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From what legislation are we being distracted by Weiner's weiner?

What I'd like to say to Sarah Palin..

Today in history: Medgar Evers, Loving v. Virginia, "Tear down this wall", and Filipino independence

Aide: Houston hospital could release Giffords this month

Israel's central bank chief applies to head IMF

Rep Peter King to hold second radicalization hearing

Which Apps Are Threatened by Apple’s Upgrades?

Juan Cole: Thousands Protest in Bahrain

Iraqi President to Discuss U.S. Troops Presence in Iraq

Russia objects to US warship in Black Sea

CROATIA: Extremists throw stones, firecrackers at gay pride parade

Cantwell, Murray push big cut in 'shoe tax'......WTF

Republicans announce three-pronged renewable energy policy.

Toon: Speaking of obscene bulges...

Afghan Taliban Cede Ground in the South, but Fears Linger

Elderly FL man loses arm & badly mauled by neighbor's 2 dogs

First photos of Gabrielle Giffords released

The only good thing to come out of the MSM's obsession with "Weinergate"

Turkey offers Gadafy exit 'guarantee'


Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide, Scott Walker

Suspected suicide bombing kills 34 in Pakistan

Keith Olbermann on NPR's Fresh Air

The Economy and D.C.: Republicans’ Tax-cutting Fantasia

The US politburo

After 10 Years, No Security Unit is Fit to Take Over From Coalition in Afghanistan

Utter crap from the AP again: 'Some gay-rights foes claim they now are bullied'

The ultimate absurdity of AW's "private communication" with a 17yo...

Have you ever written to tech support to say "it doesn't work"?

Can all the people who felt qualified to give medical direction to Wiener tell us when Giffords will

Video with a twist....ha!

A Look at a Slow Money Restaurant: Gather

Pawlenty the new Ryan.

American Revolution 2.0: On June 14th to Rebel Against Economic Tyranny

A Facebook friend posted that " 37% of new jobs in 2010 were created in Texas"


So is the new term "Sext Addict"?

How Senator Vitter Battled the EPA Over Formaldehyde’s Link to Cancer

Sometimes we misspeak...

A purely political question?

Paul Krugman Blog-It’s the Health Care Costs, Stupid

More Than 600 Sickened by Lead Poisoning in China

I used to Live Video Chat with a bunch of kids every day

Iranian opposition figure dies of heart attack while on hunger strike

Too close to Obama: Air Force intercepts civilian plane near Camp David

I think we all can agree that the standard of ethics as it is now, and probably forever, defined in

Huge AZ wildfire spreads, health conditions worsen

The proper word for it is "sabotage"

What Big Oil Really Does With Our Money

Latest example of why CNN is a joke...

Gabrielle Giffords Photos: First Images Of Congresswoman Since Arizona Shooting

Dick Cheney's Halliburton: a corporate case study

Things have been tense here lately...

Things have been tense here lately...

11-year-old girl shot for playing too close to parked vehicle

Republicans in Disarray as Presidential Election Looms

Freeper: "Romney's a degenerate snake oil salesman, coward, lying self serving opportunist jerk off"

DU Moderators are making the unemployment problem worse!

Meet the Press needs to be an hour long.

Obama administration may approve Texas voter ID law to avoid court review, experts say

Sometimes, you can tell the smallest doses of kindness and acceptance mean so much to people.

Sometimes, you can tell the smallest doses of kindness and acceptance mean so much to people.

44 years ago, today: Loving V. Virginia

Connecticut Becomes the First State in the Nation to Mandate Paid Sick Leave

Connecticut Becomes the First State in the Nation to Mandate Paid Sick Leave

Meet the smart, articulate, knowledgable, committed People of Walkerville, Wisconsin.

Too Big to Fail, or Too Trifling for Oversight?

Canada's burning, too

Looking for link to end of "New Rules" from Friday. After "Hand Solo."

