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Shared sacrifice? What shared sacrifice? (TYT, Chris Christie)

Why was my thread locked?? It was about the recession

So referring to another thread is a call-out??

Philip Morris battles Australia on cigarette packaging

Tea Partiers Premiering Straight-To-DVD TV Show Set In Colonial America

Sometimes the words are already spoken

A Few Small Repairs


Flash Forest Fire Threatens Nuclear Lab


Ex-Met and current broadcaster Ron Darling happy to see gay marriage passed in New York

New map that will be required in all classrooms by the GOPhers:

Rising Prices, High Unemployment and Government Promises

China eyes Canada oil, US's energy nest egg

Can someone remind me how I'm supposed to be accepting of Islam?

You screwed the pooch. WHY OH YOU wear the consequences.

Which memoir would be better to read?

Israeli Foreign Ministry slams airport security for strip search of gay leader

Hiraizumi gets listed as Heritage site

Freepers and Their Like are Terrorists, Period.

Never gonna happen, but I can dream...

Uncle Al

Rebuild America First

In custody fight, religious groups take quiet role

If There Were Any Terrorists They'd Be Winning

Shock Doctrine: 'Emergency Finance Managers' and the Right-Wing's Power Grab

Budget - Prosser - Let the Spin Begin

AP IMPACT: Populations around US nuke plants soar

Protesters at Walker signing of the budget just south of Green Bay, WI.

California Republicans support a corporate tax break that rewards companies for not creating jobs

World Food Program cuts Afghan food assistance

On CSPAN1 now: a FauxNews person, Catherine Herridge, is on flogging her book

Dem group keeps up budget attacks

Being A Republican In 2011! The New And Improved GOP! Help wanted: Ad for Position available

Brighton (UK) may adopt liberal drugs law

"Some inflation is a good thing." I've heard this said here and there,

Briefings at Tiffany's -- Picture President Newt

Nuke plant safe amid unique peril (Fort Calhoun, Ne.)

as Minot floods (PICS)

Decades after duty in the OSS and CIA, “spy girls” find each other in retirement

One Issue Behind Pelosi's Drive to Win Back the House

Fukushima residents' urine now radioactive

Fitzgerald (WI, R) jokes Supreme Court "crazier than the Legislature"


Bachman about to announce, the TV picture reminds me of One Flew Over the CooKoo's Nest.

43,597 acres burn overnight since one day

43,597 acres burn overnight since one day

GOP Game of Thrones

Imperial Rounding Error in Iraq

Abortion should be legal because people deserve control of their own bodies.

Going negative early

Contributions and Congressional Voting


Jerry Brown's office calls Republicans 'basically moronic'

New life for Faribault Woolen Mills

What would the MSM do if a "liberal" State Supreme Court Justice

Gay marriage law set to boost New York tourism - Bloomberg to launch "NYC I Do" campaign

Wm. Koch buys photo of Billy the Kid for 2.3 million dollars.

Blue Collar Man

Gov. Haley is getting ready to make the SC GOP presidential primary irrelevant. Heh!

The Rich Aren't Like You and Me

Minot makes Aljazeera

Wildfire triggers evacuation for Los Alamos laboratory

"Should people who get entitlements ....

Google and Facebook Are Secretly Feeding You Information Junk Food

Populations around U.S. nuclear plants soar

U.S. Plans Stealth Survey on Access to Doctors

Prosser's honorary Co-chair left campaign March 31 citing "disturbing distemper"

Prosser's honorary Co-chair left campaign March 31 citing "disturbing distemper"

U.S. Troop Deaths in Iraq at Highest Level Since 2009

Please help unfreep this poll on the NY Gay Marriage Law


Per 12 News (WI), the Madison Capitol Police will issue a press release today (on Prosser incident)

Also, She Should Apologize For Attacking His Hands With Her Neck

The land of unlimited inequality

Amanda Knox Speaks Out in Court

David Koch's group begins campaign for Wisconsin GOP senators

GOP bumper sticker I have been seeing pop up around here

Terry Nichols was a member of the Sovereign Citizens Movement?

