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Heads up - Keith Olbermann on Jimmy Fallon tonite.

anyone here old enough to remember past wave elections?

With the weakness of the Dems and the insanity of the Repubs, we need a NEW party

pro-life (mr fish)

After Campaigning Against The Stimulus, GOP Freshman Attends Opening Ceremony At Stimulus-Funded Job

11 governors say nuke plants should be abolished, reduced (JAPAN)

Garbage incinerators gaining attention (JAPAN)

330 govt workers died on duty / Compensation claims made easier for surviving family members (JAPAN)

Does anyone know anything about Michael Castner?

Does anyone know anything about Michael Castner?

Dan Choi Rips Up Obama Flyer: ‘I Won’t Support Obama If He Doesn’t Endorse Marriage Equality’

FactChecking Bachmann

FactChecking Bachmann

Heights of survival (JAPAN~feature story)

What we lost in Anthony Weiner...

Gang warfare kills 33 in Monterrey, Mexico

What to Do When the President's Just Not That Into You

Rachel's Rant


Resources regarding how many UPWARDLY mobile Americans...

Public sector pensions: Work longer and pay more, says Danny Alexander (UK)


Paul Ryan's Healthcare vouchers

How Libby, Montana, Got Medicare for All

Joel Pett's cartoon, Lex. H/L, 6/17/'11, Spot ON !!!!

Suspect held amid Pentagon security scare

Cable Sucks (Power)

If the US Constitution sent nakey photos of itself to someone...

UN body calls for protection of gay rights

A most important political message for today

A most important political message for today

Activists urge gov't to allow animal rescue groups into Fukushima no-entry zone (JAPAN)

Try to be classy.

Man taken into custody near Pentagon

Man taken into custody near Pentagon

New malware steals your Bitcoin

This story really defines what the Republican Party is all about

Two (former) eaglets are sitting on branches right now

Why is it that no one seems to want to take on the behavior of Howard Stern's sidekick at the

Forecast predicts biggest Gulf dead zone ever

Have you been giving your small children milk to drink since the Fukushima meltdown?

Thanks to Facebook I spend less time here on politics and more time there talking about this:

So are these senatorial f*cks in New York gonna allow a floor vote on gay marriage or not?

So are these senatorial f*cks in New York gonna allow a floor vote on gay marriage or not?

Weiner Gate

That's a lot of Liberal goin' on!

Weiner Fatigue: 63% Of Americans Are Sick Of The Anthony Weiner Story

Oh Noes! Obama loves pussy (cats)

Solution to our country's problems:

Surrendering the "middle ground"...

what crisis?

Please consider rec-ing the following post:

TNR: Mitt Romney: The Campaign Within the Conservative Movement to Take Him Down

Christie's proposal would give private companies unprecedented control of failing N.J. public school

Friday Toons, part 4- War

Need some good news? A Lord in the UK just called for Rupert Murdoch to do jail time for phone hack

Friday Toons, part 2 -Election

Is it legal for a state-supported college to collect money for charities in their

Knit for Japan and Make a Difference

It's clear that there are some hard feelings surrounding discussion of Weiner here on DU.

America KILLS (big pics)

Sick and #$%@&#% Tired of the anti-Obama Whining

Prescription pills blamed for 'Pharmageddon' in Kentucky (BBC)

The repuke tri-fector complete.

One key thing to remember about the spineless, cave-in Dems.

K&R if you're sick to death of the Heathers

Feingold Criticizes Democrats for Forming Super PACs

Why does Obama prefer duplicity to a STRAIGHT-FORWARD DEFENCE of action in Libya?

Hey Nancy. Bushco ordered the CIA to spy on political enemy.

Bashir can't catch a break. - "Fresh protests erupt in Syria "

Alabama targets immigrant students

March on Bentonville

Can a State Supreme Court weaken the Miranda rule?


What if a fake Democrat WINS the primary (WI recalls). Whow!!

In Midst of European Food Scare, US House Republicans Cut Food Safety Funding

Eisenhower's worst fears came true. We invent enemies to buy the bombs

Rep. Steve Cohen (D-TN) calls for an end to the war on drugs

LulzSec jokes, taunts about its hacks

Bloombergvilles of the Future

Ryan's Shrewd Budget Payday

Ryan's Shrewd Budget Payday

Was the Soviet Union good for the U.S.?

Edited: Weiner voted for the Iraq War Resolution in 2002

In a parallel universe...

Next job creator in Wisconsin? Bail bondsmen

I would love to ask Mitt a question...

From a Florida Republican - "Things are worse than you may think"

It’s a Good Time to Be a Corporation

How many of the people you hear who are tired of the Dems were part of Bush's +90% approval rating?

How many of the people you hear who are tired of the Dems were part of Bush's +90% approval rating?

"Only the Dull and Stupid Fight Head-on: Some Strategic Thoughts"

Democrats as people, the only viable alternative to disaster capitalism.

Democrats as people, the only viable alternative to disaster capitalism.

Johann Hari: Cheap meat, MRSA and deadly greed

US helps Vietnam to eradicate deadly Agent Orange

Insurance Companies Increase Cost of Medical Treatment: Privatization is About Making Corporations B

Imagine that: Main Street is "Out of Sync" with Wall Street

Can't get your news from the American Media? Try Al Jeezera: Fukushima worse than you think.

