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California man accused of planting spyware to photograph women

California man accused of planting spyware to photograph women

The idiocy of Milton Friedman.

Anybody on DU who suggests Weiner should resign

This just in: Weiner's kids to change their names to Shriver

Rachel on Letterman is really MUST SEE TeeVee!

Angry customer ejected from movie theater for texting

Eric Gioia being sounded out to challenge Weiner...

BWHAHAHA: WELCOME To Detroit, Mitt Romney.

Microsoft-branded Windows 8 tablet reportedly under consideration

Doctors asked to identify potential terrorists under government plans

Where Germany, U.S. differ: How much should government steer the economy?

The Democrats on the Hill are expert at forming circular firing

JOE LIEBERMAN Will Help GLEN BECK Restore Something In Jerusalem

Check out Google's Home Page! Too cool...

I've decided to start up my own business.

I've decided to start up my own business.

On Anthony Weiner - Remember fights when you were a kid?

Another Victory for Big Money

I'm getting closer to giving up on defending Anthony Weiner.

GOP Economists Slam Tim Pawlenty’s Economic Plan: ‘Impossible

Japan's radiation twice as bad as claimed

Elephant gores man to death in India

Many a times my birds make me wonder

OK, Something fun and not dealing with body parts.

Washington Wrestles with Afghan Options

Fight, Tony. Fight!

Isn't it ironic that Weiner's weiner ends up being

Wiener and his Dragon

I'm damn glad we don't walk in lock-step on DU, which ever side of the Weiner you 're on!

Alec Baldwin wants to be Mayor of New York?

If there were actual photos of Vitter in a diaper on the internet today,

Over 1,000 Syrians flee to Turkey in 24 hours - UNHCR

Fresh round of NATO strikes hit Tripoli outskirts

Citigroup says hackers accessed credit card data

Average CEO Pay: $12 million

The tweet: A close-up photo of a man's genitals. (NOT WEINER)

Meet Obama's new Solicitor General.

$hitibank Data Breach

Jon Stewart: Weiner Had A Sex Scandal And Had To Apologize To Bill Clinton?! - VIDEO

Jon Stewart: Weiner Had A Sex Scandal And Had To Apologize To Bill Clinton?! - VIDEO

To save GD space, I propose we combine Wiener and Circumcision/Anti-Semitic threads

Toles- No Fool Like An Old Fool

Column: GOP's assault on Obama is all over the place

Bankster throws down the gauntlet on regulation; says Bernanke's weak-sauce regulation is too much

Roundup Birth Defects: Regulators Knew World's Best-Selling Herbicide Causes Problems, New Report Fi

Government committing Britain to "radical, long-term policies for which no-one voted".

DeVos, Koch, Scaife, Walton, ALEC, AFC: The Corporate Royalists and Right-Wing Groups Propelling the

Economic Pessimism Poses Threat To Obama’s Reelection Bid

Target shareholders pummel CEO with questions about anti-gay donation

no immediate health effects from exposure to those levels, at least in the short- to medium-terms

Interesting historical note…

Panetta hearing live on CSpan1

Hey Leftys: the US has almost the highest tax rates in the world!

Hey Leftys: the US has almost the highest tax rates in the world!

Millions Fewer Girls Born Due to Nuclear Radiation?

RE banks and hacking: NPR had a discussion show on last week about "hacktivists"

Anyone else get so exhausted from hiding Weiner threads you have to take a nap?

U.S. Job Seekers In for a Long, Frustrating Hunt

U.S. Job Seekers In for a Long, Frustrating Hunt

School-Webcam Spy Scandal Resurfaces

South Korea aims to create 1.5 million green energy jobs

Oil profiteers Koch blame Obama for their greed.

The American Political Media Loves, No, Needs Political Sex Scandals

Washington needs to stop playing with themselves and get back to work

Activists protest Hershey in Times Square, calling on chocolate giant to stop using child labor

One way capitalism can make health care worse and more expensive

Quelle Surprise! British Attorney General rules out David Kelly inquest

David Schuster on Miller show

Now Walker and Rethug cronies are out to destroy WiscNet

chuck toad has the useless rick santorum on the daily rundown

Walker spying on Madison protester's social media use

Lawmaker tweeting falls in week after Rep. Weiner's troubles

Jon Stewart reacts to hearing ‘The Daily Show’ mentioned in ‘Weinergate’

Jon Stewart reacts to hearing ‘The Daily Show’ mentioned in ‘Weinergate’

Is this World War III?

Maddow to Letterman: ‘Weinergate’ is ‘more gossip than news’

100 Amazing Places That Will Be Destroyed by Climate Change

Something interesting and innovative...Rep Chakka Fattah's tax plan.

"You're not supposed to be proud of it."

Scam? Mitaken Identity? MSNBC: Londoner says missing Syrian blogger stole her identity

Once Again it's a Woman

How Anger Can Improve Health, Enhance Intimacy, Spur Creativity, Even Inspire Social Change

Hamid Karzai asks Barack Obama not to order steep withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan this year

Florida woman's touring bus brings free books, eyeglasses to Detroit kids

Does anyone think Luke Russert is making his father proud?

Revealed: Pollution kills more in Afghan capital than war

We didn't start the Weiner

Gov. Rick Scott takes credit for business expansion that started before he took office

WSJ: Average Job Seeker Gives Up After 5 Months

What Weiner SHOULD say: "Okay, so I'm a Peter Tweeter. Get the fuck over it."

Gov. Christie to unveil public-private school partnership plan

AFL-CIO's Trumka Calls for Labor Movement Separate from Parties: 'I've Had a Snootful of This Shit!'

Wow. I just realized that even Santorum's son doesn't care much for him...

Is a short-term default by the U.S. ‘stupid’?

Yes, the picture on the cell phone was of his genitals, Weiner admits.

China confirms building its 1st aircraft carrier

Summer camp at UTD amplifies homeless kids’ ambitions

A "Satisfied" Bill Keller Reduces Judy Miller’s WMD Lies That Killed Thousands To “Some Bad Stuff”

Good commentary about Rep. Weiner in the Smirking Chimp.

