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Neat. I have a lot in common with Arnold Schwarzenegger's love-child.

I think the term "banned from DU" should be (insert formerly allowed phrase here.)


Embattled IMF chief resigns

I just wrote an email to Dick Durban under an anonymous address.

DNC Compiles Gingrich Backlash Into Video

Scott puts name on signs

I was watching "The West" the other day and I learned something about Sitting Bull

Al Jazeera's Dorothy Parvaz: "My Time In A Syrian Prison"

TSA stings a TSA officer.

Kristin Davis: Manhattan Madam 'who supplied Dominique Strauss-Kahn with escorts'

Obama’s Latin America Policy: Continuity Without Change

Why are Microsoft and Intel slapping and pulling hair?

EJ Dionne: "Truly Irrational To Risk Nation's Credit Standing To Offer Empty Symbols To Tea Party"

Check this out, sent to me by my neighbor

Check this out, sent to me by my neighbor

Does Rick Santorum deserve to be smeared with the results of Google searches for "Santorum"

Why can't we hear if Coburn was granted immunity

Email from Alan Grayson - Is Sarah Palin "Profoundly Stupid"?

Nomi Prins - Dominique Strauss-Kahn Sits in Prison While the IMF Keeps Ravaging Entire Economies Eve

It's raining in Colorado.

Is there a point where endemic incompetence becomes as actionable as malicious intent?

The serious questions raised by the Dominique Strauss-Kahn affair

"I'm With Stupid"

Anyone can start a corporation. It just costs $48 - $89. Let's all start one.

Say What? A Chemical Can Damage Your Lungs, Liver and Kidneys and Still Be Labeled "Non-Toxic"?

Dunkin' franchisee sued over no-tips policy

China acknowledges Three Gorges dam 'problems'

Obama At Boston Fundraiser: I Understand Your Frustration With Me

Humana wants to encourage healthy living by employees, won't hire some people with unhealthy habits

Humana wants to encourage healthy living by employees, won't hire some people with unhealthy habits

President Obama Must Seek Congressional Authorization for Continued U.S. Military Action In Libya

She's seriously starting to look scary....

Toon: Rationale for being in Afghanistan?

2nd Columbus Principal Allegedly Put Children On Reduced-Lunch Program

Strauss-Kahn may face civil suit for alleged assault

Papers shed light on investigation of anti-war activists

Poll: Voters favor bargaining bill (SB5) repeal, cool to Gov. Kasich

Somali women carve their own niche in Boston

Fuckie Todd is discussing the Jacksonville upset

Bhai-bhai spirit won’t earn Pak a blank cheque from China

Kola Boof was one of the first individuals to give information to the United States about Osama Bin

The Stealth Retirement Community

"The federal government was created by the states to be an agent for the states, not the other way

Ensign is sure getting a pass in the discussion on

Defense attorney: Texas mom charged in slay case wants to join son in heaven

Did Coburn opt out of the "Gang of Six" because of his entanglement in Ensign-gate?

Nation Down To Last Hundred Grown-Ups

Just When You THOUGHT It Was SAFE, Sarah Palin SLIDES Into 2012 Waters

Just When You THOUGHT It Was SAFE, Sarah Palin SLIDES Into 2012 Waters

Ok, why aren't we all in the streets over these tax issues?

Any tremors in your part of the country?

The *problem* with Cornel West? It's simple

When Gingrich, Palin, Romney, Trump and even Cornel West bring Obama's race up

Palin calls David Gregory racists for questioning Gingrich on "Food Stamp President" remark

The Amerikan Police State Strides Forward (Strauss-Kahn)

Are Cornel West’s Views on Obama as Wild as His Afro?

watching o'donnell this morning

10 Great Things About America That Drive Conservatives and the Religious Right Insane

I'm worried SS and Medicare WILL be ended.

How Gingrich can still win the GOP nomination -- and the presidency / SALON

Cisco to dump Linksys, WebEx?

Sing along to the Oil Anthem - by Mark Fiore

British sex education from the early 60's

Last Day: How Are YOU Going To Spend It

Planned Parenthood Opens $8 Billion Abortionplex

ALEC pats itself and GA governor on back for bill allowing health insurance sales across state lines

Arnie's infidelity and love child still the #1 news story

First it was Walmart; now is the "Aerotropolis."

Bernard-Henri Lévy made the Libyan rebels INNOCENT LAMBS. Now he defends the CHARACTER of DSK

Toon: By paying off the right people....

Radiation tests lacking / Nuclear plant workers unsure of internal exposure levels

Utilities cry foul at moves to deregulate electricity market (JAPAN)

Toon: Itcanthappenhere

Govt tries to deflect N-crisis criticism (JAPAN)

How bad to people in Florida hate republicans (ie Rick Scott, Rubio, Tea Baggers...)?

Would DSK have been denied bail by a male judge?

Gold-plated Grovelbot, DO YOUR THING!

Barack Obama's Middle East speech – live coverage

Barack Obama's Middle East speech – live coverage

U.S. wants "open" IMF succession

Kaczynski says FBI wants his DNA in 1982 Tylenol poisoning probe

Ford developing in-car health monitoring tech

What has this country wraught, when Newt is too Moderate for the Republicans..

What has this country wraught, when Newt is too Moderate for the Republicans..

Obama's speech at the State Department

Obama Administration Honors Labor Leader

Twin bombs kill 27 at police station in Iraq

Nuclear cleanup workers being recruited from society's lowest rungs (JAPAN)

Eleven killed in Afghanistan protest

Senate bill would require warrant for e-mail, cloud searches

New airport body scanners on cutting block

Inside Obama’s "Orwellian World" Where Whistleblowing Has Become Espionage: The Case of Thomas Drake

Whistleblower says Russian troops fed dog food

Venting failed twice at Fukushima plant, possibly damaging reactor: TEPCO

Gov. Christie's proposed income limits would cut Medicaid for working poor

Reintegration hinges on turncoat Taliban

Sec. Clinton on now, POTUS to speak soon on Middle East Policy

A rivalry that threatens the world

Who is John Lipsky?