Chart of the Day: The Death of Small Businesses


Banksters cry discrimination

Claims of Injustice Spur Wave of Unrest in China

City may pay millions in private tuition over lack of public school spots for special needs children

Obama as the Bernie Madoff of the Democratic Party

So today we lost four children in Afghanistan.

As Number of Medicaid Patients Goes Up, Their Benefits Are About to Drop

It's more important to campaign against

The Rude Pundit: This Is the Way the Weiner Ends: Not With a Bang But a Whimper

Working America's Dismal State

I'm starting to pack up my possessions--the fire is getting close.

IF candidates are identifying themselves as "Tea Party candidates,"

Photo of the Day (JAPAN)

Michigan likely to lose a Democrat in Congress under proposed new congressional map

Washington’s Deeper Immorality

"The City" Of London - Citadel of the Bankster Mafia

James Fallows: Obama Is Wrong About Congress and Libya

Evacuees lose welfare benefits...(JAPAN)

cop tweeted inappropriate stuff.

Headlines your great-grandparents would never understand

March on Washington

Shocking Paul Ryan Budget News

Promoting Militarism While Hiding Bloodshed - Sirota

Ugh. I just heard John Lennon's "Power to the People" on a WWE commercial.

Schwarzenegger's popularity (among all groups) plunges in new poll, lowest ever,

Gov. Christie to delay implementing N.J.'s medical marijuana law

Media and politicians completely disconnected from American zeitgeist

I'm an Oliver Twist Democrat...

I'm an Oliver Twist Democrat...

How to deal with bullies

Japanese Scientist Makes Poop Burger

Price of oil is dropping like a rock.


How do you make words that come out of Michele Bachman's mouth tolerable? Easy. Add pugs.

What's up with all those abortion billboards targeting blacks and Latinos?

The dentist from hell

Clarence Thomas Can Breathe a Sigh of Relief with Weiner Downfall


In a heartbeat.

There's only 2 areas that I think President Obama needs to improve on

The choices could not be more clearly defined ...

So did Murdoch's WSJ lie to us? AARP says no change to SS policy...

Enough Budget Slashing, Let's Flip

Politics - Is it a Theoretical Discipline?

Hail in NYC right now

I'm far more embarrassed at the widespread poverty in the USA than I ever was by Anthony Weiner

Boy who lost friend and baseball teammate in tsunami returns to diamond (JAPAN)

Karma? (sarcasm alert) Breaking: Democrats Unexpectedly Regain Control of House as

Chris Christie tells caller "It's None of Your Business"

General Weiner Discussion.

On Father's Day -- Learning to Let Go of the Atticus Finch Gold Standard

Riot kissers tentatively identified

My letter to BofA - Why I cannot pay 3500.00 to close my house being sold as short sale

My letter to BofA - Why I cannot pay 3500.00 to close my house being sold as short sale

Pennsylvania Family "Therapy" monkey seized in Game Commission Raid by 2 dozen officers

When Gropenator ran for governor, H.W. Bush said he was "Loyal."

All these cuts in the safety forces, the downsizing that is going on...

SLIDESHOW: States' Assault On Abortion Rights

European Opposition to Nuclear Power Gaining Strength

Why women make better cops, docs, and world leaders

Rahm's first 30 days as mayor

Pentagon Wants to 'Extend' Afghanistan Surge

Domestic violence or revenge for AIDS - you decide

An Ugly Truth About The U.S. Economy

Repuke Agenda

Just watched Dr. Dean at Netroots Nation and of course was inspired.

HBO has been showing "Journey into Dyslexia" for the interested.

How to fix crumbling U.S. roads, rails and airways: Falling tax revenue is hurting U.S.

There is one one objective that makes sense of Rick Perry's actions:

No Debbie Downer posts today… It's Friday

Sarah Palin's favorite movie

AARP Denies Social Security Position has Changed, yet is Willing to Consider Cuts

Ryan's Shrewd Budget Payday

If there is one thing sure to draw me criticism in GD, it is this....

Your Facebook Status: Foreclosed.....

Scott Walker converts another citizen

Once again the "Very Serious David Brooks" tries to blame the financial crisis on ACORN

Olbermann talks ‘rumors’ of Boehner sex scandal

Fukushima's emergency power failure traced to U.S. design

Report: Paul Ryan May Personally Benefit From Preserving Billions In Taxpayer Oil

Chinese officials stole $120 billion, fled mainly to US (BBC)

Medicare is always projected to be insolvent

Paul Ryan, the Republican wiener

NJ Gov. Christie Calls Fox News Chairman Roger Ailes A Confidential Advisor

Freedom from oppression by corporate monopolies is a fundamental human right

Dear Dems,


Mama, don't let your babies grow up to be school teachers!

America Needs Taxes

Perhaps elected officials need a different oath

UN Backs Gay Rights (first time ever)


Bill Ayers: Can Canada really be scared of free-thinking?

US "incarcerates more people just for drug crimes than Western Europe..incarcerates for all crimes..

Self-deleted by member

toon -- Boots Hovering Above the Ground

How are the North Koreans coping?

Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle declares the war on drugs a failure

Superintendent steps down to save school corporation

Wisconsin: Democrats will not run "placeholder" candidates in recall election

Kindle e-book store slammed by spam "authors"

To the DUers of Weiner's district

Friday Toons, part 5- Economy and the rest

June 14: Bob Herbert on Weiner

Keith Olbermann's SPECIAL COMMENT - June 15th - VIDEO

The NC GOP has lost all credibility when it comes to government spending

Nation Down To Last Hundred Grown-Ups

By Not Challenging the Tea Party, the White House Makes It Stronger

China Wants to Build City South of Boise, Idaho

Republicans in New York Now Stalling Marriage Equality Vote

Wisconsin: Walker appoints judge to Government Accountability Board

FCAT tampering in Florida, including Seminole County?

Death count in Sept. 11 attacks increases by 1

Do you want President Obama to get a second term?

Wisconsin: Blogger suspended 10 days for political work

U.S. General Jealous That Syrian Army Allowed To Attack Citizens

US corporations are figuring out that they don't need an American middle class

Wall Street's Tax on Us The Oil Speculators

Feinstein: Senate Panel Looking Into Allegation That Bush White House Wanted To 'Get' Professor

Kids Lemonade Stand At U.S. Open Fined $500 And Shut Down By Montgomery County

Free Entrance Day in the National Parks - June 21st

Various factions on the left are not satisfied with President Obama...

Palm Beach County jobless rate dipped in April..

Aid With Strings Attached The G8 and the Arab World

EU's contested plan for five-month paid maternity in limbo

Bambi vs. Godzilla

How many people here are considering running for congress next year....

Well, Duh headline: Teens Commonly Consume Unhealthy Soda, Sugary Drinks

You heard it here first...or maybe not.

Weiner-Hungry Cable News Won't Point Their Cameras At Nancy Pelosi If She TalkisAbout Jobs

Eat shit!

The "exciting" Tea Party alternative to "Summer Camp".

Sorry This May Be Dumb...But...

Brown's veto could spark 'war' over Calif. budget

Drunken Joyride On Steamroller Ends Badly

We'll see, the next time a reThug shows up with a dead hooker or a takes a bribe...

How's 'bout a show of hands? AARP: they do or don't first and foremost have senior's best interests

At what point does a death threat become hate speech?

J Curve

I shake my head at the car from the grocery store...

'Saudi women, start your engines:'

'Saudi women, start your engines:'

Quite possibly the most insane ramblings I have seen yet

Since 1980, the number of Americans in jail on drug convictions has risen fourteen HUNDRED percent.

This is what Worker Dignity looks like ... from the woman who forged FDR's New Deal

When Only "Crazies" See the Bank Giveaway for What It Was

Jimmy Carter: Call off the global drug war

How Bad Are Credit Default Swaps?

Walker's Union Busting Unconstitution, thanks to..... Citizens United?

Toles Friday rant: Stick a fork in the road, it’s done edition

I would like to see a Robert Gibbs show on Current.

There's no place like home. There's no place like home. - Giffords coming for first visit to Tucson

A company my company is doing business with held up a promise and moved 1500 jobs to the US.

How Today's Conservatism Lost Touch with Reality - Excellent write by Fareed Zakaria, Time Mag

The United States of Eurasia - are we there yet?

Why do people get all worked up over what random people say on message boards?

CNN is orgasmic over this conservative gathering but ignoring Netroots

As Richest Pay Lowest Taxes in a Generation, Bachmann Would End Income Tax for 23,000 Millionaires

Call Off the Global Drug War By JIMMY CARTER

Keith On Fallon:‘There Are All Sorts of Rumors About John Boehner Too’

The Unexpected Danger of Alien Space Squids

Cenk is killing it

Please help us out in FL. by liking this FB page to recall Scott before he crushes us.

It's all here Debbie Wasserman-Schultz.. Get your ad people busy

"Well, f—- it, I don’t care what you think. I’m trying to do the right thing.”

Bellevue(Pittsburgh) family sues FBI over 'terrifying' raid on wrong house

2004 Lawsuit Shows Rep. Phil Gingrey’s Willingness to Use Courts While Trying to Block Other America

The republican plan WILL work to save the economy. Just wait and see!

GOP angry Obama signed extension of Patriot Act with Autopen, demanding he sign again

UK to fare better than most as world warms up

While I was at the hospital waiting eye surgery on Monday

"Talking Points Memo" (Josh Marshall) seems to say AARP Announcement about SS is BUNK by Obama Admin

Relying on Magic: The Foundations of Would-be Education Reformers

Independent UK: Behind corporate walls, the masters of the universe weep

The Religious Right DEFENDS The Rapist’s Right To RAPE

The Religious Right DEFENDS The Rapist’s Right To RAPE

The Religious Right DEFENDS The Rapist’s Right To RAPE

Aides To Former Maryland Gov Indicted For Ordering Calls To Suppress Votes

Nativist Group Recycles Discredited Economic Arguments About Immigration


Birth Control for Men: Why the Wait?

As AARP Abandons Social Security, It’s Time to Step Up Our Efforts

Keith Olbermann hints at Anthony Weiner talk show on Al Gore's network

Perry's baloney: Rachel Maddow is destroying Perry right now.

New York Assemblyman Dov Hikind, a Democrat who should be drummed out of the party

New York Assemblyman Dov Hikind, a Democrat who should be drummed out of the party

Kevin Jennings To Critics: "You Completely Failed"

Personality cults have their drawbacks.

Is it time that equal rights for all be a top priority for us?

