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Four ways republicans lose politically

Captured: America in Color from 1939-1943

The time has come for us to begin actively recruiting

Ubiquitous ‘tiny belly’ online ad part of scheme, government says

What's the best place to put a dildo?

Memo to GOP: Don't Send Boehner In Alone Again

Cuba academic: Party expulsion order overturned

Watch IOUSA if you gt a chance. It's on Netflix instant videos, and

Disaster-stricken prefectures lose 30,000 people (JAPAN)

Survey: 50 percent of coastal towns have no tsunami evacuation plan (JAPAN)

Beef from Fukushima found with high levels of radioactive cesium (JAPAN)

Boy, there's a disconnect here...

Google to use street view tech to record disaster areas (JAPAN)

A new wrinkle in cyber-schooling/church schooling

Senator Chuck Schumer's tweets from his verified Twitter account regarding debt ceiling negotiations

Let the cognitive dissonance run wild

Good information on reverse mortgages


Project Censored: Global Plans to Replace the Dollar

Quiz: What was one of the greatest and most rapid overturns of private property in US history? ?

DNA error could re-open past cases: District Attorney "mortified" that wrong person was convicted

DNA error could re-open past cases: District Attorney "mortified" that wrong person was convicted

Rupert Murdoch, Paper Tiger

Ohio shop's gorilla mascot attacked by banana

Supply Side Policy Proposals

Who's watching BBC International now

Texas woman loses Iraq rape case against KBR

republicans are more interested in protecting their warlords than reducing deficit

Negotiations breakdown - Bottom line.

BofA forecloses on CoC.

How healthy is Rupert Murdoch?

I hate to compare President Obama to Chinese Drywall,,,,

News International found “smoking gun” emails in 2007

Who owns you? (In Retro-spect)

Who owns you? (In Retro-spect)

Frank Lindh: My Lost Boy John Walker Lindh

Frank Lindh: My Lost Boy John Walker Lindh

Murdoch's tabloids kept British politicians in line with threats, rewards.

God is love: Brooklyn Bishop says ban all pro-gay lawmakers From Catholic places

Questions about the Murdoch phone hacking scandal.

A simple observation about a pattern of political reactions here

When Family Values & Protecting Life = DUI, Stripper & Viagra

Crackdown on medical marijuana ahead?

Are Republicans as frustrated as Democrats over these debt-limit negotiations?

Daley: Obama to push for deal with tax and entitlement changes

31 dead, 100 injured as train derails in India

Nevada skinheads on the hunt for Native Americans

News of the World final crossword has a message for 'catastrophe' Rebekah Brooks

News of the World final crossword has a message for 'catastrophe' Rebekah Brooks

Well... Here's A Couple Of Sources (On Boehner Back Out) We Don't Necessarily Trust, That Said...

Donald Kaul: Americans have loose screws

Republicans will Default the Nation Rather than Tax Rich...idiots!

Republicans will Default the Nation Rather than Tax Rich...idiots!

Polygamous upbringing influenced Utah Minuteman

WATCH: Alan Grayson stonewalls Eric Bolling in awkward Fox Business Channel interview

US suspends $800m of military aid to Pakistan

Is the Civil Service Pensions being used like Social Security?

CBS doing a morning retrospective on Betty Ford.

A note of appreciation from the rich Let's be honest: you'll never win the lottery.

Toronto Star: Public health officials fear gonorrhea turning into superbug

Bush Looking Worse With Passage of Time

Many Americans still don't understand that Republican ideology is destroying our

Was This Obama's Plan...or Bad Cop/Good Cop...or same shit/diff day??

Some 1912 toons Federal Reserve coming and Progressives

Patients at South Florida hospitals too often return

Make a GOOPers head explode: "Jobs report proves Bush tax cuts failed"

Labor angered by Obama's willingness to cut Social Security in debt ceiling deal

News Warp: Rupert Murdoch’s Crime Drama Plot Thickens

How bad will Ruppert Murdoch's spawn be when the old man kicks off?

