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Archives: May 25, 2011

A brain fart ....

NY-26: Another win for Sen. Gillibrand

There is no excuse. None.

The pendulum is starting to swing back.

Boy... is my face red.

Chavez May Curb Oil Sales to U.S. in Response to Iran Sanctions

I will say this for the Republicans

How do you say 2011?

French Group Calls for Spain-Style Street Protests

Al Gore hits out at Rupert Murdoch's News Corp

University of Nottingham suspends professor in major assault on free speech

Amy Goodman: Vermont, the Land of Healthy Firsts

Labor Unites to Fight E-Verify, the GOP’s Flawed Anti-Immigrant Bill That Would Cost 800,000 Jobs

High court's Calif. ruling could lead to overhaul

Japan to allow U.S. to export new missile

Voter fraud charged. Guess who.

To our "friends", it is NOT about the content of the message, but it's all about the messenger

some thoughts re Chrysler loan, et al.

Wisconsin: Walker decides regulations on phone companies are too burdensome.

Polls show the 26th district election WAS about medicare

DOJ priorities ?

DOJ priorities ?

Heartless corporate bastard-ism strikes again at the weak victims.

Fukushima Containment Vessels May Be Leaking, Tepco Says - Radiation release may exceed Chernobyl

Well lookie lookie -Christie's budget cuts left N.J. schools unable to provide 'thorough and efficie

HEY BOEHNER, where are our jobs now Medicare deficit freak boy

I kind of agree

India's unwanted girls (BBC)

Outrage as Japan lifts radiation limit for kids

"...found with two pistols and erectile dysfunction drug."

Nate Silver: Six Months After Midterm Disaster, Hopeful Signs for Democrats

Why don't the hacks atMorning Joescum ask Kissinger

An A-Team for Progressive Messaging in the States

Good news from Pelosi: Kathy Hochul won special election in NY-26., our 3rd victory in NY. Hope WI

Does the President usually take open questions on natl. TV?

Does the President usually take open questions on natl. TV?

Hightower -- Privatization: The Road to Hell

A Patriotic Duty: Repeal the Patriot Act

dupe - delete

Now that she won, how will Hochul lead?

Thanks to Google Maps, Joplin is frozen in time

Medical marijuana in the workplace a worrying issue

Medical marijuana in the workplace a worrying issue

Sources: DOJ green-lights Edwards charges

US Embassy Cables: Obama May Have 'Prejudiced' Bradley Manning Trial

Lesson: Voters like their single-payer health care

Lesson: Voters like their single-payer health care

Did anyone else hear John Heilman on Morning Joe today?

"If a site is historic, Walmart wants to put a store on it"

Calgary Herald - U.S. Losing War on Drugs

Report: Obama Justice Department Green Lights John Edwards Prosecution

The Ryan Budget - The Gift That Keeps on Giving

WikiLeaks Iraq War Logs Wins 2011 Amnesty International Media Award

America Has Become a Third World Source of Labor and Slum Landlord Ownership for Europe

America Has Become a Third World Source of Labor and Slum Landlord Ownership for Europe

Obama rules out deadline for ending US role in Libya

Democratic upset in New York could expose liability of Medicare votes in Florida

Images: View Joplin Tornado Devastation from Space

So what should we cut to balance the budget?

It's Time to Take Back Our Civil Liberties

It's Time to Take Back Our Civil Liberties

Gay NASCAR driver, please stand up, By Mark Morford

Tea party targets schools for 'Constitution Week'

Toles: Home field disadvantage

Dennis Kucinich being interviewed now on WNYC

Companies and Nonprofits that Received Stimulus Money Now Owe $750 Million in Taxes

George W. Bush frightened by foul tip

don't get your hopes up about 2012 based on yesterday's NY election

You Thought Birthers Were Bad? These mooks are infinitely worse! (RE Tucson shooting)

Banks form cash transfer system to rival PayPal

What is the Secret Memo that Gives Obama’s FBI Access to Phone Records without Court Approval?

Swiss to phase out nuclear power by 2034

Brace Yourself for a Flattening Economy This Summer

Veteran @CNBC anchor Mark Haines dies suddenly at age 65, the network reports.

Why would the orchestra even play while POTUS is talking?


CFTC charges traders over oil price

As a proud Hochul voter in NY-26, I want to thank everyone who brought national attention to here

One Family, Three Memoirs, Many Competing Truths

Report: Rahm Emanuel, Jesse Jackson Jr. to testify at Blago corruption trial

Smokers: An important observation regarding organic tobacco

"Dispatches from Joplin." First-hand reports with pictures.

Understanding why Japan's recent quake defied expectations

When it comes to abortion rights, they've effectively won.

Real Clear poll summaries show people are unhappy and blame Congress.

House GOP Rep. calls Elizabeth Warren a liar (video)

Has Jane Corwin had the grace to concede in NY-26 yet?

Huguette Clark, Reclusive Heiress, Dies at 104

Perhaps an unnecessarily masochistic exercise, but it helps me put things in perspective.

Lights, Camera, Positive-Spin Action: Sarah Palin Is Back

Anyone know why Rachel wasn't on her show last night?

Five ways Eric Cantor (R-VA) could pay for Joplin aid

The Manufacturing Rebound Is a Myth

how does someone contact Cantor's office if they do not live in his district?

Justice Dept. and SEC Allow Companies to Investigate Themselves

NASA bids farewell to frozen Spirit rover on Mars

Wisconsin: Republican Lawmakers are OK with Concealed Carry - No Permit or Training Req'd

CNBC anchor Mark Haines suddenly dies

Is the tornado pattern REALLY changing? Interactive map of US tornaodes over time.

Anti-Americanism rife in Pakistan army institution: Wikileaks

Can "Medicare for All" Sweep the Republicans out in 2012?

Self-deleted by member

How Roger Ailes Built the Fox News Fear Factory

Turns out Senate obstruction CAN by bypassed! Can we have a do-over on HCR?


Jury Finds Mark Kerrigan Guilty Of Assault & Battery

Germany's liberal collapse parallels Clegg's fate

Why Supreme Court's CA Prison Ruling is Good for Health Reform

"Democrats should be very grateful that Ryan put his plan together"

Conservatives seeking names of WI teachers who called in sick during protests

NY-26 results and your local newspaper.

