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How to parallel park a 75' long tractor trailer in an 88' long space. (Pic heavy)

"We have a spending problem, not a revenue problem." - The triumph of the inane!

Pointy boot craze

Newsbreak: a way cool stop-action high res pic of that comet which smashed into the sun last week.

U.S. drone strikes pick up after Osama bin Laden's death

Wall Street: Guilty As Charged

The Debt Ceiling

Cuba further loosens regulation of private sector

"Stinkin' voucher program."

Psychology Today runs wack job article, then yanks it.

International Criminal Court - Libya - PDF

International Criminal Court - Libya - PDF

ALEC's private-sector chair of its Energy Committee is also a federal lobbyist for the gas industry

Anybody know what is happening with the Cuban Five - Rene Gonzalez,

Interspecies fun. The Owl and the Pussycat

Photo of the Day (JAPAN) 2

Tuck me in with an Answer

Becky Hogge: "Why I Signed The WikiLeaks NDA"

Xpost EE: 75% of Dems oppose nuclear.

Disaster areas need teachers (JAPAN)

Protection of local traditions in disaster areas crucial to reconstruction (JAPAN)

Radioactive material dispersal prediction system proves useless (JAPAN)

Maybe the cops were clued in by the fava beans with the nice chianti...

In Japan, a seaside mayor rebuilds his life by rebuilding his town

Fukushima nuke plant worker tells of heat exhaustion, slipping safety standards

Fukushima nuke plant worker tells of heat exhaustion, slipping safety standards

TEPCO documents reveal chaos at Fukushima nuke plant after quake, tsunami

soo mannny ads - ah I lost my star - anyone want to help me out

A Conflict Without End

JoAnne Kloppenburg on "Why Recounts are a Vital Part of Election Process"

Small government=a starting player sitting on the bench.

ACLU- Suspicionless searches and seizures at the airport: we're suing

The Need for Greed

First entrapped, then railroaded: More victims of Bush's "War on Terror"

Robert F. Kennedy

The ReTHUG Medicare agenda for America

Will Strauss-Kahn's arrest increase Le Pen's Presidential chances?

GB Packers QB Aaron Rodgers, Union Member, Understands Labor Issues

With Huckabee Out, Whither Iowa?

The saga of John Arnold Edwards-Ensignegger

Donations Show Fox News, WSJ Are Propaganda Wing Of Republican Party

A Declaration of Empire

A $3000/night hotel room? Really? What is wrong with that picture?

Politico reports that Tommy Thompson will run for Senate

Details on Fightin' Bob Fest North (Chippewa Falls, WI)

Details on Fightin' Bob Fest North (Chippewa Falls, WI)

C-SPAN Has Been Taken Over by the Koch Brothers

Toles: Negotiating Table

Dave Zirin: Santana is Booed for Using Baseball's Civil Rights Game to Speak Out for Civil Rights

Krugman- Class Warfare

Trump drops out.

the texas taliban strikes again

How about an undate on the Wisconsin Court election recount?

What kind of workers are we quickly becoming?

Exploding Watermelons.

China farmers face 'exploding' watermelon problem

U.S. Housing Starts Unexpectedly Fell in April

Mr Fish on The Arnold : I blow

bloomberg says strauss-kahn's downfall is the opportunity to break tradition in imf leadership

bloomberg says strauss-kahn's downfall is the opportunity to break tradition in imf leadership

A question for the Strauss-Kahn conspiracy theorists...

2 misdemeanors in vote flap (suspicion of bribery and illegal electioneering)

Hospital Workers, Facing Layoffs, Launch Counterattack On Executives

Hospital Workers, Facing Layoffs, Launch Counterattack On Executives

ProPublica: Legal Services for Poor Face Growing Need and Less Funding

Are you a "Dead Peasant" to your employer?

Tom Toles Rant- Unfair to the Republicans?

Waiting For Obama... in The Fields of Oz

The Adulterator: Rise of the Sex Machine

Toon: It's about Shared Prosperity!

well, now the kids know they have a half brother or sister

On the Future of Migrants – And of Europe.... “Europe needs immigrants”

Was the timing of this DU fund drive moved up ahead of the Rapture®?

Was the timing of this DU fund drive moved up ahead of the Rapture®?

Oops now that Sarkozy's rival is locked away in Riker's island

Why I Fight (WI)

Indiana court strips citizens of right to resist unlawful police entry

Indiana court strips citizens of right to resist unlawful police entry


"Where there's poke, there's sire"

Supreme Court upholds warrantless search of apartment based on marijuana smell

Another reason Newt won't be elected

The Fight Over Billy Graham's Legacy.........Ummmm interesting

The great corporate tax swindle - Richard Wolff

Arnie 2

Strauss-Kahn got busted the way he did because the NYPD had no idea who he was.


Who do you think will end up getting nominated for the Republican ticket?

Ron Paul's 15 Most Extreme Positions

I Love The Kennedys, But Can I Forgive Maria For NOT Speaking Out? ---NO!

"Bush taking credit for bin Laden's death like Muhammad Ali taking credit for George Foreman grill"

Following the Money (into Commodities)

All the Ugly Men

Arnie 3


Rosy telling of nuke response, warnings headed for IAEA

Freepers offer well-seasoned discourse and insightful commentary RE: ArnieOutOfWedlockGate

Smoking ban reduces emergency room admissions

Expect a chastity purge.

Wow, TEPCO relied on media when Japan's govt. tried to shut it down

"the world is always about to end"

Today's Daily News has a FULL COLOR print ad from the 5/21 folks...

Nearly 3,000 taken to hospitals by ambulances from quake shelters (JAPAN)

If you think the dems have a realistic chance of retaking the House and retaining the Senate, think

dup self-delete.

dup self-delete.

Former WI Gov Tommy Thompson may run for Kohl Senate Seat for GOP

Hospital Workers, Facing Layoffs, Launch Counterattack On Executives

The Koch Brothers and the End of State Universities

US default Ok according to eric cantor

Leftists are causing kids to forget about the founding fathers in order to make them cross-dress!

arnold in better days

WI Gov. Walker--beyond contempt: Wants to end hospital visitation rights for gay couples

BBC: Operation Crossbow, How 3D Glasses Helped Defeat Hitler

This might come in handy for some around here.