Cartoon: On Second Thought

Betty Ford graced us with her life.

Alert the mods someone broke the rules

This is what I'm worried about re: debt limit negotiations...

Video of family values rabid anti-choice rightwinger Ohio Mecklenborg's DUI arrest

the GOP wants to go back to the deal they walked out on?

the GOP wants to go back to the deal they walked out on?

Over 100 missing as Russian boat Bulgaria sinks on Volga

Fox's Jim Pinkerton calls the guy who called President Obama a dick on live TV a brilliant reporter

McConnell denies GOP trying to sink economy to hurt the president

House Speaker Blinker ... how's that for a new name?

It's not only Social Security and Medicare that are in danger, it's future social programs....

It's not only Social Security and Medicare that are in danger, it's future social programs....

Michael Collins: The Wisdom of the People – the Populist Rationale

If Congress fails to raise the debt limit during wartime, Obama should declare martial law.

Stand for Children Stands for the Rich and the Powerful…

I had a really bizarre dream last night - the ERA Movement picked up steam

FL teachers in private religious school not getting paid. School gets 3 kinds of vouchers.

FL teachers in private religious school not getting paid. School gets 3 kinds of vouchers.

Bernie Sanders promises to filibuster if White House proposes 'piece of crap'

“I want a job where I can survive,”

Family Research Council “Prayer Team” Has 2-14 W-L Record in 2011; Time for God to Fire this Squad

Angry Tea Party Stirring up GOP Revolt

If there's so much complaining about Obama, why isn't there a challenger?

Watch the shuttle dock with the ISS for the last time

Small tsunami reaches Japan after major quake (JAPAN)

Small tsunami reaches Japan after major quake (JAPAN)

Study shows higher ground not high enough for some tsunami-prone communities (JAPAN)


Frank Lindh: America's barbaric treatment of my son John Walker Lindh

Phone hacking: Police probe suspected deletion of emails by NI executive

You know what makes me sad about these deficit talks?

Tim "Soup Nazi" Pawlenty: NO traditional couples benefits for YOU, gay couples!

Tim "Soup Nazi" Pawlenty: NO traditional couples benefits for YOU, gay couples!

Have any Democratic officials

Have you raised hell with your gov't today? Better get busy.

Japan prepares for the next Big One

What I DU

TEPCO suspends decontamination system

Sixteen Senators Ask DOJ To Investigate Potentially Illegal State Voter Disenfranchisement Laws

White House Chief of Staff says American taxpayers are committed to give money to Pakistan

Pawlenty Thinks Scientists are "In Dispute" About Homosexuality

WSJ Publisher @ Center of Phone Hack Scandal

A Letter from Rupert Murdoch: Where I Stand on the News Corporation Scandal

As long as we're repeating the "depression" How about the heat wave too

Yankees Give Loyal Fan Huge Tax Problem

That Dell commercial really bothers me.

"I started out with nothin and I still got most of it left"

An assessment of the Budget Cap related cuts

Where The Money Went (stimulus) - Krugman

Shared Pain and Sacrifice?

6:00 PM The President and the Vice President meet with Congressional Leadership

If you have the chance, please read "The Kingdom and the Towers"'

White House jeopardizing many Democrats' reelection plans

Heatstroke surge feared as people save power (JAPAN)

U.S. holding millions in aid to Pakistan

Red meat from a vegan — Kucinich

Debris removal, recycling daunting, piecemeal labor (JAPAN)

Old expressions that need to be revived:

Old expressions that need to be revived:

California's Hemp Legalization - We're Almost There!

"U.S. could drop screening for deadly strain of E. coli"

Republicans: Payoff Communist China ... Screw US Troops, Veterans and Families

Republicans: Payoff Communist China ... Screw US Troops, Veterans and Families

2 Excellent Articles on Murdoch from the Guardian

2 Excellent Articles on Murdoch from the Guardian

About those Medicare scooters ----- I know a lot of people

Who wants Bernie Sanders for president?

