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Archives: May 18, 2011

Tired of the eagles? Here is a robin cam...

Geithner Wants Debt Ceiling "Done and Clean" in July

I have a feeling Glenn Beck will eventually cancel his Israel rally

CA-36: Hahn will face off with Republican

The Uncut Stewart/O'Lielly Interview

Paul Krugman: Think Of The Children

Freepers wonder why Glenn Beck doesn't do his rally in MO

N-reactor cooling failed before tsunami (JAPAN)

U.S. teacher aids school rebuilding (JAPAN)

New Chicago mayor outlines austerity agenda

Ibaraki fishermen demand Y425 mil in damages from TEPCO

Pro BB HOF member Charles Barkley on gays in sports:

Some serious bullshit in the CA-36 primary election tonight

Texas House OKs expansion of radioactive waste site

Texas House OKs expansion of radioactive waste site

Starbucks sued over firing of dwarf

Fukushima evacuees to be compensated for emotional damage (JAPAN)

Chemical-infused watermelons explode in China

If It Is "GOOD" The U.S. Did It

Man, I love having a dem governor: Shumlin forms Vermont Climate Cabinet

After Saturday: Cue "The Great Disappointment" version 2.0

Team Torture's Disastrous PR Offensive

X-Governator: "I Blow"

Strauss-Kahn must resign, say US treasury chief and European ministers

Grandma is a Welfare Queens - by digby

Animal Shelter Defends its Actions

Poor, poor Newtie: Newt Gingrich campaign fights for its life

Newt says freedom-hating Liberal Elite want to end oil subsidies and make you ride the bus

5 Recipients of One Man’s Organs Gather to Thank Family

Legal Aid for the Poor on the Budget Cutting Block

U.S. Navy drones: Coming to a carrier near China?

White Teachers Sue Philadelphia School, Charge Race Bias

I'm almost embarrassed for the Newtster.

To all those who are confidant the world is ending on 05 / 21 / 2011

Unabomber's belongings go on auction today

Unabomber's belongings go on auction today

Causes Of Catholic Abuse Scandal Pinpointed By Study

The Rapture WIll Be On Facebook, but . . .

US warns: hack us, and we might bomb you

Let's anticipate the reaction of the "may 21st" nutcases on may 22nd

"WHO": McCain Responds to Santorum

Santorum: McCain doesn't understand interrogation

Paul Krugmn: Think of the Children

Indiana court strips citizens of right to resist unlawful police entry

There's an easy way to solve this debt limit crisis.

Poll finds Christie divides residents

Poll finds Christie divides residents

Poll finds Christie divides residents

Arizona's Russell Pearce Apparently Does Not Support Freedom of Speech

Droit du Dirty Old Men (NYT opinion piece about DSK and French elite)

Droit du Dirty Old Men (NYT opinion piece about DSK and French elite)

How the Wall Street Journal Distorts the Truth About Taxes

Russia arrests man who ate human liver with potatoes

E.D. 'terrorist fist jab' Hill is on CNN?

Robin Hood Storms Chase Castle and M&I Execs Get Piggish

Gingriches owed as much as $500k to Tiffany's

For all those departing on 05 / 21 / 2011

This year I decided to defer all my New Years resolutions

Senate Bill Would Limit Using 401(k)s as Rainy-Day Funds

Chicago Trial May Expose Pakistan Government’s Support of Terrorism

One for the Teamsters: The question of organizing medical marijuana workers was bound to come up

Jacksonville FL mayoral race separated by 603 votes. Recount certain

Bill Bennett shreds what remains of the Gingrich campaign

America's Shrinking Middle Class & the Banksters Who Are Helping the Process

Pebblebrook High School Students Protest House Bill 87

Ben Stein suddenly is a big defender of the rights of the accused. (DSK case)

This little poem says it all for me.

News Science Stephen Hawking Stephen Hawking: 'There is no heaven, it's a fairy story'

Mexican authorities find 513 illegal immigrants in 2 tractor-trailers

I'm really hoping for the Rapture on May 21.

I'm really hoping for the Rapture on May 21.

Harvard-Connected Lobbying Group Confesses to Illegally Helping Gaddafi

Senate bill makes illegal Internet streaming a felony

"watered down elephants"

"Made In USA"

Senate bill makes illegal Internet streaming a felony

I want to say a word about sex and children

Interest revives in Notre Dame's 'made in China' ban

The "Ryan Plan" has become the Holy Grail for Republicans...

Atheists Do It Better

Vermont health bill mislabeled 'single payer' says Physicians for a National Health Program

Ed Schultz shows his RW roots with slurs against poverty

Juan Cole - Tripoli’s Gradual Collapse: ICC Indictment of Qaddafi and Ghanem’s Defection

Good News For Ohio: Poll Shows SB 5 Would Be Easily Repealed

School board admits it does not understand budget, cuts $25 million anyway

Jesus' General: Top Ten Rapture Tips

House Republicans Move to Eliminate Grants for Teaching American History

Dirt Energy Money Koch ind. must see

Should a multi million dollar lottery winner still be able to claim food stamps?

Private grief and Facebook - we had a young woman found dead with her baby -

OK, why is Rapture Ready holding a conference in Branson, MO in July? Aren't they supposed to be

Hoyer raising money for Mo. US Rep. Carnahan

Don't think oil trading is pure speculation/greed? Think of it this way....

Ignore the Newt behind the curtain

Publisher pulls controversial book (and thank you, Scoobie!)

Citizens United Lawyer On 'Super PAC' Legality: SCOTUS 'Doesn't Care'

Air Force One Executes Missed Approach in Connecticut with President Obama On Board

Schwarzenegger's Love Child Vows to Go Back and Prevent Himself

Yale bans fraternity for rape chants

Wednesday Toon Roundup 5- the rest

The misery economy

The misery economy

CA-36: Counting is not over.