Vitter's office declined to comment on Weiner

Wisconsin: Dems take high road, won't run fake candidates in recall primaries.

One of a kind characters in the Entertainment world.

Report: Public Banking Can Democratize the Economy

Nancy Pelosi Should Resign For....

Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya, and now Yemen

Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya, and now Yemen

I have been watching some subtle and believe me not so subtle attacks on all things Democratic Party

U.S. Underwrites Internet Detour Around Censors

Let's Call Attention to the Excellent Congress Members and Senators

Will the President Pass the Warren Test?

"11 year old girl stable after being shot"

Fukushima 4 Spent Fuel Pool in Critical Condition

Man kills own cows when they won't go back home

"We Can Do It" Says German Environment Agency on Nuclear Phase Out

Anyone ever heard of BerkShares? DIY economics.

Constituents Planning Rally To Demand Weiner's Resignation

Spare Us the Propaganda on Afghanistan

Wisconsin: Protesters aren't paying their fines!

Toles toon on Tim Pawlenty

What works for the far right.. does not work for the center

What works for the far right.. does not work for the center

If you liked what George W. Bush did to this country, you will LOVE Rick Perry!

Is Mitt Romney A Job Creator Or Destroyer? (Reprise Records & Hiding Behind Lawyers)

Reaganomics or Trickle Down Economics, is now religion to both Democrats and Republicans

Iraq, Afghanistan ,Libya ,Pakistan, Billions spent every day

Angry birds dive-bomb police officers

"They" are recruiting and "you" might be interested in applying.

If you post about Weiner, remember Vitter. Both Stupid Horn Dogs!

Watched "Casino Jack" - damn is it close to what I remember about the scandal.

Jeb Bush, Bob Wise to address "Education technology task force" in Idaho Tuesday

Did I hear Priebus say that Ensign resigned within six weeks

Startling revelations from a Swiss banking insider (Bilderburgers)

The newspaper headlines regarding Palin's emails are at odds with the actual emails

Sad Story: Construction slump creates a Sheetrock ghost town.

Toon - Tweet For Help

Its almost kind of like Vitter has been avoiding getting near any news outlets lately hasn't it?

Welcome to the American Job Crisis: All Praises Due to American Capitalism

do you think that some democratic senators like

Hands-on democracy in Iceland

Pawlenty schooled by (gasp) Chris Wallace!

Comfort or Conflict: Earlier Down syndrome Test

Quality Lacking in Online News Boom, FCC Says

Quality Lacking in Online News Boom, FCC Says

Tweeting by members of Congress down significantly.

Tweeting by members of Congress down significantly.

Donald Trump cannot find the birth certificates of the so-called "Navajo" Code Talkers of WWII.

Defunding Planned Parenthood, The Battle Turns Uglier

Getting our attention on a different matter....

Bwaaaaaaaaaah Hack Gregory nailed Santorum

A Economic lesson: Greece piles on austerity measures, economy dives

China ratings house says US defaulting: report

I'm noticing something interesting as I watch a Mass from the Vatican on EWTN:

I'm noticing something interesting as I watch a Mass from the Vatican on EWTN:

I'm noticing something interesting as I watch a Mass from the Vatican on EWTN:

Horsey toon: How can a guy be so dumb?

Lindsey Graham calls for all options (including military force) to be on table for Syria

Sylbil Ludington, the "Female Paul Revere"...

Politico staff must have trouble finding material.

Circle K clerk chases robber with mop, Redding police say

Circle K clerk chases robber with mop, Redding police say

ALL politicians in this country are slaves to money

DUers remember Thomas Druce and Tom RIdge's statement at the time

OK. Say he stays in the House. What's his future there?

Rethinking home construction for the new and improved weather we have created

Why don't women send online pics? Who says they don't?