General Electric to Union Workers: Drop Dead

Lisa Lampanelli Donates $50,000 to Gay Charity in Defiance of Hate Church

Fukushima updates

APNewsBreak: Al-Qaida chief linked to Europe plot

Zuma to offer Gaddafi 'exit strategy'

OK banking leader urges Obama to appoint Elizabeth Warren during summer recess.

Ridiculous - "Corwin granted court order barring certification of winner"

London Speech - Be Assured, Medicare Cuts Are Coming

Officers Who Crash Rarely Get Tickets, Records Show

Looking for a Civil Rights era photo of cop about to club a black kid for holding American flag

"There once was a man named Ryan..."

Ambush confirms new Maoist front along Orissa-Chhattisgarh border

Severe Weather Outlook from Storm Prediction Center

(Gov.) LePage (R-moran) image helps opponents build workforce (Maine)

The IMF: Violating Women Since 1945

The IMF: Violating Women Since 1945

Economic unrest making world less peaceful: survey

NY 26 - An Element No One Has Talked About

Indiana Planned Parenthood extends care until June 15

Where are the Falwell and Robertson types railing about "the Lord punishing" the inhabitants of the

ANALYSIS-Food, fuel to stoke S.Africa mine wage talks

"Cynthia McKinney happened to be in Tripoli" when bin Laden was killed

We need to establish and maintain a Disaster Superfund

Denmark, Seychelles in deal to prosecute pirates


Why March-April's Job Gains Will Collapse This Summer

Michigan bill would allow younger children to hunt

Scenes from the U.S.A.'s Gulag

the reagan democrats

the reagan democrats

Paul Ryan is on every network this morning doing damage control

The GOP Presidential field gets a new seeker- Here comes the Judge

The GOP Presidential field gets a new seeker- Here comes the Judge

ProPublica: Exxon Ad Makes Gas Drilling Seem Simpler—and Safer—Than it Really Is

Center on Budget and Policy Priorities CHART: Bush Policies Dominant Cause Of National Debt

Obama orders U.S. agencies to buy green vehicles

Is Using A Minotaur To Gore Detainees A Form Of Torture?

Lawyer objects to buxom woman at trial

Bush 22% / Obama 72%

Does anyone find it ironic

New Zealand truck driver Steven McCormack nearly pops after getting air hose lodged in buttocks

Here's what Hochul's victory said to the Republicans

Lobbyists Rally to Save Tax Breaks

Govt Losing War Against Radicalism, Analysts Say

G.O.P. on the Defensive as Voters Resist Medicare Plan

Funding for Joplin found in a gift to Big Oil

Steve King: "Hard to discourage Bachmann from running"

UAW Seeks to Claw Back Its Four-Year-Old Wage Concession

Finnish parliament approves bailout for Portugal

U.S. sanctions Venezuelan oil giant for Iran trade

Jeebuz. Remember when this guy was representing America?

Wednesday Toon Roundup 5- Middle East Peace?

Apparently it's a "smear" to note that an advertiser is advertising on Fox News. That speaks volumes

More Negative Sentiment for Homeownership

Wednesday Toon Roundup 3- Economy/Gas

Want better income equality? Raise taxes.


Another stupid tornado question.

Rapist who became quadriplegic in prison denied medical parole

Wednesday Toon Roundup 1- 2012

Ten Reasons Protecting Unions Is a Life-and-Death Issue

Wednesday Toon Roundup 2- End of the World?

Ramsey school board approves policy limiting employee speech


America's Joyous Future

Tornado warnings in Kansas City

Canada's population clock

Why the Democratic victory in NY26 may not be productive for the Democrats?

Yemeni president 'will not bow to international dictates'

House members handed out bonuses to staffs during budget crisis

Anyone who admires Ayn Rand's so called philosophy of objectivism is either an idiot, a neurotic, or

Bradlee Dean fundraises off prayer fiasco – to hire publicist

Carrie Prejean latest lawsuit dismissed! How long can fifteen minutes last?!!

Family Says Boy, 9, Died After School Didn't Respond To Asthma Attack

Wednesday Toon Roundup 4- Repubs

NYPD cops fixed summonses for Alex Rodriguez, George Steinbrenner and Jay-Z's driver, sources say

Today, we are all Buffalonians!

Paul Ryan Still Doesn't Get It

Paul Ryan Still Doesn't Get It

Middle East rift mars US-Russia 'reset'

Krugman-Third Depression Watch

I'm so sick of this shit...

Star Wars fans might enjoy this. Weekly Standard backs Galactic Empire.

From middle class to working homeless at age 24

Paul Ryan Still Doesn't Get It

Something is going wrong at USPS

This is not funny! Trucker a human balloon after falling on compressed-air hose

No Blood, No Foul

Tornado weather front now approaching St Louis...

Feingold would beat Scott Walker in a recall election 52-42/ would win Kohl Senate seat by 10

Switzerland: No more nuclear power plants

The baggers, trolls and righties are in a complete meltdown over

Paul Ryan Still Doesn't Get It

Braylon Edwards makes good on Cleveland scholarship promise

Lawmakers question whether Obama is adhering to War Powers Resolution in Libya

How to spot a psychopath

At least a few representatives are standing up against the assault on our freedom.

Just a reminder, folks: HURRICANE season kicks off next week...


Rob Woodall (R-GA) Won't Give Up Government Health Care ''Because It's Free'' (VIDEO)

Obama admits ‘inherent limitations’ of Libya intervention

Dog-whistling for a hundred, Alex: FBC host Eric Bolling says Obama "chugging 40's"

Should we drug the drinking water? Adding lithium to the taps 'could lower suicide rates'

Bacteria may play role in development of hailstones

Democrats' slogan next year: MEDICARE FOR ALL, FOR A WIN IN THE FALL!!!

WikiLeaks: A battle to 'carve up' the Arctic

"Iran's largest lake turning to salt"

"Iran's largest lake turning to salt"

I'm thinking 1/2 term Palin Is Planing a Run For US Senate AZ..

Senate plans 5 pm vote on Republican Medicare plan

A brief history of the United States.

Texas boy wins National Geographic Bee

Pat Robertson:"The violent weather afflicting the country this spring is God's wrath for voting GOP"

Speeding Tickets Can Raise Insurance Costs 53%

81% of liberals approve of Barack Obama.

'Elizabeth Warren for Senate' Movement Taking Off

Morgellon's Disease looks to be, well, quackery inspired

"Brazilian activist shot dead in Amazon"

Insanity and empathy

Officer who shot student had history of not following orders -12 warnings. 4 suspensions

Republican Rep. Rob Woodall keeping his government health care ‘because it’s free’

Why don't we see Margaret Carlson on MSNBC anymore?