In Case You Missed This Toon...

O Beautiful For Spacious Skies...

Mass. city to pay wedded gay workers to offset tax

Mass. city to pay wedded gay workers to offset tax

She Came, She Signed, She Left After 30 Minutes

Clinics Owned by Michele Bachmann’s Husband Practice Ex-Gay Therapy - TheNation

Phone Zap in support of Grand Rapids IWW member wrongfully terminated from Jimmy Johns!


Holder bragged about Operation Gunrunner in 2009

He tried to destroy Social Security and Medicare, and those darn Rethugs just wouldn't let him.

I found this Debt Ceiling Explainer at MoJo in case anyone would like to take a look.

SCOTUS Ruling in McIntyre v. Nicastro Adds Obstacles to Holding Foreign Corps Accountable in U.S.

Federal government says marijuana has no accepted medical use

What does Denver have more of?

No new revenue = not offering raises or COLA?

French nuclear power lobbyists used Fukushima smear campaign to promote own businesses

Republican Posture on Debt Ceiling Is Borderline Treasonous

Okay -- anybody plunked in front of a TV? The talks are over, has

Income Inequality Retards Growth

Income Inequality Retards Growth

Royal Couple

"Listen to the roar of that hot exhaust!"

Climate Change: Still Worse Than You Think

OK... They're Supposed To Be Meeting At The WH Right Now... Please Watch For News...

McConnell Lets The Cat Out Of The Bag - What Kind Of SICK Game Are They Playing Anyway?

11 July 2011, International Day against Stoning

Thumbs up to Sting, thumbs down to Jerry Brown

C is for Capitalism

Found An Interesting Site, 'Quote Investigator'... This One Is Attributed To Keynes...

Have you noted that the trolls are now equating Democracy with Socialism?

Supreme Court Nominees til 2016...............

Why not use a jet charter service instead of buying a 25 million dollar corporate jet?

Just look at this mess

White House Debt Talks Another Chance For A Deal

Mexico just won the FIFA Under 17 World Cup

Bernie Sanders: Senators Have Told Me If Obama Sends A ‘Piece Of Crap’ Debt Deal To Us, We’ll Defeat

Tonight: WaPo...Obama, congressional leaders don’t make headway on debt limit

Despite Revolution, US Set To Approve Tank Sales To Egypt

Despite Revolution, US Set To Approve Tank Sales To Egypt

British Prime Minister: Murdoch wiretap and bribery scandal will reveal "how politics works too."

Conservative ‘marriage pledge’ group apologizes for slavery reference after Bachmann signs it

President Obama not giving up on big debt deal. Daley says political pain is part of the deal.

Reagan raised taxes 11 times (from NPR last February):

"Oh, can you believe this? Abby Wambach has saved the USA's life

More News of the World Toons...

Flying rats and other air scares cloud India’s aviation industry

Dear Nancy Pelosi...Please Hold The Line At 5PM Today & Protect Us

Anyone here wikkid smaht? Please help me understand how Boehner "blinked"

Blair 'tried' to hush up hacking scandal

NGO is showing Drugged: High on Marijuana

They've raided the Parthenon, now they've got their sights set on the Colosseum

Here’s where your parking meter money is going - charter schools

Geithner: Obama willing to do "difficult political things" to get a deal with Republicans

The debt ceiling was raised 7 times under the Shrub administration

Conflict hampering public school reforms

Barack Obama – Economy is better than you think

love this headline: Palin warns Boehner on debt ceiling deal

60 Minutes is showing a rerun of the story they did on homeless vets in San Diego in 2010

Has anyone seen the documentary 'Boogie Man: The Lee Atwater Story'?

What "Reformers" Really Want

Middle classes are Britain's new homeless: State safety nets are gone

Less Than Two Hours & The Talks Are Over...How Nuts Is That?

