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Archives: June 15, 2011

For Republicans, Redistricting Offers Few Gains

N.C. House prepares for midnight veto override

If mutual funds want to lie, the Supreme Court’s conservatives have given them a way to do it.

Workers’ share of national income plummets to record low

Whimsical Works of Art, Found Sticking to the Sidewalk

US Airways mechanic stowed away on plane to Charlotte

US Airways mechanic stowed away on plane to Charlotte

Andy Martin:CNN debate shows Republican candidates are out of touch with reality

Now we know why Prosser cheated...he needed to stay on to uphold union busting law...ruling here...

NC House coalition overrides gov's historic veto

Someone wrote a post about Progressives being harrased more then some other groups.

Wildfire in Arizona - Photos - Good grief

Anyone from the San Gabriel Valley, CA? Hopefully big changes coming

US drone base set for Persian Gulf region

Trying to find more info about Bart Stupak and Weiner being friends.

Great tweets during GOP debate (heh!)

Indoctrinate your children at Tea Party summer camp!

I think the biggest example of perspective. GOP New Hampshire Debate

Linchpin in hunt for bin Laden back with al-Qaida

Pakistan arrests CIA informants

Saudi Arabia’s Freedom Riders

Strike Deadline Nears for Macy’s Workers

Mr. Fish- Clearing Out Washington

No, THIS is the scariest video of the tsunami you've ever seen.

Secret talks aim to keep US in Afghanistan for decades

Republicans really, really, really, really hate unions.

Sarah Palin and Historical Hypocrisy: "... the gift that keeps on giving ..."

Real terror

Congressman X is throbbing for you, By Mark Morford

Congressman X is throbbing for you, By Mark Morford

Great Jimmy Fallon Joke Tonight

Great Jimmy Fallon Joke Tonight

Jon Stewart Grades ‘The World’s Most Patriotic Game Show,’ The CNN GOP Debate - VIDEO

34,000 children in Fukushima to get dosimeters

Dance faster, monkeys. The bloated plutocrats are not impressed.

Nature Break Story.

Bigot right-wing talk show host Neil Boortz fantasizes about killing young blacks and Hispanics

Bigot right-wing talk show host Neil Boortz fantasizes about killing young blacks and Hispanics

Indoctrinate your children at Tea Party summer camp!

Mitt Romney is an extraterrestrial

How much time does Lieberman have left on the Senate?

How much time does Lieberman have left on the Senate?

Head Stomping Paul Supporter Pleas Out, Still Says He's Not Guilty

For second time in 7 months, man stows away on plane at Charlotte-Douglas Intl. Airport

Newt Exposed...Gingrich's Charity Paid Money to Gingrich's Business

nytimes: The G.O.P. Debate

House votes to defund War in Libya

Police Detonate Suspicious Package Near (Detroit) IRS Building

FDA --- Systematic Corruption

" One can argue that in squelching the Vatican Council, the Vatican has been in schism for 40 years"

Paranoid survivalist sought in Montana manhunt

Will Apple boot Kindle from its App Store?

Will Apple boot Kindle from its App Store?

Support Marriage Equality in NY

"Even The Rain" - Highly recommended

Yesterday there was a little known court hearing on prop 8.

"The Porcelain Unicorn" (a beautiful and stunning 3 min short!)

Commie Pinko Time, from the Left Coast Sports Babe

MSNBC last night.

Suspected US Missile Strikes Kill 15 in Pakistan

Guardian UK: Civil servants vote for strike action over pension reforms

The Sunshine State's Pesticide Problem

WI Budget cuts could mean libraries, universities and government offices could pay more for internet

WI Budget cuts could mean libraries, universities and government offices could pay more for internet

Pakistan Arrests C.I.A. Informants in Bin Laden Raid

"America has the wealth to end the despair and deprivation; it’s just being hoarded

A couple of Sunday’s ago, when the air was thick with heat and moisture, our AC gave out....

The Militarization of America: How the Military Mindset Is Permeating Our Political Culture and Soci

Chomsky: Wealthiest 1% Rule Our Politics -- But There's Hope in the Fight Against Global Capital

Lead Poisoning in China: The Hidden Scourge

German authorities investigate fatal blimp crash

Happy Wednesday! Here is a pic of a Newt on a rock!!

I can hardly wait for Keith!!! Less than a week left!!! And he will not have MSNBC....

Need a program to keep track of Obama's wars? Here it is! Six Wars and Counting

Wednesday Toon Roundup 3- Republicans

EPA hands job of cleaning Florida's water to polluters


Wednesday Toon Roundup 2- 2012

How NOT to write a covering letter

Rick Perry pals around with terrorists

Huma Abedin, wife of Anthony Weiner, returns from overseas trip, amid pol's sexting scandal


Netroots Nation 2011 - Minneapolis - What say you, DUers?

Tomgram: William Astore, American Militarism Is Not A Fairy Tale

China and allies back Russia against U.S. missile shield

Minn. State Rep. Writes Constituent, Calls Unions ‘Communist’ And Invokes Hitler And Castro


for those interested Bernie will be on Ed Show at 1:30pm EST

Sign here to tell Obama to put solar in White House. He said he would do it by spring.

