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June 16:National Day of Action in Solidarity with Carlos Montes. Targeted by FBI


A humble suggestion about talking to Teabaggers

Arizona -- commentary

U.S. Mayors To Push For First Anti-War Resolution Since Vietnam

SF Animal Control Commission seeks ban on goldfish

Amnesty For People Who've Called For Weiner's Resignation

Where did all of my spam go?

We're not the only anti-labor country. YAY!

American Nuclear disaster in the making?

What's with the Censorship at Democratic Underground?

Texans, You Have One More Shot At Anti-TSA Bill

Rep. Luis Gutierrez is getting personal with the freshman tea-party senator (Rubio)

My plan to end the Mexican drug war

Notice that none of those GOP assholes on the stage the other night would condemn the bigotry?

Notice that none of those GOP assholes on the stage the other night would condemn the bigotry?

Tim Pawlenty's New Hampshire Ally: Obama Is a "Jungle Alien"

Catherine Furguson Academy Closes - school for young pregnant/mothering girls

The Republican debate, in a nutshell:

Keith olberman on colbert

The only way we'll stop the Right is to act like the people of Tunisia, Greece, Egypt and Spain.

GOP Sen. Lamar Alexander suggests eliminating energy tax breaks to reduce debt

America’s most endangered historic places (BBC)

Wisconsin: Assembly passes budget at 3:00 a.m.

Dennis Kucinich On C-SPAN Now; link

America's first whistle blower protection law-1777

Sometimes it makes me moist to read about republican sex scandals.

Another one for the wall

Madison: Three file suit against city to prevent Naked Bike Ride citations

Madison: Three file suit against city to prevent Naked Bike Ride citations

North Carolina governor's budget veto overturned

WTF! Right in my own backyard and...and...words fail:

How about Three Wishes?

Limbaugh and fans take on The Guardian

I thought only Black people rioted?

"Non" to drilling for shale rock oil around Paris

May contain traces of lead

May contain traces of lead

Mass. Transit bans ad on Scott Brown’s vote to gut Clean Air Act

John Bolton is on the radio venting about the War Powers Act...

Question: do the TSA Agents change their gloves

Bagging the Weiner

Wiscconsin: Pro-Labor rally scheduled for 5:30 today in Madison

Donnie Douche on Morning Joe: "I would be very surprised if this President gets reelected."

Does the perfect Health Insurance Website or Magazine exist?

Does the perfect Health Insurance Website or Magazine exist?

ATF Agents: Higher-Ups Let Guns Go To Cartels

Wimp factor’ could pose threat to some 2012 GOP contenders

Win Iowa, Kill Your Chances

Taking bets : Weiner news conference or written statement?


Let Flood David Vitters Office/Email With Calls For His Resignation

Radio Call-In Program Tonight with . . . . Chris Christie


Did "No. 1" Climate Change Denier Fake His Résumé?

The Fair Society: The Science of Human Nature and the Pursuit of Social Justice, by Peter Corning

We'll recover

Mitt Romney---corporate raider, destroyed jobs and companies to get filthy rich

When Rep. Weiner announces his resignation, will the MEdia ask Breitbart to speak first?

Memo To GOP: Medicare Is Better At Controlling Costs Than Private Insurers

Are we at war with Libya?

Toon: Who calls the shots?


Why the Republican War on Workers' Rights Undermines the American Economy

NOW Toronto: More ass, less gas

It's Time To Revisit Vitter's Sexual Dalliances & Call For His Resignation.....

pathetic media, Nancy just came up to talk about the jobs and economy

Somethingie's not Right- Fiore Flashtoon

Perhaps Weiner should take Olberman's suggestion and rerun for his seat

I Thought Pelosi Was Going To Resign For a Minute.....

Rep. Anthony Weiner Resigns...Now Where are Those JOBS Speaker BONER

Out of fairness, I'm spacing this out

the 7 dwarfs & a stooge

Literal & Figurative Dicks

Literal & Figurative Dicks

Now that Weiner is resigning, it might be a decent thing to NOT suggest what his wife ought to do

Now that Weiner is resigning, it might be a decent thing to NOT suggest what his wife ought to do

Banksters whining mightily about the cap on debit card swipe fees

Airspace Over Flooded Nebraska Nuclear Power Plant Still Closed

And in other news, Al-Qaeda has a new leader

White House: We're not at war in Libya

plans to construct a shroud over one of the reactor buildings (but NOT sweeping under a rug/shroud)

plans to construct a shroud over one of the reactor buildings (but NOT sweeping under a rug/shroud)

Weiner resigns; the Republic is saved . . .

Bristol Palin puts Arizona house up for rent

Ex-Spy Alleges Effort to Discredit Bush Critic (Prof Juan Cole)

I want Diaper Vitter to resign, He solicited prostitutes and got away clean

I am VEXED! (Problem with a/c)

BWHAHAHA: Newt Gingrich DEMANDS NBC APOLOGIZE To His Wife Callista

I fail to believe that we can't replace Weiner with as good a Dem or

Ayman al-Zawahiri: did he plot Bin Laden’s death?

"Shared Sacrifice" my bunghole

Mods, can you please keep the Weiner resignation threads down to a minimum?

"Danish right-wing populist" party polls higher in debate over "tighter border controls".

Breitbart is so delusional it almost funny - re. MSM


For those of you saying we need to go after, that is not the answer. That is

Afghanistan worst place in the world for women, but India in top five

Let us be crystal clear about who is responsible for Vitter's

Corporate hacks within the Democratic Party are behind Wiener's resignation.

How the Corporate Right Divided Blacks from Teachers Unions and Each Other

Probably one of the best articles I've read lately about sex scandals.

Meanwhile, over there on the breit side ------>

"He should . . . ." "She should . . . ." "Will he . . . ."

Anyone know what occurred at the onset of the Korean War in 1950?

The Democrats have been without balls for the 10 years...