Will there be radiation in Toyota cars or their parts ?

more toxins draining into the Gulf of Death

McDermott introduces pro-gay tax equity bill

Weiner did something odd at the correspondents dinner

The pleasure of living in a vacuum...

if only we could

Workers of the World Unite !!!!

Anyone find this week's "Newsweek" to be open and obvious GOP Propaganda?

USA: Ferengi Empire. Let us review the rules and experience the enlightenment

Anybody else getting tired of dick talk?

Anybody else getting tired of dick talk?

European MEPs Slam Assange Extradition Warrants

European MEPs Slam Assange Extradition Warrants

European MEPs Slam Assange Extradition Warrants

Michael Dell: The Making of an American Oligarch

Michael Dell: The Making of an American Oligarch

Chromebook Offers New Alternative for Laptop Users

I just set the date and time on my computer.

Weiner Almost Certainly Did Break The Law/Rules. So Please Stop Saying He Didn't.

Louie Schwartzberg: The hidden beauty of pollination

Texas Senate approves teacher furlough bill


Louie Schwartzberg: The hidden beauty of pollination

from m$nbc: Five reasons to take Bachmann seriously

Home-Price Drop of 25% Wouldn’t Shock Shiller

Obama Eyes Ex-Banker, Raj Date, to head Consumer Financial Protection Bureau!

Obama Eyes Ex-Banker, Raj Date, to head Consumer Financial Protection Bureau!

Bread And Circuses. Via Twitter.

Harvard University Hedge Fund In African Land Grab

FCC chairman Julius Genachowski agrees to remove Fairness Doctrine from rulebook

Drop into google and run your cursor across the chords.

Please help me w. info. I lost my only car key to my 2003 ford focus

Book Review: David Mamet's "The Secret Knowledge"

Ohio restaurant referenced by Obama is closing

E. coli death toll hits 30

A parent calls out the Ed-Deformers on

About 4PM Tomorrow EST.....

Reuters Special Report: After Japan, Where's The Next Nuclear Weak Link? (WikiLeaks)

FDA admits supermarket chickens test positive for arsenic

Libya rebels eye oil restart, win aid pledges

Wildfire in Arizona (photo gallery - Atlantic @in_focus)

Contortionist who hid in a suitcase to steal from tourists arrested

NY 9th District Voter here

Don't let Weiner go down ALONE !!!!

Wisconsin: Yesterday the GAB set precedence for all future recall challenges.

Can Current Technology Insure Fair Elections

The Rude Pundit: Ways That the Scandals of Anthony Weiner and David Vitter Are Completely Different

Uncanny Terrain - Coverage of the Fukushima aftermath

Al Zawahiri new tape

Santorum hopes Google will do something about ‘filth on the Internet’

Paul Krugman Blog: Our Wasteful Health Care System

Leon Panetta says were are no longer in the Cold War

How is it that Republicans are getting away with...

I watched Cain on Glenn Beck. He is batshit crazy too.

Arizona fire threat grows; no end in sight

Letterman on Weiner

Letterman on Weiner

Are Macs liberally biased?

Pakistani Intelligence Announces Its Full Cooperation With U.S. Forces During Upcoming

Kashi Recalls Select Frozen Pizzas Because They May Contain Plastic Fragments

Texas Follows In Paul Ryan’s Footsteps: House Passes Measure To Block Grant Medicaid, Privatize...

The National Popular Vote just became more of a reality this week.

Appropriate for PBS? Broadcast on JFK and his condom or not dilemma while committing adultery.

Alabama governor signs nation's toughest immigration law

The new Google logo in memory of Les Paul.... please note that it has a "record" button

Krugman: Tim Pawlenty’s Supply-Side Time Warp

Survey: strontium widespread in Fukushima

Nuclear evacuation being considered for more areas

Another example of a man who doesn't comprehend social media

Heavy T-storms this morning and red sheet lightning.

Let he who is without sin.....

Let he who is without sin.....

Sesame Street cancels Tea Party episodes

10 Myths That Politicians Want You To Believe

WTF is the deal with this "About:blank" browser highjacker? anybody know the best way to lose it?

So have we learned from the Weiner scandal that many sanctimonious people

With Dems like these.........

sarah palin’s e-mails: What to expect

DHS bows to political pressure and ceases monitoring domestic terrorists

Texting tragedy: Fatal-crash driver goes to court

To the Anthony Weiner supporters...who DO you want to get rid of?

To the Anthony Weiner supporters...who DO you want to get rid of?

(Toon) The Republicans Cure For EVERYTHING: Tax Cuts!

Toons: We had to destroy the nation to save it...

VA to Expand Housing for Homeless Veterans and Their Families

When you screw up with your SO, do you immediately point to others

Congressman Weiner gone before Monday

Ensign and Vitter Broke The Law WHILE....

Unemployment aid applications stuck at high level

Luke Russert (who should be given a Murrow award) says Vitter and Ensign never lied.

Saudi women take to their cars hoping for change

Noose tightening around Goldman’s neck - The SEC Is Examining Goldman’s Relationship With Libya

Citi confirms data breach at Citi Account Online

Snowpack in Rockies Declines From Warmer Temperatures, U.S. Says

The Bernanke Scandal: Full-Frontal Cluelessness

Did it strike anyone else

Highly skilled immigrants now outnumber low-skilled ones.

Saudi Arabia avoids Arab uprisings with royal checkbook.

The History of the USA....brought to you by Palin and Bachmann

Was Fukushima Too Big to Fail?

Toon: Comparing Medicare plans Romney Wrong on Deficits, Auto Bailout

The Killing Continues as US Doubles Down on Failed Trade Policies

The lesson for Dems in Congress from Weinergate is this...You're being stalked...

What has Rachel Maddow actually said about Weiner?

Unemployment benefits fading away

On My High Basic Expectations of Legislators

Republicans silent on kinky prostitution addict - Senator David Vitter

First container vessel departure since quake

Roll Call vote on Debit Swipe Fee Amendment is strangest I've seen in a long time.