Alaska investigates apparent gap in Palin emails

Wednesday Toon Roundup 5- the rest

Chuck Schumer Targeted By Progressives Over Jobs, Taxes

Target's anti-union video played at employee orientation has been posted

Wisconsin AFT Protester: "Do Your F***ing Homework!"

Dear Righthaven...

The Small Business Economy Falls Apart

The Republican Party Declares War on the American People; Time to Fight Back

After Quake, a “Gold Rush” for Haiti Contracts

Minnesota Government On Verge of Shutdown

Talk about a clone

Rolling Back the Progressive Era

Why are Britons so afraid of the "Greatest Healthcare System in the World"?

Pakistan arrests C.I.A. informants in bin Laden raid

Wednesday Toon Roundup 4- Economy

Anyone else notice


Pakistan denies army major's arrest for CIA links

Greek Unions Stage Strike Against Austerity

A California Bankruptcy Court Rejects U.S. Law Barring Same-Sex Marriage

Weiner's wife returns home as new images emerge showing congressman cross dressing and 'oiled up'

Our abortion was different: When the anti-choice choose

Delaware Black Caucus rips Democratic party leaders over proposed boundaries

Lawmakers sue President Obama over Libya

Bwah-HAH LIMBOsevic has a new product/beverage: bottled iced TEA how original

I'm too sexy for my shirt, too sexy for my shirt ...

Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck sell endorsements to conservative groups

Radioactive cesium detected from 2 whales+

How do you keep Andrew Breitbart busy for 5 years ?

Debbie Wasserman Schultz runs circles around herself....

Republicons are SO Christ-like.

Air Force Releases Security Enhancement for Twitter

Lawsuit filed to halt Texas abortion sonogram law

Rick Perry 2012?

Another Technology Stock bubble?

US Congressman Asks Iraqis to Pay for Iraq War

Life expectancy of U.S. women slips in some regions

Withdrawal From Afghanistan Will Likely Be Slow

In photo op with group of women in NH Mittens pretends one of them grabbed his ass

Congress Members Sue Obama to End War

So Glenn Beck can go on TV and advocating murdering the President and nobody cries "foul"????

Down in the Ditch

Rare wild horses returned to the wild - story and pics

Rare wild horses returned to the wild - story and pics

When No One Can Afford To Retire

Wisconsin: Unions file suit to stop collective bargaining law

Bipartisan bill would end government's warrantless GPS tracking

Did Glen Beck advocate murdering the President?

As Executive Pay Soars, Worker Pay Stagnates. BFD, Anthony Wiener sent a pic of his pee pee.

Let the Eagle So......Oh Sh*t !!!!

Former Prostitute dressed Vitter in Diapers

Wisconsin High Court sides with Walker on anti-union law.

Wisconsin High Court sides with Walker on anti-union law.

Stocks sag on Greek worries, economic weakness

This is what we have to deal with....

Tim Pawlenty’s Tax Cuts Are Bush’s On Steroids — Lots Of Steroids

SFPD bomb squad responding to 'emergency' at federal building

SFPD bomb squad responding to 'emergency' at federal building

How Awesome!!!!! North Carolina GOP Overrides Veto, Axes Planned Parenthood Funding

French proposal: any URL to be arbitrarily blacklisted without due process

It's the American Way…

Obama keeps his campaign mega-donors close — in White House jobs

Senator Chris Harris (R-TX) says it is "very insulting" to use Spanish in his presence

Senator Chris Harris (R-TX) says it is "very insulting" to use Spanish in his presence

NYC Officials and Union Leaders Rally to Save Over 700 Local Dairy Jobs Threatened by Starbucks

Target, Unions, and the Moment of Truth

"All Food Recalled"

Doctored WQOW News 18 video taken down from YouTube (Duffy, WI Walker poodle) who

War Powers Act Does Not Apply to Libya, Obama Argues

Greece riots threaten to topple government

the Donald... have you seen this?

the Donald... have you seen this?

Who else is tired of the words, "This all part of God's plan" and

Dem's Thumping Victory Will Oust Republican Bigs

My email from Tea Party Patriots re: "Mr Speaker"

Parenting done right

Any Iowans care to come over to the IA group for a project.

John Edwards' MUG SHOT Released

First Lady Urges Hollywood to Tell Military Family Stories

Paul Krugman Blog-I Ruined The Economy And All I Got Were These Lousy Tax Cuts

Good news from Az - finally

Arkansas Lawmakers Hop on "Draft Perry" Bandwagon

"A fixer of epic proportions" for $850,000

U.S. Helicopters Fire on Attackers in Iraq Oil Hub (Sounds A Lot Like Combat)

Al GORE: "Good for Mitt Romney---though we've long passed point where weak lip-service is enough"

Gabrielle Giffords released from Hospital

Lynndie England Testifying Before WikiLeaks Grand Jury Today

Greece has a Revenue Problem: Rampant Tax Evasion in Greece

Wisconsin High Court sides with Walker on anti-union law.