Yamaguchi might nix nuke plant via license (JAPAN)

Just did some searches for past DU threads about the IMF, and all I can say is...

With todays critical cloture vote on Goodwin Liu, let's re-visit repubs views on filibustering

Louder Than Words

Sarah Palin: Newt Gingrich fell into 'lamestream media' trap


Russian president says he may seek re-election

More Arnold toons...

What do you think Cornel West had in mind with the black mascot comment?


Gov. Christie's proposed income limits would cut Medicaid for working poor

Cornel West's Race-Baiting, Antisemitic Slander on President Obama

NY Taxi and Limousine Commission Bans Lexus Hybrid for Being "Too Powerful"

How much do Republican politicians suck?

Global Fund faces billion-dollar glitch

The President is making a God-awful, boring speech. I wish he would just announce what he has to

TEPCO needs to stop ignoring the 'inconvenient'

Tepco told to avoid sale of national park land

South Korean Sex Workers Rally Against Police

Obama May Skirt War Powers Law to Continue Libya Bombing

Imagine if radioactive isotopes began showing up here in mothers breast milk a month ago

Scandal explodes with 3 credit bureaus - Often give perks to the rich and fix errors faster

This economy is bringing out a new kind of theif: DeKalb police: Walgreens held up by woman in her

President Obama is giving an incredibly well articulated and thoughtful speech

Afghans killed in protest over NATO night raids (guess we better bomb ourselves)

The Illegal War in Libya by Glenn Greenwald

Shape of new Tohoku should emerge in five years: Iokibe (JAPAN)

Obama Administration Encourages Electric Cars with Instant Rebate

America's Largest Newspaper Launches a Nasty Attack on Grandma and Grandpa

OH GOD!! Arnold may have another out of wedlock love child

Corporate sponsors could raise millions for schools

NRC Finds Many U.S. Nuclear Plants Ill-Prepared [NYT]

After an article about the Fukushima meltdown, in the comments section I read:

May 19: Japan Nuclear Disaster Update

What makes Rick Santorum an "Expert" on torture or the military?

Carl Levin: Keep Heat On Goldman Sachs

Jack Kevorkian hospitalized with kidney problems

Existing-Home Sales in U.S. Unexpectedly Fall

Could this country end world hunger w/ the money it spends on the military &

Will Mitch Daniels be the next President of the United States?

Jon Huntsman launches five-day New Hampshire blitz

Did anyone see the movie "Inside Job"

"It'll be very embarrassing if earth goes 0 for 6.7 billion in the rapture on Saturday."

'Go the F— to Sleep' proves a popular lullaby with bleary-eyed adults

Girl, 10, ‘amazed’ by kindness of others as she battles cancer

Radiation levels at No.3 reactor water intake - Range from 550-32,000 times legal limit

The Rude Pundit: Live Whiskey-Blogging Obama's Big Damn Middle East Policy Speech

Doonesbury's take on the upcoming Rapture...

Doonesbury's take on the upcoming Rapture...

Jewish "Deli Summit" in Berkeley debates the future of the giant pastrami sandwich

The MacDefender Mac malware isn't a hoax

Creepy pic of the day:

Santorum Contradicts McCain On ‘Enhanced Interrogation’

Inside Obama's "Orwellian World" Where Whistleblowing Has Become Espionage: The Case of Thomas Drake

Navy’s plan to honor Cesar Chavez irks lawmaker(R)

US envoy: Some Afghan factions won't be reconciled

Guess the Sentences in Dick Cheney’s Forthcoming Memoir

A Wally Cox Award for Bin Laden

U.S. Will Not Pay $25 Million Osama Bin Laden Reward, Say Officials

A grand jury has indicted Dominique Strauss-Kahn in the alleged sex abuse case

Photo of the day (JAPAN) Tsunami meets Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Complex

“Recriticality? Possibility of recriticality?! IAEA report: a meltdown at Fukushima unit 3?”JAPAN TV

‘Electronic Brownshirts’ -- Amy Goodman

Finally! This guy was such a jagoff.

Why should Israel seek our permission to bomb Iran?

DUers who support voter ID, look to WI

On Saturday (Twitter re: The Rapture)

What Does The Current U.S. Corporate Rush To Borrow Money Tell You?

"Miracle May" poodle ‘dropped from sky’ by bird of prey

TOM THE DANCING BUG: Super-Fun-Pak Comix

Strauss Khan has been indicted by the grand jury

George Takei vs. Tennessee's "Don't Say Gay" Bill

George Takei vs. Tennessee's "Don't Say Gay" Bill

Obama's Contraditory ME Policy: Voice support for democracy, but actually support militancy

This is a photo. A really cool one.

People who claim to be Democrats but threaten to vote third-party, I call them "Palin Democrats".

I've been watching MSNBC exclusively for the last week and let me just say...

Riel "Guns" Erickson CF-18 fighter pilot

Remember how the release of the RAW DNA files was the turning point

Hamas: Obama speech total failure

Calligrapher mourns loss of family home...(JAPAN)

My suggestion for a video primer prior to viewing HBO's "Too Big To Fail"

What if?