Word has it that Quitter is "furious" about Pistol's new BBF. Wonder why?

Report: Over Two Thousand Six Hundred Activists Arrested in US Protests

Poll Indicates Russ Feingold Is The Democrats Best Shot To Win Kohl's Wisconsin Senate Seat

House Refuses To Vote On Abortion Coverage For Military Rape Victims

The Great Tea Party Conspiracy, exposed (fun read)

Senate's "Clean Energy" Bank bill to provide unlimited taxpayer-backed loans for nukes, coal

That is one lovely dress

Police helicopter hunts schoolboy who accidentally smashed window

Confirmed: Palins buy house in Arizona.

Sharon Angle announces not running in special election

Anti-abortion group ‘Klanned Parenthood’ uses Scarlett Johansson image in a PSA

Rep McHenry's Facebook page sure is busy today...

Study suggests 'born-again' believers have smaller brains (USAToday)

Doctors and dentists tell patients, "all your review are belong to us"

Former Goodwill executive gets 70 months for $1 million embezzlement

what the hell? Israeli Prime Minister Gets 29 Standing Ovations in Congress

Any dem who votes to kill medicare today should be kicked out of the party

Palin-Angle 2012. TWO quitters, NO waiting.

Severe Weather in St. Louis MO

Ariz. Supreme Court lifts stay on Beaty execution (raped/killed 13 yr old)

Absolutely disgusting...

Take this coupon and add what is necessary to it from your

Senate rejects Ryan budget; vote puts GOP on the spot

Read that Biden is looking for 1 trillion in cuts in budget deal

Town official risked life to capture crucial moments (JAPAN)

Florida poll: Scott approval rate hits new low

Utah has had enough:BoA/CFC foreclosures

Senate about to vote on extending bush tax cuts?

Notorious Racist Sheriff Arpaio's Deputies Arrested for Cartel Ties

Photos of the Day (JAPAN)

NASA will launch a sample-return mission to an asteroid in 2016 (OSIRIS-Rex)

Protester Who Heckled Netanyahu In Congress Allegedly Beaten, Arrested At Hospital

ROFL @ Tweety

Tax-payer funded charter schools using literature from hate groups to teach children

President Obama Addresses British Parliament at WestMinster Hall - VIDEO

Bill Hicks Prophesies the 'End of America' due to NAFTA

A Norma Rae Moment In the Financial Sector

Enron-esque accounting practices in China?

Eisenhower was the last "decent" republican politician

Please.. Sarah... PRETTY please... .Run... for god's sake... run

The Freepers are getting excited over the rumor that Rick Perry will run for Pres. Apparently Laura

Will they ever stop? Tea Party forces schools to teach Constitution via conserv. Idaho publisher.

The Only Policy That Seniors Will Get With Their Ryan Voucher Will Be A Sham Policy

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange: We target government conspiracies, not governments

I have one question for Paul Ryan...

Most Republicans Really Shouldn't Hold Office....

Create jobs and normal employment level? Easy

ProPublica: In HBO’s ‘Too Big to Fail,’ the Heroes Are Really Zeroes

Student says he was preparing for rapture, loads car with guns, booze, ammo

19 prefectures to join solar power project led by Softbank (JAPAN)


"I'd like to buy the Koch's a world, so they'd leave ours alone"

Many anxious Fukushima residents undergo radiation screening tests (JAPAN)

Judge Rules Loughner not Competent to Stand Trial

Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaah! What ReTHUGS are saying about that Chrysler loan now


Rep. Garamendi (D-CA) is brilliant on C-SPAN right now

From Signon .org: Stop the assault on public education.

Kansas "pastor" arrested in Wyo. Citizens of Wyo let Wichitans know what they think

Not-too-swift dentist...

New allegations emerge of USFK chemical dumping

Well, Goodwin Liu Has Withdrawn His Nomination for 9th Circuit

The GOP's Real Budget Hatchet Man

knew bananas didn't taste good anymore and today there is proof

Paul, Reid Run Circles Around Each Other on PATRIOT Act

reverse robin hood

FEMA Declares Eric Cantor a Disaster Area

Louisiana House panel votes to ban abortion

Headline from MO newspaper: House majority leader: Don't let disaster funds add to growing deficit

Hey MItt - you wrote this fugger

$6.64 Billion Damages Sought Over Israeli Government/AIPAC Use of Stolen Classified US Trade Data

Fox News Chairman Roger Ailes feared being bombed by ‘those gays’

$100,000 to forgo college?

At least 162 attacks on U.S. forces, up from 128 the prior month (Iraq)

Do You Have a "No Solicitors" Sign on Your House?

Top Republican promises Wall Street that GOP is bluffing on debt limit

Assange: Obama looks to ‘put a chill across all investigative journalism’

4 Fantastically Stupid Projects Pushed By Republicans Aiming to Please Their Corporate Masters

Obama at 53% to 41% at Gallup (5/25)

Republicans Need to Replace Boehner

Andy Ostroy on how Kathy Hochul won in her deep red area of Western NY and Dems should do the same

An open letter to our politicians:

I just spent an hour in the basement with 400 kids

I just spent an hour in the basement with 400 kids

I hope voters remember how these 6 senators voted today in regards to our Senior Citizens

Have to agree with Joe Klein (I hate admitting it, too)

IF the Democrats turn their backs on Labor

What the F is this on youtube's front page about healthcare?

Just hung up the phone at the end of a "telephone town hall" initiated by my

Perhaps Tiffany's was "loaning" Mrs. Gingrich III jewels and the "open credit"

Is Your Bank One of the 459 at Risk of Failing?

I hear a lot of New Democrats talking or sounding left again concerning

Warren Supporters Swarm McHenry’s Facebook Page After He Blasts Her ‘Sense Of Entitlement’


CBS Evening Nooz termed Palin a "gamechanger" if she decides to get in the race.

An Interesting Observation...

SHOCKING! UNEXPECTED! "Bank Profits Soar, Corporate Bonuses Swell, Broader Economy Stagnates"

Will Norton, still missing in Joplin, has a popular youtube page

Caption This

At least 162 attacks on U.S. forces, up from 128 the prior month. (Iraq)

Wis. Districts Asked to Release Protesting Teachers' Names

Massive protests happening now in France, Italy, Greece and Germany.