The democratic party is full of gutless, spineless cowards, who shit on

Life expectancy of U.S. women slips in some regions

"Love liberally?"

Mike Pence Holds Top-Secret Dinner With GOP Donors

Can someone lay out the process if Weiner resigns?

Mods you guys have got to stop locking threads.

I will miss Anthony Weiner because I liked him.

"idea-free periods enjoyed by the US when the know-nothings were around and then again recently with

What's next for Weiner?

Remote Control Killing Like Sport

Finally, a Democrat who has some BALLS, but if only he didn't have to SHOW them to everyone.

Republican Proposes Balanced Budget for 20 013 CE...

Mods, you guys have got to stop locking threads about locking threads.

No Weiners, no dildoes, just a Fukushima update June 16

No Weiners, no dildoes, just a Fukushima update June 16

High Levels of Radiation Found in Whales Caught 650KM From Fukishima

Fukushima: It's Much Worse Than You Think ("Biggest Industrial Catastrophe in History of Mankind")

RSA Animate: "The Paradox of Choice" (their stuff is excellent!)

When will the Democratic leadership learn?

KS Health Officials - Avoid Contact with Missouri River South of Omaha

KS Health Officials - Avoid Contact with Missouri River South of Omaha

How Libby, Montana, Got MEDICARE For ALL

What if Weiner's wife was the one who wanted him to step down?

It Would Be Nice If Pelosi/Schultz and Obama Would Make A Case...

This is TOO COOL...

CIA vet: Bush White House targeted blogging critic

Can't Weiner just text in his resignation?

Breaking: Anthony Weiner says he will step down. NYTimes News Alert

Governor Deal Suggests Probationers Fill Farm Jobs

FACTS: Job Losses have slowed by over HALF since Stimulus was signed.

Should Weiner go?

OK, Pelosi, Now that you got one more progressive off the table, I expect

So now that Rep Weiner is going to resign...

Anthony Weiner was under no obligation to resign.

I'm sad Anthony Weiner is resigning but I realize most people would not take him seriously given

Suggested titles for the inveitable Anthony Weiner show on the Fox News Channel.

BREAKING: Weiner has decided to pull out.

For facebookers ... KO's Countdown has its own fan page

is their a live video feed when weiner speaks at 2pm est

WSJ: Euro Suffers On Greek Woes; Dollar Gains More Safe-Haven Luster

Is revolution in the air?

Romney: ‘I’m Also Unemployed’

Old worm won't die after 2008 attack on U.S. military

If Dems retake the House, who would make the best Speaker?

Do they just let anyone into Weiner's press conferences? My goodness.

The Rude Pundit: Will New York Stop Being an Embarrassment Over Gay Marriage?

Rep. Weiner Live Now

NATO hits Gadhafi compound, diplomacy heats up

MSNBC is just fucking horrible. Pelosi gets up and says she's not going to talke about Weiner...

Defense contractors' sales overseas are likely to hit a record this year

Defense contractors' sales overseas are likely to hit a record this year

Funny, sad and true

Yay for self-flagellation! We proved our ethical fitness!

Yay for self-flagellation! We have proven our ethical fitness!

We can replace Weiner with a good person because we have a deep talent pool.

The Perfect Weiner Antidote

Dupe. - Delete

Weiner will eventually have an enormous return to fill the Void left behind

what exactly is a libertarian?

The End of Capitalism and the Wellsprings of Radical Hope (The Nation)

Darcy Burner moves to new House – to run for House?

NRCC endorses racist, sexist anti-Hahn ad.

Spokane school board saves 85 teachers' jobs

"The Colour of Beauty"

"The Colour of Beauty"

A year later, Sherrod won't go away

Luke, son of Russert said: Weiner had a 'consultation' with his wife...

Having a Weiner fantasy - oh yeah! I heard last nite that Current Tv is going to be

Okay, I admit it. I am off on a tangent about that useless sperm lottery winner, Luke Russert

“I’m going to bring a strong criminal bent to the office"

It's good that Weiner's going...

what time is the vitter press conference?????

what time is the vitter press conference?????

'he plans to resign his seat after coming under growing pressure from his Democratic colleagues'

Who's Streets?


Electile dysfunction

Level 4 nuclear emergency in Nebraska?

Fla. Gov Scott suspends drug testing for state workers

Obama's Thinking on Anthony Weiner Reveals a Disturbing Double Standard

Please Delete

Electric racing: MotoCzysz wins the IOM electric motorcycle race at 99.513 mph average speed

The best "school choice" argument I've ever heard.

So, will getting rid of Weiner gain the Democrats

Puke Russert - why does he even have a job?

This Season’s Worst Racist Political Attack Ad (so far)

Martin Bashir....I'm Done Watching Him For....

As Number of Medicaid Patients Goes Up, Their Benefits Are About to Drop

Weiner to hold 2 PM Press Conf

Football Player Wearing Baggy Pants Gets Booted From Airplane at SFO

REVEALED: Target Hired UNION ACTORS For ANTI-UNION Propaganda Video

In 1971 Canada was the first country to officially adopt a policy of multiculturalism.

Oh sheesh, now the right has to attack Weiner's wife with an Examiner story...

Romney says "I'm also unemployed."

Romney says "I'm also unemployed."

NM Supreme Court upholds police search of ... underpants

Gutless Pawlenty Denies Throwing Voice to Attack Romney

DeFazio's Rebellion: Anti-Pelosi House Dems Give Strong Showing (11/18/10)

Newt: It's all the staff's fault.

And another scalp adorns the mantle of Breitbart, laughing at our ineptness.

Thank you President Obama, Nancy Pelosi, et al.

Thank you President Obama, Nancy Pelosi, et al.