Gift of gloves reignites dreams (JAPAN)

Granholm on Ahnold: "Guys: keep ur pants zipped, for Pete's sake."

caption these

Why didn't Ensign receive the same 24/7 coverage

Appalling Greed: Richest 400 Americans Make Average Of $270.5 Million, Pay Almost No Taxes

sarkhozy insiders reported strauss-kahn "rape" before the arrest was made

The differences between Trump and Gingrich

"Help Me Reach My Goal!"

Toon: Why Bin Laden didn't attack US again

One way to re-take the House of Representatives in 2012 is to donate to the DCCC.

"Hand me one of them thar thunderbolts"

"Hand me one of them thar thunderbolts"

Now here's a business model I'll bet you've never seen before.

Greece Default Risk Rising With IMF Turmoil: El-Erian

Did you know that 24 U.S. Universities run nuclear reactors?

Did you know that 24 U.S. Universities run nuclear reactors?

The Wall Street Casino is now betting on your life

Gov't plans nuclear compensation payments from around fall (JAPAN)

House Gets Ready to Vote on New Worldwide War

The Queen, President Obama...Ireland is ready...

Does it all really sound stable to you?

Worker error may have led to meltdown (JAPAN)

Cornel West Worries About Barack Obama's "Kansas Influence"

My inner skeptic says no but my heart says yes

~**Send your Messages to Japan !~** ^^

GOP's "No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act" would be to turn IRS agents into abortion cops

Enough of this Cornell West/Obama crap. We are talking about hurt feelings while the real issues of

Stuck between the Tea Party and a hard place

Michigan's other big issue: 'Redistricting wars'

Thom Hartmann just had a May 21 End-of-the-Worlder on.....

Kicking the unemployed while they're down:

Don't Let Dominique Strauss Kahn Become the Victim

Dominique Strauss-Kahn Has Changed His Story--Claims it was "Consenual."

Arnold Schwartzeneggar...just another guy hiking the applacian trail

Denali Discontinues Gas Pipeline Project

Famous Pot Smokers

Teahad against John Boehner

Teahad against John Boehner

Ahead of Vote on Scrapping Big Oil Tax Breaks, Senate Dems Call for Investigation into Potential Pri

Harry will lead the test vote repealing tax subsidies for

For the person in your life who has everything.....

Breaking: Arnold fathered child with household staff member

Coming soon to your Fox News screen:

Newt Gingrich's road show bombs

Europe and Asia Set for Battle over Top IMF Post

Berlusconi Suffers Election Setback as Milan Poised to Fall to Opposition

Is today's Democratic Party a crypto-fascist movement?

FDA Investigates Next-Day Safety of Sleeping Pills

When the Tea Starts Turning Cold in the Cup----good news for a change

What's your plan this Saturday

FDA Recommends Caution on (pet) Shampoo (distributed by Sogeval Laboratories)

Anyone going to the Sexy Liberal Comedy Tour at the DPAC (Durham NC)?

Is it possible that the "personal" in Cornell Wests story


Arab Spring Fails to Improve U.S. Image - Pew Research

Diane Black's town hall meeting last night........

If the head of the IMF can be arrested and held without bond?

Toon: Huckabee's improvable history...

The Economic Crisis: The Rise of Discrimination Is Breathtaking

The Economic Crisis: The Rise of Discrimination Is Breathtaking

Bye Bye Newt - you're off to see the world!!

Newt has an obvious impulse-control disorder...

So that scumbag governor chose ReTHUG and RW politics

Government Ends Registration Program Targeting Men From Muslim Countries

Constituents Laugh At GOP Rep. Quayle For Denying Existence Of Billions In Special Oil Subsidies

Yale suspends Bushes' fraternity for sexist chants

When was the last time you had medical insurance through your employer?

Xpost EE: Nuclear power: If Japan and Germany don't need it, why does anyone?

Merrill School Board votes down banning book 'Montana 1948'

Coast Guard Worried about Levee Strength

Scientists Discover Gene That Controls Obesity

Residents to sound off on potential electronic cigarettes ban

Ahnuld had a child with one of the family's employees

How do GOP supporters of John Huntsman ever imagine he can win the Presidential nomination?

'Relaxation' Brownies Found At Columbus Gas Stations

It's Romney-Bachmann...

I wouldn't write off Newt all that fast

Researchers: 99 Percent of Android Devices Open To Security

Rick Perry exploring presidential run.

(WI) K-12 bill allows test scores to factor into teacher firing

What is best in life?

Jail time handed down to body snatchers (corpse of former Cypriot president)

Between Arnold, Dominique, and Bin Laden's porn collection...

Between Arnold, Dominique, and Bin Laden's porn collection...

Boehner San Francisco event moved to a smaller venue

Cook Political moves NY-26 from "Likely Republican" to "Toss Up" in two weeks

3rd rape reported at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo

So, in re Schwarzenegger (and Edwards, Woods and others), why the allergy to condoms?

So, in re Schwarzenegger (and Edwards, Woods and others), why the allergy to condoms?

Krugman- Apparatchiks

Open Letter To Cornel West, Tavis Smiley, And The Obama Critics

Christian TV weatherman fired after protesting story on strip clubs

GOP Rep. Akin to challenge Sen. McCaskill in Mo.

There's A Bottom Up Tidal Wave Underway. Will You Surf It?

Human Hair Now More Valuable Than US Dollar

This Memorial Weekend Wear Your Patriotism! (MADE IN USA)

Ronald Reagan introduced Drug Testing in 1986 - What have these tests effectively prevented?

Ohio Executes Man Who Said He Didn't Recall Crimes

"I'm going to beat the (expletive) Mexican (expletive) out of you homey. You feel me?"