Tornado on ground in midtown Memphis

U.S. Military Medical Costs Hit $50 Billion!

Kathy Hochul on Rachel now

Not MAY, but I WILL ask for reverance for LBJ !1 n/t

Budget eliminates funding to assist poor in burying the dead - Michigan

Stand up, Democrats !

Michele Bachmann’s “Moneybomb” (emphasis on the 'bomb')

Body of toddler Skyular Logsdon found in Joplin morgue

Some dramatic Tornado footage from Okalahoma..

I just got an idea of what to do with my zillions of Mardi Gras beads

For some reason I heard about 5 minutes of Michael Savage this evening

2 days after OBL killing, Disney trademarked 'SEAL Team 6', Navy is fighting back

Senate Republicans Vote Overwhelmingly To End Medicare

Photos from inside St. Johns Hospital in Joplin

Did Rand Paul really vote to keep medicare?

Tell me some good news....

Tiffany's was lobbying the committee where Calista Gingrich worked (thus the interest free loan)

Had some bagger start ranting about Barney Frank, Chris Dodd and Fannie May today

Ed Shultz apologizing right now on MSNBC!!

The FACE Of The NY Republican Party Is A RAT's ASS

Wednesday Toon Roundup 6- the rest

Video of Arrest in Chinatown Park Sparks Outrage

Democrats and Tea Partiers are Natural Allies

Copycat Treads.

God's Tornado Wrath

Wow. Check out this storm picture!

U.S. to help Israel buy four more Iron Dome interceptors ($204 million + $106 million))

Meanwhile, The Right Is Throwing A Party For Eric Boling

Why the rich love high unemployment

JFK Worried Moon Mission Was a 'Stunt,' New Tapes Show

Ed: Is Ingram a slut, get your cell phones out.

GOP Proposal Would Repeal Drunk Driving Laws

Krugman: Debt Arithmetic (Wonkish)

Tornadoes on the ground all over KC area thru Sedalia

Was Jack Davis (tea party guy in NY 26) deliberately running as a spoiler?

is Ed suspended from his radio show too?

I'm off to watch my twins (boy and girl) graduate from high school

Scientists report that dogs slobber all over the place when drinking water

Gun-Loving Conspiracy Theorists Stalk Tucson Massacre Victims-Accuse Them Of Lying For Government

A Psychopath Walks Into A Room. Can You Tell?

House Democrats introduce three medical marijuana reform bills

Survey Hints at a Census Undercount in New York City

What Did Ed Say To Warrant This Apology & What Caused Him To Say It.....

Oprah worship night.

This Is What A Police State Looks Like

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers Check In!!

Freepers throwing a royal tantrum...(NY State race)

Patrick McHenry is a Mean Little Boy

Jonathan Turley: England Reaffirms Ban on Radio Host Michael Savage

Ed apologizing and handing over to Thomas Roberts for

Heads up: Chaz Bono is on with Jay Leno tonight.

Tiffany’s spent big bucks lobbying Callista Gingrich’s committee

Tiffany’s spent big bucks lobbying Callista Gingrich’s committee

And if Ed Schultz had accused a Black President ...

Lawrence O’Donnell To Pro-Israel ‘Hysterics’: Obama’s & Netanyahu’s Stances Are ‘Identical’ - VIDEO

What exactly did Laura Ingraham say that set Ed off?

Look who was at Corwin's concession speech!

GOP Congressman Pays For Emergency Disaster Relief With Cuts To Clean Cars Program

Mansfield (MA) schools ban cupcakes

I am late to this latest gig, but Ed got suspended for calling Ingram a slut?

Funniest conspiracy theory yet: Corsi claims Obama conspired with Trump to neutralize the birthers!

There is a much, much larger issue playing out than Ed Shultz's use of a gender based slur.

Truck driver survives truck being demolished by tornado

Report: Intelligence Unit Told Before 9/11 to Stop Tracking Bin Laden

Edwards focus versus real issues....

Now I know what it must be like to be "profiled", whether racial or not.

Today's Medicare vote should end ALL of the GOP's career effective immediately.

It's been 24 days since we killed OBL.... and Obama's Gallup numbers are at 52-week highs

Sorry, but Pelosi's statement regarding Hochul wins the night.

Oh oh Big Ed Schultz might be in a bit of trouble. . .

When was the last time you heard a Republican apologize?

Fox Has Week Long Series Berating Anyone Who Uses Safety Net Called Takers

Republicans aren't "pro-life." They are anti-choice.

Target faces first UNION vote

Members of Congress Get Abnormally High Returns From Their Stocks

Hate to say it, but Ryan bill will not be a factor in 2012.

Krugman - Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo.

Want to see a chart that shows the dominant cause of our national debt the GOP is hysterical over?

Bill Clinton to Paul Ryan on Medicare Election: ‘Give me a Call’

"Angry, petulant" Congressman does NOT get away with calling Elizabeth Warren a liar.

Lawrence O’Donnell explains what European socialism is. And isn’t

Dem apologizes to Elizabeth Warren for GOP attacks: They’re afraid of you

I worked retail for years and I don't remember any plan we had in case of a tornado

Republicans Claim Another Liberal Scalp

I smell blood in the water. (A forced Senate vote on the Ryan Budget is a-coming!)

NATO bombing of Tripoli kills 19 civilians, wounds 150

US secretly helped France develop nuclear weapons, documents reveal

Dog Gets First Chance To Walk On All Fours

Progressive Businesses?

where do we draw the line on clean energy or not hurting animals

Aren't there any solutions that don't depend on corporations?

Edwards' fall: From golden boy to sleazy tabloid tale

Small towns in cold areas, I mean really small towns, several hundred people,

Weather outlook for Sacramento today.

One of my cousins told me to stop "demonizing" Republicans

Joplin Pizza Hut employee: Hero manager saved our lives in tornado

PETITION: Conflicted Clarence Thomas

Does Cain's popularity w/the RWers make you rethink the idea that they oppose Obama due to racism?

We eat our own.

Thank You, Ed Schultz

Open letter to Ed Shurtz, Keith Obermann, all center and left talkers...

Open letter to Ed Shurtz, Keith Obermann, all center and left talkers...

Baggers are really desperate over NY-26 loss

Mr. "Easy Rider," Peter Fonda, Makes Veiled Threat About Shooting The President

40 million Americans on food stamps but no "recession", LOL

How can Paul Ryan get re-elected after everything he's said ?

