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(Media note) Christiane Amanpour on CNN / Piers Morgan today. Outstanding.

I have an idea for reality TV gold mine - The Michele Bachmann Show

Check in here if you're tired of encountering the...

Alright, who has swamp ass on their peach fuzzy from the heat?

The New Republic - "Politifact Goes Off The Deep End"- Calls Out Politifact's Defense Of Vouchercare

Change? Congressmen need to quit waking up to wars not there went they went to bed.

Change? Congressmen need to quit waking up to wars not there went they went to bed.

Random IAEA nuclear checks rejected by industry in Vienna

Early Census numbers show dramatic upsurge in same-sex couples

Koch Bros - It's the evil thing.

New bill ending federal ban on marijuana to be introduced in Congress

Feds just busted James Whitey Bulger, last of the winter hill gang

Although our corporate overlords are currently safe...

Tweety berates Iraqis for being ungreateful

Tweety berates Iraqis for lack of gratitude over our invasion and occupation of their country.

Luckovich toon on Afghanistan

Dog rescues kittens from fire

Has Jon Stewart finally had it Faux News

It's official! This is the first day there isn't one thread on the Weiner scandal!

Not Pleased With Obamas Plans to Vacate Af-G-Stand

Americans Reject GOP Medicare Plan

Some Greeks Fear Government Is Selling Nation

Why Jeb Bush Won't Run for President in 2012 (but may accept 2012 VP slot)

The Fed’s Great Optimism

The Fed’s Great Optimism

For Sale: Barely Used Tour Bus

Housing Prices: How was it that they were supposed to continually go up?

Both Osama AND Whitey in the same year?!?!

Can't the airlines just offer transport on "fear free flights"?

Paul Krugman Blog-Invalid Comparisons

Withdrawal from Afghanistan: Three options weighed by the White House

Initial Jobless Claims in U.S. Rose 9,000 Last Week to 429,000

House takes chainsaw to Vt. (and all other states) conservation programs

Two people on FBI Top 10 busted in the last 2 months

Pesticide spraying near streams to expand under Congressional bill

Christie refuses details on cost of political tours

Small U.S. Force to Stay in Iraq After 2011 Deadline

michael steele is now a paid m$nbc political consultant

Few vacancies for thousands of ND flood evacuees

US orders news blackout over crippled Nebraska Nuclear Plant: report

Breaking... Energy Dept. to release 30 million barrels from Strategic Petroleum Reserve

Top Expert: Disputed McKinsey Health Care Study Akin To Push Poll

Heard on C-Span "When American goes to war American needs to win"

Does life online give you 'popcorn brain'?

Religious leaders attack laws that "protect religious from gay couples", call it catering to bigotry

Religious leaders attack laws that "protect religious from gay couples", call it catering to bigotry

Poll: Tea party poses ‘real danger’ to GOP in Florida

False Equivalencies - equating Ryan plan with Obama plan

The International Indian Film Academy Awards start today in Toronto.

Indonesia to stop sending workers to Saudi Arabia, due to beheading of maid

Jobless claims point to weak labor market

I just got a robo-call from Dick Morris with anti-Obama propaganda followed by a live pollster

Welcome To Baoding (China): The Greenest City In The World

Does anyone remember back in the months moving up to the Iraq War Version BushII.

Does anyone remember back in the months moving up to the Iraq War Version BushII.

"Whitey" Bulger Caught

Bikeshare Bonanza in Toronto

MarketWatch: Why 2011 is much worse than 2008

Once again, in this latest game of chicken, we're going to get screwed

Does "The Onion" Have Too Much Integrity to Win a Pulitzer Prize?

Second Harlan Crow Connected Group Has A Perfect Litigation Record Before Justice Thomas

Miss USA interviewed on MSNBC:

Rebuild the Dream


An Exclusive Tour Of The Amazing Club Where Wall Street Billionaires Like Steve Schwarzman Hang Out

Bernie Sanders on President Obama's Afghanistan speech

'Un-contacted' Amazon tribe found in Brazil

Does buying US Savings Bonds help as far as the deficit goes?

Walker Protest

I think I may be ready to throw the country to the Republicans

Grist: The American suburbs are a giant Ponzi scheme

15-year-old girl dies in car crash with beloved dog who was to be put down

US new home sales drop 2.1% in May

Nurses Take On Wall Street

Anyone know when debate begins today on the Frank-Paul cannabis semi-legalization bill?

Naked Capitalism: "Rampant, Extensive Criminality" and "Bank Reform"

President Obama is withdrawing troops from Afghanistan. But I offer a way to end both wars

Progressives in Congress: Immediately End Our War in Libya

30 percent of existing home sales going to all-cash buyers.

Withdrawal from Afghanistan: We're going, we're going... Just not quite yet and stop pushing!

Obama's Afghanistan Speech: Token Withdrawals

Krugman- Profiles in Fed Cowardice

When it comes to sex, are you a switch or an iron?

This is obscenely illustrative of the current state of the 'Democrats' in DC.

PENIS!!! Series!!111!!!11 no screwn round

How Tent Cities Are Revitalizing Sit-In Activism

How Tent Cities Are Revitalizing Sit-In Activism

Well, no wonder the NY State Senate hasn't voted on Marriage Equality yet...

