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Obama and Boehner couldn't agree on which GOP budget plan they liked better

Happy nuptials, my IPOD just chirped, first GAY couples

Congratulations New Yorkers and Kudos on your clear support for NY families.

despite the dislike on Obama on here for being too conservative

If there is any possible consolation in all these debt discussions.....

Fake Quote by Norway Shooter?

In the Spotlight: 'Default Caucus' looks crazier daily

In the Spotlight: 'Default Caucus' looks crazier daily

Murdoch wants son Lachlan to buy Australian papers

Volcanic event in California Pisgah Crater -- Bullion Mountains

NYT: Norway Attacks Put Spotlight on Rise of Right-Wing Sentiment in Europe

NY Times Piece Echoes Right-Wing Falsehood On Financial Crisis

70% of Japanese support PM's call to do away with nuclear power - poll

I'm going to stand up and salute after I post this...

Congress hopes to present debt package by Monday

Forbes Runs False Quote In Attack On Climate Data

Norwegians fill Oslo cathedral to mourn

California households are doing without

Somebody remind me: WHAT did Senate Democrats get in exchange for not ending filibuster?

Independent UK: Fear of anarchist threat grows as countdown to London 2012 begins

Do you vote for a negotiating style, bipartisanship, and compromise or a set of policy goals?

Any words from the usual suspects among theTeabaggers or

Put this in the "how comes?" department about the Presidency

Put this in the "how comes?" department about the Presidency

You can get lost in these, Hyperborea digital art set to ambient music, these truly are

Egyptian protest march descends into violent clashes

Norway terror attack completely political......

Debt Ceiling Deadline Might Be August 10, Not August 2: Report

Debt Ceiling Deadline Might Be August 10, Not August 2: Report

Segment on Norway that was cut from Michael Moore's "SiCKO"

Admins. Why is it being allowed here for "certain" factions to call other factions "firebaggers"?

A perfect lie detector: Boon or curse?

Rand Paul, "hell-raiser," "iconoclast" ........Tea Party leader?

Obama is recruiting a new Red Army! Beware!

Does Chris Matthews bring his favorite puddy cat with him everywhere he goes or something?

Utility executives big political donors in Japan

Danziger Toon- Mr Norquist Welcomes You!

Danziger Toon- Mr Norquist Welcomes You!

We were robbed, but how did it happen?

A Simple Question?

God Could Face Recall If Numbers Slip Any Further

Shootings by Chicago cops on rise in 2011, but why?

Tories did deal with Murdoch over BBC licence fee

The republicans are parasites. They have chosen this country as their host.

Happy Belated Birthday, Don. Mods, move this if you must, but lots of DU'ers are sports fans...

S&P Says Likelihood US Is Downgraded To AA As Soon As Early August Is 50-50

UK official attacks "right wing nutters" in the United States

Wrong! Lobby Shops Are Doing Fine

Terrorist act planned over 9 years

PHOTO: Niagara Falls, New York Tonight

PHOTO: Niagara Falls, New York Tonight

C-span is reairing Rupert's testimony in full, beginning now 10:36 am

Norway attacks shine light on right-wing extremism in Europe

A killer familiar to Americans

It looks like a lovely day for a wedding or two...

It looks like a lovely day for a wedding or two...


NPR's hourly headlines this morning said very little about the Oslo terrorist

UK Cabinet Minister launches extraordinary attack on American "right wing nutters"

UK Cabinet Minister launches extraordinary attack on American "right wing nutters"

Problems of U.S. Health Care Are Rooted in the Private Sector, Despite Right-Wing Claims

Blasts rock Tripoli, NATO targets Gaddafi compound

If US Loses Triple-A Rating, Almost Anything's Possible

how did democrats survive politically after the austerity measures of 1937?

Norway Attacks Put Spotlight on Rise of Right-Wing Sentiment in Europe

Norway Attacks Put Spotlight on Rise of Right-Wing Sentiment in Europe

Put 15 Million Back to Work Fixing $2.2 Trillion in Infrastructure: the Works Progress Administratio

Norway terrorists view of libertarianism

World's biggest dog terrified of chihuahuas.

Michelle Rhee and Rupert Murdoch: Thick as Thieves?

Brazil's new nuclear subs to defend oil wells (really?)