Hell NO, Ed, you have NOT failed, INGRAHAM is a horrible biological specimen.You haven't let ME down

Hell NO, Ed, you have NOT failed, INGRAHAM is a horrible biological specimen.You haven't let ME down

5 Repugs toss Paul Ryan under the Crazy Bus

To Ed, and to all other Democrats and progressives: My advice: NEVER APOLOGIZE TO THE ENEMY.

Ed Schultz should have been suspend for calling Laura Ingram a slut. . .

If ''Deep Impact'' was a realistic movie

How far out there in Kookoo Kooka Land must one be to publicly support Michelle Bachman in 2012?

White People Face the Worst Racism?

May 25: Add Marco Rubio (R-FL) to the list of those who voted to end Medicare as we know it.

Just because Right-Wing talk show folks 'get away with it' doesn't mean it's ok for us too.

Are you jealous of those with a proud cultural background?

Can a person be both pro-life and a feminist?

How cool is this, non political

Banned light bulbs? Is the government saying no to incandescents?

The vast majority of tornadoes occur in the US, in Tornado Alley

So Ed goes on his radio show and uses the term right wing slut...

interesting idea

Been OOTL....Just saw a scroll - John Edwards

Good Lord!

Congresswoman on MSNBC was saying what Dems should have been saying all along.

Yes, America is the best - why won't the right wing believe that, why do they think we suck?

Pakistan officers taught anti-US courses: WikiLeaks

How to get a FREE education - The Kahn Academy

Welcome to global climate change morAns.

The Teevee Nooz is full of stories about John Edwards being indicted.

Rethugs want to SEIZE four decades of medicare contributions from those 54 years of age...

Getting Worse -CNN: Reactors may be riddled with holes+TEPCO admits meltdowns @ #'s 1, 2 & 3+ more

I could accept Ed Shultz's suspension easier if someone got suspended for LYING once in a while.

Help appoint Elizabeth Warren

Al Franken wants you to petition the President to name Elizabeth Warren as a recess appt

Sen. Rand Paul responds to accusation of supporting terrorists

Explosive claims from Schwarzenegger ex-security advisor.

Apologizing is a sign of weakness

I have a question for people that observe the Jewish Faith.

Good bye and best wishes Oprah!!

TPM reporting Ed Shultz has been suspended from MSNBC for a week.

How is what Hannity's doing NOT treason?

So I'm in Home Depot...

There’s a Secret Patriot Act, Senator Says

Jared Loughner is incompetent to stand trial

Yesterday a Texas judge blocked the city of San Antonio from renaming a street after Cesar Chavez

Why would the orchestra even play while POTUS is talking?

I'm so disappointed in Ed. It just proves who is really running the show(s).

LOL Caption this

Maybe Eisenhower was right after all...

Revitalizing the AFL-CIO by Ralph Nader: Note to Moderator - This is not copyrighted material.

Bill Clinton meets up with Paul Ryan at forum--hopes dems don't 'do nothing'

Loughner found incompetent to stand trial

Hyperinflation Hell:Following Currency Devaluation,Belarus Economy Implodes,Sets Blueprint For West

Feds threaten to ground Texas airplanes if anti-groping bill becomes law

Ed Schultz calls Laura Ingraham a ‘right-wing slut’

Ed Schultz calls Laura Ingraham a ‘right-wing slut’

I was 4.

L.A. school lawyers printed off 90 pages of librarian's blog. Used it against her at hearing.

Right-Wing Hate Idiocy

"So This Is What GOP Overreach Produces"

Unconstitutional TSA Bill Could Shut Down Texas’ Airports

Good Grief! Missouri is having MORE tornados today?

A Psychopath Walks Into A Room. Can You Tell?

Take child abuse seriously and license clowns, activist urges

Ford Fusion gets 80mpg !

One-Legged Homeless Man Discharged From Jail at 1am Without Wheelchair

Arizona Cops Shoot Former Marine In Botched Pot Raid

Some ultra-smooth after-hours music for ya: Sounds From The Ground - "Lean On Me"

Canucks & Sharks headed to 2OT

An underrated 70's Band

Boy... is my face red.

One more smooth one...former Sneaker Pimps vocalist Kelli Ali, "Sunlight In The Rain"

Blast from the past!

Just found some old home movies from my college days:

Rare white kiwi chick hatched


Keeping it smooth...Zero 7, "Destiny"

Whatever happened to Geddy Lee of "Rush"?

A picture of Daihatsu naked

Can someone show me how to post on this facebook wall (idiot who attacked Warren yesterday

Air hose accident blows up man like a balloon


PHOTO: "Here, kitty kitty kitty..."

This is not funny! Trucker a human balloon after falling on compressed-air hose

Easy by Timbuk 3

Today's phrase is "tag-team a banana". Edit any post to include "tag-team a banana"

So, I'm Going to Seattle, WA Tomorrow

Millionaire Lottery Winner Still Using Food Stamps

MFM found that his surgical team didn't see resuscitating him as the highest priority in the O.R.

A quote I like that just showed up in my mailbox:

"Mythbusters Top 25 Moments" coming up on Discovery Channel...

"She should have been what Madonna was/is!! "

Canadian researchers conclude that women are attracted to ASSHOLES. WHO WOULD HAVE BELIEVED IT???

PHOTO: Do the impossible. Insert a Tucker Carlson joke here without getting the thread locked.

Who here watched "Too Big to Fail" on HBO - great movie **spoilers**

Have you ever tried to help your husband in a fight by grabbing the balls of his opponent?

It is not akward.

YAY Tropico 4 is coming....

Whatever happened to Dangerously Amused, Whoa Nellie, Redstone,

Who else wants to get into this bimbo?

Well, this is going to be a fun night . . .

ADVICE NEEDED: A great job I came THIS CLOSE to nailing is open again.

Was that just Jack Black on American Idol singing with Casey Adams?

New Zealand truck driver Steven McCormack nearly pops after getting air hose lodged in buttocks

Could I get vibes for Monster the cat. He had a setback. Next week we

Crash while driving naked (begins around 0:39)

Update from MFM:

If the fucking stretch-shit bike suit doesn't scream "ASSHOLE" loud enough, the riding does.

Instead of speaking plain English, Ancient Romans chose to speak Latin. What was their motive?

If you see natural sunlight right now, that light may have originated 10,000-170,000 year ago.

Anyone seen the movie "Casino Jack" with Keving Spacey? Is it any good?

Taking break from GD-flames are starting up.