CA-36: Counting is not over.

A must read for 2011: Mother Jones' epic 1984 profile of Newt Gingrich.

Remember this weekend we have to fear the raptors

Jacksonville mayoral race could send shockwaves through state GOP circles

Trivial Pursuit - Newt Fights Meme That He's A Relic from the 90s...

Big Ag Doesn’t Want You To Care About Pesticides

Arnold the Cad Toon Roundup

Schumer: You’re damn right we’ll use Gingrich’s criticism of Ryan against the GOP

Schumer: You’re damn right we’ll use Gingrich’s criticism of Ryan against the GOP

Wednesday Toon Roundup 2- More clowns

Wednesday Toon Roundup 2- More clowns

Wednesday Toon Roundup 3- Economy/Gas

In Japan Reactor Failings, Danger Signs for the U.S.

Bonnie Raitt, Jackson Browne, and Graham Nash: We May Be On The Brink Of Stopping New Reactors

Should 20 yr old be punished for listing her 2 year old cousin for sale on Ebay?

Area 51 insider: Roswell UFO a Soviet mission to panic U.S.

Saturday: If I see my neighbors ascending to heaven while I'm left behind...

Saturday: If I see my neighbors ascending to heaven while I'm left behind...

Fires in Texas? ATF burns down 150 acres blowing shit up

EXCLUSIVE: Eric Cantor Promises Oil Speculators That Republicans Will Block Financial Regulations

I am now for the 05/21/2011 rapture to take place. I will do anything

After the Rapture Comics from Tom the Dancing Bug

Meijer recalling 7,600 Katie Brown 12-piece tea light candle sets because of potential fire hazard

The Death Knell For Every Birther Argument

Going to recommend a book before I read it based on the

Feds to auction Unabomber's belongings

As Greeks Abandon Troubled Athens, Are Cities Really Sustainable?

Spain's Tahrir Square

If controlling government debt can save the economic health of the country, what's the plan?

Whatever happened to the "new" filibuster rule

Aborted attempt before Air Force One lands safely

Wisconsin Voter ID

Just curious...does anyone have their mortgage with Wells Fargo?

Santorum Backtracks On McCain Comments: I Respect His Service But Torture Still Works

Glencore: Profiteering From Hunger and Chaos

Arnold's Love Child -- The Birth Certificate

Bruce Braley is a great Representative!

Creationists Appointed to Science Review Panels

Boeing Charged Army $1,679 for Helicopter Part Worth $7.71

Is Your Religion Your Financial Destiny?

Rainforest Action Network Finds Disney Tied to Forest Destruction and Endangered Tiger Loss

Uncounted ballots, close finishes delay outcome of race to replace Jane Harman

Princess Beatrice's hat: bid up to $30,000

I love Public Transportation

Class-action lawsuit targets Righthaven's "extortion litigation"

So, do you think Rick Good Hair Perry is going to run?

1000th post: A huge thank you!

CNN Money: The Great Recession's Lost Generation

Man Eats His Meat-Mentous 25,000th Big Mac

HATE'S Hideous Hooker Maggie Gallagher

HATE'S Hideous Hooker Maggie Gallagher

Louisiana, Nebraska, & Alaska

George Carlin . the complete text. 'Its called the American Dream"

Appalling Greed: Richest 400 Average $270.5 Million Incomes, Pay Almost Nothing in Taxes

xpost: Eight Out Of China’s Top Nine Government Officials Are Scientists

Let me say this to all of you who feels President Obama will not be relected, he will!

The Vermont Way: Are we really that out of touch with the rest of the country?

So, if subset X of human beings statistically commit a certain crime more than subset Y...

Newt Gingrich: ‘Any Ad Which Quotes What I Said On Sunday Is A Falsehood’

Who is to blame in the Arnold Swarchenegger debacle?

I'm calling you out Jay Feely, player union rep for NFL Arizona Cardinals!

GOP stops bill to eliminate subsidies to oil conglomerates.....


Federal Budget is spent overwhelmingly on military defense

Hi! In three days you will all be dead, By Mark Morford

Food/Water: The New Oil -- Fresh Air Terry Gross interviews today

Senate rejects measure to end subsidies for big oil companies

Principal Threatens To Suspend Lesbian Couple For Holding Hands

You probably haven’t given much thought to what songs to listen to during this Saturday’s Rapture.

Talking Points Memo: Inside the Mind of Newt

Ignorance, hatred, and meanness of spirit

Homeless Chicago Man Donates Thousands to Down-On-Her-Luck Banker

TN House sends antidiscrimination reversal to Governor Haslam

Why did Arnold confess?

Cop accused of tripping, choking boy, 16

Freepers seem to be pretty high on this Herman Cain fellow

Ben Stein says DSK probably didn't do it because he is an economist and they don't do stuff like

I don't want to win an iPad - I want one of these instead!

McDonald's Under Pressure to Fire Ronald - letter signed from 550 health professionals

"Tired of tax & spend government? Vote Republican"

If Dominique Strauss-Kahn was a right winger, how many on DU would be defending his rape?

Secret Service Official Twitter Account Bashes Fox News

Hartford, CT becomes first city in country to ban usage of credit scores in hiring

The next President of the United States: Tim Geithner

White House claims new ally in debt limit fight: Ronald Reagan

"Man on Dog" Santorum thinks John McCain doesn't understand torture.