Reagan Raised Taxes 11 Times

Reagan Raised Taxes 11 Times

Reagan Raised Taxes 11 Times

Sunday Talk Shows

Quake reconstruction panel recommends tax hikes

Since it's been proven that Dems will never

Michigan bus company shut down after officials find people traveling in luggage compartment - again

Don't Know What To Think Here... 'Rabbit Born Without Ears Near Fukushima Nuclear Plant' (w/Video)

Is a resignation really punishment?

So far, Obama does not face a credible primary challenge.

Wasserman Schultz Calls Out RNC Chair Priebus Sex Scandal Hypocrisy (video)

Remember when the big thing was for someone to sit their bare ass on a Xerox machine and copy it?

The Photo that brought AIDS home

Processed American style cheese food product. -

Processed American style cheese food product. -

The Afghan war is lost. So now who'll take the blame?

Wisconsin: Ooops. State's biggest business lobby hypes mining bill B/4 it's introduced.

Wisconsin: Ooops. State's biggest business lobby hypes mining bill B/4 it's introduced.

A guide to what Lanny Davis means when he calls himself a "liberal Democrat"

Iraq willing to invade the US and rebuild the country, but they require a promise of payment.

Iraq willing to invade the US and rebuild the country, but they require a promise of payment.

Consumption – To Repeat the Obvious – Is the Sole End and Object of All Economic Activity - FDL

Just wondering: why is there no talk about cutting the judicial branch?

Anti-Abortion Efforts In States Hit Obstacle Of Own Making - Reuters

So It's Come To This... WTF ???

One more thing about that disgusting photo

Paul Krugman Blog-Discretionary Truthiness Update

Seems all it takes to bring the GOP into a fevered frenzy is a nice plump penis... hmmm must be

Peace and Social Justice (and democracy) needs your help

Just for today. Okay, and tomorrow.

The Christian right's war on America (Video too)

Running dry Oil production fails to keep up with demand

Rachel Tabachnick: Rick Perry Partnering with New Apostolic Groups for Houston "Call to Prayer"...:

To anyone who was following the "Gay Girl in Damascus" story

Making money from homeopathy

Has Michele Bachmann announced she's running for president?

Even New Hampshire - NEW HAMPSHIRE - wants to raise taxes on the wealthiest!

High level of strontium found at Fukushima plant

High level of strontium found at Fukushima plant

Palin emails let old media test new media methods

Governor Rick Perry's campaign slogan: "I'm in it to kill it. (Medicare)"

Execution in a Killing That Fanned Class Rancor

Big dad...lemme talk about him for 28 hours with ya... (REPOST from 2008)

Big dad...lemme talk about him for 28 hours with ya... (REPOST from 2008)

Now the important question: What are we going to do about sleaze merchants?

If our Country voiced her horror at the of the current pack of republiclowns,

Mr. Fish: Portrait of Change We Can Believe In, circa 2012

Wall Street's Latest Manufactured Outrage

Lady Gaga performs at Rome gay pride rally of hundreds of thousands

Boehner cries, makes Weiner jokes at Ohio State commencement

Police close Delaware Weiner case - (No evidence of wrongdoing involving 17 year old) ~

2nd Palin movie to hit the screen..

Deadly Joplin tornado stirred up rare fungal infections - I had never ever heard of this before

Military spending Defence costs

Onion-like headlines in real life

Onion-like headlines in real life

Instead of focusing energy on getting the people on the right who stalked Weiner

US Uncut, Yes Men to Bust Corporate Tax Dodgers in Cayman Islands

Gabrielle Giffords: First Photos Posted on Facebook (since shooting)

Face it, Congress moves slow as molasses when there aren't bright, shiny things distracting them,

OK, My Boss just confirmed it, if I sent a photo from our company gym holding my junk they....

California Set To Become Even More Democratic!

Congrats to the DALLAS Mavericks NBA champs

On stroll in his NYC district, Weiner is cheered

NYT: Las Vegas builds 'the saddest shopping center on the planet'

This is a first- a Texas entity....