Breaking News: Jennifer Aniston will receive "Decade of Hotness" award

Anti-obesity drugs given to babies in the womb

More nuclear reactor shutdowns lie ahead (JAPAN)

Obama Administration to Ask Sherrod to Help with Minority Outreach

Melted fuel in reactor No. 3 appears to have burned thru pressure vessel (plutonium rods)+ much more

McDonald's defends advertising to children

Eagle Rock Yacht Club Celebrates Rapture With 'Last Dodgeball Tournament Ever'

Leaders of recall that put Schwarzenegger in office feel betrayed

The only Rapture worth paying any attention to

Upper Big Branch mine victim's sister: ''This is a crime''

Student asks school to not hold prayer at graduation ceremony. Town responds with lynch-mob tactics

Wisconsin - Voter ID Law eliminates training for voter registrars

Wisconsin - Voter ID law eliminates training for state-wide voter registration officers.

Self delete - dup

As Hurricane season approaches, a nice resource

Al Gore hits out at Rupert Murdoch's News Corp

Nancy Pelosi: "We have a plan--it's called Medicare"

Unstable ground threatens mudslides in northern prefectures after quake (JAPAN)

Levees protect homes surrounded by floodwater

Protests spreading in Spain

Does the truth have mostly a "liberal bias"?

Obama Administration investigates Unabomber in Tylenol Deaths

I have an idea! Let's ban everything we don't like!

1 in 10 children have someone else using their Social security number

The Reality Show You Won't See on TV: Eliminating Bush Tax Cuts Would Halt Rise in Debt

Awwww Haley Barbour's vacation home is flooded up to the 2nd floor

Is Google profiting from illegal ads?

HI-SEN: Mazie's running

Economy Sliding Into a Stagflationary Spiral

Strauss-Kahn indicted on 7 counts of sexual assault. Granted $1M bail; home detention

Tweety is in his element today, he LOVES this Gingrich stuff

Botox Mom - "I made it all up for money"

A guessing game

Obama Administration to Aid Next-Generation Auto Technology

Senate republicans block appeals court nomination of Goodwin Liu

Katrina vanden Heuvel: On Food Stamps, Gingrich Hasn't a Clue

Moulton (R, WI)--( the extorcist) fails to cast self out of Wisconsin Assembly

America’s Healthcare Crisis is Getting Worse

Martin Bashir MSNBC pays homage to Dominionist Xtain David Wilkerson WTF?

Quake survivors struggle to secure housing (JAPAN)

Captain ‘Sully’ Sullenberger named CBS News Aviation and Safety Expert

The "M" word. Running on stupid.

Did Tommy Thompson doink a nun? Lock up your sisters, lock up your housekeepers, lock up your

More from Madison last Saturday (warning: pics)

More from Madison last Saturday (warning: pics)

"None. Zero. Nada. Niente" people voting in WI using other people's name!!

Here's A Graph For Ya...

Here's A Graph For Ya...

Chanting protesters line House hallway over marriage amendment

Where do repugs get their news from when they

'Taxi' star Jeff Conaway hospitalized in a coma

Some Factory Jobs Return, Paying a Whole Lot Less

Some Factory Jobs Return, Paying a Whole Lot Less

Quoting the President, how does it work?

Fukushima worker told his internal radiation level is 30,000 cpm — “That’s never happened before”

Deal to extend Patriot Act for another 4 years reached.

Eaglet Rescue

Single-Payer in California? - Truthout

(Florida) Gov. Rick Scott signs controversial election bill into law

Palin Not Running for President

Obama court pick (Goodwin Liu) may be headed for Senate defeat

Another, From The Fellating Paul Ryan Tour...

Obama Administration Says No to Diplomatic Immunity for DSK

LinkedIn IPO makes it official - dot com bubble 2.0 is growing fast

Iowa GOP Cancels Fundraiser After Trump Backs Out

Defeat cop killing Tea Party Terrorists. Please help the SPLC.

Good night and good luck, Katie!1

San Francisco Giants to Create "It Gets Better" Video for LGBT Youth

The New York Mets-Bernie Madoff mess gets messier

Family Files Wrongful Death Suit Against Four Loko

Lars Von Trier 'accepts' Cannes ban after Nazi comments

You know what would be awesome?? If the fundies got it all wrong and

2012 presidential election is like a cooking show contest GOP knows they are going to lose...

The pile on begins: Romney: Obama 'threw Israel under the bus'

The GOP’s Turnout Problem - NationalJournal

Guardian UK: Don't blame the staff - it's privatisation that has failed our railways

To those who think O is a shoe in

I haven't watched Matthews' show in a loooong time. I was reminded tonight why.

Audit uncovers secret 'Gold Card Desk' that allows dismissal of L.A. parking tickets at will

Mystery person wants to join Westboro Baptist Church

"Wisconsin legislature has enacted the latest wet dream of the state's telcom industry " ATT

Residents find that raising chickens in backyard yields more than crop of eggs

Live blogging from my GOP congressman's town hall

oh no! Jeff Conaway (Grease, Taxi, Bablylon 5) is critical after drug overdose

Aw Shit... 'Leadership Makes Deal to Extend Patriot Act Provisions for Four Years' - FDL

Obama Administration gets telecommunications CEO to plead guilty.

Kleine GropenFuhrer auf dem Grasland? Second Arnie mistress steps forward, a former child actress...

Issa: Company Issa founded underpaid tariffs

Has any reporter asked to hang out with the 5/21ers on Saturday?

Newt: Campaigns Like Mine Are But Once A Century

It's The Evil Thing (Song about the Koch Brothers to a tune familiar to those over 40 types)

Happy Birthday Bob Dylan!

San Francisco considers banning e-cigarettes-if it looks, feels or functions like cig, it is one

San Francisco considers banning e-cigarettes-if it looks, feels or functions like cig, it is one

Fake security software catches out Apple owners (BBC)

Is Cornell West echoing the sentiments of the great W.E.B. DuBois?