Citi Credit Card Hack Bigger Than Originally Disclosed

TPM: One reason Weiner pressured to go: Weiner was a spokesman/proxy for leadership, along w others

Weiner announces his resignation from congress,

I'd have preferred that Weiner not resign

Sarah Elizabeth Cupp - MSNBC's latest pit viper

Univ. of Michigan professor calls for investigation into CIA, Bush WH for illegally spying on him

Disabled Gay Couple Kicked Out of Kentucky Public Pool, Because "It's In The Bible"

Recall gets enough signatures: AZ state senator behind immigration law

How the West Was Lost: The American West in Flames

America: Once the Most Respected Nation in the World; What Happened?

Who the F was that guy in the Weiner presser and why the hell is he allowed to scream throughout it?

I hope DUers in Alaska are OK - Powerful earthquake jolts Alaska’s largest city

We can make lemonade from these lemons! Weiner will be the sacrificial lamb...

A message to Rep. Weiner

Long Island cop Garrett Mannerz arrested for allegedly forcing woman to grope him at traffic stop

Hello, Mudda, Hello Fadda, Here I am at

Bill introduced in House and Senate to require all employers to use E-Verify.

Quick PSA: it is spelled H-Y-P-O-C-R-I-S-Y. Not H-Y-P-O-C-R-A-C-Y.


Obama and Koh are setting a dangerous robot-war precedent.

HHS unveils prevention initiative

A blow-up doll terrorist?

Civil Rights Groups Deplore Signing of Alabama Anti-Immigrant Bill

Luke Russert: Woeful inadequate reporter

Not Working in America: People and Public Policy

Dexter Isaac Admits [1994] Tupac Shakur Robbery, Shooting Involvement

How long is it going to take Tweety to quit talking about Weiner?

I want to thank our spineless Washington Democrats (Weiner issue)...

Fukushima: It's much worse than you think

Lawrence Lewis/Daily Kos: Congratulations to the Democratic leadership!:

That E-Verify "anti-immigration" law is really about government controlling YOUR access to a job.

Now is the time ...

WaPo Headline: Pressed by own party, Rep. Weiner resigns

Riots in Greece who's next? love that austerity..

Right-wing heads exploding on Milwaukee Journa/Sentinel blog re: charter schools.

Breaking....Magnitude 5.2 Earthquake Hits Anchorage at 11am AST

How will health care reform affect employer benefits?

Contact Atlanta Constiution Op-Ed Editor re: Neal Boortz

Boehner's alleged affair(s), viewed against the Weiner debacle

FDL: teabaggers believe repub BS, but maybe they've hit on something re. debt ceiling

Here is an interesting and ironic cosmic coincidence re: June 17th

Weiner's resignation: My response to the news in my local paper

Can we now move on to the problems in our country?

MSNBC reporting Weiner's office is locked and lights are out.

MSNBC stream, anyone?

Mass media now describe Social Security, Medicare & unemployment benefits as "government handouts"!

Norah O'Donnell To CBS News: Chief White House Correspondent, 'Face The Nation' Substitute

Anthony Weiner's replacement will likely be about as liberal as he was.

Thanks to the ACLU, Gov. Oxy Zombie is backing off drug testing state workers.

LulzSec Leaks 62,000 Email/Password Combo Internet Goodie Bag (Updated)

FB Page calling for David Vitter to resign

Self-deleted by member

Fukushima and the Nuclear Establishment -- The Big Lies Fly High

I need a new favorite congressman. Part 2.

Income, Assets Of Top Lawmakers

How many democrats called for Clinton to resign in the 90s?

A fine break from Weiner

F U C K ... The only word that fits

Nancy Pelosi's world: war crimes, WMD lies, shredding of the Constitution = fine and dandy.

Media Focus On Weiner Scandal Pre-Empts Pelosi Presser About Jobs

The Weiner has left the ______. phone bill announces Alabama deregulated landline phones this year.

George Bush and Dick Cheney can lie us into war, kill nearly 5000 young Americans

Democrats lose their Weiner because they had no balls

ProgressOhio In The News: New Bill Would Allow Concealed Carry At Daycare Centers, College Campuses

repost from the lounge - 17,000 attending facebook event to clean up post riot Vancouver

Tell The So-Called Democratic er "Leadership" What We Think!!

We should bombard the media and push for the resignation of

Dear Mitt Romney:

If I were in Obama's shoes and I escalated the war, and authorized assassination, I'd resign

Obama Administration Caved On For-Profit College Regulations, Insiders Say

It's the pictures, stupid

Dems taking moral high ground my . . . VITTER!

Michael Crichton (deceased) to speak at climate denier conference

What will happen to Weiner's marriage?

Robert Reich explains the economy in 2 minutes, 15 seconds.

If the word of God includes the Song of Solomon, then why doesn't God resign?

Do we really need a dildo ad on here?

Do we really need a dildo ad on here?

So what do you all think about Al Zawahiri?

So arrogant, they have even dispensed with the lube

Good overview of various perspectives concerning Alabama immigration law

Why do some parents send their kids to church but don't go themselves?

Listening to my Congressman (David Price, NC) on the phone ,,,

Michele Bachmann Gets Goosed By Hubby

The Police State (Horowitz, Henderson, Hayek...) Y'all better read this.

If Anthony Wiener's a Pervert - then what's David Vitter?

TalkingPointsMemo: ALL Major Cable Nets Cut Away When Pelosi Talks Jobs Over Weiner

Consumer Spending Fades in China Economy

Mexican-American studies program nixed by Ariz. education chief

NYT: Reason Seen More as Weapon Than Path to Truth

Is there something new about Clarence Thomas that I missed?

A True Progressive Movement Should Be Larger Than Any One Politician

Hahn To File FEC Complaint over ad

Chinese President Arrives In Moscow To Boost Cooperation

Tea Bag Force! Limited-Edition Action Figures! Collect 'Em All! Unless You Hate America!

France bans fracking at home while Total S.A. fracks the crap out of tU.S. shale plays

Charlie Brown, you blockhead!