Should GD Be A Celebrity-Free Zone?

Walker Protest

North Dakota evacuates up to 12,000 in Minot as record flood imminent

Requiring Church Attendance as a Bail Condition

Leading House Democrats say Social Security cuts are a nonstarter

Poll: Ryan Health Plan Would be Worse, 57%-34% - Bloomberg

Technician Installed Spyware to Photo Women

Mullen: ‘I Support The President’s Decision’ On Afghanistan, ‘As Do Gens. Mattis & Petraeus’

Non Sequitur toon- The Lowered Expectations District

The Tricky Ethics of Strategic Default

U.S. Conference of Mayors Unanimously Passes Resolution Calling the War on Drugs a Failed Policy

Free to Search and Seize

Airbus crushes Boeing at Le Bourget

The euro crisis: If Greece goes…

51-year-old "Lost" (no shit!) actor marries 16-year-old country singer

4 am at the Romney's...

Former U of New Mexico president arrested for promoting prostitution

How the Taliban Turned a Child Into a Suicide Bomber

Drop the Gore vs. Obama script

Washington would be a criminal today, so would Jeffersson

Linsey Lohan in trouble AGAIN tested positive for alcohol

Tenga Eggs for Men? Non-Toxic?

Maybe we should take the advice of this Soviet commander concerning Afghanistan?

Southwest Pilot Suspended after Homophobic and Sexist Rant

Supreme Court strikes down state drug data mining law

Dow down 1.7%, news that Biden budget talks have hit an "impasse"

62% favor Obama health care law with some modifications. 35% want law overturned.

No probation for eighth DUI

"When the going gets tough, Cantor gets going".

A Campaign to "End Corporate Rule" has been started. Among its goals are "Ending Corporate Welfare"

The 2012 Progressive House Candidate Guide - June Edition

Crude prices dropped 4+% today, wholesale gas down to $2.83 a gallon

'Harry Potter' novels will be sold as e-books, audiobooks on

Paul Ryan's Medicare plan less popular than a hunting trip with Dick Cheney

Sarah Palin bus tour not dead, but still shrouded in mystery

email to my republican congressman Tim Murphy

NY Times: (R) State Senator expects a vote on Marriage Equality

NY Times: (R) State Senator expects a vote on Marriage Equality

Puppy had 4 paws amputated after being abandoned in frozen pond gets a new life. Hanky time.

Hitler was ineligible for presidency, too (World Nut Daily).

Why can't I log into DU3??? Does the new website hate me?

Paul Ryan's medicare plan is a 31,000 person job loser for Wisconsin.

Bachmann will announce candidacy for president Monday, then kill opponents with her eye laser beams

Outrageous TSA stories

TSA announced they would stop patting down children in November of last year.

TSA announced they would stop patting down children in November of last year.

NY - State Senate G.O.P. Near Decision on Gay-Marriage Vote

NY - State Senate G.O.P. Near Decision on Gay-Marriage Vote

Yes she can! First Lady Michelle Obama

Mrs O meets the Arch

Failed States interactive index

I will Support Representative Bachman's bid for the Republican Nomination

President Obama to talk about NY Marriage Equality vote?

Builder Blames Navy as Brand-New Warship Disintegrates

Samaritan and Firefighter put panhandlers safety first.

While we were fighting wars, here is what you should really be afraid of.

Dr. Mark Naison - Teach for America and Me: A Failed Courtship

Four Tweets to track re: New York Marriage Equality

Has anyone noticed that when the repugs put a hold on the debt-ceiling talks, the stock market goes

Iraq bomb attacks kills U.S. contractor, 33 people in market

Robert Scheer: Bill Clinton’s Legacy of Denial

Nietzsche said "God is Dead, and We Killed Him."

NASA Probe on Target for Asteroid Encounter Next Month

How will the American Empire end?

Just heard some good news from a friend of mine who happens to be a recruiter

I know the DJIA dropped about 1%, but two good news stories occurred today


It's official now - OJ Simpson admits that he really did kill his wife

New Car Quality Takes A Hit Due To Technology

The FBI Has Stolen All Of Instapaper’s User Data And Some Of Its Codebase

Hal Sparks is a new father. Meet Camden Harrison Sparks.

Herman Cain: Jon Stewart Attacked Me ‘Because I’m Black’

One of the NY Marriage Equality hold outs is from where I

Detroit Guitarist Terry Kelly Passed Away

The recently re-habbed foreclosed house next to to mine

Uh, oh...if BILL DONOHUE is throwing in the towel...

Science for Life: A Pill a Day Keeps HIV Away

Science for Life: A Pill a Day Keeps HIV Away

Teaching Economics, Big-Bank Style


WAH!!! WAH!!!! Herman Cain: Jon Stewart Attacked Me ‘Because I’m Black’

tell me about toronto, please.

Cantor and Kile follows Palin leads and QUITS

9 Out Of 10 Americans Don't Expect Raises To Compensate For Rising Price Of Goods, Survey Says

It appears that the USA wasn't at war with anyone in 1909, 1933 to 1940, 1959 or 1955

Inside the Koch Brothers' Expensive Echo Chamber

Cook County,IL taxpayers owe at least $108 billion in local debt, ($63K+ per household in Chicago)

A 6.7 earthquake rocked Japan today

House Repukes vote to rescind new Cuba policy and further damage Cuban families

I found to perfect shirt to oppose the tea party.