U.S. antitrust cops approve Microsoft acquisition of Skype

If you're anti-socialism, does that mean you're inherently anti-social as well?

While we were all Weinering, in a private suite across from the WH, Biden's budgeteers are meeting

Christian Medical Fellowship CEO: Use 'homoskeptic', not 'homophobic'

I'm onto Rick Scott.

A movie that deserves to be rewritten, updated: Flashpoint.

I don't know about you but I'm feeling stressed by a lot of things right

I'm a human first, an American second, a liberal third, and a Democrat fourth. can get arrested for sending nasty emails?????

Austrian villagers wary of Chinese plans to copy their alpine hamlet

Arabian 'unicorn' thrives again in wild

Nickname Time

"Tweety" Chris Matthews on with Bill Maher in 20 minutes/ repeat at 11 well as

Colonial Bank exec sentenced to 8 years in prison

How stupid can a conservative get?

How stupid can a conservative get?

Seniors face Medicare cost barrier for cancer meds

I voted for peace and prosperity not war and austerity

K&R if you're sticking with the Democratic Party!

"Goodnight Loon"

"Goodnight Loon"

"Goodnight Loon"

If you were the Director of a movie in which the main character is elected President

I am a supporter of LGBTQI rights and I'm a supporter of President Obama

Kids cited for running lemonade stand outside U.S. Open

3 earless bunny born (china)

Ore. man sentenced to life in abuse death of child

The Chair of the House subcommittee on Higher Education.

how come nobody here likes the lose now for a bigger payoff argument?

Flaccid Democrat Syndrome

Huma Told Weiner To Pack It In, Couple Finally Seen Together In Supermarket

Income Inequality Costing Americans Their Happiness

AARP Is Open to Cuts for Social Security Benefits (NYT)

40 years ago today, Richard Nixon declared war on drugs.

So is this it?? Skinner is flaming out on DU.

So is this it?? Skinner is flaming out on DU.

Former nurse says pet cat saved her life

Bill Maher: "Chris Christie should be called Fat Fattie!" LMAO!!

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF! Brad Friedman subs for Mike

How rethugs view compromise and bipartisanship

Would you support an increase in the gasoline and diesel tax to eliminate potholes?

Andrew Breitbart chased out of Netroots Nation

Andrew Breitbart chased out of Netroots Nation

Prenatal Vitamins May Ward Off Autism

40 Years of Drug War Hasn't Worked: Eric Sterling, Criminal Justice Policy Foundation

China Is Hiding Its Counterfeit Electronics Parts

Should Anthony Weiner change his name for comeback?

Perhaps it's time for 'Day Without A Gay' on DU

Debt Limit Endgame

The Neo Con case for Libya

Masculinity, Militarism, and Empathy

Friday Toons, part 1-Distractions

Which of these members of the rancid Republican Governor Class of 2010 is the most wretched?

IMF cuts U.S. growth forecast, warns of crisis

Did Mitt Romney Commit Voter Fraud?

Why are the United States and the United Kingdom so ready to keep wars going?

This is why republicons are terrorists!

Friday Toons, part 3-republicons

Obama calms crying baby, the look on Michelle's face is priceless!

Obama calms crying baby, the look on Michelle's face is priceless!

Weiner should have resigned. So should have Clinton.

Please Contact the "Leadership"

"President Bachman will allow you to paint your baby's crib with lead paint"

Folks' boundaries are fucked up if they don't realise it's sometimes immoral to 'tell the truth'

OBAMA - all things considered....

Bachmann: Schools should teach intelligent design

Rep. Pelosi, Can I Tweet You Some Lewd Photos????

I don't care how much it fucking costs...some things are worth the money!

I don't care how much it fucking costs...some things are worth the money!

Acting General Counsel Lafe Solomon testifies at Oversight Committee field hearing in South Carolina

“Why Aren’t You Speaking English?” Texas Senator asks constituent.

How they'll finally force me to become a vegetarian.

How they'll finally force me to become a vegetarian.

Cold Comfort at Senate Nuclear Safety Hearing

Righthaven Goes Down Hard..

Righthaven Goes Down Hard..

Wisconsin: Walker Budget Highlights

It IS a painful time. We can't ignore what's happening, it will be hard to stem the tide against us

U.N. PASSES Historic GAY RIGHTS Protection Resolution

Oh My Joe Scum just realizes that infrastructure is important

Senior WH aide: 1996 Obama gay marriage questionnaire is a fake, even though Obama signed it

The Democrats need to be as radical to the left as the Repubs are radical to the right.

Creationism Creeps into Mainstream Geology

Reports Find Dangerous Metals in Meat and Seafood

A Republican can defeat Obama in 2012 by appearing sane and using Mitt Romney's deadly message

I wonder how many WI Repubs are switching to DEM so they can vote for the fake Dems in the primary

Keith's new Countdown--alternative Streaming Link HERE

Must see teevee of the day: An Hour with John Sayles

Clarence Thomas Can Breathe a Sigh of Relief with Weiner Downfall

Tonight's Bill Maher Guest Gretchen Hamel

Russ Feingold to Netroots Nation: Call Out Corporate Democrats

Obama's DoJ supporting Planned Parenthood in Indiana defunding case

Why did you become a Democrat ?

DU's Top 5 Hoary, Untrue and Illogical Statements

"I've got my smile back!" says 50 year old who hadn't been to the dentist since 5th grade

Why does a 16 oz. bottle of water cost more than 8 lbs of ice?