Call Perry Out on his BS

Sexting scandal inspires Anthony Weiner doll

German Chancellor Angela Merkel's Coalition Threatens to Fracture

How to Get Us Into a War When Nobody's Looking ... and Keep Us There

Wisconsin considers Mandatory Concealed Carry in Bars law--

The Bizarre Theft of Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski's Miracle Cancer Cure

Petra Ecclestone reportedly buys Spelling estate for a mere $85 million

Olbermann's Rage Is All the Rage--NY Times Magazine

GOP peeved paper got White House Libya report before Congress

Neocons Trade Medicare for War

Georgia suffering farm labor shortage

Self-deleted by member

Labor secures riverfront labor monument (largest in USA under flood water)

Personal genome map solves Calif. teen's illness

Seven Republican Dwarfs

Quest Pays $241M to End California Medi-Cal Complaint

David McNeill: Who's telling the truth on the Fukushima meltdown?

Financial Reform Rules DELAYED--Is Derailment Next?

Republiscums discover Santorum has a google problem

Justice Thomas exposed in one sentence.

Chancellor Leaving Troubled Wisconsin for the Presidency of Amherst College

Cops: Masked men hold up doughnut shop, get dough

A Tennessean loses a job for one day

Barney Frank says Tea Party endangers compromise on deficit reduction

OMFG -- check out this so-called "pro-life" web site

If you were picked to go to the Democratic Convention in NC, would you go?

As Executive Pay Soars, Worker Pay Stagnates

WikiLeaked Cables Reveal: U.S. Worried about International Criticism of Post-Quake Troop Deployment

America for Sale: Is Goldman Sachs Buying Your City?

John Kerry has major stock holdings in Comcast/NBC and News Corp./Fox

"We will live like slaves!"

Tiny survivor: Dog found in debris from May 22 tornado

transit workers in WI will be exempt from the new Collectve bargaining rules in get Fed money!!

Harpooned whales radioactive but still safe to eat, says Japan

The end of collegete athletics as we know it? - NCAA Report on finances

Boston company gives up on offshoring call center jobs to India, moves them to Maine instead

Judge in WI federal lawsuit against Walker appointed by Obama

Darwin's Nightmare

FEMA rejects aid claims on homes battered by tornado

Three Cheers For Congresswoman Gifford Released From Hospital Today!

FEMA rejections vex April storm victims

Let's pause to take a look at what still works in America. Oh, and thank a teacher.

Republicans are not serious people.

Should David Vitter and/or Anthony Weiner resign?

I've instructed the Mods not to ban any posts in this thread.

Winner of the Iraq war = Iran

GOP Civil War Erupts: Tea Party Freshman Rips Chamber CEO Tom Donahue

What's up with the "MacKeeper" ads on DU? Malware?

Keith Olbermann will be on Comedy Central's "The Colbert Report" tonight.

In Homework Revolt, School Districts Cut Back

Republicans Slash Food Aid For Low-Income Women And Children, But Dodge Farm Subsidy Cuts

"Men Behaving Badly." It's a Good Thing" says MARLO THOMAS "That Girl"of Free to be you and me Fame

Tea Party Express chair, Amy Kremer admits the Tea Party is an arm of the GOP.

Pawlenty INSISTS the economy can grow at 5% per year for 10 years!!! Last time it happened? FDR...

Snake house of horrors: Idaho family driven from home after finding thousands of serpents

Who do you consider to be a real Democrat?

CA-36 GOPer’s On Shocking Racist Sexist Web Video: If We Could Wave A Magic Wand And Take It Down

Libya: Is the administration in violation of the War Powers Resolution of 1973?

Fact Checking the GOP debate: $500 billion in cuts to Medicare? -- Two Pinocchio's

You GO Girl! Gabrielle Giffords Released from Houston Hospital!

US cost for Libya operations $715 million: official

GOP Funds Climate Disaster Relief By Cutting High-Speed Rail, Cuts Nearly $2 Billion From Obama Clea

Republican Values Create Child Molestors

Wednesday Toon Roundup 1- The debate

Tucson ethnic-studies program violates law, schools chief says

Tom Ferguson: "We've Got Two Conservative Parties"

Guardian UK: Europe warned of financial chaos over Greek debt crisis

Frustrated Educators Aim to Build Grassroots Movement

From PBS's Frontline: 'The Warning'

From PBS's Frontline: 'The Warning'

Why I still feel that Weiner should stay

ALEC launches Publicopoly -- an initiative to help state legislatures privatize government

Wingnuts To "Crash" Netroots Nation in Minneapolis

Pawlenty took himself out of the race

Today, I did something I rarely do. I passed a newspaper rack and burst out laughing hysterically!!

I wonder if anyone other than Rachel will publicize Mittens

Unions and Students Unite to Protest Bloomberg’s Budget Cuts

MO lawmakers make it illegal for teachers and students to friend each other on Facebook

LulzSec Hacks Into CIA & Senate

When will we wake up?

I know you're out there!