Letters to the Year 2076 (from high schoolers in the Year 1976)

Panetta: Iranian weapons used to attack Americans in Iraq

I just got bit by a dog...

CNN deigned to have an international segment about Murdoch

Did you know...

Did you know...

Boehner promised Bush tax cuts would create jobs, he was wrong

more interested in Royals than BS about debt that Bush saddled us with and repubs are unwilling to

108 degrees here in northeast Oklahoma

"The only causes worth fighting for are the lost causes"

Just heard on NPR- income inequality and bank failures. Depression........ Reagan

"I'm not so egotistical as to believe that it has to be me, but I do believe I can win."

Murdoch Minion and current head of Dow Jones Les Hinton is now center of the phone hacking scandal

It's sad when our best Dem, Bernie Sanders, is not even a Dem

It's sad when our best Dem, Bernie Sanders, is not even a Dem

The folly of Marketism

It's Boorish to Order a SECOND Bottle of $350 Wine

BP trying to "PR" their way of their horrible actions...

Open Letter to Teach for America

Teachers' Union Takedown...

Which nation of these has the worst income inequality?

Phone-hacking could lead to News Corp prosecution in US

Hard Times Come Again No More

IMO, the best option BY FAR would be to let ALL Bush tax cuts & other Obama payroll tax cuts expire!

News of the World writers get pass editors censor with a snide crossword puzzle.

Mr. Fish


Goats: An overlooked pasture-raised animal

BP wants to stop paying Gulf oil spill victims

Aaargh. Stop the silly fantasizing about Bernie for President.

"Game Changer" This American Life

Philadelphia Saved 2 MILLION in 2011 with softer cannabis laws

Can buying "union only" hurt startups like Tesla Motors?

I seriously doubt that there is any chance of the Congress not voting up the debt ceiling.

$10,000,000 of stimulus money for ATF to run guns to Mexico?

White House meeting today on debt: Will the republicans show up? They really want the default

There's a part of me (and I'm not particularly proud of it)

Yahoooo! Healthcare sector of the stock market is the most profitable!

I think if we're going to have English only we need to purge our country of Spanish words.

What I think about the debt ceiling/SS fiasco.

To Obama's 2012 re-election team: Doubling down on our failed federal mmj policy is BAD politics.

The debt ceiling should actually be lowered.

freepers love wall mart

SAT prep class

For America's "99ers," jobs crisis is hard to escape

Walmart Books

Accusation in The Mail: Blair tried to get Brown to intervene on getting Watson to back down on NI

If Obama stopped his killing spree in the middle east; there would be no need to steal from grandma

Boehner promised Bush tax cuts would create jobs, he was wrong

Phone hacking: 9/11 victims 'may have had mobiles tapped by News of the World reporters

Rebekah Brooks to be questioned by police over phone hacking

Doesn't Eric Cantor look exactly like the kid who always got beaten up in the schoolyard?

I want them to pay taxes at the same rate I do

Former US Rep. Frank Mascara dies at 81

Notice to Neo-Nazi Thugs: Best to Read (the back of the shirt) Before Attacking

Notice to Neo-Nazi Thugs: Best to Read (the back of the shirt) Before Attacking

Obama press conference Monday morning. Hopefully he will force

would football be a better game without the officials?

Tweety & Andrea Mitchell swoon over Lady Batshit: "She really has her finger on that pulse."

The Mexican economy is growing faster than that of the US. Assembly line wages: $8-$16/day.

Would drug dealers go legit if drugs were legalized?

Living paycheck to paycheck on 200K at year

If lower taxes on the rich lead to job creation, why don't we have more jobs?

One feral cat traveled on a range of 1,351 acres. 5 acres is average for a house cat

No multi-dimensional chess here. The Grand Bargain was no bluff. The Pres wants this.

Another example of our crumbling infrastructure that could provide jobs

JFK had it right.