College tuition going up 15-percent

Just how long before Rand Paul proposes the "American Soylent Green"

Toon: "A world where there are waiting periods for war, not abortion"

I think people advocate for third parties for the same reason that they buy Powerball tickets.

Group Warns Drone Users Violating Laws of War

Herman Cain hates bills longer than pages 'cause reading a longer one would make his lips tired

The Fourteenth Amendment: It doesn't exclude gays, you know.

Bernie Sanders is tearing the ReTHUGS

U.S., allies to release 60M barrels from oil reserves over the next 30 days

Why Tenured Professors Should Never Be Allowed to Opine About Free Trade or Free Markets

Some blacks not satisfied with Delaware redistricting

The reason why Liberia could not make a more rapid recovery.

Hey! anyone remember the "Stop Excessive Energy Speculation Act of 2008"????

Democratic Senators Get Fed Up With John Walsh At OCC - FDL

Budget Talks Near Collapse as G.O.P. Leader Quits

Ron Reagan should be a permanent host at MSNBC. Of course,

Initial Jobless Claims WORSE Than Expectations At 429K, Last Week Revised Higher

Ron Reagan hosting Hardball!

Michele Bachmann's step-sister is gay.

"The Tea Party in Space" - I swear it's not from the Onion

My stalker subscribed me to Breitbart.

What is a "win" in Afghanistan? What would it look like?

I can solve ALL of our problems in four simple steps

In Case You Missed This... 'America the Unequal' - DailyBeast

Dogs works in mysterious ways - Christian Rapture Radio Show Replaced

TONIGHT: Hedge Funders Are Paying $36,000 To Have Dinner With Obama

20 years of data... Harvard study publishes results..(diet & health)

sorry, dupe post

Evans neighborhood blocks Homes for Our Troops from building

Environmental Leaders Call for Civil Disobedience to Stop the Keystone XL Pipeline

Environmental Leaders Call for Civil Disobedience to Stop the Keystone XL Pipeline

RON REAGAN hosting Hardball!!!!

Please sign the Petition to demand that Clarence Thomas resign.

Ruling: LA County needn't mandate condoms in porn

Support Eric Griego for Congress! He is a true progressive!

Evan Bayh, Corporate Chamber Whore, Is On The Job

We can no longer afford ourselves.

Idaho Senate Republican Caucus Chairman ‘looking for promised land’ before arrest

From Burma, Aung San Suu Kyi asks for a little help for the peace movement

US Airways lets man fly wearing women's panties

Is Rick Running?

Keith Olbermann’s New Countdown Premieres to Strong Ratings

Sgt. Major of the Marines on DADT: "How dare we..."

New Anger-Powered Cars May Revolutionize The Way We Drive

Leaked: Mainstream Media's Dictionary. Letter B

Tonight's "Hardball," featuring 99.9% LESS interrupting and flying spittle!

Dildo Ad or Meat Ad?

Sharp-Eyed Viewers Catch Fox's 'MasterChef' Faking a Huge Crowd

Olbermann will no longer overlap with Rachel!!

The Greek people should haul a giant guillotine in front of their politicians

I'd never watched Dylan Ratigan before. Wow!

Baucus Gives Away the Game: Medicare Cuts in Debt Limit Deal - FDL

About the Trig Palin birth conspiracy

For the 98% of us that these negotiations about tax increases don't affect

OMFG. Just got a Dick Morris Propaganda robocall followed by live right-wing pollster talkin to me

Toon: Sentenced....

Sunny Sheu: Murdered For Investigating NY Foreclosure Judge Joseph Golia?

Sunny Sheu: Murdered For Investigating NY Foreclosure Judge Joseph Golia?

Madison Protester Punched In The Face By Man With ‘Don’t Tread On Me’ Flag

US to Lose Second Place in World Trade to India: Citi

Bwah-ha-hah!1 Keith/ Current ads in the middle of O'LOOFAH !1

Does this criticism of Obama make sense?

The Land of Unlimited Inequality

Let's imagine that your biggest opponent's favorables are at 23% and his unfavorables are at 26% . .

The Progressive: Three more years of War in Afghanistan: "The Presidents rhetoric was hideous"

Mayor Jason West is not only a progressive

Thank goodness for Eric Cantor!!! by Barth

Thank goodness for Eric Cantor!!! by Barth

Gates makes it official: 'I will not certify' DADT repeal

"We stand not for empire, but for self-determination."

So how do Cheney et al feel about Paul Ryan today

Remember Sean Hannity's friend Hal Turner?

AARP Discussing Social Security 10 PM EDT TONIGHT - Call In !!!! Save Social Security

Maid 'held hostage' for 14 years in Saudi Arabia

Solar Storm Warning

They caught Whitey.

Poll from earlier this year we ignore at our own peril

Sunny Sheu Killed After Reporting Death Threat from Foreclosure Judge Joseph Golia

Yeah baby

Oh, Dear God. Health care propaganda.

Oh, Dear God. Health care propaganda.

Psst, PolitiFact: Here's another typical example of how Fox misinforms

"They want what YOU want...a chance to be a little less alone in the world."

On letting the Republicans win...