Sri Lanka's Killing Fields

Investing in gold and silver? (questions)

Corporate America Is Hoarding Tons of Cash: Why Would Obama Think About Giving Them More Tax Cuts?

CEOs and corporations make money off of lowered taxes. Reducing their

Greek anti-austerity protesters surround parliament

After $290k payoff from Big Tobacco, House Consoviets Push ‘Cigarettes For Kids' Amendment

Al Madrigal is horrible on The Daily Show

Congressmen sue Obama over Libya involvement

Why aren't elected officials considered to be under oath at all times?

Poor Tweety. He may mean well, but he just doesn't get it.

never mind

Is there a teacher shortage?? Troops to Teachers

Reminder: Keith Olbermann on The Colbert Report in a few minutes. n/t

How much do you suppose this secret is costing taxpayers?

Poll: Less than half of GOP primary voters satisfied with 2012 field

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers Check In!!

What exactly is a "turd waver"?

Creationists infiltrating US geology circles, credit Noah's flood for geological formations

Democratic Party Solidarity

KOs back - on Colbert in a minute

Can Workers Effectively Strike?

Question about Greece political and economic situation: the current

Whuwhoa! Did Lulzsec just take down the CIA website?

Caption Joe Biden please

Weiner may lose committee assignment


Tepco Decontamination to Produce Radioactive Sludge Crisis

If you listen to Porter Stansberry (the "" guy) and buy gold

Obama urged to speak out on gay violence in Puerto Rico. He didn't.

Two Texas women sue over strip search in full view of highway.

Filling out ins. forms for my newly graduated daughter THANKS TO THE DEMS!

David H. Koch funds NOVA

Have you Sexted?

Inside Job

a retort for "Democrat Party"

Heads up! I see the bad moon arising

Pelosi To Regain Gavel As GOP Rallies Behind Ryan

Start-up That Monitors Employees’ Internet and Social Media Footprints Gets Gov Approval

Former porn star says Weiner asked her to lie

With few transit options, seniors at risk of being stuck at home, study says

Is it me, or are progressives disproportionately "removed" from their posts...

(puke)... letter in my paper "GOP Dream Team"

Glenn Beck: "Why Buy A Gun?" then points at Obama photo

Who do you consider to be a real Democrat?

Boston Bruins win the Stanley Cup. Grrrrrrrrrr

You've lost the plot when..

I just had an amusing interaction with a petitioner

Whenever I see Gloria Allred standing next to someone while that someone makes a public statement...

Britain walks out: UK braced for biggest wave of strikes since the 1980s

Remember when Boehner sued Bush for illegal war and torture?

The Lunar Eclipse

Saw the following bumper sticker: "When evolution is outlawed, only the outlaws will evolve."

From the Daily Beast via Balloon Juice: Hilarious Michele Bachmann Story!

The Days Run Away Like Wild Horses Over the Hills

SF Animal Control Commission seeks ban on goldfish


Obama Receives "Transparency Award" In Secret Meeting

Have you ever wondered how the FOX News team can say such terrible things and live with themselves?

NJ State Attorneys Go Union (IBEW)

OK.. I'm going "big board" with this request re: Current TV & Keith

Tom the Dancing Bug - one of the best I've seen

Sibel Edmonds: Rescind President Obama's 'Transparency Award' Now

I support a 2012 primary challenge against Dennis Kucinich.

Why are some people so anti-union? This isn’t anything new.

pRick Perry fancies himself a prophet... Does anyone else see a Randall Flagg vibe in him?

Containment building flooded at Nebraska nuke plant in order to cool fuel rods(pics,vids)+ much more

should we follow Tip O'Neill's advice in the sense

Michelle B. keeps taling about 20 some foster kids. How in the world

Michelle B. keeps taling about 20 some foster kids. How in the world

“We’ve been deferring maintenance of our infrastructure since the Reagan tax cuts.”

I keep thinking about Anthony Weiner welcoming his wife home.

The economy is fine: Pelosi made over $20 million last year

Gulf 'Dead Zone' This Year Predicted To Be Largest In History

Wanted: an Anti-War Movement. It's Time to Put Peace Before Politicians

The Greatest Threat To America

The Epidemic of Mental Illness: Why?

"Christians have an obligation to rule" And other information and quotes re: Bachmann

Michele Bachmann's 10 biggest "Oh no she didn't" moments..

Was Sen John Edwards really a progressive or not?

Greedy woman steals a foul ball from little girl - so wrong, so wrong...

Robert Reich crosses union picket line

Horrible Lesbian Activists Held Me In The Ladies Room Against My Will!

My sister, my friend..

John Edwards' mug shot released

Americans Are Not Being Leveled With

Americans Are Not Being Leveled With

If Mitt Romney is the Republican nominee for President

Any DUers I have ever fought with, now or ever, I apologize

Does anyone here actually (knowingly) use ethanol?


Educators, employers lament ‘skills gap’ hampering R.I. job-seekers

We need a new constitution. Wealth concentration must be addressed.

Neocons Trade Medicare for War (by Robert Parry 6-14-11 Consortium News)

There Are 10 Times As Many Atheists as Mormons: When Will Non-Believers Become a Political Force?

