the primary?

IF Obama signs S. Sec. Cuts the Electorate Will Blame HIM, not the Republicans

IF Obama signs S. Sec. Cuts the Electorate Will Blame HIM, not the Republicans

Al Sharpton's first guest is Bernie Sanders...

There is one man responsible for the phone hacking scandal in the UK.

There is one man responsible for the phone hacking scandal in the UK.

DEMs need to "Wash their Hands of Social Security Cuts"

DEMs need to "Wash their Hands of Social Security Cuts"

Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam willing to take lead on Internet sales tax

QUIN WILLIAMS: Middle class is being left behind

Take action on SS & Medicare HERE:

Take action on SS & Medicare HERE:

Where is our Rick Santelli moment? Who will strike the match for the birth of our Tea Party?

House Dems draw the line at benefit cuts

Scientists have finally demonstrated that sex is useful.

Behind the NLRB attacks (top GOP donors!)

Reverend Al (filling in for Cenk) will be showing the clip of

Thank You Representative Ellison !!!

'We raised the debt ceiling seven times during the bu$h* Administration'

Casey Anthony!! OMG, al Qaida with firecrackers up their asses!!!!

Dick Morris to moderate Republican Twitter Tea Party prez debate

The Atlantic from an hour ago: 5 Things to Watch For in Debt Ceiling Crunch-Time

Trusting in the Republicans and trying to 'fix' Social Security problems

I hereby apologize to Mike

I hereby apologize to Mike

Obama's 2009 positions re: social security

Romney Fundraising Numbers Scaring Repukes

"But, Senator Hatch, the people have no bread..."

Republicans should be called Terrorists for their threat to refuse to raise the Debt Ceiling

Oh FFS! We could have the ENTIRE National Debt Paid Off in 15 Short Years!

Ronald Reagan's Greatest Economic Legacy: American Cannabis

LOL !!! - Have You Guys Seen This ???

Here's A Graphic For Your Files...

The party has yes to the Third Way and to real progressives, hit the highway.

All three of my kids were conceived because of Alcohol.

Police were close to Amber Alert for brothers murdered in Madison

Bernie Sanders tweets: On SS surplus

Tonight on Countdown: Senator Bernie Sanders

Rupert Murdoch worked and struggled to buy his first newspaper News of the World

Its not clear to me just what is meant by "hacking" a cell phone

Why is the Obama Team Embracing Hooverism?

Their tax cuts allow them to buy luxury homes, yachts, and planes

Today I have had just enough!

When this crisis is over, I have a suggestion to

Senator Bernie Sanders is the one politician I trust right now

*Good interview on Lawrence show w Steny Hoyer abt what Dems will accept.

Here's what President Obama had to say about today's meeting

Fox News Accidentally Reports On News Corp Hacking Scandal

Bloomberg to Officiate at Gay Wedding

The Absurdist Revolutionary Party's Revolution Started Today. JOIN US!

Hire me!

4 Myths About The U.S. Economy

Should you save for your kid's retirement?

A Stabbing is a Painful Cut.

Dupe - Delete

It is the same god damned argument every single time

Righthaven faces $119,000 legal fee demand

Righthaven faces $119,000 legal fee demand

STephen Colbert just got his superpac.....Al Franken got voted in...I think we

Am I missing something?

We are not going to take this politely.

Remembering Howard Zinn on Obama: "...a mediocre president, which means...a dangerous president"

WH: Talk of SS cuts "Overshoot the runway", no "Grand Offer". Know what they're NOT saying? "NO"

What Is Howard Dean Doing These Days?.......

Having to borrow trillions of dollars solely to fund tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans who

An emergency vote should go to the people since these "elected" officials

An emergency vote should go to the people since these "elected" officials


Chase Bank-Gets Man Thrown In Jail-He Loses Job For Fraudulent Check-Except The Check Is Legit.

Right now, is as good a time as any, to work towards a DEM Congressional super majority

Right now, is as good a time as any, to work towards a DEM Congressional super majority

Liberals in uproar over Obama overture on Social Security

House Dems Scramble After Obama Insists On "Grand Bargain "

Man charged in stabbing death claims Obama assassination plan

Which fucking politician will suffer some "pain" in this jiggering of priorities?

Gore proposed “putting both Social Security and Medicare in an ironclad lockbox, where..."

Shocker: A Governor Scores a Big Victory for Workers' Rights

the crisis of liberalism in America may have most to do with the lack of a vibrant,vocal left flank

Is a Social Security "lock box" an unimportant issue per Nader in 2000?

In case you're wondering, it's 22%

Food Companies That Serve You 'Wood'

WOO HOO, Copyright troll Righthaven now starts paying those it sued

Mayhem at White House as newly-freed Candidate Obama lays siege against Robot Obama

Why is this feeling like deja vu?