Britain to pull 400 troops out of Afghanistan this year

Jon Kyl touts $150 billion in budget cuts

Jon Kyl touts $150 billion in budget cuts

ATF Training Exercise Gone Wrong Burns 150 Acres in Texas

Ratigan just got my attention

Exploding watermelons

Exploding watermelons

Tweety and Bill Maher in LA

Making a strong case for ban on menthol cigarettes

High schooler challenges Bachmann to debate on U.S. Constitution

Ex-Michigan governor's tweet zings Schwarzenegger

Ouch! Non Sequitur toon today...

Ever hear of "Underground Railroad Republicans?"

What did Samantha ever see in Darren? Did she just marry to get away from Endora?

It is unconstitutional to ban guns in prisons. They should have the right to open carry!

Wahpeton police officer suspended for arresting teen with lack of probable cause

Ohio House Passes Bill Allowing Guns Into Bars, Bar Owners Reply ‘Guns And Alcohol Don’t

Ryan and the Repugs apply lipstick to their Medicare plan

Teenager/Green Revolution suing the government.

Donation: I need one. TIA!

The hypocrisy is astounding,

The hypocrisy is astounding,

Sorry---but in this country you're guilty until proven innocent.

Asbestos mine owner on Daily Show: Not funny (did not realize what type of news show it was)

I'm making a bet that not one member of the international

Poll: Americans as unhappy as ever with Congress...

New York Investigates Banks’ Role in Financial Crisis

LGBT Groups Target Fox News' Anti-Gay Bigotry, Asking Advertisers to DropFox

Clinton exposes private Obama joke

Coburn walks away from "Gang of Six' budget talks

Leaving a Church of Free-Market Miracles

Schwarzenegger has given past nanny a state job

The Rude Pundit: "Michelle Bachmann is like your ex-wife..

In Europe: “Everywhere, right-wing populists peddle simple recipes."

Arnold Schwarzenegger Flashbacks: Vetoed CA Marriage Equality Bill; Sexually Harrassed Women...

Impeachable vs. Unimpeachable reputations.

"Most of the funding for the IMF comes from America"

Allen West Gives Thumbs Down To Gingrich's Call To Bring Back Voter Literacy Tests

New Rules

If you actually go and check the voting records of the "blue dogs" or any Democratic legislator,

To fight the xenophobic populists, we need more free speech, not less

Bumper sticker of the day (rude)

Tell Scholastic: Stop Pushing Corporate PR in Classrooms (petition)

Obama administration wants rebate on electric cars

San Francisco Giants join drive against bullying of gays

5-year old and Marine attack sexual predator,...

Recent Press Release from Social Security Board of Trustees

CNN - Gingrich Presidential Run 'done'

Keith Olbermann, His ESPN Years.

Thank you to the Du'er who gave me a star!!

I mean hey ... come on ... If Strauss-kahn could afford $3000 hotel suite, then why not

computer that uses a typewriter instead of a keyboard

Guest Post: Congress Proposes Bill to Allow Worldwide War … Including INSIDE the U.S.

Former GWB aide Marc Thiessen: Khalid Sheik Mohammed neither a mod nor a rocker, but a MOCKER.

Breaking: Movie Star has extramarital sex - "love child" ensues!!!!

Arnold and the party of "Family Values" should be apologizing to the Country

WaPo: Newt Gingrich, the Pinocchio candidate

WaPo: Newt Gingrich, the Pinocchio candidate

A child who will have a reason to dislike her parents

Scott Walker seeks to stop defense of state's domestic partner registry

Newt Gingrich reportedly owed up to $500,000 to Tiffany

Jerry Lewis to retire from telethon

Newt Gingrich owed six figures to Tiffany's

Students asked to pray before standardized testing even after parent and student complaints

I feel so bad for Maria Shriver

Allen West Gives Thumbs Down To Gingrich's Call To Bring Back Voter Literacy Tests

Orange County, California

Random thought, did the Egyptians call their Israelite worker program an H1b program?

Ohio Petition Drive to Repeal S.B. 5 Rolling Along

Newt Gingrich apologizes to Paul Ryan...

Let's give it up to the strong women

Did you ever wonder why Newt Gingrich is a first rate prick?

Iowa voter to Newt Gingrich: “You’re an embarrassment”

Schwarzenegger betrayal is stunning! Mistress and mother of kid lived in Maria's home for

Sorry Arnold, but when you bed your maid, you must lie in it.

Republicans Behind Closed Doors...

APNewsBreak: Fiesta Bowl wants campaign cash back

Is there NOTHING left to BELIEVE in? Rap Music Figures Targeted in DEA Probe.

Charges filed against driver in Rohnert Park crosswalk death

Groomed for suicide: how Taliban recruits children for mass murder

French Socialist Party puts on a united front

We don't have a spending problem. Period.

House Gets Ready to Vote on New Worldwide War (including inside US)

How Power Corrupts: Dominique, Arnold et al

is it possible that the economic problems are beyond our control?

The Rude Pundit - Newt Gingrich: "My Mandate on Individuals Is Not Like the Individual Mandate"

Some odd Lincoln and Kennedy coincidences

Jeff Farias and Roman Ulman back on the air in Phoenix

For anyone following the LeBron James vs Cleveland Saga, here is a good read

Newt Blingrich.

Since when did Paul Ryan become this unimpeachable figure in the GOP?

Former Md. county exec pleads guilty to corruption

Satellite TV for PC

H2OMan: When will the Results of your election be known?

Today, May 18 (Korea) marks the 31st Anniversary of the Gwangju Uprising.

The new acting leader of Al Qaeda

The new acting leader of Al Qaeda

Just Got A Call From Bohner!

Cornel West and Cynthia Mckinney for the Green Party Presidential nomination in 2012?

Schadenfreude Anyone ???

So did Arnold have a prenup?

My room mates notebooks anti-virus program won't allow access to DU

Canada kicks out 5 Libyan diplomats

Anyone else ripped off by GO Dish.

Fox cancels 'America's Most Wanted,' plans specials, series no longer profitable

Man-On-Dog-Sex-Ricky: McCain... who was fucking TORTURED... doesn't understand torture

One of Arnold's mistresses looks like John Edwards' baby mama - PHOTO

Police Mace Elderly Protestors at Chase Annual Meeting

What one of my puke reps says about Planned Parenthood..