Tonight, Thursday: Keith Olbermann will be on "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon"

Bravo Senator McDonald, bravo!

Norquist To GOP 'Sluts-HaHa-popped your cherry-lost virginity-Now give me $2 trill in tax increases'

It seems to me that if Anthony had given the same speech

LOL! 2 GOP (Perry, Tony Sutton) use same "prophet in the home town" Bible dog whistle

Which GOP superstars are attending Glenn Beck’s Jerusalem rally?

Doesn't it bother you that the only thing that united the Dem "leadership" to speak with one voice

Randi debates an idiot named Lucas

Should Obama resign for accepting the Nobel Peace Prize?

So how come no one is talking about John Boehner's affair?

Union Workers Rejoice! You're 1 Percenters!

Global Economic Agenda Hits a Roadblock in Greece

Chinese-Made Counterfeit Weapons Parts 'Posing Risk To US National Security'

One of the last few allies of working class in Congress is gone.

David Vitter and the patronizing of prostitutes - Rachel is nailing

"black people are “aborigines,” “illiterate,” and can be enticed to vote with buffets."

"Leave it, leave it, leave it." The words of a wise woman on

Repugs want to privatize Amtrak's Northeast Corridor

Edited: If I were Howard STERN I would be ashamed to be sink to the BREITBART/O'KEEFE level

This is my one and only contribution to the Weiner mess. Let's laugh at this poorly worded headline:

Help clean up the dirtiest unregulated industry

U.S. Backs UN Business Guidelines, Steps to Safeguard (Domestic) Workers

A GOOGLE homepage doodle posted last week... has cost the world $268 m

the press just sucks, yes you msnbc, lawrence and all the others

Netroots Russ Feingold live here!

Seven Step Plan for Media Domination and Opponent Destruction by Cenk Uygar 2005 posting

Weiner resigns

What will be the next excuse du jour for the Democratic "leadership"

Porn mogul offers job to disgraced US lawmaker

"He's not my guy. He's your guy!"

Public Service Announcement for prudish congressional members planning a vacation.

Weiner was the 110th most liberal Congress member, according to National Journal.

3 days and 1 night, and counting down.

So the Republicans are going to steal the Anti-War issue.

here`s a facebook page that`s ....well.... take a look

How's YOUR "Line In The Sand" Doing These Says ???

THE FORMULA: all they've got to do is embarrass the right people ...

So the next question.

"Top Ten Things Anthony Weiner has Said that are Worse than Sexting"

If it's true that Weiner is resigning mark my words - the guy will be back within 5 years...

Something Can't Lose Steam If It Never Was

I'm all for taking a stand, but is Weiner's dick the battle hill you really want to stand on?

I'm all for taking a stand, but is Weiner's dick the battle hill you really want to stand on?

Feminists are wondering when Skinner will give us a free for all

If the Consumer Protection Bureau Has No Director By Its Start Date:

Nevada State Bar still reviewing grievances against Righthaven

Love toys....I mean sex toys....

Love toys....I mean sex toys....

Guess the lead report on ABC Nightline. C'mon folks, take a guess.

Clarence Thomas Can Breathe a Sigh of Relief with Weiner Downfall

Fraud Allegations Taint al-Zawahiri Victory

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Brad Friedman subs for Mike

Kansas Board of Regents approves tuition hikes for six state universities

Darrell Issa turns on his own witness on ATF Gun case Hearing

Why don't state governments just push to repeal balanced-budget requirements?

Publicopoly-like monopoly with public sectors, brought 2 U by A.L.E.C.

Did Huma Abedin play a part in Weiner's decision to resign?

Dennis Kucinich Praises Bush, Slams Obama on Libya

North Carolina defunds Planned Parenthood

If Weiner was a Republican...

Texas House OKs lower pay, furloughs for teachers

Rofl, now it's at the top of the page and the cow is on the bottom

Through The Looking Glass: 'DOJ: Calling Out Government Lies Would Endanger National Security'

What do folks here think would've happened if Weiner had just said, in the first place

Just listening to the CEO of Chevron talking on CNBC....

Medi-Share: Christian Family Healthcare

The Department of Justice’s Operation Fast and Furious: Accounts of ATF Agents

Glendale WI to open only one polling place for Darling recall.

Update: Catherine Ferguson Academy to stay open, continue as charter school

Why is it that the "good" Democrats say we cannot have purity

My co-worker's father told him that he votes for politicians who keep

Finally graduated college!!! =D

This is not Class Warfare. This is class slaughter.

Anthony Weiner Resigns, Prostitute Enthusiast Vitter Continues To Be Embraced By GOP Leadership

How Max Baucus got single payer health care for the people of Libby, Montana


Dylan Ratigan: America For Sale - Is Goldman Sachs Buying Your City?

Great, Rick Perry is a right wing religious nut.....

Some Reasons GLBT*.* Want Full Equality Under the Law

Even Pat Buchanan is laughing at how the Dems threw Weiner under the bus.

The Democrats caved... again!

Flash Bang to the Nuts (from the Vancouver riot last night)

Weiner's resignation is OK with me.

America Is Being Raped ... Just Like Greece and Other Countries

Has anybody heard from Bobbolink lately?

The Drug War---CUI BONO? (who benefits)?

Another Nail: NJ Dems Vote to Strip Union Rights

Weiner sent the picture to Gennette Cordova without her expecting it.

And The Hits (To The Poor And The Rest Of Us) Just Keep On Coming !!! (Medicaid)

Which network do you think Weiner would sign with? Tell us in our poll below.

Life expectancy declining in many parts of US

Hope Continues To Fade... 'As Predicted, Medicaid On Chopping Block in Debt Limit Deal' - FDL

Divorce ads are OK - but "DAM Its a Vibrator" is reason to be up in arms

My fellow New Yorkers. It's not all bad. Marriage Equality comes tomorrow.