June 27 Fukushima updates: TEPCO halts water circulation due to leaks

Jim Sensenbrenner Backs Off Medicare Plan : Medicare Concerns Dominate Town Hall Meeting

Koch brothers hold secret GOP business retreat in Vail

"A Catholic Church Is Honored During Pride Parade "

Weiner Only Choked His Chicken - Not a Supreme Court Judge

GOP philosophy on display in new Florida laws: Impoverish, Violate and Demoralize

No 'him' or 'her'; preschool fights gender bias

Activists and staff from FreedomWorks March to NRSC to Demand Hatch Ouster

Activists and staff from FreedomWorks March to NRSC to Demand Hatch Ouster

Shock Doctrine: 'Emergency Finance Managers' And The Right-Wing's Power Grab

Wanna make Boner cry? Here's your chance!

California - JUST DO IT!!!

U.S. Plans Stealth Survey on Access to Doctors

N Korean children begging, army starving

The Democratic Party and the assault on public workers

Michele Bachmann's had her share of government aid

Have you signed this?

Anything goes: the new FBI government spying guidelines

It was during the Bush administration that the naked body scanners were first approved

Herman Cain, Race mascot token for the right

So apparently Bristol

Tea Party Nation: Gay teens aren't being bullied, they're receiving "healthy peer pressure"

UK: Plans for A Summer of Protest Against Austerity and Assault on Public Sector Workers

Wingnuts hope the IDF shoots Americans in the new Gaza Flotilla

Call the White House free and tell the President not to cave to the Republicans!

Bachmann Yesterday - end minimum wage! Today - we can't afford jobs that pay too little!

Chris Hedges: Gone With the Papers

Why Nancy Pelosi isn’t at the Debt NegotiationTable: She Doesn’t Say No

Appearances Can Be Deceiving.....

The GOP's Game Plan: Cause a Recession

Missing moon dust returned to NASA from St. Louis

Yamaguchi governor bans construction of nuclear power plant (JAPAN)

Federal Reserve holds interest rates again as US recovery remains fragile

Federal Reserve holds interest rates again as US recovery remains fragile

Federal Reserve holds interest rates again as US recovery remains fragile

Supreme Court Hands Yet Another Victory To Corporations Seeking To Influence Elections

Negligence and Cover-Ups at Fort Calhoun Reactor

Patrick Cockburn: Don't believe everything you see and read about Gaddafi

Worker unrest in China sends tremors through world capitalism

Newt Gingrich loves money more than he loves Ronald Reagan

Gingrich Cites His Sponsorship of DOMA in 1996–Fails to Note He Was Cheating on His Wife at the Time

Woman Arrested After Allegedly Spraying Deputies With Breast Milk

Gay Marriage’s Unlikely Hero

Justices strike down taxpayer-supported campaign spending law

Deficit-Wracked Maryland Calls It Quits

1,000 New Species Discovered in New Guinea

Consumer Spending in U.S. "Unexpectedly" Stagnated in May

L.A. Unified's new homework policy gives students a break

Disposal of radioactive debris a headache for Fukushima Prefecture (JAPAN)

Poll: Japanese oppose restarting closed reactors

is the media still enamored with this major felon?

it's official.....insanity prevails

it's official.....insanity prevails

Revisiting Alleged 30 Million Famine Deaths during China's .....

Want some good Obama news?

Blago guitly on 17 of 20 counts

FBI searching Dallas County Commissioner's offices, Price's home

Wildfire triggers evacuation for Los Alamos laboratory

Republicans Rejected Ending $72 Billion Corporate Accounting Gimmick In Debt Talks

NYT Op-Ed: Our Untransparent President

Caption Michele Bachmann

"One of my responsibilities as commander-in-chief is to keep an eye on robots"

Several States Forbid Abortion After 20 Weeks

Judge blocks Georgia law targeting illegal immigrants

Radioactive cesium from Fukushima expected to reach U.S. West Coast in 5 years

GUILTY Blago - 17 charges

Sheriff investigating Wisconsin court choking incident

"Serial killers ruin families, corporate and political and religious psychopaths ruin economies."