"Down the road" my ass

Partners in crime?

Vince Cable urges end to 'dominant' media moguls

James Inhofe's knuckles are creating canyons in the soil

SLICE OF LIFE: Death of a book store

SLICE OF LIFE: Death of a book store

"Obtaining and using WMD’s against the cultural Marxist/multiculturalist elites"

WTF... A Super Congress??????

WTF... A Super Congress??????

Cautiously they emerge from their cave for first time. Meerkat pups allow human contact.

Worst case scenario: Rethugs regain power in 2012...

Media Reacts to News That Norwegian Terror Suspect Isn't Muslim

you never know what you will find in the attic

The President and the debt ceiling

The President and the debt ceiling

Norway terrorist is an Ayn Rand follower:

This Super Congress concept is terrifying

What does the Norway shooter have in common with Glenn Beck?

Tea Party Fear in Europe - April Article From Norweigian

Farm subsidies are an issue about which I know almost nothing . . . but I gotta ask . . . .

We Aren't Owned by China Afterall....

listen up, "here's the plan"

Did you all know a West Point Cadet died from the heat last week?

I heard Jan Schakowsky on a rerun of Stephanie Miller -- didn't

The Rude One On THAT Cartoon

First Military Industrial Poverty Industrial Complex

They've got it tough in Britain! They're dealing with a "hidden crime-wave" --

How many teabagger votes are there in the House?

Speaker of the house Boehner is the real failure in the debt talks.

Justice: blind and bound

Disaster capitalism ongoing in Japan post-Fukushima

Disaster Kabuki Deja vu

Koch-Funded Tea Party Heavyweight Tim Phillips Spoke at Norweigan Killer's Political Party Event

Classification Of Terrorists

Jesus Christ - Is THIS suppose to be an EXCUSE for killing Other human beings?

Congratulations to Cadel Evans for winning the TdF

What The President Might Want To Consider Saying Soon...

Alameda sheriffs threaten to kill paraplegic man’s dog if he didn’t comply in marijuana raid

Norwegian PM: We Will Meet Terror with More Democracy, Not Less

Norway terrorists goal if a RW regime takes over Europe? Kill the dissenters and deport the rest.

Michelle Blahhhkman doesn't have a chance

Republicans and their childish pledges

The Standard and Poor’s Play – Credit Rater Pushing Congress into Big Deficit Deal

The game (& make NO mistake-it is a game) goes on.

Dallas in it's 22nd day of triple digit temps.

the "political ethnic cleansing" thread made me think of this RW columnist

I'm no GEITHNER fan but what SLIME are BONER & Chris WALLACE

Caption this Image

My first Twitter-friendly novel: Life as a Middle Class Liberal in America, 2000-2011:

Rudolph Hess grave exhumed...his bones burned and his ashes dispersed

So, basically the gunman in Norway was following the same insane logic of Charlie Manson

Amy Winehouse dead. autopsy on Monday.

Hyatt hotel uses heat lamps on picketing workers

Fuck you Washington

What is "on the table" according to Geithner today on "This Weeek" (7/24/11)

Why the Conservative Apologetics?

Rumsfeld is Rick Perry's Foreign Policy advisor.

The 'Underwear Bomber'...the 'Shoe Bomber' could not be connected to any single group

FOX HEADLINE: Nuclear Power Is Extremely Safe -- That's the Truth About What We Learned From Japan

Forbes: Don't Get Caught Holding Dollars When The U.S. Default Arrives

IBEW Local 97 leader says little preventative maintenance work is being done at reactors (strike)

Obama's next step in the Debt Negotiations

The GOP is being completely honest

Fringe group barred suspected Norway killer from forum

TN lobbyists now spending more $ to lobby government than public spends to operate it

The Fed Audit - Bernie Sanders

Which GOP Candidate Is God Backing?

Another quality made in the USA product sale (Lenox art & link corrected)

How the Deficit Got This Big

Manhattans first legally married same-sex couple

Analysis: Vitter and Jindal haggle for leadership

Supremacist views blamed for gay student killing

White supremacist executed for 9/11 revenge spree despite plea from victim

Caution urged as sewage leaks into Hudson River

Default V. Deal

Means-testing Medicare

Is the strategy to get in and fuck up as much as you can for the corporate ogre

Tax Political Contributions

RIP, General Shalikashvili

CNBC - Congress "nutters" risk global finance: UK minister

In terms of the extremists on both sides, liberals are the lesser of two evils

The Repubs/Teabaggers Are Fuckin' Frauds on Steroids!!!