WOW, so I guess everyone is pissed off, then?

Let's get fuckin real

I'd just like to remind everyone . . .

LOL...imagine if there was a GOP President and Senate and we were threatening...

Excuse me, Sen. Jim DeMint? It's "VICE PRESIDENT Biden," not "BIDEN," you arrogant piece of shit.

testified in federal court Thursday that he had put “a couple” family members on the town payroll

The Wilton Plan to fix the economy

Psychiatric health issues now on govt planning list (JAPAN)

I guess it is up to our Democratic Representation in Congress now


In 1960, the Supreme Court ruled that no one has a legal right to Social Security benefits

GOP doesn't want the solution to be jobs. I know why. I don't understand why

Why isn't the Democratic Party

If Obama cuts social security and loses the election...

Obama to Push for Wider Deal With G.O.P. on Deficit Cuts

In-state tuition opponents have signatures for referendum

In-state tuition opponents have signatures for referendum

O M G! President Obama is going to do something...

So what will happen to the USA as the reserve currency if the repukes sink the debt ceiling talks?

Pelosi not informed in advance of Obama's broader reform plans

Talking about security clearances in HS... story just now on Market Place

Chris Hayes (on for Lawrence) is being tough with Steny --

The Tax Cut Fairy

Pres Obama - Let the American People decide if they want Social Security Cuts

I think Obama should tell all federal agencies to prepare for default

Why do you dislike the Republican Party?

"The one thing I'm clear about is that I'd rather be a really good one-term President than...

Years Ago... Pictures Like This Used To Impress Me... Not Anymore...

W.H. says no again to tax-repatriation break

If anyone here is a Wikipedia editor, please edit this page.

Roundup and birth defects. Is the public being kept in the dark?

Sorry, I'm not ready to freak out yet.

Just a friendly reminder, from the DU Rules:

Buffett: GOP Threatening To ‘Blow Your Brains Out’ Over Debt Ceiling

The wealthy are redistributionists

Either find me a candidate to support in the Democratic primaries or get off my back..

Tea Party Nation goes further down the White Nationalist route

CNN Set to Compromise Reputation for Ratings

Breaking: News of the World Will NOT Close--Merely Change its Name

Breaking: News of the World Will NOT Close--Merely Change its Name

The tale of two forums

they're out there digging for shit 24/7 non-stop

Five questions that need to be asked and answered at every town hall and every press conference

(video)GOP: House Republicans Have Privately Discussed Impeaching Obama Over Debt Ceiling

Naomi Klein: Climate change and disaster in Montana

From a young lady in 2009: "We are not quitters."

Does ANY1 here have the ear or eye of ANY liberal in the media?

Anyone else really upset Eliott Spitzer's show on CNN was cancelled?

A DEMOCRATIC president is going to end what saved

after today, I think we all need a drink...

Obama's State of the Union: 'We do big things'

Taylor Marsh in 2007, predicting Obama's Social Security capitulation

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

HuffPo: Mayor Bloomberg To Officiate Gay Aides' Wedding On Day Same-Sex Marriage Becomes Law

The Hamsher-Norquist alliance wins again.

Liberals Fear Obama Is Bungling Debt Talks

We survived Bush. You will survive Obama-- Facebook page

We survived Bush. You will survive Obama-- Facebook page

how much is too much? And when will the working class push back?

how much is too much? And when will the working class push back?

Interesting, CNN obliterates FOX when it comes to on-line traffic

ED SCHULTZ IS ANGRY! Anyone watching him on MSNBC? He's saying this puts the election on the line

They use bait dogs when they train Pit Bulls. Smaller, weaker dogs or puppies

President Obama Is Following CA Governor Brown's Example - GOP Can't Accept "Proposed" Cuts

FRANK RICH on with Tavis Smiley tonight on your local PBS

"What's Wrong With This Country" in a nutshell.

It has finally jumped the pond-Calls for investigating Murdoch's US News holdings for phone hacking

When did people start calling them "entitlement" programs?

So much hyperbole, so much gnashing of teeth....

Congratulations, Obama.

Jesus... You Just Can't Make This Shit Up...

Ex-national security advisor warns inequality could lead to unrest

The world lost a great union activist today. His name was John Mackey and he played in the NFL

I think that hypothetically that somebody like...

KABOOOOOOOOOOM! Murdoch's phone hacking scandal crosses the Atlantic

Obama, Democrats risking political future as the "Social Security Slashers"

Obama Admin. OK's Shooting Wolves on Sight in Wyoming

Pelosi's face is hilarious in this picture.