OK, so Family Radio Worldwide says Judgement Day will be on Saturday

Thanks to whoever gave me that donor star

Gingrich carried as much as $500,000 in revolving debt at Tiffany's

Schwarzenegger railed against single-parent families in 2001

Willie Nelson’s Teapot Party backs Republican Gary Johnson (R) for president

IMF chief under suicide watch at NYC jail! (have we heard this before?)

Prayer request for Osama bin Laden at Catholic Church in West Palm Beach

Slime, total slime (T. DeLay)

Does Arnold have another love child?

Another freshman Republican explains her Medicare vote at town hall -- hilarity ensues.

Last year, the unemployment rate for college graduates age 24 and younger rose to 9.4%

Cornel West v. Barack Obama

Just how close did Grover come?

Geithner: Blame Republicans if U.S. defaults

Has anyone here managed to read Newt's re-write of Pearl Harbor?

Wal-Mart hired Pres of Sierra Club in 2005 to go green


Rachel is tearing the ReTHUGS a new one

VIDEO: Iowa Voter to Newt Gingrich: ‘Why Don’t You Get Out Before You Make A Bigger Fool Of Yourself

Scandal would have kept Schwarzenegger out of office, analysts say

What the hell is with all these HC waivers?

Please tell me why?

52-48 - GOP blocks bill to end oil subsidies

Robert Reich - The Battle is Squared and Why We Need Budget Jujitsu

Rick Santorum Exploratory Committee (LOL)

Tot wanders street with pot pipe, cigarettes

Does your supermarket have this kind of website like Whole Foods does?

Public schools

Are Dems just pretending to negotiate to help the GOP w/ Teabaggers?

Latte Love

Tonight from Paris, Charlie Rose does the hour on the IMF's DSK

Cornel West Introduces Barack Obama at the Apollo Theater, Nov. 29, 2007

Federal Plan to Limit Potatoes on School Menus Whips Up Supporters; 'Gateway Vegetable'

Got Health Insurance? Pray You Won't Get "Purged" - Wendell Potter

Schwarzenegger Fathered Secret Child --

Our local CBS affiliate headline: Accused rapist and IMF chief under suicide watch at Rikers Island

How does someone so sexist and vile have a "love child"?

The Sperminator admits to infidelity - Twitter erupts with jokes

Rock on, Carlos !!!!!

'bachmann is for people who find palin too intellectual'

Serious rain in Los Angeles in the end of MAY?!

Serious rain in Los Angeles in the end of MAY?!

Da ex-Governator of Californication joins the growing list

I'm beginning to think there's an underlying cause to the

Federal probe into Ohio charter schools: Money trail of jobs, illegal immigration fees

5 Libyans from the Libyan Embassy in Canada expelled from the country for actions that were

the ten most expensive colleges in the country

Repugs: "I could have won in 2012, but I just don't feel like running"

Why do I contribute to DU but won't pay for NYT online?

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Dominique Strauss-Kahn: Not a Latin lover stereotype, more like "a chimpanzee in heat"

My oh my, will wonders never cease? There's a really good chance that Jacksonville

My oh my, will wonders never cease? There's a really good chance that Jacksonville

It was Tweety leading the cover-up for Ahhhnuld, accomplice in fake media

An Entitlement is the RIGHT to GUARANTEED benefits under a government program

San Francisco man becomes first in history to be ‘cured’ of AIDS

A Table of Period Life Expectancy, according to the Social Security Administration.

One Wisconsin Now: Senate Republicans Make Taxpayers Finance Corporate ALEC Group

One Wisconsin Now: Senate Republicans Make Taxpayers Finance Corporate ALEC Group

Florida: Behavior Outside Office May Stop Unemployment Checks

This just in: Trump's Combover forms exploratory committee.

New Gallup Poll Shows Romney-Palin Tossup for GOP Nomination

While Slashing Schools Funding, Christie Bails Out ‘American Dream’ Mall Boondoggle With $400 Mil

Orrin Hatch, co-sponsor of the proposed Repeal Amendment, lists ALEC 1st among amendment supporters

Learning to Spin You, learning all about you....

WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Mother Of Arnold Schwarzenegger Love Child Revealed

Protester dumps glitter on Newt Gingrich at Minneapolis event

U.S. Wheat Harvest May Be Worse Than Forecast


So, movie reviews please. "Inside Job" is coming

What to make of John Edwards?


So I asked my son: "Do you know what the 'China Syndrome' is?"

Democrats need to hire Carl Paladino Stat

Supreme Court upholds warrantless search of apartment based on marijuana smell

I wrote in a Republican today.

The reason the debt ceiling will be raised before August 2nd

PSA on rape, since we seem to have some misunderstanding on what it is

Duncan Hunter criticizes Navy's decision to name ship for Cesar Chavez

'This Is A Ticking Time Bomb!' Michio Kaku cuts through the double-talk (xpost)

The last time Newt made his exit in disgrace, I was there to witness..

Koch Brothers Bank Rolling Legal Dream Team to Defend Walker's Union Busting Bill

It was Tweety leading the cover-up for Ahhhnuld, accomplice in fake media

Let me get this straight. Today we are working on Strauss-Kahn's defense

Chris Matthews made good point w/Bill Maher tonight on "Hardball"

Idaho teachers to lose certification if they challenge Luna

Selling us out

IMF chief a 'honey trap' victim? Conspiracy theories swirl

The second virtual GOLDEN TICKET -- and a chance to win an iPad 2 -- goes to... (drumroll please)

What's with all the health care waivers being granted

I have to choose between two Democrats today

Seems like libertarians have really taken over the republican party

Lawrence O'Donnell and People for the American Way Expose ALEC

NYT: I.M.F. Chief May Claim Consensual Sex as a Defense

NYT: I.M.F. Chief May Claim Consensual Sex as a Defense

Nevada secures partial waiver from federal health care law

For those of you who complain about the 'loans' given to help GM....

