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Fark Photoshop theme: Take a famous photo and add subtle evidence of time travel

Majority of Palestinians AND Israelis support the 1967 borders idea

K&R if you love America!

K&R if you love America!

Oy... Here We Go Again... 'Radio Host Says World's End Actually Coming In Oct' - AP/AJC

Birthers Who Refuse To Give It Up Are Hilarious

Director Lars von Trier at Cannes: Playing with social dynamite

Brutal state budget cuts hit schools in Philadelphia

I have a prophecy about the end of the Earth!!!

Ballmer: Windows 8 Coming In 2012

Volkswagen sees U.S. plant as key to unseating Toyota

AP-GfK Poll: Medicare doesn't have to be cut

Have you been "doing it wrong" all of this time?

PlayStation Network breach will cost Sony $171 m(illion)

K&R if you think it's more important if DUers know about Thomas Drake than know 'if you like Obama'.

Mods, please show me where I "called out" another DUer in that thread you just locked

Mods, please show me where I "called out" another DUer in that thread you just locked

Violent storm could strike the Plains again today

Is the NYT finally getting it? Gates funding and behind-the-scenes ed manipulation on front page

What teachers make

Slate - "Have Republicans Lost Their Mind?"

Slate - "Have Republicans Lost Their Mind?"

Slate - "Have Republicans Lost Their Mind?"

If you can afford it, send some money to Joplin

Facility for tainted water almost full

For truth....Do you think you 'understand' money? If you don't, would you like to BEGIN too?

Thank you, Wisconsin

DId you know that Obama's state visit to England

Will all American ISP's eventually have usage caps, like AT&T ?

Discussion on Bradley Manning on Morning Joe Scum

"More food riots and uprisings on the way"

Strauss-Kahn New York Case May Curb Libertine Ways of Powerful French Men

The worst humanitarian bombing of Libya

The latest scummy scam perpetrated by scummy scammers using craigslist

Non Sequitur toon- The most popular part of New York City

Senate votes to extend Patriot Act

Some interesting points on climate change and tornadoes ..

Wow this is really heartwarming. Five year old's 911 call saves dad's life

Is the site search function broken?

What is the Secret Memo that Gives Obama’s FBI Access to Phone Records without Court Approval?

Understatement Of The Year: Sarah Palin Is An Idiot

Libya: Rebels 'to open office in US' - Jeffrey Feltman (BBC)

Is This The System We Want To Emulate?

OK, Rev. Camping, I got your Outlook notification, but...

(Wis) Board sets three recall elections for July 12 (considering petitions against 6 other senators)

Waxman Targets the Koch Brothers

Nothing racist about that at all...

Toon: The Optimism of Conservatives

Joplin Congressman Bill Long (R) Made Fun of Tornado Test Warnings

Deutsche Bank Goes After Whistleblower’s Son

Eugene Robinson - The GOP’s Medicare headache

Toon-Rapture: The Ultimate Irony

Northern California woman confessed to drowning daughter

Vermont files suit against the NRC for relicensing Yankee

Storms to hit Plains again Tuesday

Patriot Act extended; DU responds "I like Obama"

Justice Dept. and SEC Allow Companies to Investigate Themselves

Troubled home market creates generation of renters

Donate to the DSCC..

Grimsvötn follows in the footsteps of Eyjafjallajökull

What They Don't Tell You About Oil Industry Tax Breaks

Dish CEO Says DirecTV Merger Possible

Reports: Rudy Giuliani strongly considering 2012 bid

FBI- Fraud Target: Senior Citizens

Catholic priest was member of paedophile promotion group

Too Big to Jail

Understanding the Strategy of the Democratic Power Class.

More Solid Proof That Obamacare Is Working

Leaping roach, ‘T-rex’ leech among new species discovered

World Bank Will Lend Up to $6 Billion to Egypt, Tunisia Following Revolts

Suicide bombing in Kazakhstan, casualties reported

FFS, when there is a disaster like in Joplin, cut the survivors some slack

David Bollier: Ireland's Fís Nua Party Calls for a Commons Sector

Judge: don't bring me any more anonymous file-sharing lawsuits

Judge: don't bring me any more anonymous file-sharing lawsuits

Mother Jones - The GOP's Medicare Defectors - Welcome to Medicarepalooza!

When Will Governments Act to Protect Us From Fukushima's Spreading Radiation?

Grayson vs. Ryan

Watch: Conservative lawmaker, Iraq veteran crushes GOP gay bashing

Democrat leads race to replace shirtless Craigslist congressman

K&R if you like puppies.

Is this a taste of the future? Outsourcing goes full circle.

Dean on CNBC: "How about a list of states we're gonna go to?"

It's the Interest Rates...Stupid!!

Did the CIA recruit Mengele?

More Solid Proof That Obamacare Is Working -

Supreme Court orders California to free 40,000 prisoners

I know this is a little late, but was anyone moved by the Chrysler 'Imported from Detroit' ad?

Judgment Day forecaster points to new doomsday date

The Ryan budget is now officially a catastrophe for the GOP. Was this the White House plan all along

Feds to require 'black box' in all vehicles; insurers can view data in 37 states

K & R if you like Steny Hoyer

Tribesmen Use US Drone Strikes to Settle Local Scores?

May 23: Rick Scott: 'I am not running for president'.

Changing Congress - a circulating email I just received. I say Yes to the changes BUT

With Speculation Running Rampant, House GOP Proposes 15 Percent Cut To Oil Market Watchdog

Camping on the banks of Insanity River: Oct.21 we get Raptured

GOP Lawmaker Says Women Should Plan Ahead in Case of Rape, Since He Carries A Spare Tire

Former Palin aide pens scathing tell-all book

Japan’s TEPCO admits further nuclear reactor meltdowns

Day-um! My calendar today has an Ayn Rand quote!!!!

You know, I think the Republican middle class knows that the Repubs are reckless and irresponsible.

You know, I think the Republican middle class knows that the Repubs are reckless and irresponsible.

Are there organizations in the US like this one in Bangalore?

What happened to America?

US still hasn't gotten its act together on broadband deployment

My magical thinking.