MP says that there is more evidence implicating the entire MURDOCH AGENCY...FOX too>?

Humane Society, United Egg Producers Team Up To Support Historic Chicken Welfare Legislation

Not looking for medical advice, but my MIL has SHINGLES. Does it get better?

"an avalanche of arrests" coming in Murdoch case?

Does Making Streets into Commons "Irk" Drivers--or Enliven Cities?

At signing ceremony for anti-abortion bill, "proud" Piyush compares women to criminals

Yahoo to stream Gore's Current TV

Social Security Is Untouchable

Police report 7 dead in Northeast Grand Rapids, MI

Those imported cars built by workers who don't contribute to SS and Medicare really bit our ass

Warning Rant: Can't stand Nancy Grace & Court tv so much

Have you downloaded the Progressive Voices app yet?

Father Discussed Adoption for Obama, Records Show

Casey Anthony case: Respect the jury, BUT she's most likely guilty.

What Should I Do With My Retirement Money?.......

Ok what ails us as an economy needs CAPITALIST solutions

12 MILLION could die from drought in Africa - we HAVE to do something

Talks: Inflation Change Could Cut Social Security - AP

Living with pets may protect infants from allergies

Just a Thought on "the possibility of Cuts to SS and Medicare"

DailyKos: "A Non-Hysterical Progressive Analysis of so called Social Security Cuts on the Table"

In the old days we would not even be discussing

Do you trust Barack Obama to do the right thing with SS, Medicare and Medicaid?

Would anything be accomplished if Texas split into 5 states?

Would anything be accomplished if Texas split into 5 states?

A reminder, from Tim Wise, why we, in the end, will win

Become a citizen co-sponsor of Sheldon Whitehouse's Protecting Social Security and Medicare Res

Man loses his job after Chase bank has him arrested for cashing their own check

Third Way's brilliant strategy: divide Democrats between the platform and the President

AARP Draws Line In Sand: Prepared to go to war over any cuts to Social Security.

AARP Draws Line In Sand: Prepared to go to war over any cuts to Social Security.

Pelosi Blindsided By Obama (TPM)

Orrin Hatch: The 'Poor' Should Do More To Shrink Debt, Not The Rich

Orrin Hatch: The 'Poor' Should Do More To Shrink Debt, Not The Rich

Freepers are obsessed with "Fast & Furious" ATF operation...

Hey, what do you think the republicans will demand NEXT YEAR

More On COLA v. Chained CPI Soc. Sec. Cut... Plus Handy Chart...

3 Months in Juvie For a MySpace Joke? For-Profit Prison Industry Locks Up More Each Year

Liberals warn Obama against cutting entitlement benefits

Hillary Clinton, please challenge Obama in the primary!

Why is Social Security in this debt ceiling discussion?

It doesn't take a psychic to get this right...

Okay, You're Mad at Obama. Here's Some Very Sound, Practical Advice.

How Many States That Ban Gay Marriage Let You Marry Your Cousin?

"Lifting the cap on SS payments is one of the measures... that's being discussed" --Rep. Clyburn

Forget Obama and his negotiations, he still need Dems in the Senate to vote for this piece of shit

Obama Faces Heat From The Left Over Social Security - LATimes

Any old-timers around??

We're holding your feet to the fire, President Obama. Just like you asked us to.

In my opinion, people who go "WOO HOO AMERICA FUCK YEAH" at executions

No matter how disgusted you are, not voting is the WORST choice

O... M... G... 'Obama’s Political, Economic Advisers Say Jobless Rate Won’t Matter in 2012' - FDL

Frank Zappa nailed it:

Builder Lennar Bulldozes Forlorn, Empty Homes.

Oh Bama!

I get $ 620 a month on disability....

Just to be clear. The Democrats that I have defended, voted for, worked for,

Greenwald: It's clear Obama, not the Republicans, is the driving force behind entitlement cuts.

"There you go again"

I heard this morning the cuts are going to be 46%

I heard this morning the cuts are going to be 46%

We're all Republicans now.

Brzezinski: Wealth inequality could lead to social unrest

Egypt Suspicious Of U.S. Meddling In Transition To Democracy

Bernie Sanders ON FIRE on Keith.....

Obama Has Finally Become Dick Cheney

"Revising the CPI would get Democrats off the hook, but at the cost of another shameful desertion...

Well... The Assholes At Third Way Are Loving It...

Bush Raised Debt Ceiling Five Times – With Votes from GOP Leaders Boehner, Cantor and McConnell Ever

I'm going to state the obvious here...

'Mean Jean' Schmidt Faces Ethics Investigation

I think I'm going to stay out of the DU war that has just begun.