"Serial killers ruin families, corporate and political and religious psychopaths ruin economies."

Why the record-breaking temperatures in Texas are being caused, in part, by the record drought

Michael Jackson 'Thriller' jacket fetches $1.8M

Spies, military looking for hacker-, backdoor-proof circuits

He May Not Have Kept His Promise And Walked With Them But Obama Is On Their(Our) Side On This One

Covers for nuclear reactors to use dome stadium technologies (JAPAN)

one asshole for another?

Justices Strike Down Arizona Campaign Finance Law

Nuclear regulator visits second Nebraska plant on Missouri

Weakness invites predation.

Weakness invites predation.

Iran unveils underground missile silos

Iran unveils underground missile silos

Freeper weighs in on vidoegame restricting decision...

Obama, The Deficit, And The Long Game

Denmark: "Only the Social Liberals and the Red-Green Alliance opposed the tightened border controls

In Gold Cup final, it's red, white and boo again

Wealth of world’s richest rose nearly 10 percent in 2010

My wife and I were married in California.

Breaking on Yahoo! right now: Sen. Robert Byrd dies at 92

Breaking on Yahoo! right now: Sen. Robert Byrd dies at 92

Our country does have a spending problem.

Senator Bernie Sanders speaking on Senate floor RIGHT NOW - watch on CSPAN2

The Communists Have Taken Over the Acropolis (to save it)

The Communists Have Taken Over the Acropolis (to save it)

Sorry if this has been discussed before,but when is Tom Delay going to jail?

Eric Cantor should be brought up on ethics violations. He is short U.S. bonds through the ETF

Enron Redux? Industry Insiders Say Natural Gas Drilling Is a Ponzi Scheme

Who is this obnoxious winger on Hartmann?

LIBYA Made Simple (Seriously, Don't Overthink It) --- By Tom Tomorrow

"She loves murder clowns"

The New Thirty Years’ War: Winners and Losers in the Great Global Energy Struggle to Come

Have you ever run for office?

On Facebook, this guy I know basically revived the "stay the course" re: Afghanistan...

Is Sampson the labrador Australia's most obese pet? And is this abuse?

Blago guilty on 17 of 20 counts

I can't stand Michelle Bachmann's accent

Floodwater Seeps into Nebraska Nuke Plant Building

Los Alamos-- Mandatory evacuation just ordered.

What Tau Sounds Like

Newest wingnut conspiracy: Al Gore supports eugenics! (really was talking about empowering women)

Europe Stifles Drivers in Favor of Mass Transit and Walking

Todd Akin may not want you to see these paragraphs from his 2010 campaign website

South Carolina governor signs immigration bill into law

Pearce is pushing for a tea party mayor in Phoenix

Pearce is pushing for a tea party mayor in Phoenix

Obama gets a lot of criticism on his policies. What policies would a republican president

Prepaid Pain

Bachmann sees herself as "Everyman" and champion of the people.

please sign this.

please sign this.

China wrestles with food safety problems

only seven government-selected local residents were allowed to attend

Florida tea partiers embrace news that Michele Bachmann's running for president

Tea Party Terrorists storm the offices of the National republican Senatorial Committee.

Shoot-first, ask-questions-later

I think it's time to give Michael Steele his own show

Flood test not over for nuke plant (Fort Calhoun, Ne.)

Supreme Court rejects Arizona campaign finance law

Los Angeles Dodgers File for Bankruptcy

End Of Blago Case Could Mean House Ethics Probe For Jackson Jr.

Supreme Court to decide if police need a warrant to attach GPS tracking devices.

Countdown tonight: Sen. Bernie Sanders and Matt Taibbi

Brazilian judge gives male couple approval for what court says is country’s first gay marriage

Bachmann endorses cannibalism

Who are some good people to follow on Twitter?