Dylan Ratigan, HuffPo: America for Sale: Is Goldman Sachs Buying Your City?

Ed Shultz has a big program tonight

I'm depressed.

I'm depressed.

If you haven't opened your home to a foster kid how can you rip Bachmann on the issue?

US Makes a Drone Attack a Day in Yemen (130 Killed in June)

5-year-old boy gets 200 stitches after dog mauling

Wall Streets Need For Trading Speed: The Nanosecond Age

If you don't like Santorum now, wait until you see this:

Game of Thrones/GOP *spoilers*

I don't get people's disagreement on what we did in Libya

I don't get people's disagreement on what we did in Libya

Krugman: Obama Seems to Be Following the "Expanding by Contracting" Theory

Visited The Surgeon Today and Learned Something Interesting...

If you have any of those gel-burning "firepots', this is a must-read

If you have any of those gel-burning "firepots', this is a must-read

Yard sign I've seen popping up all over western PA

Rush Limbaugh Wants You To Buy His Tea, For Some Reason

Why do people make fun of others' physical appearance?

Sex Scandal Might Bring Down John Boehner - But he didn't send any racy pictures so it's okay!

Anyone heard any more about Newt's scandal?

Ding Dong Dixie, that's what we called it, and no one ever shot us....


DU Social Engineering question o' the day: Retire our elders or imprison our youth?

Keith Olbermann’s Return to NBC…Jimmy Fallon Thursday night

Keith Olbermann’s Return to NBC…Jimmy Fallon Thursday night

So far, I like Rahm Emanuel being my mayor.

Congressman Sherman (D-CA): Reject the Free Trade Agreement w/ South Korea

Repubs. Suppress the Vote in Wisconsin

Japan good (sort of relatively) news on nuclear situation.

Street rioting in Vancouver after Canucks lose to Bruins

Manatee teachers get hit hard with cuts. Broward County to lay off about 1400 teachers.

Wisconsin public school teachers should not pay for school suplies out of their own pocket anymore

I am convinced Progressives want to fail

Neil Boortz Calls For Killing Americans In Atlanta (Domestic Terrorism) WTF?

What does it mean when laid off teachers are told to "look beyond education for new jobs"?

Johns Hopkins Study Probes "Sacred Mushroom" Chemical

Johns Hopkins Study Probes "Sacred Mushroom" Chemical

Workers’ share of national income plummets to record low

Obama claims he doesn't need the approval of Congress to continue the war in Libya. Congress sues.

Libyan Revolution Week 17 part 2

I'm an INTP

War Powers Act Does Not Apply to Libya, Obama Argues

It's clear that there are some hard feelings surrounding discussion of LGBT issues here on DU.

I'm convinced that Quincy Jones could make ANYONE sound great.

Coltrane's Dix Hills home placed on NTHP's list of 11 Most Endangered Historic Places

I found out how to fix organized religion in this country:

When We Saw This Scene on "Miami Vice", We Were Blown Away

Canadian DUers: Why is there so much collective hate against the Vancouver Canucks?


Miraculously, when I threatened an audit, the bank found all the payments...

Air Force Releases Security Enhancement for Twitter

Letterman is nuts

PHOTO: "Dinner Is Warming"

Any DUers affected by the Missouri River floods?

Snakes in the House! MF Snakes in the MF House!11!!1

The fun is over. Trumad's check bounced

anybody else having trouble with photobucket?

do your eyeglasses make dents in your head behind the ears?

My friend had a disabling heart problem last year, he's 63 1/2. Is he eligible for SS disability?

"Oh my god, it's eating Steve!"

NASCAR welcomes Waltrip, Yarborough, Evans, Inman and Glen Wood to the HOF

Fuck. Looks like I won't get to see the Stanley Cup this year....

Go to the google home page right now. Cool moon animation!

I need help...

Downtown Oakland BBQ

Does anyone know why when you buy ladies socks they come with 10 pieces of packaging:

Go! Go! Black and gold!

E-FUCKING-GADS! My eldest daughter is 20 today.

These kids with xBoxs and PS3s...

LeBron's Precious

"In the crotch" is the phrase for today. Modify a thread title to include "in the crotch".

Have you seen the video of the lion trying to eat baby Trent?

The 50 Worst Sci-Fi Movies

That hat, that fucking hat. How many times did I tell you not to wear that fucking hat?

What is the latest word on MFM?

Samuel L. Jackson reads "Go the F*ck to Sleep." (Warning: strong language)

Anyone Know How To Get a DVD Out of a Computer?

Oh come the fuck on, Vancouver fans!!!

Kitty stuck in a two-and-a-half-inch pipe rescued by firemen

Cool cloud picture

How do you feel when someone cuts you off in traffic & doesn't give a basic "I'm sorry" hand-wave?"

I rented the first season of the 'the Wire' today. Is it hard to get into or was

My kitteh iz a star!

Can someone explain this to me?

Ducks only. Post a pic (puc?) of a Duck.

maybe some vibes for DUer PanaderO or his neighbors

The Cleveland obsession with L. James continues....