New MSNBC political analyst: Michael Steele WTF?

PPP Poll: Feingold Leads In WI-SEN Race, GOPer Thompson Only Close Against Other Dems

One thing I never quite understood. Term Limits are unconstitutional for Congress but

Meghan McCain on Glenn Beck: My dad could ‘kick his ass’

Mitch Albom: Apple Store like a land far, far away

Did anyone else see Frank Bailey on the "The View" today? He's the author of "Blind Allegiance"

Canada ranks high on OECD's new "Better Life Index"

Hey, Eric Cantor, get busy! Joplin tornado damage could total $3 billion.

Check in if you will NOT be running for President in 2012.

Does anybody have a link to show that oil drilled in the US does not stay in the US?

Asperger's Syndrome as the New Normal

Pet insurance... not unlike American Health Insurance.

President of Decorah eagle cam group killed in tornado cleanup effort in Minneapolis

Just how crazy is Harold Camping?

Just how crazy is Harold Camping?

Then they had to burn the goddamn thing down.....could it happen again?

Michael Steele says 'who cares about Newt's $500,000

I wlll get flamed for this.

Wave of Republican Defections Already Underway

The news from Horny Corners, WV...

Harold Camping Now Says Rapture will Come in October!

Eric Cantor Promises Oil Speculators That Republicans Will Block Financial Regulations

Pakistan returns US helicopter from Osama raid

Gingrich: 'I am not a Washington figure'

Rare white kiwi hatched in New Zealand

Would you support basing all fees(local,state, national) were based on a percentage of your income?

High School graduations have become a joke!

X-post from Texas forum- Perry isn't leading nomination for president in his own state!

Our local paper covers death and crime very selectively bc "people don't want to know"

Our local paper covers death and crime very selectively bc "people don't want to know"

World Bank unveils $6 billion in funding for Egypt and Tunisia

World Bank unveils $6 billion in funding for Egypt and Tunisia

The Small Group of Thoughtful, Committed Citizens Has Been Drugged

The Best Street Photographer You've Never Heard Of

To Eric Cantor: Joplin tornado damage could total $3 billion

Obama-"gaffe" at Westminster Abbey (stir-the-tea-bag)

The 'Christian' Dogma Pushed by Religious Schools That Are Supported by Your Tax Dollars

The 'Christian' Dogma Pushed by Religious Schools That Are Supported by Your Tax Dollars

Tea Party (Texas) Sets the Agenda, and Legislators Fall in Line

Libyan Oil Official Shokri Ghanem May Be On Secret Mission For Gaddafi

An otter and his friend at play.

Burden of poverty falling increasingly on the young

My first OP: Dwight D. Eisenhower had it right, all along.

If you watch Jersey Shore..........

If you watch Jersey Shore..........

Over Two Thousand Six Hundred Activists Arrested in US Protests

Legislation will save 25,000 homeless pets annually

Arizona "Your papers, please" style law to proposed in Wisconsin

$4.6 billion in federal stimulus money stays unspent in Florida

GOP braces for Medicare blowback

Japan's TEPCO admits further reactor meltdowns

Honest Question: Other than malpractice insurance, what could account for the diff. in veterinarian

Meet the all new nook

Harold Camping: Judgment Day Did Actually Happen Saturday

Cantor and Netanyahu

The GOP courts the Bushes.

Hanford downwinder dies of thyroid cancer

Everything you could ever want to know about Joplin, MO (from city-data)

Obama Steps Up to the Plate Bigtime

H/t, Haley Barbour.

NY Post: DSK's friends attempting to bribe maid's family in Guinea

Failed Doomsday Has Real Deadly Consequences (woman cuts kids' throats w/boxcutter, etc)

Palin aide with the new book is on Bashir now

GOP Braces for Medicare Blowback --

Chemicals buried near Seoul in ’60s, says veteran

Kansas Rep. Pete DeGraaf: Being impregnated during a rape is just like getting a flat tire

Chicago case puts US support to Pakistan on trial

Do You Feel You're Whistling Past the Graveyard?

"Son of Rapture"

U.S. Army Retired - pics

Report: Friends of former IMF chief tried to bribe assaulted maid’s family

Is TPM not loading for anyone else?

Theory: Are all of these corporate media hyped Armageddon scenarios ways to fight climate change?

Obama and Queen at state dinner (LIVE)

Some things ya gotta admire about Scott Walker--seriously--

NTSB: Ted Stevens' plane crash remains a mystery

L'Affaire DSK: The Perp Walk That Demeaned Us All

Obama and Cameron must break this addiction to war

Abortion rates have risen among poor women, report finds

The Rude Pundit - Scalia and Alito: Don't Treat Prisoners Like They're People

NY 26 Special Election for Congress

If, say, Bill Gates told you all health care costs for you and your family would be covered starting

Herman Cain admits he didn’t know what ‘right of return’ meant

Anonymous’ attack on Chamber of Commerce website doesn’t make a dent

Beck: 'We are starting to see two's a difference between good and evil'

Casey Anthony Trial

Hosni Mubarak and sons to be tried over deaths

Is Sara Palin going to Arizona to run for the US Senate seat?

TN passes bigoted gay bill lobbied for by Republicon Chamber of Commerce and 13 bigoted companies

Children of Immigrants Are America's Science Superstars

New Hampshire repeals taxes on lottery prizes

I get to vote for Kathy Hochul in NY-26 in an hour. I am excited.

In Wake of Tornado, Official Says 1,500 Are Unaccounted For

About Joplin Mo. ......A Question WHY??

Will Democrats SQUANDER Their POLITICAL ADVANTAGE On Medicare That They Regained Over Republicans?

Under new law, feds must stop writing gibberish

If you're in Longdale Oklahoma, look out for a big tornado heading your way right now

Sen. Snowe to vote 'no' on Ryan budget plan

Sen. Snowe to vote 'no' on Ryan budget plan

What really gets me.