Insurance Rates Climb on Disaster Costs

On July 1, if you're outa work, you're outa luck

How the US Wars Have Served Al-Qaeda

We only CLAIMED that the private lives of public figures were none of our business ...

The Ever-Expanding National Security Complex Don't be afraid to send a few

nytimes: Gingrich Senior Campaign Staff Resigns

The resignations of Weiner and Thomas

Should the Government start monitoring U.S. food production? The climate

Should the Government start monitoring U.S. food production? The climate

Another BLUE DOG Bites The Dust

Glenn Greenwald: WikiLeaks Grand Jury Investigation Widens (David House Subpoenaed)

Syrian refugees in Turkey: 'People see the regime is lying. It is falling apart'

Toon: how this ''crush the poor always and maximally'' axiom backfires.

Mass. hits Goldman Sachs with 10 mil fine

Top Republican National Committee official involved in Wisconsin GOP shenanigans

Feingold raises $130,000 for recall elections

Wisconsin: Republican Rep Kapenga say's Police and Fire Unions "bought out" elected officials

Doulas - what they do

Americans' equity in their homes near a record low

Inactivity My A$$: Judge Dismisses Key Argument Of Health Care Reform Foes

Rats leaving a sinking ship


Do you know why America can't fix itself? Part 2: Crotch Warfare

Weiner's wife is pregnant, but don't worry, it's Schwarzenneger's.

Google Logo alert! Playable musical instrument

What the hell does that have to do with the price of tea in China?

Germany may send troops to Libya after Gaddafi out

Did Rupie just hang his self Royally?

Oakland woman videos rape suspect with her phone

Apple drops apps for DUI checkpoints.

Gingrich senior aides resign - Washington Post

Anyone else find it creepy that Breitbart carries a picture of Weiner's meat and 2 veg...

Kate Middleton and Tony Blair were hacked in NOTW scandal

Craigs list:: Who did ole' Newt piss off...

Global Economic Crisis Deepening

Obama "advisers" consider seeking temporary cut in taxes EMPLOYERS pay

There are more than 8 million uninsured children in America—that's one in ten.

I think Anthony Weiner should resign...

The Emperor Wears no Clothes in Theory: Theories Underlying Major US Policies are Problematic

Malcolm X's daughter admits credit card fraud

In case anyone is interested, two new baby hummingbirds

What the Hell???I Just got 60 PM's!


UPDATE W/ LINK: Reuters: Hillary Clinton seeking nomination as World Bank Preisdent

Google Sued For Using Chromebook Name

Limbaugh is really a weak debater when his "facts" are challenged.

Cops Gone Wild

So Anyone Ready To Get The Discussion Back On Jobs and The Economy...

So Anyone Ready To Get The Discussion Back On Jobs and The Economy...

If only Democrats got tough with Republicans like they do with each other

Prop 8 hearing set in federal court on Monday

Mayor: 'No Chance' Apple's Spaceship-Esque Cupertino HQ Not Happening

Dog pack in Washington state killing for fun?

Cong Bill Young R-FL-reportedly not allowed to be around women while on official business in Italy

Koch-backed conservative group spams Detroit with fake eviction notices

Some of the best car audio sound I have ever transmitted.

Key Dem argues Ryan plan ruins chance to improve healthcare system

UPDATE: Hillary Clinton's staff DENIES report she's interested in leaving StateDept for World Bank

Former Perry campaign mgr. may head Perry presidential bid

So we're going to weaken Social Security to give businesses more tax breaks?

51,334 "Friends" support Rep. Weiner on FB....n/t

Could Rick Perry get elected based on his Goodhair looks alone?

University of Texas-Austin helps Native Americans learn to save own languages

Idiocracy (2006), Re-Visited

Suspect in toddler's drowning death is 5 year old girl

Please allow me to woo you for just a minute.

Our Economy's Best Chance - Mike Lux/Crooks&Liars

Nevada governor says no to special session, sends redistricting battle to courts

We Have Guided Missiles (pic)

House Dems call for end of Bush tax cuts in debt ceiling bill

Is this a crazy idea? Why don't we all email or tweet photos of body parts

Will The Banksters And The Corpocracy Eventually Own It All? 29 Statistics About Extreme Income Ineq

Sigh, my unemployment is running out.

You have to think far too deeply about what Weiner did to convincingly say he should go

Embattled Wisconsin Republicans court Rep. Paul Ryan’s support in recall fight

From my local paper, the La Crosse Tribune, regarding fake candidates:

LGBT activist Mike Rogers: Republicans are sex scandal hypocrites

It's time to stop talking about Weiner's wiener

U.S. can't justify its drug war spending, reports say

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton seeking World Bank presidency, Reuters reports

"I just want to keep the money I work for."

New Marine can't wear uniform at high school graduation

Weiner v. Breitbart -- US Supreme Court

It ends up Rupert Murdoch's papers were hacking the phones of the police who were investigating them

(thank you) Ann Coulter attacks soccer moms - Kudlow discussion with Charlie Rangel

WI:Concerns raised over move to restrict access to ethics statements (Jason Stein, 6-7-11 Milwaukee

Anyone remember the public option?

Does anyone here watch Hardcore Pawn?

There used to be 1400 miles between Sarah Palin and the rest of the US

Low-Bandwidth Pictures From the 1980's

Paul Revere's Famous Ride - The Colbert Report

Daniel Ellsberg: All the crimes Richard Nixon committed against me are now legal

Washington Post asks for help to investigate Palin emails.

Message to the Young and Broke: There's always the Military

Idea for unemployed DUers:

Pay Attention to July 12th and July 19th

Personhood Mississippi sends daughter of rape victim on tour to garner support for abortion criminal

A word about Vitter:

There is a show about baby kittens on Animal Planet

I listened to the opening of Hardball and have a question..