Greece Will Default On It's Debts, Renewing The European Debt Crisis

SHAME on Waukesha: Protest for Election Integrity - Friday May 20

WI: GAB dismisses EVERY complaint filed against Walker during the budget battle...

Harry Reid will make the ReTHUGS

Kansas City Priest charged with possession of child porn and taking secret pictures

Tepco May Report 1.5 Trillion Yen Loss

Bill Moyers: ‘We’re Almost Out of Time’

Bill Moyers: ‘We’re Almost Out of Time’

May 21 is my birthday

When the Rupture comes Saturday...

High used-car prices make it ideal time to sell

Oh Crap.

The perfect time to veto the Patriot Act.? Immediately after you take out Bin Laden.

"Chipotle Firings: One Story of a Broken Immigration System "

Senator McConnell Leaves House Republican Budget Twisting In The Wind - TheHill

One Man's CLOUT May DERAIL Gay Marriage in NY

MN: Several legislators who want to ‘protect marriage’ are divorced, records indicate

It's OK to be TAKEI

Private Prisons Found to Offer Little in Savings - NYT

If the Rapture comes, will Rove be indicted?

Aid worker/Hostage suing Franklin Graham's "Samaritan Purse" for not paying her ransom but held...

Republican Rep. Calls For Default On The Debt: ‘It Could Benefit Us To Go Through A Period Of Crisis

Republican Rep. Calls For Default On The Debt: ‘It Could Benefit Us To Go Through A Period Of Crisis

Here's a good site for tracking fraud indictments, prosecutions

PA Game Commission gives endangered falcon chicks a check up and applies bands to their legs - pics

Did a GOP CONSPIRACY Target BOTH Don Siegelman and Gray Davis?

I asked this question about the Rapture today...

The secret world of child brides

political wives "tipper point" is way too late

Should we just go ahead and do away with the idea of separation between church and state?

Fixing America’s Finances - -Ronald Reagan’s budget director, David Stockman, says it’s time to cut

Lesbian moms: Annapolis newspaper editor says it was wrong to run story on Mother's Day

The American Taliban targets the 'abortion-cartel'

‘My bad’: Willie Nelson un-endorses Republican Gary Johnson

If the only polls that matter are elections, it is GAME OVER for the right. Bye bye

My open letter to President Barack Obama about medical marijuana

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Best of Malloy tonight

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Best of Malloy tonight

Wife’s $6m frees Strauss-Kahn on bail

Secret Service agents going insane from monitoring "blathering" on Fox News

To Sen Amy Klobuchar (D-MN): Miss Peaches wants to talk to you about "shared sacrifice"

Nuclear plant worker's internal radiation levels 1000s of times higher than expected

Deliberations Continue in Trial of East Village Cops Accused of Rape

Atlantic hurricane season "above normal": NOAA

Rachel Maddow - Tells us to Google...

Dana Perino, idiot and hypocrite

The savaging of Newt here is deplorable

U.S. Government Wants To Censor Search Engines And Browsers

Left to die in the Mediterranean (dozens of African migrants who died because they were left adrift)

Idaho family held at gunpoint, robbed, so defendent could get $500.00 to circumcise baby.

8.4 Earthquake reported near the coast of Libya ?

Study Sees Way to Win Spam Fight

Report Blasts Massey For 'Deviance' In Safety Culture

How Many ‘U.S. Infrastructure Ailing’ Reports Will It Take to Fix U.S. Infrastructure?

How Many ‘U.S. Infrastructure Ailing’ Reports Will It Take to Fix U.S. Infrastructure?

Newt Gingrich's ringtone is 'Dancing Queen'

Obama’s call for Israeli/Palestinian borders to be "based on 1967 lines" mirrors Bush/Clinton policy

Is President Obama a "traitor"

Wisconsin - Voter ID law eliminates training for state-wide voter registration officers.

I heart Paulie and I almost feel sorry for . . . .

Schwarzenegger puts acting career on hold

Why do to dismiss rep/cons with words like "idiot", "stupid", etc.

Why do to dismiss rep/cons with words like "idiot", "stupid", etc.


Cinco de Mayo will Continue to be Celebrated in the US

Cinco de Mayo will Continue to be Celebrated in the US

Pseudo-Armageddon: Jean Shepherd radio program from the 60's...

First cloned cat to turn 10-years-old later this year - story w/pics

The "End of the world" group is taking donations. Go to this link

Does Ron Paul stand with America or stand with the Israeli Lobby?

'English only' sign back up to stay at diner, owner says

Toon: How Dare You!

Carl Hiaasen has the best summation on tea-party wishes, should they come true

Japan's economy slips into recession

Depressed Republican Leaders Are Convinced Obama Will Easily Win Reelection

Voter ID bills around the nation, Would a National ID solve that problem?

Chelsea Clinton 2016??

Please Watch - Death of Democracy in Wisconsin - Voter ID bill passes "Senate"

Run out of beer on Sunday? Someone is worried:"they’ll be able to drive to the store to buy more,”

C-H-E-N-E-Y is pronounced

Canada's greenhouse gas emissions dip

Photo gallery: Tsunami inundating Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant, 11 March 2011

Oakland-based Family Radio sees donations soar as 'Judgment Day' approaches

5 tons of seawater may have entered Hamaoka nuclear reactor (JAPAN)

Wisconsin Senate passes "most restrictive voter ID bill in history of US"

79 year old Miami woman's leg severed when pressure cooker explodes

79 year old Miami woman's leg severed when pressure cooker explodes

Pictures from my congressman's town hall. Kevin Yoder (GOP) KS 3rd district

Aerial fallout map confirms soil radiation levels

TEPCO Photos Show Tsunami Striking Fukushima Plant

Do you think there will be any conversions to Atheism on May 22?