Here's how the Obama administration can cut Social Security benefits without calling them cuts!

Activism From MoveON... "If Obama cuts Social Security..."

IF the RICH did not get Social Security.... I'd go for that

Bachmann pledges to ban pornography,

They're Just Not Touching the "Third Rail"

K&R if you will not donate to candidates who vote or agree to cut Social Security...

Could some one tell me why...

Why we need term limits

I'm Staying Loyal to Obama on This One

Pelosi: Medicare, Social Security Benefit Cuts Are Line In The Sand On Debt Limit Bill

Elizabeth Smart becoming contributor to ABC News missing person stories

What Obama Wants - Paul Krugman/NYT

city doesn't like a garden in the front yard ...

The Great Social Security Heist Already Happened

Third Way applauds Obama for laying hands on the “third rail” of American politics.

White House: No Change In Obama’s Position On Social Security (will NOT 'slash benefits')

Find a Marxist group near you or on line and JOIN IT........

why would Saudi Arabia need 200+ new tanks?

Let me explain to you young folk why this SS battle is so important.

No, I will not

Hold on: The US Supreme Court refused to uphold the

"News of the World" UK Tabloild is History.

News of the World

House Subcommittee Spending Bill Guts Major Environmental Protections

Congratulations President Obama, you did what 8 years of Bush could not

Green card and citizen info?

Fenton Glass shutting down main furnace

ALERT: The private insurers are taking over!

A poll on how DU feels about Dominique Strauss Kahn vs. the maid.


"What we're watching is the death of the Democratic Party as most of us have known it"

White Male Privilge: Most people don't "get it"

Breaking news. Obama caves.

Change you cannot believe in: Restructuring the Social Security COLA formula

It looks like I won't give MoveOn another dime.

7.6 Pacific earthquake shakes remote Kermadec Islands

Can somebody explain this to me?

Suggest to your state - Caylee's Law Proposal

Suggest to your state - Caylee's Law Proposal

Obama refused to speak to Democratic Caucus - Dems learn of Obama-GOP SS-cut deal thru press

What would happen if an admirable Democrat were to mount a Primary challenge to Obama?

Our surreal debate over taxing the rich

Sen. Jeff Sessions Fights Against "Pathetic" Notion That Rich People Pay Their Share of Taxes

PSC staffer: Power plant plan hurts Ga. customers

In debt talks, Obama offers Social Security cuts

New York City Clerk Extends Office Hours for Gay Marriage Surge

UK veterans group severs ties with News of World

OPPD reinstalling dam at (flooded Fort Calhoun Nuclear) plant

Obama puts Medicare, Social Security cuts on the table

N. Korea paid Pakistan for nuclear weapons tech

UK troops in Iraq 'governed by human rights code'

News International Says Sunday News of the World to be Last Issue

Eric Cantor: Close loopholes and cut taxes

BREAKING: Murdoch closes News of the World

News of the World to close amid hacking scandal

US firearms head admits Mexico firearms sting mistakes

Bidders For 30 Million Barrels Of Strategic Petroleum Reserve Disclosed; JP Morgan Requests $158 Mil

Phone hacking victims could number 4,000, says senior detective

Charter high schools in Detroit not making grade - Test scores for schools often trail DPS

Barack Obama's bolder approach to debt courts independent voters

News of the World paid bribes worth £100,000 to up to five Met officers

Unemployment Insurance Weekly Claims Report (07/07/2011)

Bill calling for state (CA) regulation of health insurance rates clears key hurdle

Reuters: Casey Anthony Sentenced to Four Years for Lying to Police

Shuttle's Last Flight Leaves Russia With Space Monopoly

Arpaio plans to employ chain gang outside All-Star game

5.6 quake rattles Japan

Yellowstone river oil spill throws spotlight on ExxonMobil and regulators

Canadian government demanded user data, Google reveals

Pakistani generals 'helped sell nuclear secrets'

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday, July 7, 2011

Shares in Rupert Murdoch's companies tumble as investors take fright

Buffett donations top $10 billion

Big Loss for Big Media and the FCC: Court Rejects Media Consolidation Push

Police: 7 killed in related SW Michigan shootings

Planned Parenthood Sues Over Budget Defunding (NC)

To Slow Piracy, Internet Providers Ready Penalties

Medicaid Makes 'Big Difference' In Lives, Study Finds

(David Cameron's Former Spinmeister) Andy Coulson to be arrested over phone hacking tomorrow

News of the World to close amid hacking scandal

Bloomberg to Preside at Gay Aides’ Wedding

Leaping! Leaping!

Joe Arpaio Loses Again: Maricopa County Settles for $200K in Mora Racial-Profiling Case

Detroit community demands end to racial profiling

What was the best retail job you've ever had?

