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Singer who wrote 'Golden Girls' theme dies at 59 ...Andrew Gold


Okay, on 3. Everyone find a non-Weiner thread and kick it.

Aftershocks still rattling Japanese people

GSDF colonel recounts fearing for life in Fukushima reactor blast (JAPAN)

Dear Repub Douches/Lurkers, 2 Words: Mark Foley

Latest educational tweet by Palin

President Barack Obama will order a "real drawdown" of U.S. forces from Afghanistan starting in July

Photo of the Day (JAPAN)

Thank you Anthony Weiner

U.S. ambassador positive on Japan's future after quake disaster

Sex Morals, you'd think, are the only morals there are

How many times has Ed talked about Clarence & Ginny Thomas' crimes??

What's the latest on Shirley Sherrod's lawsuit against Breitbart?

Weiner has no Family Values

A Congress Critter's job is only as secure as his/her backing in their district

Weiner's Reaction When He Learned On-Line Images Were Stored

Gov't to create radiation guidelines for swimming areas: Edano (JAPAN)

On the list of things the people in this country are really concerned about, Tony's weiner

MORE Weiner horrors c/o Gawker: GAK

If Weiner resigns immediately, he could return to politics down the road.

Asked if it would be appropriate for a president to provide taxpayer-funded security for a mistress,

The stages of grief and a plea for civility.

Twitter: Anthony Weiner has not gotten nearly enough media coverage,

Japan seeks enhanced cooperation in response to nuclear accidents

Shonuff - Wiener tweeted his wiener.

I've figured out that WE'RE actually the ones living on Bizarro World...

Huge wildfire in Arizona makes breathing difficult in Denver. 300 square miles.

Wyoming Supremes grant same-sex divorce rights

Why the sudden spike in (R) talking point threads?

4.2 quake hits Missouri

Prescription for healthcare shopping: Take two aspirins and call me in the morning

Health advisory in Colorado Springs from smoke.

Who are they paid by?

US overrules Patrick on immigration

"Social Media for Dummies" -- is the book out yet?

Brietbart does not need to stick his chest out. He is still one of the slimiest people on the

How the Tea Party Gave New Life and a Path to Power for Xenophobic Ultra-Right Extremists

Microsoft to put live TV on Xbox 360

Bizarre photo of the day

The worst part of it

Woman recovers home swindled by phony bishop

Jesus, Mary and Joseph!

Woman Faints During Santorum’s Presidential Announcement

Repug Economics 101: What do you do when private hiring is low? Cut the federal payrolls, of course.

Hey Joe Scum

Turkey receives refugees fleeing Syrian bloodshed

A Wiener break, enjoy....

What A Difference A Day Makes

Guardian UK: Student numbers could be cut to cover spiralling cost of loans

Powertech - anyone familiar with them?

Sarah Palin collects a bushel of Pinocchios on her bus tour

Clarence Thomas, Fukushima, Syria, Libya, Unemployment, RNC Great Depression Part II

Republican knuckledragging reaching epidemic proportions in Louisiana

Fifteen minutes, NBC??? Are you fucking kidding me???

Remember when Princie Charles wanted to be a tampax?

GOP Social Security privatization plans would hurt vets

Manchester, NH Police Dept. Confiscate Multiple Video Cameras and Arrest Peaceful Protestors

Wall Street Probe Illustrates Levin’s Clout

A pretty good website

Michigan's new budget is painful

Hey Ickyleaker! Where's the fucking jobs?

Stephen Colbert Tries to Validate Sarah Palin’s Version of Paul Revere’s Midnight Ride

I was 100% on Weiner's side until

CBS's Chris Wragge earns Stinky's Eyeroll Of The Day award.

Is there a "Smart" way to hide all Weiner posts?

New super-fast biometric ID system may allow card-less ATMs (JAPAN)

The lazy poor don't understand the rich

Either political naivite or stupidity or arrogance or all of the above

I think we would have been better off discussing the GOP plan to destroy Medicare this past week

The Plan to Breitbart FDR. Film will portray Roosevelt as sleeping with his cousin.

What are the role model professions?

Snow Job: When “Conservative Journalism” Is Just Purposeful Propaganda

Miami beach police in Memorial Day shooting got punked.

We need an ‘Evil Plan’ to foil our own leaders: Defend yourself from the coming ‘American Winter’

Explosion in Pakistan Burns 5 NATO Oil Tankers Near Afghan Border

Just reported on CNBC

Photo of ...Yesteryear..(JAPAN) dial up warning


Robert Reich: Why Washington isn't doing squat about jobs and wages

Luke's Gospel Marco Rubio Tricked The Tea Party...This is funny from an unconventional paper

Forget Weiner

Everyone's worst nightmare.

Obama is losing his top financial and budgetary Adisor---

Lying and perjury are two different things. Everyone lies. Few people perjure themselves under oat

Emergency meeting of the Village quilting bee and ladies circle jerk society - by digby

"Were You Fully Erect?" That was the last question I heard shouted by the press over media din as...

An Awakening That Keeps Them Up All Night (Spain)

Pawlenty Economic Platform Includes Massive Tax Giveaways To The Rich And Corporations

BREAKING: D-Day Invasion (Rebroadcast now)

"GBTV" Gay Black Transvestite?

Whose house? Our house! Wisconsinites, please tell Scott Walker to open the Capitol.

Conservative blog Red State offers to sell endorsement:

US Believes Ilyas Kashmiri Still Alive

OK is anywhere in the US discussing the flood rains at Gitmo

Man-on-Dog says the best way to honor WWII Vets is to privatize Medicare

Sarah Palin’s ‘Rolling Menace’ Bus Tour Makes Everyone Hate Her More

The Palin's bus tour described as a "rolling menace"

U.S. Job Openings Fall for First Time in Three Months With Hiring on Hold

Thatcher to Palin: don't bother dropping by ("Sarah Palin is nuts")

Sorry Herman Cain - you're still a bigoted asshole

"Do you need to talk to a professional PR type person to give u advice?"

Harper's website hacked - fake news release about choking on a hash brown

Poll comparing opinions on Rep. Weiner between Straight People and LGBT People

Obama and Merkel joint press conference on now

Weiner, it is time to go; If this Village Voice Story is true.

Which is worse?

10 Things Republicans Don't Want Their Base to Know About Reagan

Bill McClellan McClellan: This isn't Europe: I'll shave all I want

Wisconsin: Republicans acknowledge drug test proposal is illegal, but so what?

Facebook party fiasco

DOT Shuts Down Tar Sands Pipeline

Now I would vote for this Sarah Palin.......