Diver To Look For Bin Laden's Body

United Nations development statistics for 2008

Atomic gardening: Day of the irradiated peanut

Experiencing Horror changes you

Using Waste Heat From Automobile Exhaust

Look at these poll results from 1998 about Bill Clinton

Sen. Bill Nelson (D-FL): Silent (a message about Social Security)

anyone know what happened to Olbermann's foot?

Documentary exposes America's big dirty secret

Documentary exposes America's big dirty secret

Has radiation from Japan made us crazy?

So a man is in trouble for being an exhibitionist.

What if Weiner got his own TV show.

Alan Rubin, Blues Brothers trumpeter, dies at 68

Bloomberg Game Changers Show about Koch Brothers

Amnesty International condemns sharp rise in beheadings in Saudi Arabia

Police Officers, Fed Up with Rick Scott, Leave Republican Party En Masse

Why did anyone believe Weiner in the first place?

"The higher taxes go, the more people cheat on them, the less revenue comes in."

I think Breitart and his posse' should be investigated for the way they stalked

"President Obama needs to think about where he would be right now had he been caught with drugs....

John Nichols: Wisconsin GOP Batters Democracy With Sleazy "Fake Candidate" Strategy

this is kind of old news, but did you hear about Emily Fuller?

this is kind of old news, but did you hear about Emily Fuller?

Bike congestion causing problems for Montreal cyclists

Pressure mounts on Weiner as new photos emerge

About 1,000 Oklahoma Guard Troops Headed to Kuwait Instead of Afghanistan

DU Researchers: Is there an online dictionary that will translate a phrase in any

How often do other DUers influence you enough to change your position?

Rescued lab beagles given first taste of freedom

Rep. Weiner: A career assassination of convenience

Can Supreme Court justices be impeached?

WCBS (New York) reports Weiner reconsidering decision not to resign...

How many here send seductive photos to your significant others?

Why are Conservatives conservative?

Why are Conservatives conservative?

U.S. Funding Secret Internet Access for Dissidents Abroad - TheAtlantic

U.S. Funding Secret Internet Access for Dissidents Abroad - TheAtlantic

The Whistleblowers of 1777

-15s intercept plane near US presidential retreat

OMG! State of MO requires new voters to register 1 calendar year prior to the election!

Police Officers, FED-UP with Rick Scott, LEAVE Republican Party En Masse

Let Them In: How Brazilians Could Help the U.S. Economy

“It’s going to take time,”

I work with numerous Indian H1B's and am attempting to learn some Hindi

So How Many Jobs Will Obama Lose or Create.....

Now THIS is really interesting for oldtime TeeVee watchers:

Hoyer is standing up to Ryan on Face the Nation

Koch Brothers Edit Wikipedia

The Rich Are Destroying the Economy

Black Republican Ken Barnes confronts his conscience and becomes Black ex-Republican Ken Barnes

While we were otherwise occupied...

Poverty Wrecks the Mind, Not Just the Wallet

Time to declare a Wiener Free Zone.. or bubble

Those Anti Weiner protestors are Perverts and something is seriously wrong with them

Right Wing Rolls Out a Dubious, Nationwide Attack on Americans = Voting Rights

John Boehner's demand: 'Spending cuts need to be larger than the increase in the debt limit

Remote Area Medical (RAM) One Man's Experience

'Dan Rather Reports' this Tuesday: H-1Bs

NYT: Obama Seeks to Win Back Wall St. Cash

Lucky dog travels cross-country to find a home

When did Congress authorize war in Yemen?

A real loss for the Progressive Community, a long-term patient and friend of mine:



Poverty = slavery. Agree or disagree? Why or why not?

The American people had better think hard before they put Republicans back in charge.

I don't get it. Weiner text some pictures of himself in a towel and Dems are screaming for his head

More Anthony Weiner photos surface online.

God Caught Backing Multiple GOP Candidates for President.