Do you know of any job openings? Companies can list openings here for free:

How the Same-Sex Marriage Deal Nearly Collapsed

Train-crash trucker had string of traffic tickets

Sarah Vowell On Gay Marrriage

Does anyone have working link to KO's show

Johnny Gosch Profile Tonight on "Vanished" - Lifetime TV 10pm

You want to put Americans back to work? Invest massively in infrastructure.

Designed obsolescence...

Anti-Union Life at Target

Watching "Countdown." So repukes want their president to be just like their stoopid relative.

Watching "Countdown." So repukes want their president to be just like their stoopid relative.

Karl Rove is laughing his pasty ass off

am I understanding this correctly, is the President going to allow the Bush tax cuts continue?

So we're taking up a collection to buy David Prosser a live hen.

DU Gets it WRONG and dozens of DU people don't bother to check Where John Wayne was from.

Reality Bytes: Eight Myths About Video Games Debunked

Romney: Labor board case could cost Iowa jobs

Uh Mods...

The template for Weiner's Wiener--

Jerry Brown and Democrats team up on budget plan without GOP input

Toon: How to come to grips with something that really disturbs you...

I find it funny. What some think they can do.

Forget the John Wayne shiny thing of the moment and get busy on

And we'll keep on fightin'............Keep fightin' Ya'll! I love this! We are the champions,,,,,,,,

Oops...unbleeped F-word on O'Donnell

Free speech: difference between porn and violence?

Kids call mom from Barack Obama's limo

Karma's a bitch, ya know?

WorldNutDaily: Support marriage equality? Then you need to be charged with communist conspiracy!

If I could ask Michele Bachmann one question

FOIA docs reveal cancer cluster in TSA workers

Rachel is covering the two nuclear plants next

blood boiling to point of incoherence here

Fiscal Conserative Bachmann has benefited personally from federal funds and federal farm subsidies.

Rachel's on a roll tonight!

Toles Toon: We have a problem...

Alabama GOP Defector Cites Teacher Bashing

Any Consensus Regarding Airport Security/Screening? What Is The Best Option?

7 year old drives car in search of his dad

NRC chief: Keep improving plant (Fort Calhoun Nuclear Station)

You would think that after rick scott, Florida would avoid republicans.

I wonder what Social Conservatives think about that Supreme Court decision

I'm not sure where John Wayne grew up either.

Manchin: U.S. 'Staying Well Beyond Our Mission' in Afghanistan (No Terrorist Threat Last 7-8 Years)

Rachel Maddow chatted with Jose Antonio Vargas

Rachel Maddow chatted with Jose Antonio Vargas

Rachel is tearing ReTHUGS a new one on the debt ceiling

Thank G_d, the purple shovel has bit the dust!!! n/t

Vatican adviser wants communion rite taken away from Cuomo

Rep. Woolsey officially announces retirement

Sinking Poll Numbers May Put Florida in Play

Charlie Sheen or Michelle Bachman?

Prosser coverage on liberal MSNBC this evening?

L.A. Times: Michele Bachmann confuses John Wayne Gacy with The Duke

Ever got the police on tape, intentionally or not?

Wrong John Wayne, there, Crazy-Eyes

John Nicholls will be on Ed shortly to talk about Prosser

A Republican history story

Fatal medical error drives nurse to suicide.

Fatal medical error drives nurse to suicide.

I must say that I'm still laughing about the John Wayne thing...

Michele Bachmann told Fox News, “[W]hat I want them to know is, just like John Wayne was

Oh.My.God. Michelle Bachmann confuses John Wayne with a serial killer.

Rev. Al Sharpton is killing Brian Brown on marriage equality right now!

National Organization for Women National Conference Declares "Women need jobs, not budget cuts!"

Well mannered dogs?

Police investigating allegation that WI Supreme Court Justice David Prosser choked a fellow justice

I think the gopper race is going to be Romney and the anti-Romney (Bachmann)

I think the gopper race is going to be Romney and the anti-Romney (Bachmann)

Can drunk sperm harm an unborn baby?