Weiner, Edwards...the IMF guy. They must be such losers that they don't know when they have won.

Guess Who Is on the Cover of the Hollywood Reporter?

i need some male authors... military. tom clancy is a favorite of husband.

help a Dem - Patrick Murphy running for attorney General in Pa.

Hard Science

Courts Upend Budgets as States Look for Savings

Courts Upend Budgets as States Look for Savings

Weiner Told Porn Star to Lie, Offered PR Help

Whaa...? Pre-op instructions include bathing with anti-bacterial soap

Weiner broke no significant laws that I know of. He doesn;t represent my district.

Another day, another news cycle with Weiner in the rotation

VICTORY: We defeated national Republicans!

Should a new forum be created, "General Discussion--Weiner?"

FIFA and that war criminal Kissinger - is the US about to seize FIFA?

Luke's Gospel Marco Rubio Tricked The Tea Party...This is funny from an unconventional paper

If you have Kindle on more than one device . . . . .

Fox News Can't Recognize Sarah Palin

Occupying Iraq, State Department-Style

Corbett's new vehicle sparks controversy!(r,Pa.)

Rollins begins Bachmann campaign by blasting Palin.

Democrats try to tie GOP congressional candidate Craig Huey to Palin

World food prices to remain high

As soon as he sent out the photo...

Someone help me out re Weiner

Evan Bayh Joining Chamber Of Commerce Anti-Regulation 'Road Show'

Ecce Homo/La Nostalgie Camarade

Former Dem Senator Evan Bayh goes to work for the Chamber of Commerce

For anyone who feels antsy about Obama's poll numbers...

Ya know, if it meant they would all start talking like Weiner, I'd send

Tim Pawlenty worships at the altar of Ayn Rand

Tim Pawlenty worships at the altar of Ayn Rand


Was your significant other a stranger once, or no? Did you meet online? How important was sexiness

Was your significant other a stranger once, or no? Did you meet online? How important was sexiness

More serious than a meltdown — Possibility that fuel had a “melt through” at all 3 reactors

I am sure jounalism schools are still graduating ethical, young, competent people

Weiner reality check.

Why does our nation run on political scandals?

Des Moines, Iowa: Hero construction worker saves drowning woman (Photos)

There is no such thing as a "private" moment online. We have to get past that "fantasy"

Libya: Connect the dots and you get a giant dollar sign

Libya: Connect the dots and you get a giant dollar sign

Who had the most outrageous sex scandal?

Breitbart looking for vindication. Sorry. Fresh out. Come back tomorrow.

What makes Apple's iCloud different from Google and Amazon services

Bachmann Taps Rollins to Run Campaign

Tracking, Explaining and Understanding the Cleverly Organized Crimes of Banksters

Arnie Gunderson discusses the problems with US nuclear accident evacuation plans.

Roadmap to the Poorhouse

The Republican Strategy to Smear Democrats as a Bunch of Druggies

Boeing Paid No Corporate Taxes For Three Years, Still Wants A Tax Cut

Boeing Paid No Corporate Taxes For Three Years, Still Wants A Tax Cut

Is it the fact that AW showed his crotch, or are you folks just too conservative to accept sexuality

Do you really believe that Sarah Palin couldn't end up in the White House?

I wonder if progressives should consider an All Women Party?

Doctors will launch court fight if Dr David Kelly inquest demand is turned down

"Wiener does not have a problem. He has a computer."

My Gini Thomas drunk-dial-o-meter is measuring 110 millivodkabars which means....

Fact: propaganda and gossip always make people look dumb in the end

The 12-year-old who could become America's youngest ever 'lifer' for killing two-year-old brother

ABC paid Weiner's snitch $10,000!

Forensic evidence emerges that European e.coli superbug was bio-engineered to produce human fataliti

Snow Job: When “Conservative Journalism” Is Just Purposeful Propaganda

42% of Republicans ‘definitely would not’ vote for Sarah Palin

Spirit Airlines Ad: "Have You Seen Our Weiner?"

Libya: Connect the dots and you get a giant dollar sign

Which do you care about more?

GM CEO warns on playing games with national debt

Slowpoke in Hard Science

The Rude Pundit: Requiem for a Weiner

Stephen Colbert reenacts Palin’s version of Paul Revere’s ride — on a plastic horse

Bachmann aide assails Palin as ‘not serious’

OK -take a break-- "Haiku For Japan"

How about an eaglet break? (We're on "branching watch")

How about an eaglet break? (We're on "branching watch")

Bayh to become lobbyist for Chamber

The "Me-Too" Drug Rip-Off

Why do republicans keep saying Obama's has devalued the dollar?

Ding-A-Ling Toons!

Cops: Man beat toddler to toughen her up

Herman Cain: I’d tap gay cabinet members because they wouldn’t impose Sharia law

Libya: Opposition Arbitrarily Detaining Suspected Gaddafi Loyalists

Palin's 'gotcha' question:

This doesn't mean a Republican will take over Weiner's seat.

Ooh, Catfight!

Anthony Weiner's lies are making Andrew Breitbart look legitimate which is a disgrace

The best part about Congressman Weiner's problems, NOTHING we say will matter

Wikipedia rewrite on Paul Revere

The bin Laden hunter: ex-CIA man had bin Laden in his sights 10 times (Daily Telegraph)

I'll take a lying Anthony Weiner over a truthful wimpy democrat anytime!

The question is, can Weiner still be an effective spokesman for progressive values

29 killed in 60 strikes on Libyan capital - government -- {w/ video}

And Fox News' latest graphics "oops". Ran a Picture of Tina Fey as Palin instead of the actual Palin


Pawlenty proposes deep tax cuts, ending mail delivery and mortgage help

How much were we hurt by Clinton's sex scandal?

Crazed movie customer's voice mail backfires

Keith Olberman is on NPR's Fresh Air now.

i find this headlline rather amusing....

I asked about the Weinergate Conspirators and the thread was locked less than 24 hours later.

When Did Evan Bayh Begin Job Negotiations To Lobby For Big Business?

Low-Income Workers Cut Off From New Jobs By Lack Of Public Transit: Study

Homeowner Foreclosures on Bank of America (Yes, You Heard That Right)

Salute your good, hard-working, scandal-free Democratic Congressman in this thread.

The $2.5 Trillion Tragedy: What America Has Given Up For 10 Years Of Bush Tax Cuts

BREAKING…. … Kerry 48% Bush 43%

Why Are Our Most Potent Advocates Committing Political Suicide with Their Sexual Behavior?