You don't matter much to me.(Lame copycat)

Does anyone know of a Denny's that serves alcoholic beverages?

Sudan bombing 'causing huge suffering' in border state

Another Amazon activist killed in logging conflict

Syrians vent rage in tent camps on border with Turkey

Al-Qaida militants hold 10 soldiers hostage during fight in south Yemen: official

On Medicare, Senate Democrats Say They Won’t Accept a “Mini” Ryan Plan

Medicare Cuts Would Hit Republican Lawmakers

Pakistan 'arrests CIA informants in Bin Laden raid'

Wisconsin ruling limits collective bargaining among public workers

Educators, employers lament ‘skills gap’ hampering R.I. job-seekers

Weiner's wife returns home as new images emerge showing congressman cross dressing and 'oiled up'

Weiner's wife returns home as new images emerge showing congressman cross dressing and 'oiled up'

Greece general strike prompts violent clashes in Athens

Cuba's famed cigar industry is heating up again

Troops loyal to Libyan leader shell western mountains in bid to thwart rebels advancing towards

Radioactive cesium detected from 2 whales+

Bipartisan bill would end government's warrantless GPS tracking

U.S. issues terror-related travel warning for Philippines

Exercise focuses on security

Major Changes In Medicare Copays; Managed Care Expansion Get A Boost From Advisory Group

Misrata rebel leader appeals to Nato to save neighbouring town

Misrata rebel leader appeals to Nato to save neighbouring town

UK presses Sri Lanka over Channel 4's 'war crimes' film

News Companies Popular Investments Among Congressmen

News Companies Popular Investments Among Congressmen

Scientists predict rare 'hibernation' of sunspots

British teachers announce mass strike over pensions

Senate GOP punts same-sex marriage decision (NY)

(AZ) Russell Pearce to face recall election, group says

Index Gauging Future Outlook For The Battered (Building) Industry Is At Its Lowest Point In 9 Months

Nelson Mandela's ex-charity chief found not guilty over 'blood diamonds'

Twenty-seven Senators sign bipartisan letter calling on Obama to speed up Afghan withdrawal

Protesters react to court decision on collective bargaining;

Food Price Increases Are Changing Global Diets, Oxfam-Backed Survey Says

Nato chief Anders Fogh Rasmussen warns of 'two-tier' force

Gabrielle Giffords Released From Hospital Today

Archbishop: If Marriage Equality Law Passes NY Will Be Like North Korea

Flaherty tells U.S. to get deficit plan in place

Giffords released from Houston hospital

Report: Newark airport screeners targeted Mexicans and Dominicans

N.Y. Senate Republicans Undecided on a Gay Marriage Vote

House Democrats Beat Back Conservative Efforts To Further Cut Domestic, International Food Aid

Wisconsin unions sue over new collective bargaining law

Greek Prime Minister Papandreou Offers to Resign

Russell Pearce to face recall election, group says (the author of SB1070)

Strong earthquake strikes off Papua New Guinea (6.6)

Stand Up Chicago: Thousands Rally Against Corporate Greed, 24 People Arrested (PHOTOS)

AP Exclusive: Czechs out of US missile shield plan

Poll: Less than half of GOP primary voters satisfied with 2012 field

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday, June 15, 2011

LulzSec Continues Global Hack Attack: CIA Down, Senate Attacked Again!

New York Assembly approves same-sex marriage

One Wisconsin Now: Assembly GOP drops Green Bay private school scheme after One Wisconsin Now open

Pakistan's Secret Service Arrests 5 CIA Informants Who Spied on Bin Laden

Porn star to reveal links with Representative Weiner

Protests block Spain's Catalan parliament

Republicans Dodge Farm Subsidy Cuts

Hackers Say Attacked CIA Site, Service Disrupted

US universities report sharp rise in UK applicants

Iran Launches Second Homemade Satellite Into Earth Orbit, Will Develop High Resolution Maps

C.I.A. Building Base for Strikes in Yemen

Collective bargaining law takes effect June 29; state (WI)wants it sooner

Tories move to shut down Air Canada strike

Joss Stone plot: two men charged

Democrats may strip Anthony Weiner of committee assignment

Parties clash over hearing on Muslim radicalization

Exclusive: Google's Web mapping can track your phone

CENSORSHIP Dems Cry Foul Over GOP Interference With Medicare Mailers

Mullen: U.S. Will Not Leave Afghanistan

Most U.S. Counties Not Living as Long as Other Countries

WisDems: Dems to appeal GAB decision on widespread GOP election fraud

Fighting marijuana use: White House official offers detailed plans

WikiLeaks Grand Jury Witness David House Refuses to Testify, Invokes Fifth Amendment

Man Says He Was Fired After Telling Employer His Wife Has Cancer

Mexico drug war: US sting 'let cartels buy guns'

Ex-Spy Alleges Effort to Discredit Bush Critic

Canadian Navy warship spotted in Maine waters

On 40th Anniversary Of War On Drugs, Cops Decry Obama's Drug Policy

War Powers Act Does Not Apply to Libya, Obama Argues

Bloggers Mulling Legal Action Against Righthaven

Canucks fans erupt in anger after (Stanley Cup Finals) loss

Pawlenty took himself out of the race

David Leonhardt (NY Times): Cutting the Deficit, Adding Jobs

Obama in Puerto Rico...