Reid files for cloture on Goodwin Liu nomination! Write your Senators now

The Sperminator!

I'm looking for recommendations for a web-based email account (that isn't Gmail)

I don't think I'lll live long enough to see an end to the 60 vote minimum in the Senate

Pissed-Off Painters Take Revenge

Pissed-Off Painters Take Revenge

"Ill be sitting in my new mercedes"

"Ill be sitting in my new mercedes"

Patrick Schwarzenegger Changes Last Name to Shriver

The Bible Should Be Taught In Schools

Bushes’ Yale Frat Suspended ...."no means yes"...

The Democrats' Attack on Unions

See, THIS is where we should Doubt the Scientists, NOT on global warming!

Just came from the polls in PA

Arizona mom arrested after toddlers wander streets

Are all trial lawyers good? Really?

Muslim creationists tour France denouncing Darwin

Phone hacking: Hugh Grant considers legal action (aka:will Hugh bugger Rupert Murdoch or won't he?)

"Some days you want to quit and just be normal for a bit, yet I love my family..."

Plan to Kill Gays Fails, for Now

Water bears in space

France is outraged by IMF chief's 'perp walk'. Perp walks illegal in France.

France is outraged by IMF chief's 'perp walk'. Perp walks illegal in France.

More froth from Santorum: He says McCain "doesn't understand how enhanced interrogation works..."

Fukushima No.1 rods "completely melted" + more

IMF head Dominique Strauss-Kahn Guilty of Identity Theft!

bad news for Japanese green tea, also bamboo shoots, etc.

IMF Chief Strauss-Kahn Caught In " HONEY TRAP "

BILL MOYERS RIPS MSM: "American TV is saturated with conservative views of the "ruling ideology".

Middle Tennessee Police Profiting Off Drug Trade

Gingrich and Wife Hit With Glitter Confetti at Book Signing

More proof that Professors can be Incredibly Stupid Gingrich Overshoots the Truth

Just because I like some guy's movies, doesn't mean I'd like his politics

Where is the Concern for Strauss-Kahn's Alleged Victim?

Why are some social problems worse in conservative areas?

A source with knowledge of the negotiations says Coburn ultimately broke ranks after members of the

Dominique Strauss-Kahn Placed on Suicide Watch: Source

A DUer died last night

Why I have a Social Security entitlement

2 showings of "The China Syndrome" on 5/23 - HiDef Trailer - Roger Ebert review

My review of the just-released Birther Book "Where's the Birth Certificate?"

Caption my new Scott Walker pic...

How would you rate gov Brownback???

Roseanne Barr Just Became a Goddess

Men who drink lots of coffee can stave off prostate cancer (Harvard Study)

What is the difference between Libya and Syria?

Why is Obama not listening to this guy??

Loughner's mental competency hearing likely to be nothing more than a formality

Psst... Wall Street's Achilles Hell... Don't Tell Anybody...

U.S. Postal Service in dire financial straits: Postmaster

Does anyone know what time the rapture is this Saturday?

Does anyone know what time the rapture is this Saturday?

Woman feels 'disrespected' after being kicked off train-Loud on cellphone 16 hrs

Women:What Do you Think of Arnold's Other Woman?

The eagles are doing something

I was not deceived, I paid attention .............

The Kooky Konservative Klown Kar

85% of this year's college graduates will be moving back home

Sen. McCaskill fires back at Feingold, Feingold singled her out for “shame”

(I am not a lawyer, but) The New Texas Poll Tax (Photo ID) Law Is Illegal

An IMF employee...warned the organization about D S-K's behavior toward women...three years ago.

Think twice before buying any made in China food including soy sauce.

Help me compile a list of prescient movies/books:

Ind. Sheriff: If We Need to Conduct RANDOM HOUSE to HOUSE Searches We Will

nothing says asshole like...

Saw a real fundagelical idiot on the road yesterday.

Some doctors refuse to treat fat patients: Is that ethical?

Wanted: Camper for 2 - $1000

Michigan man on food stamps despite winning $2 million in lottery (w/video)

How do we destroy the blue dogs?

White Teachers Sue Philadelphia School, Charge Race Bias

The American experiment in democracy is ending in disaster.

It's time for another DU3 PREVIEW! ... Don't be afraid to go over there and POST!

Third-World Mechanics Paid $2 Per Hour For Boeing, Airbus Jet Repairs

Contempt for the Poor

Someone just won a Golden Ticket! Was it you???

YES!! I have been invited to the "Post rapture looting" (Facebook)

Idaho keeping its teachers in line. Will lose certification if they engage in "political activities"

We need a system of checks and balances against rampant capitalism.

How the media is spinning Ahnold's indiscretion(s)

“Rape isn’t something men do because they can’t get the sex they want. Rape is the sex they want.”

Krugman: Obama "might as well move out of the White House" if not willing to "draw a line" with GOP

The Tao of planting asparagus (to deal with disappointment)

The Tao of planting asparagus (to deal with disappointment)

More than 60% of voters support Hamaoka nuclear plant shutdown (JAPAN)

I won.

Why the Modern Tomato is Flawed: A Review of Tomatoland

"The Psychopath Test" - on Jon Stewart's show...

Marine Survives Two Tours in Iraq, SWAT Kills Him

Stifling Liberal Dissent Under Obama

First Court Challenge to Citizens United v. FEC - DailyKos

Skinner loves me

That's it..I'm giving up on gay men!

Interspecies fun. The Owl and the Pussycat

my appeal with BC/BS and the

I feel pretty,.. oh so pretty,... I feel pretty, and witty and

Frakking Awesome!

Funny and very short video of a Human Bicycle...

Dear Conservative Cave Dwellers: The Car Thread? Seriously?

I have one thing to say to the person who gave me a star

This is going to ruin your credit score...

Cockney Star Trek vs. Scottish Star Trek

How to parallel park a 75' long tractor trailer in an 88' long space. (Pic heavy)

Pink Floyd Fans - this video will give you goose bumps (it brought tears to my eyes)

I really, REALLY hate the Steelers, but Hines Ward is a class act.