BREAKING on MSNBC: Less than 1 hour after Obama's speech, Israeli PM strongy rejects Obama's plan.

The CDC website has directions on how to survive a ZOMBIE APOCaLYPSE! BRAAAAAAINS

So Armagedon is coming

''South Park'' finds out why teabaggers are permanently angry.

Want a Job? Move to Canada

Democrats control the Senate and the White House.

Atheists offer to rescue Christians’ pets after judgment day

Atheists offer to rescue Christians’ pets after judgment day

Prepare NOW...The End is NEAR - or - maybe - my own photos of Epic FAIL

Cornel West, Tavis, Harris-Perry, Belefonte, Sharpton.. lets get a heads up here

There was once a contender named Newt.

Some ob-gyn doctors setting cut off weights - turning away women over 200 lbs

Professor publishes 'study' that is meant to prove black women are ugly

Sweet Jesus I hate Rupert Murdoch !!!

"Rapture Detector" Promises Early Warning

"Rapture Detector" Promises Early Warning

I love Anthony Weiner, but he just doesn't get it re: Palestine/Israel

"Adios. I have been pre-Rapturd." - Ye Olde Spirale Hawke

The questioning of L. A. school librarians by lawyers with police nearby. Part of The New Normal?

"Sovereign Citizens" Teabagger Group considered by FBI to be top domestic terror threat

Russ Feingold, Potential Senate Candidate, Rips Democrats For 'Corruption'

Question: Why is Geithner still Sec of Treasury?

When O'Reilly's own poll shows he got creamed by Jon Stewart, you know it was total evisceration

Obama Administration Presents Export Award to Green Manufacturer

Obama Administration to Honor ‘Green’ Schools That Teach ‘Environmental Literacy’

President Obama Recognizes Math Teachers with Award

President Obama Recognizes Math Teachers with Award

Obama Administration to Prosecute Corrupt Bank Official

Obama Adminstration to repay fishermen for penalties

The 437th thread about May 21

The gadgets for disaster zones (BBC) {concrete tents, inflatable hospitals, solar coolers}

Rapture prank: Leave clothes and shoes around town

Peter Fonda calls Obama 'traitor' at Cannes

Apple logo/imagery causes 'religious' reaction in brains of fans.

Asteroid 2009 BD To Narrowly Miss Earth On June 2 (set to pass between the earth and moon )

Obama Administration Encourages Open Source Development

84-year-old man allegedly beaten by police officer after calling 911

84-year-old man allegedly beaten by police officer after calling 911

84-year-old man allegedly beaten by police officer after calling 911

Texas politicians knew agency hid the amount of radiation in drinking water

Scary but laughable Rand Paul's so called "Right to Work" petition

I have an old email hoax about taxes and using men in a bar and $100. I'm looking for a ready

I have an old email hoax about taxes and using men in a bar and $100. I'm looking for a ready

Go The F*ck To Sleep tops Amazon best seller list

Dog returns home after April 27th tornados with two broken legs

Dog returns home after April 27th tornados with two broken legs

Obama's Orwellian Turn: Whistle-Blowing=Treason

Did I hear this right? Obama supports wealth clawbacks from the looters in developing democracies.

FBI investigates Unabomber in '82 Tylenol deaths

That recent IN Supreme Court ruling: It may not be as sinister as it sounds.

I Think Maybe It's Time To Do THIS Again... Among Other Things...

The most powerful ad ever - The Ryan Plan =throwing grandma over the cliff

New Study Finds iPad is Cure for Adultery; Owners ‘Stop Noticing Other People Altogether’


Ed Schultz blows up at David Sirota on Sirota's radio show

I think that the 2012 election will be a good election for the Democrats.

BREAKING NEWS >>> Boy named after a sport marries girl named after a water filter...

BREAKING NEWS >>> Boy named after a sport marries girl named after a water filter...

A Parent's Most Feared Four-Letter Word

Dont_Bogart_ the_Pretzel ... ProfessorGAC ... Mira ... ornotna ... True Earthling ... Patiod ...

Dont_Bogart_ the_Pretzel ... ProfessorGAC ... Mira ... ornotna ... True Earthling ... Patiod ...

Harry Belafonte: Menace or Threat?

83yo peace activist jailed awaiting sentencing for trespass in Oak Ridge, TN

May 21st

Another Too-Fat-To-Fly Controversy Hits Southwest Airlines

At I.M.F., Men on Prowl and Women on Guard

Raise the fucking tax rate

What should happen to the 9/11 forum?

That's SO Takei!

Rush Limbaugh doesn't Just Believe His Audience is Stupid, He DEPENDS on it.

Damn! I have to work on Rapture Day!

How bad is the Mac malware scare? (FAQ)

I believe in God and Jesus Christ, I do not believe in Harrold Camping!

She * totally* gets it. If only Americans would wake up.

Liberal Hippies?

Please join me in applauding KansDem.

Man Discovers $45k Stashed In His Attic

"...only people Obama has prosecuted are the whistle-blowers" - Jane Mayer | New Yorker

Nothing more romantic than a shotgun wedding...yes, another Palin on the way!

German insurer Munich Re held orgy for salesmen

Rapture victims: Sue Harold Camping!

America is being destroyed from within. And we’re just watching it happen.

Student asks school to not hold prayer at graduation ceremony. Town responds with lynch-mob tactics

Sen. Sanders calls for constitutional amendment to overrule Citizens United

We are going to be deleting some DU Groups. And WE NEED YOUR HELP to figure out which ones.

It figures my star disappears just before the rapture

I have a question mark

Can we get the Wingers to Rapture early...

Doing Something Right

You has any Arnold's love children having?