A fire fighter is flaming out.

Where have you gone VegPeople?

Buffett: GOP Threatening To 'Blow Your Brains Out' Over Debt Ceiling

PHOTO: If you need a fork lift to move it, the burger's too damn big.

Little Feat - "Fat Man in the Bathtub," Pinkpop Music Festival, The Netherlands, June 1976


Weprin To Be Dem Candidate In NY-9

"Arizona dust storm is proof that I will never move to Arizona (22 Photos)"






Pelosi, Obama to hold White House meeting on Friday



Boehner: 'Maybe 50-50' Chance of a Debt Deal Reached Within 48 Hours

Obama Aide On Social Security Cut Story: It 'Overshoots The Runway'












(Supreme) Court won't stop execution of Mexican (Humberto Leal) (Obama requested a stay)





Senate Democrats fuming over Obama's apparent move on Social Security



Gov't to ease foreclosure rules for unemployed


Corner Pocket

Through the Wormhole - ESP



Lotus Flower

Should Junior Mints stop making scents?

Werewolves Of London

Tomorrow Never Knows


Let's Party!


I just saw "The Trip" with Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon




GOP Rep. Tim Scott Warns Of Obama Impeachment

Are we serving spam in here today?

Should the Talking Heads Stop Making Sense?

PHOTO: Simon "Shaun of the Dead"'s how HE rolls.


Don't make me pull this lounge over to the side of the road!

OK so if Tequila tastes better than Mezcal...

Jeremy Jackson Thinks Drinking Bottled Water Makes You Bisexual

Closing News of The World is losing a pawn to take the Queen


How NOT to celebrate the 4th of July

I hereby apologize to Mike

PHOTO: As a young 'un, MiddleFingerMom knew he wasn't cut out for the rodeo circuit.

I don't think I can keep this up any more, and I need to confide in someone.

a polka version Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody, performed inside a volkswagon

14th Amendment Option May Be Legit, Says Leading Senate Republican

Surgeons carry out first synthetic windpipe transplant




The very last News of the World will be published this coming Sunday


The Founding Fathers Rock!

Any bird watchers here?

Bear acted defensively in attacking hikers, Yellowstone officials say

What's the most disappointing

Did I miss soemthing? Is most Tequila no longer 100% Blue Agave anymore?

The best American accent by a rodent actor who's not a Chipmunk [View All]

need job interview vibes

I'm lewd, rude and I have a 'tude...

I feel like handing out some Damn Skippys tonight

I think it's time for a DU get together in NYC.

Should the US Mint stop making cents?

Fuggit. 4th shot of DJ Reposado is making me irrational.

Fiery words over GOP proposal to cut transportation funds

Sen. Whitehouse to Introduce Resolution: Cuts to Soc. Security & Medicare Should Be Off Table

It's possible that my body emits some kind of radio waves.


DJ Premier and Bun B "Let Em Know" Live at Highline Ballroom at the Slaughterhouse EP Release

best homemade sandwich so far this summer

All three of my kids were conceived because of Alcohol.

Should I get explosive implants?

PHOTOS: That is one FUGLY-assed, cluttered, tasteless $12.99 Million estate

Top ten signs you are a DU'er

clarification by vote of DU policy

We all know that God really wouldn't need a starship.

O Texas, my Texas...

Popular Sweetener May Pose Danger To Dogs


I just moved to Colorado

Who are you?

USA Today: Who's getting fired today?

Seems like Denverites know what they like - more Pot Shops then Starbucks

Well, she does have a point.

If there were a Nobel Prize for Nice, CaliforniaPeggy would be the perennial winner.

Despicable Me.

CNN breaks out Larry King to comment on Casey Anthony and shows why he is missed

Hey, let's make a sand castle ! ... or something.

Not looking for medical advice, but my MIL has SHINGLES. Does it get better?

Casting Game of Thrones season 2 (A Clash of Kings)

Macaque borrows photographer's camera to take hilarious self-portraits

Who's more hard-core? Vegetarians, Pescatarians, Vegans or Jains?

Porn Company Withdraws XXX Offer to Casey Anthony

Post a reply here and I'll call you a DORK unless.....

"A Dance With Dragons" dead pool!

I got up and walked OUT on a patient today.

Gov. Bobby Jindal signs illegal-immigrant hiring bills

MiddleFingerMom was kind enough to upload his photo a while back. Photoshoppers, I'm calling you OUT

THIS is why homeschooling fails (just sayin)

OK, I hadda laugh my ass off when Leno...

The Giant Hogweed makes the mainstream news...

Fried chicken poll

Raising the SS income cap is on the table, conservative activists nervous...