We know how important the "August Recess" is to Congress and there's

After Voter-ID Law, Walker cuts DMW in Dem districts!

Boehner still insisting on ‘cut, cap and balance’ plan

The Stockholm Syndrome, the Helsinki Syndrome

I remember when Richard Speck strangled 8 women.

This is better: #FuckYouGOP

Joke: What's the difference between a Right-Wing Terrorist attack and a Right-Wing Budget

U.K. Business Sec attacks "Right Wing Nutters" who threaten to cripple world economy-OUR Republicans

Super Congress: Super Fraud

McConnell's "Super Congress" idea = A way to "get around" the Teabagger House

Hong Kong scientists ‘show time travel is impossible’

"Supercongress" in a nutshell

Flood-Prone Land Likely to Increase by 45% -- a Major Challenge to Federal Insurance Program

Hey Left, talk radio kicked your internet ass. Fix the bloody radio.

Does anyone know if anyone has asked Mr.

Definition of Freeper LMAO!!!

In case we forget how ugly it can get in America if we are not vigilant...quartzite, AZ update

New Orleans schools: A nexus of poverty, high expulsion rates, hyper-security and novice teachers

Juan Coles' take on the Norway terrorist attacks, Muslim immigration and the Know Nothing Party.

GOP is no longer negotiating.

No debt deal - Boner misses 4 pm deadline.

Sad but freakin' true toon

Our country's future lurch to the right, or how an opening to go left was wasted.

It's time for the Happy Birthday, Simon Bolivar edition of BAD COP, NO DONUT

It's time for the Happy Birthday, Simon Bolivar edition of BAD COP, NO DONUT

What do the 1927 Bath bombing, the 1995 Oklahoma bombing and Norway bombing share?

The US Constitution ENTITLES Us To Certain Rights Just As Social Security Insurance ENTITLES Us

Peace and love, everybody...

Peace and love, everybody...

In the spirit of #fuckyouwashington, other would-be appropiate twitter hashtags...

The TARP shell game

The GOP is being completely honest

Norway attacks shatter a nation's innocence

True thoughts

Tick tick's 5:11PM and nothing from Boner Boy

Geithner: Never thought GOP ‘would take it this close to the edge’

All I've got to say about the Norway Terrorist

The creation of this Super Congress will serve to magnify the Republicans' filibuster power

Pissed off a friend

Jeffrey Glenn Miller, Allison B. Kraus, William Knox Schroeder, Sandra Lee Scheuer May 4

If they implement a Supercongress of 6, the rest of the bums must resign.

The angry rich.

Bloomberg officiating at his two staffers' wedding on CNN now n/t

So . . . Noron O'Donnell is now hosting the Sunday CBS Evening News

Boner is pist.

We dismiss this "lone madman" not linked to any int'l terrorist organization-at our own peril

Norway terrorist planned attacks over 9 years, as a 'marketing tool' for RW manefesto


Republicans excel at "framing" issues.

What Digby said:

What Digby said:

Some anti-union DUer keeps giving labor stories a minus R of late

Norway suspect borrowed from Unabomber's manifesto

Norway suspect borrowed from Unabomber's manifesto

A visualization of the debt

As Oklahomans Die, Inhofe Mocks Killer Heat Wave

Fukushima perseveres with festival (Japan)

Fukushima residents' radiation level low (JAPAN)

Gunman shoots dead six at son's 11th birthday party at Texas roller rink

Oregon Democrats wait for Wu to respond to charge

Oregon Democrats wait for Wu to respond to charge

If tax cuts create jobs, then WHERE ARE THE JOBS?

Ethics choir members check in with what you want done to Rep. Wu

19 Shootings in Seattle on Saturday.......

IBEW Local 97 leader says little preventative maintenance work is being done at reactors (strike)

Happy Birthday Richard Trumka

The Oslo attack was an example of Authoritarian beliefs, not just right wing politics.