In case you need another reason not to leave you dog in the car while you run in the store.

I have a question.

The original translation of the bible verses that discuss the rapture has been discovered.

Do you feel that time is whizzing by? Going by so fast? How to slow it down-

Choose wisely, young grasshopper!

A boy and his dog

So, what time is the rapture tomorrow?

To anybody anywhere who disses Boehners...

Do reptilian people recognize certain pets, such as their underlings? nt

Safe Bus Driving FAIL

To anybody anywhere who disses Boomers....

I just realized my sig line - it's going to be really messy this Rapture Saturday.

Actual link headline that just appeared on the BBC website: "Queen visits Irish National Stud"

American Voices: Shriver, Schwarzenegger Separate

Eaglet Rescue

William Gibson's Neuromancer has started preproduction!

"I need your clothes, your boots, and your motorcycle.....and a good divorce lawyer."

Fight Music

Is Viagra Making You Deaf?

"Hmm. Not quite the conflagration we've been banking on...

To anybody anywhere who disses Beemers....

I am concerned. Will baby Jesus be able to find MFM for the rapture

To anybody anywhere who disses Boehner....

post-rapture looting: what's on your shopping list?

To anybody anywhere who disses Boners...

"Miracle May" poodle ‘dropped from sky’ by bird of prey

How many local churches have Sunday 5/22 service times listed?

British actor Edward Hardwicke (TV's Dr. Watson) dies.

For the record.....

Ever solve any family mysteries? I once had a story about my grandmother's grandmother.

Now this is what I call an iPod station...

Run for your lives! May 21 is velociraptor day! It's a cook book!

It's supposed to hit 70 tomorrow, first time since November 3. 2010

From the "you can't make this stuff up" file

Has anyone heard from Roon lately?

More text changes in movies.

Just back from Geneva (dial-up warning)

Post the things you'd shout at those being "Raptured", if it happens this weekend.

Living out every little girl's dream:

One of my miniature dachshunds just showed me what she was bred for..

My cat threw up some blood today. Just a tiny bit. But it was red, red, red not

"Sexual Church" is the phrase for today. Modify a thread title to include "Sexual Church".

Question about Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

Just back from 3 days in NOLA.

Are any DUers eligible for Rapture?

I have an idea! Let's ban everything we don't like!


They're re-releasing Eat Pray Love with new title to reflect the Truth in Advertising Act

Any other freaks out there......

What. IS. That?

Would fried chicken taste any different if fried in a pressure cooker?

Why do reply notations disappear under MyDU after one viewing?

I've watched all the Magnum and Monk episodes on DVD, almost through

Do reptilian pets recognize certain people, such as their owners? nt

Job Search: I just interviewed for a position that I applied for in DECEMBER

was successful at posting a few pics of my life....

DSK has resigned as IMF Director.

Broadband Network Will Jam GPS in Vegas - FAA Warns

Dominique Strauss-Khan: Accuser to Testify

Military plane crashes in Southern California

NGOs urge ICC to intervene in Colombia

Former Uribe aides charged for illegal wiretapping

Papers shed light on investigation of anti-war activists

Deadly Blasts Strike Kirkuk (24 Killed, 80 Wounded in Three Blasts)

FLASH: IMF says managing director Strauss-Kahn resigns

Argentina plane crash kills 22

Osama bin Laden Praises Arab Spring In Posthumously Released Tape

Osama bin Laden Praises Arab Spring In Posthumously Released Tape

Spaniards defy ban to demonstrate in Madrid

Senate blocks GOP bill that would increase offshore drilling

Local rules upheld for SF police on FBI task force

Garret FitzGerald, former Irish PM, dies at 85

Schwarzenegger's Child: Tammy Denies It's Her Son

Fixing America’s Finances - -Ronald Reagan’s budget director, David Stockman, says it’s time to cut

G.A.B.(WI) dismisses budget repair bill complaints

Film pitch/film pitch description thread

Daimler Must Face Claims Over Argentina ‘Dirty War’ Worker Kidnappings

Indonesia jihadists forge networks in jail - new report

Mine Owner’s Negligence Led to Blast, Study Finds

Peter Fonda calls Obama 'traitor' at Cannes

36 slain in Taliban attack on work crew

Iran may have hacked inspectors’ phones

Mine Owner’s Negligence Led to Blast, Study Finds(Massey)

Mine Owner’s Negligence Led to Blast, Study Finds(Massey)

Is Google profiting from illegal ads?

U.S. government outlines zombie apocalypse plan

Man's body pulled from floodwaters in Vicksburg (Mississippi)

Grass Roots: Walker budget 'not moral,' says faith group

Federal judge orders California waste hauling firm to reinstate two drivers and cease anti-union act

Illinois Redistricting Update: Democrats’ Secret Power Play

Deal reached on labor board (Ne will not end public unions in Waker style)

Lars Von Trier 'accepts' Cannes ban after Nazi comments

Shizuoka, Kanagawa governments oppose radiation screening order for tea leaves

Obama Pledges New Aid To Mideast Nations Embracing Democracy

G.O.P. Senators Question I.R.S. Scrutiny of Donors

Turkey: moderate quake jolts western Turkey (6.0, shallow)

ADL Applauds President Obama's Strong Outline Of Principles For U.S. Policy In Middle East

Dane Co.(Madison, WI) judge rules open meetings lawsuit should stand

Libyan diplomat kicked out of Canada headed intelligence

Judicial nominee Goodwin Liu faces filibuster showdown

Al Gore hits out at Rupert Murdoch's News Corp

Denver judge stays all Righthaven cases in Colorado

German insurer Munich Re held orgy for salesmen

Unemployment Insurance Weekly Claims Report (05/19/2011)