May, 1963: Streisand, 21, sings "Happy Days Are Here Again":

I just replaced my dried up old bag. Ask me anything.

You just know that each of these dumbasses

Daily cuteness - The Tired Sea Lion

A Camel steals the show.....and the hair

Amazing Grace: The Two-Legged kitten

Jerry Lewis to retire from the MDA telethon.

Just in case the Rapture does come on Saturday, I just want to say that

"The High Road is only for people who want to look down on others"

I am so very sorry

This morning, flatmates had on an episode of "Walker, Texas Ranger".

So what do some of us geeks read when we're sad?

Rapture Vans hit Duluth!

What did Samantha ever see in Darren? Did she just marry to get away from Endora?

Ratatouille is a dish best served cold.



All of you asparagus-casting DUers...

Someone on the news was talking about risk takers, and risk avoiders.

Is There Anybody Out There?

It's the strippers that kill me.

KNOCKING on the ceiling and pipes to tell me if you WANT me? I'll just use your pants as a meter.

Anyone here watch "Pioneer One"?

$5 for 54M Wirless internet on the plane right now

If you grew up loving "The Flintstones"

Biden Planking

Yaaaaay!!!! I'm a Mrs. Fix-It type person!1!1!!!

Rusty cars that could be worth millions

So, we saw the trailer for Super8 while waiting for Thor to start.....

Revenge is a dish best served cold.

Post photos of your feathered friends!

Footsteps in the sand...

Maverick and Iceman: A Love Story

What is this from?

we have baby birds in the wall

My cat snatched a piece of broccoli off my plate and is now hunched over it, growling.

Having surgery tomorrow...wish me luck!

How old do you have to be to qualify as "elderly?" nt

o.k., GLEEks... who's it going to be?

Famous Pot Smokers

WHAT did that toy phone say?? (nsfw)

Sheriff's Dept. news from my home town newspaper (Note: there is a punchline)

What really sticks in your craw?

Saw a funny bumper sticker on an old beat up truck

Tired of the eagles? Here is a robin cam...

O'Donnel, since you do not understand tariffs.

My Daughter the College Grad!

Holy crap. My veggie gardens are outta control.

I didn't fuck it up.

Big Mac lover Don Gorske eats 25,000 Big Macs in 39 years

I hate my new boss

Fuck GD, I'm going out for Indian Food

Pssst... This is my 1000th post.

40 things that will make you feel old (Dial-Up Warning)

It's the slippers that kill me.

I'm looking for recommendations for a web-based email account (that isn't Gmail)

It appears to my many here don't like differing opinions....

What did Samantha ever see in Darren? Did she just marry to get away from Endora?

Relocation advice requested.

Immunity Gene Cures Man Of AIDS

Appeals Court Backs NFL, Lockout Remains in Place

US envoy visits S Korea for nuclear and food aid talks

NM awarded best license plate in the US

Supreme Court upholds warrantless search of apartment based on marijuana smell

UK Queen's visit to Ireland to go ahead despite bomb

What? No Ahnold jokes yet?

Toyota to face claims from owners after US court ruling

WikiLeaks cables show oil a major focus of US diplomats

NATO incursion into Pakistan wounds two troops: officials

US alarmed by David Cameron's push for early Afghanistan withdrawal

US Rep. Giffords picks wake-up song for shuttle

Long-term jobless see reduction in benefits

In Georgia, Court Ruling Could Close Some Charter Schools

Study: $2 trillion needed for U.S. infrastructure

Fukushima No.1 rods "completely melted" + more

Construction of new homes plummets in April

George Takei is a Goddamn National Treasure

Official: A few Syrian soldiers flee to Lebanon

Clinton on Syria: 'additional steps in days ahead'

Pakistani police foil suicide attack

Official: 4 journalists held in Libya to be freed

Teacher's murder in north Colombia sparks complaint to ICC (International Criminal Court )

Agreement Between BP and Russian Oil Giant Collapses

Former Rwandan army chief gets 30 years for genocide

Calif. deficit falls under $10 billion, Brown says

UK steps up bombing of Gaddafi targets

Setback for Silvio Berlusconi after poor local election results

U.S. contradicts Taliban leader on bin Laden visits

Feds invited to weigh in on Fla Cuba travel law

Afghan police sometimes high on drugs, British commander tells inquest

Pakistan homes in on Osama Bin Laden network with arrest of al-Qaida man

Former top Colombian intel official to face murder charges in leftist senator’s killing

Mubarak may apologize, return money

Libya's top oil official defects: Tunisian source

What are your top 5 rapture songs?

Haitians’ temporary protected status in U.S. extended for 18 months

some Pet advice for you all WISE owners...please respond

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Denali (BP/ConocoPhillips) says to drop Alaska gas pipe plan

Afghan officer 'killed British soldiers in row over hat'

Pakistan PM Snubs US By Declaring China ‘Best Friend’

Poll finds LePage approval rating at 31 percent

Lawyer says hotel maid who accused IMF chief had no idea who he was and is telling the truth

Canada kicks out 5 Libyan diplomats

Conservative declared elected loses in Judicial recount to NDP

Profit Rises at Wal-Mart, but U.S. Sales Languish

Confidential Federal Audits Accuse Five Biggest Mortgage Firms Of Defrauding Taxpayers [EXCLUSIVE]

U.S. official: Bin Laden communicated with Yemen-based terror group (AQAP)

Fukushima reactors will be stable by January, operator insists

Osama bin Laden's guns found 'only after' US Navy Seals killed him

Kloppenburg vote edges Prosser in recount, but many ballots yet uncounted

Another Round of NFL Talks Ends Without Agreement

Tot wanders street with pot pipe, cigarettes

E-cigarette question - using the liquids

Lawrence O'Donnell and People for the American Way Expose ALEC

Clash in NW Pakistan kills 2 police, 15 militants

APNewsBreak: Surgery set to put implant in Giffords’ skull in place of piece removed

Repeal of $2B in oil company tax breaks likely to fail in Senate, may live on in budget talks