Simple question: If Obama refused to sit back and watch a massacre occur in Libya...

A while ago I labeled Democrats who vote third-party "Palin Democrats", and I realize I was wrong.

Betcha the NY commuter straight out of the 'do you know who I am?' school is sorry now

Teabagging for Tots!

100% of middle-class familes can come up with $2000 in a pinch.

Senator Harris, a free human being will speak in whatever language they wish

Pimp Suit Alert: James O’Keefe Will Be Crashing Netroots Nation Conference

GOP House To Cut Aid For Pregnant Women, Children While Spending $17 Billion More On Defense

Rick Scott Kills Off Big Bird

Rick Scott Kills Off Big Bird

College Hires Goats To Clear Kudzu--hope it works!

Factory Farming Is Manufacturing Superbugs -- and Endangering Us All

PSA - In light of whooping cough making a strong comeback, please get your Tdap Booster shot

Oldie but Goodie: Tim Minchin's wonderful anti-woo beat poem "Storm" from 2009 (NSFW word choice)

Oldie but Goodie: Tim Minchin's wonderful anti-woo beat poem "Storm" from 2009 (NSFW word choice)

DNC Chair: Sorry Russ, Dems Are All-In On Anonymous Campaign Funds

Photo and story of Ft Calhoun nuclear plant under water yesterday

The Friday Afternoon Challenge returns to welcome the summer solstice!

Al Franken: “I Think We’ve Ceded Too Much Ground” In Deficit Debate

The guy on Cenk right now is a prime example of why democrats are failing IMO. n/t

AARP Pivots on Benefit Cut

LESBIAN Couple at Twins Game Told KISS VIOLATES Ten Commandments

Disappointed with Obama? Do NOT vote Green!

Disappointed with Obama? Do NOT vote Green!

“We’re starting in the middle,”Senator Al Franken said. “It’s a mistake.”

I have done just about every drug except heroin. Propaganda made me say no.

First the Clenis now the Weenis, where's the outrage about Vitter the Shitter?

Hey old people if you have AARP, they want to throw you under the bus. Get rid of them by

Former President Jimmy Carter: Call Off the Global Drug War

If there are war crimes committed during the bush administration

For the Record. I have not left the Democratic Party

Tourists flock to see fireflies

Collapse - It's coming.

The Christian pledge of allegaince sums up the far-right's view and goals.

AARP Slammed For Not Fighting Social Security Cuts

The ancient world and the present

I was just talking to somebody who said Mexicans come here and don't have to pay taxes for 5 years.

Put 20 quarters in Parking Meter (Chicago) and Dubai gets

Fake Identities Were Used on Twitter in Effort to Get Information on Weiner

Show of hands, how many do not give a flying **** about any politician's sex life?

aarp says it wil back social security cuts to ensure solvency

With Weiner out of the way, the field is wide open to elect a perfect Democrat

In case it was unclear, no one represents you. You're on your own.

Military spends more to air condition tents than NASA’s entire budget

Military spends more to air condition tents than NASA’s entire budget

From "About Democratic Underground."


"President Bachmann will allow you to buy any light bulb you want”

Rattlesnake bites man who saved it from traffic

Rachel Maddow: Anthony Weiner Resignation WILL DAMAGE Democrats 'For A Generation'

Porn mogul offers job to disgraced US lawmaker

Different methods, yes; but identical results. And you STILL believe there's any real difference?

Baggy pants passenger was ejected for pulling them all the way down.

How TFA gets a public school foothold while layoffs of teachers go on. Durham and Seattle.

Why is a former CEO with no political experience being considered for president?

Gatecrasher Andrew Breitbart chased out of Netroots Nation

Breaking: NYTimes Obama Overruled 2 Top Lawyers on War Power in Libya

Larry Flynt offers Anthony Weiner a job battling hypocrisy in government.

Do you think Casey Anthony is guilty, or not?

Bilderberg 2011: The tipping point

Back of my neck getting dirty and gritty

I want to change my username to Sensual Non-toxic Toy

Cat Ringtones

I see DU is advertising sex toys now...

Metallica and Lou Reed reveal secret collaboration on full-length album

I was going to post something on GD, something I was thinking about yesterday, and I started to,

Are you ready? Are you ready? Are you ready to take a SLOOOOOOOOOOWWWW RIIIIIIIIDE?

B.O.C..."Don't Fear The Reaper" LIVE, with some nice "Guitar God" camera angles on Buck Dharma

"I went back to Ohio.. but my city was gone.. there was no train station.. there was no downtown..."

Anybody else hate using insect repellent sprays?

It's FRIDAY, Morans!

Is There Any Possible Truth To The Rumor That.........

PHOTO: Crouching kitty, flying squirrel

Cheesy 80s power pop: Phoebe Cates, "How Do I Let You Know" (from the "Private School" soundtrack)


You know those times at work when you are just flat wrong, and have to admit it?


"Having sex" is the phrase for today. Modify a thread title to include "having sex".

Lawsuit claims driver was drunk, having sex, traveling at 85 mph

Rainbow Gathering any one?

Baby it's cold outside........

"Vanessa Hudgens Ironing Clothes in Her Underwear." What can I add to that? Nothing.

I went to futureshop to buy a dvd (I was in a mood to see Madonna dance...which she is great at).