Medical marijuana proposal now dead in Washington state

Chrysler Repays Governments ($7.6 B) as Fiat Boosts Stake

Bill would grant minors immunity for helping intoxicated friend

Amazing interactive photo - Joplin Missouri Complex - Before and After


TENNESSEE: Governor Signs Bill Banning All Local LGBT Rights Laws

Watched HBO's "Too Big To Fail" and want to learn more? Here's a 4 part CBC documentary

Bill Tinker (local End Times guy) wants his pets back.

Approval rating for Gov. Christie dips among N.J. voters, poll shows

Climate change hoax - Tony Auth toon

Allen West calls Obama 'mailicous' to Israel

Study: Whites say they face more racism than blacks

Russia's Winter Olympics slips into controversy over 'Nazi images'

Russia's Winter Olympics slips into controversy over 'Nazi images'

Another sign it is the end of days. Duke Nukem Forever is DONE

Tweety's going to show the throwing grandma over the cliff ad

"We're not going to put up any more billboards. The world has been warned."

Great American Patriots (Compares reception to Obama vs to Bibi/ Greenwald)

What advice would you give the Democratic Party leadership?

Racial bias: a poll for people who used to be black and are now white

France attempts to "civilize" the Internet; Internet fights back

Is Switzerland a racist country?

Who's watching the guests arrive at the state dinner

Cantor Says Congress Won’t Pay For Missouri Disaster Relief Unless Spending Is Cut Elsewhere

Meltdowns confirmed at two more Fukushima reactors

OMG! Searches continue ahead of new storms; 1,500 people unaccounted for

In face of ongoing appeal, Perugia police AWARD themselves for work on Knox case.

West Virginia -- heads up on tornado forecasts

Feinstein: with bin Laden dead, we need Patriot Act even more

I am 100% convinced Casey Anthony killed her baby girl.

Next serious tornado watch: Piedmont Oklahoma

The 2012 Republican checklist for defeat

The 2012 Republican checklist for defeat

Digby: Austerity Failing in Europe

Weather Channel: massive tornado live near El Reno, OK

WI Voter Suppression Bill Sends The State 'Right Back To The Days Of Dred Scott'

'Expect a Lawsuit' on Tennessee anti-gay law, attorney says

Disgusting! and Racist..

NY-26 news... looks like Corwin has moved to Impound paper ballots

I like obvious polls


TO ALL DUers in the path of these STORMS:

Tornado Warning For OKC NWS#017-051-109-242245 Look for shelter

Millionaire tea party Rep. insists he ‘ain’t wealthy’

Harold Camping - his own words

PA - New bill could end helmetless driving on motorcycles

Michael Moore on with Lawrence O'Donnell at 8pm - MSNBC

Boycott Fox News Advertisers

Marmite made illegal in Denmark

'Amnesty' label is a sticking point in immigration policy debate

Chile's Buried Secrets

What do more people do: buy a house in a small town OR vote for a small political party?

Before And After

Rep. David Camp to vote against his own bill to raise debt ceiling

Does everyone know they can call for C Hochel? through

K&R if you like apple pie

K&R if you like cats.

K&R if you like Israel

K&R if you like to be moved by the moderator of this forum.

Assange, Wikileaks, Manning etc. on Frontline tonight....

K&R if you like...

K&R if you like K&Ring

Anyone know the DATE that the Ryan budget passed the House?

K&R if you like being a non-Republican

Too posh to push? C-sections rise with social status

Even the Rich See Homes Languish in Greenwich

Harry Reid rebukes Obama over Israel

David Korten: 7 Ways to Stop Wall Street's Con Game

Joplin, before & after

How the Koch Brothers Mess With the Texas Environment

Karl Rove Was Over-Rated

Do state health insurance plans get federal tax susbsides like

ABC just reporting still over 1,000 people missing in Joplin.

Aerial slideshow of damage in Joplin

Republicans are daring Democrats to cross the line

Reagan insider: GOP destroyed U.S. economy, Part 2

"Netanyahu says will give up some land for peace" -- go Obama!!!

Greenwald at Salon: Great American Patriots

Copycat threads...

Does anyone voluntarily not have a car in places with little or no public transit?

Blago lawyers plan to call Emanuel to testify (remember he's now da mayor)

From Barack Obama campaign: Good news about Chrysler.

Any news on turnout in NY 26?

Godwin's law, and the intellectual lazyness of invoking bombastic historical analogies.

Texas Judge Blocks Naming Street For Cesar Chavez Amid Fears Of The ‘Minority Becoming A Majority’

Michael Moore is on LO right now!

Obama Opposed to Being Given Total War Power

Delete - already posted n/t

Delete - already posted n/t

NY 26: Green Party Candidate Infiltrates GOP Campaign Phone Bank

A philosophy that needs to be drowned in a bathtub

Has MSNBC ever interrupt regularly scheduled program

Capitalists Who Take Have More Fun! MAX YOUR CREDIT CARDS! LOADED! A New Book..LOL's

Chaplains: Troops may fear sharing beliefs on gays

Seven more dead in OK

Patrick Leahy: Right now gov't can access your old email without a warrant or your knowledge.

Can America really afford this disaster relief?

Trial for faith-healing parents set to begin

NY-26 voting machines to be impounded tonight...

India Corporations Are Outsourcing To The US For Cheap Labor

A link between climate change and Joplin tornadoes? Never!

May 24, 1861: Contraband and the First Union Martyr.

Blind Allegiance's Frank Bailey on ODonnell.

Tornados Are Starting To Pop Up Again This Afternoon...OK lookout

Outrage as Japan lifts radiation limit for kids

Jack Cafferty reflects how accustomed we are to mediocre presidents

Local Republican congressman from Joplin just praised FEMA

boo hoo hoo: Former AG Gonzales 'Disappointed' in His Own Conduct

What are the factors that encourage a tornado touchdown?

Associated Press: U.S. House NY-26 Election Results LINK

Associated Press: U.S. House NY-26 Election Results LINK

Enron, China-style?


Minuteman to Tea Party: A Grassroots Rebranding

Go West, Young Kucinich

Top Liberal Radio and TV Host Thom Hartmann Doesn’t Think Conservatives Are Evil

Copycat threads.

Here in WI it is imperative that the recall of Walker succeed, otherwise there will be hell to pay.