Sorry, sticky fingers=double post

Found a really good site for daily updates on Fukushima--thought I'd share

Rep. Webster Threatens To Kick Out Town Hall Constituent For Asking About Raising Corporate Taxes

Anyone ever known a social worker who was Republican and/or conservative?

Let's be clear on what that IMF guy is being charged with: anal rape, oral rape and more

Tweety is replaying Bachmann's greatest hits

1977: Arnie bares his soul to Oui Magazine. If you're easily offended, don't even bother clicking.

Current GOP Leaders Voted 19 Times To Increase Debt Limit By $4 Trillion During Bush Presidency

San Franciscans to vote on controversial male circumcision ban in November

lol. worldnut daily's Joseph Farah may sue Esquire for it's satirical piece

Doctor: Attacked Giants fan showing improvement

The bulletproof dog that stormed bin Laden's lair

Republicans question U.S. debt Armageddon warnings

Republicans are Losing Their Best and Their Brightest

No End in Sight to Libyan Air Campaign

House Prepares to Give President Authority to Wage Worldwide War Forever

USA Today Compares Climate Change Skeptics to Birthers

Citigroup gives Pandit $16.6 mln retention bonus

What's in a name. Does anyone know if the name used on Arnold's son birth certificate was made up?

Rapture Wisdom...

PHOTO: Nice smile, you worthless scumbag.

NATO warplanes step up attacks on Libya

Kasich Not Fond Of Pink-Colored Driver's Licenses, Wants Changes

BREAKING: Jerome Corsi's Birther Book Pulled from Shelves!

Ohio Charter School's Recruitment Of Turkish Teachers Questioned

Photo of Keith Olbermann showing up for Letterman taping

The Rude Pundit: Ben Stein Rapes Himself

The Rude Pundit: Ben Stein Rapes Himself

I Love the new Obama 2012 campaign t shirt!

Bluzmann57 found a great story about IA Rep Brailey

It's played as Poor-Maria-soap-opera but should be: Him rapacious Nazi p.o.s.

Morrissey compares the Queen to Muammar Gaddafi

South Carolina governor signs voter photo ID bill

Klottenburg explains why the recount process is necessary.

Looking for Liberal List/Accomplishments to send to my RW Brother

NWS confirms tornado struck NE Philly

POLL: Are you stupid enough to be a Republican?

Book: Area 51 "aliens" were human experiments from the Soviet Union

Chart reveals what natural disaster is most likely to kill you in America

Charles Barkley: I had gay teammates

Atmosphere Above Japan Heated Rapidly Before M9 Earthquake

40,000 Geiger counters and other supplies sit in Narita warehouse

Ten reasons why Sarah Palin will never be president.

Liberty Univ students: 'We were trained to disobey the law'

Has anyone else noticed that right-wingers have stopped referring to the US as a democracy?

Why Did US Medical Personnel Remove High-Value Detainee Abu Zubaydah's Eye?

Letter From Alan Grayson

NC courts seek more money for interpreters; groups filed complaint about access in civil cases

This message is for our glorious leader Skinner, the Mods and all the Old timers

Why Conservatives Want to Destroy Public Education

Sexual abuse of children by Catholic priests blamed on the 60s Sexual Revolution. Really. Really??

who sells rapture insurance?

Only two more shopping days left until no more shopping days ever...maybe.

Red-Crested Tree Rat Reappears After 113 Years

Public Programs Keep Millions Out of Poverty, New Study Shows

Will tax cuts bring jobs to Michigan?

U.S. Housing May Not Recover Until 2014: Survey

If Senate Republicans filibuster Goodwin Liu two things should happen

Japan Crisis: The Children of Minamisoma City

The thing that bothers me the most about the Schwartzenegger story

One lawman with the guts to go after Wall Street - Eric Schneiderman, the attorney general

I think Newt Gingrich is going to flame out before the caucuses

Peas in a Pod, Oil and Water!

California schemin’: How a fake organic fertilizer bamboozled farmers and watchdogs alike

The Great Recession's lost generation

Jobs Outlook Is Bleak Even for College Graduates

Was the Gingrich "glitter bomb" appropriate?

David Cameron rules out further inquiries into death of Dr David Kelly (to the AG's surprise)

"The fact that Dominique Strauss-Kahn is in jail and been denied bail is tough shit!"

Corsi interview for the great book flop - Where's the Birth Certificate

"Because I cannot afford to lose my job..."

Too funny to skip: Alan Grayson on Palin and if she is or is not "profoundly stupid"

nadinbrzezinski appreciation thread!!!!

We laugh about May 21, 2011, but we shouldn't.

Wednesday Toon Roundup 1-Newt and the repub clowns

Planned Parenthood Opens $8 Billion Abortionplex (Onion News)

Planned Parenthood Opens $8 Billion Abortionplex (Onion News)

BREAKING: Democrat Alvin Brown appears to clinch Jacksonville, FL mayoral

Whoa....what's a "call out thread"???? PRECIDENT will show/PROVE

Check out the Decorah eagles cam. The eaglets have grown a lot!

Man eats 25,000th Big Mac, 39 years after his 1st

Public Hospital CEO receives 4.9 million severance & retirement payout while still employed

"Frog and the Maid:" Actual headline on Drudge right now

If you can't criticize Obama without resorting to racism or cheap

Christie Disapproval Rating Rises as New Jersey Residents Get to Know Him

Do you ever feel When speaking to a Republican...

I do not think that the severity of criminal charges implies guilt.

The Sperminator's baby mother

"Because We Are All in This Together"

How close to a train track can you set up a vegetable market?

(California) Governor Jerry Brown Puts the Testing Juggernaut...

Gates, Mullen appeal for end to disclosures of Osama bin Laden raid details

Public favors ending oil subsidies by a 64%-27% margin.