The very troubling problem with the Casey Anthony verdict is:

While We Go Through The Next Hours, Days, Weeks... Keep These Charts In Mind...

U.S. Food Banks Under Pressure To Meet Demand

Daily Presidential Tracking Poll, Sunday, July 10, 2011.

Picture of white supremacist after he tells boxing champion "blacks not welcome here"

On Feasting & Fasting

It's Not Chess the President is Playing. It's Poker.

From Audacity of Hope to "it's going to feel very hard, harder than anything they've experienced

Did any9ne else watch the Jaycee Dugard story just now on ABC, with Diane Sawyer and Chris Cuomo?

A Call for a March on Washington for Jobs, Hope and Real Change

In The U.S. The Cruelest Tax Of All

Murdoch + Phone Hacking = David Kelly?

OMG--Did You Hear Geithner on Face the Nation?

Carl Bernstein: Murdoch’s Watergate? -This Is "THE BEGINNING-NOT THE END-OF THE SEISMIC EVENT"

Prince Alwaleed bin Talal al-Saud of Saudi Arabia is Newscorps 2nd largest shareholder.

New Australian law to make Muslims lift veils

The best single line from a song lyric ever:

Police arrest hate crime victim and deny him medical treatment, protect skinhead group responsible

The tackiest painting in the world's history unveiled in L.A.

Do you like your job?

TOON: Sunday's Doonesbury - Teach "Both Sides"

Your job situation

Please say Happy Birthday to Bernice (Bea)

Cancel Your Credit Cards

Labor needs to start running its own candidates

A Letter from Rupert Murdoch

Charter high schools in Detroit not making the grade...often trail public schools.

Los Angeles braced for 'car-mageddon' as roadworks close the interstate 405

All you true DUers, gather 'round...

Sanders: Obama proposal would impoverish 250,000

Somehow, the Unemployed Became Invisible

Facebook Helps Israel Blacklist Air Travellers

I have NEVER used pot and doubt I ever will but why in the hell does Obama....

“My special child, pushed out of Kindergarten at a NYC charter school"

In response to A, I wrote B. My answer to blaming the poor for all of our ills.

Treasury: Sec. Geithner believes debt ceiling is binding despite 14th amendment.

Again, Obama shows he's playing chess

Hedging austerity in Italy

Why didn't America build a spacestation on the Moon?

During the past few days, DU has been interesting...

If you stayed home in November 2010 to send President Obama a message...

6 Mind Blowing Ways 'Starship Troopers' Predicted the Future

Is there a really truly viable candidate out there who can beat Obama in '12?

Mopinko and Will's piece convinced me to post here again (bodacious photos 2-nite)

Do you think Abbey learned a lesson?

Your thoughts on

"I'm a Democrat. I came to Congress to protect Social Security & Medicare, not dismantle it."

What does Social Security have to do with the Deficit, Debt, Debt Ceiling?

CEO: Monthly ‘problems’ why women earn less

Texas woman loses Iraq rape case against KBR

Cruise ship sinks on Volga, at least two dead

Boat with over 170 people sinks in Russia's Volga

Angry Tea Party Stirring up GOP Revolt

Holder bragged about Operation Gunrunner in 2009

Australia to tax country's worst polluters

Focus of phone-hacking investigation shifts to Les Hinton

Focus of phone-hacking investigation shifts to Les Hinton

French nuclear power lobbyists used Fukushima smear campaign to promote own businesses

Rebekah Brooks to be questioned by police over phone hacking

Blacks' economic gains wiped out in downturn

Envoy Meets With Leader of Yemen on Accord

Syrian 'national dialogue' conference boycotted by angry opposition

Christine Lagarde, IMF Chief, Asks U.S. To Raise Borrowing Limit

Bolivian leader: Hugo Chavez's health improving

Conservative group backtracks on marriage pledge slavery language

Beef from Fukushima Found with High Levels of Radioactive Cesium

Wall St. Banks Expected to Post Weak 2nd-Quarter Results

Obama, congressional leaders don’t make headway on debt limit

President Obama not giving up on big debt deal

McConnell: Stopping Obama’s re-election still ‘single most important’ goal

Panetta Says Iranian Arms in Iraq Are a ‘Concern’