House Dems Call for Expiration of Bush Tax Cuts In Debt-limit Deal

Bey IV guilty on all charges for ordering Chauncey Bailey, two other men killed

Angry Pakistani army says it doesn't want U.S. aid

GOProud Board President Sticks By Herman Cain After ‘Homosexuality Is A Sin’ Comment

Bank Not Responsible for Letting Hackers Steal $300K From Customer

When Does Lawarance,Rachel or ED Blow The Top Off the Justice Thomas

Idiocracy: Are We There Yet?

Fake foreclosure notices panic some Detroit residents

Bank seems to have improperly placed a lien on the wrong property. Ugh.

Bank seems to have improperly placed a lien on the wrong property. Ugh.

Rep. Weiner's constituents are seriously out of touch (sarcasm) (new poll)

Dawn Johnsen: My Nomination Was Blocked To Score ‘Political’ Points Against Obama On Terrorism

Weiner's pattern: Political admirers became online pursuits

Weiner's pattern: Political admirers became online pursuits

Must see video...Ann Coulter VERY put off!

14 year old girl horrific attack on dog-Lab - Warning animal lovers

Greenwald: The joys of repressed voyeuristic titillation (

Bob Herbert : The Jobs Emergency and America in Crisis

The Banking Emperor Has No Clothes (Geithner) - Simon Johnson/NYT

Another Graph For Ya...

Exclusive: Clinton in talks about possible move to World Bank

Which is the top story?

Shelter euthanized pet. Shelter worker placed on leave

The teaparty guest is reframing Lawrence' question

Obama New Popularity Causes Democratic Party Affiliation To Surge

Deed to Palin's Arizona house riddled with fraud -- perhaps fatally

Since impeachment for lying about a war was off the table

Plano TX: Tea party behind E-Verify push

3 police car escort for geese

Double standard for fuel efficiency is literally killing Americans

Cops: Subway employee sold weed with foot-longs

Former Gov. Purdue abandons Gingrich for Pawlenty.

Bye Bye Newt - thanks for stealing the headline

Analysis Finds Graduation Rates Moving Up

Yes! Axelrod slams Pawlenty

The law that will make AT&T pay almost $1 billion to consumers

Voyagers Find Giant Jacuzzi-like Bubbles at Edge of Solar System

Repug presidential candidates fighting to claim the mantle as biggest climate change denier

K&R if you want a forum in DU3

Newt Gingrich's campaign team resigns en masse

When conservatives talk about "homosexuals" or "Jews" ...

Not A Good Trend: 'A Federal Study Finds That Local Reporting Has Waned' - NYT

The 7 Types Of Republican Idiots

The 7 Types Of Republican Idiots

Future voters...

Bravo Rachel

Axelrod slams Sarah Palin

How Koch Became An Oil Speculation Powerhouse

How Koch Became An Oil Speculation Powerhouse

It's (still) the economy stupid!

Jon Huntsman’s Gun Ban Gaffe - Not veto AWB says on RW talk radio

Nuclear Earless bunny - symbol of nuclear plant disaster Japan

Anyone else reminded by Weiner of Roald Dahl's story "Bitch"?

Kansas GOP broke campaign laws

Weiner might be a weiner BUT Breitbart is a LYING-HEARTLESS piece of shit

Public Pays Price For Privatization - Matt Stoller/Politico

Reality check: if Weiner were a Repub, sending unsolicited crotch shots to women half his age...

Taps - Played on Google by my friend Betty

Sun News Network – Canada’s new comedy central TV

Smurfs and "My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic" are communist?

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! & a new Kitty gif

Three core meltdowns and nobody seems to care anymore

The Right's Favorite Historian: Founding Fathers Opposed Darwin

Gavin Newsom reportedly considering run for Lynn Woolsey's seat.

Bin Laden computer files 95% decrypted.

does Scott Brown's success in Massachusetts give you hope...

Ford announces Chevy Volt competitor, C-Max Energi

"I like cheese."

Well, soon the Supreme Court is going to find itself in on the horns of dilemma

Boots (and wheels) on the ground.

Woo Hoo !!! - Score One For The Good Guys !!!

I have a fool-proof plan to OUT every member of congress who has ever comitted adultry

Thursday toon roundup...

Tennessee pretty much bans the internet in latest law

In Case You Missed This... 'How Koch Became An Oil Speculation Powerhouse'

If a government allows another foreign government to put

High School Marine will be allowed to wear her Dress Blues....

Fact Checking Breitbart's Statement on the Leaked Photo (Breitbart lies)

He grew up with the name Weiner, so he gets a pass from me.

Photo Gallery: The Children of the Russian Rich

Forget about Iowa and New Hampshire. South Carolina will choose GOP nominee.

Save the Saddest Dolphins

Question: Is WeinerGate The First Sex Scandal (That We Know Of) That Didn't Involve ACTUAL Sex ???

State of the Nation: epitomized in a small town bank robbery.

Rats deserting the S.S. Gingrich

Interesting unintended consequence: Study: Watching "16 and Pregnant" Makes Americans More Likely To

First therapeutic study of LSD in 35 years finishes treatment of last subject

Marvin the Martian or Callista Gingrich?

Meet Your New Pot Dealer: Big Pharma

Gov. Jindal Subpoenaed in Controversial Louisiana Health Care Privatization Move

"And they'll never even notice, when it's plastic that they eat, that the terrible."

Weiner -- What did he do wrong?

While Demanding Weiner’s Resignation, RNC Chairman Refuses To Discuss Vitter Prostitution Scandal

Note to Obama - payroll tax holidays should be off the table

Rick Santorum: Climate change is ‘junk science'

Panetta: Escalate Shadow Wars, Expand Black Ops

Santorum Calls Abortion Exceptions To Protect Health Of The Mother ‘Phony’

Are republicans hurting the economy to gain advantage? These guys seem to think so.

What has been your experience as a Cub Scout parent?

People in Tennessee: DO NOT LOOK AT THIS THREAD

Cuomo Urges Broad Limits to N.Y. Public Pensions

How many times can that Heidi (Cenk's show

Sweden's Pirate Party is making inroads. Very impressive group.

Companies Spend on Equipment, Not Workers (NYT)

Initial Jobless Claims in U.S. Unexpectedly Increased Last Week

Romney to skip Iowa straw poll.

Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country.

How's about a little Thursday evening humor?

Here's a headline I'm pretty sure you won't see again this week.......

Can't Afford To Leave The Country ??? - Consider Connecticut !!! - WooHoo !!!

Weiner Defense Syndrome

AFL-CIO's Trumka Calls for Labor Movement Separate from Parties: 'I've Had a Snootful of This Shit!'

'Human Barbie' Sarah Burge Gives 7-Year-Old Daughter Breast Implant Voucher

'Human Barbie' Sarah Burge Gives 7-Year-Old Daughter Breast Implant Voucher

Breakthrough in battery technology could revolutionize electric vehicles

Radiology experts find up to 45 microsieverts/hour near school zone — 90 times higher than Chernobyl

Police to Send Riot Squads to Tepco Meeting

Texas has officially gone back 40 years. Texas House votes to strip funds from public hospitals

Obama food safety chief and former Monsanto lawyer

Please explain to me why adultery is disqualifier for public office.


Tenn. law bans posting images that "cause emotional distress"

Radiation from Japan causing severe weather in US?

ACLU Sues State Department to Declassify Diplomatic Cables Already Revealed by WikiLeaks

Fracking Coventry

temperature in reactor unit 3 is increasing along with the temperature in the unit 4 spent fuel pool

The Bush Effect -- The Morons Are Coming!

Woman-Hating Santorum Says Abortion Exceptions to Protect Mother's Health Are "Phony"

If you lived in an area where just being progressive or liberal could cause you harm

Al Qathafi Facing ICC Charges of Using Rape as a Weapon

Weiner says his wife wants him to stay in Congress, source says (CNN)

For those horrified by what Weiner did, how would you feel if he had been caught

For those horrified by what Weiner did, how would you feel if he had been caught

Rudy's Running

American Morality

Compare the threads about Sarah Palin's hubby's alleged affair(s) with the Weiner threads

Weiner: 'I’m Going to Get Back to Work'

Yes..THAT weed: "Weed As Surprise Driver For Mass Cryptoproficiency"

"The speaker's contract stipulates the Democrat's ground transportation be a sedan, NOT an SUV."

TEPCO officials refused to accept report of first reactor explosion: That's not possible."

I've changed my mind, I'm hoping Weiner fights this and stays

I've changed my mind, I'm hoping Weiner fights this and stays

I turned MSNBC off again today and won't be turning it back on this week.

Please Tell Me This Song Is Sarcastic

Why Republicans distribute penis photos to children ...

NATO sources are telling CNN they are now directly targeting Gaddafi

Court: Dad can paste daughter's face on porn photo

UnFuckingBelievable !!! - So If We're Not Spying On Americans For THIS, Then What ???

Obama Trusted the Wrong Economists

Man charged with having pants around his knees

Special Investigation: The Pesticides and Politics of America's Eco-War

We discuss the dick pix, while the Greeks revolt -

AFA to boycott companies that support the "It Gets Better" project

Many of us won’t be able to retire until our 80s

How many DUer's have sexted, and if so what was the social media used?

How many DUer's have sexted, and if so what was the social media used?

Poll: Majority of New Yorkers think Rep. Weiner should not resign

Libyan rebel group sells first oil to U.S.

Should Anthony Weiner resign?

Fuck insurance companies. Just FINALLY got the mail-order for one of my pills and the cost tripled.

Fuck insurance companies. Just FINALLY got the mail-order for one of my pills and the cost tripled.

Krugman: Rule by Rentiers

Two points about the Weiner story

Something I Wrote 5 Years Ago, And Post Every Year Around The Anniversary Of RFK's Death

Middle-of-the-road chain restaurants decide the working and middle classes are too broke to eat out.

Tracy Morgan reportedly went on a homophobic tirade and said he'd stab his son to death if gay

Liberal Catholics pushing changes in the church to gather in Detroit

New York Governor Cuomo Proposes Major Cuts in New York Public Employee Pensions

Sorry for starting a new thread about Anthony Weiner...

Check out Google!

A neighbor's description of the Stockton home raid by the education department.

Oh, wow! First night in the lookout (2011) and look at this ..

Obama Still Desperately Seeking Anybody But Warren to Head New Consumer Agency

Glass staircase not dress friendly

Weiner has addiction problems beyond adultery. You can't tell me this is normal.

Libyan Revolution Week 16 part 2

I'm Tired of Douchebags Representing Me

Three Core Melt throughs not Melt downs... Its worse new report

Limbaugh steps on an upside down rake: "So you really are off the Oxycontin?"

Case Against NSA Whistle-Blower, Thomas Drake, Crumbling

Tracy Morgan. Vile Homophobe.

Half the country wilts under unrelenting heat

I really hate Obama's Department of

Massachusetts Republican: Undocumented Immigrant Rape Victims ‘Should Be Afraid To Come Forward’

How Can We NOT Feel Betrayed by Obama?

Weiner Can Seek a Remedy in the Wiretap Laws

Techno-Bullies Are Way-y-y-y Too Unforgiving

Senators call for crackdown on ‘Bitcoin’ as drug traffickers move in

Actual text of Haiti cables shows non-issue on minimum wage flap

So arnold shtups his cleaning lady and she has his kid and there are rumors of others...

I was called a 'Libtard' in public, replied with 'Better than a Repiglicker', got punched. LOL

Don't Look Now, But The Japanese Nuclear Crisis Is Entering A New Phase

In Libya: Killing In The Name Of Peace

Gay Girl Detained in Syria may not be real

Obama Advisers Discuss Cutting Employers Tax Contribution to Social Security Trust Fund!

Daniel Ellsberg On Nixon: "All The Crimes He Committed Against Me Are Now Legal"

Are Republicans Intentionally Sabotaging Economy For Political Gain?

reuters: Japan mulls closure of 54 N-reactors by April

Protesting a ticket, man deliberately crashes bike into objects blocking bike lanes

From Weiners EX Girlfriend........