One of our FRiends is having a headache...

Breaking on Tweety - tornadoes in Oklahoma City

NY-26 @40% reported - Hochul: 49%, Corwin: 42%, Davis: 8%

The Rapture, and what the World could have accomplished......

lol@ NY-26 Election Results

K&R if you enjoy posting your political opinions on DU.

You know those "Constitution" assholes...?

Wow, what a half hour with Michael Moore on Lawrence. You've got to see it; watch the rerun, 11 EDT

well,the tornados just hit DFW

well,the tornados just hit DFW

Holy Crap !!!

HOLY SHIT Hochul has a lead

Getting green and happy by exporting pollution and misery

IBOPE Zogby Poll: Cain Now Second to Christie As Top Choice Of GOP Primary Voters

Ed called the NY race for the DEM!

Nevada Republican governor signs transgender job discrimination bill


MSNBC calls NY 26 for the DEM!!!!

Corwin only holds a 1% lead in Monroe county

What if the Rapture actually happened May 21st?

Texas Parents Horrified by Graphic Images Shown at Career Day

Now 61% in...Hochul 48%, Corwin 43%, Davis 8%

RUSH & HANNITY --- TANKING --- Limbaugh's Ratings Have Fallen 30% In The Last Six Months


Race called! D won in NY 26! n/t

On behalf of the State of New York, I apologize...

Video of huge hail falling in Euless, TX

Yo FReepers!!

55% in so far in NY-26

Check this out- Spectacular Soyuz Photo Gallery shows Unprecedented View Of Shuttle Docked at Statio

I feel as if I have been raptured


Do You Think That Al Gore Will Finally Get His Due On Global Climate Change.......

New York Times reporter James Rise subpoenaed in CIA leak case

Netanyahu's speech to Congress speech shows America will buy anything

MIchael Moore is the best

Don't try this with your dentist or your doctor...

First Democrat to win the seat since 1857!!!!!!!!!

I agree with Eric Cantor... "Paul Ryan for President!!!"

Hochul acceptance speech now on Ed Show

Prayers, good thoughts, etc for Jasper Co MO

Faux News Will Make Paul Ryan A Democrat Tomorrow

She's on Ed right now - go Kathy Hochul!!


They just called the NY race! The Dem WON!!!! nt

Jasper Co MO under Tornado WARNING now 5/24 9:19 pm cst

One congressional district does not a counterstroke make. Let's get to work.

Tornado is spotted on the ground outside of Joplin.

1,500 still unaccounted for after deadly Missouri tornado

What party did Jack Davis run as? (NY-26)

Now, how will this be spun?

From Nancy Pelosi, our Once and Future LEADER!

From Nancy Pelosi, our Once and Future LEADER!

Thinks of those Republicans who voted for Ryan's budget in swing districts.

Medicare for all! Anthony Weiner D-NY is a gem!

Shhh... No Climate Change Here...

No surprise here, Davis concedes in NY-26. (n/t)

State Employees' Credit Union Bans Wage Garnishment for Collection

I FINALLY used my vision insurance! And, you know, I feel like I got ridden hard and put away wet..

Replay of British welcome ceremony on C-span right now. n/t

Aftermath of NY-26: A Struggle for Control Over the Republican Party

Announcing the winner of our GRAND PRIZE -- a 64GB iPad 2 with WiFi and 3G...

NY 26 Special Election Results link

55% in - Hochul 48%, Corwin 43%, Davis 8%

Another tornado heading toward Joplin

Frontline tonight.


Corwin now conceding! There goes the injunction! (n/t)

The End of Days is March 18, 2031. Have you found Jeebus yet?

Numerous Tornado's threaten Dallas

WI Rapublicans again violate open meetings law

Dear Eric Cantor:

Dear Eric Cantor:

Anyone have info on Dallas area tornadoes?

Happy Birthday Robert Allen Zimmerman post your favorite Dylan song!!!

Happy Birthday Robert Allen Zimmerman post your favorite Dylan song!!!

Risk From Spent Nuclear Reactor Fuel Is Greater in U.S. Than in Japan

Ryan's Medicare plan or Repuke Backlash?

'Frontline' WikiLeaks Program: No Meat, Just a Goldfish

'Frontline' WikiLeaks Program: No Meat, Just a Goldfish

Thank you Sen. Paul for trying to stop the socalled "Patriot" Act

Open this post if you have seen at least one minute of American Idol this season

MoScum running TAPED anti-Medicare rant by Joe. Hmmm.

Hey Boehner, Cantor, Ryan

Message for Freepers....

NY-26: All because a congressman put his shirtless pic on Craigslist

NY-26: All because a congressman put his shirtless pic on Craigslist

KC MO and surrounding areas & counties under tornado WATCH until May 25 3am cdt

American Express can no longer be used to buy medical marijuana

Did you hear about the kid who was sucked out of the car in Joplin?

Tornado on the ground in Dallas metro area

Religious or not, we must respect the power of Mother Nature

We're forgetting to thank someone tonight:

Western MO and W Central MO under t-storm warning.

When do the next DETAILED Nielsen ratings come out?

So Eric, are you adding Oklahoma to the states you're going to screw?

Elizabeth Warren and House Republicans clash over consumer agency

for those in the southwest...I don't have much ,but what I have

for those in the southwest...I don't have much ,but what I have

Awesome Lego machine gun shoots Lego bullets

GOP readies bill allowing states to use unemployment funding to reduce taxes

NY-26: Corwin concedes

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! & a new Kitty gif

Lawrence on MSNBC interviews Frank Bailey next

TN Business, Chamber, on Anti-GLBT Law: 'Now that it's signed, we've changed our minds'

How much will Republicans have to spend to defend the House in 2012

Psychologist- Proof of hundreds of rape cases by Gaddafi forces

FEMA's nightmare scenario: An EF5 tornado in Dallas


Let's use our collective intelligence thelp the Republicans put together a winning platform for 2012

Police brutality is killing us, says ACLU of Colorado

The best part: Karl Rove's "American Crossroads" poured millions into NY-26

Holy Shite 1,500 people still missing in Joplin

Small town Texas diner: What happens when a waitress insults a gay family?