Meanwhile, there are these stories from Japan today

Science Confirms It: Whining Is The Most Annoying Sound Ever (Not the Onion)

Caarmaaker Saab caannot paay aautoworkers

Can the President be re-elected if he caves on Medicare

Who does the federal government of the United States mainly represent?

Fired IT guy puts porn in ex-boss' PowerPoint, gets sweet revenge

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! & here's Maru!

No vote on Marriage Equality in New York (tonight)

No vote on Marriage Equality in New York (tonight)

Tax Holiday for Overseas Corporate Profits Would Increase Deficits, Fail To Boost The Economy, And..

Another good VT law struck down by the SCOTUS.

Another good VT law struck down by the SCOTUS.

Woe on life and death on Dylan

I'm one of those "Legacy DU'ers"..I'm Pissed and Disappointed...

69% of Pakistanis view the U.S. as an enemy. - Pew Research

Matt Taibbi: ... a turbocharged cross between a born bullshit artist and a religious fanatic..

Do you recall any baggers burning their Medicare cards?

Don't Bother Learning Chinese, They're Going Nowhere

How did somebody as fucking stupid as Eric Cantor ever rise to a leadership position?

How would you feel about Donald Trump as US ambassador to Kenya?

If it wasn't all so dangeous, so unhealthy, so kleptomaniacal, it woud all be a laff riot.

Bristol Palin's memoir hits stores

This could be as true today as back in the 18th century

Get the hell out !

As Max Baucus barters away our Medicare, he slipped LibbyCare into the health care bill last year

The Koch brothers are saintly philanthropists so please stop attacking them

Arizona DPS system hacked: LulzSec group claims responsibility

What issue are you personally concerned about most?

Racism is still a scourge in the USA

Oil Traders: Tapping Reserve Was 'Genius' Move by Obama

Kansas: The First Abortion-Free State?

Holy Shit - Breaking on Rachel - the hackers LulzSec

Climate of Fear: Jim Risen v. the Obama administration

Obama did something about oil speculation.

Danish police proposal: Ban anonymous Internet use

Democrats eye GOP tax cut ideas to boost jobs

Palin quits AGAIN!!! Trip to Sudan w/ Franklin Graham & Greta Von Xenu is CANCELED!

Something to think about......

My Life as an Undocumented Immigrant

Women Fear Sexual Assault Spree Along Manhattan’s West Side

Women Fear Sexual Assault Spree Along Manhattan’s West Side

Just remember that every time they fuck around with payroll tax holidays....

Something important that Ron Reagan did tonight

Killing people with drones is not "hositilies"

Breaking News Alert- NYTimes - Seized Cellphone Suggests Bin Laden Link to Pakistani Intelligence

Is Apple Launching a Pre-emptive Strike Against Free Speech?

Makers of Generic Drugs Don't Have to Warn of New Dangers, Supreme Court Rules

Watching "He's Alive" Episode of The Twilight Zone - lifted right out of today

Would you pay the equivalent of 311 percent interest to own a big-screen TV?

Don't impeach Thomas!

The backward policies & the anti-science pigheadedness of Fed marijuana policies amount to cruelty

Wisconsin: No Public Hearings On Medicaid Cuts As Scott Walker Tightens His Grip

Perry to announce running for president.

Private Prisons Spend Millions On Lobbying To Put More People In Jail

I may have to change my mind about Rachel.

Rebuild the Dream event - Van Jones - "We are being LIED TO!" - Live now on livestream - link:

Pastor outs gay teens in front of the entire church!

If I hear this word one more time I will puke....

This guy on NPR said that if you are enjoying your sex, you are not a sex addict.

Yes!!! Thank you, New York Senate! You did it!!!

Out of gas, out of patience, and out of hope...


Pulitzer-winning journalist admits he's illegal immigrant

Workers, youth resist bankers’ assault

Alleged Scientology "Enemies" List Revealed

Alleged Scientology "Enemies" List Revealed

Why the U.S. Outlawed Pot

Wisconsin’s most anti-woman budget

African Union calls for end to NATO bombing, political solution in Libya.

Hollywood piles on in the ongoing attacks on teachers

LA: Ralphs (Kroger), Albertsons, Vons (Safeway) Demand Huge GiveBacks from Workers

Overworked America: 12 Charts that Will Make Your Blood Boil - MoJo

Dating Site Dumps 30,000 Ugly People

The South will rise again...

Hold on to your books!

As of today, almost every important swing state is either up for grabs or is heavily Democratic

Free Speech Radio News seeking an Assistant Technical Producer

Free Speech Radio News seeking an Assistant Technical Producer

Facebook post sums up American justice in one picture

Thomas Drake Proved To Be Bloody Well Right - EmptyWheel

It is not about abortion. It is about hating women and wanting to control them.

HELL YEAH! Ron Reagan subbing for Tweety tonight.

Would you keep a known sex offender on the job once you found out

Mitch McConnell: War is fine as long as there is a Republican President

Mitch McConnell admits playing politics with soldiers lives

Peggy Noonan reminds me of my aunt Wanda

Dumpster diver says: Trader Joe’s must stop wasting food

Wisconsin Yard Signs: If vacant lots can vote, randy Randy Hopper has a chance

For our friends and loved ones who may be weight challenged, some great websites

Chicago Trib article about TSA illegally stopping filming mentions DU'er Carlos

Phil Gramm helped birth Clarence Thomas and the world of crime has never been the same since.