An interesting theory posited by Greenwald in his book

Do You Have Depression? Here's a New Scare!

It's Way Too Soon For The Cons & Media To Decide Obama Has Lost The Election

Iran says no offer can stop it enriching uranium

Where were all the hypocritical rethuglicans calling for Cheney's resignation?

ACLU pushes for Latino legislative district in WA

"Fox History Channel Presents: Sarah Palin's American History"

People....Weiner's scandal is not about "sex" and if you think it is...

The Real Housewives of Wall Street

Ben Bernanke, bullsh*t artist

E-Mail Fraud Hides Behind Friendly Face

Stop lying ReTHUGS and hacks

Conservative group Americans for Prosperity papers homes with fake eviction notices

You wanna see a Real Dick?

University of Phoenix commercial biased?

A really bad day today...but I had somewhat of an epiphany today

Reid On Weiner: ‘I Wish I Could Defend Him But I Can’t’

Economy toon roundup

Slowpoke Toon- Making Climate Change Sexier!

Yemen's Saleh injuries believed more serious

Yemen's Saleh injuries believed more serious

“No Downside” to Not Raising the Debt Ceiling, Says Chris Whalen By Peter Gorenstein

TOM THE DANCING BUG: Sarah "Wadsworth" Palin recites "Paul Revere's Ride"

Threats to Global Warming scientists in Australia --

Why aren't the pundits

Obama dismisses 'double-dip' recession threat

The $2.5 Trillion Tragedy: What America Has Given Up For 10 Years Of Bush Tax Cuts

Psssssssssst! President Obama - if I were you

So I was strolling through a gubmint building in DC last week and passed this . . . .

Romney tops Obama by 4 percent in new poll

'Naked' Irish rower rescued off Australia

i regret...

Barney Frank asks Obama to reject DoD bill with 'don't ask, don't tell' provisions

U.S. funding for future promises lags by trillions

Can't afford a vacation this year?

81% of guests booked by Fox News opposed regulating greenhouse gasses

Oh noes! The Colbertians have hacked Wikipedia:

Koch-backed conservative group spams Detroit with fake eviction notices

I wish Ed would shuddup about Weiner!

What's going on during MSNBC hand-offs?

a well hung sign...

Here's a link to a LONG list of REPUBLICAN Sex Offenders

Juan Cole: Our News and their News

The Dirty Koch Brothers Launch Their Latest Spin Campaign

joe degenova....go fuck yourself

When you have to apologize to Andrew Breitbart, it's pretty much over...

Why is lying about sex stuff worse than lying about political stuff?

Why is lying about sex stuff worse than lying about political stuff?

Incredible image of the solar explosion from this morning

MN GOP’s fave "minister" wants gays jailed, says Muslim Rep. Ellison wants to overthrow Constitution

MN GOP’s fave "minister" wants gays jailed, says Muslim Rep. Ellison wants to overthrow Constitution

Syria Uprising Has CIA Written All Over It

Paul Revere's answer to Sarah -- cartoon

The benefits of Capitalism explained

Using Domestic Surveillance to Get Rapists to Spy for America

Wanna support marriage? End the drug war. Fight unemployment.

Nation's Husbands/Wives/Partners Asked to Resign: Caught Looking at Underwear Ads

Reid On Weiner: ‘I Wish I Could Defend Him But I Can’t’

Unsettling DADT repeal news.

It is more serious then that.

When was the last time Sarah Palin opened her mouth and did not lie?

Okla. Democrat Dan Boren to retire from House

I don't think it's right to send unsolicited pics of erect penises to women

Donor islet cells cure diabetes after transplant

Republican meme of the day -

I don't know anything, but wouldn't HIGHER taxes get the rich to employ more people?

Theoretical situation: A police officer is videotaped planting drugs and weapons on a suspect

The Robbing of America: Bush Tax Cuts Ten Years...What Have We Learned?

So much for straight reporting: Tampa Tribune advertising its ‘conservative’ bona fides

I bet you can dig up dirt on just about anyone who is prominent enough to be a worthwhile target.

Connecticut Legislature decriminalizes possession of small amounts of marijuana

'Patriotic Millionaires' Describe What They've Done With Their Bush Tax Cuts:

dNovi man beat up, his car driven into lake after Facebook date goes awry

Randi Kaye on CNN makes me feel like I'm watching a Faux Noise talking head. She just kissed

No, it's not about's about sex, it's always about sex.

VIDEO: Scenes of the Garrison Dam water release

Colbert: (on Breitbart) "...but after this, he is one for four!"

GBTV: Glenn Beck takes his show online for $5 a month

the right and the media will not be satisfied till there is a resignation

Some one asked, WHY does our media seem fixed with sex scandals?

K&R if you support Representative Weiner!

Huge Percentage of Financial Fraud Against U.S. Government Comes From Healthcare Industry

Huge Percentage of Financial Fraud Against U.S. Government Comes From Healthcare Industry

Weiner needs to resign.

All we're talking about is

Big Cock Distracts Entire Nation | The Beast

If Romney is the GOP Nominee.....

I guess this doesn't bother me as much as others, because I have accepted that humans are animals

New poll shows Romney ahead of Obama

Rachel Maddow rates Weiner on the ‘political sex-scandal consequence-o-meter’

Texas governor resurrects measure to curb immigration

Judge Reaffirms Ruling Allowing Corporate Campaign Donations

Deep-sea magma altered ancient ocean currents

Rob Zerban: The man who will unseat Paul Ryan

ACLU calls on Justice Department to end racially biased searches by Illinois State Police

Editing Wikipedia to Make Palin Right About Paul Revere

Something happened while y'all were mesmerized by a weiner....

Rick Santorum: Sorry Obama, America Was Great Before 1965

Rick Santorum: Sorry Obama, America Was Great Before 1965

For anyone keeping up with the flood issues

State, Federal Cancers meet to feast on human misery

Blackwater, the video game

Donald Trump: Anthony Weiner’s a Psycho

Fox doesn't even have to cover the Weiner story, Tweety is totally obsessed by it and doing

What Happens If "Too Big To Fail" Banks Fail Again?

POE Calls for Investigations Into Justice Thomas in Light of New Financial Disclosures

Weiner should just say somebody has to be around to call the repugs on their crap.

Just recieved a call from "OBAMA STIM" anybody Else?

Samuel Adams Apologizes For 'Boston Sucks' Pilsner (The Onion)

Yesterday, 5 U.S Troops Died in Iraq.