Twenty-seven Senators sign bipartisan letter calling on Obama to speed up Afghan withdrawal

Ex-Mass. Speaker convicted in corruption case

POLL: Obama rebounds in Pennsylvania - approval at 48% (+6), beats Romney 47/40 and Santorum 49/38.

Netanyahu Says He Won’t Back Down After Meeting Obama Envoy

If we as Democrats and activists cannot remember...Infrastructure investments

White House: US 'can act in Libya without Congress' (BBC)

TPM: Top Republicans Pour Cold Water On Obama’s Last-Ditch Stimulus Plan

Matt Miller (Ctr for American Progress): Obama a president or pawn?

Kerry: Fighting for MA Transgender Equal Rights Law

Texas Governor Perry knows American History -- NOT

NBC News/Wall Street Journal Poll

Milbank:"A day of awkwardness with Mitt Romney" He is just so ODD - not going to wear well.

Ezra Klein: Pawlenty’s tax cuts vs. Bush’s tax cuts in one graph

What is Obama doing? Where is the push for jobs? Where are the big programs?

Despite the RW media narrative about Obama sinking... WSJ poll shows differently

Hey: How can I get invited?

Skinner posted a thread re: LBGT issues on DU. You should Visit it

Comments about big mouth Newt.

Why Presidential polling RIGHT NOW does matter

Anyone here read the War Powers Act? It's pretty short and straightforward.

Want to be scared by Bachman?

Can anyone imagine what would have happened if Obama had eaten pizza with a fork?

Why haven't we seen any stories on Bachmann's 23 foster children?

President Obama to eat dinner with $5 donors

Obama's Visit to Puerto Rico Highlights Island's Place in U.S. Politics

The Big Fix Part 1


National Nurses United Main Street Not Wall Street

Top 6 Health Care Myths In Yesterday's Republican Presidential Debate

Debate: Should Same Sex Marriage Be Legal In America (please unfreep comment section)

"HERE'S THE PROBLEM!" Ratigan Spells-It-Out For Congressman Ellison

Thom Hartmann: How to Cut Wall Street Down to Size

Thom Hartmann: School vouchers - The best Governor money can buy?

TRMS: Richard Engel and crew awarded Edward R. Murrow award

Thom Hartmann: Will Banksters stand by and watch the

Czech Out: US missile shield plans shot down by Prague

It's the White House, and even though there's a black dude in it, IT'S STILL THE WHITE HOUSE

TDPS: Anti-Gay Nuts Complain They're Being Bullied. "Tolerate my intolerance!"

David Heath on the Drug War & New Report that 70 Percent of Seized Mexico Guns Are From U.S.

CIA builds secret air base for Yemen drone attacks as 130 killed in June

Virginia Chairman Jeff Frederick is running for State Senate. Funny.

Rachel Maddow describes Rick Santorum's soaring sex scandal hypocrisy

Will NYS Senate pass gay marriage bill?

JPMorgan Chase Screws Alabama County TYT

Nigel Farage: Bankers+Politicians = 'Unholy Alliance' vs People

Darrel Issa REFUSES To ALLOW Let ATF Agents Testify Against 'TOOTHLESS GUN LAWS '

CIA Building Mideast Base to Launch Drone Attacks in Yemen - Democracy NOW!

Sarah Palin Cured by an Angel

10 U.S. Lawmakers Sue Obama Over Libyan War

Disposable- New Boss, Same as the old Boss by Ted Rall

RFK, Jr. On The Last Mountain

MSNBC: Medicare Fight, Debt & Defense Spending (Cenk Fired Up!)

Goodbye for Now...

Trump To Hannity: "Republicans Have A Death Wish"

Gary Johnson: 'I Never Thought I Would Be Left Off '

"This Is The Most GUTLESS Institution!" Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur

Sri Lanka's Killing Fields by Channel 4 [Full video]

Shocking New Republican 2012 Ad!

Give us your cash, B--ch!

Dan Savage wins Special Achievement Award at the 15th Annual Webby Awards

Arnie Gundersen - Nebraska Nuclear Plant: Emergency Level 4 & About to Get Worse

Dennis Kucinich: Obama Can Tell It To A Judge!

Islamic Cultural Terrorism

Good Will Hunting had it right 14 years ago

10 congressmen sue Obama over strikes in Libya

Walt Whitman's "Beat! beat! drums!" -- an anti-nuke message

DISPATCHES FROM AMERICA Siamese twins sharing the same brain

New documentary shows Sri Lanka 'war crimes'

Syrian envoy expected in Turkey for crisis talks

Inside the Surprising World of an Urban Underground Collective of Artists, Punks and Non-Conformists

What the Palin Emails Really Show - Mother Jones

Tex Shelters takes his Republican Entrance Exam to Run for President

The G.O.P. Debate ( NYT Editorial)

Rep. Sends Constituent Semi-Literate Email Comparing Unions to Hitler

Abrahamson (WI Supreme Court Chief Justice) accuses majority of giving case 'short shrift'

Amy Goodman: War on Drugs: Fast, Furious and Fueled by the U.S.