Fired IT manager hacks into CEO's presentation, replaces it with porn

Poll: Tea party poses ‘real danger’ to GOP in Florida

"Things are screwed up because you keep voting Republican..."

You gotta hand it to Fox Nation… Always trusty

Georgia says NO to immigrants—Migrant farm workers say NO to Georgia

Consumer Question (help)

Have you heard about Food Day?

43 years ago, A NC woman was sterilized because the state deemed her ‘promiscuous’

Does anybody think Casey Anthony is factually innocent?

Remember the Chicago parents who fought to save their fieldhouse library? Brizard breaks promise.

Chris Hedges: Global revolution must begin in America

Questions for the Money Party: What's with negative job growth for 11 years?

Clarence Thomas Must Go - my argument

I found out what I owe today. I'm sick and terrified.

British, French agents undercover in Libya to get Gaddafi: Report

Rape is Holy in Uganda and Supported by Christian Fellowship aka The Family: Video of Jeff Sharlet

* * * JUNE PHOTO CONTEST - POLL #3 - Geology

* * * JUNE PHOTO CONTEST - POLL #2 - Geology * * *

* * * JUNE PHOTO CONTEST - POLL #1 - Geology * * *

Friendly PSA: Discrete vs Discreet

System Justification Theory - why people (even Dems) defend authoritarianism

The American Electorate: Dumb as a box of rocks and a lot more malleable

The American Electorate: Dumb as a box of rocks and a lot more malleable

If you put people in a box for a year with 500 pics of Joe Biden eating a sandwich...

How do you issue a citation to a wild animal?

anyone in Boston got info on couch surfing tonight?

I heard the news today, Oh Boy...

I no longer like driving...

Keith Olbermann isn't the only one with a Countdown!

Spin Doctor fans here?

PENIS!!! Series!!111!!!11 no screwn round

Anyone have Blu-Ray Player Suggestions?

What is your preferred air travel ticketing site?

Looking for an adventurous drink: Apple-infused horse semen shot

I should be asleep. Instead I watched a documentary about crap!

Hey DU Men - here's a famous hot woman who will be on an upcoming dating show!

Dog ad on this for real?

New NCAA football 12 features! You can play a full high school schedule.

If I made a mistake, or think I did, at work, this horrible anxiety

I see from my morning Email that I will not have to "Put Up" with you PEASANTS anymore.

Narwhals… FUCK YEAH!!

I got a "movie nostalgia" plushie toy for the baby, but he doesn't really like it....

The Globe is temporarily closed; no William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day this weekend.

Pointy birds, pointy pointy.

Julee Cruise - Rockin' Back Inside My Heart

City Boy - New York Times

I have a question for some that say they believe in monotheism.

PHOTO: THREE cats. ONE strawberry. Who ya got?

Who will get the zombie vote?

mmmmm... Check out the Cover of this week's Entertainment Weekly (for True Blood fans)

Anyone else think that Gap and Banana Republic have really done down the crapper lately?

PHOTOS: Roscoe the dog and Suryia the orangutan: best friends forever!

Talk about a specialty market...stuff for REALLY fat people!

Japanese Pop Fans Duped by Computerized Star "Aimi Eguchi"

So.. I dreamed I was on way to visit family I haven't seen in ages.. but..

I just found out a friend is going to be on "Iron Chef"

A hundred degrees on my patio. Damn!

Un-be-EFFIN-lievable: Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band - "I'm A King Bee" LIVE

Did Ralph Nader really write "America F--k Yeah!" ?

ONCE AGAIN, I present an image you'll want to use OVER AND OVER AND OVER in your GD Forum posts.

Santa Monica? I'm thinking that Whitey wanted to be caught

Was I a schmuck???

Who has pets that think everything in the house belongs to them...

Do you think that some people on DU are addicted to the Internet?

Today's Forklift Safety Training Session! Take seats, class...

Horrible! Man attacked by polar bear. **Graphic Photo Warning**

What is the single one best solution to all our problems?

My unbelievable cat story...except it's true....

My EXTENSIVE research since watching "Anchorman" reveals that "Whore Island" doesn't actually exist

Yeah baby


Oh yeah, go ahead, try and play it down. We saw you. We have proof.

What is your signature dish?

I find it funny that so many of my ignore list are now tombstones

F-you Dexter Season 4. That's some bullshit. Ruined my whole night.

Why are used cars so expensive?

What is your favourite dessert? I like lemon souffle the best. Second would

How old were you the first time you started to smoke/drink?

Well I just bought a digital antenna and here are my pros and cons.

Question about deactivating Facebook/Twitter, please.

Pew Commends Chilean Chamber of Deputies on Vote to End Shark Finning

Joplin tornado death toll rises to 156

Police say Whitey Bulger arrested in Santa Monica

Afghanistan: France follows US in troop withdrawal

Libya war has cost UK £200m

Women can't keep breast implants for life: FDA

Colombia calls for Israeli mercenary's extradition

Whitey Bulger Is Arrested in California

Unemployment Insurance Weekly Claims Report (06/23/2011)

Apple removes anti-Israel app from App Store

Indonesian ban on workers to Saudi Arabia (Moratorium in retaliation to maid's beheading)

John M. Couric, former journalist, P.R. executive, father of broadcaster Katie Couric (dies at 90)

Union: Owners Still Demand Too Much in NBA Talks

Greece: General strike called for June 28-29

Dutch Court Acquits Anti-Islam Politician (Geert Wilders)

Indonesia: Court 'acquits Playboy editor Erwin Arnada'

Have you given a fuck today?