I can't believe I share a country with these people.

Why wages in China are going up...too many jobs and not enough workers.

So Bachmann announces her run for the Presidency

My sister is facing foreclosure on her home.

Financial Times: Majority of World Will Face "Years Of Stagnant Wages"

National Organization for Women Calls for Better Social Security Benefits and "Medicare for All"!

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! & a new Kitty gif

What the President did not do on summer vacation.

Prosser impeachment?

FL Gov Rick Scott again pursuing stealth attack on state parks

David Frum: I was wrong about same-sex marriage

Please don't thank Combat Veterans for their service...

TEPCO failed to report possible hydrogen explosion (JAPAN)

Great news for Dems in WISC recall elections!

Pat Robertson warns God will destroy America over same sex marriage

Just watched "Hot Coffee" on HBO...a must see about corporations and tort reform.

8,000 Homeless Veterans on the Streets of LA

I love Bernie Sanders

Photo of the Day (JAPAN)

"God Bless America"

Grover Norquist coming up on Colbert Report.

challenge: come up with a punchline to prove why Bachmann was RIGHT to admire serial killer

Radiation discovered in Fukushima residents

A No Brainer!

Chinese wage growth has been tremendous...from 52 cents in 2000 to an expected $4.41 in 2015

Hartmann went further into the prosser scandal

My prediction for the 2012 GOP platform

My prediction for the 2012 GOP platform

David Dayen, FDL: The Selling of the World: Privatization Schemes Proliferate (ALEC's involvement)

Please sign Bernie's "Shared Sacrifice" letter!

Prank signs on PA Turnpike H2O fountains target fracking.

Michael Steele: "Michelle Bachman did not get hyperplexic."

Vermont uses draft horse to lay cable for Internet access

Didn't John Wayne play Paul Revere in The Battle of Waterloo?

When the Public Rises, We'll Want an Ally in Congress

Poverty sucks and no one is immune from it

Treasure divers find antique ring off Florida Keys

Ohio Deputies: Breast feeding mother sprayed us with her milk

One Tiny Voice

Would you like some tort reform with that? - "Hot Coffee" film trailer, review - HBO tonight 9pm ET

Greenwald: US, Israel Escalate Threats Against Flotilla, Including US Citizens

If we don't fix this, nothing else we do will matter

If we don't fix this, nothing else we do will matter

The [Bill] Clinton Doctrine: Always be Attacking

Report: Private Contractors Make Up More than 50% of Force in Iraq and Afghanistan

Greece: General strike called for June 28-29

Take A Moment And Consider This Passage Regarding The SCOTUS AZ Campaign Finance Ruling

The most important DECISION for Obama is coming

Sign Bernie Sanders' letter to the president

8 year old girl tricked into becoming a suicide bomber...HELLO TSA

David Prosser Probably Had A Very Good Reason For Putting His Hands On A Colleague's Neck - Salon

Battle of Little Bighorn 135 years ago today

I think that the president is making a political mistake

Chris Hayes On Rachel... WOW !!!

The Road from Clarence Thomas to Harlan Crow Runs Close to Home - LegalSchnauzer

Teen gang charged under lynching law after 'savage attack on 18-year-old student' Carter Strange

Need DUing-- Keith Olbermann show.

Norma (Duffy) Lyon, the ‘Butter-Cow Lady,’ Dies at 81

NY Times - Gay Marriage: Where’s Mr. Obama?

Bachmann cites wrong John Wayne, praises notorious serial killer

Get $15 in Rice Krispies class action settlement (no proof of purchase required)

Happy Birthday Emma

"John Pistole, head of the TSA, Screw You Buddy"...Keith Olbermann

What in the HELL is "Groupon" and why I am I being redirected to it

W. was incredibly stupid. Obama is incredibly smart. So why the wars?

An accidentally good question on Free Republic

Is check spelling acting weirdly on DU for anyone else. It comes up

Is check spelling acting weirdly on DU for anyone else. It comes up

Republican Political Survival Suit

Working people, the elderly and middle class should not make any sacrifices to balance the budget.