"It's the stupidity, stupid!" Is this a gender-based thing?

North Dakotans no longer liking their new congress-critter


Happy Birthday To Your Right To Birth Control

I long for the days when "Real Americans" had family values like our founding fathers.

Is fear the emotion most voters respond to during elections? Pubs. manipulate SwingVoters thru Fear

"Empire of Silver" New Chinese/Taiwanese Film (NYT Review)


That Look, That Weiner Spitzer Massa McGreevey Ensign Clinton Look

Psychic tips lead to "mass grave" in Texas

Wisconsin: Walker Budget Limits Access to Ethics Statements

freepers spurn Michelle: Sarah is their real true love.

tweety is reading wieners facebook-sexting conversation

What kind of f--king reportage was that "mass grave" crap?

What kind of f--king reportage was that "mass grave" crap?

So Glenn Beck will charge his online viewers - Let's do the math

Scotland to split from UK and 'be a nation again'?

Final message from the woman: "u owe me big time for keeping this all quiet."

Bwaaaaaaaaaaaah did I hear a Palin clip on Tweety

"This is important because..."

Want to see who is happy about US gas guzzlers?

As of this second, Cris (MSNBC) has spent 20 mins

This is interesting...(Texas "Mass Grave" Reporting)

NY Times Slurs American-Born Children Of Foreign Nationals As "Anchor Babies"

Is this the first Abstinence Sex Scandal?

Exxon Mobil Antes Up, discusses onboard hydrogen injection system, short video that

Exxon Mobil Antes Up, discusses onboard hydrogen injection system, short video that

Why do progressives hate Ayn Rand and Atlas Shrugged?

This is what I don't get:

Rightwing school reform toon

Behold. The mind of the anti-choicer in a nutshell.

Behold. The mind of the anti-choicer in a nutshell.

If you want to express support for Congressman Weiner, here's an e-mail address.

Ten-Year Anniversary Of Bush Tax Cuts: "$2.5 Trillion Tragedy: What America Has Given Up For Them"

Iran Submarines in Red Sea to Spot Naval Vessels, Fars Says

ANALYSIS: Pawlenty’s Tax Plan Would Cost $7.8 Trillion Over Ten Years, Triple The Size Of Bush

I can't think of a single female politician caught in a sex scandal.

Response to Jefferson Memorial dance party was an assault on common sense

I don't give a shit about the grifter, but this makes me furious!

Freeper thread from when they thought Thatcher was still meeting with Palin

I want to ask a question here

Can Andrew Baitbait be accused of Blackmailing Weiner with the photo that he is still holding as his

How is Spitzer covering the Weiner story?

I just got around to opening the 2011 Presidential Survey from the DNC.

Local Planned Parenthood may close.

The impulse to jump.

NOM contradicts itself on gay parenting

Romney flamed on Facebook for believing in man made climate change

The Weiner issue is not a sex issue.


Anyone watching CNN?

Keith Olbermann Breaks Silence On MSNBC Exit; Could Earn $100M at Current TV

the sun lets loose a huge explosion

I'd love to know what someone just tuning in to LO is thinking.

Feel like a jackass for defending Weiner? Don't. It's not your fault!

Movie theater makes PSA out of angry patron's voicemail

No bodies found at 'mass grave'

You go Rachel - Sanford never resigned

Day two of the media being married to the Weiner story

Spokesman for the Democratic Party...

Thanks Albert... I Needed That... Especially This Week...

It's all about priorities.

(Privatized) jail inmates say doctor molested them

How Nuclear Radiation Affects Future Generations

Madison, Wisconsin: "Walkerville" Day 4

If they vote to not raise the debt ceiling, deny their state Federal Funds.

WSJ: Japanese Exporters Screen Shipments for Radiation

Obama's decision on troop withdrawal from Afghanistan is forthcoming, what is 'significant'?

NASA: Huge solar flare may disrupt power and communications

A bromance is born: O'LOOFAH and BREITBART bond, trade security tips against Lib assassins

Fukushima had a melt through rather than a melt down

Open thread about ANYTHING OTHER than Anthony Weiner

Using Facebook to serve legal papers

Weiner Told Porn Star to Lie, Offered PR Help

YAY! Connecticut Governor Malloy Congratulates House On Passing Marijuana Decriminalization

Letter from Russ Feingold to get donations to make sure Walker is stopped with the re-calls

Private party goes viral on facebook unbeknownst to the host, 1500 showup, 100 cops

Maine lawmakers approve regulatory rollback bill


A question for those calling for Weiner's resignation

Former New York police officer gets 20 years for robbery

Delta Airlines Charges Returning U.S. Soldiers Extra Baggage Fees

Colombia 'most dangerous place' for labor uninionists

Nortel auction highlights rise of patent marketplace

Here's A Couple Of Points Of History I Want Conservatives To Talk About...

Unwanted radioactive sewage sludge piling up (JAPAN)

Weiner's actions on Twitter/Facebook weren't wrong (in regards to the public), the lying was

This is about to hit us

Surviving Job Hell: Working Three Jobs to Make Half Your Old Pay

I think I'm going to stop watching MSNBC for a few weeks

Have you heard? Today, scientists captured ANTIMATTER and held it for more than 16 minutes

Partial evacuation of southwestern US town under way as massive wildfire nears

For all the DUers who don't give a flip about the Weiner

Workers prepare water decontamination system at nuclear plant (JAPAN)

Why does Ed Shultz want A. Weiner to resign so badly...

Jon Stewart holding press conference

Suicides top 3,000 in May (JAPAN)

Jilted ex-boyfriend puts up abortion billboard

Kids need donations for their mud walk!

Police intimidation and violent suppression of witness record of shooting

Who Are The Rentiers? Paul Krugman

Jon Stewart Accidentally Cuts Hand While Mocking Rep. Weiner Press Conference - VIDEO

Govt to test vegetable radioactivity ...(JAPAN)

Gadhafi daughter files lawsuits over NATO campaign

Weiner told porn star to lie? Offered PR help from his "team"? He's screwed.

NM Soldier files racial discrimination complaint: now Army wants him out due to "bee allergy"

Rachel Maddow brings IOKIYAR to the masses

Photo of the Day (JAPAN)

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! & a new Kitty gif

I'm starting to like Hermain Cain a little

Senator Vitter banged the whores of the DC Madam and was just re-elected. So enough already.

All we are saying is give peace a chance.

Maggie Thatcher tells Palin to piss off...because Palin is Bloody Nuts

Anthony Weiner Should Resign - James Fallows

Just saw this anti-immigration ad during the local news in Dayton.