UAW opposes Colombia free trade deal

Cantor pulling out of Biden Budget talks, citing "impasse"

World stock markets suffer heavy losses

Many killed in triple blasts in South Baghdad

NY Gov. Cuomo makes major push for gay marriage

MPs defy government and agree to ban on use of circus animals

Nanaimo RCMP use residents' backyards to train dogs

Pataki Edges Closer to Running for President

Turkey tells Bashar al-Assad to cease Syria repression

Radioactive dust from Fukushima plant hit N. America soon after meltdown: researchers

Attorney: Vet pleads guilty to lesser charges in Westboro stalking case

Obama ready to release oil from petroleum reserve

Greece pledges new EU-IMF austerity measures

Marine reservist charged in 2010 military shootings

Asian New Yorkers Seek Power to Match Numbers

Federal grand jury begins Contra Costa cops probe

Cuba experiences surge of US visitors as Obama loosens travel restrictions

Colombian air force officers arrested in connection with '98 airstrike

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday, June 23, 2011

Two arrested in alleged Seattle terror plot

Joint Chiefs Chairman Calls Obama Plan Risky

Toronto police admit G20 mistakes in report

Wisconsin Freshman Goofs on Disclosure Forms

LulzSec Releases Classified Data of ‘Racist’ Arizona Law Enforcement

2nd Academic Arrested in Prostitution Ring

Egypt's left threatens 'million-strong' protest to stop Islamists winning power

Issa introduces bill to overhaul U.S. Postal Service, increase regulation

Cannabis, cocaine and opium production in decline, UN report finds

Mesa police find missing leg from fatal hit-and-run

Mesa police find missing leg from fatal hit-and-run

Self-deleted by member

Democrats Consider Offering Medicare Provider Cuts In Exchange For Revenue Increases

Google to be formally investigated over potential abuse of web dominance

I am back inCardiac Rehab!!!

A third of Russians wish they could shoot dead corrupt officials

Lawmakers go home without doing anything

I totally don't relate to the "Bridezilla" syndrome

Tesla Roadster reaches the end of the line

Obama administration narrows rules for patient health-care appeals


(44,000) Screeners For T.S.A. Select Union (The American Federation of Government Employees)

NBC apology on Pledge of Allegiance doesn't satisfy Family Research Council

Perry joke about Jose Cuervo falls flat at Latino convention

Latino officials see big Hispanic vote in 2012

Oft used crossword puzzle words that you love to hate. Post 'em here.

Nuclear Experts Killed In Russia Plane Crash Helped Design Iran Facility

Chamber of Commerce slams Obama over oil release

Pelosi Blames Cantor’s Exit On Tax Cut Tantrum

Seized Phone Offers Clues to Bin Laden’s Pakistani Links

Republicans do not have the power to block an Elizabeth Warren recess appointment

Amnesty questions claim that Gaddafi ordered rape as weapon of war

U.S. Automakers Skid in J.D. Powers' Initial Quality Survey of New Cars

Famed crime boss James 'Whitey' Bulger arrested in Santa Monica

Paul and I are discussing getting an IPad2. Pros and cons from those who've tried them?

Surprise oil release targets speculators

Major Quake Strikes in Pacific Off Alaska, Tsunami Warning Issued (7.4 Magnitude Near Atka)

Chavez 'recovering well' after operation

'Hit and run' drone strikes are 'breaking laws of war'

'Hit and run' drone strikes are 'breaking laws of war'

Obama’s Afghanistan Speech: Admitting the Limits of American Power

Stop talking about a third-party candidate for 2012.

Ezra Klein: Why Eric Cantor Won't Make the Budget Deal

Herman Cain: Jon Stewart Attacked Me ‘Because I’m Black’ (VIDEO)

Email from GOPUSA

Presidential Primaries: A Perspective on an American Electoral Left

For 1st time "the light at the end of the tunnel of the U.S. war in Afghanistan is suddenly visible"

Liar Boehner understands Cantor's frustration Dems want to 'raise taxes on the American people.'

Troop withdrawals,even after 2012, to come"at a steady pace." NOT as"conditions on the ground" merit

House GOP Votes To Repeal Measure Boosting Transparency In CEO Pay, Claims It ‘Provides No Benefit’

Who has that chart about the sources of the debt

Enough nonsense about Gore's campaign, especially from Matthews

Republiscums pushing the Ryan tax cuts for billionaires are pushing for the destruction of the USA

Its 1:05 PM CST..and not one word on the CNN site about Cantor walking out of talks

Political Wire: Campaign Veteran Tells WSJ Rick Perry Will Make White House Bid

The Hill: Huntsman on past cap-and-trade support: Everyone was doing it

“We’re governed by idiots.”