The Unfulfilled Promise: The Widening Gap between the Reality of the U.S. and its Highest Ideals

For Anthony Weiner

might have to break up with iPad 2


To save GD space, I propose we combine Wiener and Circumcision/Anti-Semitic threads

Nice beaver!

Aerosmith commits to sucking again...plans to record first new studio album in a decade. USA! USA!

Progressive Media Meetup @Netroots Nation

Happy 30th birthday to my girlfriend Natalie Portman

One of my sorta political videos is going to be screened at an international machinima event

There was an Eastern fence lizard hanging around the building I work in.

PHOTO: The 1/3 lb. Cheeseburger from The Dairyette in Mt. Ida, Arkansas

Yo Kermit! I only know of two songs about rainbows: Yours and the one from Wizard of Oz

Google Les Paul Tribute

In case anyone is interested, two new baby hummingbirds


Let's hear your Google guitar music...

PHOTO: "Dinner and a show"

Son's been getting torrential nose-bleeds 2 or 3 times a day all week.

NEIL YOUNG FANS: 13 minute promo video for his new album "A Treasure"

In keeping a medical theme,my friend is having breast reconstruction today.

Man with dead weasel accused of assault

You knew someone would do it. "Weiner: The Musical"

Some of the best car audio sound I have ever transmitted.

Please allow me to woo you for just a minute.

Watching "Punk'd."

Appropriate for PBS? Broadcast on JFK and his condom or not dilemma while committing adultery.

Pretty lights and pretty sounds. A fun, interactive way to goof off online.

There is a show about baby kittens on Animal Planet

What happened to Milestones?

I haven't seen anything from theNotoriousP.I.G. for a long time.

Really cool Rube Goldberg setup used in an "OK GO" video. This is neat.

Do you have guardians in place for your pets?...

Shelter euthanized pet. Shelter worker placed on leave

The 100 Greatest Movie Threats of All Time.

PHOTO: Guy saves a drowning baby bunny in his pool. A DROWNING BABY BUNNY!

This joke went over like a lead balloon in GD. Let me try it here...


A critique of Ferris Buehler's Day Off.

"The Music Man" (the film) fans! Ever notice these two errors?

3 police car escort for geese

"Handy Wood" is the phrase of the day. Modify a thread title to include "Handy Wood"

Do you ever get the feeling that your dog is competing in a laziness competition?

I miss my grandmother Chisholm today. She would have been a great sounding

Introducting Daniel Joseph Baker...

How To Play Guitar On The Les Paul Google Doodle (LESSONS)

"a strange realm of frothy magnetic bubbles"

It was the 3rd of June another sleepy, delta dusty da-a-ay....

U.S. widens air war on al-Qaida in Yemen

BP Is Resuming Oil Exploration, Chief Says

We'll turn our guns on Libyan rebels if they attack civilians, Nato threatens

Cops: Subway employee sold weed with foot-longs

A Federal Study Finds That Local Reporting Has Waned

Japan's radiation twice as bad as claimed

Nuclear fuel has melted through base of Fukushima plant

Roundup Birth Defects: Regulators Knew World's Best-Selling Herbicide Causes Problems, New Report Fi

Elephant gores man to death in India

Elephant gores man to death in India

I got a weird lecture today....

Fresh Downgrade Threat to U.S. Debt

Chinese oil workers 'kidnapped by Colombia rebels'

New Effort to Protect Immigrants From Tricks (immigration lawyer scams)

McCotter (R) bashes Romney for anti-auto sentiments

I posted that Sylvia's Mother ws an annoying song, But...

Señor Blues

(Johannes) Mehserle expected to be released Monday

Geez, they're showing a dildo on TDS!

Weiner's wife is pregnant, but don't worry, it's Schwarzenneger's.

Floods In Haiti Leave At Least 25 Dead

Just got my new AC installed today! At last!

Okay I'm desperate to get Monster to eat his pills. I smashed one up and put it on

(Rupert Murdoch's Newscorp) Phone-hacking scandal widens to include Kate Middleton and Tony Blair

Officials: Arizona fire could reach power lines by Friday; EP area may see rolling blackouts

Wallow Fire threatens Tucson Electric power lines

Many a times my birds make me wonder

UN nuclear watchdog votes to refer Syria to Security Council

"Picasso of India" M.F. Husain dies in exile aged 95

Another sleepless night


Japan Nuclear Watchdog: Fuel Has Possibly Melted Through Daiichi 1’s Pressure Vessel

Unemployment Insurance Weekly Claims Report (06/09/2011)

US lawsuit alleges Blackwater failed to pay benefits

Kurds threaten Turkish government with civil disobedience

Rudy's Running

so..I broke up with my BF...

NRC chairman says investigation cleared him in Yucca Mountain case

Federal Communications Commission Report Finds Serious Shortage In Local Reporting

Panetta faces no major hurdles to confirmation as Pentagon chief

Italy demands extradition of Italian wanted for 4 murders and freed by Brazil

Microsoft Loses Supreme Court Case

Funding for Cuba programs stalled in Congress

Top Republican National Committee official involved in Wisconsin GOP shenanigans

# # # # # # # # # # # # # # JUNE MILESTONES # # # # # # # # # # # # # # first edition

Fed: Net worth grew 1.65 pct. in the first quarter of 2011, but home equity is near record low

Inactivity My A$$: Judge Dismisses Key Argument Of Health Care Reform Foes

Gabrielle Giffords' staffer talks about congresswoman's health

William Hague dismisses Tony Blair's vision of European Union presidency

Mayor Bloomberg and AT&T Chairman/CEO Stephenson Launch Free Wi-Fi Service in 20 New York City Parks

clinton may become world bank president

Former Michigan (GOP Majority Leader) senator to face trial on child sex charges

Breakthrough in battery technology could revolutionize electric vehicles

Interstates To Close Due To Flooding

Protest organizers disavow Special Olympics demonstration

Space station gets 3 new tenants from 3 countries

Ford announces Chevy Volt competitor, C-Max Energi

Orbitz To Review All Ads On Fox News

Holy shit. I'm getting married next weekend.