"DeMint Dismisses Default Threat"

Just and Idea to solve the debt limit problem

Norway terrorist was planning this event since 2002

So if most of the campaign money for the GOP comes from China

"...when I see an Obama 2012 bumper sticker, I recognize them as a threat to the gene pool."

You know, if we had to vote in a Presidential Election tomorrow...

Nikkei stock exchange has just opened. Shanghai and Hang Seng markets open 90 minutes from now.

REC solution for debt "crisis"

Well then, Mitch -- we're gonna have a SUPER DUPER congress

Who's responsible?

You know what really pisses me off in debates?

"...the Congress writes the laws and you get to decide what you want to sign,” Boehner said,......

Congress should cut their own salary and entitlements before hitting the middle class

The American Right yet again has blood on their hands

"Obama, Boehner Come to Agreement That Cantor is Douche"

Need some good links on upper income spending/stimulus, etc....

Alan Grayson's no cuts petition

Pawlenty: Obama not showing courage in debt crisis

Too early to send Federal Marshals to round up Boehner and put negotiations on LIVE TV?

CNN to carry wedding live from Gracie Mansion (per Don Lemon)

Mr. President, use the 14th amendment, let the bush tax cuts expire, then start to slam the

#f@ckyouwashington hashtag takes Twitter by storm

So, is Rand Paul still planning to filibuster the debt ceiling bill after all this?

I was reminded why I don't watch Sunday chat shows....


BBC: Residents' brief return to Fukushima exclusion zone

AP: Gunbattles, open cannibalism, "flying demon wizards" engulf Asian Stock Markets

Bullet trains collide in China killing hundreds, not dozens

AP: New Jersey Gov. rolls into Iowa

BREAKING: Obama, Boehner Come to Agreement That Cantor is a Douche

If we have to give up everything and they give up nothing...then what are we gaining?

Geithner: Fourteenth Amendment Is Not an Option

Here come the brides and the grooms in New York

Obama appeasment: Some interesting and nasty parallels

Obama beating Christie in New Jersey

Corporate-funded ALEC has strong ties to Kansas Legislature

Well... The New Zealand Market Is Open (And Down A Bit)... Watch The Rest Of The Asian Markets Here:

For Norway

Screw Boehner! The President should invite the Teabaggers to the WH...

One side wants a short term deal and tie up congress with debt ceiling issues again?

Holy shit: Freeper "Dead Corpse":

BONER sent *this* message to the country today (thanx Faux, Chris Wallace, Brit, & oth a-holes)

Will anyone stop the Walker/Koch Wisconsin Republican ruling party and their corrupt dictatorship?

What is the proper word for Social Security: Insurance or Entitlement?

Cell phone question...

What is the proper word for Social Security: Insurance or Entitlement?

Mitch McConnell would change the rules in the middle of a game if it helped him win

If you get a tax break for buying a corporate jet, you have to submit to a drug test first

OMG! My marriage is now an Orangutan!

creepy toon on Norway massacre

Hillary running cover for Bohner's Bone Head Theatrics ?

@#$! Debt @#$! Ceiling @#$!!!

Sunday Observer links bullying tactics of Murdoch to GodFather - must read article

I wonder if the GOP fear of their base is not just losing primaries

Fasten your seatbelts commodities peeps: Gold closed Friday @ $1600 Now @ $1620

I'm 37 years old. I'm not ready to have to take care of my Mom yet.

I think the Republicans might try to impeach Obama

Right winged bull-crap in email

Reid to offer $2.7T deficit cutting plan

"Boehner Weighs Balanced-Budget Amendment"

Wu Won’t Seek Re-Election

Paid for Doing Nothing: Suspended Office Assistant Kept Getting Checks for 12 Years

CNN just announced: NO DEBT DEAL. Possible deal on Monday. n/t

They want to have something done by 4PM ET for the Asian markets.

Question about filing for a disability...

Right now the Dow Futures are down 119 points

Did Obama Say This or Not??

How can this be? Boehner and company keep saying that

You'll never amount to anything...

We startled each other on the beach today...cute, huh?

Would we have allowed bush to rule by a Star Chamber?

When Fascism comes to America it will be carrying a cross and wrapped in a flag

Super Congress.