College graduates get less bang for buck

Ron Paul fears US will invade Pakistan

Credit Union Busting -The (Scott) Walker Way

Twitter fail, Secret Service edition

O' come on.....sometimes we just have to *talk this out*

Get your chainsaws ready, the First Coast Teabaggers believe that NE FL has been invaded by ZOMBIES!

Cornel West: Obama 'a black mascot' and 'black puppet'

Photo of the Day (JAPAN)

Has anyone seen the new Obama 2012 t-shirt sporting his birth certificate?

Justin Bieber tells Japanese kids: things will get better

Gang of Six Members Were Willing to Cut $400 Billion from Medicare (NOT Medi/Advantage) - FDL

FOX News Pressured By Monsanto

FOX News Pressured By Monsanto

Help the police apply KENTUCKY v. KING

Entrepreneurs offer post-'rapture' services - pet care, letters to leftbehinders

Conservatism, it's like a bad drug...

Should sex between two consenting adults ever be criminalized?

Declaration: for me the meme "Ahhhnuld" is retired. For me he's "Fascist/Nazi p.o.s." n/t

I'm down to my last 60M dollars. What do you recomend?

Just saw the rapture news on local TV

Tonight I am grateful for Republican greed.

Alvin Brown just become Jacksonville's first African American mayor!

Tohoku Electric to set up 800-meter-long levee near Onagawa plant (JAPAN)

For (Florida Governor) Scott, global warming is just hot air

Democrats expand their majority of the 2nd Circuit, Susan Carney confirmed

Starless free-roaming planets discovered

Consultants Form Nationwide Progressive Firm

delete my mistake

Do You Feel That The Democratic Party Is Eternally Consigned To Reineventing The Wheel ???

Amy Goodman: ‘Electronic Brownshirts’

Sneaky slimy slithering things

Private Prisons Found to Offer Little in Savings

Consent is Strauss-Kahn's likely defence, but the battle will be ugly

cops stealing stuff during drug searches

I get an email from Alan Grayson once or twice a week. I always



Love you Rachel

Lawyers Move to Get Strauss-Kahn Out of Jail

Police: Drunk ice cream man froze urine

Jesus............. he's now releasing tapes from beyond the grave

Wednesday Toon Roundup 4- Spending

More potentially tainted medical products recalled

:Boy found dead in Maine identified as from Texas; mother has confessed to police

My Comcast cable guide says Olbermann's gonna be on with Letterman tonight

How's Demotex and Nick tonight?

Rogue tweet by Secret Service!...

Skinner, can you please accept Paypal for donations?

ICC to investigate reports of Viagra-fueled gang-rapes in Libya

ICC to investigate reports of Viagra-fueled gang-rapes in Libya

I need advice: Is this LTTE too snarky?

Mount St. Helens Eruption - 31 Years Ago Today

I know, I know, many are thinking of FFC Manning

I am going to type a name, and I am going to put it in a REALLY BIG FONT.

I just filled out the short form Canadian Census. The neocon government of Stephen Harper cancelled

"I just want you to know.....I hate all you Democrats"

When The Rest Of The Party Says... "Where Else Ya Gonna Go ?"

When The Rest Of The Party Says... "Where Else Ya Gonna Go ?"

Church Abuse Report Authors Defend Findings as Critics Weigh In

So DSK is going with a consent defense? Excuse me while I

Too funny email from Alan Grayson just now.

Defense Contractor: “Afghanistan is our business plan.”

Are you fucking kidding me?

president king

Paul Ryan throws Grandma over cliff with medicare privatization

We won't ever win if we don't fight them! Things must CHANGE!

CDC warns of a zombie apocalypse! (No, really!)

America's Fire Sale

Pot the gateway drug...

Grovelbot has been destroyed; he's been crushed by an 80-ton hydraulic press.

Do you think that Reagan would have approved of his party's current efforts to dismantle Medicare?

I don't see Arnold coming back into movies as a major star again

Sex-Assault Case Puts Focus on Police Unit, Not Quite as Seen on TV

Should fast-food meal toy give-aways be banned?

The asshole wignut "outrage" du jour:

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

GO NOW! THE BEST ANTI KOCH VIDEO will probably disappear fast-it is HILARIOUS

Mechanics paid $2 / hr for Boeing, Airbus jets

Sarah Palin calls David Gregory a racist

Sarah Palin calls David Gregory a racist

Fire Sale! Everything must go!

Lawmaker Says Women Should Plan Ahead in Case of Rape

Why does anyone do it? (Cheat on a lover) Not a copycat, an honest question.

Do you feel like modern society is becoming more and more panopticon like?

Debt Ceiling: Plan B

Santorum: McCain doesn't understand interrogation

has anyone seen this ad?

Rep. Giffords has successful surgery to repair skull

I think the term Obamabot should be banned from DU.

Santorum Campaign Braces for ‘Enhanced Backlash’

Kentucky Governor to approve $40 million for a giant boat with dinosaurs on it tomorrow

So - Woodstock and Twiggy made those depraved fuckers molest children ?

Florida Mayor’s Race Could Be Early Indicator of Tea Party Decline

How was the Daily Show tonight? (nt)

Senator questions benefits to ‘adult baby’

Senator questions benefits to ‘adult baby’

Here's a link to our special election in CA district 36:

A semi-trailer carrying 513 Illegal aliens was detained, using x-ray camera.

Keith Olbermann on Letterman - NOW

Pro Fracking Exxon Mobil Ad

David Gregory To Newt: Don't Blame Me For Your Medicare Implosion

Cornel West: Menace or Threat?

Is Newt going to drop out?