Mom charged with trying to sell daughter’s virginity

Washington state Democrats to Dennis Kucinich: Don’t run here

In Wake of Tornado, Official Says 1,500 Are Unaccounted For

The Official Thank You Paul Ryan thread.

A Special Relationship...

For Health Insurance Exchanges to Work, We Must All Be Actuaries and Fortune Tellers

For Health Insurance Exchanges to Work, We Must All Be Actuaries and Fortune Tellers

Preacher Who Got Date of Apocalypse Wrong Tries Again, Says He Was Off by 5 Months, world ends 10/21

E.J. Dionne has as good as called the election

Freepers and 'Baggers, your shit don't play where people think....

Alabama tornadoes: Cordova trailer ban upsets storm victims

Have The Repugs Been Right About Anything?.........

Some Say New Dove Ad Is Racist

DEMOCRATIC FAMILY VALUES, Hochul married 27 years to the SAME man!

I think it's important to know that most of Democratic Underground likes Barack Obama.

for those who attend town or city council meetings (or equivilant)

Obama admin lets deadline for congressional approval to continue libyan action to pass unnoted...

I saw something today I wasn't supposed to see

Can This Toilet Get More Fans Than Tim Pawlenty?

Mom tries to sell daughter's virginity for $10,000

NASA to abandon trapped rover Spirit

Obama Would Veto 'Forver War' Language in Defense Bill

How long does it take you:

Pete “Spare Tire” DeGraaf’s Operation Rescue Ties

Hoyer Reads GOP The Riot Act For Creating Enormous U.S. Debt

White House threatens to veto bill containing ‘worldwide war’ provision

American: The Bill Hicks Story - Who else has seen it?

Is Elizabeth Warren a Quaker? Just a random thought I had.

Mrs. O. Fails to Tame Wind-Swept Hair

Gingriches Rang Up Big Tiffany & Co. Bill While Jeweler Was Lobbying Her House Committee

Republicans stepped into a trap of their own making.

Protester who heckled Netanyahu in Congress allegedly beaten, arrested at hospital

Michael Moore: Dems shouldn’t deal with GOP until they remove their tinfoil hats

Why do they dislike unions?

BRIC countries urge IMF to scrap requirement that the head be a European.

For all old hippies. Run full screen

If you live in tornado-country, what you watch on TV could kill you

"Nude swimmer hugging wife"

Foul ball narrowly misses George W. Bush

Democrats Join the Attacks On Union Bargaining Rights

The caller to Ed Schultz right now

Earth to DU: 2012 election is still 18 months away

With Climate Volatility/Tornados- We Should Begin Building Underground Houses. It Saves Energy

NPR this morning.... "Republicans looking for a white knight"

What exactly is the etymology of "Jeebus," and what benefit is there

@ Everyone watching Rachel (safe rooms)

Wisconsin gave final approval to petitions to recall-elections of 3 Repub. state senators.

Wisconsin gave final approval to petitions to recall-elections of 3 Repub. state senators.

Do school children have First Ammendment rights?

K&R if you're a proud liberal who's frustrated with Obama

Are the cuts to NOAA and NWS budgets still in the GOP budget plan?

Oil speculators charged with price manipulation, $50 million profit from the scheme

Yep, Palin's running for president.

WTF Dove?!?

PETA still wants billboard comparing microwaved baby to cooking animals

Now even; probably too early...

Is anyone else finding this address by Netanyahu before a cheering

Senate Democrats back Obama on trade deals delay

Abnormal Returns From Stock Investments of Members of the U.S. House. Profiting from Privledged Info

Tornadoes in Oklahoma....

Obama and Queen at state dinner (LIVE)

Marriage rates are declining among lower-income men and women

Two Trillion In Corporate Welfare: Start Here

Boehner says we're trying to steal the election in NY State

The last time a Democrat represented suburban Buffalo, Abe Lincoln was just an Illinois legislator

HAHAHA FAUX MUST be imploding

Strauss-Kahnikov (New Yorker -- gossip from his friends and acquaintances)

In case you were wondering, REPUBLICANS SUCK (WI)

Our country has one of the richest, most detailed histories in the world. Why don't we teach it?

Abysmal Congressional Approval, Money as Speech, and Failing Democracy

Two churches located across the street from each other. At least the Catholics

Scott Brown was a harbinger concerning the 2010 elections... Hochul is the same for 2012

The anti-gay marriage amendment in Minnesota moves forward and the hate crimes begin

House GOP Not Sure About Helping Victims of Horrific Twister in Missouri

Rachel + MSNBC election theme = Win

Murder Mystery: Chile Exhumes Salvador Allende

Nearly Half of Americans Are ‘Financially Fragile’

Before and after: The photos that show the complete devastation

FFS, when there is a disaster, like in Joplin

Attack of the Reagan babies.

Five Media Myths That Perpetuate Car Culture

Copycat threads.

Rush Limbaugh's Ratings Have Fallen 30% In The Last Six Months

In Libya, the RELENTLESS LOGIC OF WAR: Stopping the Killing is NOT AN OPTION

NY Magazine - "The Elephant in the Green Room" - Must Read Expose On Fox News!

Peter Fonda Threatens Obama

Ford and Insurance industry have developed car seat health monitoring which can even spy on your ...

Much Death and Destruction in Tornado Alley is painful, tragic, but also SHAMEFULLY PREVENTABLE.

Christian Students Mock Atheist, Say Prayer at Graduation

Rall -- The Evil of Two Lessers: Two-Party System Is Not Democracy

Jesus... They Just Pulled Everyone Off Planes On The Ground At DFW's Love Field...

Cantor Says Congress Won’t Pay For Missouri Disaster Relief Unless Spending Is Cut Elsewhere

Daily Kos: Koch Bros bankrolling legal dream team to defend Walker's Union Busting Bill in Wisconsi

Daily Kos: Koch Bros bankrolling legal dream team to defend Walker's Union Busting Bill in Wisconsi

Bill Gates pouring billions into the "hunt for bad teachers"....demoralizing them.

Casey Anthony's Scorched Earth Defense.