CNN: Reid traded 2013 renewal date for no revenue agreement

"Past increases of debt ceiling since Kennedy" - Reagan Is The Debt Limit King! +199%

WaPost on #FsckYouWashington: Americans take their frustrations to Twitter

4 p.m. deadline? READY, FIRE, AIM! Staffers pulling all-nighters

Alabama's anti-immigrant law conjures oppressive reactions of Bull Connor -- and coalition of

If ever art imitated it is

I know why there are no "revenue increases" in the deal Harry Reid spoke about

Harry Reid's Statement

I think a single issue candidate--save the the safety net--could win the Presidency.

GENERAL CALL: Contact your Representative and Senators -

So if this debt ceiling thing doesn't destroy the

They'll never expect it!!!!!

What good did our Government ever do for ANYBODY?

Super Congress?...Or An Indication That....

There Is No Time Travel

There Is No Time Travel

How to stop the Supercongress

The European far-right seems accepting of the welfare state, the safety net and high tax rates -

Well, this picture just brightened my day a bit:

Nuke crisis refugee fought losing 18-year legal battle against Fukushima plant (JAPAN)


I remain convinced that a deal will be struck and we will all suffer for it.

I'm getting lost in all the debt ceiling discussions.

Uh oh - EarlyTrading - Dollar Weakens Against Euro, Yen

Serious or what?

Serious or what?

If you disagree with a Republican on anything at all, you are:

As one Obama support to another

Just as predicted here comes Boner to save the day...

We can no longer ignore the far-right threat

I truly believe that Barack Obama is doing what he thinks is best for America.

Poll suggests Springsteen would romp home in a race against Christie

Oaths to teabaggers, oaths to Norquist, oaths to God...

Dominique Strauss-Kahn Accuser Speaks Out in Exclusive ABC News Interview

Dominique Strauss-Kahn Accuser Speaks Out in Exclusive ABC News Interview

“Mr. Halfway”-"In the end-the President had made the Repubs look bad-but what did he get for it?"

I had been lying on top of a dead body. Two dead bodies lay on me.

Are Democrats too "passive"?

Are Democrats too "passive"?

Eric Cantor has a history of no debate, no discussion of issues.

Dems rejected short-term GOP offer. Dems offer $2.7T in cuts without any revenues.

Couple learn hard way cat is worth $10

DU, will you hold hands with me...

Reid Statement: 2.7T in cuts, no revenue increases, get us through the 2012 election. Deal?

In case you missed this gem the other day: Toon The Halls of Congress

Any deal that does not raise revenues will be touted by Republicans as a triumph for them.

Kansas congressman Kevin Yoder’s town hall includes a bouncer

Any politicians that have Social Security on the table

If global traders try to crash the US Dollar and economy, what would be the appropriate response?

I have a question about August 2nd we should really know the answer to:




So it seems as if the Norway killer was a bona fide neo-conservative.

Krugman To Brooks: The Reason We Have Dysfunctional Politics Now-Is The RADICALIZATION Of The Repubs

Florida LTTE: Don't play mind games with Social Security

Florida LTTE: Don't play mind games with Social Security

#f@ckyouwashington Hashtag Takes Twitter by Storm

Here's the plan...

You will not believe what they have come up with.

"Like wiping out... every single person attending this year's Netroots Nation. Twice."

Koch-Funded Tea Party Heavyweight Tim Phillips Spoke at Norweigan Killer's Political Party Event

I have never seen reality so unrelated to reality in this country

The WHOLE WORLD is saying F.U. to Washington...

Freepers say understand/support this Norwegian terrorist because he killed "pro-Palistine commies"

Details about Brevik's personal life emerge. A "mama's boy" whose father was a diplomat,

"In 2009, Norquist received $200,000 in annual compensation for his part-time job (24 hours per week

"In 2009, Norquist received $200,000 in annual compensation for his part-time job (24 hours per week

GAO audit report on Fed loans of $16.1 Trillions to banksters

Pentagon Seeks to Extend Iraq Agreement

Pentagon Seeks to Extend Iraq Agreement

Norway is Passing the Test of Terror

So here's what I believe just happened with this 'Super Congress' story...