Right now in the Gulf of Mexico


AMA: Stop Photoshopping models' bodies

Ironic... The Best Democrat, Is An Independent From Vermont

Rule of Law and Civilization as we knew it is coming to an end here in Philly:

Teen hurt in sand collapse at Santa Cruz beach - had dug 6 feet deep tunnel

Bernie Sanders to Obama: 'Do Not Yield to Republican Demands' on Taxes, Cuts, Deficit Policy

Miss USA contestants respond to a question about whether evolution should be taught in schools.

With Extra Points for Rapes...

The Candidate of Change


Apartment complex to require dog DNA for testing of unscooped poo

Glenn Beck just walked by...

Bad Kitty

Muslim woman sues Abercrombie & Fitch over hijab

Nurse's suicide after fatal baby overdose mistake highlights twin tragedies of medical errors

On alien life, and whether it is possible

Why Do Working Class People Vote Against Their Economic Interests?

50 Things That I'm Not Allowed To Do On DU...

Guardian: Pregnant Women Who Lose Babies Face Murder Charges

This June 30 is the last episode of Glenn Beck on Fox Nooze.

Philadelphia: Teen flash mob attacks pedestrians, several injured

Alien encounters "within twenty years" (6-27-11 Reuters via Guardian)

Bristol Palin says her virginity was stolen.

Know Nothings and the Bloody Monday Riots in Louisville, Ky

Help me out here: who are the meanest, toughest, baddest advocates for the 95%?

Duers! Why are Republicons allowed to lie?

Woman who videotaped police--charges dropped!

Pregnant, nude and weeping rape victims hung upside down. Then shot in the head.


This song wasn't as good as I'd hoped

It's a dangerous thing when power goes to your head......

Back from a visit to the Twin Cities

I think I have figured out those little flies that go to the middle of the room and make 90 degree


western yurts

western yurts

Tom Lehrer

A vehicle, a companion, a destination...

Lesbian Spider-Queens of Mars?

I hate when people do this (about email)

PHOTO: "An-ti-ci-PA-tion, anticipation is making me wait, it's keeping me wai-ai-ai-ting..."

Skittles is really going to kick my ass...

Does all Amaretto taste terrible ?

How to avoid an oncoming train...

Should I buy my cat a mouse?

Should I buy my mouse a cat?

YET ANOTHER animated GIF that you will use over and over and over in your GD posts.

Another email rant

Should I buy my cat a hat?

Should I buy my house a cat with a mat and a mouse with a hat?

How To Almost Always Win Rock Paper Scissors

Anyone use Google tasks?

I find it funny. What some think they can do.

Are there any zombie experts in the lounge?

Are there any zamboni experts in the Lounge?

Calling All DU kooks! Please help.

MFM's physical therapy center seems to fit his personality.

MiddleFingerYoungerBrother revealed his POWERFUL anti-zombie arsenal...right before they ate him.

Men who flaunt flashy cars not the 'marrying kind'

Can drunk sperm harm an unborn baby?

Anyone have a good tuna-macaroni and cheese casserole recipe?

Katharine Hepburn's Connecticut estate on sale for $28 million

My thoughts for the season opening of True Blood (episode #1 AND #2 spoilers)

PHOTO: Double Bacon Hamburger w/ "hidden egg center" patty & "onion-bacon center" patty...

heat/computer question

revenge is best served above a large crowd

Should I buy my house a mat?

Ohio deputies: Woman sprayed us with breast milk

Which photo do you think looks sillier?

Canada Post promises mail delivery Tuesday

Brand names that instantly label the wearer as an asshat...

International Criminal Court Issues Arrest Warrant For Libyan Leader Moammar Gadhafi

What's for dinner?

'Brady Bunch' mom Florence Henderson admits ex-mayor John Lindsay gave her crabs in one-night-stand

Michele Bachmann's had her share of government aid

Karzai accuses Pakistan of shelling

Death penalty opposition onrise in China

There's a skunk in the house.