So what movie were they showing on this flight?

PHOTO: Within mere MOMENTS, the camping party deeply regretted taking MiddleFingerMom's "shortcut."

Groove Armada w/ Richie Havens on lead vocals, "Little By Little"

I am a black racist...or a gringo racist.....discuss

An underrated 70's Band

advice please

Oprah worship night.

Stuff you find in a drawer

Copycat Treads.

Monster the cat has not been sick since he started on steroids. It means he does not have cancer. My

Herbie and Jabby- Puppy Loves Horsie

I just want this medical scare to be over.

For some strange reason, I looked at my post count today.

Al Gore hits out at Rupert Murdoch's News Corp

FBI: Detroit is 2nd most violent U.S. city; Flint is No. 1

WikiLeaks Iraq War Logs Wins 2011 Amnesty International Media Award

Lowe's toilet-smuggling theft ring busted

Blagojevich defense to call Rahm Emanuel, Jesse Jackson Jr.: sources

French group calls for Spain-style street protests

French group calls for Spain-style street protests

Players File Unfair Labor Charge Against NBA

Obama passes over favorite for military’s top job

Ex-IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn's severance payment to be paid by US taxpayers: report

Taliban seize district in eastern Afghan province

Justice Dept. and SEC Allow Companies to Investigate Themselves

Gov. Snyder co-signs letter supporting trade agreements with Colombia, Panama, and South Korea

A retro question for people who don't like Neil Sedaka: Why Not?

CFTC charges traders over oil price

Durable-Goods Orders in U.S. Dropped 3.6% in April, the Most in Six Months

Judge Rotenberg Center founder agrees to deal with AG (Shock Treatment of Disabled Kids)

Killings of journalists go unsolved in Honduras

KeyCorp eliminating 64 local jobs, (OH) shifting work to HP and company in India

U.S. sanctions Venezuelan oil giant for Iran trade

Food thread! Now that it is really heating up -- what are your favorite salads?

PHOTO: Rabbit, chipmunk and two mice tag-team a banana. WHO YA GOT?

Third Day of Fierce Fighting in Yemen

What you REALLY never want to hear an auto mechanic say!

HIV killer apologizes to victims

What album, song, performance of other musical endevor affected you the most?

North May ‘Cleanse’ Sudanese Border Town, U.N. Says

Twitter will notify users accused of gagging order breaches

[Massachusetts] Unions soften tone on health

Tornado touches down in Kansas City, MO

Biden Aims for $1 Trillion in Budget Cuts, Opens Medicare Cost For Debate

Walker would lose to Feingold or Barrett in recall

sometimes the greedy bastards make me HATE this country

Fort Carson soldier pleads guilty to killing Taliban commander

Obama and Cameron agree to 'turn up heat' on Gaddafi

Loughner removed from courtroom after outburst

Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Must Release Names, Addresses of Pot Growers, (San Francisco) Says

Home Prices in U.S. Fell 5.5% in First Quarter, Biggest Drop in Two Years

NFL Sees Signs Fans Are Turned Off

Govt to increase security for opposition party after death threats (Colombia)

House GOP, Dems Push To Pull US Forces Out Of Afghanistan

Jared Lee Loughner ruled unfit to stand trial for shooting Rep. Giffords

Arrest warrant issued for former Colombian secret service director

Sherrod Brown on Israel's borders: Pre-1967 is not the way to go

In shocker, Angle out for special House election

Father-in-law of Peru presidential candidate evaded US taxes

G.O.P. on the Defensive as Voters Resist Medicare Plan

(Washington State) 1.9% teacher pay cut: Lawmakers strike budget deal

Pakistan officers taught anti-US courses: WikiLeaks

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Goodwin Liu withdraws appeals court nomination

Help -- the DU Google search function has stopped working for me.

Poor, poor Heidi and CMW -- their plumbing... ... ... ... ... ... ... it is clogged.

Infosys braces to counter visa fraud charge in US

Has anyone here ever ordered Rosetta Stone Language CDs? About how much are they?

US to store passenger data for 15 years

Oklahoma declares state of emergency in 68 counties

US to withdraw troops from Pakistan

Loughner found incompetent to stand trial

Coming soon: A Palin movie

GOP senator blocking pay raise for Interior Secretary Ken Salazar

WikiLeaks' Julian Assange: 'Dramatic Increase' in Whistle-Blowers Despite Bradley Manning Case

US order nonessential diplomats to leave Yemen

Liberal groups call for (Elizabeth) Warren recess appointment

DOT (WI) Outsourcing Costs Taxpayers Millions

Woman Files Suit Over Smelly Marcellus Wastewater

Egypt 'to open Rafah border permanently'

Barack Obama bolsters transatlantic relationship in Westminster speech

CNBC Anchor Mark Haines Dies Unexpectedly at Age 65

Udall wants changes to Patriot Act

Gingrich takes few questions, avoids press at N.H. town hall

Jury acquits skater Kerrigan's brother in dad's death

NYC judge allows lawsuit against Huffington Post

British Airways sends test flight into volcanic ash cloud zone

Attendees at Walker event need to show driver’s license

Senate Moves Patriot Act Toward 4-Year Extension Before Thursday Midnight Deadline

Senate rejects Ryan budget; vote puts GOP on the spot

NASA hangs up on silent Mars rover Spirit

FBI helps nab psychiatrist in Argentina for alleged $1M Medicaid billing fraud in Hawaii

Tempers flare on Senate floor

Freedom of information laws are used to harass scientists, says Nobel laureate

Senate Republicans Vote Overwhelmingly To End Medicare

Ed Schultz Suspended for ‘Slut’ Comment directed at Laura Ingraham

Obama: It's a mistake for Palestinians to go to UN rather than talk to Israel

New Prosecution Team as Strauss-Kahn Moves

Life in Prison for Kidnapper of (Elizabeth) Smart

Apple acknowledges Mac Defender malware, promises software update

Something is wrong with Bailey and the vet can't figure it out...

Barack Obama's visit to UK and Ireland: as it happened day one

Cartoonist Tony Auth on Tim Pawlenty's 'Hard Truth' Telling

Barbeque for the Vetrans

President in joint news conference on C-SPAN2....n/t

Gingriches Rang Up Big Tiffany & Co. Bill While Jeweler Was Lobbying Mrs Newt's House Committee

Do it, Harry! Have a stand alone vote on the Ryan budget bill.