Thanks to Facebook I spend less time here on politics and more time there talking about this:

The morning nose

What's the deal of 160 miles between Montreal and Quebec?!1 n/t

There's a dildo ad on Democratic Underground.

Another of my high school classmates just died. Nearly ten percent of the class of 66 is gone.

Madbadger needs relationship Help..should he post it in the Lounge? He's fragile...

Have I ever told DU / gd / Lounge / that I *luerve* you?!1 n/t

Life's a (bovine) Cabaret !!!!

Iran to put a live monkey into space.

Thinking on the epic mess up, done many years ago, by going only 1 mile not 2.

Amusing video from two guys stuck at the airport

What starts with F, ends in UCK, and usually means excitement?

Buzz Aldrin files for divorce

Why do some Texans get offended when you imply a feature of their state may suck?

A kinder, gentler Middle Earth

Not gonna start another thread till I hit 1,000+

Wow! I heard a joke on Family Guy that wasn't simply a half-assed pop culture reference.

I need some help with a new wide-screen TV.

When my computer had a flag come up that said "printer cartridge out of ink" I tossed

"Camille smells like beef jerky", says Kelsey Grammar

Our good friends could use some positive vibes and prayers for their son...

On ESPN, US Open: Chris Berman is clearly drunk

One 'True Blood' Character Will Change Sexual Orientation

In an ideal world, how would you quit a job you're about to be fired from.

Important announcement: I have just changed my sexual orientation

Sunday is Juneteenth.

Christian Bale looking a litte trashy

What is your "Jeopardy story"?

ROACH COACH stories. You know, get the right coach and the food ain't half bad. Share your tales.

Video - Woman's eHarmony Video Bio - I'm sorry, this is funny...

I'm going to order that gardening spade being advertised on DU for my wife!

Who else is DRINKING?! Pour yourself a tall one.

Anybody here need a job?

A little reminder.

I'm feeling nostalgic. Favorite slow dance song from your youth?

Japan scientist synthesizes meat from human feces

Blagojevich retrial jurors seek clarification on charges

Breeding with Neanderthals helped humans go global

Data points to some improvement in economy

Porn mogul offers job to disgraced US lawmaker

Ryan's Shrewd Budget Payday

1 taken into custody after suspicious vehicle found near the Pentagon

S Korea rejects North's demands for return of defectors

In first at UN, human rights body passes resolution against gay discrimination

Letter Alleges Beating of Chinese Activist and Wife

U.S. Catholic bishops revise guidelines against sex abuse

Assad's tycoon cousin to quit business

LePage using recalls regularly to alter bills after they pass

Nixon vetoes Missouri photo ID legislation

Payrolls Drop in 27 U.S. States as Weakness in Employment Market Broadens

Obama expresses concern over Sudan violence

Court orders trial for abortion-notification law

Silicon Valley jobless rate falls in May as tech employers hire

Immigration Official Revises Enforcement Program Rules (Secure Communities)

Car trips between Canada and U.S. on the rise

Obama Gay Marriage Survey: Official Claims "Someone Else" Filled Out Approving 1996 Questionnaire

Colonial Bank exec sentenced to 8 years in prison (fraud scheme)

24 reported slain in Syrian protests

U.S. exploring possible war crimes charges (& considering oil and gas sanctions) against Syria

Student who ran file sharing site TVShack could face extradition to US

Democrats seek major H-1B, green card reform

(Bowe Bergdahl) Captured U.S. soldier receives second promotion in two years

Ashes of US Rev. Lucius Walker, who led relief caravans to Cuba, to be placed in Havana park

Mayors See End to Wars as Fix for Struggling Cities (Resolution Introduced at Council of Mayors)

U.S. Consumer Confidence Drops as Rising Prices Squeeze Household Budgets

Morocco's king bows to pressure and allows reform (after biggest protests in decades)

Military Spending on the Agenda as US Mayors Meet

Computer Failure Delays United Flights Nationwide

Two bank failures bring year's total to 47

AARP Has Not Changed Its Position on Social Security

Worries Grow About Breadth of Debt Crisis

Research in Motion shares sink 21%

Greenpeace head Kumi Naidoo risks arrest in Arctic oil rig protest

FDIC: 'Close' to settling suit vs WaMu execs

FDIC: 'Close' to settling suit vs WaMu execs

Morocco's king bows to pressure and allows reform

Judge orders ISP to release names of Wikipedia posters who slammed Facconable

Key Seniors Association (AARP) Pivots on Benefit Cut(dropping opposition to cutting Social Security)

Chris Christie Pretty Much Admits He Takes Advice from Roger Ailes

Group gathers 714,000 names to repeal Ohio union law

Detroit schools employees getting layoff notices (ALL of them)

Bin Laden charges formally dropped

(Wisconsin) Democrats won't run 'placeholder' recall candidates

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday, June 17, 2011

Court rejects recall effort

2 Top Lawyers Lost to Obama in Libya War Policy Debate

Bail Set for Billionaire Accused of Corruption With Mubarak

Vancouver kiss couple 'were knocked down by riot police'

I miss going to the lake with MFM.