Navy names ship after labor activist Cesar Chavez

BSkyB (Murdoch) buyout delayed amid widespread public concern for media

Former IMF leader indicted in sex abuse case

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday, May 19, 2011

Senate Blocks Confirmation of Court Nominee Liu

Tepco Employee 10x more Radioactive than safe levels

Dominique Strauss-Kahn is granted bail

Obama Middle East Speech: President Will Announce Billions In Economic Aid to Egypt, Tunisia

Patriot Act Extension Agreement Reached By Congressional Leaders

Japan signs up to global child custody pact

Senate Democrats won’t release their spending plan

Senate Democrats won’t release their spending plan

Missing Photographer in Libya is Presumed Dead

Report: President of Japan's troubled TEPCO resigning

Ohio Poll: Sherrod Brown Leads Potential Rivals for Re-Election

Principal 'outs' gay student

Small steps for paralyzed man, giant leaps for treating spinal cord injuries

McDonald’s boss says Ronald is ‘ambassador for good,’ parents want ‘right to choose’

(Jack) Kevorkian hospitalized for pneumonia, kidney trouble

Priest charged with possession of child porn

Ban on checking credit of job applicants clears (Calif.) Assembly

Afghan Guantanamo Detainee 'Commits Suicide'

US attorney says Maine’s medical marijuana law violates federal statute

Jewish Donors Warn Obama on Israel

First solo woman anchor Couric signs off from CBS

Wisconsin set to require photo identification to vote

Some FBI agents are angered by plan to extend tenure of Director Robert Mueller

China Gives Pakistan 50 Fighter Jets

College asked ATF about Loughner before rampage

GOP congressman: Default would benefit the U.S.

Dominique Strauss-Kahn: IMF head 'hired prostitutes from Manhattan madam'

How to have an honest conversation with Judy Grimes, Shaggy and Newt Gingrich

This Way Out: A Step-by-Step Guide to Starting a Workers Co-operative

Giffords Recovering 'Really Well' Post Surgery, Mark Kelly Reports


Area 51 Author Debunks UFO's and Aliens

Thom Hartmann: Government by gangs doesn't work very well

Louder Than Words

Sex, Lies and Newt

Palin Calls David Gregory A Racist For Questioning Newt

Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans Discuss The Wars We Are In

Dayton, Ohio Public Schools Union President talks about decision to lay off 10 percent of Teachers

Thom Hartmann & Charles Rangel: Is perpetual war about to become law?

Map of Arab Rage: Imperialism in the making?

Obama Gas Station

President Obama and the African American Community

Former Utah governor picks Florida for campaign headquarters

VIDEO: Louder Than Words

Tony Auth on Newt Gingrich's truth telling about Paul Ryan's plan

Senate blocks move to open up offshore drilling

"It made smart people stupid"

Jon Stewart ISN'T Going to Vote for the 2012 Republican Nominee, Okay???

What to do about the independents? Both sides need them and no one wants them

Watch President Obama's Full Speech on Mideast Policy

Why Do Americans Continue to Deny Climate Change?

UTAH Gov. Gary Herbert: Worth Exploring' SELLING OFF Much Of UTAH State Land to Pay Down Fed Deficit

Doomsday Survival Kit!

Self-deleted by member

There Is No Appetite In This Country For Intervention In Syria!

Why Are There Never Explanations For Deleted Posts Here?

Dems Press Obama To Recess Appoint Elizabeth Warren To Run Consumer Bureau

Host: Obama raised $2.2M at Mass. fundraiser

Steve Benen: In disheartening display, Senate blocks Goodwin Liu vote

I hope Obama doesn't kill the War Powers Act

Looks like Florida's Marco Rubio is supporting the Ryan plan to end Medicare as we know it

Has DU become anti-Israel?

Romney: Obama 'Threw Israel Under The Bus'

"a viable Palestine, and a secure Israel."

Dem Rapid Response: The New GOP 'Litmus Test'

Jon Tester Backpedals in Multibillion Dollar Swipe Fee Fight

Obama’s Mideast Speech (TEXT)

Al Jazeera - Mr. President, Come Talk To Us

What Obama Should Say About Middle East Policy

Jon Huntsman’s Task in New Hampshire

"Obama caused all of our problems ... " I just sat next to someone who can only be described as a

Who Ordered the Kent State Shootings?

Dismantling Medicare: The "litmus test"

Probably the most definitive pile of crap I have ever read.

Rachel Maddow Presents 'The Epic of Gingrich'

Joan Walsh: "working class people haven't gotten enough help from this too-close-to-Wall St. admin"

Newt Gingrich And Paul Ryan: A True Love Story!

Rachel Maddow covers the massive GOP disenfranchisement campaigns designed to screw Dems

Obama has a TREMENDOUS opportunity to stand up for civil liberties...VETO THE PATRIOT ACT EXTENSION!

My LTTE on Newt and the help he has given Dems:

Obama back up to 50% in today's Gallup Tracking Poll

Movie Night with John Kasich & Michelle Rhee

President's Approval Rating - Gallup

Every POTUS during my lifetime has endorsed the same Israel borders that Obama did today

Sen. Lena Taylor on WI Voter Suppression Bill 5.19.11

Roland Martin On Comments Made By Cornel West: Be Specific About Policy, Don't Make It Personal

Storming the Castle

TYT: Jon Stewart Disappointed In Obama

Jewish Donors Warn Obama on Israel

Obama Gets No Credit for Courage

Tennessee Police fight with each other over money seized from motorists

Bernie Sanders "We To Have To Pass A Constitutional Amendment To End Citizens United Ruling"

I am Bradley Manning

Olbermann/Letterman FULL 15Min. Interview

Obama Will Support Gay Marriage (Before 2012 election), Kirsten Gillibrand Says

Joan Walsh: Cornel West's tragic meltdown

Palin still ‘seriously considering’ 2012, calls Schwarzenegger ‘disgusting’

Something I find a bit inspiring......