'Dozens killed' in Syrian border town

New round of theft accusations against S.F. cops

APNewsBreak: Fiesta Bowl wants campaign cash back

Army charges sixth Lewis-McChord soldier with war crimes in Afghanistan

IMF chief claims consent in hotel 'attack'

Police Mace JPMorgan Chase Protesters

Romney raises $10 million in one day of phone calls

Budget Talks Imperiled by ‘Gang of Six’ Defection

ICC to investigate institutionalized gang-rape of women in Libya

Sources: Raiders Knew Osama Mission a One-Shot Deal (Most Complete Account So Far? "Went Awry")

Port Huron man detained on charges he threatened life of Obama

Sixth U.S. Soldier Implicated in Murder of Afghans

Most baby products contain toxic chemicals

TEPCO Revises Plan To Stabilize Reactors

Gingrich Apologizes to Paul Ryan for 'Right-Wing Social Engineering' Criticism

Righthaven hit with class-action counterclaim

Ousted Pres Mubarak to Ask Egypt for Forgiveness on Air

Thompson plans to run for Senate

OOPS Historic 'Spending Cut' Bill Increased Spending By $3 Billion

Church Report Cites Social Tumult in Priest Scandals

Seaholm High student to be arraigned in racial intimidation case

Pork Tartare. With all of teh chest-thumping Google indulges in, you think they'd offer ONE recipe.

Egyptian princess was first to have heart disease

Queen lays wreath for dead republicans on Ireland visit

Gingrich owed over $250,000 to jewelry company

Warrants Let Agents Enter Homes Without Owner Knowing

CIA flew stealth drones into Pakistan to monitor bin Laden house

Paul Ryan: Debt limit talks will probably go to "last minute"

Israeli media reveals U.S. president's forthcoming Mideast speech

Equine herpes outbreak hits Western U.S. horse country

Vermont committee approves universal health care

Watermelons burst in China farm fiasco

Yale suspends Bushes' fraternity for sexist chants

Federal judge rules against Calif. gun advocates (no Constitutional right to conceal carry)

Twins great Harmon Killebrew dies

Twins great Harmon Killebrew dies

Lawmaker criticizes naming ship for Cesar Chavez

Senate GOP Votes Down Bill To End Big Oil Subsidies

Senate GOP Votes Down Bill To End Big Oil Subsidies

Schwarzenegger fathered a child with longtime member of household staff

Thom Hartmann: Koch machine...coming to a school near you

Antarctic Treaty: Lesson in Imagination

Compassion -- A Call to Action

Thom Hartmann: Raising the debt ceiling only at the expense of the poor?

Gays and Muslims Hate America and Christianity

How to Speak Republican

Channel 4 News (UK) interviews Iman al-Obeidi, Libyan rape victim (WARNING: GRAPHIC DETAILS)

Thom Hartmann: Could it be that Republicans REALLY DO wants us to default?

Religulous - Ending Scene

Rachel Maddow & Jeremy Scahill discuss Blackwater hiring itself out to Middle East countries

Final Launch of Space Shuttle Endeavour

Revealed: The Real Reason Donald Trump Quit! (Toon)

New Republican Presidential Candidate: Mr. Potato Head

Thom Hartmann: Power vs the Maid in Manhattan

Peacekeeping Bombs & US Stooges in Libya

Thom Hartmann: Fukushima...ticking time bomb?

Noam Chomsky speaks to Sasha Lilley about Anarchism and the State

Papantonio: The Weasel With A Hair Piece Drops Out

A Reassuring Fable - Carl Sagan - The Sagan Series (Part 3)

Indiana Supreme Court Is WRONG!

Why ''They'' Hate (U.S.)

Brazil's Amazon In Grip Of Deadly Drug

American Mercenaries Hired by United Arab Emirates

Trump, Huckabee 2012: EPIC FAIL, 1,000+ Subscribers, and PROGRESSIVE REVOLUTION!

Democracy for Sale - ALEC Exposed

Jon Steward to O'Reilly: If You Pulled Something Out of a Box Labelled President, It'd be Romney

Mike Malloy - Third World What?

Angry Iowan confronts Newt - "Why don't you get out before you make a bigger fool of yourself"

Papantonio: Oily Republicans Raise Your Gas Prices

Thom Hartmann vs. Joe Hicks: Do Liberals 'Hate' America?

Gingrich Gets Glittered at Anti-Gay Event

Bill Maher: Tea Party is Not a Movement, It's a Cult

Busby: Fukushima Reactors A Raging Radioactive Inferno

O'Reilly Warns: MSM Will Call You A Racist If You Run Against Obama

TDPS: Is 91-year-old former Nazi too old to be reasonably punished?

Young Turks: Cenk - Conservative Talk Radio Is Dead (Limbaugh, Beck Ratings Dive)

Jon Steward to O'Reilly: Obama Hasn't Lived Up to My Expectations

I'm A Climate Scientist: A very funny and well done song featuring real climate scientists!

Iowa VOTER To Gingrich: " Get Out Before You Make A BIGGER FOOL OF YOURSELF "

Mike Rowe Speaks To Commerce, Science, and Transportation Committee

Who will have a new Fox News show in 2013 with hours to preach their filth.....

The GOP Has Already Won the Debt-Ceiling Fight

Remember when Hatch, Rohrabacher & the Rs wanted to AMEND OUR CONSTITUTION to make Ahnuld president?

Well ICE T is pretty upset...

Newt has an obvious impulse-control disorder:

Obama’s Irish cousin lands new role as television star

Thank you, whoever you are! nt

Do you think it's wrong that Pres. Obama feels comfortable around Jewish men?

Senate to vote on oil tax bill Tuesday

Morning Joe Promo - Mika: "What every woman should know

This video has the song that will be the demise of the Newt's

Russ Feingold, Potential Senate Candidate, Rips Democrats For 'Corruption'

Auto manufacturers need to start promoting their electric cars

Thank You Newt For Hitting the Bee's Nest

Will the Fortune 1000 allow the Republicans to push us into default ?