Why Elizabeth Warren Scares Republicans

Sen. Murray: NY-26 shows Dems can play 'offense' in '12

The Hill: Senate Dems (led by Lieberman) might join rebuff of Obama on Israeli border issue

Cantor Pays For Emergency Disaster Relief With Cuts To Clean Cars Program

Ezra Klein: Some questions for Paul Ryan

Conan calls President Obama a lightweight.

David Frum: Running Against the Safety Net

A First for the Special Relationship:Partnership on International Development

When the Wall Street investment bankers said...

Mickey Mouse and the Sarah Palin vote...

trying to sleep during Pres Obama's speech

Andrea Mitchell: Word is Reid will have a vote on Ryan budget at 5pm

If the Obama Justice Department goes after Edwards, why not Bush?

Clueless Grover! Says "Ryan Medicare plan gives 'control' to citizens."

POLL: Kasich Joins Scott as Most Unpopular Governor, Approval at 33 / 56.

POLL: Israel PM should have said 'yes' to Obama

BBC VID: VIP guests arrive for state banquet at Buckingham Palace

Chant with me now: Medicare is NOT the problem (personal favor please read):

Remember "No one's as Irish as Barack Obama"?

Bill Clinton to Dems: nothing to see here, move along.

Senate Republicans, in high dudgeon over the debt, may I remind you from whence it came...

John Conyers: Our involvement in Libya should be limited

42 Walked The Plank

42 Walked The Plank

An AWESOME photo of President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama

Robert Reich: Paul Ryan Still Doesn’t Get It

Republicants licking their wounds admit Teabaggers are brain dead loons.

FL POLL: Rick Scott's approval rating is an abysmal 29%, the worst score of any governor.

Spokesman clarifies Clinton's remarks on the debt ceiling

Barack Obama: The first American president to address Parliament. Now on MSNBC!

Somethings Are OFF The Table! Michael Moore On Republican's Budget Plan pt.1

President Obama scores another first

Oh snap! In memo to GOP, Pelosi lambastes Ryan for lying about his plan on ALL CAPS!

Obama at 50% approval in North Carolina, would beat all GOP candidates

Heh. Freepers are swooning over Herman Cain. Oh they are going to get hurt again.

Democrat Kathy Hochul Wins New York Special Election

Political Wire's 'interesting video': Bill Clinton Encourages Paul Ryan Backstage

"Exciting Things About Tim Pawlenty" website launched.

SpaceX Commercial Crew - Dragon lands on Mars

Thom Hartmann: 10 Banks own 77% of US banking assets

Lt. Gov. Ramsey Thaws Out Senate Bureaucrats With Hefty Pay Raises During Freeze

Chuck Percy's apology ad (1978)

Moneygall Ireland showing The Pres Some Love

Perry's Not the Texas Front-Runner, UT/TT Poll Finds

"We Have To Destroy It To Save It! The Republican Argument For Medicare" Congressman Jim McDermott

Carville: Obama is looking like a 2008 Republican

Papantonio: Tea Party Racism Reaches Boiling Point

Greatest Valedictorian Speech Ever! by Alaine Caudle Of Doniphan West High School

Kenny Woolum from the Dayton, Ohio AFL-CIO on Senate Bill 5 Repeal Efforts (Goal Already Reached)

TYT:Breakdown of Netanyahu's Appearance in US Congress

Rhetoric Hides Dirty Secrets on Blackwater; US War in Yemen

Mitt Romney is pathological....

Thom Hartmann: Turning the Camera on the Police

Thom Hartmann: Massey Fingered in Mine Blast Report

Tea Party's iPad

Pres. Obama is at 53 approval 41 disapproval in todays GALLUP. That is his highest in over a year.

Obama+Cameron: Twosome echo 'Gaddafi must go' amid anti-war outcry

Video of possible tornado in Dallas

PSA - Not Acceptable (trigger warning: use of slurs)

Thom Hartmann: WTO trumps US sovereignty - no more dolphin-safe tuna

Cong. Rob Woodall (R-GA)

Michael Moore on The Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell,

Giant Condom As Pentagon Prophylactic?

Why is the Justice Dept going after John Edwards while giving Bush officials a pass?

ABC News: Behind JFK's Space Race Speech (50 years ago today, new tapes revealed)

ITN: Michelle Obama speaking at Oxford University

MSNBC: Losing Our Minds Over Israel - Cenk Attack

Bernie Sanders "Will This President Stand & Be Tall"

"Gabby" - Tribute Song to Gabby Giffords and Mark Kelly by Op-Critical and JTMP.ORG

Channel 4 News (UK): Obama and Cameron hail US-UK 'partnership' (also shown edited on PBS NewsHour)

Eric Cantor Holds Disaster/Tornado Victims Hostage To Budget Cuts!

Papantonio: Republicans Dug Their Own Grave in Special Election

Maddow: Lackluster GOP field draws new consideration

Paul Ryan doubles down, says seniors should pay for their own health care

Obama Says U.S. Allies Won’t Set ‘Artificial Timeline’ for Libya Campaign

MSNBC Anchor Ed Schultz apologizes for calling Laura Ingraham a slut

First Lady looking like a Queen Again

Rob Woodall (R-GA) Won't Give Up Government Health Care 'Because It's Free'

Analysis by Wendell Potter: A single payer system for Vermont

Queen Elizabeth Toast President Obama At State Dinner

"55 And Under You'd Better Look Out!" Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky

The Anti-Teacher "Statesman": TNGA Rep. Matthew Hill Heckled By Constituents From House Gallery

Senate roll call now on a procedural vote on the Ryan plan. Needs only 51 votes to pass.

Six Months After Midterm Disaster, Hopeful Signs for Democrats

A List of Persons Extra-Judicially Electrocuted by Police Using Taser (and other) Electrocution Devi

Amy Goodman: Vermont, the Land of Healthy Firsts

The GOP's special-election curse

4 Fantastically Stupid Projects Bankrolled By Republicans Aiming to Please Their Corporate Masters

KY cuts funds for education, healthcare to give tax breaks for Creationist theme park

Microsoft offers students a free Xbox with new Windows 7 PCs

Robert Scheer: Access Journalism: The Movie

Pawlenty has plenty of problems with the truth

A Humorous Take on the Republican World View

“Harvest of Empire”: New Book Exposes Latino History in America as Obama Campaigns For Latino Vote

Open Capitol to the people of Wisconsin: Request denied by Repugs for infor related to increased

Giffords attempted assassin incompetent to stand trial. Why can't we apply similar logic to Repugs

Republicans "essentially using human tragedy to advance their political agenda"

Pop Quiz: What Ryan's budget would do to America?