Tom Coburn, Ensign and the Gang of six.

Newt Gingrich is now backpedaling away from his "Meet the Press" appearance so hard...

Coffee 'cuts prostate cancer risk' US study suggests

Free weed, free tunes: U.S. pot bar hosts karaoke

what about the woman dsk allegedly raped?

Western Europeans enjoy a standard of living surpassed by no one in the world

Giffords "recovering well" from surgery

Giffords "recovering well" from surgery

Which side is Durbin on in the kill Medicare debate?

102 Things NOT To Do If You Hate Taxes

Males should get HPV vaccine too, study says

If you think that your child might take drugs, you should show them this video of Stevie Nicks.

Hospital doctor in town hit by tsunami brings message of care to homes

Hospital doctor in town hit by tsunami brings message of care to homes

When should we leave, when should we just give up and quit?

What are the conditions needed for a state run company to work? When should a country create one?

I really wish there was tape of Obama cursing West out. That would be incredible

12 years ago, I was a project manager for a Y2K company

Gold-plated Grovelbot will now announce the winner of the 5th virtual Golden Ticket.

Fukushima Foilage: Don’t Eat The Dandelions (X-ray film + radioactive dandelion = troubling image)

Man wins Lottery, still on foodstamps. The parallel with Big Oil...

Brewer defends lawmakers' free trips from ALEC: "It's work" and AZ doesn't have "that kind of money"

Here's Why Senate Dems Didn't Force the Filibuster on Big Oil Subsidies

Some of my best friends are Teabags

Why do men do it?

FEC Denial of Colbert SuperPac Could Put Other SuperPacs in Jeopardy

Newt has risen from the dead more times than Dracula

Willie Nelson’s Teapot Party backs Republican Gary Johnson for president

Guess Which States Are "Welfare Queens?"

The Divide

Anthony Weiner: *Stand with me to force Clarence Thomas to release his disclosure ASAP

Drones Becoming Pervasive INSIDE America

The Owl and the Pussycat

US senators challenge Obama on Libya

World’s Top Weed Killer Linked To Infertility

Ed Schultz shows his RW roots with slurs against poverty

Nuclear Physicist: Most of the fallout from plutonium-containing MOX fuel will drop on U.S.

Sometimes the most qualified don't get the job (I have applied officially for a new job)

How to Ride the New York City Subway

The population of the world is dangerously low!

Get Ready for the Rapture DUers!!!!

An Independent INVESTIGATION Is Needed on Mysterious " SUICIDES " in Alabama

Are Breastfeeding Bans Just a Way To Keep Women In The Home?

What size military does the US "Need"? What level of spending?

Why do women do it?

Fla Gov Rick Scott wants his name on "Welcome" signs.

The real revolution has little to do with traditional left or right.

Charles Barkley: ‘I’d rather have a gay guy who can play than a straight guy who can’t play’

Taibbi: Wall Street Investigation-"Mother Of All Nightmares For Banks-- Getcha Popcorn Ready!"

Secret FBI docs reveal attack on democratic rights of anti-war, international solidarity activists

Why do women have sex with men who they know are married?

Dr. Boyce Watkins: Attacking Cornel West Doesn’t Solve Anything

Obama campaign selling 'birther' T-shirts

Robert Reich---The Great Switch by the Super Rich

A Mainstream Media Consensus Means....

Obama nominates Palin appointee to the 9th Circuit

LGBT activist douses Newt Gingrich with rainbow glitter

Corsi's book came out today and the Freepers are again descending into birther baffoonery

92 years later, heirs collect inheritance from Saginaw lumber baron

Obama breaks promises on medical marijuana laws

Gov of Hawaii says effort to clear out homeless before Obama visit is "happy coincidence"

Has the Media Totally Forgotten About the Unemployed?

Means testing Social Security is nonsense

Race and Beyond: Antiracism Increasingly a Black and White Affair

If college and universities offered a 'Conservative Arts' degree, would

: Eric Cantor Promises Oil Speculators That Republicans Will Block Financial Regulations

"DSK" . . . . I think reducing a newsworthy person to initials trivializes the entire story.

Hungry eagle inadvertently swoops toy poodle away to better life

American Library Association says Obama's DOE abandoning school libraries.

X-rays reveal 513 US-bound migrants crammed in trucks

On torture... the right, fantasies, and the media...

he didn't just cheat on his wife, Arnold Schwarzenegger put his wife's heath at risk.

What is happening in WI recount...I haven't seen anything about

Rare color photographs of the era that defined a generation

Hero saves jilted bride from suicide

Jane Mayer on the persecution of NSA whistle blower, Thom Drake.

After winning its first seat in Government, Canada's Green party does the first decent thing....

DSK worried about a "honey trap" eh?

No, don't judge teachers using tests: Data is flawed and unreliable

Don’t Try This At Home: New Law Would Bar Sex in Home By Couples Awaiting Divorce

Has anyone heard if lawsuits are being filed against all these voter disenfranchisement

Anyone here speak Spanish?

Anyone here speak Spanish?

Support Killing People Or Lose Your Job

PM I got from a member of a conservative forum I post on

My Wife's New Cover letter.

Pet Insurance for Rapture believers.

Fast-food industry is quietly defeating Happy Meal bans

My teabagger mom heard on the radio that "Cash for Clunkers" caused used car prices to go up 30%

Dominique Strauss-Khan: Accuser to Testify

do you think that politics is more lifestyle related than it was

Broadband Network Will Jam GPS in Vegas - FAA Warns

Just got the news. Will be making a move.

So the maid was told to clean a room that was

Five felony counts for Texas teacher after orgy with five male students at her home

Obama to Harry Belafonte: "cut me some slack" Belafonte: "What makes you think we haven't?"