So when you unfriend someone on Facebook...

Are Dual-driver earphones worth the cost?

Watching Red Light on TCM

Thanks for that useful information..........

Happy 70th Birthday to Mr. Bob Dylan!

Good morning Lounge

Two Dollar Pistol - Last Time

101 Free Games 2011

anybody go to local council type meetings? Please go answer my poll

My nomination for trailer of the year:

Got back from my ultrasound.

I Thought That Golden Tickets Won You A Tour of the DU Chocolate Factory

Taterguy, you had a question about Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

Just turn it off

Cash strapped PBS releases:Nova: Boobs a bouncin' special

Need Help settling a Bet

PHOTO: MiddleFingerMom leaves thank-you note outside of hospital for his excellent medical care

Mitch Albom: Apple Store like a land far, far away

Republican Space Rangers (GTA IV)

500 Miles

WTF??? NBC to air its own version of Prime Suspect

In honor of GD. A little updated G&S

PHOTO: Staff posts sign outside MiddleFingerMom's hospital, saying "NEXT time, we'll be PREPARED."

It's mine & my wife's anniv. today

Has anybody here been in a Toronado? (I know you've all seen them)

Mother never told me

DISCOVERED: MiddleFingerMom's post-hospital care product.

Have you been "doing it wrong" all of this time?

PHOTO: Staff lets MiddleFingerMom return home with all medical devices.

Happy Birthday 3 Maru

I like obvious polls

K&R if you like apple pie

K&R if you like cats.

Today you are all Harold Camping - post your End of the World predictions, and how you got that date

Update my situation:

I like oblivious pols.

I like obvious poles.

Six Degrees of Bacon

PHOTO: Apparently, instructional signs are required for things most of us take for granted

Just says it all.....

Kick and recommend if you dislike people asking you to kick and recommend their threads

"Burger GPS"...a free iPhone app with 1,800+ NON-CHAIN burger joints across the U.S.

Is Netanyahu more powerful than the King of Israel?

Now, this takes the cake: some outfit calls me up, then asks me to hold until

Most awesome news of the day! (Edward James Olmos Joins 'Dexter')

Kick and recommend if you dislike people locking your "Kick and Recommend" threads

-I am Maru 3.-

High School graduations have become a joke!

A brain fart ....

Fixing the web with greasemonkey

What is the U2 song "ONE" about? Is it about AIDS?

PHOTO: Nurse REVEALS name tag MiddleFingerMom insisted on wearing during his hospital stay

A hearty chuckle.

"Hey... Mr. Tambourine Man? Hey...Mist...Mister Tamborine Man?"

PHOTO: Some days it's JUST NOT WORTH trespassing.

Recommend a good fluorescent hair coloring product

Otters!!! SQUEEEEE!!

Translating Lorem Ipsum

Has anybody here been into the tournedos? (I know you've all seen them)

Why is DU destined to kale?

Has anyone here ever had Smirnoff Root Beer vodka?

I have chosen to undertake a great project: Translate the family record from the 1800s

Whatever happened to Alvin Lee of "Ten Years After"?

If there's something cat-like about copying, then why are cats difficult to herd?

Hair color - for those of you who color their hair

How God is managing the 2011 rapture...

okay yall...I got ants and they are NOT in my pants

For any guitar fans here.

God this song is beautiful-Surf's Up-Beach Boys

Name the most awesome thing possible...

My cat just licked a salt & vinegar chip. I threw it out. Now he is going back for more with his

what do you call someone who posts here and at Free Republic?

Favorite Bob Dylan song

Any body here been in or even seen tornados?

So Paul went to the doctor today...

I was watching "Jeopardy" last night and celebrities were giving clues about their favorite books.

Tepco Confirms Meltdown of Reactors(1,2, and 3)

Inside Roger Ailes’ misfiring plan to elect the next president of the United States

Caption this photo.

I know this is a little late, but was anyone moved by the Chrysler 'Imported from Detroit' ad?

The Elephant in the Green Room (Roger Ailes Expose)

Roger Ailes really, really wants Chris Christie to run for president

How do you say 2011?

The GOP courts the Bushes.

A serious question for Bob Dylan fans: What is the appeal?

We need to start a storm shelter company.

Great Concerts You Wish were available on DVD

116 dead from Missouri tornado; more twisters possible

(Wis) Board sets three recall elections for July 12 (considering petitions against 6 other senators)

Cisco Sued for Colluding on Chinese Crackdown (worked closely with Chinese government)

PC Facing Manslaughter Charge Over G20 Death

Tomlinson police officer to face manslaughter trial (London G20)

Hoyer Reads GOP The Riot Act For Creating Enormous U.S. Debt

In Britain, Pomp for Obama but Serious Business Too

Psychologist: Proof of hundreds of rape cases during Libya's war

Tepco: Partial Meltdown Occurred At Unit No. 2, 3 At Japan Nuclear Plant

Stimulus contractors owe millions in back taxes

Peter Fonda Threatens Obama

NYT reporter subpoenaed in CIA case

Unions, Wisconsin legislator lash out at San Jose mayor over pensions

Chicago car dealership wrongfully discharged employee for Facebook posts, complaint alleges

Bogota cops sell drugs and counterfeit money from police post

Irony overload....Captions, please!

India Infosys says gets subpoena from U.S. court on visas

Tornado warning-Jasper Co, MO

FEMA aid bill advances as tornado response continues

Poll: More Americans fear higher national debt than default

(Wisconsin Gov.) Walker gets power to block administrative rules

As Chrysler Repays Loans, DNC Jabs Republicans Who Wanted To 'Let Detroit Go Bankrupt'

Huguette Clark, Recluse Heiress, Dies at 104

Food makers resist lawmakers’ proposal for guidelines in marketing to children

Libyans ‘robbed our own bank’ to fund uprising

Man admits having sex with 1,000 cars

WH Threatens Veto on the Defense Authorization Act, Citing Detention and AUMF Related Provisions

Democrats join Republicans in questioning Obama’s policy on Israel

Corwin (R-NY26) granted court order barring certification of winner

Netanyahu: Israel ready for painful compromises

AP: Obama to Survey Missouri Tornado Damage Sunday

California budget expected to soar in next 4 years

Another major tornado outbreak. Numerous tornadoes on the ground in Oklahoma

Inside IMF: Female staff call for a woman at helm

Warren eyes Senate seat?