What Anthony Weiner should say:

talk about "OBSCENE"!

The Penis Disguise Kit Could Have Saved Anthony Weiner A Lot Of Trouble

Drinking, drugs or sex as a retreat from reality.

World's most obscene luxury items

Olbermann confirms he's hired David Shuster as his primary substitute anchor for his Current show

Keith Olbermann on fellow MSNBC host Joe Scarborough, who called him “reckless”

Keith hasn't taked to Rachel since he's been gone from MSNBC

He lied. He should step down. No questions asked. Period.

Update on "Mass Grave" story... Blood is from suicide attempt

He's a witch! BURN HIM!

Delta Airlines Charges Returning U.S. Soldiers Extra Baggage Fees

Corporations demanding tax cuts are cutting off their noses to spite their faces

Am I the only one who is reminded of Kelly Bundy

This is why Dems lose "Democrats Shy From Weiner as G.O.P. Seizes on Scandal" the

Republicans Seek To End Healthcare For 1.3 Million Disabled Vets

Our Own Private Mumbai

Palin's GOTCHA Question Re: Paul Revere

East Africa faces 'world's worst food security crisis' (BBC)

WikiLeaks cables reveal more juveniles detained at Guantanamo Bay than U.S. claimed

Texas is gerrymandering again

Bring BBQ indoors: Texas county bans grills for July 4

Melted Fuel at Fukushima May Have Leaked Through, Yomiuri Says

My one and only post Weiner confession thread

Can someone set up a poll: men v women on Weiner?

Saturday night in Durham, Stephanie Miller wasn't buying Weiner's

GOP candidate Herman Cain won’t sign bills longer than three pages

GOP candidate Herman Cain won’t sign bills longer than three pages

Pawlenty wants to ban the Post Office

Rep. Broun Fine With 250,000 PUBLIC Employees Being LAID OFF Because They Should ‘ GET A REAL JOB ’

Joan Walsh Twitter fight

I yearn for the time we stop calling Scandals "Gate"

Why Were These Rich People Smiling?

DHS bows to pressure from right wingers and withdraws report on rw extremism

Not a bathroom: Conn. city shuts off fountain because people were using it as toilet, shower

Glenn Greenwald: The Joys Of Repressed Voyeuristic Titillation

DEVELOPING: Mass Grave of kids found in Texas

I would take Weiner in a nanosecond over my congressman

"Arab Spring"--Who Coined This Term?

there is another aspect to the Weiner scandal.... and it is cultural

i just turned Lawrence O'donnell off

Cop fired after helping fellow officers in distress

Chief Scientist at NASA Langley Acknowledges Andrea Rossi E-cat

I choose to support issues over people.

How long was Weiner's wiener up on Twitter?

Hey Evan (Bayh)!!! - Go Fuck Yourself, You Goddamned DINO !!!

9 Signs That We May Be Living Through Another Depression

If you need a job, Technology is the way to go..mostly in communications

Bwah-ha-HAH, caller ZAPS Limbosevic to the MAX, intelligently and with precision!1

Bwah-ha-HAH, caller ZAPS Limbosevic to the MAX, intelligently and with precision!1

Ed Schultz is a complete tool

Ed Schultz is a complete tool

Confirmation Bias: You has that.

L.A. wants right to ignore illegal immigration enforcement plan

Have you been drug tested by your employer?

I think there are more sordid details to emerge from the Weiner story.

I'm curious, am I the only one here who really doesn't watch any of these cable news shows?

99.9% of what we see on TV news is not worth matter which channel

Thousands of dead sand dollars and sea stars recently washed up in NW Florida (BP? hmmmm)

If someone released a bunch of kangaroos into AZ or NM, would they be able to survive there?


On Casting Stones

so if a woman House Rep. put a pic of her crotch on the net

Margaret Thatcher Refuses to Meet with Sarah Palin Because She’s “Nuts”

OF COURSE he tried to cover it up.

Therapy to change 'feminine' boy created a troubled man, family says

Did Weiner actually cheat?

What kind of country does the right want? Can they point to one?

What if a Republican congressman had been caught sending a cock photo over Twitter to a college girl

I like Weiner. Sorry 'bout it.

Watching Mira Sorvino on sexual trafficking. On MSNBC.

FACT: Breitbart's Sources Are Porn Freak Losers Who Stalk Young Girls

Keith Olbermann on Why He Left MSNBC - and How He Plans to Get Even

Freed Willie: Nelson pays $500 weed fine in plea deal, dodges the jail time bullet

One of my best friends called me today

I don't see what all the fuss was/is about(Weeniegate)

Self employed folks, Health Insurance and Taxes

Weiner photo cropped and upside down

I have come to one conclusion about voting for Democrats

Electricity from new nuclear plants has a staggeringly high price

Taxpayers Get Bilked For Sarah Palin’s Diva Bus Tour Perks

A brief history of the Patriot Act (Tom Tomorrow)

Judge: Tip about bodies in Texas came from psychic

In Case You Missed This... 'America the Angry' (Shoutout To Kentuck...You Were Right!)

I can understand why Weiner lied

Taxpayers Get Bilked For Sarah Palin’s Diva Bus Tour Perks

Purity Rings - We used to make fun of these people

Perhaps we hold ourselves to a higher standard to a fault.

Let me get this straight. Weiner admits to sending lewd photos...but not to actually having

I'm moving back into the lookout tower tomorrow. Hurrah!

I asked Limbaugh about his Dominican Republic trip and Viagra

Far more calls for Weiner to resign than for torture & war crimes to be prosecuted.

Taxpayers Get BILKED For Sarah Palin’s DIVA BUS TOUR PERKS

Dear Democratic Leaders, this is not 1960.

Heads Up David Shuster fans -- KO just tweeted

I'm sorry, I still don't understand why I'm supposed to care about Weiner sending pictures to adults

I'm sorry, I still don't understand why I'm supposed to care about Weiner sending pictures to adults

Who Gets the Blame for Weiner's Downfall?

Teen's dad spends school year waving at bus, embarrassing son

There is something wrong with a media system that leads the news with a sex story

What the U.S. DOT has to say about it, end of story.

Catholic School Bans Rainbows

What should be the tax rate for income of $100,000 per year?

Birth tourism: Myth or Fact? (And do you care?)

Americans fed up with bad customer service, survey says

I just got the sh*t beat out of me.

I just got the sh*t beat out of me.

The best things Weiner can do are. . .