Obama to Harry Belafonte: "cut me some slack" Belafonte: "What makes you think we haven't?"

Ended a 27-year friendship today.

In all of the "news" and discussion of Arnold and the baby momma

Hey DU, anyone here on a gluten-free diet?

Dedicated to Bobby Troup and California Peggy: Route 66 (all photos 5/17)

10 year old boy who shot Neo-Nazi father was tired of he and stepmom being beaten

"For pure, blind stupidity"--"In my 20 years in the Senate, I never met a dumber member"

Dam. My digital tv always goes on the fritz when Jon Stewart is on. Not fair.

Have you ever tossed a dwarf?

Chin Nuku Juushi

Neo Geo


OUCH!!! My neck is killing me. I can hardly move it to either side or look down.

Full moon gets trooper's attention

This is a happy, happy day for me, Du'ers!

So far, I think I like this "MOG" subscription music service.

VIDEO: Trash Can Maru and the Dragonfly Toy (the very end is the best)

NYU is loving Big Dog at Yankee Stadium

Mix Spike Jones and My Little Pony...

Rodin Shrugged

Is this not the coolest thing ever?

My dogs LOVE LOVE LOVE coffee. Will it hurt them?

The Funniest video ever....

i really hate doing this...

Tired of the same old crap for dinner...tonight I'm gonna COOK: Lemon Gnocchi with Spinach and Peas

What are you reading tonight DU? I'm about to start "Bossy Pants" by tina fey.

This is my 35503rd post


The 19 best unintentionally sexual church signs

Can I see your other urologist, please?

My mind to your mind. My thoughts to your thoughts.

I applied for health insurance today.

Anybody ever tried coujugated linoleic acid to loose weight?

Okay, Sony...I am starting lose patience with you.

Here's the exit I WANTED to take...

Heads Up. Olbermann scheduled on Letterman tonight. / eom

Asking for parenting advice for older teens/young adults still living at home.

I don't want to appear dense, although there are times, but what does

if you lined up every hotdog consumed annually in the USA on the ground end-to-end...

I've sure been getting some complex patients lately.

Cletus and Billy Bob

Ahhhnold: Top Ten BAD PENIS?

I'm back from my surgery!

MrScorpio Answers Questions About Shit That He Doesn't Really Know

sooooo... I didn't get accepted into grad school. Give me a hug.

Anyone here ever see "Gainsbourg: A Heroic Life"?

How about this blast from the past...

Haiku: A Tribute to the Florida Driver

Worst. Pain. Ever. Shingles

Olberman on Letterman - NOW

My kind of kitteh aaaarrggghhhhh matey

Anyone seen the series "Six feet under"? Is it good or great? Morose or humorous?

Did you ever feel like you're a ghost? I mean, like you can see everybody,

Could you talk on the phone for 16 straight hours?

I now own an old etiquette book-post your questions now!

Maria Shriver Hires a Divorce Attorney

Heidi brings home the coolest gifts!

One of my dogs just told the other: "I love you."

A Game of Thrones

Restoring or converting 16mm home movies from the 50s & 60s

Ok SOMEONE better stop this fricking rain or I'm gonna kick someone's ass

As a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up? Are you far off the mark?

A source with knowledge of the negotiations says Coburn ultimately broke ranks after members of the

Chile suspends use of tear gas in protests

China power cuts set to increase on rising coal costs

Missing Al Jazeera Reporter Dorothy Parvaz Is Freed

'Military leader' of Qaeda in Iraq arrested: ministry

Results of Final 2 Canadian Recounts Leave Results Unchanged

(Mississippi River) Flooding Takes Vast Economic Toll, and It’s Hardly Done

LGBT activist douses Newt Gingrich with rainbow glitter

Libyan government releases 4 foreign journalists

Chemical May Have Caused China Watermelons to Burst in Feilds,

Shuttle Endeavour Docks At Space Station for the Last Time

House Speaker John Boehner pays lucrative visit to Silicon Valley

Canadian Cabinet Being Sworn In

2 Bothell (Washington) Schools Locked Down After Bear Sighting

Leaked documents show how mafia assets ended up in politicians' hands (Colombia)

Overseer of 9/11 Health Fund Is Chosen

(UK justice sec'y) Clarke to 'look again' at sentence discount after rape comments row

Elevator Falls 3 Stories in Manhattan; 22 Hurt

Auschwitz museum unveils restored stolen sign

Complaint issued against New York nonprofit for unlawfully discharging employees following Facebook

Ex-Enron finance chief Fastow out of prison

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Libya: Col Gaddafi's Wife And Daughter 'Flee Libya'

Dems question Colombia trade pact after shooting of activist labor lawyer

Report: U.S. to sanction Syria's Assad for human rights abuses

Libya: Nato bombing of Gaddafi forces 'relying on information from rebels'

Al-Qaida in the midst of fierce succession battle

Russia expels Israel's military attaché over espionage claims

FOX News Pressured By Monsanto

Power companies ask why they must share damages- Fukushima

Japan in recession as earthquake cuts consumption

Hundreds of Migrants Found in Two US-Bound Trailer Trucks

Cyber law risks making the 'ordinary' criminal: expert

Santorum: McCain doesn't understand interrogation

Walker gives himself more power to fill high state jobs

Harper names defeated Tories to the (Canadian) Senate

Spanish jobless protests eclipse election campaign

Justice Thomas takes aim at court's critics

Tepco Misleading Public Over Nuclear Crisis

Medvedev Warns Of New Cold War Over Missile Defence

Gates Says ‘Somebody’ in Pakistan Knew about Bin Laden

Air Force One lands safely after aborted attempt with Obama aboard

New PlayStation Network exploit leaves Sony’s login pages vulnerable

Private Prisons Found to Offer Little in Savings

Jobs Outlook Is Bleak Even for College Graduates

IMF accuser in apt. for HIV vics

Senate rejects GOP oil drilling plan

Canadians secretly added to U.S. security list: WikiLeaks

Joseph Farah says he may sue Esquire for 'parody' story on Jerome Corsi book

China 'will not match' US military power - general

Afghanistan: 'Ten dead' at protest over Nato raid

'Taxi' star Jeff Conaway hospitalized in a coma

Bishops study: Homosexuality, celibacy didn't cause abuse

Janice Hahn, Craig Huey appear headed to runoff in congressional race to replace Jane Harman