Now that Wiener is out of the way. Who wants to bet that the Democrats cave on Social Security, Medi

Wow Canada?!?

A Miserable Job Market Leads Many To Stop Looking

Stop blaming teachers for poor student performance

Wisconsin: Protesters lock themselves to Capitol gallery railing

I'm no longer going to express the opinion that Weiner ought to resign

Anti-Fracking Tour

Is the Democratic Party loyal to YOU?

Mission accomplished

More than ten years ago, it occured to me that the single biggest problem in this country is . . . .

Who has more value to you?

Fuct Snooze© mouthpiece Martha MacCallum: Weiner "never gave anyone else five uninterrupted minutes"

Weiner Roast: Hecklers Shout Obscenities At Press Conference (VIDEO)

Montel Williams OPENS Up POT SHOP In Sacramento

Is there any way we can make the vibrator ads bigger?

Caption........ Mrs. Newt G-Witch

Freep: Palin quit Governor gig because "she had done everything she said she would do when she ran"

My fellow New Yorkers. Get over it. He lied to our faces, repeatedly.

Who's with me? The next time a republicon is involved in a scandal, big or small, legal or not

Will Anthony Weiner bounce back?

Alabama senator unsure why he called blacks 'aborigines'

It's very tasteless for Bachmann to brag about having foster children.

A true progressive doesn't treat his female followers like sluts

If Jefferson had had a Blackberry, we'd still be British.

Gundersen: Molten plutonium on the floor of 3 reactors, no solution for removal

I Am Ready to Risk a Break with the Democratic Party

Dumb And Uninformed Elected Officials: "Now They're Going After The Babies"

May I make a modest suggestion?

Rick Santorum authorized a ‘partial birth abortion’ for his wife.

A frosty morn in Or-e-gon

Photo: THIS kid has it all figured out. Wouldn't last a second in politics, but has it figured out.

Any reporters asking for David Vitter's reaction to the Weiner resignation?

Big box retailers intend to crush what's left of America's small stores

The war in Libya is about imperialism.

Have you changed your milk drinking habits since the Fukushima turducken?

Anthony Weiner's Next Gig - A Talk Radio Show

You have to stand for something.

Wisconsin: Walker names Waukesha County insider to PSC

FL Gov Rick Scott in firestorm for his veto of $2 million from Citrus Disease Research

I'm fucking nuts

Jake Tapper asks White House about David Vitter

Wow! A Black Hole ate a star on March 28

Wow! A Black Hole ate a star on March 28

Button Photo Tweeted By Shannon Moore & Lizz Winstead: "Those Who Can, Teach..."

Wasserman Schultz Not Amused With Romney Remarks in Florida

Happy Bloomsday to all

Happy Bloomsday to all

Bravo Rachel Maddow.

A little observation on the fairly wealthy couple that had me fix their computer today.

The proof is not in the pudding.

Larry Flynt: My Job Offer for Anthony Weiner (at 20% More than Congressional Salary+Benefits)

Really, Boehner? REALLY???

John Coltrane's Home Named An Endangered Historic Place

only people with certain kinds of sexual conflict get caught.

Carlsberg sees Russia beer market up 3-5 percent

Honolulu introduces new leaning bus benches to discourage homeless

You can end your clucking. Weiner just resigned.

Juan Cole: 'They have brought great shame upon the traditions of the White House'

Uk is pondering pillaging pensions

Why Is There a DILDO on This

Dear Rep Weiner: If you don't want to resign, here's the speech you have to give

Let us be crystal clear about who is responsible for Weiner's resignation.

Let us be crystal clear about who is responsible for Weiner's resignation.

I am a proud Wisconsin Democrat.

They are the New Assassins

They are the New Assassins

Should Christians be arrested when they violate the rule "Don't speak until you are spoken to"?

Should Christians be arrested when they violate the rule "Don't speak until you are spoken to"?

America is heading down a deep hole, from which it won't climb out of

America is heading down a deep hole, from which it won't climb out of

Breeding with Neanderthals helped humans go global

Breeding with Neanderthals helped humans go global

Toon: Wow. Just... wow.

Big Bear High School Yearbooks Contain "Child Porn"

A Thank You To Rep. Anthony Weiner.

Congratulations to the White House and the House Democratic leadership!

Hundred-Hour Hiatus

WI recall elections: avoid the lines, you can vote up to 2 weeks early

Anybody noticing a change like this?

Only 2 in 5 Democrats consider themselves liberal.

First Grayson, now Weiner

Uh Oh... 'Progressives 'Break Up' With Obama'

Sex Scandals, Politics and Hypocrisy

Wanted: The REAL Story Behind the Weiner Resignation

Glenn Greenwald: "Anthony Weiner was forced from office, but..."

So the next time we need someone to call the Cons out who will it be?

Idiocracy 2011: House GOP to Elderly: “**** You, I’m Eating”

The last few days has led me to think that the left needs to have a discussion on sexual liberation.

Why Nixon Resigned

Why Nixon Resigned

Images That Are Even More Obscene Than a weiner (graphic warning)

I Just Challenged My Teabagger Neighbor To Find...

I'd like to offer a sincere apology to those who voted for Nader.

The Obama administration intensified a crackdown on employers of illegal immigrants,

eSci: Unsafe Radiation Found Near Tokyo, Vast Area of Japan Contaminated

Maybe our biggest health care cost problem is a lack of tort reform.

Anthoy Weiner resigns: the Democratic Party has officially been silenced. nt RIP

Ugh oh, I just talked dirty on the computer to someone, I guess I can no longer be trusted at my job

Fukushima: It's much worse than you think

Know your BFEE: David Vitter was pampered by the DC Madam

24 June 2011 / 4:20pm ( It's about weed ) New Rules

Where did all of my spam go?

omg, please turn away if you are having breakfast

Waste confusion

Love the DU vibrator ad

Woo Hoo! The Bruins won the Stanley Cup!