What if I give you this roasted Newt?

So..Can a Secessionist be Prez?? F'n Perry considering....

HaHa... GOP Golden (Big) Boy Chris Christie Gets Booed At Seton Hall Commencement

Through an Ass, Darkly

The Macho Democrat

The Hill: Bank Fight Tests Reid's Allegiances

Newt Gingrich owed up to $500,000 to Tiffany (Seems wife #3 has a big shopping habit)

Kerry’s Emerging AfPak Role: Precursor to Secretary of State Gig?

Hillary Picks Cheney Aide Nuland to Replace PJ Crowley at State Department

Can we put this one to rest? The U.S. government is NOT a buisness..

Former P.G. County executive set for plea hearing in federal court

Is it me or does Newtie's wife look like Cindy McCain?

The GOP's latest flavor of the weak (sic): Rick Perry Presidential Push Quietly Gains Steam

Obama pushing for "job retraining" program that has already totally failed American citizens

Barack Obama's theory of power (Robert Kuttner)

Dr. West on The Ed Show..

back around 1960 when I was 25 or so I asked my Rep. father:

Melissa Harris-Perry on Cornel West:"self-aggrandizing, victimology sermon deceptively wrapped in.."

What to Think About Cornel West

Obama As A "Third Culture Kid" - what that means & why it is helpful to understand it to "get" Obama

Cartel Wars

Mr. Ryan’s Neighborhood

Rwanda genocide: Ex-army chief given 30-year sentence

Saudi Diplomat Assassinated In Pakistan: Embassy

Anonymous is anyone who knows the rules

US alarmed by David Cameron's push for early Afghanistan withdrawal

"WAR ON TERROR" A Conflict Without End

Obama is so re-elected that the GOP should endourse him

Leaving a Church of Free-Market Miracles

Salon: The Trump "campaign" taught us that repugnant sexist creeps are treated as lovable rogues

Barack Obama's theory of power (Robert Kuttner)

My Plan for Afghanistan: End the War by Giving Every Family a Cell Phone

Newt Gingrich Issues 'The Contract on Himself'

Salon breaks the sad news to Newt...You're not Saint Ronnie reborn, you're just an effin' SLOB.

10 Indications The United States Is A Dictatorship

Jonah Goldberg: A sharper GOP field (begin laugh track)

Republicans are Losing Their Best and Their Brightest by Tex Shelters

Insider: "The Christian Right is Aiming to Destroy All Things Public"

The Rosslyn Code (Part One)

Did Bin Laden Borrow His Porn Stash From Manuel Noriega? (Updated)

What a Public Bank Could Mean for California

Cornel West's Legitimate Obama Gripe Comes With An Unfortunate Side Of "Jilted-Lover"

TEPCO: Fuel rods partially exposed above water (xpost)

Peak oil review - May 16

Another climate scientist joins the ranks of skeptics

Chicago River among most threatened waterways in U.S., group says

National Research Council Urges Action to Combat Climate Change

GOP House Energy Action Team Is Dirty Energy Dream Team

Germany Says Safety Report Rules Out Immediate Nuclear Exit

Loan guarantee program is on hold, creating uncertainty for clean energy projects like Cape Wind

'This Is A Ticking Time Bomb!' Michio Kaku cuts through the double-talk (xpost)

Nantenna to increase solar energy capture threefold -

Brazil’s Petrobras Turns To South Dakota For New Ethanol Technology

Israeli electric car pioneer unveils price plans

Autoradiographs of radioactive dandelion and horsetail from Fukushima

Japan disaster not similar to Chernobyl: officials

The Changing Geopolitics of the Nuclear Energy Market – China

Hiroaki Koide of Kyoto University: "Melted Core Outside the Containment Vessel"


Arctic sea ice: chasing 2007

Chiquita & the Colombia FTA -- Murder in the Interest of Profit

New Study Breaks Link Between Land Use, Biofuels

"Mass Effect 3" To Allow Same-Sex Space Love

SF Giants to make video for 'It Gets Better' drive

Gay students threatened with suspension for holding hands on campus (High school- Floriduh)

Eye Candy!

Ted Olson & NY AG Eric Schneiderman Editorialize Against Civil Unions

Walker seeks to stop defense of state's domestic partner registry

Charles Barkley On Gay Athletes

The Catholic Church has spoken

I am an Episcopalian

Ayn Rand: The GOP’s Godless Philosopher

Seattle Atheists collect for Rapture Relief Fund

Harmon Killibrew has died

What universities/colleges allow ccw on campus?

The most special game ball of all.


Royals' Vin Mazzaro surrenders 14 runs in Cleveland rout; sets record

Bruins win game two 6 - 5

I want to thank Upton...

IMHO, Great photo of Harmon Killibrew

Cavs win draft lottery, will draft No. 1 & No. 4

Heh! The Baltimore Orioles may just win the AL East this year....

(California) Assembly passes crackdown on carrying unloaded handguns in public

Man arrested after allegedly threatening neighbor with gun.

Concealed Carry Bill Aims to Protect Students’ Right to Self-Defense

Rep. Slocum: 'Shoot First' Bill Will Increase Gun Violence (MN)

Please school me on MA nonresident LTC rules.

Chris Rickert: Guns vs. votes: You can’t shoot someone with a ballot

Any civil rights fan should monitor this site as well!

No negative impact for conceal carry statewide -- Holders are law-abiding, not dangerous

Congressional investigators back in Arizona for "Gunwalker"

Gun owner charged - shooting at school by 6 year old

How Shakespearean

Stu Bykofsky: Openly carrying a gun is legal ... and irresponsible

Israeli Army Uses Dogs Against Palestinian Workers

Netanyahu strays left while winking at the right

Sunday, bloody Sunday by Pepe Escobar

US to push Israel for shared capital

NYT: The Long Overdue Palestinian State by Mohammed Abbas

Ohio House Passes Bill Allowing Guns Into Bars, Bar Owners Reply ‘Guns And Alcohol Don’t

Federal judge rules against California gun advocates (no 2A right to open carry)

Where I stand on guns