AFL-CIO urges recess appointment for Warren

Senate Democrats tell Barack Obama to reject big Medicaid cuts

Former Inspector General's brother accused of murdering Drummond contractor

Cheap (Natural) Gas Prompts ConocoPhillips To Pull Plug On Pipeline Plans In Land Of Sarah Palin

Puerto Rico activists demand hate crime charges amid series of gay, transgender killings

Magnetic bubbles churn at solar system's edge

Casey Anthony Trial Update: Casey Anthony ill as Caylee skull pictures shown

Gingrich campaign in tatters as top aides resign

State Department says Clinton not going anywhere

Chinese VP meets Fidel

ACLU Sues State Department to Declassify WikiLeaks’ Already-Published Cables

Over 2,400 Syrian refugees cross Turkey's (newly opened) border: Turkish FM

(Supreme Court) Justices rule fleeing police is a violent felony

West's anti-Syrian bid foiled at UNSC

This Week's Solar Flare Illuminates the Grid's Vulnerability

Reuters: FLASH: U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton Seeking World Bank Presidency, Sources Say

Microsoft Loses Appeal in Patent Case

Senior Gingrich aides resign campaign en masse

Record U.S. Exports Shrink April Trade Deficit

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday, June 9, 2011

Sarah Palin snub by Margaret Thatcher aides infuriates US rightwing

Ex-NSA Worker to Plead to Lesser Charge in Leak Case (Tom Drake; Misdemeanor Instead of 10 Felonies)

Aussies may kill 1.2 million camels to reduce greenhouse gases

Aussies may kill 1.2 million camels to reduce greenhouse gases

Bahrain Grand Prix cancelled after team protests

Potentially fatal infection strikes Joplin tornado victims

Rich, Famous and Powerful Converge at Bilderberg

Pentagon Sees Libya Military Costs Soar

I may go in for cataract surgery on Monday.

Algerian-born man living in France is refused French nationality (over attitude towards women)

Alabama Immigration Law Signed By Governor Robert Bentley

Alaska to Release (Over 24,000 of) Palin’s E-Mails

Drug makes hearts repair themselves

Libya campaign will falter without more help, Nato bystanders warned

Vanity Post

Jamundi massacre perpetrators to be disciplined for war crimes

Mob rule: Iceland crowdsources its next constitution

California's largest union is trying to help elect...Republicans? And the GOP is ticked

NC voter ID bill gets final House approval

Anyone ever see or hear the media talk about Boehners sex story

Obama 2012 names political director - Katherine Archuleta, first Latina to ever hold the position

The NY 9TH district is NOT a safe democrat seat unfortunately

Dear Chuck Todd: Read this from Ezra Klein and you'll know how to question Santorum on Part D

Amused, yet Terrified

Has any Obama 2012 campaign activity started?

Okay, you're not going to like this but...

After Calling Social Security A ‘Pyramid Scheme’ Twice, Rep. Joe Heck Claims He Wants To Protect It

Bloomberg: Obama Eyes Ex-Banker for Consumer Chief

AFL-CIO Pushes Obama On Recess Appointment For Elizabeth Warren

A name made for the limerick: Weiner.

J. J. Abrams to Interview Michelle Obama

We have a lot of work to take back Massachusetts

What is the reason for pushing Raj Date over Elizabeth Warren?

Looks like Newt has been neutered

Obama holds big 2012 lead over Republicans

Gov't faults 3 lenders over mortgage-aid efforts

Political Wire: Democratic Party Affiliation Grows

Good article on the possibility Wiener's seat might not be as safe as the Party thinks

Another Stick Your Fork In IT Moment.....

Obama Pic w/ unimpressed Toddlers

President Obama says spending $125 million more each year on public works projects is too much

Gene Lyons: How to Sabotage a Recovery

Obama's messaging on the economy and potential slowdown needs to be re-calibrated ASAP

Perry Sounds Out Presidential Bid

The Morning Plum: New Poll shows Obama and Dems winning battle over Medicare

Rachel Has Newts PANT'S Down Around His Ankles

President Barack Obama drops by a meeting with young leaders

Danziger toon: Waiting at the airport

Obama needs to do something about the economy RIGHT NOW....Polls Show Economic Worries Hurting Obama

Ari Fleischer: Obama Is Like Saudi Royalty

Breaking: sources say Hillary Clinton will seek Presidency


The Nation: Obama, You're Your Only Hope

(p)Rick Perry is running for President folks

Do you remember the "obama will be re-elected for sure" people after OBL was killed?

US backs Bahrain despite its HR abuses

TNGA Senate Speaker Pro Tempore Jamie Woodson Led Sectarian Inaugural Day Prayer

David Letterman - Rachel Maddow on Breitbart and Fox News (from Aug 2010. Rach on Letterman today!)

WMB on TYT: MSM Coverage of Weiner's Women

Bill Moyers On His Journalism Career: Democracy Should Be a Brake on Unbridled Power. 2 of 2

Bill Moyers On His Journalism Career: Democracy Should Be a Brake on Unbridled Power. 1 of 2

Walmart Loves Unions... Just Not in the US

The BBs of Wealth : The Sound That Puts Money In Perspective

Thom Hartmann: Why would the Dept. of Education send a Swat Team?

Maddow' Hypocrisy: Fire Weiner, Fund Raise For Vitter

TDPS: Jail Time for Recording Police, Sharing Netflix Password? TRANSCRIPT

BWHAHAHA: WELCOME To Detroit, Mitt Romney.

Video captured of a Fukushima rabbit born without ears sparks fears of radiation side effects

Voter From Anthony Weiner's District Schools Ed Schultz On What Is Important To The 9th District

Record A Cop, Go to Jail

'Whale Wars' Still Making Waves in Season 4

Ed Schultz Panel Turns Into Flame-War About Anthony Weiner

Newt's Top Guys Quit , Gingrich Still on Bottom

Thom Hartmann: Wal Mart vs. Wall Street - When elephants fight - the mice get trampled

Homecoming Without A Home: Chase Bank Will Foreclose On Returning Soldier’s Home In 10 Days

Mitt Romney's No Apology Tour Comes to Michigan

Herman Cain To Join Beck's Rally in Israel

Rachel Maddow - The Letterman Show Full Interview (6/8/11)

The Billionaires' Tea Party (Proof Tea Party Is Nothing But Astro Turf)

Papantonio: Let’s End the Weiner Problem

TSA Harasses Mentally Disabled Man As Possible Terrorist

Richard Gere: Obama's done 'extraordinary job'...