Report From Tokyo: The Spread of Radioactivity

Unemployment Now Worse than During Great Depression

Unemployment Now Worse than During Great Depression

Does anybody seriously think Clarence Thomas will have to pay for his dirty deeds?

Even more truly obscene luxury items

American citizens are being tortured, brainwashed but no one cares because they're "problem kids"

I'm worried how explicit the Weiner stuff could get.

Saddest news of the day...and then there were 7

Reese Witherspoon slams stars who make sex tapes

Vegas Mayoral Candidate Sees Own Vote Flipped to Opponent on Touch-screen Voting Machine

The President is going to address both houses to decriminalize Pot

Diane Ravitch responds. Not to Arne's personal attacks on her, but with facts.

A letter in my localpaper and my answer, any additional

Would ya' look at that?

Someone close to me has cancer

We need a break: i give you the trailer to Breaking Dawn: husband is able to join AARP...

Parenting FAIL

OK, I won't.

Remember when Princie Charles wanted to be a tampax?

"Excuuuse ME for using MY PHONE in USA Magnited States of America, where you are FREE to text...

Have you by any chance seen my happy thawts around?

One man acapella group sings EVERY. SINGLE. PART of Taio Cruz's "Dynamite"

Happy 4:20 dudes!!

Does anybody remember laughter?

Roe vs. Wade were the two options George Washington considered when crossing the Potomac.

Musicians, can you help? In “Rhythm of the Rain” by the Cascades,

Dub Rastaquouere

Des Laids Des Laids

Enough of weiners, what I like is a fine looking pair of tits

Requiem pour un con

The initials BB

The initials BB

Any Gomers here?

Bonnie and Clyde

Couleur café

New York USA

We almost saw The Weiner

I just mistakenly posted a Serge Gainsbourg vid in GD

You're Under Arrest

La Décadanse




Casting call set for extras in 'Dark Knight Rises'!

Heracleum mantegazzianum


La Horse


What's Wrong With Groovin'

Sign FAIL: "Prosecutors will be Violated"

GD is like a rest room in a bar during Happy Hour...people compelled to rush in to take a piss.

Ballade De Melody Nelson

MiddleFingerMom I miss you!

1 Melody


Valse de Melody

En Melody

Ah Melody

L'hotel Particulier

Cargo Culte

Old children's book question, inspired by Aristus'

I think you'll like this Alot

Moth Finds A Home

Reese Witherspoon slams sex tape-making stars

Light My Fire


Ain't No Woman Like The One I Got

Stumper is for sale - $26,000

Vigil recognizes slaying that helped spark Egyptian uprising

It is more serious then that.

post pictures of your junk here....

Hey, my friends, could you all do me a small favor

Fatal floods hit southern China after prolonged drought

Libya's foreign minister visits China

Space Oddity


MacArthur Park



Im achtzigsten Stockwerk

Watching KC and Toronto and wondered...

Who Wants To Live Forever

Four feet in Heaven

If you can find it, I HIGHLY recommend the book "People Like US"

Hahaha, Khloe Kardashian has her nipple out during Fox & Friends interview

Bong hits.

The 12-year-old who could become America's youngest ever 'lifer' for killing two-year-old brother

Le Car

One of my dogs is going to another home tomorrow

Furbabies - What's your opinion?

Experts on old movies, help please.

WOW...this new album "Nagelbett" by Autobahn might be the best album of 2011.

Just had to post this. Major ugly cry alert.

Had to get this song outta my head

Yes, there will be sunflowers

You have no idea how it got in your house...

Was your significant other a stranger once, or no? Did you meet online? How important was sexiness

GLOBAL MARKETS-Dollar falls on China comments

SHE'S BACK!!!!!!!!!

One 17lb cat better be glad that Best Buy didn't ask alot of questions

Bachmann Taps Rollins to Run Campaign

Under Pressure

One never knows when the homosexual is about. He may appear normal.

I want to ask a question here

Any Gamers here?

My 90-year-old dad has been in the hospital since May 22d

$1600 a week

Mariela Castro, Raul Catro Daughter, Meets With U.S. Women Leaders

Does anyone here have a 3-D television yet?

College football fans: Try not to be shocked

Housekeeper Will Testify on Sex Assault, Lawyer Says (Strauss-Kahn case)

Our local weather has Van Wert OH with 178 degrees.

NJ court: No shield law for message boards posters

Jailed Australian sues over bad consular advice in UAE

(Secure Communities) Immigration Program Is Rejected by Third State (Massachusetts)

New bill would lift ban on federal coverage of abortion for U.S. servicewomen in cases of rape...

What news are you most pissed off about today?

Rep. Weiner and the Media

Keithley Instruments to move hundreds of manufacturing jobs to China from Solon (OH)

Mutinous Syrian soldiers behind deaths of officers and guards in north

Keith Olbermann on Why He Left MSNBC - and How He Plans to Get Even

Video of a "structure" discovered on Mars. Not a joke..

One strange tip for a small belly

Obama loses bin Laden bounce; Romney on the move among GOP contenders

Conservative group (AFP): Fake eviction notices were 'meant to startle people'

Perry brings immigration to special session

(California) State says taxes needed to reduce prison population

Margaret Thatcher Refuses to Meet with Sarah Palin Because She’s “Nuts”

14 Palestinians killed in Syria camp

LCSO: No Evidence of Bodies

Moving Online, (Glenn) Beck Will Charge Viewers a Fee

Salmonella cases rise in United States, federal report shows

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Ex-priest extradited to Ireland in sex-abuse case

Presidential Baby Pic Quiz

And now, to take away your blues...Competitive Bunny Jumping!

'We never kicked him,' say officers behind Nobody's G20 arrest

Psychic's mass grave tip proves false

GOP could push for two-year budget as price of deal to raise debt ceiling

Panel agrees high-skilled immigration reform is needed, but the prospects for change are dim

I'm starting to want an Apple computer...

I've decided to start up my own business.

Llanfairpwllgwyngyll gogerychwyrndrob wllllantysiliogogogoch.

I'm gonna be OLD.

No hospital wait for 'buddies' of Alta. politicians: doctor

Dozens Of Bodies Found Buried

L. American leaders hail Humala's election victory in Peru

Montreal police bullets kill 2: homeless man in altercation, innocent bystander

Gotta love Minnesota -- it's 102 degrees this afternoon.