Papantonio: Blue Dog Democrat Losers

George Takei vs. Tennessee's " DON'T SAY GAY " Bill

Rachel Maddow enjoys the opprobrium for Rick Santorum's moronic comment about McCain & torture

A White House photo diary

Young Turks: Judgment Day Saturday May 21st 2011 ($ Scam)

Well, the media has done a good job of making me concerned about Huntsman now

Mitt Romney: Obama can’t handle the truth

Andrew Napolitano - Unable To Deliver

Has DU become anti-Obama?

We're Not Broke, Just Twisted: Extreme Wealth Inequality in America

New DNC ad against Paul Ryan's Medicare Killing Plan - Awesome!

David Korten: Living Buildings, Living Economies, and a Living Future

Jim Hightower: What Are the Big Oil Companies Thinking When They Fight Having to Pay Taxes?

Sex, Justice, and the American Way (Interview with Larry Flynt)

Glenn Beck's Absurd Jerusalem Rally: Why Religious Conservatives Are Obsessed With Israel

Strauss-Kahn case raises issue of diplomat abuse in U.S.

"Gary Webb's legacy"

Creating a new "Natural Order"

Top GOP Lawyer James Bopp Poised to Test Campaign Finance Rules with New Super PAC

Did your senator vote for oil subsidies last night?

Did your senator vote for oil subsidies last night?

Experts Temper forecasts of econmmic growth, thanks to Oil prices

Reject cronyism — keep powers with elected secretary of state (WI)

Independent UK: Cameron embraces tyranny

Former IMF Head Claims It Was All a 'Big Misunderst­anding'

Hamas says Obama's speech leaning to Israel

70 reason why Bob Dylan is the most important figure in pop-culture history

Apocalypse Saturday

The Doomsday Food Price Scenario Turning Hedgies into Survivalists

5 Reasons the Finance Sector Should Pay for Full Tuition at Public Universities

Where does one find succor and seeds of renewal in times such as these?

Citigroup gives Pandit $16.6 mln retention bonus

Kan suggests severing NISA from industry ministry

BBC: US publishes white-nose bat killer action plan

Iran rejects scientists’ warnings against building nuclear reactors

Japan minister - impossible to build 14 new nuclear reactors - Kyodo

Aerial fallout map confirms soil radiation levels

Oil-rich nations export water stress to ensure food security through African ‘land grab’

Energy storage economics 101

China acknowledges Three Gorges dam 'problems' (BBC)

Beaufort Sea ice is breaking up

(Other Japanese) Power companies ask why they must share damages

biofuels market battle between agricultural sources and

Toon: R and D

62.5% drop in foreigners slammed April tourism in Japan

TEPCO says 67,500 tons of contaminated water are now in the No. 1, 2 and 3 reactors

I need to find a non-big oil source for some 60 watt solar panels

The Thermodynamics of an Intelligent Living Universe

Inside Fukushima Reactor 2: ‘Too hot and humid to work for more than 15 minutes’

Economists lower economic growth forecasts thanks to oil prices (well, .... and the GOP)

France's Sarkozy denounces nuclear phase-out calls as 'medieval'

IPCC: Renewables can supply more far energy than needed at highly competitive cost

Drought in Europe Hits Wheat Crop -

Brazil: Amazon rainforest deforestation rises sharply (BBC)

Thermoelectric power accounted for an estimated 49 percent of US water withdrawals in 2005

For Texas GLBT and friends- RazzleDazzle Dallas is Back!

Cleveland Marshall law grads do not walk out on Senator Brown

Lieutenant Dan Choi - MY HOUSE!

Some birthday gifts are easier than others....this year my guy is getting....

Transgender comics artist and fantasy illustrator Jeffrey Catherine Jones dies at 67

Does anyone here read PARABOLA?

Question for any who might know, please.

I Never Knew the Catholics Were Once Chased Out by Native Americans

Forgeries in the Bible's New Testament?

Losing counties in Ten commandments cases face growing legal bills to ACLU

The fact of the matter is: We. Simply. Don't. Know.

Why would anyone worship a god who believes in torture?

Uh oh...

Power brokers discuss paying NCAA atheletes.

Bruins win game three 2-0

Raiders' Richard Seymour funding NFL player workouts

Oklahoma linebacker Austin Box dies

My! My! My! The Giambino hit three Home runs!

The most memorable home runs in each team’s history

Tyler Hamilton rats on Lance Armstrong.

Lightning fans force Bruins to remove Bear ads mocking Tampa

President 'Yes, I Can' Meets Prime Minister 'No, You Won't'

J Street Commends President Obama’s Middle East Speech

Arab Spring Fails to Improve U.S. Image

Livni: Obama's peace plan clearly in Israel's interest

Israel Approves 1,500 Settler Homes In East Jerusalem: NGO

Hamas and Fatah hammered for human rights abuses against their own people

Netanyahu: 1967 Borders Can't Be Defended

Romney: Obama 'Threw Israel Under The Bus'

OMMP-CHL Oregon Supreme Court

Israel Braced For Further Palestinian Protests

Right wing MKs: Obama is the new Arafat

Palestine and 67

Hamas: Obama speech total failure

Knife, rather than gun, becomes weapon of choice in Australia

Sorry, But I Just Can't Do It.

Back to the future: Obama endorses Palestinian demand for state based on 1967 borders

Mahmoud Abbas and the persistence of Palestinian mythology

Obama endorses Palestinian demand for state based on 1967 borders

Walgreens Fires Armed Worker.