The Weiner story gets weirder every day. Let's face it, the guy is a pervert!

In a pinch, half of U.S. families can’t find $2,000

Anyone see MTP today? - Gregory let RNC guy get away with dishonest statement

After Cancer Treatment, Utah Attn. Gen. supports legal medical marijuana

Blast from the (far distant) Past

Petition @DWStweets @NancyPelosi to Let @RepWeiner Stay at the Request of the People

Gentoo Penguins - info and pics

Asking you to predict the future: Which outcome seems more likely to you at this time?

Debt Collectors Ask to Be Paid a Little Respect , they are the 'salt of the earth'

Debt Collectors Ask to Be Paid a Little Respect , they are the 'salt of the earth'

For the Executive With Everything, a $230,000 Dog to Protect It

Rep. Weiner used Congressional Gym as Backdrop

What If UK Drops Out of All US Wars?


First photos of Gabrielle Giffords...

Tell Obama "DON'T undermine Social Security funding"

California asks teachers to give up pensions

Exclusive: Obama's Secret Afghan Exit Formula

Some gay-rights foes claim they now are bullied

Russia objects to US warship in Black Sea

"Sitting on a cornflake,

"Sitting on a cornflake,

Goal: 100,000 Strong Supporting the Repeal of DADT (PLEASE sign)

Spitzer Schools Coulter: "Your story would be nice if it were true, but it's not.

BREAKING: It was just announced in Wisconsin! RECALL....

I despair

I despair

Shit. I just realized: Anthony Weiner = Chandra Levy!

Keith Olbermann's new show on Current starts

“Effects of radiation don't come to people that are happy-They come to people who are weak-spirited"

Blocking Elizabeth Warren: "the president’s response has been to dither"

Hypatia... I Feel Your Pain... From: Carl Sagan's 'Cosmos', Chapter 13: 'Who Speaks For Earth?'

To Gay Duers: Someone Who Has Been Been A Fierce Supporter Of Your Rights Now Needs Your Support

Pelosi said impeachment was off the table for the lying war criminal

I'm happy for Rep. Giffords, but it must be asked if she handle the work her office demands.

In retrospect, Baby Russert's assertion is a metaphor for all that's wrong with the MSM

Please call your reps and Pelosi and the ones who are saying, "resign" today and tomorrow,

A look at how a "turnaround" team treats the teachers in the school they are "turning around."

Doonesbury addresses 'yahoos' and 'morons' today.

'The War You Don't See': A Film You Won't See; It has been Banned


Question for DUers - re this Book of Mormon play

Lady Gaga Angers the Pope: "On a gay scale of one to 10, I am Judy Garland Fucking 42."

Poor Americans vs Poor Mexicans: No Human-Being is Illegal

"Most Democratic voters are closer to the Republicans in their attitudes toward illegal immigration

Rep. Anthony Weiner finally considering he may have to resign, says source

Clarence Thomas, BFEE

Now we're all in BIG trouble...

Jeff Beck fucking WAILS on Ray Charles' "Drown In My Own Tears," live, Later w/ Jools Holland

This is pretty amazing, I urge you to check it out. the "Grand Rapids LipDub"...

One of the best underappreciated rock bands...

Everything is going to be alright.

Anyone else think that the AFI's 100 Years...100 Laughs list is crap?

On the click-throught trail

Things have been tense here lately...

Cosmic Slop


Funky Worm

Comin' Round the Mountain

Peter Gabriel - Solsbury Hill

Watching You

So what does an e-cigarette do?

Picture Thread TIME!

"Deliver the let-A, the sooner the bet-A, you gotta wait a minute, wait a minute..."

I pine for '79 when they spent alot of money on making music videos

Why does my other cat Sydney on a more serious note scoot

Tony Awards..CBS 8 p.m. I'm such a Neil Patrick Harris fan....n/t

"I will get more 'likes' than Scott Walker"

Recipes: Anyone have a good one for Japanese-style ginger salad dressing?