Letter of Hitler’s First Anti-Semitic Writing May Be the Original

Effort to repeal Maryland tuition law advances (in-state tuition for illegal immigrant students)

Disney to lay off nearly 250 at studio, source says

Eyewitness to Miami Beach shooting alleges police misconduct

Airlines lose economy passengers as soaring fuel bills force up ticket prices

Pawlenty rolls out economic policy that simplifies personal income tax rates to 3 options

Connecticut Legislature Decriminalizes Marijuana

Homeland Security Department curtails home-grown terror analysis

Former GOP officer to challenge Shilling as Democrat

Las Vegas land prices down 83 percent from 2007 peak, report says

AP sources: Oklahoma’s lone congressional Democrat, Rep. Dan Boren, won’t seek re-election

Update on school

(NY) Majority (56%) Don't Think Weiner Should Resign

Miami police filmed shooting man in middle of street

Craft brewers vent anger over budget provision (WI)

In State Parks, the Sharpest Ax Is the Budget’s

Bill Clinton: Universal Health Coverage Saves Money

Anthony Weiner faces ethics probe as more accusers emerge

In Santa Monica, Circumcision Opponent Abandons Efforts

))) +++++ @@@@@ ^^^^^ RED ALERT! IT'S THE POUTINE BURGER...A DREAM COME TRUE! ^^^^^ @@@@@ +++++ (((

Weiner faces Democratic rebukes, ethics probe

Suicides top 3,000 in May (JAPAN)

Solar Blast From The Sun To Hit Earth In Next 24 Hours

Congressman Launches Inquiry into Cost of Sarah Palin's Tour

Joe Lieberman to attend Beck rally

GM's Akerson pushing for higher gas taxes

One in three employers may drop health benefits, report says

Senate Confirms Former RIAA Lawyer for Solicitor General

Outside Weiner’s office in Queens, voters predict lewd photos won’t kill his political career

Obama: No fears of double-dip recession

Netherlands: Pot shops to be off limits to foreign tourists

Japan doubles plant radiation leak estimate

Genachowski Plans to Delete Fairness Doctrine From Code of Federal Regs

Your list of most annoying songs ever

American lesbian blogger kidnapped in Syria

with all this talk about weinergate, let's all be grateful and proud of george w. bush.

REPORT: How The Kochs Built An Oil Speculation Empire

I knew when this woman ran for Governor she would be another RIGHTWING nut job

Gates, Petraeus Urge Obama To Reject Substantial Afghanistan Troop Withdrawal

Nut job Cain takes other rethug candidates to task

Nut job Cain takes other rethug candidates to task

Stop Apologizing for the Stimulus

Anyone listening to dip shit Schultz

He called me on a Congressional phone says sexing partner

Three weeks to go. Three eons to endure. Please come CAPTION Head Wreck!!!!

I'm really looking forward to the Republican primary season!

Romney's Offshore Tax Haven Biz Needs Sunlight!

Majority Would Never Vote for Palin

BREAKING…. … Kerry 48% Bush 43%

Well well well look who's going to work for the Chamber of Commerce

GOP attacks Dems from the left, accuses them of shredding `social safety net’

Polls right now don't mean jack squat. A year from now they will, but right now it's MEANINGLESS.

Herman Cain's "Enron-esque Scandal"

A PPP poll and Economist Poll both show Obama beating Romney...

Make damn sure that Evan Bayh is not allowed to attend the 2012 Democratic Convention.

Feingold scores well in straw poll

When Does The White House Push for Bank Write Downs.

How Romney is doing in polls against Obama is irrelevant.. he will never be the GOP nominee

why did the "non-political" Palin bus say "follow at"

Obama will not win because the Republican candidate is inept, corrupt, crazy, or all three

Randy telling it like it is the real reason why there going after Congressman Weiner

Palin says she's not planning Senate run in Ariz.

Doesn't Andrew Breitbart have someone investigating him????

Surprise, surprise! Evan Bayh goes to work for the Chamber of Commerce.

"in June of 1995, a Newsweek survey found Dole leading Clinton, 49%-40%."

If the GOP nominates Romney

Clarence Thomas step down yet?

MA Senate poll - Martha Coakley does best against Brown

Hope and Change Were Connection Words Obama Used in 2008

Krugman: Ma! He’s Looking At Me Funny! Watch (and a response to David Brooks' column)

Weiner Draws No Defense From Democrats

Hey, Media

ABC/Washpo poll: Romney 49% - Obama 46%

Could someone please explain why Obama reinstated the

Senate set to vote on debit card swipe fee limits tomorrow at 2PM

On Weiner: What would you like to see happen to him?

Ben Bernanke: Public Enemy #1 -- Mr. Big Shot

Koalas in decline

1985 Tepco promo video on Fukushima nuclear power plant. (English subtitles)

Spain Taken the street for a TRUE DEMOCRACY - May 15th 2011 -

Papantonio: Republicans and the Big Weiner Roast

Wisconsin Protests Day 113: Arrests in the Capitol

NewLiberalHead #16 Guest Star

Rep. Cliff Stearns grills former Treasury Sec. Paulson on his conflict of interest re. Goldman Sachs

We Came Close To Losing Northern Japan (Michio Kaku) 2011

Union Miners Support the March on Blair Mountain

Thom Hartmann: Did Fox News have a faux news bubble for angry white guys?

Cain OK with non-Muslim gays... apparently

TDPS: If Sarah Palin Were Fat, Would She Get the Same Attention?

Thom Hartmann: The Age-Old Social Security 'IOU' Argument

March on Blair Mountain Media Saboteur

Thom Hartmann: Republicans have sent out a Ransom letter

Wilkerson: For Truth, Justice and the American Way

Thom Hartmann: Why America has a happiness deficit

Andrew Brietbart Obsessed With Congressman Weiner's Naked Photos

The Bush Tax Cuts - A Destructive Legacy

Dan Savage at Rhodes good christian churches

Cops Smash Bystander's Cell Phones To Cover Up Their Murderous Actions!

Rep. Duffy says GOP misled him on replacing health reform

General Motors CEO Wants a $1 Gasoline Tax to Force Us to Go Green. Tool.

Water-fuel car unveiled in Japan

A casualty of the voter ID law

Patriotic Millionaires' Message to Congress: “Tax me-because-our country, means more than my money"

Middle Class Revolting In Republican Townhalls

Howard Stern Loves Rachel Maddow

Rep. Broun Fine With 250,000 PUBLIC Employees Being LAID OFF Because They Should ‘ GET A REAL JOB ’

Herman Cain's Pledge: No Bills Longer Than 3 Pages

Obama's Weiner Response

Mike Malloy - Andrew Breitbart: The Underwear Sniffer (best hilarious rant of 2011)

Mrs. Wasserman-Schultz: Get Your Act Together or GET OUT!