Louisiana House committee approves ban on abortions

Christie’s Fight to Remove School Funds Overruled by New Jersey High Court

White Americans believe anti-white prejudice is a bigger problem than anti-black bias, study finds

Photo: Adopted dog...

CFTC charges 3 firms with oil price manipulation

Christie eyes lower income limit for Medicaid eligibility

Tornado hits Oklahoma City; injuries reported

New Orleans public schools (charter district) make gains in state test scores

Rush Limbaugh Ratings Tumble (Down 33% since October)

CD: Memphis meets Nashville...........

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday, May 24, 2011

US embassy cables: Barack Obama may have 'prejudiced' Bradley Manning trial

Libya conflict escalates as (UK) ministers admit it could drag on for months

Democrat wins House election on Medicare issue (Hochul defeats Corwin (R) NY-26)

Netanyahu heckler hospitalized after protest

Student finds Universe’s missing mass

Study shows girls increasingly aborted in India

California officials: We'll fix prison crowding, won't free 33,000

3 in (Joe Arpaio's) Sheriffs Office Arrested For Human Smuggling, Drugs

U.N. report concludes that Syrian site destroyed in 2007 was a nuclear reactor

Strauss-Kahn's pals bid to pay off woman's kin

Mubarak to be tried for deaths of protesters

Egyptian pyramids found by infra-red satellite images

John Edwards: US Green-Lights Prosecution for Alleged Campaign Law Violations Tied to Affair Cover-U

Decorum Breaks Down at House Hearing

Pawlenty Declares Candidacy and Takes On Politically Popular Programs

Obama Plans Midwest Visit (Joplin, Mo.) as Region Braces For More Storms

Barack Obama and David Cameron to rename special relationship the 'essential relationship'

Obamas arrive in London to restore special to 'special relationship'

Gingrich’s dubious claim of a ‘normal’ no-interest charge account at Tiffany (Three Pinocchios)

Netanyahu's make-or-break speech to Congress

Orlando Sentinel Today's Buzz: Is Obama a real friend to Israel?

Rapturous Reception For Netanyahu In Congress

Rapturous Reception For Netanyahu In Congress

WSJ Washington Wire: Banker Presses Obama to Recess Appoint Elizabeth Warren to Consumer Post

GOP Donors Deserting Newt Gingrich (Old news but I want to revel in it)

At AIPAC, Effort To Shift Focus Back To Agenda: Iran, Foreign Aid, Capitol Hill Relationships

GOP to Hungry: Let Them Eat Nothing

Robert Shrum: Why Republicans can't find a decent presidential candidate

LIVE FEEDS: Obamas attend State Dinner at Buckingham Palace

The Republican Freak Show

Foreign Policy article:"Why is the GOP taking the side of a foreign leader against the US President"

Talkingpointsmemo's Josh Marshall: Time to Face Reality

Christie Negative Ratings Rise to Record Among New Jersey Voters in Poll

Leahy To File Bipartisan Amendment To PATRIOT Act Extension Bill

The Irish know how to give the right welcome (pictures)

Harry Reid rebukes Barack Obama's Israel speech

Obama at 51% approval in today's Gallup Tracking Poll AND today's (R)asmussen poll:

How group think will shape the Republican presidential primaries.

McHenry (Repugnant - NC) called Elizabeth Warren a liar at today's hearing (VIDEO)

NY-26 Special Election ***LIVE RESULTS THREAD***

BREAKING WTF: Jane Corwin (R) obtains court order barring certification of winner in NY-26 special

After Obama's 2nd Term, What Will Be His Next Career Move?

Irish Times: The day O'bama stormed Moneygall - lots of catnip and flava in this puppy.

Senator Scott Brown attacks Obama on the Middle East


Krugman: The Ryan Mistake

Huntsman’s Problems

Foul ball lands near President Bush (VIDEO)

Obama takes credit for Chrysler's rebound

What is First Lady doing here?

Obama Would Veto ‘Forever War’ Language in Defense Bill

I really like this photo of Mrs. Obama

Thom Hartmann: Not all conservatives want to extend the patriot act...

John Kriesel: This Amendment Does Not Represent What I fought For!

'Grandma' thrown off cliff by Paul Ryan lookalike in anti-GOP Medicare ad made by The Agenda Project

PBS NewsHour: Divided High Court Orders Calif. to Ease Overcrowding in Prisons (with photos)

PHOTOS: Barack and Michelle Williiam and Kate


I want this shirt......

"Secret $1 million feature-length Sarah Palin movie debuting in Iowa next month" OMG she's Running!

PHOTOS: State Dinner hosted by Queen Elizabeth at Buckingham Palace

Glenn Greenwald: Great American Patriots

Channel 4 News (UK): Obama fever sweeps Ireland

Something about this photo is both slightly amusing and totally great at the same time:

Hannity Wants Cain To Be The " Anointed One" Not Obama

Left-wing hecklers interrupt Netanyahu's speech to AIPAC (Yesterday, not Sunday)

Have Republicans Already Lost the 2012 Presidential Election?

Papantonio: How Wall Street Manipulates Legal Loopholes

'Iran sanctions against US to target culture of impunity'

Your Politicians are the Representatives of the multinational corporations that buy them .m4v

Herman Cain't Supporters (video featured on Adam Kokesh show)

Flashback: Netanyahu discussed 1967 lines with Hillary — and there was no controversy

Thom Hartmann: The manufacturing rebound is a myth

Thom Hartmann: If you were a CEO seeing Americans suffer - would you bring jobs home?

Caricatures of G8 leaders playing poker

Young Turks: Fox News Decides GOP Primary?

Thom Hartmann: The never ending warfare on steroids

Rally Protests AIPAC Conference

DNC VIDEO: "Let Detroit Go Bankrupt?"