Ed Miliband threatens Commons vote over BSkyB takeover

Murdoch faces £38.5m break-fee if bid for BSkyB does not go ahead

Hugo Chavez: China granting Venezuela $4B loan

France tells Libya rebels to seek peace with Gaddafi

The role of Bush tax cuts in the deficit

Protests spread in Egypt as discontent with military rule grows

Sen. Inhofe Strikes Back at FAA After Runway Run-In

Australia Proposes Carbon Trading Plan, Again

Obama to lawmakers: Meet every day on debt deal

Phone hacking: 9/11 victims 'may have had mobiles tapped by News of the World reporters'

At the grocery store the other day.

Third Stone from the Sun


Black Sabbath - Behind The Wall Of Sleep

Benny and The Jets

Walking On The Moon

Cosmic Girl

It's About Time

We are all made of stars

Wandering Stars

Walking On The Sun

Black Star

Sarah Kay: Spoken Word Poetry

So I am watching the Name of the Rose....

Space Cowboy

Fly Me To The Moon

Voyage To Atlantis

Funny! Sent to me from a buddy in Calgary.

Awesome Balalaika Player

Somalia Drought Is 'Worst Humanitarian Crisis': U.N.

Amazing Women's World Cup game

The Stars My Destination

Last night around 4am I had an AR-15 pointed at my gut in MY FUCKING DINING ROOM..

I'm vacationing in a VW soon. What do I need to know?

Qizna or "The Business" Drink recipe

Nicola Tesla high fiving Charles Darwin over an explosion of pure science. (dialup warning)

The Incredible String Band

West Linn man rescues woman from bear in Yellowstone Park (a few days after a man was killed)

cat on a trampoline

Why local produce rocks

"Me, right out of the Navy, fresh off a destroyer, with a dance belt and a tube of Chapstick..."

"The thing I don't want to have happen is the bird run at me & nip at me like some schnauzer"

How long has this fashion of wearing a tie "ironically" been around?

Need help finding toolbar with back button! We can't figure out how we lost the thing

to the left of the salad fork HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA

Watch both FIFA goals and tell me which one was more impressive.

Participated in a dog rescue today

My microwave died but on the way out it burned a potato so bad the house still smells.

A Game of Thrones - pronunciation of names

"YOU'RE going to show Winky."

FOOD PORN, Amster-DAMN-that-looks-good Street Food Edition

How would you fell about the person who killed your fairy godmother?

"Boston" by Boston

Contacting another member

Anyone know if I can install vinyl fencing using

Sen. Mary Landrieu is in tenuous position as last statewide-elected Democrat in Louisiana

Labor angered by Obama's willingness to cut Social Security in debt ceiling deal

Space Oddity

Gee, a hymn? I dunno; I guess it *is* Sunday.... OK, but only if we can make it funky and awesome.


What's the best place to put a salad fork?

Does DU go out for everyone every night/morning at 3 A.M. Central?

We got the loan and have started prepping the land for the house! (Pics inside)

(Some) Birds of Sunnyvale

Why do Americans die younger than Britons (and citizens from 36 other countries)?

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Fun and Relaxing Edition

Royal Couple

Royal Couple

which smells best? lilacs? roses? gardenias? lily of the valley? daphne?

Touched by mediocrity or maybe unrecognized genius. Tell us about your run-ins with non-celebrities

anyone know who Ray Price was?

Toilet paper wedding dress contest

Things every Restaurant should have or do!

We have to make a hard choice about our pup...