Eunuch Pawlenty Runs as The 'Anti-Weiner' — Tweets His 'Naked Nothing'

Prominent American academic Bill Ayers barred from entering Canada

Ahmadinejad Joins China, Russia Leaders At Summit

Repugs man barricades against Obama's latest cash Transfusion for the Economy

Nato chief Anders Fogh Rasmussen warns of 'two-tier' force

A Tale of Two Bridal Registries: Prince William & Kate Middleton, Kris Humphries & Kim Kardashian

Europe warned of financial chaos over Greek debt crisis

U.S. students are ignoramuses

Indian Outsourcers Try to Blunt U.S. Backlash

An Introduction to Michelle Bachmann

Sheila Jackson Lee Asks About ‘Christian Militants’ During Anti-Muslim Hearing

America's Favorite Talking Hot Head: NYT


If comic-book characters repeatedly beat each other over the head, they hurt their brains, study fin

The Wisconsin Supreme Court Crisis – Far More Serious Than The Ruling On Walker’s Anti-Collective Ba

Anthony Weiner Twitter Photo Shoot

Jena, Louisiana officials "racist vendetta" against residents who supported "Jena Six"

History Professor Takes On Ken Burns' Version of History

What the frack?: Controversy over fracking in Michigan prompts calls for ban, moratorium

Drumbeat: June 15, 2011

Shell starts to fire up Pearl plant in Qatar (NG -> petroleum products)

China's Drought Threatens Farm Income, Drinking Water, Wildlife and Hydropower

EPA hands job of cleaning Florida's water to polluters

NC Legislative Cmte. Votes To Eliminate State Monitoring, Enforcement Of Air Quality

Demolition On Condit Dam, White Salmon River (WA) To Begin In October


U.S. Department of Energy Offers $2 Billion in Loan Guarantees for California Solar Projects

(Gov.) Christie’s (R-moran) Dim Outlook for Solar Energy in N.J.

US Utilities Developing More Solar Projects

Japan finds radioactive cesium in slaughtered minke whales

$4 gas a thing of the past, at least for now

Europe Braces for Serious Crop Losses and Blackouts (heat and drought affects nuclear cooling water)

Deja Vu All Over Again at Fukushima Daiichi?

Rifle's (CO) Community Owned Solar Array Largest In Nation At 3,575 Panels

Max Planck Inst. Elephant Expert - Time Has Already Run Out For Forest Elephant Species - BBC

My regular sources for good energy information. Hope you find them interesting.

China in lead poisoning 'cover-up' - Human Rights Watch (BBC)

Whole Foods Parking Lot

Russia building floating nuclear power plants

Airspace Over Flooded Nebraska Nuclear Power Plant Still Closed

"Stop saying everything is because of climate change"

Ex-nuclear engineer says it can never be safe

Saudi Arabia’s Freedom Riders

Killed Someone? Let God Cover For You!

Texas Religious Leaders Speak Out Against Perry’s Anti-LGBT Prayer Service

Why I Am A 13-Year-Old Atheist

My Path to Atheism

Clinton recognizes ‘proud history of innovators Muslim world has’

Is There a Place for Atheists in Alcoholics Anonymous?

When my daughter came out, her brother was very upset. He was

Attention JoeyBee...I are calling you! Check out the cover of GayTimes Magazine

Mom supports gay marriage!

Gay Flag Football League to Publish Calendar (To Benefit Gay Youth)

New York needs ONE more "Yes" vote for Marriage Equality

Boehner Accused of Breaking the Bank on Defense of DOMA

WW II Vet for Marriage Equality in New York

Gay Marriage Bill Gains More GOP Support

If You Dare ...from the "Texas GOP Vote" blog re:DADT

Despite Anti-Gay Messages, GOProud Thrilled with NH Debate Among GOP Contenders

N.Y. Archbishop Compares Gay Marriage to Communist Regimes

Michele Bachmann, gay-curing theocrat

HRC Applauds U.S. Department of Education for Supporting GSAs .

Cambridge, Mass., Equalizes Cost of Health Insurance for Gay Workers

Rep. Allen West fires intern for pro-gay response to Tracy Morgan rant

Withers: Republican candidates don’t heart gay soldiers

Pat Robertson - Straight actors being forced to play gay roles


Gay marriage bill talks unresolved in NY Senate

HHS Puts Cash Up for First LGBT Refugee Center

What straight men don't understand about lesbians

Need to gain some understanding.

Dropped the ball. May I apologize here?

grrrrrr. we're 'absolutists' -- we're 'racists'.

Anti-gay activists crying ‘bully’

Theists, how would your life be different if you were an atheist? (atheists welcome as well!)

Cyndi Lauper Joins Fight For Gay Marriage In New York

Who else is tired of the words, "This all part of God's plan" and