FOX News Owns The Republican Party

Cenk interviews Alan Grayson on MSNBC. Grayson points out that the mask and gloves are off the GOP

The First Casualty of War

Jewish Group Not Happy With AIPAC Controlling US Government

Douche-borough compares medicare to eating fat steaks and chocolate cake every day

History will be made and it was!

Channel 4 News: Ash Cloud: Iceland suffers under the darkness

Humble Kathy Hochul (NY 26) Thanks Voters Before The Big Win

"Cultivating Hope While Perpetuating Unfairness Is Cruel"

Moscow stands firm on Gay Pride ban

How Hochul did it, and why RePUKES should be scared shitless.

Chairman McHenry Calls Elizabeth Warren a Liar at Subcommittee Hearing

Rand Paul on the Senate floor speaking on the Partriot Act

My dad, lung cancer, and his last vote.

The Acadians Deportation

TDPS: Ranking Politician's Affairs...Which is Worst?

TYT - Herman Cain confuses the Declaration of Independence & the Constitution

Thom Hartmann: The secret weapon the Maid used to fight back Dominique Strauss-Kahn

: Conservative lawmaker, Iraq veteran !!!CRUSHES!!! GOP gay bashing

If there is a problematic bill in your state, contact ALEC’s Civil Justice Task Force so that immedi

What’s Up With the Jews?

Slate - "Republican War Against the Weak" by Elliot Spitzer

Katrina vanden Heuvel: Why Obama should appoint Elizabeth Warren

AP: SPIN METER: From White House to Congress to campaign trail, switching positions is in fashion

Wall Street Was ‘Too Big to Jail’

Eugene Robinson: A Medicare Moment for the GOP

Employment Rockets! In the Unpaid Internship Sector

The Elephant in the Green Room (Roger Ailes Expose)

Roger Ailes really, really wants Chris Christie to run for president

Newt Gingrich's Interesting No-Interest Tiffany's Loan

Facing Backlash, Corporations Pull Support for Anti Gay Law

Reagan insider: GOP destroyed U.S. economy, Part 2: Tax cuts, wars, rates, dollar, new crash coming

The New Yorker- Roger Ailes pretty much all you need to know about him and Fox News (great read)

Thank You Cornel West

Radio Free Dylan Episode 57 – Glenn Greenwald of

A Psychopath Walks Into A Room. Can You Tell? - NPR

Why Such A Warm Reception For Benjamin Netanyahu At US Congress?

No Blood, No Foul by Scott Horton

My Life without Gadgets

Jury Nullification: The Reason You Shouldn't Avoid Jury Duty

MPs urge backing for UK shale gas (BBC)

Toon: Fracking Panel

Peak oil review - May 23

Death toll from Joplin, Mo., tornado climbs to 116

Bolivia Set to Pass Historic 'Law of Mother Earth' Which Will Grant Nature Equal Rights to Humans

A Tree Hugger, With a Twist

Carrie Dickerson's Birthday Memorial Party! - May 24 in Tulsa

Toon: The evolution of transportation

Solar threat

We have the technology for creating sustainable energy systems of the future

The Future - according to Google search results

Fusion goes forward from the fringe

Global solar PV module inventories reach 10 GW

Keep Calm and Carry On

Chicago’s government prepares for climate change to turn the city into Baton Rouge

Stevens Students Develop Cheaper, Greener, Alternative Energy Storage

Sunpower, the photovoltaic producer, will be bought by Total

Danish commandoes wade into Greenpeace Arctic oil protest

Activists occupy 450 ft. smokestack in Chicago

Aggressive Efficiency and Electrification Needed to Cut California Emissions

Green curtains spreading across urban balconies to cool heat islands

Teaching algae to make fuel—New process could lead to production of hydrogen using bioengineered…

MIT students receive Rudenberg Award for Fukushima reporting

Military Chaplains Seek Protections For Publicly Anti-Gay Troops

It doesn't matter that not all Christians are extremists. THIS is the true problem with religion

We do speak out for them

The Relation Between Religion and Government in China

May 21st was just the beginning of the end says Harold Camping the final end is coming Oct. 21

Study suggests 'born-again' believers have smaller brains

I've Run into a Slight Religious Dilemma at Work (Advice Requested)

OK let's try to get a shared definition

The real reason no rapture, thank-you Randy

So, tonight I watched the Lightening lose and the Thunder lose...

Does anyone else get completely sucked in by Universal Sports' coverage?

NFL to punish teams for flagrant hits

Jebus! Anyone watching tennis right now???? Spoiler

Bush "tries" to catch a foul ball at a Rangers game...

Bryan Stow's family files lawsuit against the Dodgers..

Threat of Tornado moving towards The Ballpark at Arlington?

Bruins beat Lightning 3-1 to take 3-2 lead in East

Fayyad hospitalized in US

Josh Marshall: Time to Face Reality - what Bibi wants is incompatible with Israeli & US security

Abbas Aide: Netanyahu’s Speech To US Congress Is ‘Declaration Of War’ Against Palestinians

Netanyahu speech to U.S. Congress: Preaching to the choir

Netanyahu to Congress: Ready to make painful compromises, but Jerusalem will not be divided

Juan Cole: What lies Behind Netanyahu’s Bluster on ’1967 Borders

what the hell? Israeli Prime Minister Gets 29 Standing Ovations in Congress

Wilpon: Mets are 'bleeding cash'

I wlll get flamed for this.

Armed homeowner defends against home invasion...

Tough gun control fail: While US murder rate dropped in 2010 NYC murders up 14%

Bethlehem police: Man fired gun at alleged robber, victim also charged

Son charged with killing father after dispute over gun

Man Arrested After He Fires Gun At Girlfriend

14-Year-Old Student Showing Off Gun

Gun Control That Won't (LA Times Op-Ed on AB 144 - Adam Winkler)

President Jesse Rogers relieved college gun bill hits roadblock in Texas

2-year-old boy has died after he was shot in the head

Guns: The Latest Women’s Accessory?

Billboard targets gun violence with a somber new message

To understand Gungeon antis better, I would like these questions

Tough gun control fail: Newark's murder rate up 71% from last year

Feeling a little sorry for the antis, so here's a little bone