If you could be the imaginary lovechild of two people, who would it be?

Federal Judge Rules Indiana Can't Block Planned Parenthood Funding

What kind of kid were you? I used to daydream. I mean all the time. Once

Women of DU. In case you need a new man - Charlie Sheen is once again single

Jim Sensenbrenner Backs Off Medicare Plan

Ex-Illinois Governor Blagojevich guilty of corruption

Blagojevich jury agrees on 18 counts, verdict to be read

Hey, do you guys like the Muppets?

Democrats launch massive ad campaign against Republican Medicare position

Appeal Trial of Amanda Knox Opens in Italy

Russian convicted of betraying Anna Chapman, 9 other spies

Video shows (Bryan) Stow in Dodger Stadium confrontation

Obama shows 'lack of respect' for Colombia: Former US official

Lady Gaga sued over Japan earthquake charity bracelets

Billionaires give big to new 'super PACS'

Anonymous Picks up Slack as LulzSec Calls it Quits

Two groups ask high court to shut down Righthaven in South Carolina

Hey, you DU Lounge Tech Experts, I need your help!!! I'm at my wits end here...

DU Gets it WRONG and dozens of DU people don't bother to check Where John Wayne was from.

Bachmann cites wrong John Wayne, praises notorious serial killer

Texas Is Pressed to Spare Mexican Citizen on Death Row

Pipe bombs found after La. man wrecks pickup truck

After ruling halted N.J. foreclosures, experts fear deluge of filings

US High Court Strikes Down Arizona Public Political Funding Law

Blagojevich Found Guilty in Corruption Trial (Obama Senate Seat for Financial Benefit)

Supreme Court to look at government regulation of broadcast profanity

Ex-Blackwater Worker Gets Prison for Afghan Killing (30 Months)

I'm not sure where John Wayne grew up either.

B.C. man nabbed over 1983 U.S. murder

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Monday, June 27, 2011

Poof! And just like that, I have a daughter-in-law (dialup warning)

Supreme Court upholds $270 million award to smokers

Nuclear power plant flood berm collapses -near Omaha

Libya rejects ICC arrest warrant for Muammar Gaddafi

Citigroup ex-VP arrested in NYC on fraud charges

Democratic Rep. Jay Inslee announces bid for governor (Washington)

White House challenges GOP in deficit talks

Nuclear Plant Leak No Cause for Concern

Obama shifts from consensus to instincts on key calls

Rep. Gabrielle Giffords Makes First Public Appearance in Front of a Crowd Since Being

Wisconsin Supreme Court sparring must end, Gov. Scott Walker says

TV Products that are actually as good as they say

Investors may fund social programs

ADULTS who refer to their food by using BABY TALK.

MST3K bed headboard. WANT.

TSA denies having required a 95-year-old woman to remove diaper

Light bulb moment? Tea Party's Michele Bachmann vows to repeal energy-saving light bulb law

Kagan: SCOTUS Ruling Against Arizona Public Financing Is 'Chutzpah'

L.A. to D.C.: $280 a mile at Northrop Grumman…

Feds Take on Racism in Wisconsin

NH Gov. Lynch Vetoes Voter-ID Bill

Global arrest warrant issued for Qaddafi, son

Congress pays $6.1 million in bonuses (To itself) as it debates spending cuts

(WI) Cosmetology Board to licensees: Continuing education classes no longer needed

Former North Carolina State Star Lorenzo Charles Dies in Bus Crash

San Francisco mulls ban on all pet sales, including goldfish and hamsters

Tom Petty Reportedly Issuing Cease and Desist Letter to Bachmann

Do you call it a Soda? Or Pop? Or a "Coke"? Breakdown of soft drink names by county;

Video Games Defeat California in Supreme Court Battle Over Violent Video Games

Income tax increase on NJ millionaires passed by Senate committee, awaits decision by Christie

Abu Ghraib Inmates Lose U.S. High Court Bid to Sue Contractors

My current Most Annoying and Overused Phrase or Euphemism On DU

Locals protest fireworks stands

E.J. Dionne Jr.: Obama’s prudent policy on Afghanistan

Guardian: Nick Broomfield film casts critical eye on Sarah Palin

Jared Bernstein: The Budget Debate, and What Should Be Obvious

RebuildTheDream = OUR "TeaParty" = FINALLY some ORGANIZATION

Belligerent Un-mind. Please come CAPTION Michele Bachmann!!!