The Hill: Senate Dems rally around Conrad's left-leaning budget proposal, tax raises

Steve Benen: Welcome to the Grand Bargain

Defense spending faces $700 billion cut

Private Sector Jobs Surge; Weekly Claims Post Decrease

Steve Benen: Senate Dems still holding out for crazy notion of real compromise

Americans' Outlook on Personal Finances Unchanged Under Obama

Save your money

Cantor, don't whine about the debt when you insist closing loopholes be offset with more tax cuts

IT'S CHESS, RIGHT?? Just the latest move to make the other side look bad?

AARP Not Happy With Latest Debt Ceiling Talk

I don't care about giving big business 'confidence.' This is America. We take risks.

Boehner: 'Maybe 50-50' Chance of a Debt Deal Reached Within 48 Hours

SS/medicare cuts...can we please clarify?

Progressive Caucus supports restructuring, not benefit cuts

House Liberals demand no cuts to Medicare, Social Security in deficit deal

Like President Obama, I too prefer compromise and balance. But not now.

Pres. Obama makes statement on debt talks

Limbaugh To GOP Members Of Congress: Make Obama "Cave" On Debt Talks, Or You'll Be In "Big Trouble"

Senator Franken is speaking on the debt/deficit on C-Span2.

Budget Talks: Pelosi to Return to the White House Friday

It still blows my mind. A Democratic President hell-bent on slashing Social Security

Finally, some good news,

As If It Will Do ANY Good - Contact the White House On This SSI Outrage

Van Hollen: Dems will not support a budget 'on the back of Social Security beneficiaries'

We should wait and see what the proposal is to reduce the deficit

Social Security on the Fact Sheet

Obama deserves a primary opponent

We should wait and see what the proposal is to reduce the deficit

Obama meets new president of Peru

Kerry: Republican floor tactics are 'cynical, craven, and dangerous'

DU reminds me of a bunch of chickens running around with their heads cut off...

Why is Beck back???????

Looks like David Cameron's not too enamored of Mitt Romney, either

NYT: E.P.A. Issues Tougher Rules for Power Plants

Putting Social Security and Medicare on the table is a great idea.

Democrats Break With Obama, Oppose Entitlement Cuts In Debt Ceiling Deal

Do not consider Social Security a piggy bank for giving tax cuts to wealthiest people in our country

White House pushes back: won't consider changes that are unbalanced and include slashing benefits.

So was part of this Obama "deal" to avoid a recess session to appoint Elizabeth Warren?

CBS News reports that Obama is offering major cuts to Social Security

CBS news has been much better since Katie Couric left.

All of those who are disappointed in Obama, and are thinking of not voting in 2012,

Hey, People, don't be too pessimistic about cuts in SS and Medicare yet. .

14th Amendment Option May Be Legit, Says Republican Senator Grassley

Using an analogy from Barnicle this morning...

Prediction: GOP and their servile media will successfully blame Obama for all Medicare and SS cuts.

Flip Flopping Yet Again? Mitt Romney's definition of 'not participating in straw polls'

How smart is it to put government in a legal/financial straightjacket for decades to come?

Senate Budget Chairman Kent Conrad won’t unveil his budget to the public this week after all

I wish Nancy Pelosi were President

Concerning possible cuts in SS

Obama To Unveil Gun Control Reforms In Near Future

GOP "Flexible". Democrats "Cave."

As the media becomes obsessed with Perry possibly running his home state isn't

President Obama... Here's a thought about the pain of sacrifice.

Obama will not cut any Social Security benefits. You heard it here first.

Millionaire tax resolution clears hurdle

For a group of individuals who pride themselves on intelligence...

Cutting Social Security or Medicare/Medicaid is going to a place I cannot follow...

Social security and Medicare is really about the percentage our kids get to keep and spend

Ed Schultz: I'm DONE!!! with Obama

Back away from the ledge and read

GOP freak-out over ‘14th Amendment Option’ begins

All this gnashing of teeth and tearing of garments over 14 cents less per month?


Since when is the WASHINGTON POST a trusted source for news?

Would you support the impeachment of a Republican president solely for cutting Social Security?

Texas executes Mexican after Supreme Court rejects stay

New Housing Program Is Aimed at the Unemployed

White House: No Change In Obama’s Position On Social Security (will NOT 'slash benefits')

Obama vows to strengthen SS, will NOT slash benefits. ~ Huffington Post

Something the "Obama-has-deserted us" whiners need to remember about listening to the media....

Pelosi (fresh from the WH negotiations!) will be making a statement

How many times has the blogoshpere jumped the shark.. and then had to

Touched by greatness. Tell us about your run-ins with celebrities. Me I was driving on a street near

The Barack Obama Facebook Wall is Says it All!