John Conyers: Our involvement in Libya should be limited

Do big corporations pay fair taxes?

some interesting web-sites for info on Congress, legislation

Iraq Says Ready To Buy Czech-Made Combat Jets

Want to know the reason for the high price of food? read: How Goldman Sachs Created the Food Crisis

GOP Abortion Fervor Hits an Uncompassionate High

EU Should Ban Arms Sales to Yemen and Bahrain

Johann Hari: A turning-point we miss at our peril

Former IMF Chief Complains About 'Maid Service' In House Arrest

The DeVos Family: Meet the Super-Wealthy Right-Wingers Working With the Religious Right to Kill Publ

MSNBC's Ed Schultz Cites TV Precedent for 'Laura Ingraham' Incident

Kathy Hochul seems to be a very well-spoken, intelligent, attractive person to have in the....

Flavia Dzodan: The IMF has too long defined our southern lives

After Fukushima, nuclear energy opens rift in G8

Ayn Rand, Huge Inspiration to Right-Wing Leaders, Was a Big Admirer of Serial Killer

Fallen City with a Heart of Gold - Detroit

There’s a Secret Patriot Act, Senator Says

Analysts expecting $135 a barrel Oil by end of 2012 (that would mean gas @ $5.40 a gallon)

Year Four of the Silent Depression: 'the Western industrial world is crumbling'

Twilight of the Psychopaths - by Dr. Kevin Barrett (remember him? the guy the repubs tried to fire)

What's going on?

High levels of cesium detected above No.1 reactor

TEPCO: reactor damage includes holes

Drumbeat: May 25, 2011

Fukushima radioactive water discharges to ocean may resume in three days

Emerging economies strain tight commodity supplies: Glencore

GE Joins Suzlon, Acciona in Betting on Slow-Wind Turbines to Boost Sales

The Joplin tornado an EF-5, and the costliest tornado in history

Brazil eases rules on conserving Amazon rainforest (BBC) {WTF!!}

Are China's factories running out of power?

White Nose Disease Confirmed In Maine - Disease Present In All New England States

Expert calculates alarming radioactive contamination for Fukushima area

Swiss to Phase Out Nuclear Power

Commemorating the one-year anniversary of the devastating 2010 Pakistan floods

McKibben: A link between climate change and Joplin tornadoes? Never!

TEPCO: reactor damage includes holes

S. China's Drought Worst In 50 Yrs. As Monsoon Fails; 3 Gorges Reservoir Falling 1.5 Ft./Day

Joplin tornado the 7th U.S. billion-dollar weather disaster of 2011

France: 70,000 More Should Evacuate After Fukushima

NOAA: 'CSI' team investigates April tornadoes: Climate scientists looking for clues

Factory Farms Produce 100 Times More Waste Than All People In the US Combined, killing our water

GE Natural Gas Plant ‘Will Help Meet Renewable Goals’

Iodine-133 Cesium-134 Cesium-137 found again in California milk

Where and how does antinuclear activism begin?

Warmer Ocean Fueling Tornadoes

TEPCO discusses holes in reactors

Guy rang my doorbell yesterday to offer to treat my yard for "ants and spiders"

Crisis likely spells end for nuclear plant pursuit, Kan tells U.K. paper

Why 60 MPG Can Be as Standard as Catalytic Converters, Airbags, and Seatbelts

Another professional athlete comes out - Scott Norton of the PBA

Reminded I AM in Texas- Judge upholds ban on domestic partner benefits

Spiritual Advice for College Graduates (Rev. James Martin SJ @ Penn Graduation | 15 May)

Post-Gazette: Pennsylvania clergy attack mercury pollution

Catholics > de Chardin -ian Noogenesis >

Wrong, root and branch; wrong at every cell and molecule; wrong to the core

Study suggests 'born-again' believers have smaller brains (USAToday)

Can someone tell me what happened to the people not exposed to Jesus?

A worthless and dangerous report. Catholic shurch blames everyone but the priests for abuse.

Hell of a hockey game going on in Vancouver tonight.

Looks like a rematch of the 2006 NBA Finals is gonna happen

Ex-Royals LHP Splittorff dies at 64 after fighting cancer, winningest pitcher in team history

Sources: Mike Brown new Lakers coach

"...found with two pistols and erectile dysfunction drug."

Hey Auggie, with The Sox relief pitching, I bet Cleveland still has a chance!

Lightning defeat Bruins 5-4

Barry Bonds gives gift to Bryan Stow

Fat Fuck Limbaugh in line to buy and move Vikings?

Grade 1 winner Brass Hat retired at 10

I thought getting rid of Rich Rod was the best part of the deal

NFL Sees Signs Fans Are Turned Off

Trumad Was Right. I Was Wrong

Netanyahu wasted his chance to present a vision for peace

Israel Arrests 80 Year Old Mother Of Exiled Hamas Leader

Hezbollah: US, Israel 'Deal Final Blow' To Arab Peace Plan

“Netanyahu is the Main Obstacle to Peace”: CodePink Activist Disrupts Israeli PM Speech to Congress

Day after Netanyahu addresses Congress, his ministers inaugurate East Jerusalem settlement

FACT CHECK: Netanyahu Speech Ignores Rival Claims

Obama's Jewish backers on edge over his Mideast peace plan

Lessons From Tahrir Sq.

Sherrod Brown on Israel's borders: Pre-1967 is not the way to go

Bill Nemitz: In Wintle (R-moran - Maine) arrest, the gun makes all the difference

High school student prepared for the Rapture with guns (FL)

ATF Project "Gunwalker" assault weapons still on the street ...

Judge rules Loughner is not competent to stand trial

Egypt To Open Rafah Crossing Permanently

This is why I love the 2nd amendment.

Man’s Gun Accidentally Goes Off In Busy Restaurant-3 wounded

More travelers trying to carry on guns at Salt Lake International

Grassley (R-moran) vows to block (Obama) nominees until he gets answers on gun sales

Violent crimes involving guns decrease in Dayton (not due to "more guns")

Roosevelt defeats Republican Incumbent

OKLAHOMA: Fallin signs CareerTech guns bill

Suspect in Shooting of Giffords Ruled Unfit for Trial

Misuse of guns account for only about 1.25% of all deaths in 2007