Unemployment up in GOP strongholds Texas and South Carolina

Let's face it, president Obama and now Senate Majority Leader Reid

Al Jazeera nails it -

Ever Ask Yourself, "What Would The Founding Fathers Think?" Read This Book To Find Out

Rick Perry’s ‘Texas taint’ will demolish 2012 plans: Fox commentator

Cenk stands up to corporate media and deserves our support


New changes at Power and Light District have people talking

Urgent Solidarity Appeal - Starbucks Worker Wrongfully Terminated!

CNN: POTUS/VPOTUS, Reid, Pelosi meeting at WH at 6. Reid offers 2.5T cuts NO REVENUE

The world sees it: Biggest threat to global economy is "a few right-wing nutters" in the US Congress

Palin documentary bombs during second week in theaters

Mother whose son was killed in hit-and-run faces two years in jail for jaywalking

Valley paper criticized over pastor's column on spousal rape

Toon: "Because of our deep belief in personal freedom..."

Durbin to GOP: 'You break it, you own it’

Durbin to GOP: 'You break it, you own it’

So what do the 14,000,000 out of work do when the benefits run out?

Jimi, Janis, Jim, Kurt, Brian Jones and now Amy. 27 is much too young.

Obama is NOT “Caving” to Corporate Interests

I will say it: Conservatives are sociopaths

toon: 34 billion wasted

Bear attacks 7 teens in Talkeetna Mountains

The 14th Amendment, the Debt Ceiling and a Way Out

Raise the debt ceiling. Period

Obama Achievements

The Ponzi Scheme that Plans to Eat Your Retirement

I'm to the point that I hope the whole damn thing blows up!

We'll see how many blue dog Democrats deposed in the 2010 elections get replaced by progressives.

The Case for Treason

What exactly do the Republicans hope to accomplish in this debt ceiling debacle...

#FuckYouWashington Hashtag Going Crazy On Twitter

#FuckYouWashington Hashtag Going Crazy On Twitter

Despite the Facts that the Syrian's themselves don't want intervention

toddler forgot in car for 2 daytime hours (she's ok). how do parents forget a kid for that long?

Twitter trends to watch #fuckyouwashington and #occupywallstreet

FUNDAMENTALISM is the problem. EXTREMISM is the problem. Fundamentalist extremist conser

WH Reporter: "DC is a big bag of suck that couldn't solve a rubik's cube if it were all one color"

German tourist hailed a hero as he sailed into gunfire to save 30 lives.

We only need 535 people.

When you have run out of ideas and are too stubborn to communicate with your political adversaries

We are not asking for impeachment

Guy posts batshit crazy comment on

Hungary Destroys All Monsanto GMO Maize Fields

Hungary Destroys All Monsanto GMO Maize Fields

John Adams to Thomas Jefferson in a letter dated January 22, 1825.

The Fifth Sacred Thing by Starhawk being made into a film

I sincerely believe this might be part of the problem. (pic heavy)

Another question...why do they 'Re-enact' the civial war and not ANY OTHER WAR?

Maid speaks out about alleged DSK hotel attack

If U are a PROGRESSIVE DEMOCRAT, U believe in a POSSIBLE Government that CAN build a

SLATE: What would it look like if the government defaults?

Conservatism is a mental illness

Posters say RW should kill liberals in U.S.

I keep hearing about how anders breivik isn't a "true" Christian

Great timing: "The Shock Doctrine" airs on Sundance on Thu @ 12:20pm EDT

Bad Food? Tax It, and Subsidize Vegetables

How Obama's policy advisors explain his giveaway on the safety nets.

Feeling hot hot hot

I wonder how many farts dogs understand?

Describe the "Perfect Woman."

Sesame Street Vice Squad

Foo Fighters' "Everlong"

Boys with their toys, the last few shots show the extent to which they go to recreate

Surreal art from the Netherlands, Hyperborea Art, set to music on youtube as well,

Understanding the meaning of big

Steamed Hams

Scentless Apprentice

You can get lost in these, Hyperborea digital art set to ambient music, these truly are

Touch Me I'm Sick

Monster Magnet - Heads Explode

Hello Lounge

Anyone in Boston area or South/Central ME have a spare room to rent for August?