Creamer: The Qualitative Difference Between Obama And Bush Foreign Policy

Obama Speech Is Interrupted by Gay Marriage Supporters

Huntman's incoherent response today when asked about President Obama's 30,000 troop drawdown

Pelosi Blames Cantor’s Exit On Tax Cut Tantrum

Why the surprise oil release? "It’s about chasing oil speculators out of the market."

Thank you for making Christmas better today President Obama

North Carolina Dem Governor Vetoes GOP Voter-ID Bill

President Obama addresses the crowd at a LGBT gala in New York City - 23 MINUTE VIDEO

Statement by AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka on Transportation Security Officers' Vote for AFGE

Huntsman Says Romney Has ‘Little Credibility’ On Health Care, Even Though Romneycare Has Worked

‘These Long Wars Will Come To A Responsible End.’

Democratic Senators to Obama: Evolve Already

Federal Reserve Chairman: Economy slowing, outlook worse for 2012.

What would you say if these were his comments?

Cantor walks out of Budget talks with VP Biden..

For everyone who says they enthusiastically supported Obama in '08 but now are disappointed in him..

Sanders Applauds Tapping Oil Reserves

Sanders Applauds Tapping Oil Reserves

Huntsman - Too Sane and Too Informed for a Tea Party Crazed GOP?

Tom Hanks: I’m voting for Obama again

"Why doesn't Obama do something about gas prices?????"

First Lady Michelle Obama in South Africa, including push-ups withTutu, visit with Mandela (IMAGES)

First Lady Michelle Obama in South Africa, including push-ups withTutu, visit with Mandela (IMAGES)

OK, so how would YOU fix the economy? Seriously. Looking for realistic ideas that could PASS.

President Obama: "Gay Couples Deserve Same Legal Rights"

Jason West, Andrew Cuomo and Gavin Newsom represent transformational change

Troop Levels in Afghanistan and Iraq

TYT: Immigration Proposal Racist?

Feingold intro H 264

New Right-Wing Movie Glorifies Murder of Abortion Doctors

Thom Hartmann: MI Citizens vs. Gov. Snyder Dictatorship!

Chris Hedges Endgame Strategy : Why the revolution must start in America.

Nurses Tell Wall Street to Pay Their Fair Share

Police shoot a dog in the head twice which was subdued on a catch-poll -- just for fun. (GRAPHIC)

The Good, the Bad, and the very, very, INDEFATIGABLY Ugly! Wal-Mart vs new threat

Spanish-inspired protest grips Athens

Operation at El Rodeo penitentiary (Venezuela, 06.18.2011)

Papantonio: How Capitalism Has Failed Us

Researchers Simulate Fukushima Radiation Spread

KO: Matt Taibbi scares us on Michelle Bachmann and her chances for the GOP nomination

Your O-Dentity: Even If You Aren't Social, Your Data Is

MSM: Casey Anthony vs. Nebraska Nuclear Plants

Keiser Report: Financial No-Go Zone (E157) Improve your self esteem with mountains of debt!?!?

Like Many Americans I Was Profoundly Dissappointed In President Obama's Announcement Last Night!

We need Much more of this . Reunion .

Syrian Troops Mass On Turkey's Border

Edie Windsor and ACLU Challenge Defense of Marriage Act

Malalai Joya: US acts like Rambo killing already dead Bin Laden

Afghanistan - Withdrawal Will Leave Pre-Surge Troop Size - Democracy NOW!

MSNBC: Cenk Challenges Bachmann To Give $ Back!

'Geert Wilders verdict: Victory for Free Speech'

McConnell: Citizens United 'Leveled the Field' for Campaign Finance

TEDxOslo - Angela Morelli - The Global Water Footprint of Humanity

Boots for Bombs: Troops pull out, Drones fly in?

Sanders and Franken Vs rand paul

TYT: Obama Flops On Troops In Afghanistan


US protesters slam continuation of Guantanamo Bay Prison

'US drone strikes cause trauma in NW Pakistan' - Press TV News

Anti-US demonstration held in Pakistan - Press TV News

Obama Addresses New York Marriage Equality Bill At LGBT Fundraiser

Fuck You, Newt Gingrich

Satan Enters GOP Race!

TDPS: Nebraska nuclear power plant close to shutdown, media virtually ignores, FAA helps them

Thom Hartmann: IMPORTANT! Boulder council pushes 'corporate personhood' referendum

The Milky Way's Collision Course with Andromeda

Whole Foods Prisoners, Greek Canary, Media Silence - New World Next Week

North Carolina Dem Governor Vetoes GOP Voter-ID Bill

Dog Surprises Officer After Being Freed From A Fence

TYT: Chinese Invasion Ad By Republican

Wonderful comment by George Soros

Drug War’s March of Folly

Are We Giant Suckers? While the US Blows Money on the Military, Europe Spends on Social Programs

Our Lefty Military Kristof

Realism and Necessity in Havana (Not Washington)

West Maybe Losing Grip On Libya's Transition

Michigan lawsuit challenges "Dictator law"

Greater unity needed to defend Social Security

Why did Reagan rip the solar panels of the White House roof....