The video for the bus tour that wasn't a photo op. Showcasin' America's foundation, dontcha know.

Post a link to music that includes the word "time" or the word "place" or both.

Message of Survival Won Denver Race for Mayor (Michael Hancock, Democrat)

Dionne: Tweeting over our decline

Love the iPhone, Hate the Tax Cheat: US Uncut Protests Apple, and Apple Gets Aggressive

What Dow Chemical doesn’t want you to know about your water

You Left Out the Part About...

Predator Syndrome

DeVos, Koch, Scaife, Walton, ALEC, AFC: Corporate Royalists Propelling GOP Assault on Middle Class

The great land grab: India's war on farmers

My Bad: A Political Medley

Breaking through "tough on crime" policies to give all Americans a chance at employment

Limbaugh, Palin, and "The Left"

For Edwards’s Adult Daughter, a Recurring Role: Family Glue

Oliver Willis: Newsweek’s Offensive Mormon Cover (of Mitt Romney)

Farmers pay for Indian growth

The cold hard cash counter-revolution

FreedomWorks to Form Super PAC

Hama massacre reignites Syria

Sarah Palin and the soft bigotry of low expectations

Ten Years Later, How the Bush tax cuts changed America - HuffPo

New government and EU set to clash over hedge funds

Please put on your Gold plated Tin Foil Cap.

Repubs loading Economic Revitalization bill with every fucking screwball amendmnt they can think of.

Mad as Hell in California, and Students Should Be, Too

Weiner Inspires Facebook to Install Controversial 'Penis Recognition'

Patriotic Millionaires letter to Obama urging termination of Bush Tax cuts (Nov 2010(!!)))

Another Jobs Bill Bogged Down By Superfluous (Idiot) Amendments

Tell Obama to not rollover on Warren's appointment to head CFPB. Corporate Lobbyists are holding up

The Breitbart Effect: Why Weiner's Boring (Non-) Sex Scandal Is Getting More Play Than Republicans'

200 "Patriotic Millionaires" send letter to Repugs in support of increased tax revenues for Deficit

Bilderberg 2011: The curtains are drawn

Please help ensure that every voter in Wisconsin knows that even though they'll be asked, they don't

Civil rights leader Clara Luper has died

World energy consumption and CO2 production through 2010

Possibly the biggest battery breakthrough ever

How electrical 'microgrids' might revolutionize power transmission

Peak oil notes - June 9

Why buy an electric car? National security, says Iraq vet

Scientists Study Ocean Impacts From Japan’s Nuclear Crisis

U.S. Is Falling Behind in the Business of ‘Green’

In Historic Flooding On Mississippi River, A Missed Opportunity To Rebuild Louisiana

Unseasonably Early Arrival Of Jellyfish Along E. Coast Gets Attention Of Chesapeake Bay Scientists

Temp Records Matched Or Broken In Newark, Philly, Atlantic City, Other MW & Mid-Atlantic Locations

Vandenburg Schedules Launch Of Salinity-Tracking Climate Satellite For Friday

Excellent coverage: the history and planning behind Germany's nuclear phase out.

California pumps kill 6 million Sacramento splittail, 50,000 imperiled salmon

Romney Won't Refudiate Climate Science - "Bye-Bye Nomination" Says Oxy-Boy

Record number of blue flags awarded

Canada Confirms That It Will Reject Extended Kyoto Treaty, Joining Russia & Japan In Doing So

German atomic exit hurts Merkel, boosts Greens: poll

CBO 1979: The Source of Recent Delays in Licensing and Construction of Nuclear Reactors

FT - Northern Europe Grappling With Drought - 2nd Driest Since 1910 In UK; Shipping On Danube Hurt

Energy Trends: will renewables catch up?

The Self-Limiting Future of Nuclear Power

Tackling TEPCO's Water Problem

Radiation in Tokyo: It's Already a Secondary Radiation Contamination in Koto-Ku

The dragon's tale...

Japan mulls closure of N-reactors by April (currently 36% operating)

Why Is Renewable Energy So Expensive, While Molten Salt Reactors will be So Cheap?

Merkel Has a Nuclear Problem the Size of Belgium

What is with these people on HGTV?

Queens United, Almost, for Marriage Equality

Santorum Reiterates Intention to Amend Constitution

Panetta Faces Senate Confirmation Hearing

Orbitz Announces Review Of Ad Purchases, Agrees To Take Action Reflective Of Brand's Values

Antigay Candidate Seeks Washington Governor's Office

New law threatens to crush Nepal’s gays

Same-sex stipend may be a first in the US

A long road still lies ahead in the fight for equality

Pandemic In Puerto Rico: 3 LGBT Murders This Week, 18 In 18 Months

Seattle Mariners to join 'It Gets Better' campaign for gay youth

Methodists Move Toward LGBT Inclusion

Herman Cain Believes Being Gay Is A Sin And A Choice

AFA to boycott companies that support the "It Gets Better" project

Archbishop of Canterbury criticizes Coalition policies

Someone posted a verse yesterday or the day before.

Dallas Holocaust Museum opens exhibit on Nazi persecution of gays

Racist who filled Muslims' shoes with ham as they prayed in a mosque walks free from court

Saying Gay: Help A 17-Year Old Make This Film - Or He Won't Be Able To

Liberal Catholics to discuss future of church

Don't believe your lying eyes... according to The Baptist Press

First one down - A's fire Bob Geren

Gloat-Free Baseball Scores (Wednesday, June 8)

With all the hockey excitement in New England we might have missed the Sox news

Same old Canucks