How Rebekah's clueless proofreaders failed to spot parting shot in NotW crossword

I just ate three ultra-hot chicken wings for a MAN V. FOOD competition. Ask me anything!

ewwww moment in grocery checkout line

Alan Grayson being interviewed by some strange guy named Eric Bolling - VIDEO

Who's in charge, Boehner or the Tea Party? All the news stories

Krugman: Why Are Wages Still Rising? (Wonkish)

The Hill: GOP gets one last shot at Consumer Protection bureau before it opens

If Republicans don't show up tonite... invite the press to see them not there.

Jeff Sessions lying to the American people on Face the Nation.

Business Insider: Reminder, The Deficit You're Freaking Out About Is Bush's Fault

David Gregory thinks Obama's fiscal policies came into effect on inauguration day

The only way to move Obama left and to get progressive legislation is to make Congress liberal

With the latest up to date forecast Obama could still win reelection even with a bad economy

A Lounge project: design a playlist for all those bored people standing in TSA screening lines

Pawlenty: Science ‘In Dispute’ Over Whether Gays ‘Born This Way’ (VIDEO)

Obama needs to be prepared to really, really man up -- I hope he is

Congress refuses to do its job

Elizabeth Warren running for Senate? Signs suggest she's considering it.

Senator Chuck Schumer's tweets from his verified Twitter account regarding debt ceiling negotiations

Corporate executives and the stooges they employ.

Obama needs to be prepared to really, really stand firm -- I hope he is

Well, that's that. Debt talks at White House already over. Meeting lasted about 90 minutes.

Ten Days That Won't Shake The Wingnuts

IF Obama Was A True Blood Character Who Would he Be?

Palin Says “I Can Win.”

Obama needs to go all Harry Truman on the GOP.

McConnell: That is still my most single goal to stop Obama's reelection

Will SOMEONE tell the public how irresponsible the Republicans are?

FDIC's Sheila Bair: Obama's Not Been Served Well By WH Economic Team

Thought experiment: What if Obama. like FDR, held 2 press conferences EACH WEEK

Obama caught on camera discussing the turmoil at Democratic Underground.

Saving us from austerity measures - John Boehner?!

Timmy the Tool Pawlenty blasts Bachmann!

My prediction on the debt ceiling

The Hill: White House says Boehner balked over taxes, not entitlements

Calling the Wrong Bluff

Dear Mr. President, Why should EVERYBODY sacrifice now...

‘A gamble where you bet your country’s good name’

If Obama's successes/accomplishments were acknowledged by his progressive critics, I'd feel. . .

I've seen a lot of DUers saying they won't vote for Obama

Media ignores the fact that entitlement 'reform' will strengthen Medicare, Social Security

An awesome Harry Truman quote (perfectly fits today as much as it did 60+ years ago)

POTUS to hold press conference on debt limit / budget negotiations tomorrow at 11 am ET.

Zetas And Other Gang Fighting In Mexico Results In At Least 40 Deaths In 24-hour Period

Tina Brown's Newsweek continues to leave news for infotainment. The Grifter on this week's cover.

President Obama Called The Republican Bluff on the Deficit, -they blinked, turned tail, cut and run-

I remain convinced that Obama is a good man who knows right from wrong.

John Kerry op-ed in favor of gay marriage in the Boston Globe

Gravitating to the Negative

Why is Mezcal cheaper in Mexico, but more Expensive in the USA

It's time for a list: Yes. Progress.

Who will get the 2012 GOP nomination

New lawn chemical chief suspect in mysterious deaths of trees

** "WH source tells CNN that Boehner agreed to let Bush tax cuts expire" **

***the (hopefully) last freaking MFM update thread***

PBS Need to Know segment on redistricting

Steve Brodner cartoon on the debt/budget debate: Deadlocks and headlocks

'NATO kills 10 civilians for every troop targeted, destroys children's facilities'

A Very Important Concept to Remember. It's Just a Ride!