Thom Hartmann: Teens competing with masters-degrees for burger flipping jobs?

TYT Report: Slut Walk West Hollywood (w/ Written Response To Critics)

Colbert Reenacts Palin's Paul Revere Ride

US economic and unemployment woes make Indian top tech firms nervous

A New US "War on Terror" in Latin America?

American Exceptionalism’s Hypocrisy

Ten Years Of The Bush Tax Cuts...

Letter From Bahrain: 'Is Anyone Out There Listening?'

Secret Wars Of CIA Cost U.S. Taxpayers Billions Of Dollars

AP: Santorum omits details on deficit, health care, Obama’s record in announcing bid

First volley in TV ad war in Darling (Walker repug poodle) recall launched by Pasch

Kashmiri: Most wanted- dead or alive

AlterNet: 9 Signs That We May Be Living Through Another Depression

"Walkervilles" continue to grow in Wisconsin

Hospitals Struggling as Criticism of Crisis Management Mounts

Price of Internet freedom? Eternal misquotes. (Republicans made up historical quotes!)

GOP: Stuck on Stupid?

Erections have consequences

Running Big Oil Off the Road

David Korten: The Great Stock Scam

A European Generation Takes to the Streets

Environment white paper unveils plans for England's 'natural assets'

Not All Businessmen Are Smart, You Know

EU offers 150 million euros to farmers hit by killer E. coli

Guardian UK: Why Bono should welcome his Glastonbury reckoning

Descendants of a divisive Supreme Court decision unite

I am going to print this letter and

Asian Alliance Supplants US Empire

Corporate Taxes: An interesting progressive take

Herman Cain: Most Black People Too Poor To Tea Party

This crisis has an exit

From Alternet: 9 Signs That We May Be Living Through Another Depression

Shocking Poll: Majorities Favor 'Weiners' on C-Span

Toronto Star: Canada mines African discontent

Bradley Manning: Rich Man's War, Poor (Gay) Man's Fight

The People V. Goldman Sachs

Peak oil review - June 6

America's Nuclear Spent-Fuel Time Bombs - Robert Alvarez

Fukushima nuclear plant faces prolonged battle against radioactive debris, water

Parched Wheat Fields Wilt From China to Kansas

Storms Brewing

Some one asked, WHY does our media seem fixed with sex scandals?

Climate Scientists Forecast Permanently Hotter Summers

In State Parks, the Sharpest Ax Is the Budget’s

A Hybrid Power Plant Takes Shape in Turkey...

US claims victory in China wind energy spat

Nearly 200 Poor Communities Awarded $76 Million to Clean Up, Redevelop Industrial Sites

"Fish Chopper" Animation Shows the Gruesome, Deadly Side of Power Plant Cooling Towers (Video)

Here it comes..."Billions needed to boost food production, says DuPont committee"

Arizona wildfires spread smoke 1,000 miles

The Economics of Nuclear Reactors: Renaissance or Relapse?

Why Germany is a nightmare for the global nuclear industry.

Nissan Leaf outsells Chevy Volt by more than 2 to 1 (1142 Leafs sold, 481 Volts)

First there was yesterday's plutonium, now there's today's plutonium

Japan finally to admit nuclear ‘melt-throughs’ to UN

Global warming prediction from 1979

Lady Gaga's 'Born This Way' Album Banned In Lebanon

Androgyne Dreams

The AARP has launched a new subsite devoted to the issues of retired and senior LGBT folks

CDC: Gay Teens Face Health Risks

More Than 2,000 Attend Philadelphia Trans Health Conference

Lesbian Pride: Find Your Local "Dyke March" 2011

Exclusive! First Look at Archie Comics' "Kevin Keller" Issue #1

Women Leaders from U.S. Meet with Castro’s Gay-Friendly Daughter About Rights, Gender Issues

vote si vous plait- Could Rick Perry win the presidency?

In case you haven't heard of them- The LGBT Victory Fund

Cain's Cabinet: Muslims Out, Gays In

Mehlman Lobbies for New York Marriage

Officials: Half of force trained on gay ban repeal

Gays defy stereotypes by communing with nature, cowboy style, at Circle J

Transvestic Disorder in DSM V?

Georgia school district accused of blocking gay sites

Gay Cop Barred From Pride March

The Bachmann and Friends Death Squad

AIDS at 30: Who's at Greatest Risk of Infection Now?

Anderson Cooper Looks At The Devastating Result of "The Sissy-Boy Experiment"

Gay reps ask Obama to extend veto threat to DADT

Saugatuck schools consider adding LGBT positive video to 8th grade sex ed

well,I'm pissed. Just read an article from "Baptist Press"

OK, how pissed off should I be?

Missouri Rep. Hartzler compares gay marriage to incest, 3 year olds driving .

Our old friend George Rekers (of luggage-handler fame) is back in the news

Episcopal Congregation Converting; Accepts Pope’s Invitation as Anglican Stress Over Gays Continues

Harvey Milk Day will unleash a 'tsunami of perversity' in public schools - Randy Thomasson

Every time a sex scandal hits DU

"American 'gay girl in Damascus' blogger kidnapped in Syria": Sad news

Can you buy vegetarian water?

Santa Monica anti-circumcision backer drops ballot measure bid

Win Ben Stein's Movie!

If you didn't watch AC 360 tonight tape its repeat

The first Shinto Shrine on the mainland of the USA

Military's first Hindu chaplain brings a diverse background

Court Allows Tennessee Inmate To Fight For Racist Literature As Part Of His Religion

Study: How Satanists see death

The Sun of God

Lesbian Blogger Kidnapped in Syria

Bradley Manning: Rich Man's War, Poor (Gay) Man's Fight

Lenny Dykstra's La Vida Loca

Lincecum joins elite group with 1,000th K...

The field is set for the Super Regionals

HS track team loses state title over cuss word

Bryce Harper blows kiss to pitcher after home run

Gloat-Free Baseball Scores (Monday, June 6)

I did not watch any of the Bruins-Vancouver game last night, not once did I check the score...

OSU's Terrelle Pryor skipping senior season

(Not) all is quiet on the Israel-Palestine front

Two sides to every concrete canvas

The mathematics of the Arab Spring

IDF has photos of armed flotilla activists

Violence at Palestinian camp funerals in Syria leaves 20 dead

Obama: Palestinians should avoid seeking UN recognition for statehood

West Bank Mosque Burned and Defaced

Report: 14 Palestinians shot dead in Syrian refugee camp