Congress may defang consumer agency before first bite

Life span of U.S. nuclear weapons will increase under plan

Geithner: Republicans responsible if US defaults

(Navy) Plane Crashes at Point Mugu Naval Air Station (CA)

Passengers Kicked Off US Airways Flight in SF for Allegedly Making Comment About Plane Being Late

NY police look for DNA in hotel carpet in IMF case

Report: Boy found dead in Maine identified as from Texas; mother has confessed to police

Study Finds Women Slower to Wed and Divorce Easing

(Calif.) lawmakers weigh anti-piracy bill to allow warrantless searches of CD and DVD makers

Goldman Sachs Email "Utopia: I Think I Found A White Elephant, Flying Pig & Unicorn All At Once"

Survey: Massive Lobbyist Power After Citizens United

Judy Ancel, Missouri Labor Professor, Discusses Fight Against Right-Wing Video Smear Campaign 1 of 2

TYT: Common At The White House

Big Ed interviews "The Rude Pundit": Only People That Will Vote For Ron Paul Are Rep Stoners & 90yo

Alberto Gonzales in search of the right lie.

Anita Bryant gets pie in face (1977)

ABC World News Now: Newt Gingrich Gets Glittered

RT: How to crash a market with homemade bombs & get rich

Thom Hartmann: Oil Subsidies...will we choose people or the polluters?!

The End of the American Dream - Decaying Empire (Part 2)

The Good Fight (I of XII) Story of The Abraham Lincoln Brigade

Jamie Kilstein Vows To Track Down Osama bin Laden

WI Sen. Jauch-Republican Pledge of Allegiance

Rick Santorum's New Radio Ad

Thom Hartmann: The Coal Industry gets Punk'd Good!

Papantonio: Black Tide – Bp Oil Spill One Year Later

Egypt style protests come to Madrid

Newt Gingrich Grills Paul Ryan And His Plan! (Toon)

Anti-Nuclear Activism - Men Without Hats - The Safety Dance!

Elizabeth Kucinich Interview (Dennis You Lucky Lucky Man :)

A Message from Debbie Georgatos (Candidate for Dallas County Republican Chair)

MSNBC w/ Cenk: Wall Street - Too Big To Jail?

The Nuclear SAFETY Dance!

99 red ballons

'West doesn't know enough to bomb Libya'

Inside Obama's "Orwellian World" Where Whistleblowing Has Become Espionage: The Case of Thomas Drake

Thom Hartmann: Blue Dogs - Congress is just a dress rehearsal for $$$ K Street

What Mainstream Media Misses At Allen West's May 2011 Town Hall

Obama's Orwellian World 1-2 The Case of Thomas Drake - Democracy NOW!

The Currency of Democracy

It Takes a Village to Make a Place

Man Smart, Woman Smarter (live) - Harry Belafonte

The End of the American Dream - Decaying Empire (Part 1)

Cornell West Schools Ed Schultz On How Obama Is NOT On The Side Of Working Class People

Newt Gingrich: ‘Any Ad Which Quotes What I Said On Sunday Is A Falsehood’

GRITtv: Vandana Shiva: Corporate State Becomes Fascist State

Illinois Senate Minority Leader goes all Wu-Tang on Senate floor, quotes CREAM!

Rick Santorum Takes On John McCain Over Torture! (Toon)

TYT:Horrifying Super-Duper PAC

Young Turks: Cenk - Jon Stewart Destroyed Bill O'Reilly Over Common!

David Stockman Says US Has Run Out Of Runway On Debt, Compares The Treasury Market To A Roach Hotel

MSNBC Guest: "Cornell West Is As Racist As Any Klu Klux Klaner"

The Gift to America ~ Unions

Santoruming of the repug 2016 candidate.

Bill Maher "How Come John Edwards Is The Worst Man EVER & Newt Gingrich Get To Run For President?"

O'Reilly claiming he gives a shit about cops

Republican hack firm pushes their poll on Yahoo, fails to disclose clients

Wither Gingrich; W.H. Seizes On Newt's News

Koch Bros - It's the evil thing.

Sarah Palin calls David Gregory a racist

Ezra Klein: The graph that all tax cutters need to grapple with

Chuck Schumer Gives Newt Gingrich A Medicare Death Hug

A question about Newt.

Watcher punishes anti-Nuclear activism. nt

Obama campaign courts cash off of birth certificate flap

13 Bears And Marijuana - English Subs

Rep. Webster Threatens To Kick Out Town Hall Constituent For Asking About Raising Corporate Taxes

Activists Heckle Eric Cantor At A Virginia Event

Newty says, "If anyone quotes me ( Ryan/Medicare) is a falsehood"

Justice’s top negotiator trying to navigate the mortgage debacle and strike a deal

David Corn nails Newt...

Keith Olberman on Letterman NOW nt

Joey Farah unhappy with Esquire's parody about Corsi's book this morning

Oh, the drama! Newt's spokesperson: “The literati sent out their minions to do their bidding...”