The cute crazy cat lady of eHarmony


Dr Who

The Red Hot Chili Peppers' so-called comeback album. Should they come back or fuck off?

My friend just told me he was in the audience at this show: Jeff Beck, "Cause We've Ended As Lovers"

Have you ever written to tech support to say "it doesn't work"?

What the hell is wrong with Stephen Stills' speech? Is it false teeth?

"Manhunter" - on AMC now. The first Hannibal Lecter movie with Brian Cox as

Weiner is in good shape for a nerdy faced congressman...

I dunno...the new remake of "Sid & Nancy" LOOKS promising, but an all-cat cast?

Showbizzers I thought I disliked but now I don't: Ustinov, Gibson, Robt RYAN

No horse sausage for you! Morrissey is in the house...

High at Disney -

What are your state's Sunday beer laws?

Making money from homeopathy

Dallas vs. Miami thread. DUers heads explode.

A cousin of mine signing on youtube

Is there something wrong with my cat Misty? I fill her water bowl with nice fresh cold water.

Pit bulls - a question spurred by the latest attack

Remember when the big thing was for someone to sit their bare ass on a Xerox machine and copy it?

Hey, I just found out they are remaking Logan's Run

I'm looking for the name of a triangle... here's a description

Lawmakers push for New Afghan Strategy

Comfort or Conflict: Earlier Down syndrome Test

California Set To Become Even More Democratic!

Giffords’ aide says congresswoman could be released from hospital as early as end of June

U.S. Underwrites Internet Detour Around Censors

Some gay-rights foes claim they now are bullied

State Democrats say plan will thwart GOP manipulation

Clinton Honors Embassy Bombing Victims

U.N. Pulls Staff from Sudanese City

Syrian troops bombard border town as refugees flee

Iranian security forces attack silent rally in Tehran

46 years ago today...

Robert Mugabe credits David Cameron for easing Zimbabwe tension

Fazul Abdullah Mohammed's death celebrated in Kenya and Somalia

Duncan pledges ‘No Child’ relief for states

Anybody else watch "Hot in Cleveland?"

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) B. Y. O. Kleenex Edition

Natural gas prices set to jump with exports

Flights cancelled in Australia and New Zealand after Chile volcano

Syria uprising killings rise to 1,300: activists

Muammar Gaddafi's forces come under fire from the west

Ryan, Hoyer call for Weiner's resignation

My Grandpa is dying.

Same-Sex Vote Unlikely in California

Spanish police website hit by cyber attack: report

Kennedy, protesters finish march, call for end to mountaintop removal mining at W.Va. rally

Police investigating a wider timescale for hacking scandal

Lesbian Syrian blog a hoax written by a man

Excessive levels of strontium detected in seawater

Party bosses battle over Weiner scandal

Perdue vetoes state budget (NC)

Hunt: Tea Party May Be Weakened 2012 Force

U.S. Underwrites Internet Detour Around Censors

Game of Thrones--um, holy shit (Spoilers may be in replies but not OP)

Italy's nuclear power referendum gets under way

Apple store employee seeks to plant union seed

Gabrielle Giffords: First pictures of shot Congresswoman

Erdogan set to win Turkey elections, initial results show

Sarah Palin e-mails shows hostility toward Big Oil as Republican governor of Alaska

Anthony Weiner: More Photos Emerge Amid Renewed Calls for His Resignation

Strontium found in groundwater for first time (in Japan)

Obama bid to cut pediatrician training draws fire

Police close Delaware Weiner case - (No evidence of wrongdoing involving 17 year old) ~

Protesters gather in Oakland over ex-cop's release

Mavericks Top Heat for 1st NBA Title In Franchise History

(Wisconsin) State Budget to be Rushed Through Extraordinary Session

Larry Summers Calls For More Economic Stimulus, Payroll Tax Cuts

Richest Americans Get $1.4 Million Tax Cut in Pawlenty Plan

Catholic priests defy Church orders to stay away from liberal Mass

E Street Band's Clarence Clemons Suffers Stroke ('Seriously Ill')