Cervical cancer vaccine a success, says Lancet report

Convicted sex predator freed without restrictions

Obama Gay Marriage Survey: Official Claims "Someone Else" Filled Out Approving 1996 Questionnaire

NRC: No flood danger at reactor

Facebook, Paypal accounts released by hackers

Public sector retirement age 'will rise to 66' (In the United Kingdom, up from 60)

Argentinian president ridicules Cameron over Falklands

WND Editor Joseph Farah To Sue Esquire Over Birther Parody

Barack Obama and the Seven Dwarfs...

It's a good thing Congress rarely declares war.

DOL releases $838.7 million in UI modernization incentive funds to California

House GOP targets food safety, WIC, nutrition aid

Bill Daley to business executives: I feel your pain

Was I dreaming or did I hear that correctly?

There is a very long, informative and important thread in GD.

Affordable Care Act funds to help create healthier U.S. communities

Obama says Weiner and wife will 'bounce back'

Romney has been unemployed? His boys have served the country...

Fire up a Failing Friday. Please come CAPTION Bill O'Mighty!!!

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act was successful.

Rubber Bullets Fly at Anti-Obama Protest In Rio

Here we go again another Democrat being thrown under the bus in NJ for calling Christy HITLER!!!

WH: Partnership for Sustainable Communities Marks Two Trailblazing Years

Breaking News: Illinois U.S. Senator Dick Durbin breaks with Obama in Libyan war powers debate

Quit AARPING on about it and wake the fuck up.

Is the EPA a Job Killing Machine? (Hint: No.)

Those pictures of Boehner on the golf course...

Once again our Governor(Christy) gets RUDE with a woman for asking a question he didn't like

Guess who crashed the Netsroot Conference

Obama's Third War

Letter from the President on the War Powers Resolution

The next President will be

Why Are The Republican 7 Running Against OBAMA...

Public Citizen’s Global Trade Watch: Stop Obama's horror show plan to implement NAFTA w/ Korea

UN backs gay rights for first time ever

Why Democrats turned on Anthony Weiner, but not Bill Clinton

What's your prediction for the Republican ticket?

For all those democrats that though Wiener resigning would make the story go away think again

I am not 100% behind every action Obama has or has not taken,

While everyone has been giggling about weiners... 4 dead US soldiers this week

Why is Tweety talking about 2012 Presidential elections everyday

The First Lady has been doing some remodeling at the White House - a new addition on the lawn:

Robert Reich: What's Germany's Secret?

'NATO strike hurts 16 Libya opposition'

AARP says the Wall Street Journal story is a lie

Lindy: "No Knock Raid" - a song about the drug war's deadliest tactic.

1,432 days LATER---O'Reilly Says Vitter Should Be Out

No recovery for Toledo workers

America is England's fault

GAO: Little evidence to support charges that killed ACORN

Bill O'Reilly Says VITTER SHOULD GO.

Racist, Teabaggin' sack of excrement explains why Texas can't crack down on illegal immigrants

Papantonio: The Sissy Conservatives Are Afraid of Everything

Papantonio: The Democratic Spin Machine Is Never There

TYT: Perfect Example of How Our Gov't is Run by Lobbyists

Stop Speculation

TYT: Target Anti-Union Ad Stars Union Members

TYT: 7 Steps: Media Domination & Destruction

Schoolhouse Rock for Sex Scandals

Dan Rather interviews Diane Ravitch

Obama Submits Legal Basis for Libyan War to Congress

Mark Boulos - All That Is Solid Melts Into Air

New Billion-Dollar Confinement Structure Being Built At Chernobyl

Jim Lehrer interview with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid on Libya, Afghanistan, budget, and more

Late Night With Jimmy Fallon - Keith Olbermann Guests

Anonymous - Op-Critical and Justice Through Music Project - JTMP.ORG

Obama 'ignore' button: Congress has a say?

Bachmann: Repeal The 'Job-Killing' EPA

Maddow: Samuel L Jackson Narrates "Go the F to Sleep"

Ry Cooder: No Banker Left Behind

NETROOTS Nation asks WHITE HOUSE Communications Director Dan Pfeiffer About FAKE Questionnaire

CNN: Spitzer scolds Planned Parenthood critic

Bellingham, Washington - A Local Living Economy

Strange flashes followed by increased smoke/steam near Reactors No. 3 and 4

OBAMA Makes Baby Stop Crying!

Rev. Paul Sherry on the shrinking middle class

Feingold at Netroots

"Yes, that was a Freudian slip," Dean said. Needless to say, the crowd loved it.

Are You Gonna End Bush Tax Cuts For The Rich? Hell NO! You'll Just Screw Poor People More!

Christie Kreme: " It's None Of Your Business"

CNN's Kyra Phillips Confronts David Tyree Over Comments On Same-Sex Marriage

China's Pre-Imperial Overstretch

LEAP/E2020: The insolvency of the global financial system (and financial road to serfdom)

David Sirota: Promoting Militarism While Hiding Bloodshed

E.J. Dionne, Jr.: Michele Bachmann Makes Dubya Look Good

Pakistan's military on the warpath

The Anglo-Saxon Invasion

Haters hate;

California’s Citizen Map Could Lead U.S. Out of Political Gridlock: View

Time: Four Decades Later, It's Time to Scrap the Dead-End Drug War

On WiscNet, Republicans Cry "Please Don't Call Us Anymore"

Joe Conason: Washington’s Deeper Immorality

What Parents Can Learn From Prison Guards

The Bush Tax Cuts: A Decade of Economic Disaster

Call Off the Global Drug War - Jimmy Carter

Private sector, not public, has failed us

Harkat commander lives openly near Islamabad {this is worth a look}

Opednews: Something About Something: An Interview with Poet Shelly Taylor

A Schizophrenic, a Slain Worker, Troubling Questions

NY Times: AARP admits shift in position on Social Security cuts

US Neocons' New Overtures to Terrorist Opposition Group in Iran, Part 1

Did the Bush Administration Use the CIA to Attack a Domestic Critic? by Scott Horton

Ruben Navarrette: Immigrant hunting? What's happening to my country?