Could someone explain to me what Obama has done to Social Security?

Clear winner in fundraising race: Obama by a mile...

I think I am the canary in the mine.

This is the essence of politics!

DU has finally convinced me that Obama is out to get us, so I will be supporting

Progressive Caucus DEFENDS President Obama on his Social Security Stance

Question for people who believe Obama does not want to gut Social Security:

The tendency that many progressives have to believe the worst about Obama is a big problem

Social Security is not on Obama's hit list ~ Salon

Silent Thread For FDR

White House Rules Out Constitutional Option On Debt Ceiling: Rep

Ezra Klein: The budget deals of Reagan, Bush, Clinton and Obama in one chart

Can someone please post a QUOTE from President Obama where he said that he is cutting SS benefits.

If the White House and Obama are trying to get Independents back there not making any gains

Orrin Hatch: The 'Poor' Should Do More To Shrink Debt, Not The Rich

If the 2012 presidential election was held today, for whom would you vote, or would you not vote?

Please tell me why I should not stay home in Nov 2012?

Prison inmates replace unionized workers in Racine, Wisconsin

Sudan: more evidence the north's govt is bombing civilians (in future Southern Sudan)

German Fourth Reich?

Mr. Michele Bachmann

Driving into AZ Haboob HD

Young Turks: Should Millionaires Share Burden Of Budget Cuts?

D.C. Taxi Heist: How a new law would screw drivers and riders


News Of The World: Der Untergang

David Pakman- CORRUPTION ALERT: Eric Cantor (R-VA) Could Make Money from Debt Ceiling Not Raised

How Wall St Speculation Drives Up Gas Prices

BREAKING News of The World to close amid hacking scandal

Zbigniew Brzezinski: We're going to slide into intensified social conflicts


Papantonio: How The Corporate Court Harms Consumers

Barack Obama's BBQ 2011

FOX News Comments - 7/7/2005 London Bombings ("Hmm, time to buy" and others)

More Medical Cannabis Clinics Than Starbucks in Denver

Thom Hartmann: Who should be in jail - Casey Anthony or Banksters?

"Dear Mr. Murdoch" by Roger Taylor.

Keiser Report: Europe's Neo Feudalism, Coming Soon to the USA (E162)

Keith Olbermann: Murdoch Tabloid Was Hacking Everyone! Standard Operating Procedure

Snarkipedia Goes Snark-Raving Mad On 'Entitlement' Programs

Progressive Caucus Leaders Speak July 7 Against Cuts to Social Security, Medicare

Thom Hartmann: Commercial air travel nightmare exposed

President Obama on Deficit Reduction Talks

Cisco May Help Chinese City Monitor Citizens

Keith Olbermann Reads Palin's Emails as Poetry

Former white supremacist David Duke goes anti-semitic at Thom Hartmann

Keith Olbermann Worst Persons: A Thief, A Flake, and a 'Flight' Risk

Thom Hartmann: Name ONE! shared sacrifice by the wealthy?

Bombing must go on?! 'Human cost too high in Libya'

Guilty until proven Innocent -- justice in America?

TYT: Atlanta Schools Cheating Scandal

Sen. Bernie Sanders 7/7/11: HANDS OFF SOCIAL SECURITY

Egypt’s next president?

Did Wall Street Journal Honcho Cover Up Murdoch Phone-Hack Scandal?

Portugal downgrade raises fresh concerns over Ireland

Chris Hedges: The Myth of The New York Times, in Documentary Form

What China could learn from the Dalai Lama

Why the G.O.P. Cannot Compromise

The Globe’s Not Only Getting Hotter. It’s More Unjust and Unstable, Too

Stop searching for an Obama Doctrine

Rush for Arctic's resources provokes territorial tussles

David Korten: A Crumbling Cultural Story

What We Don't Talk About When We Talk About Jobs

The Debt Limit Debate and the War Powers Debate (Jack Balkin)

Anti-PowerPoint Party vows end to death by slides

Phone hacking: 'The whole political system has failed'

Independent UK: A newspaper's closure does not end the hacking scandal

Vanderleest Victim Breaks Silence (WI, Repup, recall)

Eugene Robinson- The Progressive Plan is the right plan

Sirota and Greenwald say it better than I ever could:

EGYPT: Riots erupt after police officers accused of killing protesters are released on bail

UK Shocker: News of the World 'Hacked' Murdoch!

The NEA Endorses a less worse Enemy in President Obama

Why do we still believe in monogamy?

Joan Walsh: "Gingrich is toast. Pawlenty's sinking. Still no Palin. Romney v. Bachmann?"