It's only 7 AM, and yet I know today is going to be a 2 Chicago Dogs & an ice cold beer day.

Someone please tell me the appeal of Gene Simmons

A long lost friend...

The Cuban Missile Crisis was NOT a sobering ordeal...

Since we're posting food posts today...

Toons only. Post a pic of a toon.

A pitt bull....

VIDEO: This is one bird that DEFINITELY needs his punk-ass bird ass KICKED.

PHOTO: After WEEKS of prioritizing, MiddleFingerMom completes his "return from hospital to-do list."

Am I the only one who thinks that Gabrielle Giffords looks like Jimmy Fallon?

Bacchus Plateau

I don't like the way the "back" button works on firefox 4

OH Canada! Facebook page for Vancouver post riot clean up has over 17,000 attending

"Traffic Light" got Cancelled!

PHOTO: A young Glenn Beck learns about life from the inside out.

After days long swell of enormous pressure, a defeated Weiner goes down with head hung low

I, for one, like the way the "back" button works on firefox 4

I'll always give the local beer a try, but damn Puerto Rico

Strong Medicine

PHOTO: She may have freed the duck, but GRAYWARRIOR still has a trick or two up her sleeve.

Secret lovers... BUSTED!!

Milk Was A Bad Choice...

Decorah Eaglets Fly.

J.K. Rowling (author of Harry Potter series) has mysterious new website

My Grandpa died.

Two Canadian beers........

While Vancouver fans were rioting, in Boston....

Tchaikovsky 1st Piano Concerto,for a break.

Prison escapee caught after knocking on wrong door


Video from GD

Cup kitty.

It's clear that there are some hard feelings surrounding kudzu here on DU.

Man if Hef and his 25 year old bunny can't make it how can the rest of us hope for love??

Someone please tell me the appeal of Richard Simmons

need vibes please

Reality Check PHOTOS: Wendy's Bacon Mushroom Melt ("You don't taste the mushrooms at all")

MORE FOOD PORN...Fried Green Tomato BLT from the Slice of Life Café, Oak Bluffs, MA

So the Canadians are rioting. CANADIANS.

Super 8 was Super least in my opinion (no Spoilers here)

LOL! This isn't facebook... it's DU!

Two arrested after pizza delivery carjacking in Redding

A mabye (not so) crazy note to breast cancer survivors

If you had The Stanley Cup for the day, what would you do with it?

Canadian Riot Solidarity Thread. TOPIC: Back Bacon. What the hell's up with THAT? Is it real bacon?

Who was the DU'er on Jeopardy a year or so ago???

Texans, come, crash at my pad. Smoke a doob, burn a bible, and watch Bill Hicks.

Righthaven Deemed Unfit to Sue in Online Satire Case

I know none of this is funny, but I defy you to NOT laugh at these photos

Pucks only. Post a pic (duc?) of a Puck.

One of my dreams came true.

A story of box wine, a minivan, and illegal behavior in Florida

Hey, who's that sitting atop the NL Central? Could it be?

PHOTO: I can't believe someone is actually going to EAT this.

Watch the film. You quote the MST3K version, You LOSE. How long will you last?

X-Men: Fist Class. Good movie, with some flaws.

Two Canadian bears..........

Most disgusting thing in a can...

Recommended Regional Food Dishes to NOT try

For all of you who have been following the Decorah Eaglets, branching is starting!

Start-up That Monitors Employees’ Internet and Social Media Footprints Gets Gov Approval

Indonesian Cleric Gets 15 Years on Terror Charge

Trouble in Vancouver’s Streets After Defeat

Fight breaks out in (Calif.) Assembly during budget debate

Gaddafi's son holds out offer of elections

Legal aid cuts will stop cases like Trafigura, UN official warns

Unemployment Insurance Weekly Claims Report (06/16/2011)

Ex-Spy Alleges Bush White House Sought to Discredit Critic ("to get" Prof. Juan Cole)

Countries to vote on treaty recognizing labor rights for millions of domestic workers

Life expectancy of U.S. women slips in some regions

Wimp factor’ could pose threat to some 2012 GOP contenders

Abuja 'suicide bomber' hits Nigeria police headquarters

Rep. Weiner To Resign Today

States Want More in Pension Contributions

U.S. Mayors To Push For First Anti-War Resolution Since Vietnam

'Pressure' on Pakistan army head over US ties

Disabled Gay Couple Kicked Out of Kentucky Public Pool, Because "It's In The Bible"

Weiner to resign after 'sexting' scandal, source says

The Department of Justice’s Operation Fast and Furious: Accounts of ATF Agents

Fukushima: It's much worse than you think

Boehner: US Congress Has "Power Of Purse" On Libya

Tripoli mortuary eyewitness: 'Haunted by Libya deaths'

Russia, China Warn West Against Arab Interference

Strauss-Kahn told police in New York he had immunity

Legislator (R) arrested at (Calif.) Capitol on drunken driving charge

Libyan Rebels Trumpet Coordination in Attacks

Children on Medicaid Shown to Wait Longer for Care

Evacuation Urged for Radioactive Hot Spots (Outside No-Entry Zones)

(Canadian) Tories set to outlaw individual growers of medical marijuana

Army suicides at highest level in a year

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday, June 16, 2011

For Weiner’s Successor, Perhaps, Lame-Duck Status

For Weiner’s Successor, Perhaps, Lame-Duck Status

A Tough Day for Farmers as Lawmakers Look for Cuts

Judge hints jurors may see raw video of Michael Jackson's last days

Super Bowl hero warns of 'anarchy,' if NY approves gay marriage

Anthony Weiner announces resignation from Congress

Hardline IMF forced Germany to guarantee Greek bailout

Senate Backs Repeal of Ethanol Tax Credit (73-27 vote)

(Gov. Jerry) Brown vetoes Democratic budget

The 18½-minute gap in Watergate tape remains lost to history after high-tech detective work

Oakland woman pleads guilty in eco-terror attacks

Omaha sets flood evacuation plan

US House votes to bar N.Korea food aid

DPS turns Catherine Ferguson, 2 other schools over to charter operator

5.2 earthquake jolts Southcentral Alaska

Afghan Cuts Begin, U.S. Troops Diverted to Iraq

House Republicans vote to cut funds to implement food safety law

Remove cap on H1B visa and Green Card: New York Mayor (Bloomberg)

How do you react when your sports team loses?