AFL-CIO Threatens To Primary Tim Johnson Over CEO Pay

Powerful earthquake rocks Christchurch (5.5 and 6.0)

Series of moderate earthquakes hit Eritrea – Ethiopia border region

Too Big to Fail, or Too Trifling for Oversight? - NY Times

too close to Obama: Air Force intercepts plane

I hope Rick Perry throws his hat into the ring and has to answer for his sorry record

Floods, droughts, tornadoes

Mike Luckovich: On Weiner and global warming...

Don Lemon to Rick Santorum: "Do you have any gay friends?"

Obama to visit Puerto Rico Tuesday-first president to do so since JFK

Enough of this crap about "uncertainty." Businesses need workers, and they need to hire.

Obama Seeks to Win Back Wall St. Cash

Fuck Them

Impact of released messages: Palin runs?

If you're uneasy about polls or doubt 2012...

I can see a scenario where Mitt could win presidency

Not happy with Obama's work on the economy? Have you run for office yourself? What can pass?

If Obama Pulled His Name From Seeking POTUS in 2012...WHO?

I'm tired of the media's conservative bias… here is the example of the week

If the US elects a Republican next year, we damn well deserve WHATEVER we get

Dow Chemical Greenwashing Exposed

The Story of Cosmetics

Must-see climate change video connects the dots-While NYT Does Not

How Far Would You Go To Get Your $50 Back?

Why the media screws up science - #1 -- sources

'Start the Clock!' That can mean only one thing....

9/11 and the War in Iraq (a recent history lesson)

Santorum Tells Don Lemon He Loves His Gay Friends

RealTime with Bill Maher Overtime 2011-06-10 - Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, Sarah Palin...

West Wing Week 06/10/11 or "Way to Get Our Money Back"


TNGA Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey Sneaks In Senate Pocket Pool During Sectarian Prayer

Herman Cain Breaks With NRA On The Second Amendment (00:33)

A Quintessential Comment on the BETRAYAL of Rep. Anthony Weiner

Santorum: Abortion Because of Rape or Incest? - Dr. "Should Be Criminally Charged"

Cenk on The Rachel Maddow Show - GOP Privatizing Social Security?

New TNGA Senate Speaker Pro Tempore Foy "Bo" Watson Leading Sectarian Prayer

O'Reilly Cuts Mic of Jane Hall, Who Quit Fox News For Its Bias

EvelJustin: Democrats Are Traitors (regarding the Weiner scandal)

Hot Particles From Japan (Fukushima) To Seattle Virtually Undetectable When Inhaled Or Swallowed

China-Pakistan strategic ties deepen

Turkey's bitter election On the last lap

Berlusconi faces another test with Italy referendums

Teddy Roosevelt’s ‘Bloodlust’

Iran Says Israel Should Join NPT, Accept IAEA's Watch: FM

Sunday Funnies: Best Political Cartoons of the Week

Bilderberg Believers Are Mental Say BBC, but then refuse to cover the meeting of the most powerful.

Assad Likely To Succeed In Bid To Quell Syria Protests

When It Comes to Scandal, Girls Won’t Be Boys

Child labour robs country of 1.2 lakh cr annually (India)

Fred Hiatt: Obama, where are those ‘hard truths’ you promised?

Iraq Kicks Out US Congressman over Repayment Remark

Spain won't prosecute war criminals , but they will arrest members of Anonymous?

South Texas enjoys major boom from oil fracking - AP/Yahoo

Anthony Weiner Ejected from House … Gym!

Family's life unravels as dad accused of raping daughter - Part 1 of 6

Can it be that Rupert Murdoch really is above the law now?

Is high unemployment the 'new normal' even in a recovery?