Saudi Women Already Prove They're Superior Drivers

CHART: Cost of Wall Street bailouts vs wars, race to moon, Louisiana Purchase, & more

Scott launches newspaper writing campaign for himself

Weiner-Gate; A Symptom of Flaccid Democrat Syndrome

Salon: The right really, really wants Obama to be Jimmy Carter

The Best Unknown Park in America

Weekend Economists "In Like Flynn" June 17-19, 2011

Thank's Obama! You Did Your Best.

Andrew Breitbart confronted w/ Tough Questions (racism, prostitutes, cocaine, oh my!) at Netroots 11

Oil production figures depend on who's reporting them

a practical guide to winning public support for energy projects

Japan says it won't extend carbon reduction pledge

"Atomic Anne" Lauvergeon Replaced As Head Of Nuclear Giant Areva

Peak oil notes - June 16

Drumbeat: June 17, 2011

Russia takes nuclear power seaward with 8 floating power plants

Iran To Step Up Uranium Enrichment

Rare Earth Prices Double on China Controls

Mexico says $250 million in oil stolen in 4 months

Climatologists figuring out which data makes their models better

Arctic melts faster than IPCC's forecasts

Crystalline silicon (PV) cost per-watt to hit US$1 in first quarter of 2012, predicts IHS iSuppli

China evacuates 500,000 as flooding breaks worst drought in 50 years

Ocean's harmful low-oxygen zones growing, are sensitive to small changes in climate

A consensus is emerging - Japan: 74% of voters back dumping nuclear power

Japanese ordered to take siestas to save power

Indonesia Forest Moratorium Breached on First Day

Still no day in court for worker safety violations at Crandall Canyon coal mine

How the West was lost: The American West in flames

Climate denier says solving global warming could cause Black Plague

there are more people in prison for anti-nuclear actions than there have been for more than a decade

Nauru: Canary in a phosphate mine

NOAA Makes It Official: 2011 Among Most Extreme Weather Years in History

IPCC releases 1000 page "Special Report on Renewable Energy Sources and Climate Change Mitigation"

US helps Vietnam to eradicate deadly Agent Orange (BBC)

Utility Starts Filtering Water at Stricken Japanese Nuclear Plant

One million Bangladesh homes on solar power

U.S. Senate Votes to Cut Billion Dollar Ethanol Subsidies

Obama Hydrogen Fuel Failure Conceded by Chu Paring Budget: Cars

The D-Day invasion as a metaphor for today's anti-nuclear fight.

Anyone else reading Tim Flannery's new book "Here on Earth"?

E V Owners to Get Cash Back for Selling Power to the Electric Grid in Denmark (~$10,000

National Anthem muted again on Goshen College campus

Clegg sends his sons to same Catholic school as Tony Blair

Science, Sacred, Spiritual: What Is In A Word?

Epistemology and the End of the World

Cosmetic Surgery Faith Healers

The Failure of Liberal Catholicism

"If the Bible wasn't meant to be burned, why would they make it out of rolling papers?"

Christian Flag Causing Controversy Again


The Religious Right Defends The Rapist’s Right To Rape

Are there any members of the Clergy here on DU?

Silly gay people — don't you know you aren't supposed to like sports, anyway?

Helping change begin at home

Study links willingness to cheat, viewpoint on God

Senate: More religious snags in gay marriage bill

Unitarian Church forms Outreach Denton

Prop H8 Supporters Knew Of Judge Walker's Sexual Orientation

Senate panel approves defense bill lacking anti-gay provisions

Days Of Our Lives Starts Gay Story Line!

ELECTION: Hightower says voters want change

For co-parenting couple Tyler Scoresby and Jonathan Ingram, every day feels like Father’s Day

Sign outside state Sen. Diane Savino's door irks Staten Island gay marriage opponents

What's up with people complaining that something is being "forced down their throat"

WATCH: The hatred of Gov. Rick Perry’s BFF, the American Family Association’s Bryan Fischer

Gay Liberation - An Alternative Perspective

White House issues bizarre non-denial of Pfeiffer's repudiation of marriage questionnaire

Michael Glatze, Former Reporter for Gay Magazine XY, Decides He's Not Really Gay

N.Y. Republican on gay marriage: ‘F**k it. I’m trying to do the right thing’

U.N. council passes gay rights resolution

Tracy Morgan Meets with LGBT Homeless Youth

Netroots Nation asks White House Communications Director Dan Pfeiffer about fake questionnaire

Rep. Hunter Writes Obama: Don't Certify Repeal of Military Gay Ban Yet

This is how an equal rights leader acts

"Why are you so hostile to Christianity"

Clenard Childress Says Gay Activists Are Like Those Who Killed Jesus

Hello, my name is Very_Boring_Name, I am a gay man.

religion and the environmental crisis