Eric Cantor’s deception on the budget talks

Janitors and Executives Have the Same Pay Packages

NY Times Op-Ed Contributor: Free to Search and Seize

An Asprin A Day May Keep Melanoma at Bay

US to Lose Second Place in World Trade to India: Citi

6 reasons behind Indian IT's slide

Layoffs, housing data point to chronic problems

Austerity Is Not a Solution: Why the Deficit Hawks Are Wrong

Madison WI Cap Times Editorial; Lawless Huebsch should resign or be removed

Paul Krugman: Live Free and Die

In Pakistan, pro-American sentiment is rare

U.S. Postal Service to Stop Paying Into Pension Fund

WI Sup. Court "Decision Devoid of Facts."

'Uncontacted' Amazon tribe found in Brazil

Right wing money flood in Wisconsin recalls & help donated to Dem recalls please...

Sirens Blare as Flooding Hits North Dakota

Climate Change: It's bad and getting worse

Welcome To Baoding (China): The Greenest City In The World

New Alloy Can Convert Heat Directly Into Electricity

English Beehive Loss Rate 13.6% Over Winter; Some Improvement, But Drought, Neonicotinoids Problems

Lubchenko - NOAA Can't Keep Up With Requests For Arctic Ice & Weather Information

House Panel Approves Bill To Strip EPA Of Authority To Regulate Clean Water, Wetlands, Mining

"Bad Astronomy" Blog Nukes Deniers' Claim About Volcanic Eruptions Vs. Human Forcing

Department of Energy Commits Support for Landmark Rooftop Solar Project

That Zany Lord Monckton! Scientists = "Eco-Fascists"; Oz Climate Advisor "Has Fascist Views"

Tory axe hits ‘muscle and bone’ of climate science, Elizabeth May says (Canada fires 46 scientists)

Mountaintop Removal Mining Linked To Birth Defects

Va. Beach conference debates: Is (off-shore) wind energy in doldrums?

Weather catastrophes in China soar

Fund to track Fukushima health

Toon: The Scientific debate over Climate Change

Hey Kids! Talisman Terry The Frackosaurus Is Here To Explain Away All Your Worries!

Bill Gates Pimps Nuclear Power, Slams Roof-Top Solar in Latest (July 2011) Issue of WIRED Magazine

White House announces plan to tap oil reserve

New solar cells can be printed right onto building materials

Earth First! vows to fight against industrial wind power (in Maine)

Restart of reactors is premature - Japan

Nuclear Terrorism Can Cause Another Fukushima: Expert

Greenpeace - ENVY, the Seven Deadly Sins and Nuclear Power

Siemens Builds the Chevrolet Volt of Airplanes

Researchers simulate Fukushima radiation spread

Wandering Emperor Penguin Turns Up In New Zealand; 1st Since 1967, 1,900 Miles From Home

Department of Energy Conditional Loan Guarantee … New Hampshire's Largest Wind Farm

Morality 1: Good without gods

The only candidate whose religious beliefs would be an issue in the Presidential race.

The Impossibe Game

Thanks the Medical Experts, Not God

DU Christians: Why do you make so many excuses for your faith?

Science, religion and respect for meaning

Methodist Pastor Found Guilty Of Marrying Gays

Nietzsche said "God is Dead, and We Killed Him."

Religious Truth

The story of Hypatia or, why Skeptics are scared shitless of theocracies

where is your self?

Longtime Activist David Mixner Bringing Stories from His Front Porch to the Stage, Bookshelf

This you tube clip is hilarious!

LGBT Groups to Protest Obama's Manhattan Visit, Fundraiser

More gay bashing by the Michigan GOP

The Morton Memo on Immigration Enforcement: What About Gay Families?

Louis Walsh denies that he indecently assaulted man in nightclub toilet

Self-deleted by member

Senators call on IRS to clear up rules for same-sex couples

Pam's House Blend moving under Jane Hamsher's FireDogLake

What podcasts do people listen to?

Say "Sorry" for Your Salary

Time for bed. When I wake I hope to find New York as the 6th state for marriage equality!

Díaz and Conservative Leader Pin Marriage Equality on Republicans

The Gay Rights Movement Has Gone Mainstream -- But Is That a Good Thing?

Anita Bryant Hearts Sally Kern

N.Y. Republican Senators to Conference Marriage Equality Bill

New York Senate back in session, could vote any moment now!

ACLU’s beautiful gay marriage video

"We have learned it is imperative to call SKELOS (518) 455-3171 - they are answering -

I'm not vindictive but...HAHA! BOOM BYE-BYE: Murder Music Star Buju Banton Sentenced To Ten Years

Senators to Obama: Time to Evolve

Degrassi Boycotted By Florida Family Association Because Of Transgender And Gay Characters

GLBT: Will you support siblings' rights?

GLBT: Will you support siblings' rights?

Church Jury Votes to Suspend Minister for Gay Marriage Ceremony

Is the new York Senate still in session?

Unverified report from someone in the Capitol building:

Wisconsin: Gay Minister suspended 20 days

Life Lessons in ‘Normal Heart’

Options to keep up with what's happening in New York

Is this NY thing gonna happen tonight?

The weasels are adjourning for this evening.

Do you mean it this time? Chris Brown once again tweets half-apology after yet ANOTHER gay slur

Paper to Rerun Obit After Omitting Partner

I met Dan Choi last night.

NY Senate's Skelos: Prepare For An All-Nighter

X-Men To Tackle Gay Teen Suicide In Upcoming Comic

Greg Ball admits he's voting against NY gay marriage bill; 31 for, 29 against, 2 undecided.