Romney: ‘I’m Also Unemployed’

Ayman al-Zawahiri Appointed as al-Qaeda Leader

Md. robo-calls: Ehrlich aide, consultant accused of trying to suppress black vote (fmr R governor)

Japan: Tepco to build sarcophagus over Fukushima reactor

Looking to start investing but don't know where to begin

US unions to campaign against US-Colombia FTA, businesses to lobby in favor

Midwest floods heighten nuclear power plant crisis

Actions on Libya: February 23 - June 15

Time's Adam Sorensen: Huntsman Goes from ‘Wobbly’ to Anti-War

Cartoonist Mike Luckovich nails GOP candidates...

My Letter to the President:

Think Progress: House GOP Priorities

Giuliani maps out 2012 strategy in meetings with Govs. Christie, Perry

Steve Benen: In Florida Romney jokes about being 'unemployed'

The Hill: Paul Ryan: Payroll tax cuts nothing but 'sugar high'

The Hill: Ryan open to making Medicare plan optional

Time for a sanity break!

Kucinich To Sue Obama For Violating War Powers Act In Libya

From everything I have read, it appears Bachman was the "big winner" of the debate.

I hope Anthony Weiner joins with other progressives to strengthen the movement

I think any time that Luke Russert is speaking I will be muting him.

He s MY president too

While the stinking media is talking up Wiener gate here's what the rethugs are doing in Congress

Senate Votes to End $6 Billion in Ethanol Subsidies. White House threatens veto.

Lawmakers Mock Obama's Claim Of No Hostilities For US In Libya, But White House Pushes Back

Boehner warns Obama that Congress could cut Libya funds

Presidents have taken actions like Libya over 100 times in our nation's history

NYT: Weiner to step down

Gah! Shouldn't this Repug/Conservative thing be behind closed doors?

PPP New National Poll: Obama 47/Romney 45

NBC/WSJ Poll: Obama leads Romney by six, leads by 9-18 points in 3 regions, behind in south

Extra Medicaid payments to states end this month

A quote from Wayfayer-Back-to-Beginnings' Vegetable Root Talks:

Holder Defends Terror Trials in Civilian Courts

Senate cloture vote again today at 2PM to eliminate tax credit for ethanol

Chucky Cheese and MSNBC pundits criticizing Wiener's Press Conference

Biden on deficit-reduction talks: ‘We’re not going to cut any deal that can’t be sold’

First Lady to appear on iCarly

Criticizing Obama, Kucinich credits Bush for asking Congress to go to war

Larry Flint offers Wiener a job

MoveOn Video featuring Robert Reich: The Truth about the Economy

(Funny short GQ article) Can Anyone Beat Barack Obama?

Talkingpointsmemo's Josh Marshall: 'The Big Tell'

Could Obama ‘Evolve’ All the Way to Gay Marriage Equality Next Week in New York?

People Still Blame Bush

Barack Obama Beating GOP Rivals In Their Own States

Howard Dean: I’d Get A Congressional Authorization On Libya War

Toon: 4th Quarter...

The 9th district in NY is trending rethug

So, how long until Kucinich drafts articles to impeach Obama?

Obama's approval rating in Texas… (I'm not making this up)…. 51%!!!!

"I'm a citizen, this is my President.

"Some Fundamental Misunderstandings of the Anthony Weiner Story"

Kucinich risks ankle biter status as he snipes Pres Obama with nits...

The Interrupters trailer - Documentary on fighting gang violence in Chicago

Celente: CNN - Cartoon News Network

Dennis Kucinich and Rand Paul lovefest at CNN

Blair Mountain: Marching to Stop MTR from destroying Union History

Screwing a Republican

The Histories of America (Part 1)

Kucinich, Paul: Obama BREAKING The LAW

Militarizing the police

CNN: Eliot Spitzer interviews Planned Parenthood president about defunding

POLICE STATE-father comes home, finds son committed suicide,calls cops who show up & BEAT the father

Keiser Report: Army of New Mubaraks (E156)

PBS NewsHour: 'Fracking' for Natural Gas Continues to Raise Health Questions

AmericanCrossroadsWatch.Org Calls On Reince Priebus To Denounce Karl Rove's Dirty Tricks

Thousands of Greeks Say No to Austerity

'Countdown With Keith' Premieres Monday, June 20

TYT: Tea Party Vs Chamber Of Commerce

Fukushima - Plutonium MOX Fuel Pool Explodes During the Night

John Paul Stevens interview on PBS NewsHour

Stepping Stones - The Inn Between, Longmont Colorado

CBC RetroBites: Gloria Steinem: Feminist (1971)

Gov Christie, Dems Called 'Nazis' During Anti-Pension Reform Rally in Trenton, NJ

Pawlenty Gets Glittered

Real Truth About the Economy-Robert Reich ad

Nissan Leaf ad: What if everything ran on gas?

Neal Boortz: "We need to see some dead thugs..."

Predatory Policy: US, UK enter Yemen with deadly drone strikes, choppers

Debate 1-2 Is U.S. Attack on Libya Legal? Kucinich vs Turner - Democracy NOW!

TYT: Who Pays Limbaugh, Beck & Levine?

Romney and Maddow: Umm..where's the Republican righteous indignation over voter fraud?