I'm posting from the Acela train heading to NYC - ask me anything

CNN BREAKING: Chicago reports danger all about; during which former black private dick cops out

RIP - Bill Morrissey

Phantom of the Opera. Misunderstood tortured artist or misanthropic douche who liked living in sewer

"Fox Soccer" ?

Lawsonia inermis. "Recedad" in Spanish. The henna plant.

In respect for LynneSin I am going to post something positive about her favorite Canadian

I just want to dedicate this video to my dear friend madinmaryland!

Howie Mandel to Pierce Morgan: "I was going to say what Pierce said. Pierce you must have hacked me"

Should I wear finger picks on my digits everywhere I go?

In 'n' Out of Grace

i hope everyone is having a wonderful sunday

Woo-Hoo! My second video!

So Faux News is a haven for Vampires?

Test your vocabulary

Finally got a good rain yesterday, but no frogs yet.

We Are Three Again

I like to sit. From here on in, I will be sitting.

Dog is my pilot

OTHER THAN the Internet, what is your FAVORITE Al Gore invention?

What song encapsulates the "Grunge Movement" the best?

i hate to throw out an area rug...any suggestions

I sent my 14 year old off to DC to work in a soup kitchen and food bank for a week. Hold my hand!

Pranks that went well: best of. A group of students at a highschool

I just released Howard Dean from a promise he made me, but listen why!!!

What book / books would you like to see made into a movie?

Boehner aims to release new debt plan by Sunday afternoon

Okay, music lovers...

BO or BS?

Understanding the meaning of big SPIDER!

New dispute threatens debt limit negotiations

News International Hosted Nearly Quarter of Hospitality Enjoyed by Cameron's Inner Circle

NKorean official to visit US on stalled nuke talks

Utility executives big political donors in Japan

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Renaissance Promenade Edition

Debt Ceiling Deadline Might Be August 10, Not August 2: Report

Gay Marriage | With a Kiss and a Vow, the Day Begins

Norway attacks shine light on right-wing extremism in Europe

Israel Erupting in Protests, Tens of Thousands Chanting "Revolution"

Ever have a near-death experience?

Divorce blows

Leaders seek debt deal before Asian markets open

Evans seizes Tour control

#f@ckyouwashington Hashtag Takes Twitter by Storm

Lawyer: Norway suspect wanted anti-Muslim crusade

Amy Winehouse dead. autopsy on Monday.

Pawlenty: Obama not showing courage in debt crisis

Clinton urges Indonesia to boost trade with US

Couple ushers in new era

New changes at Power and Light District have people talking

Egyptian protest march descends into violent clashes

1st Gay Couples Legally Wed at Niagara Falls, NY

5 people injured in Wash. casino shooting

IBEW Local 97 leader says little preventative maintenance work is being done at reactors (strike)

Norway is Passing the Test of Terror

Cable in attack on US 'right wing nutters'

Republicans Weigh Short-Term Debt Deal, Risking Obama Veto

Met police are accused of pursuing a 'vindictive' case against UK Uncut tax protesters

Acrimony flares as Congress scrambles for debt deal

Wedding fever hits NYC as same-sex couples line up to marry

Ore. Democrats waiting for (David) Wu to respond to charge of aggressive, unwanted sexual behavior

POW/MIA groups criticize U.S. efforts

Dominique Strauss-Kahn Accuser Speaks Out in Exclusive ABC News Interview

Durbin to GOP: 'You break it, you own it’

Germany lends Libyan rebels $144 million as fighting rages

Forex: US debt crisis undermines the Dollar

'Five dead' at Texas skating rink party shooting

WWF Accused of Failing to Regulate Sustainable Timber Scheme (& Tolerating Habitat Destruction)

Dogs find the most comfortable places to sleep...(Picture proof inside)

Steve Benen: Never underestimate the power of spite

China begins oil production in Iraq

Fight over raising the debt ceiling almost sure to lead to bad policy

U.S. debt debate must be settled now, Geithner says. Also, Boehner's "two-step process" is DOA.


Egypt's revolution not just about tweeting: bloggers

Nicholas Kristof: Republicans, Zealots and Our Security

A Brilliant Strategy

Durbin to GOP: 'You break it, you own it’

Syrian troops attack village in north-west, activists say

(NFL) Players' Executive Committee to Meet Monday

Airlines are taking savings from expired taxes (7.5% during FAA shutdown)

There is a new kitty in my house!!!!!