Bernie Sanders now on Senate floor: How did we get here?

This seems appropriate for Michelle Bachmann

Tweety is being a total ASS today on his show

NY Times: Rick Scott's 29% approval rating = Blue Florida in 2012?

Is Michele Bachmann going to play the "victim" and/or "sexism" card (a la Sarah Palin)

The New Face Of Michele Bachmann.

Wallace Question to Bachmann was a SETUP

Poll: Obama ties Perry approval in Republic of Texas

Can Bachman win the GOP nomination? I think the TeaNuts are VERY influential on that side. If she

Pelosi undermining Obama on debt talks, sez Ken Duberstein

Federal Judge Rules Indiana Can't Block Planned Parenthood Funding

"The SCOTUS is on a rampage against any form of progressivism. "

"The SCOTUS is on a rampage against any form of progressivism. "

Bachmann confuses John Wayne with John Wayne Gacy. -- "That's the kind of spirit that I have too"

Here's a very long list of some of the things President Obama has done since January 20, 2009

Here's a very long list of some of the things President Obama has done since January 20, 2009

Fuck you, George W Bush. You are the reason why this country is still suffering in 2011 and beyond

A Small Sampling of Bills House Dems Passed, GOP Senate Blocked Last Session

DADT is gone, huh?

How pissed is Sarah Palin right now?

Michele Bachman tells FOX News in 2009 "I don't need government to be successful."

Massachussetts lauches summit on soaring health care costs

Dont forget to watch tonight on HBO Hot Coffee at 9:00PM

Obama CAN'T move any further right and still win in 2012

Bachmann Says She Would Eliminate Minimum Wage to Spur Growth

Two probes opened into Bradley claim (WI supreme court)

Rep. Nygren knocked off ballot in Hansen recall election (WI)

TDPS: Judge Suspended for Requiring Church Attendance as Condition of Bail

WI Governor Scott Walker Budget Signing Protest Green Bay 6.26.11

Community Connections: David Korten

Getting Real about Food & the Future

David Stockman: Ben Bernanke is finished!

Rick Santorum Sings with a Monkey

Thom Hartmann: Are Hacktivists becoming the new journalists?

Lord Monckton on Tour: Bring out your Dead!!!

Debt Ceiling Standoff to Lead to Revolution?

Conversations with Great Minds, pt.1 - Lester Brown - Is the global civilization failing?

Michele Bachmann confuses John Wayne (hero) w/ John Wayne Gacy (serial killer)

EvelJustin: How Serious Are Republicans About the Deficit?

Conversations with Great Minds, pt. 2 - Lester Brown - Is the global civilization failing?

June 26 2011 Las Conchas Fire near Los Alamos

State Department on quest for regime change

Papantonio: Why the Religious Right Loves the Tea Party

Debt Contagion and the Global Economic Collapse

MSNBC w/ Cenk: Walmart 'Too Big To Sue' - Supreme Court

A Tale of Two Governors

Engdahl: Libya intervention absurd, NATO criminal

Michigan Residents File Lawsuit Challenging Emergency Law - Democracy NOW!

Mitt Romney Heckles President Obama

Jimmy Cliff at Glastonbury 2011 singing We Don't Want Another Vietnam in Afghanistan

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Drumbeat from this weekend and today...

Save Fukushima, Save Our Future - 200 Voices [Kindle Edition]

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Does anyone find the show "Swamp Loggers" as profoundly disturbing as I do?

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I just have to share this ...

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