Obama sued for violating War Powers Act

Congressman Dennis Kucinich Takes Phone Caller Questions pt.1

TYT: No Sex Before Marriage For Women? (re Washington Times article)

Cable Nets Press 'Mute' When Pelosi Won't Talk Weiner

TYT: Rick Perry "The Prophet" Is Smelling Himself-LOL

Riots ensue in Downtown Vancouver following [loss of] Stanley Cup Final

"I Don't Want To Wake Up Every Morning To ONLY Hear How Glorious The American Government Is"

Toronto Riot Police Shoot Unarmed Protester - Point Blank Range

TYT: Shady Charities By Newt Gingrich

Dan Choi RIPS UP Obama Flyer: 'I WON'T VOTE For Obama If He Doesn't Endorse Marriage EQUALITY'

Cop kills dog then guy for asking if he had a warrant

BREAKING NEWS: U.S. Rep. Weiner tells friends he is resigning, NYT reports. Developing..

Tuli Kupferberg Factory Windows are Always Broken

Pregnant and Bound for America: Why Chinese Moms Want to Give Birth on U.S. Soil

'Blood diamond' trial: the case against Charles Taylor

Spain’s Growing ‘Indignation’ Protests

Salon: Just how high can Michele Bachmann fly? She still "flunks the Pat Robertson test."

Sometimes, the system does work

Our Lefty Military

Analysis: Syria's Assad Loses His Grip To Hardliners

Five of the Nastiest Examples of Wal-Mart Evil

Let's Not Lose Sight of Our Common Goals When it Comes to Whistleblower Protections ... (POGO)

Siamese twins sharing the same brain

Susan Tompor: What bank doesn't tell you about online banking, automatic bill pay

The Changing of Canada’s Gods

Dick Cheney Explains Why He 'Sicked' the CIA After Juan Cole

I'm calling the rightwing "Nero-ists" from NOW ON

Tracy Morgan Homophobic Rant - Is he Really Sorry or Worried About His Paycheck

Mark Penn on How Barack Obama Could Lose the 2012

An Exit Strategy from America’s Longest War -- 40 Years of Disastrous Drug Prohibition

Ex-Spy Alleges Bush White House Sought to Discredit Critic

No regulators, no regulation (Brad Miller)

White House: Boehner inconsistent on war powers

The GOP honeymoon is over

How Today's Conservatism Lost Touch with Reality

Alan Milburn is wrong – private hospitals have done little for the NHS

US housing crisis is now worse than Great Depression

Study to assess a vehicle's lifetime CO2 footprint

AP: Arizona blaze part of new era — more big wildfires

What the U.S. power industry thinks about the future of the U.S. power industry

Montana Supreme Court Rejects Suit Intended To Force State Regulation Of Emissions

6/14 Drought Monitor - Some OK, KS Rain, But Band Of 3 & 4 Drought Reaches From SC To Tucson

Strategie Grains Cuts EU Outlook Again - Forecast Down 10 Million Tons In Past 2 Months

Emerald Ash Borer Confirmed In Baltimore

Illegal Loggers Hard At Work In Kalimantan, At Very Moment Indonesia Signed Logging Moratorium

Brazilian Activist Obede Souza Murdered By Illegal Loggers He Opposed - 5th Murder In June Alone

Where Have All the Flowers Gone?—High-mountain wildflower season reduced, affecting pollinators…

20 MW wind turbines are achievable by 2020

Food Ark—In the United States an estimated 90 percent of our historic fruit and vegetable varieties…

SDG&E adds more than 235 MW of solar power to its renewable portfolio

Romney Campaign Officially Over - Gore Praises His Stance On Climate

Wind Power on the High Seas Gains Speed (In Maine)

Cause to celebrate - two million acres protected in Canada's heart of the Boreal Forest

Germany Backs Out On Plan To Support Ecuador Leaving Yasuni National Park Undrilled For Oil

Peru Cancels Massive Dam On Madre De Dios River - 46,000 Ha Primary Rainforest Spared

Nebraska Nuclear Power Plants Missouri River Flood Conditions

NRA and Big Ag Rally To Protect Tax Subsidies

Tidal Energy Vessel Visits Maine

Long-term properties of annual maximum daily river discharge worldwide

A Sneaky Attack on Clean Water Rules (NYT editorial)

Ohio State Parks Now Open For Oil & Gas Drilling In State Senate-Passed Bill

France is aiming for 23% renewables by 2020

Wind Power in Europe MORE Reliable than Nuclear Power in Japan (With Video)

W. Virginia State Ag. Department Downplays USDA Findings Of Pesticides On 98% Of Apples Tested

Toon: One thing is really real....

Solar Photovoltaics Gaining Momentum and Poised to Challenge Fossil Fuels, Say IEEE Solar Experts

(Leaked Documents) IPCC asks scientists to assess geo-engineering climate solutions

U.S. solar power industry booms, gains globally

Scientists Tighten PETM Timeline; Ocean Temps Rose 41F Over 20K Yrs @ 10% Of Current Carbon Increase

I'm Beginning to Have Serious Reservations About Nuclear Power

Q&A: Renault-Nissan CEO Pledges $5.6 Billion for EVs

Electric cars may not be so green after all, says British study

Pakistan's Sufi Muslims brave bombs to worship

A Sufi story

Atheists Raise Funds For Vandalized Bend Churches

A quote from Gandhi:

Catholic Church Amps Up Its Fight Against Aid in Dying

Lawmaker Raises Marriage Equality Bill in New Jersey

Two Texas Students Receive Point Foundation Scholarships

Uma Thurman for Marriage Equality in New York

Superbowl champ David Tyree's new drive -- fighting "anarchy'' of gay marriage (Video)

It's been deleted. nt

U.N. could vote on OK historic gay-rights resolution Friday

House GOP urges delay in ‘Don’t Ask’ repeal certification

There was an interesting article about trolling on the Greatest Page earlier this week:

I need some time away.


Does anyone feel better or more agitated here?

You know who I miss? Chovexani.

Now this is a scary Christian.....