Marx Reloaded Trailer

Elvis Presley - In The Ghetto (Music Video) (1969)

FKN Newz w/ Deek Jackson- (Biocide Update) The Planets Fucked - Its your Fault - Its Getting Worse

A rich guy who gets it: CEO talks about being homeless to helping the homeless

Richard Dreyfuss on Civics, Public Education

The Truth About Medical Marijuana

IMF Director Christine Lagarde interview on ABC This Week w/Christiane Amanpour

Bachmann takes a batshit crazy break from anti-porn, anti-gay crusade to discuss jobs news

a nice break

"We Don't Know Where That 2.3 TRILLION Dollars Went!" Rep DeFazio Calls To Audit The Pentagon

TYT from 2006: Democrats Need to Stop Being So Weak

Peter DeFazio on nation building at home

Rupert Murdoch Exploits Of The World's Shadiest Newsman

Lil' Ricky Man-on-Dog TAKEN ABACK by The Marriage Vow. Then he understood it. Then he signed it.

Home-made Palin worship video: Happy 4th of July Palin Partiots! Er...what the fuck is a PARTIOT?

What Would Happen If America saw this

'Obama defaulted on US Constitution'

Young Turks: RNC: Shared Sacrifice Is BS

Chris Van Hollen: GOP using 'extortion'

Fox News: Indoor Grown Pot "Will Kill You"

Stand for Children Co-founder describes Illinois take down of teachers and their unions.

How the Middle Class Got Screwed

Tour de France: car crashes into Juan Antonio Flecha and Johnny Hoogerland

News of the World scandal: How often do reporters pay off police?

In Belarus, one-armed man arrested for clapping

PP takes Extremadura from Socialists with left's help

Egypt orders arrest of 12 police officers for murder

Facebook's "Youth For Palin" founder: "Why I think Sarah Palin should run for president"

Bus hijacked during night of serious violence in North {ireland}

"Francoism isn't over in Spain"

Gen Y becomes Gen G – the gourmet generation

Merkel signals ambitions to run for third term in 2013

Grover Norquist: The man who is holding the US to ransom

Salon EVISCERATES WaPo's Marc Theissen

The Collapse Chronicle #1 – June 2011

Here's a great program for creating affordable housing.

Sheila Bair’s Bank Shot

Delayed payments in 1979 offer glimpse of default consequences

The Republicans are violating the Fourteenth Amendment (Jack Balkin)

Over more than 3 decades, no one dared question the perversion of politics by and for Rupert Murdoch

Why a Default on the Debt Might Actually be a Good Thing

Eleanor Clift: 20 years ago this month, George H.W. Bush introduced America to Clarence Thomas

Best Political Cartoons of 2011 (So Far)

Australia plans to impose carbon tax on worst polluters (BBC)

'Clean-up bid' tops agenda for whaling meet (BBC)

'Clean-up bid' tops agenda for whaling meet

About those floating cities ... fascist utopias

“Danger: Radioactive Waste”: A Message in a Bottle to Last… a Million Years (French Waste Agency)

Renewable energy tops nuclear power in the US

Japan's nuclear industry credibility crumbles amid email scandal

Taiwan to tighten laws banning shark fin hunting

IUCN Classifies Southern Bluefin Tuna Critically Endangered; Spain, France Oppose Fisheries Changes

TX GOP Strikes Blow For Freedumb - Will Attempt End Run Around Federal Light Bulb Rules

# Of Lyme Disease Cases Reported In Wisconsin Up 35% During 2010

Massive Piles Of Seaweed Bury 15 Miles Of Ivory Coast Beaches

Annnnnnd Down We Go - NSIDC Arctic Extent Graph Diverging Below 2007's Old Record

Fort Calhoun nuclear power plant north of Omaha pumping out water

U of T researchers build an antenna for light

Ken Deffeyes - EIA Substitutes New! Improved! Dataset - From 73 Mbd To 85 Mbd Overnight!

Op-Ed: Oz Carbon Tax A Brave Start From A Government Gripped By Fear

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