Alan Simpson is a moron

Republican chair has Constitution removed from hearing

GOP Rep. King(NY) Leaves Door Open For Presidential Bid

Responses to Melissa Harris-Perry's personal attack on Cornel West

Wouldn't it have been great if Cornel West had leveled criticisms of actual policies

Cornel West on Obama is no better than a birther

Keith Olbermann's First Interview On Letterman After MSNBC

What progressive policies is Obama suppose to have with the current situation in congress?

Fox News: President Obama Job Approval - Approve 55 / Disapprove 41 (+14 spread)

Dr Helen Coldicot Japan Radiation will Kill Millions of People (18.03.11)

From Tora Bora to the Deathers

Thom Hartmann: Indiana Guts the 4th Amendment...what gives?

Got Health Insurance? Pray You Won't Get "Purged"

Pakistan: A Hard Country—Six Questions for Anatol Lieven by Scott Horton

Karl Marx, part 7: The psychology of alienation

LZ Granderson - America, get real about the high cost of cheap gas

Middle East Front Opens For The Koreas

Fewer Emergancy Rooms Available, As Need Rises...NYT

The Rosslyn Code (Part 3)

Death of the War Powers Act?

Blackwater controls migrant workers in United Arab Emirates

NY Times: Flooding Takes Economic Toll, and It’s Hardly Done

Rise and Fall of a Libertarian Utopia: A commons resurgence in one Texas town, as seen from 2035

For-Profit Colleges’ Debt Disorder

Geithner says Repubs will be responsible if U.S. Defaults. Are you noticing Mr. Obama???

New Solar Product Captures Up to 95 Percent of Light Energy

New Schwarzene­gger Bombshell: Arnold Tried To 'Recall' His Kid

Our Government Is Corrupt Through and Through -- Where's the Outrage?

Chris Mathews Strikes Again: Sara Palin 'profoundly stupid' : Yahoo News

Harold Meyerson: Welfare-queen states

just how reactionary is the tea party?

Guardian UK: The 'localist' assault on social housing

Sony: It Is Not Our Broken System, It’s The Internet’s Fault

10 Reasons Why Sarah Palin Will Never Be President

West's Disgust with Obama Should Not Make Him a Pariah

Tea Party says that Palin can legally remove Obama and step in to the Oval Office

Drumbeat: May 18, 2011

China goes on a mine buying spree

Central China Hit by Drought, as Reservoirs Become ‘Dead Water’

Radioactive material detected in grass in Miyagi

PSU Atlantic hurricane season forecast: 16 named storms

Amazon Watch Brings the Fight To Chevron's Doorstep

Saudi Aramco speeds up Manifa, eyes full output by 2015

China forced to ration electricity

Pennsylvania fines Chesapeake Energy $1.1 million

Godzilla and the Great Lakes

Food/Water are new "oil" for the world:Fresh Air interviews that will scare you

Nuclear Trust - When a nuclear accident occurs...

Iran rejects scientists’ warnings against building nuclear reactors

India Could Replace Gasoline Imports With Ethanol by 2020, _ Bloomberg

More Of Alberta Burned Since The Weekend Than In 2010 - "Something Largely Unprecedented"

The Economics of Ethanol from Sweet Sorghum - Texas A&M University

Pakistan's fourth nuclear reactor has India worried

Brazilian ethanol is "down" to $2.60 a gallon why is there a tariff on it?

Japan’s nuclear embrace is looser but not yet broken

Plugging High-Speed Rail Into Germany’s Power Grid

When fueling up means plugging in—Limited range, long charging time concerns…

GM to raise Volt production to 60,000 per year

UK nuclear power gets green light

Minneapolis to open 12 vacant lots to gardening

Ultrasound-assisted fermentation enhances bioethanol productivity (3.5 fold)

Tensions build over renewable energy bill (LePage/GOP suckage Maine)

Wind power that is practically invisible: Ridgeblade

Prof. Socolow’s bizarre climate comments and the pessimism of Serious People

Can Batteries Replace Power Generators?

Fracking companies won't share data on pre&post drilling water quality with researchers - ProPublica

Do you remember being an energy consumer in the 70s?

Apparently, TEPCO has known for months that Unit 1s core had melted.

civil union

Watch this video! (But please be sure to have a Kleenex at hand)

three cheers for the Glitter Bomber

Toon: Thou shalt not mention the gay...

Shocking photo created a hero, but not to his family

delete: dupe

Secular America: Growing numbers with too little political clout

Jesus Christ! Are you some kind of communist?!

Atheists Do It Better: Why Leaving Religion Leads to Better Sex

Martin Luther King's good advice for atheists

Dirk Nowitzki is the MAN! ( a BIG man)

Nationals Stephen Strasburg to start throwing from mound

More MLB games called off so far this year than all of last year

Knesset to discuss Armenian Genocide amid deteriorating Turkey ties

Russia expels Israeli military attache for 'spying'

Obama gives up; AIPAC wins

Hamas leader: No change on negotiations

More Palestinian reform needed, says World Bank

Glenn Beck heading to Israel again – for summer rally

Oklahoma CareerTech educators hope Fallin will veto gun bill

Tom Harbold: Demonizing NRA based on falacies

Toronto female Officer cleared to carry gun as protection from former boss

Former Israeli soldiers break the silence on military violations

New Study Points to Truth About Mexican Cartels' Guns

CHL holder saves people from crazed gunman

Ted Nugent: 'More guns equals less crime'

Lunatic in Staten Island gun rampage

Boy shot neo-Nazi father as he slept, hid gun, officials say