The Fed's $600 Billion Stealth Bailout Of Foreign Banks Continues At The Expense Of The Domestic Eco

In a pinch, half of U.S. families can’t find $2,000

infant deaths up 35% in Pacific NW and Northern Cal in weeks after Fukushima

Climate change has spurred food prices: study

Government declares drought in parts of East Anglia

Vietnam plans live-fire drill after China dispute

Another World, Another Planet: Alaska’s North

Pursuing a new energy policy (Japan)

What's your fracking problem? {ireland}

NC State Budget Will Cut 150 Health & Environment Positions, Eliminate Programs

Xinhua - More Than 600 People, Including 103 Children In Zhenjiang, Found To Have Lead Poisoning

Mercury Advisories May Expand From 9 SD Lakes To 40 If Stricter Federal Guidlines Adopted

Since Returning To Key West In 2009, Dengue Has Health Officials On Edge; Warmer Climate Not Helping

KY Governor Beshear ("D") Wants Govt. "Off Our Backs" When It Comes To Coal

Guardian - East Anglia Officially In Drought; Handy Downloads & 100 Yrs Of Data @ Article

Nature - UK Climate Projects Evaporating; Despite Tut-Tutting, Staff Going, Funding Ends This Month

May England's Driest In 100 Years; Spring Scotland's Wettest On Record - Guardian

Toon: As We Sow....

Ocean Salinity Satellite Launch A Success; Will Map All Oceans Once Each Week

Mass demonstrations against nuclear power held in Japan 3 months after quake

E Coli O157 H7 Outbreak(s) Confirmed In TN, VA - 1 Dead, 13 Confirmed Cases

Achieving the 20 MW Wind Turbine (10X+ larger than the big land based ones of today)

China Begins Implementation of "12th five-year" Plan for EVs

US utilities added 561 MW of solar power capacity in 2010

Re: independent commission on Fukushima, "the energy mandarins may still have their way"

Rechargeable batteries in homes, businesses must be part of post-quake energy policy

Panasonic moving from TVs to renewable energy

Bodies of Six Gray Seals Shot to Death Found in Cape Cod

Wallow Fire Burns Into New Mexico; Air Quality Deteriorating Across Much Of State - WP

Nuclear Abolition Day: Saturday, June 25, 2011

Just a reminder: wind power reduces electricity costs and CO2 emissions

Water war heats up; farmers sue over move to save salmon

The lowly capacitor and AFS Trinity

KEPCO to seek 15% electricity cut / Prospects dim of restarting some reactors

Water injection fails to cool Fukushima #4 spent fuel storage pool; wrecked piping delays new plan

Department of Energy Sunshot Initiative

Explosion in jellyfish numbers may lead to ecological disaster, warn scientists

NSIDC - 6/11 Tracking - 15%+ Sea Ice Area Still Well Below 07 Record Low, But Divergence Flattening

Religion and politics: How should they mesh?

See any Ice Giants around?

"Religion is bullshit"

In what countries have mosques collected money to ...

If someone's brain is damaged, and they lose some functionality...

Can a Muslim ever become president?

Tell the Southern Baptist Convention: Apologize for the Harm Caused to LGBT People

How to Persuade an Atheist to Become Christian (!)

Dear Dr. Dawkins,

David Norris still sees his destiny as Ireland's first gay president

How to have a rational discussion.

John K. O'Toole, Signer of Anti-Gay Petition and Candidate Marches in Boston Pride 2011

Tell the Southern Baptist Convention: Apologize for the Harm Caused to LGBT People

Rick (Frothy Mix) Santorum - I love my gay friends

Gloat-Free Baseball Scores (Saturday, June 11)

Columbus Dispatch: How bad could it get for OSU?

Break up the Red Sox!

Lest we forget




David Stern is wasted....

Gloat-Free Baseball Scores (Sunday, June 12)

Karma for Lebron

The NBA Has Finished before the NHL

MLB Realignment proposal