Forget Anonymous: Evidence Suggests GOP Hacked, Stole 2004 Election

GOP, Democrats ready rival emergency debt plans

Democrats cool to Boehner's two-step debt-ceiling plan

U.S. Stock Futures, Dollar Decline as Gold Gains as U.S. Debt Talks Stall

Rival Debt Plans Being Assembled by Party Leaders.

Obama to confer with Democratic leaders on debt

Euro officials report increased far-right chatter (BREAKING NEWS UPDATE)

Militants hang 8-year-old boy in southern Afghanistan

Anti-gay marriage rallies as NY ceremonies begin

Senate Democrats Work on Own Debt Plan (updated)

Why Did Obama Want A Long-Term Debt Deal That Is Tied To Raising The Debt limit?

Tokyo stocks open lower on debt impasse

Police detain several in Oslo raid after attacks

At least 10 wounded in Kent car show shootings

Boehner Comes Up Empty Again?

US companies churn out profits but cautious on hiring

UK business secretary: "rightwing nutters in the American congress" threatening world financial syst

I wanna be rich and have the government and both parties kissing my butt

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Congressman David Wu accused of a sexual encounter

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I am willing to wait to see Reid's deal before saying it is bad

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I know there is little chance, but it would be nice if Obama were to

Think back on this debt-ceiling thing. Months ago it would have been unthinkable....

FDR -Quotes that President Obama should read and live by

Melting Arctic ice releasing banned toxins, warn scientists

Rupert Murdoch shirking responsibility over phone hacking, says police chief

Rupert Murdoch shirking responsibility over phone hacking, says police chief

'Super Congress': Debt Ceiling Negotiators Aim To Create New Legislative Body

US money ($2.16 Billion) ended up in Taliban hands: report

The Obama Presidency: Change

Boehner to GOP: Don't let Obama divide us - "it's gonna require some of you to make some sacrifices"

Afghan flees war zone home, shot 4 times in Norway

"It’s entirely possible that the House Speaker really is this dumb."

My vote in 2012 will be AGAINST GOP / tea party fascists not FOR Obama

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Many of us are mad at Obama for appeasing and yielding too much to the

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President Obama Meets with (New Zealand) Prime Minister Key, Speaks on Oslo Bombings

If You Don't Understand Peak Oil Or Think It Is Not For Real - See This Video


Max Keiser: Obama Financially Lynched By Racist GOP

Oslo Police Conducted Bombing Exercise Days Before Terrorist Blast

Norway PM "The Answer to Violence is even More Democracy"

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one and one - anti war song by rbnyc

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U2 dedicates "Beautiful Day" to Giffords at concert

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Declassified papers show U.S. promoted atomic power in Japan

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Welfare to Work policy 'casts the disabled as cheats' {UK}

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The news coverage of the Norway mass-killings was fact-free conjecture

Chilling information about Norway killer

Washington's singular accomplishment

Bad Food? Tax It, and Subsidize Vegetables

Senator Proposes An Unconstitutional Super Congress To Deal With Debt Ceiling

ALEC Sen. Ron Johnson is only concerned about the markets, and not the working people.

News International staff told to stop deleting emails

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#BeforeBlackPresidents: Liberal blogs spent more time attacking Republicans than Democrats.

Greenwald: Cenk Uygur and the ethos of corporate-owned media

Group alleges that global project to save forests is undermined by its own participants

As Of August 1st, NWS Makes It Official - Hotter, Drier Phoenix Valley Part Of The New Normal

At Least Two Nuclear Reactors Were Damaged by the Earthquake, BEFORE the Tsunami Hit

TX - Driest 9 Months Ever, Hottest June Ever - And Water Well Drillers Pursue Dwindling Groundwater

House Dumps Attempt To Remove Styrofoam Cups, But Will Retain CFLs

Op-Ed: The End Of The Era Of Antibiotics - Boston Globe

Church in Wales inquiry after rector burns Bible pages

Atheism in a Postmodern World

Christians in the Holy Land shouldn't have to convert to Islam to get divorced

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Belgium's new burqa ban challenged in court

Church and state are split over an irreconcilable difference

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Richard Dawkins, check the evidence on the 'chilly climate' for women