CHART OF THE DAY: The Stealth Social Security Cut In Debt Talks (TPM)

Unredacting “The Interrogator” by Scott Horton

Unredacting “The Interrogator” by Scott Horton

Cannabis keeps crowds calm

What Is an American ‘Patriot’?

First Study of Its Kind Shows Benefits of Providing Medical Insurance to Poor (NYT)

Alan Grayson causes TOTAL MELTDOWN on Fox, Idiot host launches INSANE rant AGAINST the Middle Class

How the Nuclear Industry Abuses Science + What Happens with an "All Of The Above" Energy Policy?

Japan - Party that built Japan's nuclear industry launches "major energy policy rethink"

NASA: No conclusions about melting sea ice

American Petroleum Institute Dreams Of Placing Lobbyists In Every District

Gasbuddy's Jason Toews Anonymously Slams a Competitor in a Troll Attack?

Exxon's Yellowstone Oil Spill Shows Pipeline Risks

Fewer (autumn and winter) rain storms across southern Australia

Future fire – still a wide open climate question

Global investments in green energy up nearly a third to $211 billion

Smart grids: new study highlights key challenges and trends in the EU

Insect attacks among threat to US forests, worsened by drought, climate change (3x worse than fires)

House Budget Panel Wants to Cut Oceans Agency by $103 Million

Latest graph from the NSIDC

Drought Monitor - All TX Panhandle In Stage 4; KS-OK Drought Widens; Some Improvement GA, N. Florida

Nature Geoscience Study Projects Greenland Deep Waters To Warm At 2X Global Rate - Up To 2C

SciAm - "Our Extreme Future" - Third Of Three In Series

Imagine That! Denton, TX Residents Worry City Gas Drilling Task Force Skewed To Industry

House GOP Budget Cuts FWS 21%, EPA 18%, Allows 0% Increase For Parks Operations, Cuts NSF Funding

SA Advertising Standards Agency Demands Shell Pull Pro-Fracking Advertisements

Kasich Signs Bill Allowing Gas Drilling In State Parks Into Law - No Ceremony, Though . . . Huh.

President Of Japanese Electrical Utility Takes Responsibility For Astroturf Pro-Nuke Emails, Resigns

A Climate Change Dissenter Who Has Left His Mark on U.S. Policy (Richard Lindzen)

Japan - German trade cooperation agreement on renewable energy.

Natural Gas Taking America's Electric Power Sector by Storm

Ranchers using Agent Orange to deforest the Amazon

Thousands of gas leaks under Boston and San Francisco

When I lived in Japan Tanabata was my favorite time of year.

California rooftop solar installations surge; renewable energy approaches oil output, reports say

Local government official changes mind and refuses to let nuclear plant in his town operate

Vermont AG Won't Prosecute Top Vermont Yankee Execs, Though They "Knowingly Misled" State Officials

Less Than 1 Yrs. Post-Discovery, Zebra Mussels Flourishing In Lake Minnnetonka


Militant anti-nuclear group "Scyphozoa" attack cooling systems and shut down 3 nuclear plants

Major Japanese nuclear industry scandal that our nuclear supporters will not understand...

Forget buying local. Buying global is better.

Koch Brothers involved in kidnapping scheme

In Germany’s Nuclear Phase-Out, Renewable Energy Plans Are Clear

Zen, Japan and the art of democracy

Secularism is neutrality towards all religion – including atheism

Can A Progressive Atheist Defeat the Democrats' "Family" Man in NC?

How Religions have Bastardized God

Boystown residents debate violence, loitering and gay youth

Bishop Means Business On Ban Over Gay Marriage Vote

MP complains over anti-gay preacher’s UK visit

Michael Reagan compares you to serial killers, embezzlers and convicted thieves

Gay man to lead national disability group

Conservatives Claim California's Gay History Bill Is Attack On Family

FRC: Pray For Malawi's Laws Criminalizing Gay Sex

Salvadoran coalition responds to US ambassador's push for gay 'rights'

City Of Hazard, Kentucky Reportedly Refuses To Stop Discriminate Against Gays

Gay troops cheer ‘don't ask, don’t tell’ court ruling

Gay rights in the South- Still Far Behind

Iowa Conservatives Unveil Anti-Gay Marriage Pledge

GOP's Gay Obsession Obstructs Democracy

Miley Uses Casey Anthony Verdict to Stump for Marriage Equality

Messianic Evangelist: Having Gay Parents Is Weird Kids Should Be Ashamed

Michigan Legislators Hope To Compromise Counseling Standards To Protect Religious Objectors

Should Gay Marriage Be Legal in the Entire United States?

Everyone’s Starting To Notice How Insanely Anti-Gay The Bachmanns Are